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Chapter 2

A/N-1: Welcome to the Next Chapter of Insert Long Name. This chapter will cover Team-7 first mission and the infamous Wave mission. I will reiterate this but this is an AU setting but some Canon events will happen with some changes. As for Harem status is Anko, Hinata and Haku as a tentative third but a slow build. Currently Ino, Tenten and Fu are in the running. Naruto will soon interact with Ino and Tenten and won't see Fū until after the Chunin exams for the Hero water mission.

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Hollow Mask


Naruto currently finds himself doing pushups in his shared apartment but loud moans fill the room. He silently counts off as the moans keep coming and coming, "Anko stop" naruto shouts. She is sitting on his back with a cheeky grin on her face, "Sorry its motivation" anko coos. Naruto lays flat with a sigh as kuroshiro comes up to lick his face, "Some motivation" he thought.

"So what has Kakashi got you or your clone doing today" anko asks, getting off his back.

"Same thing we've done the past month.. D-ranks and Team building but He has time to give Sasuke extra training" naruto states and anko scoffs.

"Luckily You and Hinata can spar and train with one another" anko says, squishing kuroshiro's cheeks. Naruto gets to his feet with a pop of his joints, "Don't I know it.. She's trying a new style of Jūken in secret and I'm her test dummy" he says, slipping on a shirt. Anko pulls kuroshiro into her lap on the floor, "Would you consider her your Number 2 after me" she says and naruto arches an eyebrow.

"Hinata's a great person but No way her clan would allow that" naruto says.

"Never know.. You are the Son of Hokage and Heir to a Founding Clan.. When the Old man announces it.. Those old fools will want the CRA on you" anko states and naruto scoffs.

"Even if Jiji announces it.. Do you think it will make up for sixteen years of pain and suffering.. No they won't see me.. They'll deny it but then they'll say.. Oh he's the son of our revered Hokage.. Lets treat him like Sasuke to get his riches and power" naruto says, getting onto the sofa. Anko places kuroshiro down and settles onto of him, running her fingers along his chelsea scar.

"Do you think I compare to your old girlfriend" anko asks, her voice soft. Naruto pulls on her cheek with a smile, "You and Retsu are neck and neck but you got the edge" he says.

"Damn right" anko says.

"Retsu saw me at my most vulnerable and her love brought me back from abyss" naruto comments. Anko settles on naruto and moves his head to suck on his neck, "An-chan needs you" she coos, her stocking covered leg rubs on his lower half. Naruto groans as anko licks on his neck but moves to his mouth, capturing his lips. She licks his lower lip for access and naruto opens his mouth, allowing their tongue to swirl around one another. The pair continue to make out for the next few minutes but the doors gets knocked on and opened, revealing hana and her triplets.

"Oya Am I interrupting" hana says. Anko pulls off of naruto with a glare and sigh, "The mood has passed" she says. Kuroshiro runs up to the haimaru brothers and greets them and they greet her too.

"I came to check on Kuroshiro" hana says. Anko climbs off of naruto and he sits up, "How's Kiba been doing" he asks.

"Complaining.. He wanted to be on Hinata's team.. Kurenai has her hands full.. Sakura is very weak.. She was actually dieting" hana explains.

"Fucking Fangirls.. Nai-nee will break her of that" anko comments. Naruto tilts his head back with a groan, "Another boring mission day.. Kakashi is really boring" he muses.

"Mom says the council is pushing him to only train the Last Loyal Uchiha" hana comments and anko scoffs.

"I'm amazed Hinata's dad hasn't raised a stink about it" anko comments. One of the haimaru brothers approaches naruto for scritches and the blond obliges, "Things have changed some.. Since she made Kunoichi of the year and defeated her sister but her cousin still hates her guts and overdoes it in spars" he says.

"Hehe.. You might get crack at him in the Chunin exams in a few months" hana comments and anko giggles.

"Why don't we take Kuroshiro for a walk and go see Nai-nee and see how the other half live" anko suggests and naruto slowly nods. The group exit anko's apartment and head for kurenai's place, their pups walking in front of them. They soon reach kurenai's apartment complex but she was not home, so they decided to head to the training grounds.

"What are you doing here Naruto?!" kiba barks. Kuroshiro runs to akamaru and they greet one another. Sakura was glowering naruto but shino gives him a friendly greeting as kurenai approaches.

"Kakashi has dismissed already" kurenai asks and naruto ruffles his hair.

"Yeah.. Just some D-ranks and Team building" naruto says and kurenai blinks in shock.

"That's it.. I've started on chakra control exercises and building their reserves" kurenai says, incredulously.

"Well I taught him that stuff and He's helping Hinata.. You know Kakashi is gonna be forced to train the Uchiha" anko comments.

"Sasuke-kun needs that training.. Naru-baka is the Dead-last and doesn't deserve any training" sakura starts but anko grabs her by the red vest.

"Listen up bitch.. My Naru-kun is so much stronger than Sasuke.. He's trains harder than anyone.. Even when teachers taught him wrong and kicked him out of class for no reason.. So before you stupidly call him Dead-last.. Know all the Facts" anko shouts, before pushing the pinkette back. Sakura glares at anko but kurenai shoots her look and she back down but the ruby eye beauty turns her attention to her surrogate little sister.

"My Naru-kun" kurenai says and anko freezes but kurenai pats her shoulder, "I'm happy" she adds.

"How about a spar Naruto" kiba says and naruto shrugs his shoulders but nods and kiba grins.

"Kurenai-sensei can you be our Ref" kiba says, stretching. Naruto rolls his neck and does the same, "Just your Taijutsu.. I don't have a Ninken" he says and slips into his boxing stance.

"Hajime" kurenai shouts. Kiba lunges at naruto in a lowered stance but arcs up with a claw strike. Naruto back steps and avoids the strike but snaps kiba with right jabs, forcing the feral boy back. Danger senses went off in kiba's head and narrowly dodges a left straight from naruto, "Shit that could've knocked me out" kiba thought and back jumps.

"Beast Mimicry: All Fours Jutsu" kiba shouts and becomes more feral. Naruto starts to bounce on his toes as a small standoff forms as both look for an opening but kiba breaks it with a faster low tackle. Naruto closes the gap between them and clips kiba with an uppercut. Kiba backpedals and rubs his chin with a growl at naruto but rushes the blond. For the next five minutes naruto dodges kiba with what seems like ease and infuriating the latter.

"Stop dodging and Hit me" kiba shouts. Naruto's eyes narrow and he steps forward, connecting with a punishing left straight and kiba flies back. Akamaru barks loudly and kiba snaps awake to catch himself, "Huh.. I'm flying" he thought, stepping forward but his legs give out.

"Damn little brother.. Naruto knocked your lights out" hana says, kneeling next to him and kiba gasps, his eyes flickering.

"Sorry about that Kiba" naruto says and squats down to his level. Kiba sighs and rubs his head, "I asked for that.. So I guess you were right about deception" he says.

"Yeah.. If I want to be Hokage.. I need to be strong" naruto says, rising to his feet. Kiba gets to his feet and raises his fist, "Well I look forward to our next spar" he says. Naruto smiles and bumps fists with kiba, "Same here" he says. Kurenai dismisses her team and leaves anko, naruto and kurenai, "So how's pinky been doing" anko asks, as they leave the training ground.

"She has potential but it wasted.. The academy has become a breeding ground for Fangirls" kurenai says, shaking her head.

"Preach.. Our team could've been So much better if not for Aika but Hana and I are Chūnin" anko comments.

"Naruto.. What sort of Taijutsu that was.. Your Footwork was impressive" kurenai asks, as they arrive a dango shop and taking a booth.

"It's a self taught style.. I observed several styles and read books.. Taking different styles that suited me.. So I guess you could call it a Mixed style.. Even if copied.. It would not be prudent as you need to have the body for it" naruto explains.

"Planning for the Uchiha.. Naru-kun" anko says and naruto tilts his head but slowly nods. The server brought several orders of dango with some sake for their ladies and soda for the blond. Asuma soon walked in and made his way to their table, giving naruto a curt nod and taking a seat next to kurenai.

"How's it going smokestack" anko chirps and asuma rolls his eyes, snatching a dango from kurenai's plate. Asuma glances to naruto and sizes up the blond but sees the scar on his face.

"I got this when I was nine.. Some villagers and a disgraced Jōnin broke into my apartment" naruto states. Asuma lights a cigarette and takes a slow drag, "Did they catch who did it" he asks, after blowing some smoke.

"They did but those assholes on the council called for reduced sentences and claimed that were no eye witnesses.. The civilians were locked up for a few days but the Jōnin was executed" anko comments.

"I'm used to it.. Konoha will not give me a fair shake as a Jinchūriki" naruto say, causing asuma and kurenai to widen their eyes.

"You know about your burden" kurenai asks and naruto slowly nods.

"Mizuki blabbed it after trying to get me to steal the Sacred Scroll of Sealing" naruto explains.

"I had fun with him" anko says, with a sadistic giggle and naruto shakes his head. Anko finishes her dango and the pair excuse themselves, "Catch you later Nai-nee.. Smokestack" she says.

"Goodbye Kurenai-sensei.. Asuma-sensei" naruto says.

"So what now" anko asks, as she takes his hand. Naruto rolls his neck and squeezes her hand, "Wanna see something cool" he says anko smirks.

#Forest of Death#

Anko holds kuroshiro in her arms as they drop down in their clearing, "So what cool thing will you show me.. Naru-kun" she says. Naruto pulls off his shirt and anko licks her lips, "Sex.. An-chan likes" she says but naruto shakes his head, making three clones. The three surround anko as naruto activates his Ryūō Shōheki, "You've seen my Shikai but not this side of me.. When I first gained Zetsuei.. I acquired something darker.. More animalistic.. Hiding in the deep recesses of my soul" naruto states. Naruto raises his hand to his face and swipes it across, black with purple reiatsu flares around him. Anko's eyes widen and kuroshiro whimpers as the white of naruto's left eye turns black and his blue pupil turns golden, while his hair turns white. A strange tattoo forms on his left arm. It is a black, tribal lightning tattoo but splits at the wrist and form four lines to the knuckle but continues to his chest and forms the outline of a hole. A bone like mask forms over his mouth and nose with two holes on the bottom and steam comes out with each breath.

"This is called Hollowfication" naruto says, his voice distorted. Naruto releases his hollowfication and returns to normal to grabs his shirt, "When learning about my past.. I learned my great grandfather was a hollow that was reborn but the taint remained and passed down the bloodline.. Recombined by my parents" he explains, dispelling the clones.

"So like a Kekkei Genkai of sorts" anko says and naruto cups his chin in thought.

"In a way" naruto says and shunpos them outside the forest.

"Any advantages" anko asks. The pair make their way back to the village proper, "More durable body is the easiest.. I can fire a blast called Cero and use the Garganta but I have yet to attempt the that.. However its taxing on the body.. Luckily I have Kurama" naruto says and kurama scoffs.

"Have you tried her chakra yet" anko whispers but naruto shakes his head.

"That would bring more unnecessary attention" naruto replies. A couple of older genin suddenly appear in front of them, "Look who it is.. The Snake slut and her demon brat" one sneers and his cohorts laugh. Naruto rubs his neck and kuroshiro growls but anko smirks, "Look Naru-kun.. A couple of would be men.. I bet their things are little" she says, holding up her pinkie. Several veins bulge on the first's face and naruto covers his mouth, "Seems you were right An-chan" he says but makes a ram-sign.

"Oiroke no Jutsu" naruto thought and a puff of smoke erupts. From the smoke emerges a sexy blonde woman with G-cup breasts and lower half covered by mist with pouty lips. All three of them spew blood from their nose and collapses as anko cackles and naruto returns to normal, picking up kuroshiro.

"Works every time" naruto says and both leap off, leaving the three on the ground.

#Next Day#

Naruto stood with his team as they were in the mission hall, while hiruzen and iruka sit at a long desk. The bane of Genin was purring around our blond's legs, "Oh Tora" madam shjimi cries, picking her up. Sasuke smirks seeing the cat crushed into her owner's full figured body.

"Another D-rank completed.. Let's see what we have.. Painting Mr Onikawa's house.. Walk the Inuzuka's new litter" hiruzen starts and naruto lights up a bit.

"I could take Kuroshiro with us.. She could use interactions with other pups" naruto thought. A cry echoes and a shout of tora, "And catch Tora once again" hiruzen says. Sasuke clenches his fist, "No" he starts and hiruzen furrows his brow.

"No more of these missions.. I want a Real Mission" sasuke shouts.

"Sasuke.. You have been a Genin for just over a month.. You are not ready for higher rank missions" iruka says but sasuke glowers him. Hiruzen puffs his pipe with his gaze on sasuke, then to hinata and naruto.

"Kakashi.. Do you believe your team is ready for a higher rank mission" hiruzen asks and kakashi looks up from his icha-icha.

"Hmm.. Perhaps.. Two rookies of the year.. I believe so" kakashi says and naruto frowns, which hiruzen catches.

"Iruka please go fetch Tazuna.. A C-rank escort mission should suffice" hiruzen says and iruka rises from his seat, to fetch the man question. Iruka quickly returns with a grey-haired, bespectacled man with a large beard and dark eyes. He wears a sleeveless v-neck shirt with an obi, pants and a pair of sandals with a towel around his neck.

"Tazuna-san this is Team-7 under the leadership of Kakashi Hatake.. They will escort you home to Nami-no-Kuni" hiruzen says. Tazuna takes a sip from his flask, "They look some what decent but the blond looks weird with all those scars on his face" he says. Naruto's eyes narrow but he could hear two women angrily shouting at the older man, "These are birthmarks and this was given to me by a overzealous man" he says, pointing to his whiskers and scar.

"Alright team.. Pack for a month long mission and meet at the main gate in one hour" kakashi says and leaf-shunshins away. Sasuke scoffs and leaves, followed by hinata and lastly by naruto and tazuna.

"Will they be alright Hokage-sama" iruka asks and hiruzen puffs his pipe.

"It will be a good experience for them" hiruzen replies.


Naruto arrives back at his shared apartment and is immediately greeted by kuroshiro, "Will you finally debut me" zetsuei comments. Naruto loads up his gear into several storage scrolls and pulls zetsuei from a seal on his hand.

"Sasuke will more than likely complain" naruto muses, putting on his ninja attire. Naruto adds some farm length gloves, secured by his middle fingers instead of his normal gloves and a red scarf wrapped around his neck. Naruto picks up kuroshiro and secures their place, "You'll have to stay with Hana until An-chan come back from her mission" he says and kuroshiro barks. Naruto and kuroshiro arrive at the inuzuka compound, at the gates happen to be kiba's mother tsume. She has long, spiky, untamed brown hair, thick eyebrows, vertical slit like pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails with her clan fang markings on her cheeks. She also has markings over her eyes and wears a dark shade of purple lipstick on her lips. She wears the standard outfit of a Konoha shinobi consisting of a flak jacket, and a black suit underneath with the sleeves rolled up and bandages around her legs.

"What brings you here Pup" tsume says. Naruto lets kuroshiro down to greet kuromaru, "I have a C-rank mission to Nami and Anko's out of the village.. So I wanted Hana to keep Kuroshiro until Anko comes home" he explains, bending to give kuroshiro some goodbye scritches.

"Hahaha.. That's Fine.. We'll take good care of her" tsume says and naruto bows, before excusing himself and leaping off.

"Kushina.. Your son is growing up to be a good man" tsume says, entering the compound with kuromaru and kuroshiro. Naruto soon reaches the gate and finds tazuna waiting, "You're the first kid" tazuna states.

"Seem so" naruto comments, resting his arm on zetsuei. Hinata soon arrives with her pack hanging from her shoulder, "Where's your supplies Naruto-kun" she asks and he points to his pockets.

"In storage scrolls" naruto says.

"Where'd you get that sword Dobe" sasuke says, walking up. Naruto sighs with his eyes closed, "A gift" he says but sasuke scoffs.

"It's a wasted gift.. You should give it to me" sasuke says, holding his hand out. Naruto clicks zetsuei out of her sheath and pulls the sword out enough to show it was a reverse-blade sword.

"I think it would wasted on you" naruto says and clicks her back but sasuke only scoffs. A half hour passes and kakashi soon arrives, "Well my cute Genin.. This is our first mission outside the village.. So be ready and on guard" he says and the three nod, well two of them. The group takes off at a civilian pace because tazuna refused to be carried but naruto stretches his senses.

"You know Kenjutsu as well" kakashi asks, not looking up from his book. Naruto runs his fingers along zetsuei's sheath, "A little" he lies.

"Master swordsman" zetsuei comments and naruto mentally chuckles.

"Almost" naruto thought. The group continues in silence as tazuna makes small talk but soon a small puddle was ahead of them. Kakashi notices and so does naruto but the former doesn't know that.

"Be more obvious" naruto thought, as the group passes the puddle. Two figures suddenly emerge from the puddle, wearing a rebreather that covers the lower half of their faces and a large, clawed, poisonous gauntlet on their right and left arms. Both also wear a camouflage suit with bandages around their waist, dark-coloured, knee-length sandals and several pouches around their waist but one has a ragged coat. One tosses the other forward towards kakashi with a spike chain linking them.

"What?!" kakashi shouts, as the chains ensnare him.

"One Down" one sneers, as the rip kakashi to pieces. Team-7 gasps and freezes for the moment or rather two freeze, "Protect Tazuna" naruto shouts.

"Too late" both says, appearing behind naruto but the blond smirks. Suddenly the chains shatters through unknown means but both see gashes in the dirt as they back jump. Hinata and sasuke snap out of their shock and the former gets in front of tazuna with her juken ready. Sasuke springs into action with a leap and toss of a kunai, while naruto shoot forward towards them. The enemy releases their broken chain and spilt but sasuke cracks one with a kick, "Meizu" the other shouts. He gasps as naruto was right in front of him, acting quickly he swings his claw but naruto ducks under the overswing and connects with an uppercut.

"Gōzu" meizu shouts, seeing his brother crumble. Sasuke uses the slight moment to strike meizu with a spring kick and he flies into an appearing kakashi.

"Good work you three" kakashi says. Naruto glances to the spot and sees broken logs, "He was testing us" he thought, hoisting gōzu on his shoulder. Kakashi quickly ties up meizu and gōzu as hinata approaches, "Naruto-kun your cheek" she says, seeing blood.

"Their claws have poison.. We need to take it out" kakashi says. Naruto runs his fingers on his cheek, "No need.. A friend took care of that" he says.

"Or rather chased me with her snakes" naruto thought. Hinata opens a small jar and dabs some ointment on his cheek, "It'll help with healing.. I made it myself" she says.

"Thanks Hinata" naruto says. Kakashi turns to tazuna with suspicious eyes, "Tazuna-san these are Demon Brothers.. Chūnin level Missing-nin from Kirigakure.. It seems they were after you" he says. Tazuna looks away slightly and his eyes flicker but kakashi pushes forward, "You asked for a simple C-rank escort but with them here.. It bumps this up to a B-rank minimum" he says.

"I-I couldn't afford a higher rank mission.. Our country is poor" tazuna says and goes on to explain the situation.

"This does complicate things.. The Demon brother are often seen in the company of Zabuza Momochi.. An A-rank Missing-nin.. My team is not ready for such a battle" kakashi says and tazuna clenches his fists.

"Please if I can finish my bridge.. Nami will become free of Gatō's tyranny" tazuna says and kakashi sighs but glances back to his team.

"In good conscience I can't drag you three into this but if we abandon our mission.. It won't look good for Konoha's image.. So what do you three think" kakashi says.

"We go forward.. I am an Uchiha.. I will not back down" sasuke says. Hinata looks between tazuna and kakashi, "I say we go as well but we should ask for back up as well" she says but sasuke scoffs.

"Naruto" kakashi says and naruto sighs.

"I agree with Hinata.. We should press forward but call for some backup too" naruto says. Kakashi cups his chin in thought, "There in lies a problem.. A Jōnin level opponent will come next and back up would be too late" he says.

"We don't Need back up.. We can handle anything" sasuke says. Kakashi turns back to tazuna, "We will press forward but this mission is now upgraded to A-rank" he says and sasuke smirks.

"What about them" naruto says, pointing his thumb at the demon brothers. Kakashi eye-smiles with a tilt of his head, "Some one will find them" he says and the group quickly on. A few minutes after they were gone a clone of naruto appears to decapitates the brothers and destroys the bodies, "I'll pray for your souls" he says and seals the heads and metal claws in scrolls, before heading to a bounty station.


A light mist rolls through the coast line as team-7 and tazuna arrive in nami itself but a trap was being set before them. Sasuke suddenly whips as kunai into the bushes and a white bunny scampers out of the bush line. Kakashi's eye narrows, "The coat is wrong for this time of year" he thought

"Someone's coming" naruto thought. A loud whistling catches everyone's ears, "Get down" kakashi shouts, tackling tazuna. Naruto tackles hinata as a massive blade sails over them and embeds itself into a tree but suddenly a figure lands on the hilt. He is a tall and noticeably muscular man with light grayish skin, short spiky black hair, dark brown eyes, and small eyebrows with bandages like a mask over the bottom half of his face. He is shirtless, with his chest only covered by a belt, wearing baggy pants with the striped pattern typical of Kirigakure and mimetic wrist-warmers extending up to his elbows, with matching leg-warmers.

"Hahahaha.. No wonder the Demon brothers failed" he says, glancing back at kakashi. The copy-nin steps forward, "Zabuza Momochi.. Demon of the Hidden Mist.. Team Manji formation" he says. Naruto takes a point as hinata and sasuke draw their kunai.

"Save me the trouble and let me have the old man.. His death has been called for" zabuza says. Kakashi slowly reaches for his Hitai-ate and zabuza chuckles, "Hoh Sharingan already.. I am honored" zabuza says and sauske's eyes narrow.

"Sharingan?!.. How can he have it" sasuke thought, as kakashi reveals his Sharingan.

[Background Music-Zabuza Theme]

Zabuza pulls his Kubikiribōchō from the tree and drops down as the mist starts to get thicker, landing a small lake near them. Kakashi readies himself as zabuza holds up a ram-sign, "Ninpō: Kirigakure no Jutsu" zabuza utters and the mist becomes even thicker. Hinata quickly activates her Byakugan but the mist is ladden with chakra, causing zabuza to chuckle darkly.

"Hoh.. A Hyūga as well.. I can sell you to Kumo for a hefty price" zabuza says, his voice echoing around them. The demon of mist also starts to release his KI with ominous chuckling, "Where to strike first.. So many choices" zabuza says, reciting the eight points. Sweat runs down hinata and sasuke's faces as the KI was so thick, forcing the uchiha to point his kunai at this throat. Naruto clicks zetsuei out her sheath with his eyes closed as kakashi releases is own KI to counter.

"Don't worry.. I will protect you all" kakashi says but zabuza chuckles, appearing behind them.

"Too Late" zabuza says but jerks, as his head sails away. Kakashi gasps as naruto had severed zabuza's head but it melts into water, "How?!" kakashi thought. Zabuza appears behind kakashi and slices him in half but like him only water remains, "Mizu bunshin?!" he thought. Kakashi lands in front of his team as zabuza glares, "Clever and your blond gaki is quite skilled" zabuza says.

"Indeed" kakashi says, rushing zabuza with a kunai. Naruto holds zetsuei in a basic kendo stance as kakashi and zabuza engage in dance of death.

"It's over" zabuza shouts, kicking kakashi into the lake. Zabuza qucikly closes the gap as kakashi surfaces, "Suiton: Suirō no Jutsu" he shouts and kakashi gasps, as the water prison surrounds him.

"Damn it.. I was careless" kakashi thought and zabuza chuckles.

"Hmhmhm.. You underestimated me Kakashi.. I'll have to deal with you later.. First I'll kill these wannabe ninja" zabuza says, raising another ram-sign. The water ripples in six spots as replicas of zabuza appear, "These should be more than enough" he sneers and kakashi gasps.

"RUN TAKE TAZUNA.. YOU'RE NOT MATCH FOR HIM" kakashi shouts. Sasuke clenches his fists, "Run.. I am an Uchiha Elite" he thought, about to rush forward but naruto grabs him.

"Don't rush in carelessly Teme" naruto says but sasuke shrugs his hand off. Suddenly four clones of naruto appear around them, "Protect Tazuna.. I'll hold him off.. My clones will help" naruto says, walking pass them.

"Naruto-kun.. You can't" hinata says but naruto looks back with a smile.

"Trust me" naruto says.

"Fine go and Die Dobe.. No one will mourn you" sasuke says. One of the zabuza clones goes for them but naruto cuts him in half with a serious look on his eyes.

[Background Music- Senna- Bleach OST]

"You think a kid like you can beat Me?!" zabuza says. Naruto makes his way forward and steps onto the lake, causing kakashi's eyes to widen.

"He knows Water-walking" kakashi thought. Naruto points zetsuei at the real zabuza, "A cornered mouse can kill a cat.. You're making the same mistake.. Kakashi-sensei did" he says. The clones charge naruto as the blond picks up speed, before cutting all done with several precise swings.

"Who is this brat Kakashi" zabuza says but gasps, as naruto was behind him with thrust aimed for his head. Zabuza breaks his hold on the water prison and blocks the thrust but it pushes him back, "What.. That thrust" he thought. Another clone of naruto puffs to life and helps kakashi up, "Sensei.. I'll handle this" naruto says.

"Naruto.. Zabuza is an A-rank Missing-nin.. You can't win" kakashi says but gasps, seeing the seriousness of naruto's eyes.

"I'm observant Kakashi-sensei and your Chakra is running low.. I'll hold him off and you retreat to safety" naruto says. Zabuza chuckles darkly and leaps with a downward swing but naruto blocks but doesn't buckle, "Go" he thought and the clone leaps away.

"You are pretty strong.. Zabuza" naruto says, exerting enough to break their stalemate. Zabuza lands with a dark look on his face, "Who are you Brat" he says. Naruto slips into his gatotsu stance, "Naruto Uzumaki" he says, shooting forward. Zabuza heaves his zanbato at naruto to block the thrust with a loud clang, trying to throw naruto off balance. Naruto quickly back jumps but zabuza presses with wide and heavy swings, "He's good.. He has impressive upper-body strength to swing such a large weapon with relative ease" he thought. On land sasuke was looking in shock, anger and jealousy as the clone lands with kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei" hinata says, rushing to his side.

"I-i'm alright Hinata" kakashi says, pulling down his hitai-ate.

"That Naruto kid is strong" tazuna says. Kakashi staggers to his feet with his eye on the battle, "Naruto.. How can you be this strong.. Your eyes were not a teenager but a seasoned fighter" he thought. Naruto dodges a wide swing but vanishes and lands on the extended blade, "Owari da" he thought. Zabzua quickly uses Shunshin to extend the gap but naruto was on him with thrust strikes and a spinning swing to the ribs. Zabuza gasps and grunts as he slams into a tree off of the lake, "How?!.. How is kid so powerful" he thought but saw naruto's eyes.

"Those eyes.. Its like I am staring into the maw of a Dragon" zabuza thought but jerks as three senbon strike his neck and he collapses.[song ends]


Naruto halts in tracks as a figure lands in front of the prone zabuza, "Thank you for slowing him enough for me" the figure says. Their outfit consists of the standard Kirigakure pinstripe outfit which stops at their knees. Over this is a green haori with white trimmings, and around the waist a brown sash with a fringed trail wrapped around twice. Light-brown platoon sandals with straps in the same colour as the kimono and nail polish on their fingernails and toenails in matching blue green colour. A white mask with thin, curved eye-holes and a red wavy design in place of the mouth, as well as the Kirigakure symbol etched in the top.

"Who are you" naruto says, on guard. The figure says nothing but lifts zabuza, "Excuse me" they say but gasps and narrowly dodges naruto's thrust, vanishing into mist.

"Zabuza had help" kurama notes. Naruto rests zetsuei on his shoulder with a sigh, "Indeed" he says, walking across the small lake. The mist slowly recedes as naruto reaches the other side, causing kakashi to gasp at naruto's form.

"It can't be.. I remember similar eyes.. Sensei but that impossible.. Sandaime-sama told me their child died" kakashi thought.

"Dobe how are you this Strong" sasuke shouts, interrupting kakashi's thoughts. However naruto ignores sasuke and kneels on one knee in front of kakashi, "Are you alright Sensei" he asks.

"Yeah but what happened to Zabuza" kakashi replies.

"A Hunter-nin stepped in but they were an accomplice to Zabuza and they escaped" naruto explains and kakashi sighs.

"Meaning Zabuza will be back.. Tazuna how far is your house" kakashi adds.

"Not Far" tazuna says. Naruto helps kakashi to his feet and group moves towards tazuna's home but one was angry. Tazuna's home was a two story sea side inn with small docks, "Tsunami I'm home" tazuna shouts. The door slides open as a young woman with long blue hair steps out, "Dad.. Thank Kami" tsunami says but sees the group and flinches, seeing naruto's scar.

"These ninja will protect us from Gato" tazuna says, ushering everyone inside. The clones take kakashi upstairs with hinata and tsunami, leaving naruto, sasuke and tazuna downstairs.

"Grandpa" a little girl of eight shouts. Tazuna turns with a smile and hugs his granddaughter inari but she sees the others and glares, "Why are they here" she asks.

"They will protect us from Gatō.. The blond even fought a strong assassin and won" tazuna says and sasuke scoffs. Inari looks at naruto with anger in her young eyes but the blond squats down, "A child shouldn't have eyes like that.. You lost someone to Gato" he says and inari glowers him, before running off. Tazuna sighs and rubs his forehead, "Her Father" he say and naruto frowns.


Zabuza lies motionless on the group as the fake hunter-nin opens a case, "I'll cut the bandages and drain some of the blood" they thought, reaching for some scissors. They reach for zabuza's mask but he grabs their hand as his eyes shoot open, "I can do it myself" he hisses, pulling his bandages down.

"You're already awake" the hunter says. Zabuza slowly sits up with a groan and pulls one of the senbon out his neck, "You're Fucking Brutal.. Haku" he says.

"You're brutal Zabuza-sama.. If you keep pulling those out.. You could bleed out" haku says and zabuza glares.

"Take off that stupid mask" zabuza says. Haku removes the mask to reveal a young woman with soft features and brown eyes, "I have fond memories of this mask and it almost fooled that Ninja" she says.

"That Blond Uzumaki is dangerous.. He's around your age and that skilled" zabuza says, spitting out some blood.

"His comrades were just as shocked as you.. I checked your injuries.. It will at least two weeks before you can fully function" haku explains, helping zabuza to his feet. Zabuza brushes the young girl aside and clutches his ribs, "Next time I'll kill you Uzumaki and Kakashi" he thought.

#Tazuna's House#

Kakashi opens his eye to see hinata and tsunami sitting on his right and left, "How long was I out" he asks, slowing sitting up.

"Not long an hour at the most" hinata replies. Tazuna, sasuke and naruto walk upstairs but kakashi's gaze is on our blond, "Could he be Sensei's child" he thought.

"How are you feeling Kakashi-sensei" naruto asks, taking a seat in front of him. Kakashi cover his right eye, "I've been better.. It'll be about a week before I can mover properly" he says.

"The Dobe let Zabuza get away.. So what will we do" sasuke asks and naruto frowns.

"Zabuza will be out of commission.. If we're lucky but we'll need to be on guard.. In the meantime.. We're gonna ramp up your training" kakashi explains.

"What sort of training can we do in such a time" hinata says. Tsunami fetches kakashi a pair of crutches and he slowly leads his team outside.

"The first thing we're going to do is improve your chakra control" kakashi says and naruto sighs, before walking up a tree with no hands. Kakashi coughs in his hand, "Right that is called Tree-walking.. It's a chakra control exercise" he says.

"Kurenai-sensei showed me that and Water-walking" hinata says and kakashi sighs, this time.

"Alright Sasuke I want you to start on Tree-walking.. Hinata will be your spotter" kakashi says and turns to naruto, missing the glare from sasuke.

"Naruto follow me" kakashi says and the pair make their way to the dock near tazuna's house. Naruto takes a seat on the dock's edge as kakashi stands, "Naruto.. Tell me.. How strong are you really" he says. Naruto stays silent for a moment with his eyes on the water, "To be honest.. I don't know.. I've never fought anyone other than sparing.. Zabuza was my first live opponent" he says.

"I see.. Who taught you Tree and Water-walking" kakashi asks. Naruto pulls one of his legs to his chest, "Anko and Kurenai-sensei.. Everything else I learned from observation" he replies and kakashi touches his hitai-ate.

"So you hide your strength out fear of the populous of Konoha" kakashi says and naruto nods.

"I did.. I am Jinchūriki.. If people found out I was strong not some dufus.. I would more than like have been killed.. So I hid my strength and played the part of a Dead-last" naruto explains. Kakashi moves closer and reaches in his pouch for a strip of paper, "This is chakra paper.. It shows a Ninja their elemental affinity" he states. Naruto takes the paper and channels his chakra, slowly the paper splits in half and part crinkles.

"Lightning and Wind.. Impressive" kakashi says and clears his throat, "For Fūton.. You'll need to cut a leaf with it and for Raiton you will need to wrinkle a leaf" he explains.

"Thanks Kakashi-sensei" naruto says and kakashi walks off, "Beside you have the perfect cheat code" zetsuei says.


Hiruzen slowly smokes his pipe as two of his three original students and legendary Sannin jiraiya and tsunade. Jiraiya is a tall and well-built man with fair skin. He has waist-length, spiky white hair that tied back into a pony tail, with two shoulder-length bangs framing his face. His clothes consist of a green short shirt kimono and matching pants, with mesh armour that is visible at his wrists and ankles. He also wears hand guards, a black belt, wooden sandals, and a red haori with two yellow circles on each side.

Tsunade is a fair-skin woman with brown eyes and straight blonde hair that parts above her forehead. Her hair has shoulder-length bangs that frame her face and the rest reaches her lower-back. Her attire is grass-green haori and a grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matches her pants and open-toed, strappy black sandals with high heels.

"Thank you both for coming on such a short notice.. Especially you Tsunade" hiruzen says but tsunade only scoffs.

"Only because you agreed to pay off my debts" tsunade says and crosses her legs, "So what's this all about" she adds. Hiruzen sighs and takes an intake from his pipe, "Naruto Uzumaki" he says. Jiraiya's eyes narrow as tsunade furrows her brow, "I thought he died with his parents" she says.

"A lie.. Naruto-kun survived but recently something has changed" hiruzen says.

"What happened Sensei" jiraiya says. Hiruzen pushes naruto's ninja ID photo and jiraiya takes it, "Naruto-kun has changed.. The persona I have witnessed for the last few years has been a carefully made mask" he states.

"What happened to his face" tsunade comments and hiruzen frowns.

"When he was nine.. He was attacked by several people including a Jōnin" hiruzen explains and jiraiya grits his teeth.

"What the Hell Sensei?!.. You told me Naruto would be taken care of" jiraiya says and tsunade furrows her brow.

"You knew the kid was alive" tsunade says and rubs her forehead, "This is why I left.. All this talking out both sides of your mouth" she adds.

"I am old.. I have been Hokage too long.. Which is why I brought you here Tsunade.. I want you to become Hokage" hiruzen says and a deep frown forms on tsunade's face.

"Not Fucking happening" tsunade says and rises from but hiruzen unleashes his KI, halting her.

"Don't become Hokage for the Village.. Do it for Shizune and Naruto.. Danzō is sniffing around him.. If Danzō learns of Naruto-kun's true strength.. He will make a move to take him" hiruzen states, projecting the God of shinobi of his past. Tsunade slowly sits down, "How strong is the kid" she says. Hiruzen leans back in his chair, "I do not know but he sensed one of Danzō's Ne.. He also learned the Kage Bunshin by simply observing" he says, shocking his students.

"What about the Kyūbi" jiraiya says.

"He knows about his burden and has spoken to the Kyūbi and claims She is just as of a victim of that night as he is" hiruzen explains. Jiraiya leans back in his chair with flickering eyes, "Has It-She influenced him.. I'll need to check the seal" he says.

"He's on a C-rank mission to Nami" hiruzen says and turns his attention to tsunade.

"Will you consider it Tsunade.. Other than Shizune-chan.. Naruto-kun is all that remains of your family" hiruzen says and tsunade clenches her fists.

"I want to meet him.. Then I'll make my decision.. Also you better keep those Jackals away from Shizune" tsunade says and hiruzen sighs softly, nodding.


Hinata makes her way through the forest in search of naruto but finds his clones in a large clearing, "So many Naruto-kuns" she thought.

"Hey Hinata" the clones said in unison. Hinata blushes slightly as the clones continue their exercises, "Um where's Naruto-kun" she asks.

"By the dock" one says, concentrating on the leaf in his hand. Hinata activates her Byakugan and sees the real naruto was indeed on the dock, quickly making her way there. Naruto was balancing on one of the stumps on the dock with his left arm and his right behind his back.

"His chakra is calm but turbulent" hinata thought, making her way on the deck. A creak of wood alerts naruto and he opens his eyes, "Hinata.. So Sasuke finished his Tree-walking" he says, leaning down to stand up right.

"Kakashi-sensei took over" hinata says. Naruto stretches a bit to pop his joints, "So you came to find me" he says and hinata nods.

"That's good we can work on your Jūken" naruto comments, as they head back to the clearing. Naruto dispels his clones and rubs his head with a groan, "This never gets better" he thought.

"Don't dispel so many at once" kurama comments and zetsuei giggles. Naruto rubs the back of his neck as he slips off his shirt, leaving only his undershirt. Hinata slips into her jūken stance as naruto slips into his basic boxing stance, "When you're ready" he says. Hinata looks for an opening but naruto snaps with a jab, forcing her to quickly dodge and counter with a jūken strike. Naruto backpedals to dodge the strike but he felt the twinge in his right arm. Hinata presses and aftly dodges naruto's jabs like flowing water but she quickly ducks under a full power right, countering with a double palm to naruto's chest.

"You're dodging is getting better.. From what you told me the Jūken is very rooted like earth but your body moves like water.. Flowing and conturing" naruto says, rubbing his chest and having some welts on his arm.

"Father still believes its a flawed style" hinata comments. Naruto reaches in his pouch and strikes with several kunai but hinata spins on her heels, creating a dome of chakra to block each and every one. Naruto closes the gap as the dome comes down and fires off several rapid fire jabs but hinata undulates her body to dodge them. However to find the mark and grazes her cheek and forehead, knocking off balance but she dodges something unprecedented happens and she connects with a side kick to naruto's right side. Naruto smiles as hinata stays vertical and prepares for the next barrage, "He'll really say its flawed by using your legs" he says. Hinata has a determined look on her face, "I need to grow stronger.. Neji-niisan is taking the Chūnin exams and I suspect Kakashi-sensei will have to put us in" she starts.

"So you may face Neji" naruto finishes and hinata slowly nods.

"I want to save him from the stigma he sees himself in and to do it.. I need to show him I am strong" hinata says and naruto nods, rubbing his arms and feels kurama sending some chakra to open his tenketsu points.

"Plus I want to show Anko I deserve you" hinata thought. Naruto shakes his arms as hinata dabs some cream on her cheek and forehead, "We should head back" he says and the pair head off to find kakashi and sasuke.

#One Week Later#

A week has passed since Team-7 arrived in nami and it has been relatively quiet, save an incident with inari. The young girl blew up at a dinner and berated the genin but mostly naruto for his his unwavering attitude. However naruto told inari about his childhood and his scar, causing the little girl to cry and run off. However kakashi spoke to inari about naruto and eventually she apologized to naruto and began to see him as big brother. Sasuke didn't believe naruto's story and continued his training, moving from tree-walking to starting on water-walking and also spying on naruto and hinata.

This caused naruto to train solely at night and hinata keeping to chakra control exercises and building her reserves. Currently naruto is leaning on a tree with his right leg pulled to his chest and his left under it. Zetsuei resting on his chest with his right arm wrapped her as the sun rises. This is the scene a young woman with long black hair and dressed in a pink kimono with a black choker around her neck.

"He's the one that injured Zabuza-sama" haku thought, adjusting her basket. The faux hunter quietly makes her way toward naruto, "I could kill him easily" she thought, reaching out but shakes naruto.

"You'll catch cold out here" haku says, as naruto opens his eyes. Naruto's eyes narrow but he slowly gets to his feet, "I'll be alright.. Who are you" he asks, rolling his neck.

"I'm Haku.. Are you a Shinobi or a Samurai" haku asks. Naruto tilts his head in thought, "A bit of both maybe.. Why are you here alone" he says and haku points to her basket.

"I'm searching for herb for a friend that is injured" haku states. Naruto ruffles his hair and slips zetsuei into his belt, "I see.. Are you a shinobi Haku" he asks.

"No.. Shinobi-san" haku says.

"I'm Naruto.. Naruto Uzumaki" naruto says. Haku softly smiles as she spots some herbs, "Will you assist me.. Naruto-kun" she asks.

"Sure" naruto replies, rubbing his hair. Naruto follows haku through the forest, "Why do you seek strength Naruto-kun" she says, placing several herbs in her basket.

"I seek strength to fight strong opponents" naruto starts but thinks of anko, "But to also protect those I love and care for" he adds.

"His eyes.. They are not that of a boy but someone of experience" haku thought and smiles, "I see.. If someone has a Precious person.. They become truly strong" she adds, walking ahead.

"I should return to my friend" haku says and bids farewell, "Oh one more thing.. I am man" she adds.

"No you're not and Tell Zabuza.. I look forward to our rematch" naruto says and haku whips around but naruto was gone.

"He is dangerous but cute" haku thought, before vanishing into snow flurries. Another week passes and naruto finds himself on the roof tazuna's house, with a clone pretending to sleep. Kakashi and the others took tazuna to the bridge but also being weary of zabuza and haku. Naruto opens his eyes and senses to men approaching the house, before rising to his feet and dropping down.

"Who the Fuck are you" one says, wearing a eyepatch. Naruto says nothing but clicks zetsuei out of her sheath as he approaches the two men, "Death" naruto says, blinking behind them. Both men freeze and their eyes widen as a thin line appears on their necks, before their heads roll off their bodies. Naruto quickly makes a clone to dispose of the bodies, before taking off to the bridge and leaving mother and son unaware of anything.

#Unfinished Bridge#

Sasuke glares at his opponent within a large dome of ice mirrors, his only saving grace being his Sharingan glaring back at haku's emotionless mask. The uchiha scion believed himself superior to his opponent but was soon settled by the Hyōton user.

"Please surrender.. I do not wish to harm you any further" haku says, appearing in several mirrors. Sasuke pulls a senbon from his arm with a grit of his teeth and retorts with a fireball but like before has no effect on the mirrors.

"You can not melt this ice.. It its infused with my chakra" haku says and holds up several senbon. Sasuke prepares himself but out the corner of his eye sees hinata guarding tazuna and a smirk forms on his face, before adopting a ram-sign. Outside the ice mirror dome hinata stands in front of tazuna but suddenly felt the rush of substitution and finds herself inside the dome as senbon were making their towards her.

"He would do that to teammate" haku thought, shocked. Hinata's eyes widen as a large of amount senbon were speeding to end her life but once again felt the rush of substitution and the crash of senbon. Haku gasps as naruto was standing in hinata's place with his arms blocking his face and his body riddled with her senbon.

"Naruto-kun" haku thought. Hinata rushes to the dome as sasuke stood in disbelief, "How?!" he thought.

"Looks like I made in time" naruto muses and flexes his muscles, popping the senbons from his body.

"Naruto-kun" hinata shouts.

"I'm fine Hinata protect Tazuna" naruto shouts and reaches for zetsuei. Haku appears in each mirror, "I am sorry Naruto-kun but I am a tool and must serve Zabuza-sama" she says.

"Senbon Shower" haku declares. Naruto lowers his body and his Quicksword erupts to block the senbon but before haku could react, zetsuei was shattering the mirror she was inside. Blood sprays from the wound to her shoulder as she crashes onto the bridge with two hops. Naruto lands with a skid as the ice dome comes down, "Hadō #58 Tenran" he recites, creating a large gust of wind and getting rid of the mist. Kakashi halt in tracks towards a bound zabuza, revealing the former with two gashes on his chest.

"What?!" zabuza said. Kakashi's eyes were slightly wide at naruto's appearance but loud clapping catches all their attention.

"Seems the Demon of Mist is not a Demon at all" a voice sneers. Zabuza glares at the diminutive form of gatō and at least thirty bandits, "What hell are you doing" he shouts.

"I was never gonna pay you.. I was hoping you be more injured but beggars can't be choosers" gatō says and grins, "Kill the men and bring me the girls.. Especially the Hyūga.. I can sell her eyes to Kumo and use her body to warm my bed" he adds.

"Kakashi we are no longer enemies" zabuza says, slowly reaching for his sword but the wounds to his arms are not helping. However suddenly both men freeze as a cold chill runs down their spines, the source being naruto walking pass them.

[Background Music: Need to be Strong-Naruto OST]

Naruto is surrounded by red chakra, his eyes red with black slits and his whiskers thicker and his nails ripping through his gloves.

"Did the Seal break" kakashi thought. Zabuza tries to reign in his breath, "This foul chakra.. Its like Yagura.. This kid could he be a Jinchūriki" he thought.

"Zabuza-san.. I am borrowing this" naruto says, grabbing the Kubikiribōchō. Before kakashi or zabuza could protest naruto shoots forward with enhanced speed.

"Kill that Brat" gatō shouts and the bandit charge but paid for it. Naruto reaches the first wave of bandits and cleaves them in half with a wide swing. This halts some of the bandits but naruto makes them pay for it with another wide swing, killing several more. Several fire some arrow at naruto but he dodges with ease and kills several more as gatō looks in shock and horror. Hinata was looking on in shock as naruto cuts down with this red aura around him, "Naruto-kun" she thought. Sasuke was looking in anger and jealousy, "What is that power.. I should have it" he thought.

"No the seal isn't broken but loosened" kakashi thought. Gatō's eyes widen in horror as this red eye demon was sprinting towards him, "You're a Demon" he shouts but spews blood from his mouth as the Kubikiribōchō was sticking out his gut. Naruto stood with a wide and demonic smirk on his face, "Oh yes.. That's what many call me but the only Demon here is You" he says, ripping the sword free in blood fashion. Several of the remaining bandits charge naruto and he turns with his demonic red eyes, halting them in their tracks and they see not a boy but a giant dragon. The bandits drop their weapons and run for their lives as naruto fully turns to his team and zabuza but drops the sword and collapses to his knees. The red chakra dissipates as naruto falls face down and his features return to normal.[music end]


"Naruto-kun?!" hinata shouts, running towards him. Kakashi pulls down his hitai-ate as zabuza falls on his rear, "Kakashi.. That kid is Jinchūriki isn't he" he says but kakashi doesn't answer. Hinata reaches naruto and turns him on his back, "Naruto-kun!.. Naruto-kun?!" she whispers. Naruto scrunches his face and slowly opens his eyes, "Hi-nata" he whispers and she quickly nods.

"You did pretty good using my chakra for the first time.. They'll think you reacted to that trash's words and snapped" kurama comments. Zabuza staggers to his feet with a look towards haku as she slowly approaches, clutching her shoulder.

"Your Gaki saved us Kakashi" zabuza says.

"So you're admitting defeat" kakashi and zabuza scoffs. He slowly approaches naruto but kakashi get in his path, "I won't be killing him.. The kid's earned my respect" he says, picking up his sword. A crowd of people catches their attention and they all see the residents of nami lead by inari and tsunami with makeshift weapon.

"Look.. It's Gatō.. He's dead?!.. We're Free.. We're Free" several shout. Sasuke clenches his fists as kakashi and hinata help naruto to his feet, "How did you get so strong Dobe.. You will tell me.. One way or another" he thought.


Naruto opens his eyes in his mindscape and rubs his head, "Well using your chakra was a success" he muses. Kurama leaps down from her throne, "The seal is designed for access to my chakra" she says.

"However this will open a set of problems.. Kakashi will not doubt inform the Sandaime.. Hinata and Sasuke also saw this and He will definitely raise a stink" zetsuei comments. Naruto thumbs his chin in thought but sighs, "I will have pass it off as a Kekkei Genkai for now.. His inane law is still effect" he says.

"Danzō will no doubt have his eyes on the report Kakashi gives and will make a move to get you" zetsuei says but naruto scoffs.

"Then he cosigns his forces to death.. Once I return.. I'll have my clone search for his base.. Once I do.. I will trim the roots from the great tree" naruto says and kurama giggles. In the real world naruto opens his eyes to the breeze of the ocean, craning his head he sees zabuza in the corner of the room with bandages on his legs and arms.

"Naruto-kun" hinata says and naruto cranes his head right, seeing her staring back.

"How long have I been out" naruto asks. Hinata takes the towel from his forehead, "Just over a day.. I was worried" she says.

"Sorry I worried you but why is Zabuza here" naruto states and zabuza chuckles.

"We're aren't enemies anymore.. So Kakashi was gracious enough to let me heal" zabuza states, opening his eyes.

"Naruto-kun what was that red chakra.. You looked so.. So" hinata says and naruto sits up.

"I don't know.. I heard what Gato said about you and I just tapped into something.. Maybe it was a Kekkei Genkai" naruto says but hated lying to her. Hinata sits with concern in her pearl eyes and slowly gets to her feet, "I'll tell Kakashi-sensei you're awake" she says and excuses herself.

"Why did you lie to her" zabuza asks, after hinata was gone. Naruto tosses the sheet aside and moves towards the window, "The Sandaime Hokage made a law.. That keeps the younger generation from knowing about my status.. They believe the Yondaime Hokage took the Kyūbi into death with him" he explains and touches his scar.

"However that didn't stop someone from telling the village about the situation" naruto adds.

"Jinchūriki are considered walking weapons.. The current Yondaime Mizukage is the Container of the Sanbi and a fucking insane monster" zabuza says. Naruto looks out the window with a sigh, "So why did you become Missing-nin" he asks. Zabuza shifts to a more comfortable position, "The Mizukage.. He started a Bloodline Purge.. Anyone with a Kekkei Genkai was too be killed.. I tried to assassinate him but failed.. I met Haku along the way.. Her father murdered her mother and nearly got her too because of her Hyōton" he states.

"I owe Zabuza-sama my life.. I am his tool but I failed" haku says, standing in the doorway. Zabuza scoffs and leans back, "You didn't fail.. Your opponent was too much for you" he says and looks naruto in the eye.

"You're a lot stronger that you let on Gaki.. Those eyes of yours are not some Gaki but a battle hardening warrior" zabuza adds. Naruto crosses his arms in the windowsill and rests his head on them, "Perhaps but I ask you keep that a secret for now" he muses, glancing his way and his eyes glowing slightly. Zabuza gives naruto a shark like grin, "You owe me a rematch Gaki and I'll claim sooner or later.. So keep growing stronger" he says and naruto nods, with a smirk.

"So what will we do now Zabuza-sama" haku asks.

"We'll hook with the Rebels in Kiri and help them overthrow that Bastard Yagura.. Then see where the water takes us" zabuza states. Kakashi walks in with hinata, inari and tsunami with a tray of food.

"Naruto-oniichan" inari shouts, slamming into him. Naruto smiles and pats her head, "Sorry for making you worry" he says.

"You've saved us Naruto-kun" tsunami says, kneeling down with the tray. Kakashi gives naruto a eye-smile, "Indeed.. The villagers raided Gatō's compound and have been spreading his wealth to the people" he says.

"You're saved us all Naruto-oniichan" inari states and naruto eye-smiles.

"Well Naruto.. Despite getting rid of Gatō.. Our mission isn't finished until Tazuna finished his bridge" kakashi states. Naruto glances to haku and zabuza but back to kakashi, "How long will be here" he asks.

"Since people are free to help.. Tazuna says about month.. So we can get some more training" kakashi replies.

"We'll be heading back to Kiri to assist the rebels" zabuza comments and kakashi glances his way.

"I heard rumors that they are close to toppling to the Mizukage" kakashi states and zabuza arches an eyebrow.

"Interesting.. I'll be up and about in a week.. I can give your brats some pointers.. Especially the blond.. He's got skills" he says but unbeknownst to all but one. A certain uchiha was listening as sasuke clenches his fists, "I will learn your secrets Dobe" he thought. About thirty minutes later naruto, hinata and surprising haku were in a clearing near tazuna's house.

"Haku I wonder if you could show Hinata some of the herbs you used to heal Zabuza and perhaps how to use Senbon" naruto states and haku quirks her eyebrow.

"Your perception is interesting Naruto-kun.. Up until a day ago we were enemies" haku and naruto ruffles his hair.

"That may be true but Today's enemy could be Tomorrow's ally" naruto says and both girls tilt their heads.

"I like to read history and many villages were founded with Enemies becoming Allies.. Our village is true of this.. Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha were fierce enemies but became powerful allies" naruto explains.

"Your perception is indeed interesting Naruto-kun" haku says and turns to hinata, "If you're willing I can give you some pointers" she adds. Hinata bows slightly with a glance to naruto, "I am in your care" she says and the pair excuse themselves. Naruto rolls his neck but his eyes narrow, "It's not nice to spy Teme" he says. Sasuke drops down in a crouch, "Fight me Dobe" he says, rising to his full height. Naruto pockets his hands with a tilt of his head, "Why.. We're teammates.. Fighting is not needed" he says, walking pass sasuke but is roughly turned around. Sasuke gets into naruto's face and his Sharingan comes to life, "I said Fight me.. Your better is speaking.. So when I say fight.. You do as your told Clanless loser" he sneers. Naruto sighs and walks pass sasuke, fetching his black gloves from his pocket.

"Fine then Teme but don't say I didn't warn you" naruto says, slipping them on and fully turns to face sasuke. Sasuke scoffs and slips into his clan's Interceptor Fist, "Take your own advice Dobe" he says. Naruto slips into his basic boxing stance but slowly shifts with his left more forward and his right close to his chin.

"Kakashi-sensei is watching.. So if Sasuke goes too far.. He'll step in" naruto thought.

[Background Music: Hashire-Hunter x Hunter]

Naruto and sasuke stay motionless in their stance as kakashi watches from the trees, "I knew this would happen.. The more Naruto shows.. The more it infuriates Sasuke" he thought. Sasuke makes the first move and close but his danger senses went off, halting a bit but naruto takes advantage. He attempts a snap left jab but sasuke dodges in part to Sharingan, "You're open" sasuke thought but his breath hitches, as naruto fist was right back in front of him. Naruto uses the moment for another jab but sasuke gets his arms up to block, however is pushed by the force.

"What the Hell.. I saw the punch twisting but couldn't dodge.. It was sharp and hard.. Like a Spear" sasuke thought.

"What's wrong Teme.. I thought you wanted to fight me" naruto says, shaking sasuke from his thoughts. Sasuke shoots forward once again but naruto meets him with a flurry of left jabs, forcing the uchiha scion to on the defensive.

"He can throw punches at such speed without pulling completely back?!" kakashi thought. Sasuke staggers back as one jab connects with his cheek, "How?!.. I have my Sharingan" he thought, grabbing some shuriken from his pouch. Sasuke flings the shuriken forward but naruto dodges and grasps a kunai from his pouch to block the rest, before sending it towards sasuke.

"I'll send it right back at you Dobe" sasuke says, angling his body to catch the kunai. Sasuke comes back up to fling the kunai right at naruto but his breath hitches as naruto's right fist was on a collision course for his face. Sasuke quickly channels chakra to his legs to break right to dodge the whistling right. Naruto digs his boot into the ground to change his direction and closes the gap between them.

"Time to end this" naruto thought, before connecting with a right uppercut to sasuke's chin and a downward left to knock him out. Sasuke's eye white out for a second before he collapses onto the ground with naruto standing over him. [music end]


"That was a bit much" naruto thought and looks up, "Sorry about that Kakashi-sensei" he shouts. Kakashi drops down with his hand on his hitai-ate, "I can't fault you for this Naruto but do hold back in a spar" he says, kneeling to check sasuke. Naruto slowly nods and starts to head off to find hinata and haku, "I will Kakashi-sensei but that was holding back" he says, before leaping off. Kakashi's eye widen as sasuke starts to stir but sees his eyes swelling up.

"What Happened?!" sasuke shouts, sitting up abruptly.

"Where's the Dobe?!" sasuke, getting to his feet but his legs give out and he collapses to all four.

"You should wait a few minutes.. Naruto's punch damaged your equilibrium" kakashi says. Sasuke grips the grass with a look of rage on his face, "A Punch?!" he thought.

"Where is he.. We're not finished" sasuke says, through gritted teeth. Kakashi sigh softly and rubs his face, "Sasuke listen to me.. Naruto is stronger than he lets on.. Unlike your natural talent.. He's worked hard for his strength" he starts.

"Strength He doesn't deserve" sasuke cuts in and kakashi sighs.

"And why is that Sasuke" kakashi states. Sasuke gets to his feet but slightly wobbly, "He's a clanless Loser" he says and leaps off. Kakashi sighs for the third time an rubs his eye, "No Sasuke.. He's the Heir of Two clan.. One of which produced the Yondaime Hokage" he thought.

To Be Continued

A/N-2: Next chapter will timeskip to where they are back in Konoha and Tsunade will meet Naruto. One thing I forget to mention but Naruto has the Entire Kyūbi sealed inside, so don't expect KCM Naruto but I may incorporate it into Hollowfication. Another thing is Shizune is Tsunade's biological daughter with Dan and will be slightly OOC. Thank you for reading and Stay Frosty.

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