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Chapter 17

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Hollow Mask


(..Pause ...Long Pause)



The mood around konoha was simmering with unease as the day naruto and the NUGC left to deal with sasuke and his taka. Tsunade announced the truth of the uchiha massacre to the village as a whole, the news was met with various questions. Those that scorned itachi for his actions called him just as much a victim of that horrid night. Those that saw sasuke as their sacred prince still called for itachi's death but tsunade met that with rage. However that number was very small but she kept itachi sequestered at the senju compound with konan and shizune. This is what naruto currently finds himself seeing as he makes his way towards akimichi's with a cigarette between his lips.

"Just imagine when they find out I killed their prescious Sasuke" naruto thought. He wears a pair of blue jeans with a white long sleeve shirt, having a wide neck hole to have it hanging off his right shoulder. A black tank-top underneath with sunglasses over his eyes and sneakers.

"Tsunade will just kill them or you'll mess with them" kurama comments and naruto snickers, putting out his cigarette. Naruto enters the resturant and makes his way to find the yuri couple, finding them at a booth.

"Bout time Scar" tayuya says but karin hits her hand, both wearing casual clothes.

"Sorry.. We don't have So much free time" naruto says, sliding into the booth.

"So what did you need to speak with me about" naruto asks. Karin adjust her glasses and glances to tayuya, "Well originally we were going to ask you to provide the sperm for our perhaps future children" she starts but pauses.

"Well that has changed and it's not because your CRA.. It is just we have someone else" karin adds. The waitress comes for his order as naruto orders some sake and meat, "I take it it's Lee" he says, after the waitress leaves and karin nods.

"Bowl-cut is a stud.. He made me cum about six times.. Hell Karin needs..." tayuya starts but karin covers her foul mouth.

"Anyway.. When the time comes.. We'll ask Lee to help us" karin says. The waitress brings back his drink and a plate of meat, "What made you add Lee" naruto asks. Karin takes a bit of meat from tayuya in thought, "Well Lee seems like a good guy for all eccentricities.. I even offered to help him with his Chakra issues but he politely declined" karin says.

"Spouted about Youth shining brightly and all" tayuya says and naruto laughs, placing his meat on the grill.

"So did they suffer" tayuya asks. Naruto was stuffing his mouth full but nods, "Oh yeah.. Anko poisoned her and I clapped him.. I let him pull out all the stops first though" he says, after swallowing.

"The village is mixed.. Those still blinded by him are very upset.. Others are lamenting about Itachi-san" karin says. Naruto glances to his left to see the people eating, "The people of Konoha are like sheep.. They follow who protects them" he says and drinks some sake.

"Growing up I was treated like the plague or as an infectious disease needed to be eradicated.. However once they saw my feats and heritage.. They did an about face after time.. They'll do the same with Itachi and Sasuke" naruto adds. The three soon finish their meal with small talk and part ways as naruto makes his way through the village but an Anbu with a weasel mask appears.

"Follow" the Anbu says and naruto nods, as the Anbu places a hand on his shoulder and they vanish. The pair appear in front of the senju compound and both enter, before they remove their mask to reveal itachi.

"Are you angry with me" naruto asks, following him inside. Itachi sighs and touches his eye-patch, "Sasuke was my precious little brother.. So yes I am angry but I understand" he says.

"Baa-chan told me she announced everything" naruto asks, entering the living room and finding jiraiya with konan. The latter of the two sending a blank but angry look to the blond, "You too huh" naruto says. Jiraiya rubs the back of his neck, wearing a train Gi, while konan wears a simple kimono.

"Thanks for coming.. I know you have been busy.. The Hyūga.. Taka and now the Summit coming up" jiraiya says. Naruto takes a seat in a recliner with a roll of his neck, "Nothing I can't handle.. Besides you were there for the Hyūga and my clones helped" he says.

"Regardless I called you here to speak as your Sensei.. To you both" jiraiya says and clears his throat.

"Konan has brought up some concerns.. Namely Ame" jiraiya says.

"They can't handle Pein being dead.. I read the reports" naruto says.

"Reluctantly I wish your help.. There are children I helped.. I wish to get them out" konan says.

"You've given up on Ame" naruto says and konan frowns, glancing to itachi.

"I wish to live my life here with Itachi and our child but I want to save those children" konan says.

"How far along" naruto asks.

"A few weeks.. Will you help us.. I would be going as well" itachi says. Naruto sighs but slowly nods, "Why not.. You're my senpai and even if we dislike each other.. I'll do it as a favor to Ero-sennin" he says.

"I won't disagree with that last statement" konan says, as jiraiya sweatdrops.

"When do you wish to leave" naruto asks.

"Itachi can get authorization from Hime and you can leave then" jiraiya says and itachi vanishes. Konan sits quietly but has her gaze on naruto, "You are nothing like the reports we had" she says. Naruto pulls out a pair of white gloves with no knuckles and buckles at the wrist, "I'm a living disaster to the people of this village.. If they knew I was so strong..." he says, letting the words hang in the air.

"Sensei has spoken about that but it doesn't excuse what you have done" konan says and jiraiya frowns.

"True and I won't ask for forgiveness about killing Nagato but you saw what he was willing to do in Ame.. He would've destroyed Ame all in a bid to incapacitate me" naruto says.

"I won't refute that but I grew up with Nagato.. Fought at his side and it is something you can't disregard" konan says.

"You're right.. We both took different paths on Ero-sennin's teachings" naruto muses.

"A cycle of hate still manifests.. I thought I taught you both about that but it seems not enough to break the cycle" jiraiya says.

"Maybe so Ero-sennin but some day it may happen.. Perhaps not now but it will happen" naruto says.

"I can only hope.. I'm still alive to see it" jiraiya says and naruto nods, crossing his legs to await itachi's return.

"You will Ero-sennin and you can attempt to spoil our kids until Konan kills you for trying to make them perverts" naruto muses and konan shoot them both a look. Jiraiya rubs the back of his neck with a nervous laugh, "Hopefully she doesn't" he whispers.

"Excuse me while I get ready" konan says. Naruto sits with his eyes closed as jiraiya sighs softly, "We need to talk Gaki.. Not now but once you return" jiraiya says.

"About what" naruto says.

"Well it's no secret that Hime will chose you as Rokudaime in the next three or four years.. Hell maybe even less.. I wish to know what you will do" jiraiya states. Naruto slowly opens his eyes with a sigh, "When I become Rokudaime.. Things will certainly change.. This village was founded on the Will of Fire but it can some times be flawed.. Too much and you blindly follow it.. Too little and you shun it.. Since becoming a full Jōnin.. I've looked at the active duty roster and our forces are wasted" he starts but pauses.

"Wasted" jiraiya says.

"Yes.. How many Jōnin standouts do we have.. Not many as our ninja are content to wallow in mediocrity.. Now one can argue Peace is the reason for it but one should not rest on your laurels.. Something my Aniki taught me.. A Sound Mind is a Sound Body and vise-versa.. When I become Hokage I plan to institute something similar to the Gotei-13.. Small at first but expand out.. Each squad will have a Captain and Vice-captain of comparable strength and a squad of a minimum thirty subordinates" naruto continues but pauses.

"The Hokage included" naruto adds, shocking jiraiya.

"You've thought this out" jiraiya says and naruto nods.

"Of course.. I have the perfect Vice-captain for me" naruto says and jiraiya furrows his brow, "Itachi.. He carries a indelible burden to reform the Uchiha for the sordid past and who better to help him than Konoha's greatest pariah" naruto adds.

"I would like you to head a squad.. Same with Baa-chan.. Hers would be the medical corp she envisioned and yours would specialize in Fūinjutsu.. It's an art that shouldn't die out" naruto states and the white hair man nods.

"Kushina wanted something similar to happen" jiraiya says. Konan returns dressed in a battle kimono and a similar cloak to her akatsuki over that.

"We should meet Itachi" konan says and naruto nods, getting to his feet.

"See you later Ero-sennin" naruto says, following konan outside the compound but meet up on itachi and shizune.

"Shizune-san will be accompanying us" itachi says.

"There may be children who are injured" shizune says, wearing her jōnin uniform with longer sleeves.

"Thank you" konan says and glances to naruto, seeing him unarmed.

"We may encounter resistance" konan says. Naruto pulls zetsuei out of the seal on his forearm and secures her to his waist, "I'm never unarmed.. So let's be on our way" he says and all of them nod.


It has been three days since naruto, konan, itachi and shizune came to ame for the former angel of ame to collect nearly a dozen children. The village had indeed fallen into chaos after the fall of nagato but many seeing their angel quelled their fear. Konan informed them that nagato had died but not the circumstance, spreading that he had simply passed to the next phase of life and would watch over them.

"That's how cults start" naruto thought, standing on the guard shack at the only bridge into the village.

"You can't fault for her trying to quell the masses" zetsuei says but both kurama and naruto scoff.

"And it may further drive them insane" naruto muses but his eyes narrow, sensing someone in the distance and a grin forms on his face. A clone pops to life and heads into the village as the real naruto vanishes, reappearing in a near mile long crater and standing in the distance was kisame.

"I didn't believe when I first heard it" kisame starts and sweeps his arm out.

"You took Leader-sama to the limit" kisame adds, reaching for samehada. Naruto rolls his left arm with a faint smile on his face, "I did.. So what is this.. Does Tobi still think he can collect Kurama from me or is this encounter unsanctioned" he says.

"Hahaha.. You're a cheeky brat.. This isn't Akatsuki business.. You may have killed most of our members but This is warrior business.. You fought Shizuma meaning you may have fought Zabuza and you killed Raiga" kisame starts but grins.

"As a former member of the Seven Swordsmen of Kiri.. I can't let that slide.. Besides I have been called the Tail-less Tailed Beast" kisame adds. Naruto sighs and scratches his right leg with his left heel but a grin sits on his face, "Alright but you go to a Certain death" he says, slowly drawing zetsuei.

[Music: Bury the Light - Casey Edwards (Feat: Victor Borba)]

"Hahaha.. But that is My choice to Make" kisame shouts. The tension slowly rises as naruto and kisame lock eyes on the other, rain washing over the bodies but the blond breaks the stand-off and shoots forward.

"Suiton: Mizu Kamikiri" kisame shouts, swinging samehada. Naruto leaps to dodge the water slicer but kisame sends several more and the blond stops them with his Quicksword. Kisame meets naruto as he lands with several heavy swings but the blond cleanly blocks, disturbing the falling rain with each strike. Niether spoke as their swords did their talking as samehada was chomping at the bit to taste naruto's chakra. Kisame breaks open naruto's guard as samehada sheers the blond's sweater but he back leaps to increase the gap between them.

"An-chan gonna be mad I ruined this" naruto thought. Kisame shoots forward with Shukuchi with a wide and heavy swing but naruto somersalts over it, closing the gap with a flurry of strikes but kisame blocks cleanly and evenly.

"This is getting interesting.. It's like fighting Raiga or Zabuza.. This kid seamlessly shifts from style to style with no issue" kisame thought. Naruto back steps with Shukuchi and leaps with zetsuei shimmering and leaving after images, "Mikazuki no Mai" the blond thought, attacking kisame from all sides. However the monster of kiri melts into water and appears behind naruto with samehada raised but misses the downward strike. Kisame quickly pulls samehada up to block naruto's gatotsu but it shifts into a test of strength.

"You're skilled with the sword kid" kisame says, exerting his strength and digging his feet. Naruto holds kisame off with a faint smile on his face, "Konoha's not known for their Swordsmen save a few.. My mother included so I intend to change that" he says, breaking open kisame's guard. Naruto cocks his left fist and cracks the shark man square in the face, sending him flying back with stars in his beady eyes. Kisame corrects after two hops and rubs his sore jaw but a laugh escapes his lips, "This kid" he thought. Danger senses went off for kisame as a knife streaks toward him but a flash erupts as naruto appears with a delayed dropkick to his face. Kisame lets go of samehada as he careens across the crater but he corrects, flashing several signs and slams his hands on the ground.

"Suiton Goshokuzame" kisame shouts, firing several sharks. Naruto sprints towards the sharks with a leap and several signs, firing several vacuum spheres. The last shark falls but kisame meets naruto in the air with his right clenched, connecting with a right straight into a furious combination of punches. Naruto flies back and lands hard on his back as kisame closes the gap but the blond kips up and meets him.

"Ora.. Dora" both shout, unleashing a flurry of rights and lefts with neither man blocking. The flurry breaks as kisame lifts naruto with a uppercut into a heavy and chopping right, sending the blond flying with several hops.

"Hahaha.. Let's change the battlefield" kisame shouts, blood running down his cheek as he flashes signs to ram.

"Suiton: Dai Bakusui Shōha" kisame declares, as samehada reaches him. Kisame expels a large volume on water as naruto gets to his feet, calling zetsuei to his left hand. The water slowly forms a large bubble as samehada attaches to kisame, his body gaining girth and ripping away his cloak. His form becomes more and more shark like with a shark's head, large fins on both arms and a large tail.

"With Samehada.. I Never Tire.. I do not Fall.. Thus my name as Tail-less Tailed Beast" kisame declares, as naruto clutches zetsuei tightly.

"This is getting interesting.. Time is not my friend in this" naruto thought. Kisame blitzes forward with enhanced speed as naruto prepares for the assault, "Tremble" naruto thought, swinging. Danger senses went off once again for kisame and he narrowly dodges zetsuei's release.

"So his sword is similar to Samehada and can alter its form" kisame thought.

"Fūton: Kazekiri" naruto thought, swinging several times and creating a wind blast. Kisame dodges each with ease and bliztes naruto, taking chakra with each strike but quickly flashes signs to ram once again.

"Suiton: Daikōdan no Jutsu" kisame thought, thrusting his hands forward. A massive shark erupts toward naruto with its mouth wide open and growing larger by the moment, "That's not good" the blond thought. Naruto grips zetsuei with both hands and raises her upward, "Ice Dragon Dance" he thought, swinging down into the path of the shark. Kisame gasps as a wave of ice slams into his shark, "It can mimic the Ice release?!" he thought. Naruto appears behind kisame with a surge of water and his sword wailing, causing the shark man's eyes widen in shock.

"Dragonstrike" naruto thought, swinging down. The partially frozen water ball explodes with a splash of water and a wail of a dragon into the sky as both fighters were in the middle.

"Y-you're pretty good" kisame whispers, bracing his left hand on his leg to keep himself up. Samehada was laying near him as naruto stood with zetsuei in his left hand, "So were you" naruto says, closing the gap.

"In another life.. We would be allies" naruto says and kisame weakly smirks.

"Perhaps" kisame says but gasps, as zetsuei pierces his chest.

"H-how?!" kisame says, spitting up some blood.

"What you felt is called Gatotsu: Zeroshiki.. It's impossible to dodge and has no prep.. It's simply sheer upper-body strength" naruto says, pulling zetsuei free. Kisame spits up more blood and falls on his back, "Itachi.. I wonder..." he thought, breathing his last. Samehada chitters quietly as naruto looks down at kisame but suddenly his chest was pierced by a clawed hand made of scalpels.

[Music: Bleach OST - Treachery )into( Cometh The Hour: Part A_Opus1]

"Shame Kisame died.. He was the most loyal of all the Akatsuki but he served a purpose" a voice says. Naruto spits up blood as the figure twists its faux metal hand, "I will rip the Kyūbi from your corpse and march back into Konoha" the figure hisses.

"And the first ones I'll kill... Are your little girlfriends" the figure sneers. Naruto starts to laugh and looks back to the masked face of tobi, "Baka" he sneers. Tobi gasps as a hand grabs his face and tosses him like a baseball across the crater, making him skate across the water and ground. A clone pops to life to secure kisame's body and the real naruto vanishes, "Make him suffer" kurama hisses. Naruto finds tobi waiting for him with several scalpels floating around, "Odd.. Sasuke did something similar" naruto says.

"Sasuke had the other eye of this set" tobi says, pulling his mask from his face and dropping it but crushes it with his boot. Naruto rolls his neck and sends zetsuei into the seal on his hand, "Interesting Mangekyō" he says.

"Indeed.. But before I kill you.. I want to know" tobi says and clenches his real fist, "How were you able to alter my plans So much?!.. Nagato!.. The Gedō Mazō!.. Even Sasuke!.. How can you be such a Thorn in my side?!" he shouts. Naruto brings out his hiraishin knife to spin in his left hand, "It's irrelevant.. However I suppose if you desire an answer" he says and points to the sky.

"The Gods.. Kami brought me to this world to save it from calamity.. The Calamity you intended to unleash" naruto says.

"Kami?!" tobi says his eyes wide but they narrow in anger. A faint smile returns to naruto's face as it is shadowed, only leaving to glowing orbs and a smile.

"If not for Kami.. Your plans for this world would be fulfilled.. I would probably some idiot spouting that friendships can make the dream work.. Turning my enemies into my friends with words.. A Talk no Jutsu perhaps.. No what stands before is a Force dedicated to your demise" naruto declares, bringing out another knife. Tobi gnashes his teeth as his Sharingan spins in his eyes, "Then all I need to do is Kill you" he hisses.

"You can try" naruto sneers. Tobi narrows his eyes as he weaves one-handed signs to tiger with his real hand and inhales, "Katon: Bakufū Ranbu" he thought. Naruto gasps as a spiral whirlwind of flames expels from tobi's mouth, "Bet Sasuke couldn't do that" he thought, tossing knife and flashing to it but tobi meets him.

"I fought your father.. It won't work on me" tobi hisses, sending his metal claw across naruto's chest but does no damage.

"Maybe" naruto counters, slamming a roundhouse into tobi's stomach and knocking him back with a few stagger steps.

"He was able to hit me?!" tobi thought, looking up to the blond. Naruto spins his knife in his hand and calls the other, "Tell me... Is Tobi your real name.. I would hate to kill you before knowing it" he says. Tobi shoots forward with his eye swirling and several large fuma shuriken erupt as the blond shoots forward, deflecting them as tobi sends his scalpels but none find the mark as naruto vanishes.

"Ōdama Rasengan" naruto shouts. Tobi uses kamui as the Rasengan crashes into the ground, digging into the dirt a few feet as naruto lands. Tobi rushes the blond with several swipes with his scalpel arm but the blond blocks with his hiraishin knives.

"Mokuton: Sashiki no Jutsu" tobi thought, creating several wooden spikes from his real arm. Naruto dodges and deflects with a his faint smile still present, "Mokuton as well.. Interesting" he thought, vanishing. Tobi gasps as naruto appears behind him, placing his index and middle fingers to his left shoulder.

"Byakurai" naruto utters, blowing off the faux arm with pale lightning. Tobi shunshins away and clutches his missing arm but his new eye glows, causing the pieces to rise and shoot back to his stump.

"What is happening?!.. That is the second time he's been to land a blow on me" tobi thought, feeling blood run down his left side.

"You know I asked you question" naruto says, shooting forward with a flurry of swipes. Tobi dodges with his kamui and aims his claw for naruto's head but the blond ducks under it, connecting with a palm strike to tobi's chin and lifting him off the ground.

"Who are you Really?!" naruto shouts, connecting with a follow-up punch to tobi's chest and sending him crashing a few feet away. Tobi gets to a half seated postion with a dark glare on his face, "Obito.. Obito Uchiha" he hisses. Naruto's eyes widen and flicker but a laugh escapes his lips, into a full blown laughter to the shock of tobi or rather obito.

"Kakashi-sensei will most unhappy about this" naruto thought, cutting opening his left hand. Obito narrows his eyes as he gets his feet but his answer as a dark purple forms in naruto's hand but it breaks down into blue.

"Wha..." obito thought, before naruto appears inches from him.

"Gran Rey Cero" naruto utters, obliterating obito and everything in a twenty foot diameter. Naruto closes his eyes with his hand still extended and smoking as the debris cloud starts to dissipate but a smirk forms.

"Bakudō #61.. Rikujōkōrō" naruto utters. Obito gasps as his body is pierced by six rods of light, "W-what?!" he shouts, his left eye blank.

"That's pretty impressive.. I thought you wouldn't have time to think.. Deidara sure didn't" naruto says, appearing with his hands pocketed. Obito struggles with his bindings, "How were you able to trap me" he hisses.

"Same way I was able to cut off you arm before.. This Kidō is binding not just your body but your soul as well" naruto explains. Obito's breath hitches but jerks as a seal array forms on his forehead, "W-what have you done!" he shouts.

"Sealing off your chakra and that little eye.. No need for you to use Izanagi a second time.. Don't want a repeat of Danzō" naruto says and turns on his heels, walking about twenty steps from obito.

"Now then.. Time to make you Truly suffer for the Host of things of you have done" naruto says, raising his left index finger skyward.

"Who are you to Judge ME?!" obito shouts. Naruto flares his captain class reiatsu and it surrounds him, "You're right I can't judge you but I'm sure Yami and Kami will.. So Prepare yourself" he says.

"Seeping crest of turbidity.. Arrogant vessel of lunacy!.. Boil forth and deny!.. Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep!.. Crawling queen of iron!.. Eternally self-destructing doll of mud!.. Unite!.. Repulse!.. Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!.. Hadō #90.. Kurohitsugi!" naruto declares. Obito gasps as a structure of purple and black surround him as naruto stares with a wide smirk on his face, his eyes were glowing red and slitted.

"Hahahahaha.. Enjoy your time in Hell" kurama sneers, as the kidō closes with several spear-like protrusions piercing it. The level ninety kidō slowly comes down as naruto approaches with his hands in his pockets, "So not at full power even with a full incantation.. Guess I can't compare to that bastard" he muses, seeing obito's lifeless body. [song ends]


Naruto sighs and slips a cigarette into his mouth as a mass of paper and crows appear behind him, "A little late" the blond muses.

"Is that Tobi" konan asks. Naruto squats down to close obito's eyes, "You would be correct.. Otherwise known as Obito Uchiha" he says and itachi's breath hitches.

"Kakashi told me that Obito was killed on a mission" itachi says. Naruto rises to his full height with a stream of smoke, "News of his demise was wrong.. Apparently he was indeed saved by Madara.. His plan was to revive the Ghost of the Uchiha for dark aims.. However it all fell apart" he says and pulls a statis scroll from a seal his arm.

"We can talk more at length later.. We should return to Konoha.. Are your people ready to leave" naruto asks.

"Yes I've secured a wagon to transport everyone" konan says but naruto chuckles, as he seals obito's body away.

"No need for all that.. You forget who I am" naruto says.

"Some are very small children.. I doubt they could handle the Hiraishin" itachi says and naruto sighs, rubbing his head.

"Fine we can take the scenic route.. I'll leave a few clones to guard you all.. I'll head back and inform the Hokage of the events" naruto says.

"Kisame fell as well" itachi says, seeing a clone approaching with samehada. Naruto gains a rueful smile on his face, "He was loyal to the end.. Shame he was on the wrong side.. We could've been friends" he says.

"There are no wrong sides.. All believe they are right in their story" itachi says and looks to the blond.

"Did he suffer" itachi asks but naruto shakes his head.

"He died a Swordsmen's death" naruto replies and itachi softly smiles, confusing the blond.

"It's nothing.. A conversation between old partners" itachi says and naruto nods, creating a half dozen clones.

"I'll be on my way.. See you back in Konoha" naruto says and vanishes with a blue and yellow flash.

"Kisame was the most loyal to Akatsuki" konan starts, placing a hand on itachi's shoulder.

"He was indeed.. Let us return and be on our way home" itachi says and konan nods, as the clones follow them back to ame.


Kakashi stares with wide eye at the body before him, "I-It can't b-be" he starts and touches his Sharingan, "O-obito" he whispers. Tsunade stood across from him with a rueful expression, "It would seem so" she says.

"But how?!.. Obito died on the Kannabi mission.. H-he sacrificed himself for me and Rin" kakashi says.

"Seems he survived.. I will have Inoichi do a Necro Dive on his brain to learn how but Naruto said he was one to attack that night" tsunade says. Kakashi felt like his knees wanted to give out at the notion of obito committing such acts.

"Where's Naruto" kakashi asks but tsunade shakes her head, before the copy-nin excuses himself. Kakashi makes his way to the memorial stone lost in thought but sees naruto standing there with a bottle of sake.

"Naruto" kakashi starts but blond sighs, holding up the bottle.

"You need this more than I do" naruto says. Kakashi takes the bottle and takes a drink through his mask, "Obito idolized your father.. W-we all did.. Him more so but to do what he's done" he says, after a few pulls.

"It wasn't completely Obito" naruto starts and kakashi was confused, handing the bottle to naruto. The blond takes a few pulls from the bottle, "According to Itachi.. He introduced himself and other members of Akatsuki as Madara" naruto says.

"How is that possible.. Madara was killed by Shodaime-sama" kakashi says.

"Maybe but with some forbidden jutsu called Izanagi can negate that.. So Madara survives and hides himself away.. Finds Obito and uses him" naruto states, after a few more pulls and passing the bottle back to kakashi.

"So Madara steered him into unleashing the Kyūbi from Kushina-sama and caused much suffering" kakashi says. Naruto slips a cigarette into his mouth and lights with a small drag, "Itachi told me that there are no wrong sides.. All believe they are right in their story.. Madara convinced Obito to gather the nine Bijū and create the Jūbi to bring about his own version of peace" he says. Kakashi sighs and hands the bottle back to naruto, "Everyone's a hero in their own story huh" kakashi states and naruto slowly nods, looking to the sky.

"Well I should go.. With Obito now dead.. It's time for you to move on.. As do I as well" naruto says and vanishes, with a wind shunshin. The blond reappears on the his father's stone head, "So you must quite happy" he thought.

"Oh I am Very happy.. I got to watch the one who made both your life and my life hell die a horrible death.. Now I can watch it over and over again" kurama says. Naruto finishes his cigarette and spits the remains away into a laugh, "I just thought of something.. Sasuke ranted on and on and on that he would avenge his family.. Hahahaha I did just that.. Haahahahaha" he thought, as kurama giggles.

"He believed it too.. Right until you told him the truth and lopped off his head.. Fufufufu" kurama says, laughing.


Naruto arrives home and finds anko cooking some food, "You know I could take you upstairs and Destroy you" he says, wrapping his arms around her waist. Anko giggles with a lick of her lips, "So what has you in such a Good mood" she asks. Naruto sways them side to side, "Welp on my little trip to Ame.. I got see two very Interesting people" he says.

"Who" anko comments, turning off her fried rice and looking back. Naruto gives anko a cheshire like grin, "Kisame Hoshigaki and Tobi or as he will soon be known as Obito Uchiha.. The man responsible for the all my shit" he says and anko's breath hitches.

"I killed him An-chan.. I made him suffer" naruto says. Anko grasps naruto on his scarred side and a concerned but loving look on her face, "You avenged them" she says.

"Unlike Sasuke" kurama said and naruto snorts.

"Yeah I did but he was a student of my dad.. Corrupted by dark forces but it doesn't excuse the fact that.. He made life hell with his actions and for it he Paid with his life" naruto says and anko rests her head on his chest.

"Now I can focus on the Summit" naruto adds and anko looks up.

"Hopefully all out war won't happen" anko says. Naruto rests his chin on her head, "The Hokage won't let that happen or I won't let it happen" he says and anko pats his chest.

"We know.. Now go wash up.. I'm making Fried rice and Roasted Chicken" anko says.

"Chimken" kuroshiro says, walking up. Naruto squats down to squish her chubby cheeks, "Chimken indeed" he says.

"Are the others coming" naruto asks and anko shakes her head.

"Haku should be home soon" anko says, as her blond goes upstairs to take a shower.

#Next Day#

Kurotsuchi stares at the blue eyes of naruto, "So the time has come huh" she says. Naruto sits backwards on a chair with his chin on his folded arms, "Yeah.. We'll be leaving soon for Iron.. There are some ground rules too" he says.

"Ha.. Afraid I run away" kurotsuchi shot. Naruto snorts with a glint in his eyes, "You can try but the seal has a darker function" he says and grins, "If you go too far from me.. Your heart will stop" he adds. Kurotsuchi's breath hitches and she clenches her right fist, "Bastards" she hisses.

"Don't worry.. It'll be painless" naruto comments. Kurotsuchi says nothing and shakes her head, "So I'll need to be carried.. Since my chakra is sealed" she says.

"You'll have enough to travel at Chūnin speed" naruto responds. Kurotsuchi simply stares at the blond, "Every time I look at him.. It's like I'm staring into the naw of a dragon.. A Huge Dragon" she thought, projecting the silhouette of a dragon of over naruto.

"Do you think Gramps is gonna cave to Konoha's demands or Kumo for that matter" kurotsuchi says. Naruto slips a cigarette into his mouth, "No" he says, simply and lights it. Kurotsuchi gasps slightly and shifts forward on her cot, "What?!" she says.

"The Hokage.. Jiji and the council hope so but I know different.. Your Grandfather has an obsession with ending my father's bloodline for good.. Rend it from the world.. Root and Stem.. The saying goes leave one Wolf or Fox in this case alive and the Sheep are Never safe" naruto starts and kurotsuchi narrows her eyes.

"So either your grandfather or the Raikage will pull something.. Either way this Summit will change things going forward" naruto adds, with a stream of smoke.

The day of departure soon comes as tsunade, hiruzen, kakashi, naruto and kurotsuchi stood at the gates of konoha. The blond was saying goodbye to the NUGC with long kisses and hugs to each, "Be careful" hinata says and ino nods. He wears a form-fitting, high-collar, lightweight tactical vest and a form-fitting, long sleeve shirt with silver sleeves and bionic arm graphics on them. A pair black running tights with white cargo shorts, that cinch at the knee. A white front-open apron with black whirlpools, black gloves and a pair of old work boots with zetsuei at his side.

"Don't do anything stupid" ino says.

"He will" haku says and naruto makes a face, causing anko to giggle with a hand over her mouth.

"Oi Brat.. Stop fondling your girlfriends.. We're on time-table.. Kami I swear.. You're getting like Jiraiya" tsunade shouts, with jiraiya and shizune next to her. The older blonde wears the robes of the hokage with the hokage hat in her hand. Naruto freezes and turns white, looking back with wide eyes and his hand pulling his lower jaw down.

"P-please d-don't t-t-tell a-anyo-one" naruto whispers and the NUGC laugh. Jiraiya scoffs and turns to tsunade, "Be careful Hime.. I know you got Sensei.. Kakashi and Naruto but..." he says. Tsunade grasps the sides of his face and gives him a deep kiss, "I'll be fine Gama-kun" she says. Jiraiya stares with wide eyes as tsunade shakes her head and hugs shizune, "Keep him in line" she says.

"I will Mother" shizune says and tonton oinks. Tsunade turns to her small group and slips on her hokage hat, "Let's be on our way" she shouts and the group take off at high genin speed. Throughout the elemental nations the five kage were making their way to land of iron and the nation of samurai.


"So what is Land of Iron like" naruto asks. The group has been traveling for a few hours with kakashi on point as naruto and hiruzen were on the flanks, with tsunade in the rear and kurotsuchi in the middle. The blond also had a dozen clones further out to keep them in the know.

"It lies among three mountains known as Three Wolves.. It has its own Culture.. Jurisdiction.. Military and maintains Neutrality" hiruzen starts.

"There is a long standing rule that ninja.. Don't meddle in their affairs as it a nation ruled by Samurai" tsunade adds. Naruto furrows his brow as the group falls back into silence, "Interesting.. It more than likely similar to the Sengoku Era.. The Capital's samurai are more decoration and haven't seen true battle.. I wonder if these Iron Samurai are stronger" he thought.

"Hoping to test them" kurama says and naruto mentally shrugs.

"Maybe.. If I get a chance" naruto thought. The group continues on towards their destination as the days pass with their route taking them towards the northwest of earth country in snow-covered land. Kurotsuchi kept quiet the entire trip only giving the barest on answers to the konoha group. The journey soon brings them to a bridge built with grey stone and large gate at opposite end resembling a torii, and emblazoned with the kanji for samurai. On top of the gate is a large stone statue of a sheathed sword with weights hanging on both ends.

"Tell-tale sign of samurai.. Should've let Ero-sennin take us here.. Panda and An-chan would've got a kick of this" naruto thought. The snow starts to fall lightly with the sky dark grey from the clouds, soon their destination of the three wolves. Naruto sees several samurai waiting for at the entrance to a building. Each of the samurai wear heavy, segmented plate armour that covers the shoulders, chest, stomach and lower back, upper back, lower sides, and thighs. Also gauntlets, shin guards, and helmets with some adorning their helmets with horns.

"Lady Hokage.. You are the last to arrive.. The other Kage are waiting" one of the samurai says. Tsunade nods and turns her attention to her group, "Be on your best.. Especially you Naruto and don't speak unless I tell you" she says and naruto slowly nods, following the group inside.


Ōnoki and ei sit across from mei and gaara, their guards of akatsuchi, kitsuchi, darui, shee, B, ao, chōjūrō, shizuma, temari and kankurō standing behind each of them on a raised dias.

"The Hokage seems to be the last to arrive" Mifune states. He has long, grey hair, which almost reaches down to his waist, with bandages wrapped around his head. Black eyes with distinct wrinkles underneath them, a grey goatee and mustache, wearing a simple purple kimono-like outfit with sandals. B stiffens slightly and ei catches it, causing his eyes to narrow as tsunade, hiruzen, kakashi, naruto and kurotsuchi enter the hall.

"Last to arrive Hokage" ei says, a hint of mockery in his tone. Tsunade takes a seat between mei and gaara, while hiruzen and kakashi head to dias but naruto remains at his kage's side with his prisoner.

"It's Arrogance" ōnoki comments but tsunade ignores him. Mifune bangs his gavel to begin the negotiations, "This Five Kage Summit was been called to prevent a Fourth Shinobi War.. I Mifune Shukashima will be mediator" he says.

"So you're the Infamous Brat.. From here you don't look all that dangerous" ei comments but naruto ignores him.

"Oh he is.. Curse his bloodline for creating him" ōnoki says.

"Is there a point in this" tsunade states.

"They believe Naruto-kun doesn't measure up to his induction into the realm of S-class ninja.. He's not even in his twenties" mei states, glancing to the blond.

"Well regardless of how you feel on the subject.. This kage summit was called to prevent open warfare between our countries and putting innocent lives at risk.. Whether for grudges or flaunting one's power" tsunade starts.

"I for one have not seen an all out ninja war and I would hope not to see one.. However I will defend my country for those who would do it harm" gaara says.

"I agree with Lord Kazekage.. My country has suffered for years under civil war but like him.. I will defend my country" mei states. Ōnoki glares at naruto as the blond stands next to his captured granddaughter but it shifts to tsunade.

"You say you would defend your nations.. Yet you rebuke us for defending ourselves.. T-that boy's existence is a threat to my country" ōnoki says.

"Konoha has not attacked Iwa or Earth country since the Third War" tsunade says and glances to naruto.

"You want all out war over a single brat" tsunade adds.

"That brat is the son of the man who butchered One Thousand of my ninja" ōnoki interjects. Ei slams his fist on the table with a crack, "Enough of this back and forth.. Why don't we let our strength decide.. Strength is the power to make ones act outside their norms.. Everything else is petty" he says.

"That sounds like chaos.. The weak constantly trying to upend the strong.. We would see total anarchy" mei states.

"If you can't keep control of your village or people.. You shouldn't have a village or rule one.. Kumo has been governed as such since the Warring Clans Era" ei states but tsunade scoffs.

"And because of it.. All the untapped non-ninja or young talent are taken before their time.. However going by your logic.. Kumo should no longer exist or Iwa for that matter" tsunade says and looks both men in the eye.

"You attempted to kidnap the Heiress of the Hyūga clan and cried war when you were caught.. Then you tried again with supposedly Kumo Missing-nin" tsunade adds.

"You have no evidence they weren't.. As for that incident.. You sent the Hyūga Head's brother as penance.. A useless Hyūga at that" ei shot.

"Konoha loves to push their power around.. The Sandaime unleashed the Kiiroi Senkō on my people and the Godaime would the same with his Bastard son" ōnoki says and looks naruto in the eye.

"Do you not speak boy or are unable to act unless told.. Do you believe you are your father's equal" ōnoki adds. Naruto was about say something but tsunade raises her hand to stop him, causing ei to smirk with a glance to ōnoki.

"Can't do anything unless told like a good Dog should or Fox for that matter.. Hell in a different world.. I would be your father Boy" ei says, trying to get a rise from naruto but the blond remains straight-faced.

"Wow.. I thought you would murder him for bringing Kushina into this" kurama says.

"Oh I want to but I won't play his game.. I'll make him attack me" naruto thought.

"What do we all our gain but needless deaths" mei states.

"I want an end to Konoha's continental hegemonic order.. I can't speak for the Tsuchikage but too long has Konoha dictated the pace.. Ever since Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha came together.. Everyone has lived in fear" ei states.

"Those two formed Konoha for peace.. To see children no longer fighting in needless wars" tsunade says.

"Yet Madara rebelled and Three Ninja Wars have happened.. All of which Konoha has came out the victor.. Konoha will not get a Fourth especially with that blond demon" ōnoki shouts.

"Will you stop this madness.. We can end this before war truly starts.. You invaded Taki our ally and you forced us to react" tsunade says. Ōnoki gnashes his teeth in anger, "Forced you?!.. Taki betrayed your alliance.. Despite that foolish boy's words.. You sent that.. That Demon" he shouts. Naruto clucks his tongue wiith a blank look on his face, "Oh for Fuck's sake.. You didn't know I existed before Three years ago.. Yet now I am demon this or demon that" he says, finally voicing his opinion.

"Naru..." tsunade starts but ōnoki interrupts her.

"It doesn't matter.. Your father's sins are yours to answer for.. Adding your sins for killing my grandson and my people" ōnoki snaps.

"Calm yourself Lord Tsuchikage.. This Five Kage summit was brought about to prevent further conflict" mifune states.

"Some people are set in their ways.. Lord Ōnoki bares a grudge against the Kiiroi Senkō and to find out a son existed would bring about dark thoughts" mei comments. Ei scoffs with his arms folded with his eyes on naruto, "I can't speak for the Tsuchikage but you are threat.. A smart jinchūriki is dangerous jinchūriki.. My brother B is powerful but and forgive me.. Lacks Foresight and knows his place.. You don't" he says.

[Music: Baki OST - Tension(Loop)]

Naruto tilts his head with shadows covering his face but he suddenly slaps the side of his head several times, "Forgive me.. Kazekage-sama.. Mizukage-sama.. Lord Mifune.. Hokage-sama but I'm about say some Very disrespectful words" he says and hops on the table, causing ei and ōnoki's guards to leap down and go on guard. Naruto raises his hands in surrender and squats down, "What I'm about to say affects those I call Friend.. Family.. Acquaintance or Lover.. So I mean no disrespect to them in what I am about to say" he starts and pauses.

"If you're not gonna Fuck me.. Feed me or Fight me.. I've got no use for you.. So I wonder what you two will do" naruto continues but points his left index finger at ōnoki.

"Ever since you've learned about me.. You've had a Hate Boner to kill me.. So I know what you want.. He wants to prove he's faster than my father.. Yet between him and his brother.. He couldn't get the job done.. So I'll make this easy.. I'm gonna walk out this room and head to the border.. I'll wait about say about a hour.. If no one comes.. I'll assume everything is worked out" naruto finishes and rises to his full height. Ei gnashes his teeth with his eyes locked on the eyes of naruto, his face shadowed and only glowing orbs for eyes and a faint smile. Ōnoki was not seeing naruto but flashes of minato with the same expression as his demonic son.

"Naruto what are you doing?!" tsunade says. Naruto turns to tsunade with a slight smirk, "Ending this supposed war" he says, then points to ei.

"He said it.. Strength is the power to make ones act outside their norms.. So I'm giving the avenue to prove it.. I am the Strongest of my Generation.. I am the Strongest Jinchūriki..." naruto starts and turns his scarred gaze back to ei and ōnoki.

"I will Make you Acknowledge me and my Strength" naruto adds and both kage see a silhouette of something they couldn't describe. Naruto makes his way to the exit but stops and turns to kurotsuchi, slipping off his glove. The blond bites this thumb and places it on her forehead, breaking the seal array and freeing kurotsuchi.

"You're free now.. Remember our talks" naruto says and looks back with his scarred face, towards ei and ōnoki.

"So what will you do.. Tsuchikage.. Raikage.. Will you Fuck me.. Feed me or Fight me" naruto says, pulling up his hood and leaving with a wind-shunshin. The room remains silent as tsunade pinches her nose with a shake of her head.

"Naruto-kun is not one to mince words.. Does he" mei says, breeching the silence. Ei slams his fist on the table as he abruptly stands, "He's got guts.. Darui.. Shee.. B with me" he shouts. Darui mutters dull and follows ei with B reluctantly following his brother along with shee, "This isn't wise" gyūki comments.

"I know that but Brother won't die.. I won't let him" B thought.

"What will we do-dani" akatsuchi asks. Ōnoki lifts from his chair with a look of controlled anger, "Kill him" he says and shifts his gaze to tsunade.

"I will end that upstart Brat.. Then we'll discuss terms" ōnoki says and floats towards the exit, followed by akatsuchi and kitsuchi.

"Gramps do not do this" kurotsuchi starts, halting her grandfather. Ōnoki shifts his gaze to his only remaining grandchild, "He murdered your cousin.. Our people.. Our Family.. He has given us Just Cause to kill him" he says.

"Naruto is not normal.. He isn't like his father or his mother or any Konoha ninja for that matter.. I saw him kill Deidara without a thought.. Destory our forces with a smile on his face.. Cut down Kū with superior power.. He even spared me.. I'm asking you to not face him.. He's not normal" kurotsuchi states. Ōnoki clenches his left hand with a shake of his head, "I do not care.. This boy needs be taught to respect his elders.. His existence is threat to us and I will erase him from this world" he says and continues on. The remaining three kage looks between each other and tsunade looks to mifune, "Lord Mifune.. Please forgive my ninja for his actions" she says. Mifune rises from his seat and calls for his weapon, "I will follow him and bare witness to this" he says, followed by his trusted men.

"I too will follow.. This may be my only chance to see Naruto-kun in action" mei comments and follows mifune.

"We should follow too Gaara" temari says and gaara sighs but slowly nods. Tsunade rises from her seat, "Come on.. We can't let the brat embarrass us" she says, as kakashi and hiruzen nods. Kurotsuchi was the only that remained behind, "I need to stop Gramps or He'll die like Kū" she thought and follows the others.[song ends]


Ei and his alliance race towards the border to find naruto and kill him, ridding the world of the blond hair jinchūriki.

"How will we do this Boss" darui asks. Ei keeps his face forward as snow falls to coat the ground, "We kill him.. The Tsuchikage would agree with me" he says.

"All that matters is that He dies.. However Akatsuchi stay out of this" ōnoki says.

"Are you sure-dani" akatsuchi says. Ōnoki glances to the rotund man but looks back to see the other kage following behind him, "You're gonna keep an eye on the remaining Kage.. They'll more than likely get involved should that demon starts to lose ground" he says. The last alliance of iwa and kumo soon reach the border as naruto stood but the blond points, "He's waiting in the valley ahead" he says and pops with a puff of smoke.

"The arrogance of this brat" ei snarls. The alliance continue on until the reach the valley in question with them looking down from a small ridge. Naruto stood in with his hands in his pockets on a frozen lake, his hood covering his face with zetsuei driven into the ice but the alliance see streams of smoke from each breath. Ei tosses off his haori as the kage and company arrive, before leaping down with darui, B and shee.

"It's time to end this accursed Bloodline" ōnoki says, floating down as kitsuchi leaps down with akatsuchi remaining to do his duty.

[Music: Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold(Loop)]

Naruto opens his eyes as he senses his foes and his on-lookers, "Time to change History" he thought, walking towards the alliance and leaving zetsuei behind. Ei was making quick strides towards the blond, ready to put him in his place and take away konoha's most powerful piece.

"One thing is for certain.. He must Die" ei thought. Ōnoki was of the same mind to ei as he follows with a distance between him and his counterpart. The shadow of the kiiroi senkō loomed over iwa and ōnoki as the very name could strike fear in many in iwa. So when word reached him that not only had the yellow demon procreated but the son was also the jinchūriki of the kyūbi. Scenarios and thoughts of horror wrought upon iwa and its people ran through the longest tenured kage, forcing him to make a choice with the choice leading him here.

"He must die.. The world will be stable once he does and his Accursed Bloodline with him.. Our spies also noted he was involved with four kunoichi.. After he dies.. They die as well" ōnoki thought. B for all his optimism in his life was dreading this moment, not only was he facing off against a fellow jinchūriki but the son of a man he respected. He and ei faced minato namikaze several times in the war with the A and B combo edging several stalemates with him.

"Brotha wants to kill Mr. Nine but that doesn't seem Fine" B thought.

"Keep on guard B.. I don't know much this Kid can control but if can use all Nine.. Then we're in for a wild day and not in a good way" gyūki says. Naruto lowers his hood to show off his horned hitai-ate as he spit out his cigarette, tension slowly building as the gap between them lessens and lessens. Naruto and ei soon stood face to face nearly nose to nose as the raikage surges with his lightning armor, while the others of his alliance stand at the ready to move in.

"Are we going to let the Raikage do this alone" kitsuchi says.

"So long as the bastard dies.. It does not matter but it I see an opening.. I will take it" ōnoki says. Ei surges his lightning armor and sends a right hook to naruto's face, cracking the ground under the blond and sending a gust of snow away. Ei smirks but it quickly drops and his breath hitches as naruto stood with his head only slightly turned. Naruto only spits a small dribble of blood and cocks his left fist, connecting with a body-blow and sending ei careening back and through a medium sized rock.

"Boss" darui shouts, ready to join the fray. Ei surges even more with his lightning armor and launches forward like a rocket as naruto lowers his body slightly. Ei appears above naruto with his fists together and raised, "Bull Hammer" ei roars, bringing his fists down. Naruto gets his arms up to back and the ground buckles underneath him, before doubling ei over with a kidney shot.

"Don't underestimate me boy" ei roars, as the pair unleashes a flurry of punches and neither one blocking. The force of their punches were sending shockwaves of chakra, much to the shock of some on naruto's side. Kankurō and chōjūrō flinch from the waves of chakra and punches. The stalemate breaks as ei and naruto fly back with the blond halting in his tracks, before launching forward for a delayed dropkick to ei's face.

"Ranton: Laser Circus" darui shouts. Naruto skids to vanish as the lasers explode out and crash into the ground. Darui quickly whips around as he weaves signs to tiger, "Suiton: Suijinheki" he shouts. Naruto jerks as he slams into the wave of water but darui was waving more signs to rat, "Raiton: Kurai Kangekiha" darui thought, sending his black lightning. Naruto gnashes his teeth as the dark lightning erupts through his body, bursting several vessels in his right eye as he crashes into a crouch.

"Raiton: Raigen Raikōchū" shee shouts, holding the tiger sign. A bright flash of light blinds naruto for a few, allowing ei and darui to shunshin behind him. Ei with his elbow raised and darui with his sword, both coming down towards the blond but naruto get his arms up to block. The ground buckles under the force of their strikes but darui's sword cracks on naruto's forearm, "What?!.. It's like cutting on steel" darui thought.

"Now B!" ei thought. Naruto jerks as B slams into him with a lightning charges clothesline, sending him flying back several feet.

"Doton: Dosekiryū" kitsuchi shouts, slamming his hands on the ground. A dragon of earth and stone rises from the ground and crashes into naruto as he corrects. Ōnoki floats next to ei and prepares his particle style as naruto slowly rises, "There is not a mark on him" ōnoki hisses.

"Not good if Mr. Nine tanked my Clothesline" B says. Ei flares his lightning armor more as the ground cracks under him, "It doesn't matter.. We'll continue to overwhelm him" he says. A lengthy stream of breath escapes naruto as he rips off his coat, "That should be enough of a warm-up" he thought.[song ends]


"It seems a lull in the fight has arrived" mifune says.

"Would you elaborate Mifune-dono" mei asks. The samurai general looks towards them but then to ei and his alliance, "The Raikage and Tsuchikage have been on the offensive since the beginning.. Forcing Uzumaki on the defensive but now Uzumaki will go the offensive" mifune explains. Gaara shifts his gaze from the alliance to naruto, "Will we witness the death two Kage" he says.

"Uzumaki doesn't have the guts to do that" kurotsuchi shouts. However tsunade scoffs with her arms folded, "Do you actually believe that.. You've seen first-hand what he's capable of.. Ei and Ōnoki are gonna push and Naruto will push back" she says.

"Push back enough to Kill two Kage" mei states.

"He's killed several S-class Missing-nin and rid the world of the Akatsuki.. Plus you're missing something" tsunade adds.

"W-what are we missing" chōjūro asks but zabuza chuckles.

"A battle of attrition" zabuza says, confusing some.

"Attrition" kankurō says.

"Think about what you've seen.. First the kid lured them here.. Forcing them to waste chakra.. Then they've been throwing around Jutsu.. When he hasn't" zabuza says and their eyes widen, some of them more so.

"Then you can add that Naruto is a Sage and has a near limitless amount of energy to draw on.. The longer this drags on... Well you can guess" tsunade adds, causing kurotsuchi's pink eyes to widen in horror.

"Gramps.. Pops" kurotsuchi thought.

[Music: BAKI 2020 - Soundtrack/Destructive Strength(Loop)]

Back with the fight naruto stood with his eyes closed but slowly opens them with his eyes now changed. Orange pigmentation was now around his eye lids and his pupils becoming blue toad irises, "You know I almost feel bad for them" naruto thought.

"Really/Really" kurama and zetsuei say. A faint smile forms on the blond's face, "Yeah.. They have No idea or even Realize.. The Game was rigged from the start" naruto says and kurama giggles. Ōnoki grits his teeth in anger and slaps his hands together, "Be ready Raikage" he says and ei grunts, lowering his stance. Ōnoki slowly pulls his hands apart as a clear box forms, "Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu" he shouts. A cylinder blast of his particle style shoots forth, erasing the land towards the blond but naruto dodges. Ei appears in front of naruto with his elbow poised to cave in the blond's face, "Elbow!" ei shouts but naruto gets his arms up to block, sending him skidding back several inches. Naruto thrusts his right back as familiar chirping erupts with lightning on his hand.

"That looks like Kakashi Haktake's Jutsu" ei shouts. Naruto says nothing as he sends his Chidori forward but it doesn't pierce ei's lightning armor. The yondaime raikage grabs naruto by his waist and quickly lifts him overhead, "Liger Bomb!" he roars, slamming naruto down with a powerbomb. The ground shudders and shatters about eight feet in diamater and two feet deep.

"That's it.. No one survive the Boss' Liger Bomb" darui says.

"I will make sure" ōnoki says, floatinging towards ei.

"B!.. Tell your brother to move" gyūki shouts and B gasps but it was too late. Ei gasps as a purplish light forms in naruto's left hand but doesn't have time to contemplate as a blast erupts from the blond, erasing his left arm to the forearm. Ei lands with a skid and a look of rage but naruto flashes in front of him, cracking him with a left straight and breaking his nose. The raikage flies back like a rocket and crashes several feet with a dust-up of snow and dust.

"Boss!.. Brotha?!" B and darui shout, following shee towards the downed raikage.

"Die you Demon!" ōnoki shouts, catching naruto with in a transparent box.

"Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu" ōnoki declares, as the jutsu explodes and for the moment allowing him to believe he destroyed.

"Tsuchikage-sama" kitsuchi shouts. A loud screeching noise catches ōnoki and the others' ears and every one looks up, only to gasps but some in horror. A massive Rasengan with four sharp points was above onoki with naruto holding up the attack.

"Hehehe.. Here taste this Chōchōōdama Rasenshuriken" naruto shouts, bringing his arm and attack down. Ōnoki forms his particle style and it slams into the Rasengan but naruto pours some of natural energy and kurama's chakra.

"You Damn DEMON!" ōnoki shouts, as his jutsu is engulfed by the large Rasengan. The ground shatters thunderously, blowing snow, dust and kitsuchi towards the valley's ridge. Kurotsuchi's legs buckle and give out but akatsuchi catches her, "Gramps!" she screams, into loud sobs. The other kage felt for her but tsunade thought ōnoki brought this on himself, for never getting over his haterd for minato and by extension naruto.

"W-was that real?!" kankurō says.

"Of course it was Kankurō.. I believe it could be the strongest Fūton Jutsu to exist" temari says as gaara stares at his fellow jinchūriki.

"Remind me Never to get on his Bad side" shukaku says. Mei's green eyes were flickering in both shock and slight horror, "This boy.. No man not even out of his teens.. May be stronger than all Five Kage" she thought, seeing the look of fright on chōjūro's face.

"The Gaki knows how show off.. No way I could fight him now" zabuza thought. Shizuma was staring in shock and awe at the display of naruto's power, "The power to kill a Kage" he thought. The Rasenshuriken dies down as naruto lands with his left sleeve ripped away but see the now deceased ōnoki.

"That should put them All on notice" kurama says and naruto smirks, turning his attention ei and his forces.

[Music: Icon of Sin - Doom Eternal(Loop)]

Naruto shunshins back to the frozen lake, "I'm done playing around.. It's High Time.. You see what you really face" he shouts. Ei snaps his nose into place as shee heals the stump of left arm, "What does that Mean Brat?!" ei thought.

"B!.. Stop this Fight now" gyuki shouts.

"What's wrong Hachibi-sama" B says but it was too late as the wind picks up violently. The force of gale blows back the snow and reaches the remaining kage and mifune, causing their eyes to widen again as the force was coming from naruto himself.

"W-what is this P-pressure" gaara says. Tsunade lowers her hand enough from her face to see her fellow blond, "The True Power of my Successor" she says. Naruto slowly grabs zetsuei and pulls her from the ice as his reiatsu wafts off his body as a purple but black tinted aura.

"You want to know what I mean.. It means I will show you what I am capable of.. When I decide to put in an Effort" naruto says, gripping zetsuei and shooting her towards the sky.

"Awaken... ZETSUEI!" naruto roars, to the heavens. His reiatsu explodes in pillar of power towards the sky and pierces the clouds, parting them with the force her release. The Gokage's eyes widen along with the others as shizuma falls to his knees, "I-I never stood a chance against him.. Haha.. Haha" he says. Ei quickly gets over his shock and gnashes his teeth in rage, "B!.. Bring out the Hachibi" he shouts. B's sunglasses were slightly hanging off his eyes, "Time to get serious Hachibi-sama.. Because Mr. Nine has started to Shine" he says. Gyūki stares at naruto through B's eyes, "This is dangerous but we'll need to pull out the stops to survive" he says. B flares his bijū chakra to go full transform as naruto rest his black claymore on his right shoulder.

"Kurama do you wanna get in on this" naruto says. Kurama licks her lips in her human form, "Of course.. I need to put Gyūki back in his place" she says and naruto chuckles.

"Yami" naruto says and his shadow appears, before raising their fists to one another. Naruto flares his own bijū chakra and it envelopes yami's as his whisker thicken, his eyes bleed red with black slits.

"Hop on top.. We should cut a imposing sight" kurama says, flaring her chakra and transforming into her full fox form. Nine orange tails form from the bubbling red charka, then a human like upper-body with orange fur and finally a fox head with rabbit like ears and thick black whiskers. Hiruzen and kakashi feel a chill creep up their backs as they feel kurama's menacing and ominous chakra, "It just a potent as it was that Night" hiruzen says.

"He looks almost like Sensei but more akin to his dark reflection" kakashi says. Naruto stands on the head of kurama in all her glory as gyūki was across from her. Gyūki resembles an ushi-oni with four long horns on its head and its lower left part of its horns missing. Gyūki also has a muscular upper-body structure with a hunched back, spiked protrusions on the elbows, and hands with opposable thumbs. Instead of hind-legs, gyūki lower half consists of its eight tails, which resemble the cephalopod arms of an octopus. Shee could barely hold his senses at the sight of kurama and naruto, both giving off very ominous chakra but he made the mistake to look directly at them. Shee's entire body seizes as the form of kurama looms over him, before his body collapses to the ground.

"Shee?!" darui shouts, racing to his side. Ei ignores shee and darui to focus on naruto, "B!" he shouts. Gyūki leans forward on his musclar arms and opens his mouth wide to charge a bijūdama, it exploding forward towards the pair but naruto tosses zetsuei into the air. He summons a hiraishin knives and flashes signs to bird, shooting his hands forward.

"Hiraishin: Dorai" naruto thought, absorbing the blast into the forming array. Naruto then tosses the knife skyward and catches zetsuei as the bijūdama explodes above them. Kurama shoots forward as gyūki does the same, both slamming into one another with a small shockwave.

"Dropkick" ei roars, coming down with a dropkick but naruto swings zetsuei to block. They vanish with shunshin as the titanic biju struggle for dominace, "You know you can't topple me Gyuki.. Take your host and escape" she says.

"You know I can't do that.. Even I want to.. My host is siblings to the Raikage and will do his best to save him" gyūki says. Naruto appears with a skid and back steps to avoid another dropkick from ei, shattering the ground on impact.

"Raiton Kuro Panther" darui shouts, joining the fray. The black panther roars and charges the blond but he raises zetsuei, "Ice Dragon Dance" he shouts, swinging down and freezing the panther to the shock of darui. Naruto shunshins towards darui and aims the pommel of his claymare into his gut, knocking him back and out cold as he crashes into the ground. Naruto turns his attention ei and the raikage was glaring at him, "You said in another life.. You would be my father" naruto says.

"That's right your mother would be fostering a host of ninja for Kumo" ei shouts but freezes, as naruto drives zetsuei into the ground and the ground shatters. The blond stares at ei with a dark look on his face, before vanishing and ei flares his lightning armor to its max. Naruto appears in front of ei with zetsuei coming up to slash his chest, "He won't be able to cut through my armor again" ei thought but those thoughts die in his throat, as his chest sprays with blood. Ei flies back but catches himself with a skid but naruto slashes him in the back, vanishing as ei turns but an uppercut catches ei as he turns. It lifts ei several feet off the ground as naruto clutches zetsuei and she glows purple, before naruto tosses zetsuei towards him.

"Dragon Moon Strike: Half Moon" the blond thought. The son of the indomitable sandaime raikage gasps as zetsuei spilts into six replicas, while naruto grabs and blitzes around him with several afterimages grabbing a sword. Ei slams into the ground with a thud and several serious wounds as naruto lands and catches zetsuei, before pointing it at the raikage.

"No more Uzumaki!.. Grant me Mercy!.. I Beg of You!" ei shouts, blood running down his face. Naruto narrows his blue eyes and grips zetsuei, "You who are without mercy towards me.. Would ask for me for mercy?!.. I thought you were made of sterner stuff" he says.

"Brotha!" B roars, with gyūki's mouth. Naruto turns his gaze and sees the massive fist coming toward him as ei laughs, "That's right B" ei shouts but his breath hitches. Naruto raises his free left and stops the massive fist with him only moving a few inches, the ground cracking under him. Gyūki explodes into black ink but naruto dodges with a skid as B gets in front of his brother. Naruto raises zetsuei skyward as she starts to wail slightly with azure energy as ei struggles to feet but falls to all-fours. Naruto tilts his head with narrowed eyes but lowers his sword, much to the shock of ei and B.

"It's done" naruto says and ei grits his teeth.

"What do you mean.. It's done?!" ei shouts. A faint smile forms on the blond's face, "You're pride has been shattered.. Shattered so much that you would Beg me for mercy.. Even if it was a trick to get me to drop my guard.. The fact that you would even consider that.. Proves I am superior to you in Every way" naruto starts and a look of pure rage forms on ei's face.

"You may have surpassed my father through time but you will Never surpass me.. You grow weaker with each day as I grow stronger with each day.. Don't follow the Tsuchikage into death to prove a point.. Unlike the Tsuchikage.. You can live with the shock and wallow in your despair.. And if becomes too much for you.. Come find me and Die" naruto adds, resting his sword on his right shoulder.

"This is Konoha's weakness.. All that power.. Yet you don't use it.. I'll rally all of Kumo against you" ei shouts and naruto tilts his head.

"Don't mistake my Mercy as Weakness.. You do that and Kumo will no longer exist" naruto says and B gasps, seeing the look in the blond's blue eyes. Naruto then calls his sheath as zetsuei glows and returns to normal, before sheathing and turning on his heels.

"Come Brotha.. Let's just let this go" B says but ei pushes himself aside with KI exuding from his body. Ei clenches his remain fist but it shifts into a knife's edge as his lightning amror surges back, "Don't turn your back on me!" he roars and shoots forward. Time seems to slow as ei thrusts his hand forward, "Jigokuzuki: Yonhon Nukite" he roars, aiming for naruto's head. The blond turns and dodge the stab with his left cracking with lightning, "Raikiri" naruto thought, blowing out ei's back. The yondaime raikage staggers back with a few stutter-steps and collapses on his back with a dust up of snow.

"Brotha?!" B shouts, rushing to his brother's side but it was too late. Several tears run down B's face as he closes his brother's blank eyes.

"Will you follow you brother or will you will let This Die with him.. I meant what I said about Kumo" naruto says. B shifts his gaze to naruto and blond could see the turbulent emotions in his fellow jinchūriki's eyes.

"I-it'll die with him.. I-i'll make sure of it" B says. Naruto reaches into his pocket and pulls a cigarette from his pack, before lighting with a katon chakra and takes a small inhale.

"Then we have terms.. You know B.. In another life.. We've could've been friends" naruto says and turns on his heels, leaving B to grieve his brother. On that day the gokage fell to three as the remaining kage saw the power of the future rokudaime. This day would forever shake the five great nations and the elemental nations as a whole.[song ends]

#Epilogue - Konohagakure - Four Years Later#

The last four years have been interesting for naruto as he changed things from the shadows with tsunade's help. The Daimyō was in his pocket thanks to Tsyukiyomi and gave him whatever he wanted to change konoha for the better. The blondes started with the academy, changes had indeed been made but more was needed. The older blond created a medical division along side a Fūinjutsu division for students not cut out for the front lines. The younger blond and jiraiya taught the first classes, while hinata and shizune taught the medical classes.

Konohamaru and his batch of genin were the first of a new generation of ninja, who knew the dangers of the world and were better prepared for them. The council came next as tsunade relieved the shinobi clan heads of their positions, except shikaku as he was jōnin commander. Dragon the Anbu commander was brought onto the new council with shikaku, jiraiya, hiruzen and the new civilian councilor named Shinsuke Nakamura. Naruto's idea for their ninja forces were brought up and shikaku and hiruzen liked idea, which would be slowly phased in over the next four years.

Abroad a tentative peace was reached between the big five due in part to the five kage seeing first hand the power of the future rokudaime hokage. Like in his original world naruto was the atomic bomb and it didn't take two for the other nations to sit up and take notice. Kurotsuchi and darui the incumbent Yondaime Tsuchikage and Godaime Raikage respectively parlayed with the konoha and all-out war was prevented. Naturally there were those who wanted revenge for the deaths of ōnoki and ei but both young kage denied this and disavowed any and all who wanted to. So a force of disavowed kumo and iwa shinobi did indeed march to kill the kage-killer but like their former kage, met the same fate and cemented naruto a force of nature to keep the peace.

Naruto and hinata were the first to marry in a traditional shinto style wedding attended by many important figures including all five kage and this shocked many but this didn't bother the couple. Naruto used his wedding to further mend fences as darui formally apologized for his county's actions towards hinata's uncle and returned the remains of hizashi for inturnment in their family's grave plot. Neji accepted the gesture with his fiancée Momoji from kiri and was finally able to fully grief for his father. The day was nearly ruined by B and his rapping but shockingly it was kurotsuchi to stop him and drag him off somewhere. The next morning many would find out the pair had hooked up during the night and kurotsuchi had set B straight, somewhat for the eccentric jinchūriki.

Anko and haku were the next to marry their blond in more western style and the five kage were attendance once again. Fū caught the bouquet and naruto told her that meant she was next to marry, causing the mint hair girl to blush brightly. Ino was next to marry naruto about year after anko and tenten but in a smaller affair attended by the rookies of konoha and their significant others, along with their parents. Inoichi shot death glares at naruto their entire time but they were weak at best and soundly wept as his princess got married to her prince. Another shocking wedding came about as kakashi married a woman named Kahyō who possessed the Hyoton like haku. An even bigger shock came when everyone got to see the face of kakashi, having a narrow jaw-line and a beauty mark under the left corner of his mouth. This shocked many in attendance, especially those who had known the man for years.

Kurama, shukaku, gyūki and chōmei informed naruto, gaara, B and fū of their siblings rebirth. The four met at the sight of their rebirth, being the area where the gedō mazō had finally met its end courtesy of naruto's bankai. The four jinchūriki met the five bijū and the nine spoke at length, coming to an agreement that the practice of jinchūriki would end with them. Naruto agreed to transport Matatabi, Isobu, Son Gokū, Kukuō and Saiken to Uzushio, from there the bijū could make a choice on what to do and they shared their chakra with the blond to able to see them in the shared mindscape. Time slowly moved on and naruto saw the birth of births of his children and the time for him to take the mantle of hokage.


Hinata walks through their home in search of her husband because today was an important day, in her arms was their three month old son Mitsuomi. The namikaze matriarch has grown even more beautiul with her hair now just above her butt. The former heiress wears a black skirt with stockings, a white kimono like coat and black sweater underneath for the ceremony.

"Morning Mum" a voice says. Hinata smiles at anko's daughter Yukiko, "Morning Dear.. Do you know where your father is" she asks. The three almost four year old cups her chin, thoughts racing in her blue eyes and her purple hair done up like her mother but shakes her head.

"Not since he put us kids to bed" yukiko says and hinata sighs, stroking her head.

"Thanks dear.. Now head downstairs for breakfast.. Haku-chan should be finished.. You can take Mitsuomi-kun as well" hinata and hands yukiko her brother. The little blond squeals in happiness as the pair head downstairs.

"Morning Hinata" anko says, yawning loudly and wearing the same outfit as her.

"Morning Anko-chan.. Have you seen Naruto-kun" hinata says. Anko points her thumb to naruto's study, "He got up early.. Inojin was being fussy and Blondie made him go" she says, giggling and hinata sighs.

"I'll go wake him.. The ceremony is in three hours.. We need to go soon" hinata says and anko places a hand on her shoulder.

"Calm down.. Naru-kun practially been Hokage for six months.. Geez you're still a stickler for ceremony" anko says and hinata sighs, shaking her head.

"You're right but today he officially takes the mantle.. I'm a bit nervous as we'll become the Hokage's wives and First Ladies of Konoha" hinata says but anko kisses her cheek.

"Don't sweat it.. Go get him up and I'll get the rest of the kids" anko says and hinata nods, heading for the study. Hinata quietly opens the door and finds her naruto laying on a long sofa with inojin on his chest, the former snoring softly with a bit of drool. Hinata kneels down and gently shakes the one year old, "Inojin-kun wake up" she whispers.

"Careful he just went back to sleep" naruto says, opening his eyes.

"The ceremony" hinata says but naruto places his fingers on her lips.

"We'll be fine" naruto says. A clone pops to life and gently takes inojin, to allow naruto to get up and the clone to lay back down in his place. Naruto stretches with a groan and gives hinata a kiss, "Morning.. Everyone up" he asks and hinata nods.

"Haku-chan is making breakfast" hinata says, as they leave the room and blond heads to the bathroom. Hinata goes downstairs to the kitchen as ino was getting everyone situated with getting mitsuomi into his high-chair. Her oldest Himawari and yukiko were already seated as haku comes with a tray and her three year old daughter Haruka in tow with a small bowl.

"How's Inojin" ino asks, wearing the same as hinata and anko.

"Naruto-kun has him in his study with a clone" hinata says, taking a seat next to mitsuomi. Haku places the tray of steam dumplings on the table and helps haruka onto her chair, "Will you bring him to the ceremony" haku asks, wearing the same as the other wives.

"I'd rather not have him around so many people" ino says. Naruto comes down another yawn and takes a seat with a look to all his kids, each a combination of him and their mother.

"Today Otou-sama becomes Hokage" haruka says, her black hair styled like her mother. Haku strokes her little's girl head and looks into her blue eyes, "Yep.. Your Otou-sama will become the leader of our home and its protector" she says.

"Some protector" anko and ino say, causing the sun-kissed blond to sweatdrop. Kuroshiro comes to steal some food from naruto with her puppies Yori, Raya and Mashu following behind her. The large family make small talk as they have breakfast and the mothers slip away one by one to get their children ready. Naruto makes a few clones to clean and get ready himself.

"Shame the old monkey won't get to see you become Hokage" kurama says and naruto sighs. The former sandaime passed away in his home the year prior with his students at his side, along with his grandchildren konohamaru and Mirai.

"Yeah a shame.. Old age catches us all" naruto thought. The blond dresses himself a pair of black trousers with white embroidery on the front near the pockets and three buttons securing some material around the knees. A simple black dress shirt with a forest green suit vest, having a chain pocket watch accessory.

"Ready Naru-kun" anko says and naruto turns to her with an adjust of his orange tie, nodding with a smile.

[Music: Naruto Shippuden OST - Departure To The Front Lines]

Tsunade stands on the roof of the hokage tower in her hokage robes as people run around to get things ready.

"The day has finally come" jiraiya muses, walking up with a box of dumpling. Tsunade looks down at the crowd with a sigh but spots shizune and their cute granddaugther Danni, "Yeah but not like we didn't see this coming" she muses.

"Naruto-kun is like a force of nature" itachi says, walking up with konan and their nearly five year old triplets. The oldest Yahiko with blue hair like his mother and coal eyes like his father, followed by Izumi with black hair and amber eyes, and last Nagato with mismatch blue and black hair, his eyes a darker amber.

"You can say that again" tsunade muses. Kakashi and his wife kahyō arrive with her showing a moderate sized baby bump. Shikamaru and his wife temari along with their son Shikadai arrive, followed by the konohamaru corp lead by their namesake. Naruto and family soon arrive minus inojin as he stayed home with kaze, "About time Brat" tsunade shouts and naruto simply waves. The blond is now wearing his new hokage coat with nine flaming tails, black fur around the collar and rokudaime down the back.

"Well I'm here now" naruto says, lifting his sunglasses to his forehead. Fireworks start go off as everyone turns their attention to the roof of the tower. Tsunade approaches the edge with the hokage hat on her head, "People of Konoha.. Let us begin the inauguration of our Rokudaime Hokage" she starts and many cheer.

"I thought I would be up there" kiba says and his girlfriend Tamaki rubs his back.

"No one thought you would be Hokage" shino says, ignored by those around him except his wife fū.

"Naru-nii worked hard to become Hokage" fū says. Chōji stands with his girlfriend Ami, while karin stands with haku and their son Zabuto. He has red like his mother and soft eyes like his father, behind a pair of glasses.

"Yosh!.. Naruto's Youth shines so Brightly!" lee crows, holding his son Metal and gai shouting right along with him.

"Calm down with the Youth" tayuya says, rubbing her five month belly.

"Our new Rokudaime is someone many of this village Scorned.. Ignored and Shunned.. However our new Rokudaime did not let this deter him.. He saved this village during an Invasion of his youth.. Defeated several Missing-nin from our Village and defeated two of his counterparts to prevent a Fourth Shinobi War" tsunade declares and many cheer but a few older people reflect.

"I won't speak too much more about him.. So I give you the man of the hour and Rokudaime Hokage.. Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze" tsunade declares and everyone cheers. Naruto approaches and takes the hat from tsunade with a bow, before slipping it onto his head and looking out over the people.

"Khm.. I know the people of Konoha and I have not had the best relationship.. Whether it be the pranks I pulled as a child.. The scar of my face or the fact that I carry the very being who caused so much misery" naruto starts and glances to his family.

"Did I let that drag me down... No but I never forgot either.. To the people who stood by me from the Beginning you have my Love and Loyalty.. To those who still despise me.. There is nothing you can do to Stop me.. So now we march forward in New Age of Peace and Happiness.. Till All Are One" naruto declares and those that still hated the blond shivered in fear, as a great many more cheered.


A/N-2: As I said above this was a Long ride of ups and downs. Ending with Naruto bringing a Peace to the Elemental Nations or showing the other nations what they face if they try to fight Konoha and its allies. However would like to see him do it again?

This idea came to me one morning as I laying in bed. It would be a Sequel/Reboot Challenge with Kami tasking Naruto and Anko in saving another world. Now this challenge will have rules and they'll be below and there is no guarantee when this would Even come out. Thank you for continued support and as always Stay Frosty.

Rules for Sequel/Reboot Challenge.

1) Must be a Naruto World but can add you own spice to liven it up.

2) Naruto can have his name changed if a Naruto or Naruko is in this world or will be in the world.

3) Naruto and Anko will have their Full Shinigami power and memories of their previous world.

4) The Otsutsuki can be a thing but do Not go crazy, same with Madara as well.

5) Naruto and Anko don't have to be born together or even in Konoha.

6) Konoha can be Evil but again don't go crazy.

7) Can have a Harem but max Five this time around.

8) Lemons are Optional.

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