Stranger in Morioh @antirepurp
Oh, Home, the Place Where You Belong

The afternoon train from S City was about to arrive to Morioh, returning home the hard working parents from their cramped office buildings, tourists that had gone to the city for a day, and the odd college student that had come home to visit their parents. The Morioh train station was largely empty, with only a few persons scattered around the place anticipating the train.

Two of them stood out, however, one with their long, white coat, and the other with their obnoxiously red hair. And of course, their hands were firmly linked as they looked over into the distance, awaiting the next train.

“Nervous?” Jotaro asked, the corner of his mouth turned to a smile.

“Dunno,” Kakyoin smiled back. “I don’t really hang around kids if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“You’ve been glued to Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi the whole week.”

“Teens don’t count, they’re pretty much their own species.”

“Pretty sure Hayato was with you guys, too.”

“Big children don’t count.”

“He’s eleven.”

“Don’t push your luck, Kujo.”

Jotaro simply chuckled at his friend, giving his hand a squeeze, while Kakyoin hit his shoulder against the other man’s arm in spite of punching it.

Well. Friend. It was a safe term, one he was used to referring to Kakyoin as. Jotaro wasn’t sure what else he was supposed to say, and the two of them hadn’t talked about it just yet, either - but there was time to figure it out. For once they had time for these kinds of things.

The train finally arrived, screeching to a halt on the tracks and setting free the passengers inside. Jotaro’s eyes scanned the crowd, glancing over the faces he didn’t recognize and the ordinary people going about their days, until he finally found the people he wanted to see. People he hadn’t seen for a good while now.

“Papa!” a bright voice yelled out as a small girl with pigtails pushed through the crowd, lunging for Jotaro’s legs. And the man had gotten the memo, pretending to dramatically fall over with the help of Star Platinum, as the girl climbed on him to give him a proper hug.

“Hey, star,” Jotaro smiled, returning Jolyne’s gesture of affection. “I missed you so much.”

And not far behind was Holly, smiling with her usual kindness, laughing behind her hand and dragging a suitcase and a small backpack with her. She was wearing a familiar coat that was perhaps a bit much for the summer air, but it filled Jotaro with a sense of home. The crowd had started to dissolve, leaving the station largely empty again, allowing the Joestars to have their moment.

Jotaro pulled himself off the ground, letting his daughter cling on to his torso like a monkey, supporting her with his stand so his hands could descend back into his pockets again. Next to him Kakyoin chuckled out a laugh, nasally as ever, and Jotaro poked him with his elbow, smiling back to him. God it felt good to smile. Weird, but good.

“Oh, you two,” Holly smiled, closing both Jotaro and Kakyoin to a hug. It was warm and safe and nice, and it felt like ages since Holly had last hugged Jotaro, and it had been ages since she had last hugged Kakyoin. It was overall a good experience, one that Jotaro wished he could keep with him for years to come.

“Okay, okay, can we go see uncle-Josuke now?!” Jolyne said, enthusiasm in her voice and a spark in her eyes. “I wanna hear about that guy he fought!”

“Sure,” Jotaro chuckled. “You know that Noriaki was there too, right?”

“He was?” Jolyne gasped, turning to look at Kakyoin immediately. “Tell me, tell me!”

Kakyoin smiled, a chuckle escaping from him too, as the group started departing from the station, Jotaro and Kakyoin taking care of Holly’s and Jolyne’s luggage.

“Well, what can I say,” Kakyoin shrugged. “He blew up a whole house, that son of a-”

“Noriaki!” Holly interrupted him, and dramatically Kakyoin put a finger on his lips, gasping in surprise, his grin still visible.

“Ooh, grandma’s gonna get you!” Jolyne laughed, climbing her way onto Jotaro’s shoulders in a way that was by no means comfortable for her dad, but Jotaro endured it nonetheless. There had never been any stopping Jolyne, anyway.

She and Kakyoin went on with their conversation as the four of them walked through the streets of Morioh, Kakyoin revealing his awful impression of Jotaro in the process (how that was relevant to his story was a mystery to Jotaro.) Eventually Jotaro’s eyes looked over to his mother, the woman’s hand wrapped up in thorny vines and raspberries. She noticed her son’s gaze, smiling to him.

“I told you I would keep her safe,” Holly said, gently pointing over to Jolyne. The kid’s body was surrounded by the very same vines and berries, careful to not as much as graze her skin. Jotaro smiled.

“You’ve gotten better at that,” he remarked. “Wasn’t as subtle with me.”

Holly chuckled.

“Your situation was a bit different, wasn’t it though? I didn’t need to protect her from herself.”

Jotaro pulled down his hat a bit.


“Don’t thank me, it’s the least I could do. I’m your mother, for goodness sake!” Holly laughed, her voice bright and full of life. Jotaro couldn’t help but to smile as they approached the Higashikata household, where the others were waiting for them, eager to meet more of Josuke’s weird relatives. And Polnareff and Avdol’s flight to Japan was scheduled for next week, bringing the crusaders back together for the first time in years in the small town of Morioh, which the teens were equally excited for.

Jotaro exhaled. Chuckled. His other hand reaching for Kakyoin’s, silently linking the two of them together again while his daughter and his... partner, perhaps? Went on about the (somewhat censored) events of July 16th.

For once in his life, everything was actually, honestly alright.

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