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Chapter 1

Driver Mòrag Ladair and her blade, Brighid, both had feelings for Rex, but they knew they had to wait until he was an adult.

On Rex's 18th birthday, he received a letter from Mòrag and Brighid, he read it:

Dear Rex,

Please meet us Coedwig Inn.


Mòrag and Brighid

P.S. Take off all of your clothes and be completely naked along the way, we mean that you must leave all of your clothes behind and wear absolutely nothing before heading for the inn.

Rex was hesitant, but did as he was told. Since he was legally old enough, committing a little adultery wouldn't hurt too much. He took off his shoes and socks, then he took off his blue, brown, and gold salvager gear along with his blue outfit. Also, he stripped off the anchor on his left arm and the diving helmet in which he usually carried Azurda. After removing his underwear, Rex looked down at himself and said to himself, "I'm naked. I'm really fully naked."

Yes, Rex was barefoot and bare-ass naked as the letter instructed, he saw nothing but bare skin on his body.

Before leaving, Rex walked to a mirror to examine his physical appearance. Everyone knew Rex had a handsome and cute face with big eyes and soft cheeks. Plus, his bod was attractive because he looked pretty skinny with his flat stomach, his toned pectorals, and his little navel. Thankfully, his flesh thankfully lacked unwanted hair and he had no skin conditions, like cuts or rashes. Rex's buttocks looked soft, round, and firm. His arms and legs felt so smooth. Plus, his hands and feet seemed to be smaller than average for a boy, making them dainty. Finally, Rex's manhood was a little below the average size for a male penis and looked like it was recently shaved with a lack of pubic hair, but that made it cute.

Liking how hot and sexy he looked, Rex giggled at his reflection and at his erection, saying, "My penis, it's... hard. I must be filled with excitement."

Finally, Rex headed out, naked as the day he was born. From his home in Elysium, he exited with nothing on and nothing to cover himself except for his hands and arms.

There was nothing but fields of grass for miles. While his bare feet pressed down on grass and dirt with every step, cool breezes blew on Rex's penis and testicles. The way he walked with his cock flopping around made his butt jiggle a bit. Given where he was now, he wasn't in danger of getting caught and called out for indecent exposure.

Walking all the way to his destination took at least a few hours. As Rex ventured away from grassy land and into more urban territory, he found himself entering the Gormott Province in the nude. To be specific, Rex was now streaking in the town of Torigoth. He was staying nonchalant about his unclothed state as he walked past various Gormotti, letting everyone see his penis, testicles, and buttocks. In terms of emotions, he was both both embarrassed and excited at the same.

Male onlookers were disgusted as they looked at Rex showing his genitals in public like he was a pervert. Females, on the other hand, actually liked laying eyes on a naked Rex. The ladies thought he was super cute and really handsome, some even wolf-whistled and blew kisses to him, making the naked boy giggle and blush in response.

Entering the Coedwig Inn, Rex surprised and shocked strangers in the lobby with his nakedness. Those strangers either looked away out of respect or smiled at him because they thought he was attractive. At the front desk, Helmie stammered, "Y-you're naked."

Looking down at his dick, Rex smiled at her and tried to stay casual, "I know. Some friends told me to come here and meet them like this."

"Who are they?"

"Mòrag and Brighid."

Helmie was at a computer and checked for reservations, verifying by typing, "Ah, ok. I see their names. Do you need a key?"


Helmie gave Rex a room key while trying not to stare at his junk, Rex giggled, "Don't be shy about ogling my privates. Many people did on my way here."

Rex then headed down to the room where the driver and blade were staying. He used the room key to get in and asked, "Hello? Mòrag? Brighid?"

On cue, Mòrag and Brighid were fully naked as well as they greeted Rex by giving him a big hug. They said, "It's so good to see you, Rex. I see you followed the letter."

"Yes, I went naked in public, just like you wanted me to."

"You don't how long we wanted this."

"Wanted what?"

Mòrag giggled as she playfully flicked Rex's cock, "Wanted to make love to you."

That confession made Rex blush, "You wanted to make love to me for so long? What took you this long?"

"Brighid and I needed to wait until you were a legal adult."

"Oh. That makes sense."

Brighid hugged Rex from behind and kissed his hair, whispering, "Now that you are, I want you to know that I am on fire inside. Only some lovemaking can douse the flames."

Mòrag said, "Do we take turns or what?"

"Good idea."

"How do we do that?"

"Rock, paper, scissors."

A quick round ended with Brighid beating Mòrag by using scissors against paper. Mòrag sighed, stepped aside, sat on the bed, and fingered her own vagina while she waited her turn.

First, Brighid, with her eyes still closed like always, fixated Rex to a nearby chair near the window. Next, she simply caressed Rex around his torso while kissing his wrists and ankles. Then, she kissed Rex's belly button while rubbing his inner thighs before spreading his legs wide and even kissing his lips.

After placing her warm hand on his chest and running her fingers through his hair for a few seconds, she merely stood and smiled at Rex, who was completely exposed in the chair as naked as God had created him. There Brighid stood, a beautiful blue-haired woman looking at Rex in his nakedness stealing quite a few anticipating glances at his revealed cock as she prepared for her next move by telling him, "You're gonna cum without needing to wait too long."

Her next move involved plugging in a flower perfume, letting a womanly scent filled the room and his nostrils to great effect. Rex felt intoxicated by the scent as his dick and testes were aching. His manhood therefore slowly rose towards Brighid as he sat there like a good boy. He could feel his raging hard-on down there as his swollen cock gradually began to throb and pulsate. Out of curiosity, he asked, "Brighid, what are you doing?"

She giggled, "Be patient, Rex. Your cute little pee-pee will ejaculate with little resistance. After all, it must have been super aroused from walking all the way here with no clothes on."

A sweet smile spread across the Blade's face as she kissed the tip of Rex's private part. Being shaved a while ago, her nose felt no pubic hair and no dark genital bush. In the process, she was moving his now fully erect cock and aching balls around her hands to make him moan, "Brighid... what are you doing? I'm surprised you even know what you're doing since you don't keep your eyes open."

Rex constantly felt Brighid's warm breath on his crotch as she absorbed herself in the task. By now, Rex felt like his penis couldn't get any harder as it started dripping with pre-cum. She spent about half a minute fondling his massively hardened cock, it was constantly encircled by her girlish fingers.

Seeing the fluid dripping out of his cock, Brighid began sucking his intimate body part with her mouth. Very methodically and thoroughly with her face, her nose was really close to his crotch. Thankfully, there was no pubic hair, not even the smallest most insignificant stubble to tickle her nose and unintentionally make her sneeze.

Often, Brighid took Rex's penis out of her mouth to giggle at how hard it was getting from her constant pleasuring. It was absolutely drooling with thick threads of pre-cum in all its pink and naked glory. She then ran her tongue slowly over the crotch area to feel for stubbles, she was pleased to see that weren't any imperfections. After using her tongue to verify the smoothness of the shaving, she laughed, "Rex, your penis is so cute because it's so small and smooth. Did you shave it yourself?"

With a giggle, Rex admitted, "Yes, Pyra even gave me tips on how to ensure maximum smoothness."

"What she told you seems to be right. I don't even need to open my eyes to look. My nose and mouth can sense the silkiness."

Brighid put Rex's member back in her mouth, which immediately sent electrical jolts of pleasure though his boner, especially when her fine, red probing tongue tongue circled his scrotum to tickle his testicles.

Looking down, Rex was clearly pleased at the sight of Brighid visibly bobbing his cock, he briefly looked at Mòrag masturbating and coming close to orgasm. Mòrag came rather quickly, and seeing her cum made Rex want to cum himself.

With her eyes still closed, Brighid continued the circling of her tongue, she did it more than what was probably necessary to recheck the shaving. She loved how Rex was completely smooth around his genitals, he must have been sensitive too because he warned the Blade, "You keep this up and I'll cum."

That only made Brighid laugh, "Ok. Cum."

"You'll need to keep doing what it is you're doing."

"What? This?"

In addition to licking his ball sack, Brighid sucked Rex's sex organ. She sucked way harder and faster than before. It wasn't long before Rex's moans turned into gritted gasps as he tried to hold in his ejaculation. Ultimately, he could not. He stopped resisting the inevitable orgasm and just released it into her mouth.

Rex's climax filled Brighid's cheeks with his semen, puffing them up like a chipmunk's cheeks. After swallowing it, she giggled at Rex, "My, my. I was right, the sexual arousal from walking naked to this inn must have made it easier for me to get an orgasm out of you."

However, Rex didn't say anything. He was apparently dazed from cumming. Brighid then told Mòrag that it was now her turn.

Before Mòrag's turn, she waited for him to recover, passing the time by gently rubbing in some scented oils and lotions provided by the inn to moisten his exposed skin, saying, "He is going to feel so smooth all over when he wakes up."

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