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Chapter 6

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Hollow Mask


#Hokage Office#

Naruto could feel three sets of eyes on him filled with disbelief, shock and wanting answers but the blond ignores it. Jiraiya shakes his head and rubs his eyes, "Naruto this can't be true.. Right.. This is a prank" he says.

"I don't always agree with Jiraiya but your story can't be true.. You're not some centuries old warrior from the Afterlife.. That would make you older than all of us combined or on the planet" tsunade comments.

"Technically Sixteen with the mind of a centuries old man.. Every bit of this true.. How about this.. I remember the council meeting about me.. How Lady Hitomi.. Lady Mikoto and Lady Tsume tried to adopt me but you refused.. Stating that it would unbalance the clans but you could have Hanako continue to raise me" naruto explains and hiruzen's eyes widen.

"How Long have you been aware" hiruzen asks and both his students were about to speak but he raises his hand. Naruto sighs and pins his blue eyes on the Sandaime, "Since Birth.. I may have not been to express myself but I was aware.. I remember my mother telling me things and my Father saying to listen to my Motor-mouth mother" he explains. Hiruzen lights his pipe with a sigh, "What do you think of the village.. It's people.. Ninja and Civilians" he asks, seriously.

"Sensei" tsunade starts but hiruzen stop her.

"I love village and some its people.. It's just most don't love me.. They see me as the Thing that killed their loved ones.. I do hold the Will of Fire but I dislike the notion of the Village First.. My Parents gave their lives for the village and what did the village do.. They committed horrors upon their son" naruto explains.

"I would have to agree with Naruto.. If you told me the truth.. I could have adopted him.. Protected him.. Why did you allow his status be known" tsunade says and hiruzen sighs.

"It was more than likely Danzō or those Two Elders.. All in a bid to force Jiji's hand" naruto comments and rises to his feet, "Anything else" he adds.

"Yes.. A council meeting will be held tomorrow to discuss the Chūnin exams and promotions.. An Anbu will inform you" hiruzen states and naruto nods.

"You're having dinner with us at the compound tonight bring your girlfriend" tsunade says, excusing herself but pulls on his left cheek.

"You've being neglecting Karin" tsunade says, leaving the room and naruto soon follows.

"Sensei.. I want to take him on a Training Trip.. The Akatsuki are still lurking.. Strong as he claims.. He needs more" jiraiya says.

"Indeed.. However for how long" hiruzen asks. Jiraiya makes his way to the window, "It won't be for a few months but a year or two" he says and hiruzen slowly nods.

"Iwa or Kumo won't stay idle if his heritage is revealed" hiruzen comments.

"You plan to promote him" jiraiya asks and hiruzen nods, "Then they're in for it.. During the Fight with the Ichibi.. He summoned Gamaken and Gamaken told me that he felt this weight coming from Naruto.. Like standing in an ocean" he adds.

"Then Naruto-kun only needs experience.. Once he has access to his legacy" hiruzen says and jiraiya sighs, rubbing his nose.

"He can surpass Minato" jiraiya says and clears his throat, "Have those two spoken where Danzō has escaped to" he adds but hiruzen shakes his head.

"I'll keep an eye out for him.. He knows a lot of secrets but also has a whole of host of enemies as well" jiraiya says, leaping out the window. Hiruzen takes a long hit of his pipe, "You've given a new lease on life Naruto-kun.. I was prepared to die but now I will fix the mistakes I laid at your feet.. Even about Hanako" he thought.


"Things may get restrictive.. Now that they know the truth" kurama comments but naruto shrugs his shoulder.

"Possibly but I haven't given them a reason to be a threat" naruto states, walking through the village. It has been two weeks since the invasion and konoha was slowly regaining normalcy. Many of the villagers and some ninja were giving him generous looks but the hatred was there in most. Naruto had gone though the memories of his clones, some were appreciative of his help but most outright refused and said he was the cause. However something very useful came as his clones stopped five kumo missing-nin from kidnapping hanabi, which would cause the hyūga to owe him.

"When Hinata confesses.. I can use the fact that I saved Hanabi to allow us to date" naruto thought.

"Adding your Heritage.. Those white-eyes may bend over backwards for you" kurama says, as naruto arrives at his apartment. Anko wasn't home yet but kuroshiro greets him, "Boring day" he says and she barks, making happy shiba noises. Naruto slips off his boots and plops on the sofa, after pulling her up onto his lap.

"Hey you wanna come to the Senju compound with us.. You can play in a big yard and a pet pig" naruto asks, squishing her cheeks. The door opens as anko enters with a groan, "Those civilian council pricks are stupid" she muses, kicking off her boots and coat. Kuroshiro hops down and anko plop onto naruto, "What did Hokage-sama want" she asks, giving kuroshiro scritches.

"I told him.. Ero-sennin and Baa-chan the whole truth" naruto says, running his fingers through her hair. Anko leans into his touch, "How'd they take it" she asks.

"Pretty well.. It took some further convincing though but they accepted it.. Ero-sennin offered a training-trip in a few months.. I'll convince him to take you with me and work on your soul-reaper powers" naruto explains. Anko kisses naruto's cheek with her tongue lapping at his scar, "That would be nice.. We can make love under the stars" she says.

"With a shameless watching and beating off in the dark.. Then writing a book about us" naruto muses but anko giggles.

"My snakes will get him" anko says and rests her head on his chest.

#Senju Compound#

Naruto, anko and kuroshiro arrive at the compound in casual clothes, "Think your parents had a compound like" anko asks but naruto shrugs his shoulders. Shizune greets them and leads them the main house, "Who's that" she asks, pointing to kuroshiro.

"Our Pupper Kuroshiro" anko says and kuroshiro barks.

"Can she run around and maybe play with Tonton" anko comments. Kuroshiro barks and runs off as the three head in the house, "Food will be ready in about a half hour" shizune says, leading them into the living room. Tsunade was sitting in a recliner with a bottle of sake and a cup in her hand, "Sit" she says and the pair take a sofa, while shizune checks on the food.

"So how long have you been together" tsunade says, after downing her sake. Anko picks up a cup and pours herself some sake, "We've known each other since he was eight and I was ten.. We became a couple when he was thirteen" she states.

"Got a thing for older women" tsunade says and naruto shrugs his shoulders.

"Dunno.. Anko and I are a lot alike.. Treated very less than cordial for things not of our control" naruto says and tsunade slowly nods.

"So If you get promoted.. What's next for you.. You won't have to hide your relationship but Sensei told me you had pictures of him for the Chūnin exams" tsunade says and anko freezes.

"True we won't have to hide in public but her friends already know we're together and many of the villagers suspect we're together" naruto comments. Tsunade downs another cup of sake, "Do you know his true mettle" she says, glancing to anko.

"I do.. He told me years ago and I have seen it first hand" anko starts and grasps her shoulder.

"It's how my curse-mark is gone" anko adds and tsunade's eyes widen.

"It's possible for a Soul-reaper to share their power with another but nine times outta ten it fails but since Anko has be exposed to my reiatsu.. It succeeded and saved her life" naruto explains, clenching his fist.

"So the person or thing that you said" tsunade says and anko nods, "I see.. So in a way its a Pseudo Kekkei Genkai.. If the council asks about your power.. It could be passed off as Uzumaki clan secret" she adds.

"Like Mom's chains" naruto says and tsunade nods.

"My Grandmother Mito told me Uzumaki chakra is very special" tsunade explains. Anko downs another cup of sake and pour another, moving it near naruto's mouth but he shakes his head.

"What about me.. I'm not an Uzumaki" anko says, downing the cup.

"No one has seen your power.. So we're in the clear.. However I suspect Sasuke saw mine and will complain about it" naruto comments.

"He's like a void.. Always wanting more" karin says, walking in with kuroshiro and tonton.

"Getting use to Konoha" naruto asks and karin slowly nods, adjusting her glasses.

"I haven't really left the compound but Konoha is far better than Kusa.. Hokage-sama said I can become an official Genin soon and Shizune-sama will teach me medical ninjutsu" karin explains, take a seat opposite them.

"I'll take Karin under the Senju Clan protection to keep her from the CRA.. Even if you promoted to Chūnin and your heritage revealed.. You'll have to be Eighteen to officially take control of the Uzumaki clan" tsunade explains.

"That's fine.. I am content to wait.. I want to see the looks on everyone's face when its revealed" naruto says.

"What heritage" karin asks. Naruto tilts his head with a smile, "I am the son of the Yondaime Hokage.. Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki" he says and karin's eyes widen.

"Why was it hidden.. Mother told me Kushina-sama was a powerful Kunoichi and the Yondaime is a hero of the Third Shinobi war" karin says.

"Hmph.. Sensei feared Iwa or Kumo would try to kill or kidnap Naruto due to his heritage.. He lied to me about Naruto being dead.. Also certain elements in this village took advantage of the situation and leaked that Naruto was the Jinchūriki but not their son" tsunade says.

"I can imagine their faces.. They'll deny it of course but it'll change and they'll attempt to put on fake niceties to get on my good side.. Similar to Sasuke" naruto states.

"He was probably spoiled by the council and villagers but that will soon change" tsunade states, as shizune comes in and calls them to dinner.

#Konoha Council Room#

Naruto sits next to hinata and his fellow rookies as the shinobi council enters with shizune and karin following behind tsunade. Hiruzen sits at the center of the U-shape table with his pipe in his mouth. The Jōnin sensei of the rookies enter and stand off to the side as hiruzen bangs his gavel.

"I call this meeting to order.. This will not take long but first I want to congratulate you twelve for your perseverance during the now dubbed Konoha Crush but this is only beginning.. Some of you will promoted to Chūnin and others not" hiruzen states. Tsunade rises from her seat and clears her throat, "Before the promotions are given out.. I have two announcements" she starts and ushers karin next to her.

"The First is that I am adopting Karin Uzumaki into the Senju until She or Naruto becomes Head of the Uzumaki clan" tsunade continues and council murmurs.

"Psst Naruto.. She's related to you" kiba asks.

"Distant cousins.. I saved her from a bear after her team from Kusa was killed" naruto replies. Tsunade clears her throat again and shizune steps forward, "The second is Shizune Kato is not only my apprentice but in fact my Biological daughter with Dan Kato not his niece" she states and everyone except naruto gasp.

"Is this true Sandaime-sama" tsume says and hiruzen slowly nods, while shizune releases her henge and revealing her heterochromatic eyes.

"It was done for my safety.. Certain elements would have stopped at nothing to make me their tool" shizune explains.

"Can you use the Mokuton" chōza states but shizune shakes her head.

"No I can not but I did inherit my Father's Jutsu" shizune explains and the council murmur. Hiruzen bangs his gavel to garner their attention, "In front of you are copies of Shizune's birth certificate.. Signed by myself and Daimyō-sama.. As for Karin.. I will speak to Kusa about her transfer to Konoha" he explains and clears his throat.

"Now moving on to our Chūnin hopefuls.. First Sasuke Uchiha" hiruzen starts and sasuke smirks, getting to his feet.

"Due to your actions and your tardiness.. Forced me to move your match and lower the opinion of our village.. You are barred for the next year from being promoted to Chūnin" hiruzen adds and sasuke's eyes widen but narrow in rage.

"That's not fair Sasuke-kun deserves to be promoted" sakura shouts but freezes, as hiruzen pins his eyes on the pinkette.

"Do you presume to know better than me Genin" hiruzen says and sakura shrinks behind sasuke. Hiruzen clears his throat once more, "Among your class.. Two of you have shown.. The skills necessary to be promoted.. Shikamaru Nara and Naruto Uzumaki stand up and step forward" he says.

"Both of you showed the level headedness and skills required.. Shikamaru you showed your analytical skills in your match.. Despite your loss.. Naruto you also showed many skills and come a long way.. Your clones assisted a great many people and guests.. Also your defeat of Suna's Jinchūriki kept him from attacking the village" hiruzen says and hands both a scroll.

"Inside on your Chūnin vests.. Wear them well and your journey continues from here" hiruzen says and both bow, as several clap but two were glowering naruto.

"Here it comes" kurama says.

"Now I have one last announcement and it concerns Naruto" hiruzen starts and clears his throat, "Sixteen years ago the Kyūbi attack happened and your generation were told that the Kyūbi was killed but that was a Lie" he adds.

"What happened to it" kiba asks. Hiruzen glances to naruto and sighs, "Bijū are masses of chakra and can not be killed.. The Yondaime was forced to seal the Kyūbi inside Naruto" he says and genin gasp.

"So he is a Demon.. Like Mama says" sakura shouts and many on the council narrow their eyes, causing her to shut up.

"So that's where his power comes from.. The Kyūbi demon.. So he is a weakling" sasuke thought.

"Why was Naruto-kun chosen" hinata asks. Hiruzen relights his pipe with katon chakra, "The Yondaime chose Naruto because He could not ask someone to give up their child.. If he could not do the same" he says.

"What does that mean.. Naruto is the son of the" chōji starts.

"Mendokusei.. Naruto you never do things normal" shikamaru says and naruto shrugs his shoulders.

"If that's the case.. Why didn't anyone know" ino says and kiba agrees.

"We did know dear but Hokage-sama felt it best to keep both a secret.. Minato made a lot of enemies.. Some who would see Naruto dead for simply existing" inoichi states.

"Inoichi is correct.. I created a law to keep your generation ignorant of the Kyūbi's existence to give Naruto a change at a normal life but I severely underestimated the people of Konoha" hiruzen explains.

"Naru-baka can't be the son of the Yondaime Hokage-sama.. He's an orphan from some extinct clan" sakura interjects but KI was directed at her.

"Enough.. If you have further questions.. I give your parents permission to properly explain things.. Naruto I will show you to your parents' home" hiruzen says, banging his gavel and calling the meeting to an end. Everyone slowly files out and give naruto several different looks but disgusted looks came from sasuke and sakura.

"Let's go Naruto-kun" hiruzen says naruto follows him but stop as anko was leaning on the wall. Naruto tosses her the scroll and a smile nearly spilts her face, before yanking him forward into a deep tongued filled kiss and hiruzen clears his throat with red cheeks.

"I see you Later An-chan will be ready" anko coos and kisses his cheek, skipping off.

"Sorry about that Jiji" naruto says and hiruzen chuckles, grasping naruto's shoulder and they vanish.


Naruto and hiruzen appear in front of a modest two-story house with a six foot high wall, "Minato never moved in the Hokage mansion.. He and Kushina lived quite humbly" hiruzen explains.

"This would've been our home" zetsuei comments and kurama frowns. The pair approach the gate, "It's a special seal linked by blood.. Only myself and Jiraiya have access.. You'll have to add the blood of anyone you wish to code in" hiruzen explains. Naruto bites his thumb and places it of the gate, then it clicks open and both enter.

"Jiraiya and I got rid of the old food and things.. I also had some of my clan keep up maintenance" hiruzen says. Naruto looks the small yard with thoughts running in his head, "Water.. Gas and Electricity" he asks.

"Off at the moment.. I'll have them put on" hiruzen says and they reach the door, "This journey you must do alone my boy.. I'll have the amenities put on you" he adds, patting him on the shoulder and handing him the key.

"Thanks Jiji" naruto says, opening the door. Naruto slowly enters and looks around, "You're mother was frugal.. Same with him.. They were both orphans in one form or another" kurama comments. The first floor has a small living room with adjacent dining table, a modest kitchen and shelves. A glass sliding door leads to a good size backyard, "Kuroshiro will love that" naruto thought. He heads upstairs and found a large bathroom with a large tub and shower, three bedrooms but one gave him pause. The room holds a crib, various toys and other baby things.

"I'm sorry Kit" kurama states. Naruto sighs and approaches the crib, "Its not your fault.. That masked man caused this and He will pay for this" he thought. Naruto creates a dozen clones, "Pack up everything carefully and air out the house" he says and the clones nod. Naruto heads back downstairs and finds a hall to a laundry room and basement but touches the door and is zapped, "Secret tunnel" he thought, brushing some blood. The door unlocks and naruto heads down but his eyes widen, inside were weapons and scrolls.

"Kushina was a bit of a hoarder" kurama comments and naruto sweat drops. He heads back upstairs due to lack of light but seals the door back.

"A plethora of knowledge.. I'll sends clones to learn what they can" naruto thought, stepping out into the backyard. The backyard has a few trees, one of which is orange tree and a small pond surrounded by rocks.

"I'll have to get some fish maybe.. I can plant some flowers and other things" naruto thought, creating a few more clones.

"Head to the library.. Look up things like plumbing.. Carpentry and Gardening" naruto says and all of them nod, vanishing.

"Oi Boss the lights are on" one clone shouts. Naruto nods and heads back inside, "I'm heading home.. Be careful dispelling" he says, heading for the door.

"Lucky Bastard" all of them said. Naruto shunpos to his shared apartment, "Here goes" he thought, opening the door. The apartment was fairly quiet but a large sign causes naruto's eyebrow to twitch, "Come to the bedroom" he thought, sighing.

"Good luck stud.. I'll cut our connection" kurama says and zetsuei nods. Naruto rolls his neck and slowly makes his way to the bedroom, slowly opening the door naruto sees anko on the bed. She has her hair down with violet eye shadow and lipstick, wearing a violet front-tie babydoll and matching panties, a pair of thigh-high white stocking and finger-less lace gloves.

"I've been waiting for you Lover" anko coos. Naruto closes the door with a deep inhale and soft exhale, "Where's Kuroshiro" he asks. Anko gets off the bed and saunters towards him, "At Hana's" she says, pressing her fingers on his chest. Naruto's nostrils flare as anko giggles as her left hand moves into his pants, "Is Naru-kun ready" she coos. Naruto gulps as her fingers trace his bulge, "Naru-kun is ready but is An-chan ready" he counters. Anko pulls naruto's face closer, "I want to Feel you Inside me" she coos, capturing his lips.

#Lemon Warning#

The kissing starts off slowly but sensually as naruto lifts anko's left leg but followed by her right, her arms wrapping around his neck as he walks them to the bed. Naruto parts his lips as her tongue begins to explore his mouth and tongue. Naruto gently lays anko on the bed and takes her arms from his neck, to snatch off his shirt but she wasn't idle as she unbuckles his shorts. Anko pushes back into the bed with a wiggle of her eyebrows as naruto steps out of his shorts and climbs to her.

Naruto leans down to capture her lips once more as his right hand traces down her side towards her stocking covered thigh. Soft noises escapes anko's mouth as naruto moves off her mouth, tracing kisses on her cheek, neck but lingering for a few moments with soft nipping. Anko licks her lips and feels her netherlips moistening as naruto moves to her breasts, pulling the tie and freeing her girls.

"Mmmm.. Ngnh" anko moans, as naruto pinches her left nipple and her right engulfed by his mouth. Anko could feel her netherlips getting wetter from naruto's ministrations, switching from nipple to nipple with tongue swirling the pert and pink nubs. Suddenly anko lurches with a moan as naruto has slipped his right inside her panties, his middle finger running along her slit.

"Fuah.. T-teasing me No fair" anko says, her breathing heavy. Naruto gives her a foxy gin as he toys with her clit and folds, "Is An-chan begging" he coos.

"An-chan wants.. Fyah.. Y-your Ochinchin.. Onegai" anko coos. Naruto pulls his hand out her panties and licks the sweet liquid, before getting on his knees. Anko lifts her legs to allow naruto to pull off her soaked panties, before he started trailing kisses down her calf. Anko drops her legs and spreads them to reveal her shaved pussy with a small patch of hair above her clit. Naruto rolls his neck and pulls his member from his briefs and moves closer to position himself at her entrance. Anko winces as naruto slides inside her slick womanhood, "Good thing my Hymen broke already" she thought.

"Does it hurt" naruto says and anko shakes her head.

"No keep going" anko says and naruto pushes further inside her until fully sheathed. Naruto waits for a few minutes for anko to get use to his size but she urges him to move, starting with slow pumps. Anko reaches out her hands for his and they interlock, "Mmm go faster" she says, her eyes half open. Naruto picks up his pace and anko matches his movements as their heavy breathing fills the room. Anko could feel her first of many orgasms approaching, "Right There.. Yes.. Yes.. Ikuuu" she cries, her body trembling. Naruto grunts feeling anko's inner wall clamp down trying to milk him of his first nut but he holds firm, slowly pull out as her cum seeps out. Naruto lays on his side as anko rides out her orgasm, "I can get a two to one ratio on orgasms" he thought. Anko slowly starts to move and pushes naruto on his back, shedding her babydoll in the process and lifts to slide naruto back inside her.

"Kukuku.. Round Two" anko coos, running her fingers on his chest as she moves her hips. Naruto grabs her hips to match as their breathing is heavy and passion filled, with light flesh slapping. Anko gropes her girls and pinches her nipples as she bounces up and down, "Ah.. Ah.. Ah.. Nyaaah" she cries, flopping onto naruto's chest and wrapping her arms around his neck. Naruto grabs her supple tush to push himself further inside, his thrusts faster and harder.

"I-i'm close An-chan" naruto says, his breathing heavy.

"Nghhh.. Inside Naru-kun.. Its a safe day.. Nyaahh" anko cries, her walls tightening. Naruto feels his limit and thrusts hard as he cums and anko's orgasm milks him, both trembling from their releases. Anko collapses onto naruto with heavy breaths escaping their mouths, her head on his chest.

"Do you think I'll make good mom" anko whispers and naruto strokes her back.

"Of course.. Our Kid or kids will run roughshod over Konoha" naruto says and anko giggles.

#Next Day-Akimichi BBQ#

"Why are we meeting here.. Is it about my heritage or status" naruto asks, sitting between shikamaru and hinata. Naruto finds himself inside akimichi bbq with his fellow rookies save sasuke and sakura.

"Well not fully.. Well we wanted to celebrate your promotions" ino says. Naruto sighs with a glance to hinata, "Alright.. So where are Sasuke and Sakura" he asks.

"Another booth.. They or she refused to sit with us" ino comments. Naruto shrugs his shoulders, "Oh well.. So what do you want to know" he says.

"What's it like learning you're the son of the Yondaime" chōji asks, putting some meat on the grill.

"How am I supposed to feel.. The person I looked up to is actually my father.. That he blessed me and cursed on the same day.. He chose the village over me.. His own son" naruto replies and the others remained quiet.

"Did they leave you anything" tenten asks. Naruto nods as he stuffs some meat in his mouth, "A nice house in the northern part of the village.. Its a two-story house with three bedrooms.. Decent front yard and big backward for Kuroshiro to run around in.. Plus Money and maybe Jutsu.. Jiji didn't say" he explains.

"You did use the Yondaime signature Jutsu.. So more than likely" shikamaru states and naruto nods.

"Was the house damaged" hinata asks but naruto shakes his head.

"Other than the certain amenities.. It's intact.. Jiji and Ero-sennin kept it up.. I plan to move in by the end of the month" naruto says and ino smirks.

"With Anko Mitarashi" ino says and naruto ruffles his hair, nodding. Lee, neji, choji and tenten gawk as kiba chuckles, "That hot proctor from the second round.. No wonder she had those pictures" he says.

"Most Unyouthful" lee whispers and neji nods, glancing to hinata but she remains quiet.

"We've been secretly dating for almost three years and we've friends since I was eight.. Anko is like me.. Hated for things not of her making" naruto states.

"Why do people hate her" choji asks.

"She was an apprentice of the Missing-nin Orochimaru.. Daddy told me she was heavily scrutinized by the council" ino explains and naruto nods.

"Luckily she had Kurenai-sensei.. Yūgao-san and Hana-san to turn to" hinata says, after drinking some water.

"Let's change the subject.. It seems the stick fell out Neji" naruto says and neji glares, causing kiba to stifle his laughter. Neji pinches his nose to calm himself, "As boorish as it sounds.. I have begun to change.. Hiashi-sama gave me a letter from my Father and it has changed my way of thinking" he states.

"That's good.. Hinata kicking your ass helped too" naruto comments.

"I'll say Hinata was awesome.. This lion heads were cool" kiba says and akamaru barks, causing hinata to blush.

"Shikamaru do you think you'll leave Team-10" chōji asks.

"I doubt it Naruto and I are still green but our Sensei might allow us run C-ranks on our own" shikamaru says but a scoff echoes, its source being sasuke.

"I'll never take orders from the Dobe" sasuke says.

"Yeah Naru-baka.. Sasuke-kun should be a Chūnin not you" sakura says. Naruto stares at sasuke and sakura blankly as he stuffs his mouth with meat, "Ah So.. Why should Teme be Chūnin over me or Shikamaru.. First he was Late for his match with Gaara.. Forcing Jiji to postpone the match and diminishing Konoha's reputation.. Yet I was on time.. I fought Gaara and won.. Saved many people with my Kage Bunshin.. So who deserves it more me or Teme" he says, after swallowing. Sasuke clenches his fist with an anger filled glare but storms off with sakura.

"Mendokusei.. He will be nothing but trouble.. Sucks for the two of you" shikamaru comments.

"It'll be fine.. He'll wank Kakashi-sensei for Jutsu and he'll fine or Sakura will wank him" naruto says and kiba snorts, laughing.

"You shouldn't say that Naruto-kun" hinata says.

"Maybe so but it's not wrong.. Sasuke thinks the world revolves around him and many in the village perpetuated it" naruto says.

"No kidding.. He always demanded discounts from our shop but dad shot him down.. However somebody would come later and buy it for him" tenten comments.

"And all the girls too.. Well except current company" kiba says and ino frowns.

"You can include me in that Kiba.. I was no different than Sakura and the others.. However I'm staring to change.. I've seen what a Kunoichi can be and that's what I want to be" ino states. Naruto groans as several clones dispel, "I need go Anko is at the house and can't get in" he says.

"She can't.. Ah Fūinjutsu" shikamaru says as naruto gets up.

"Yeah.. Thanks for the mini party Ino.. Once we're moved in I'll invite everyone for a house warming" naruto says and ino nods.

"See everyone later and I'll see you tomorrow Hinata" naruto adds and excuses himself.

"Tomorrow" ino insinuates and hinata blushes brightly.

"We have a Team meeting tomorrow but Naruto-kun and I workout before it sometimes" hinata says, poking her fingers. Ino cups her chin in thought, "Perhaps I should drop by" she thought but one more thought the same.


Anko taps her boot on the ground as she glares at the gate as if to will it open, her pupper running around her.

"Where is he" anko says and a hand taps her shoulder, whipping around her lips are captured. Naruto smirks as he pulls back, "Kept you waiting huh" he muses.

"Yeah.. So how do I get in" anko says and he pulls off her left glove, before biting his thumb. Naruto draws a symbol on her hand with his blood, "Now smear some blood on the gate and it will record it" he says. Anko does as she's told and the gate unlocks, before kuroshiro zooms in and proceeds to mark her territory.

"So this is the Yondaime's house" anko asks, as they enter the house.

"Yeah Jiji said mother and father were orphans.. They saw no need for extravagance.. He didn't even consider the Hokage mansion as home" naruto explains, as his clones were cleaning, painting and fixing.

"So when can we move in" anko says, opening the glass door to the back yard. Naruto sits on small porch, "Probably by the end of the month.. I'll need to change the bed in the master bedroom and change out the baby room" he says and anko furrows her brow, taking a seat next to him.

"I found my room.. It was for me" naruto whispers and anko leans into him with a sigh, "I took everything down and I'll turn the room into a small study" he adds.

"It's quiet here.. Geehee.. I can be as loud as I want" anko says and naruto laughs. Kuroshiro comes on his left and he scratches her head, "Big enough for ya" he says and she barks. Naruto sighs with a soft look on his face, his vision filling of his parents playing with him and watching him grow up.

"You wanna stay here tonight" anko asks but naruto shakes his head.

"Naw I want things finished first" naruto says.

"No orange please" anko says and naruto bristles with a shocked look on his face, touching his chest and anko starts laughing.

#Next Day#

Naruto goes through several jabs as hinata was stretching but footsteps catch their ears as ino and shockingly tenten arrive.

"Morning Naruto" ino and tenten greet and naruto nods.

"So what brings you here" naruto asks, stretching his arms. Ino glances to hinata and back to naruto, "I got curious about the two of you together" she says.

"I wanna spar with that beautiful sword you have" tenten says. Naruto rolls his neck but nods as tenten smirks, "We got time.. Kakashi-sensei won't be here for another hour" he says, as they put some distance between the others. Tenten pulls a scroll from her pouch and unseal a katana, while naruto unseals zetsuei.

"Ready" tenten says and naruto nods, before she takes a basic stance. Naruto shifts to his gatotsu stance as tenten edges forward but picks up the pace with several strikes. Naruto dodges them with minimal effort and counters with a thrust, forcing tenten to parry and back-step.

"You knew" naruto says, astonished. Tenten gives naruto a smile, "I did.. There no pause in the Hirazuki style.. I avoided the strike and dodged the side-sweeping counter" she explains. Naruto smiles and changes stances, flipping zetsuei into a reverse grip and shoots forward. Tenten gets up her sword but is pushed back by naruto's strike, "His strike has some much power behind it.. I can see how he broke Buntan's sword in the prelims" she thought. Naruto presses and tenten was on the defensive, "This is crazy.. His swings are precise and powerful.. Despite the sword being a reverse-blade" she thought, back jumping.

"That's enough Naruto.. I'll yield" tenten says. Naruto rolls his neck and reseals zetsuei as tenten looks over her sword, "Where did you learn Kenjutsu.. The Hirazuki is very advanced" she asks.

"Mainly through books and image training" naruto replies and tenten gasps.

"That's it?!" tenten says, incredulously and naruto nods. Hinata and ino approach with the latter sweating, "Geez you two do this workout" ino says.

"I actually do more.. Plus I use Resistance and Gravity seals too" naruto says, unsealing some water and towels from a scroll. Tenten downs some water but gives naruto a look, "You aren't like Lee and Gai-sensei" she says but naruto waves his hands.

"No.. No.. No.. No.. I couldn't do that" naruto states but sighs, causing the others to look and see sasuke with sakura.

"Kind of early Teme" naruto comments but sasuke only scoffs.

"Well I need to get to the shop.. Ja'ne" tenten says, excusing herself.

"I should go too.. See ya" ino says, leaving but gives a sakura look and pinkette smirks. Naruto ruffles his hair and hops up into a tree, while hinata starts some katas as sakura glowers them and sasuke ignores them.

"I don't see it" sasuke comments, getting naruto attention.

"You can't be the Yondaime's son" sasuke adds.

"Yeah Naru-baka.. The Yondaime wouldn't have a monster like you for a son" sakura shouts. Naruto sighs and closes his book, "Oh really.. Frankly I could care less what you.. Sakura or the village think.. Minato Namikaze is my father and nothing will change it" he says, hopping down. Naruto does some stretches and slips into his Taijutsu stance but closes his eyes, "Might as well get some shadow boxing done.. Now who to envision.. Ah Them" he thought. Sasuke watches naruto but activates his Sharingan as the blond starts to move, causing him to smirk.

"What are you doing Naru-baka" sakura screeches and a shadow rises behind her.

"It's called Image Training" kakashi says and sakura screams. Sasuke deactivates his eyes as naruto stops mid punch, "I'll find your secrets" he thought.

"Hello my Kawaii Genin and Sakura.. Kurenai should be looking for you" kakashi says. Sakura kisses sasuke on the cheek and stalks off but mumbling under breath about not spending time with sasuke.

"So what do we have planned for today Sensei" naruto asks. Kakashi taps his chin thought, "Hmm.. Hmm.. Well since we're still on recovery from the Invasion.. I thought we continue your Elemental training" he says

"Kakashi-sensei think you can teach the Raikiri since I have a Raiton Affinity" naruto asks and kakashi tilts his head.

"That is fine.. You've shown the capacity for the Rasengan and my Raikiri is based on it.. For Hinata I'll show you some more advanced Suiton Jutsu and Sasuke some Raiton and Katon" kakashi says and creates two clones, taking sasuke and hinata. Kakashi scratches his head and sighs softly, "Naruto.. Listen the Yondaime was my Sensei and Sandaime-sama told me that you had passed way.. I know it isn't an excuse but I sorry about not being there" he says.

"It's Fine Sensei.. Jiji thought it best to lie about me to You and Tsunade-sama.. But If he told the truth.. I could have a better safety net" naruto says, touching his scar.

"He plans to reveal you heritage today" kakashi says and naruto sighs.

"I plan to make myself scarce.. I don't need to deal their initial tirade" naruto says and kakashi chuckles.

"Right.. Let's get started" kakashi says and naruto nods.


Later that day naruto lies on a sofa in his parents' house or rather his house now with kuroshiro on her puppy bed next to him. Kakashi taught the basics of the Raikiri and naruto had his clones set to work, even having some polish his Rasengan. The silver fox also told naruto about his responsibility as a chunin, meaning he could lead lead C-rank mission and essentially be second in command of the team.

"That will anger the Uchiha" zetsuei says and naruto snorts.

"Not like he has anyone to complain too.. The civilian council is disbanded and those Elder are disgraced.. The Shinobi council won't entertain his shenanigans" naruto muses.

"While true he still has the people on his side.. They can raise a stink" kurama says.

"This is a Shinobi village not a Civilian one.. They can whine and strut but without the civilian council it will fall flat.. Baa-chan might form a small council of civiilans to represent their needs but they won't have power to force themselves into shinobi affairs" naruto states. Naruto open a single eye as a clone dispels, "Just like I thought.. Cries of disbelief and Cries of shock" he muses, sitting up. Naruto goes to the fridge and pulls out a bottle of juice, "Awkwardness to come.. Mendokusei" he says. The door opens as anko comes in with hana and the triplets, "I'm home Mr Namikaze" anko shouts.

"Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Haaa" naruto says.

"The village is an uproar.. That boy is our Yondaime's son.. Blasphemous" hana comments.

"Why do you think I'm hiding out here.. I'd like a day of reprieve.. Before the Shitstorm happens" naruto says, before downing his juice.

"Putting that aside.. Congratulation on being promoted" hana says and naruto nods, rubbing one of the haimaru brothers. Anko plops down next to naruto with a cheeky smirk, "Yep that's my Naru-kun" she says.

"Will transfer out of Team-7 for a specialized area like Anko" hana asks but naruto shakes his head.

"Kakashi-sensei was taught by my dad.. I want to learn everything I can from him" naruto says and hana slowly nods.

"Oh I was curious.. Would it be possible for Kuroshiro to speak like Kuromaru" naruto adds. Hana glances to the shiba and she was playing with a toy, "It's rare but not impossible.. She's still young so I can work with her" she says.

"I bet she'll never shut up" anko says. Naruto picks up kuroshiro and she struggles but he squishes her cheeks, "You wanna talk huh" he says and she barks.

"Alright I can start working with her tomorrow" hana says. Naruto continues to play with kuroshiro as hana and anko head out to the backyard.

"So" hana says, with a cheeky smile. Anko grins with a caress of her cheek, "I came Three times before he came Once.. God it was amazing" she says and hana giggles but both freeze. Anko slowly turns around and see naruto with that look on his face, "Hana you wanna stay for dinner.. I'm.. Sure.. An-chan.. Would.. Love It" he says, turning on his heels with a gleam in his eyes. Hana gulps but anko has red cheeks, "I am So in Love with Him" she says, running inside and hana face-palms.

#Next Day#

Naruto strolls through the village and could feel eyes on him, some with disdain, disbelief, sorrow and could care less. Naruto was wearing his chunin vest along with dark blue Anbu cargos with combat boots. A form-fitting white, sleeveless shirt with a long sleeve mesh shirt and a orange, open-front apron with black whirlpools on the bottom, zetsuei strapped to his left hip.

"Looks like no one has committed suicide yet" kurama comments and naruto snorts, wiggling a lollipop in his mouth. The blond could feel the tension in the village but the denial was outweighing it.

"He needs a hobby" naruto thought, sensing his tail. Kurama chuckles as her tails swish behind her in her fox form, "He's inferior to you.. Despite being a Uchiha and now finds out you're the son of such a Kage.. It infuriate him more" she says but naruto scoffs.

"I was stronger than him at twelve" naruto thought, passing a tea shop and out the corner of his eye sees red clouds. Naruto continues towards a small river that runs through a section of the village, "I need some Ramen.. Twenties bowls worth" he muses, acting the fool. Naruto stops in his tracks as two figures were before him, both in black cloaks with red clouds and conical straw hats with small ornamental torques and tassels to obscure their faces.

"Naruto-kun will you come with us" the shorter says, reaching for his straw hat and removing it. He has a fair complexion and onyx eyes, under which were long, pronounced tear-troughs with jet-black hair pulled back in a low ponytail and his face was framed with centre-parted bangs that extended to his chin. The taller removes his hat to reveal pale blue-grey skin with small, round, white eyes, three sets of curved facial markings under his eyes and blue shaped like a fin.

"Itachi-san he seems the type to resist.. I should cut off his legs" he says, reaching for the wrapped bundle on his back with long yellow handle and a small skull on the tip.

"My Legs.. I worked hard for these legs.. I can't let you do that.. Kisame" naruto says, raising his right to pat it. Kisame smirks and slams down his bundle to crack the ground, "Hoh.. You know me" he says.

"I fought Shizuma" naruto says and kisame chuckles, before swinging his weapon. Naruto shoots his raised leg forward to block the weapon but kisame wrenches back, ripping the bandages and revealing a mass of shark skin.

"We do not have to fight Naruto-kun.. Just come with us" itachi says, his Sharingan spinning.

"Careful Genjutsu" kurama shouts and floods naruto with some of her chakra. Naruto clicks zetsuei out of her sheath, "This will be a challenge but not impossible" he thought.

"Suiton: Suikōdan no Jutsu" kisame shouts, using the water to form a shark. Naruto back jumps and slashes the shark down the middle but itachi appears behind him, "Surrender" he says but naruto blinks onto the water.

"He's quite skilled.. Our reports were wrong on him" itachi thought but his eyes narrow.

"ITACHI!" sasuke roars. Itachi fully turns to sasuke as kisame keeps his eyes on naruto, "He kinda resembles you Itachi-san" he says.

"Long time no see.. My Foolish little brother" itachi says. Sasuke clenches his left arm as the chidori forms, "Itachi I will kill you.. It has been my sole reason for living" he roars, shooting forward. Itachi slowly raises his hand as sasuke nears and parries the chidori downward, shattering the concrete and clutching sasuke's arm. Kisame drops onto the water, "Why not let the brothers catch up.. Let's play Kyūbi Jinchūriki.. My Samehada is hungry" he says. Naruto fully draws zetsuei and rests the tip on the water, "I'm down to play" he says and both sprint forward. Kisame swings down and naruto swings up with loud clang, sparks form as both exert their strength.

"Not bad Kid.. I can see why Shizuma had trouble with you" kisame says, as both back jump. Naruto hears sasuke scream but shoots toward kisame, somersaulting over his wide swing and landing, before leaping towards the railing.

"This really won't help him" naruto thought, seeing sasuke on the ground. Kisame lands next to itachi but the latter's eyes narrow as kurenai, asuma, gai and kakashi appear around naruto.

"Are you alright Naruto" kakashi says and naruto nods. Kisame points his samehada with a grin but itachi raises his hand, "We didn't come to start a war.. We're leaving" itachi says and both vanish. Kurenai quickly rushes to sasuke and turns him over but sees the broken wrist and the dark circles and blurry eyes.

"We need to get him to the hospital" kurenai says and gai picks him up, before both leap off.

"We should inform Hokage-sama" kakashi says and naruto's shoulder, vanishing into shunshin with asuma following.

#Hokage Office#

Hiruzen sits at his desk as kakashi, asuma and naruto appear, "Did something happen" hiruzen asks.

"Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki infiltrated the village" kakashi states and hiruzen's eyes widen.

"They were after me.. However Sasuke got involved and was injured" naruto states. Hiruzen leans back in his chair, "How bad is young Sasuke" he asks.

"We don't know yet but Gai and Kurenai brought him to Tsunade-sama" kakashi replies.

"This is concerning.. They took advantage of the invasion.. We'll have double patrols around the village" hiruzen says.

"I'll go check on Sasuke" kakashi says and vanishes. Asuma lights a cigarette with a glance to naruto, "You got lucky Gaki.. See ya Pops" he says and vanishes.

"Could you have taken them" hiruzen asks. Naruto folds his arms and cups his chin, "As a pair they can counter me.. Kisame drains chakra with Samehada and Itachi has Genjutsu.. Separately Kisame yes but Itachi is a wildcard" he states.

"They are apart of a group called Akatsuki.. Jiraiya believes they are after the Biju.. He knows they work in pair and are all S-class" hiruzen states.

"Is that why Ero-sennin wants to take me on a Training-trip" naruto asks and hiruzen nods, "That works.. All I need is experience and get used to this size" he adds.

"Size" hiruzen questions and naruto holds his hand over his head.

"I was Five inches taller but I can manage" naruto states and sighs, "The village seem tense" he adds, heading for the window. Hiruzen lights his pipe wih a nod, "Indeed.. Many did not take the news lightly but time is needed" he says. Naruto opens the window, "Do I have to wait another Sixteen years" he says and leaps out. Naruto makes his way to the hospital and found kakashi, "How Sasuke" he asks. Kakashi look up from his icha-icha, "Itachi used Tsukuyomi on him and fractured his left arm.. Tsunade-sama has healed the damage but he'll be down a few days" he explains.

"He'll be even more agitated" naruto thought.

"Naruto.. Be careful around Sasuke.. This incident will affect him and push him to a dark place and feed that curse mark on his neck.. Tsunade-sama recommended Sasuke speak to Inoichi-san" kakashi states and naruto nods.

"His ambition is to avenge his family but he doesn't have the power to do so.. However Sakura may be able to pull him back from the darkness" naruto says.

"Hopefully but for time being Team-7 is on hiatus.. You and Hinata keep up your training" kakashi says and naruto slowly nods.

#Two Months Later#

"I WANT SASUKE UCHIHA" an entitled voice shouts. Naruto rubs his ears at the sound of the young woman's voice and entitled demeanor. The person currently whining to tsunade is naho, a relative of the current fire daimyō. Naho has long brown hair kept in two big circular shaped parts on top and her bangs hang down the sides of her face and light-brown eyes. She wears a small gold-colour crown on her head and has a red cloth on her head that hangs down the sides of her head. She wears a light green and white haori with a light green sash, a white puffy long sleeved shirt with pink wristbands beneath, and a pink skirt with tannish brown shinobi sandals with circular bands around her ankles.

"Loud little brat" kurama comments. Tsunade sighs and glances to naruto, "You and Hinata will escorting and protecting Naho-san on her trip to Shizume village" she states.

"Them.. I want Sasuke Uchiha" naho shouts and tsunade's eyebrows twitch.

"Don't worry Hokage-sama.. We will protect Naho-sama" naruto says but cups his ear, "Hmm in fact Sasuke is close by" he adds, stepping out and confusing them However tsunade and hinata caught on as sasuke walked in, "Dobe told me.. I was personally requested" he says and naho's eyes light up.

"Sasuke-kun" naho cries. Sasuke or rather naruto sighs, "This will suck" he thought. Thirty minutes later the three were walking towards shizume village as naho regales on how sasuke saved her, seeing her not as relative of the daimyo but as a woman.

"Teme would never live this down" naruto thought.

"I feel so safe with Sasuke unlike that blond Baka" naho says and naruto rubs his forehead. The trek continues on but naruto soon has to carry naho, "She's cute when sleeping" hinata says.

"She thinks of Sasuke as a hero" naruto comments but his eyes narrow. Suddenly a dozen men surround them, "Hand over the girl" one says. He is dashing looking man with brown hair, dressed in a sleeveless shirt and long pants with arm sleeves.

"Not happening" naruto says, letting naho down. Naruto creates a small gang of clones as naho cheers but the real naruto is focused on their leader.

"Doton: Dosekiryū" the leader shouts, creating an avalanche of earth. Hinata grabs naho and leaps away to a branch, "Go Sasuke" naho shouts.

"Sadai.. What's taking you so long" another voice declares. Suddenly a burst of lightning engulfs naruto as a young man with forest green hair appears behind naruto. He wears a sleeveless, sliver and teal bodysuit with slashed konoha hitai-ate on his forehead.

"Sasuke?!" naho shouts, struggling in hinata's grip. Naruto staggers but stays standing but his eyes narrow, "I know you.. Aoi Rokushō.. Missing-nin for the theft of the Nidaime's Raijin no ken" he says.

"Hahaha.. So you know me" aoi says, holding up a vajra like handle. Sadai changes his arm into rock and charges naruto but the transformed blond blocks. However aoi charges and pierces naruto through the gut and out his back, causing the blond's henge to falter and spit up the blood.

"HINATA TAKE NAHO AND GOOOO!" naruto shouts but aoi electrifies him. Hinata quickly leaps away with naho but sadai gives chase with his remaining men.

"How noble.. Konoha shinobi love to make the sacrifice" aoi sneers, ripping the sword free. Naruto collapses to one knee as his henge vanishes and shocking aoi, "T-the Kyūbi Brat" he says. Naruto slowly rises to his feet as his wound sizzles, "Ahh.. But get this I am also the son of Kiiroi Senkō too" he says.

"What?!.. No way the Yondaime is your Father" aoi shouts, regaining his vigor. Naruto shifts into a Battojutsu stance, "Believe what you want to" he says.

"I'm a Jōnin Kyūbi brat.. You can't win" aoi shouts. Naruto quickly draws but aoi blocks as his sword crackles, "Ninpō: Senbon Shower" aoi shouts, tossing his umbrella. Naruto back steps and breaks right as senbon rain down but aoi closes the gap, slashing naruto across the chest.

"Give it up Kyūbi brat" aoi sneers and brings the raijin down for another slash but naruto blinks behind him. Aoi whips around and gasps as his only upper body turns but nothing more as his head fall too.

"Your skills are improving.. I barely saw the slashes" kakashi says, dropping down. Naruto swings the blood off of zetsuei and sheathes her, "He underestimated me" he says.

"Indeed he did" kakashi says, sealing the rajin and aoi's head. Kakashi tosses the scrolls to naruto, "We're not far away" he says and puffs into smoke. Naruto pockets both scrolls and leaps off, find them in a clearing near the mountain. The bandits were tied up but sasuke was straddling sadai and relentlessly punching him. Kakashi stops sasuke as naho was hiding behind hinata, "We need him alive" kakashi says.

"He's right Teme.. Plus you're scaring the client" naruto says, walking up. Sasuke glares at naruto, "I'm heading back to the village" he says, leaping off.

"He's getting worse" kurama comments and naruto nods.

#One Month Later#

Sasuke angrily punches a training dummy, "Why am I not stronger" he hisses, breaking the dummy. Sasuke falls to his knees with gulping breaths but clutches his curse-mark, "If I only could use this properly" he says.

"Lord Orochimaru can help you Sasuke-kun" a voice says. Sasuke whips around to see kabuto and four others standing on the wall.

"Kabuto?!" sasuke says. Kabuto adjusts his glasses with a smirk and wearing an Oto hitai-ate, "Indeed I am and they are the Sound-4.. Lord Orochimaru's elites.. The First is Jirōbō" he states. He has fair-skin and narrow, slanted orange eyes, with a stern look on his face. Three tufts of orange hair on his head with a mohawk of sorts that runs down the middle and two similar styled tufts of hair at the side.

"Kidōmaru" kabuto adds. Kidōmaru is a dark-skin shinobi with black, shaggy hair tied into a ponytail and black eyes with six arms.

"Sakon" kabuto continues. Sakon has fair-skin and straight, dark blue hair with long bangs covering his right eye.

"Lastly Tayuya" kabuto states. Tayuya is a fair-skin girl with a slender build, brown eyes accentuated by her eyelashes. Long, untamed, dark pink hair that falls past her shoulders with long parted bangs framing either side of her face and one between her eyes.

"So what do you want" sasuke says. Suddenly the four whip around sasuke to attack him and he put up a good front but the four activate their marks, making short work of him. Kabuto drop down and squats down to look the down sasuke in the eye, "As you can see.. They have Curse-marks too.. You can have same power" he says.

"He's right.. Orochimaru can give you real power.. Unlike this place" sakon says.

"We had orders to take you but You need to make the choice" tayuya comments. Sasuke struggles to one knee as kabuto stands but his curse-mark flares, "If Orochimaru can give me power to Kill Itachi and Naruto.. I'll do It" sasuke shouts and the sound-4 smirk.

"Kill Itachi and Naruto.. You're fighting outside your weight class" kabuto thought and pulls a slip of paper out his vest.

"Meet them outside the village at this Location" kabuto says, tossing the paper to sasuke and the five of them vanishing. Sasuke snatches the paper off the ground, "They're right.. This village is keeping me from getting stronger.. I need eyes like Him" he thought, rushing into his house. Sasuke quickly packs what he needs but spots the team-7 photo but rage takes hold, before shattering it on the desk. Sasuke leaves his place just as sakura turns the corner, "Sasuke-kun" she thought, following. Sasuke passes the academy and take the lone path out of the village.

"Sasuke-kun" sakura shouts and sasuke halts in his tracks, glancing back.

"Where are you going" sakura says and sasuke fully turns to her.

"I'm leaving the village.. This place has held me down for Too long.. I need power to kill Itachi" sasuke says and sakura's eyes widen.

"You can't leave.. I know you need to kill you brother but leaving me" sakura says. Sasuke pockets his hands with a small snarl on his face, "I told you Sakura.. My Revenge always came first.. I am on a path you can't follow on yet" he says.

"I know Sasuke-kun.. Maybe you can take me with you.. I won't get in your way" sakura says, tears forming.

[Music: Sasuke's Ninja Way- Naruto Ost]

The moon slowly appears from the clouds as sasuke appears behind but sakura gasps as the sound chirping birds echo. However before sakura could comprehend, her body lurches forward and blood spew from her mouth.

"S-sas-uke-k-kun.. W-why" sakura squeaks out. Sasuke's chidori covered hand was sticking out her chest, before wrenching it free and sakura collapses to the ground with shocked look of betrayal. Suddenly sasuke's eyes erupt in pain and start to bleed, "So He was right" he thought. Sasuke clutches his eyes but a small laugh escapes his lips, "Seem you were useful to me Sakura" he says, revealing his Sharingan now changed. His Sharingan resembles three intersecting ellipses, "Thank you Sakura" sasuke says, walking away and beginning down his path of darkness.


A/N-2: I know people are gonna flame about Sakura's death but this Sakura didn't have her moment in the chūnin exams. Her death will motivate others to grow stronger. The next chapter will cover the retrieval mission but with some changes. Also Naruto and Anko's departure on their training trip with Jiraiya, thus ending Part-1. Thank you to everyone for their support. Stay Frosty.

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