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Every moment was fresh in his mind as if they had happened yesterday.

He remembers it all.

He remembers when he meet him.

He was 7 and Dion was just turning 6, it was his birthday party, his parents were already forming a friendship with Dion's parents and as a result, they were invited to the prince's birthday party.

The whole castle was decorated.

Every corner was adorned with sparkly and pink decorations.

Inside the party hall, there was a big table full of presents in all different sizes, colors, and shapes.

There were balloons all around, a big table with all kinds of candy, and another table with a 6 floors tall cake, pink and filled with strawberries and cherries.

He felt intimidated. 

He was there holding a present, his parents by his sides, walking towards a little boy that was standing holding his mother's hand, he was turning away so Elun couldn't see his face.

"Oh welcome! So glad you could come!" Dion's father greeted them.

"We wouldn't miss it, this is Elun" His mother patted his back, signaling him to introduce himself.

"Thank you for inviting me…" he said almost in a whisper.

"Nice to meet you Elun, this is Dion, say hello Dion" Dion's mother let go of his hand and Dion turned around to face him and his parents.

Big brown eyes and glowing freckles greeted him, he had a smile on his face but it disappeared once he looked at Elun.

"T-this is for you… happy birthday…" He placed the gift on Dion's hands, Dion looked at it intently… but only for a second.

"Dion!" The voice of various kids cane from behind them, Dion smiled, he dropped the present before running away towards the sound of the voices.

"Dion! I am so sorry about that, he is excited…" Dion's father apologized as he picked up the gift.

"It's understandable. Elun, you should go play too" His mother lightly pushed him, he didn't know what to do, so he just walked slowly away from the adults towards the group of kids standing at the door.

Dion ignored him all the while. He played with them but only the other kids acknowledged his existence. 

It was like that thru the whole party until it was the moment to cut the cake.

He was lucky enough to be seated right next to Dion as everyone sang and clapped he was silent, just staring at Dion smiling.

When Dion blew out the candles he couldn't do anything but smile.

After eating cake together, Dion turned to look at him, a mischievous smile adorning his face.


"Hm?" He couldn't talk, he still had cake in his mouth.

"Do you wanna know what I wished for?" Dion asked.

Elun nodded confused.

Dion got closer to him, really close,  he raised a hand as to cover what he was gonna say.

"I wished to be friends forever" Dion whispered in his ear.

A strange feeling filled Elun, he turned around to look at Dion, eyes wide, Dion only laughed before getting off from the table and running away, leaving Elun at the table confused.


After that He and Dion saw each other constantly, their parents seemed to have become really good friends.

They would play in the garden together, sometimes alone and sometimes Dion's siblings would join them too.

No matter what was the game about Dion always insisted on being the boss, the leader, or the king.

Elun didn't mind, he felt happy following Dion around and what he told him, it was like he was meant to be doing it like it was his place.

One day, Elun's family was invited to dinner at Dion's, this wasn't anything weird but somehow this time he felt different, he had a weird feeling.

After dining, his parents and Dion's were making friendly chat, while he and Dion and the twins just stared at each other.

"So it is settled then?" His father asked.

Dion's mother nodded.

"Yes, we are so happy you agreed, have you told him yet?"

"Not at all, we figured it would be better to talk about it here"

"We thought the same" Dion's parents looked at him and then looked down at Dion.

"Children, we have come to ab agreement, Dion, do you like Elun?" Dion's mother asked him.

Dion looked up at her and then at Elun.


"Elun, do you like Dion?"


"That is wonderful, you both will grow together and one day you'll get married to each other and both of you will rule this kingdom"

Their parents smiled, the twins were smiling too, Elun looked at Dion, thinking that he would be mad or sad.

Dion was staring directly at him, that same mischievous smile from the day of his party on his face, that weird feeling from the start was there again.


Elun had a mission now, he was set on being the best partner for Dion now.

His father had talked to him after the dinner, on their way home.

He told him about how lucky he was, how he had to take care of Dion, cherish him.

He commented on how Dion was like a flower bud that would eventually become a beautiful flower.

How he needed to make sure that Dion was always happy.

When he got home, he immediately ran towards the library.

He started looking for romance books.

When he got them he took them all to his room and started reading, taking notes, studying.

He needed to be the best partner.


Elun and Dion grew older together, closer than anyone, Elun was always behind Dion, in his shadow waiting to be told what to do.

It was like that until high school, when they got there Dion seemed to realize something, Elun wasn't the only one that was willing to follow him.

Dion started a huge friend group, girls and boys that wanted to be in his presence, wanted to be close to him.

Elun kept his distance, not because he wanted to but because Dion told him to.

"Dion?" He approached him one day, Dion was laughing with some friends.

"Are we gonna go out today? Because you made me get a reservation but you didn't say anything anymore so-"

"I don't feel like going to a restaurant" Dion answered.

"Hey, you got time today right? Can you make my history homework for me?" Dion asked, he got closer to Elun, enough so he was touching him by the shoulders.

"I mean uh, yes? But Dion I wanted-" 

"Thank you so much Elun!" Dion got on his tiptoes and placed a kiss on Elun's cheek before going back to his friends.

"I'll see you later okay?" Dion waved at him.

He saw Dion walked away with his friends, laughing and joking.

He watched as one of Dion's friends put his hand around his waist and pulled him closer.

Elun couldn't do anything more than sigh.

He had to go home, he had a lot of homework to do.


This went on for years, they became adults but things hadn't changed.

Elun grew up following Dion around like a puppy, he turned into an anxious adult.

Dion grew up into a beautiful flower, full of thorns.

They were set to marry now, but Dion had been refusing to do it.

He said he had bigger things in mind, that the wedding could wait, Elun wondered what was more important than becoming king for Dion.

One day Dion dragged him down to his laboratory, pulling him away from his daily chores of, making sure Dion's clothes were washed with the most care, cleaning Dion's room, and tending to Dion's favorite rosebush.

He wasn't allowed to be down there unless Dion wanted him there but he hadn't been needed for some weeks now, so he wondered what was so important that Dion went to look for him instead of calling for him thru the servants.

"You have to see it, it's almost ready…"  Dion was panting, sweat was running down his forehead and it shocked Elun, Dion never let anyone see him like that.

In the laboratory, there was a machine that he didn't recognize.

A pink and red machine.

"D-Dion? What is that?" He asked.

"This Elun" Dion got close to the machine, putting his hands on it softly.

"This is gonna change everything Elun… is gonna change everyone… it's ready… almost…" Dion turned away from it, eyes going to the walls where plans were written, Elun didn't get any of it.

"It needs a big surge of power, one that I haven't been able to find… not even Nova has been able to help"

"But Dion… why does it need so much energy? What does it do?" 

"Oh" Dion turned to look at him, that signatures mischievous smile on his face.

Dion walked towards him, not breaking eye contact, that look sent shivers down Elun's spine.

Dion placed his hands on Elun's chest, Elun could feel the warmth from Dion's body, heart beating uncontrollably.

"This… Elun…" Dion's face was close to his, lips almost touching Elun's.

"This is gonna make everyone in the universe love me…" Dion whispered.

Elun's eye went wide in shock.

"W-what?" He asked, Dion only smiled at him before pushing him away slightly.

"Isn't it fun Elun? Everyone in the world will be head over heels in love! With me!" Dion exclaimed happily.

"But Dion, that's not possible…"

"Oh, but it is Elun" Dion went back to the machine.

"It is possible and once I get it working everyone will be, awfully, frightfully, painfully, deadly… in love with me…" Dion was panting again, Elun couldn't see his face but he knew he was making that face again.

"And once everyone is in love with me I will become king… and not only this planet will have to obey me, the whole universe will have to! they won't have a choice… I deserve it all, everyone's undying love for me… real love… if I can't have it then nobody can…"

"Dion… I think you need to-" Elun tried to speak.

"You don't know what I need Elun… you never have…" Dion turned to look at him again, his normal smile and eyes back.

"All I need is for you to do as I say, will you?" it felt more like a demand than a question.

Elun gulped.

"Y-yeah, of course, Dion…"

"Do you love me?" Dion asked. It was a normal question for him. Dion's need for "reassurance" Elun thought it was.

"I do" 

"Good! Now let's get out of here! I have a date to get ready for! And you have stuff to do, don't you?" Dion laughed before walked past Elun, exiting the laboratory.

Elun stood there looking at the machine, it haunted him, made him feel afraid…

He couldn't do anything more than sigh.

He had to go upstairs, he had a lot of work to do.

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