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Chapter 16

A/N-1: Welcome to Part One of the Final Chapter of Insert Long Title. First I want to thank everyone for their support both good and bad. Second I have put a small snippet of Naruto/Mitsuomi's past mainly his death at the hands of the Fear of the Quincy.

I intended to write a Sequel to The New Kenpachi I wrote years ago but never tried it, in a way this the sequel to it. Lastly I'll be changing the order of the battles as Sasuke will not be the final fight of the story. I also decided to do both ideas I had and you'll see in the story. Again Thanks to all who have supported this story and let's get started.

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Hollow Mask



Naruto sits in his study and putting the finishing touches on the seal for the hyūga clan, to finally make hinata's dream of a united clan a reality. It has been two weeks since iwa's attack on taki and konoha's counter attack. Shibuki and a contingent of jōnin lead by kakashi came to the country to reinstall shibuki as village head. Tsunade also sent several yamanaka clan members to check and see if any other conspirators were involved.

"So how does this seal work" jiraiya says, shaking naruto from his thoughts. Naruto looks up and pushes the seal paper towards him, "It goes on the back of the neck and connects to the user's chakra network.. It works similar to the Cage-bird seal without the pain feature.. If the user is attacked or any attempts to remove the eyeball.. It will send raiton chakra to the optic nerves and kill the eyes" he explains.

"Smart but what about surgery" jiraiya asks.

"The Med-nin can use a pause seal to disable the seal temporarily.. I'll hand the design to the medical corp with instructions for it" naruto replies. Jiraiya leans back in his chair with a groan, "Good job Gaki" he says and then shifts to a serious look.

"Has she talked" jiraiya asks. Naruto rubs his head at the thought of kurotsuchi, since their battle he has gone to see her but she doesn't speak and simply glares.

"No.. Has Baa-chan decided what do with her" naruto states.

"She wants to use this as a chance to call a Five Kage Summit in a bid to prevent all-out warfare" jiraiya says. and naruto slowly nods.

"Smart but Ōnoki could use this a provocation for war" naruto comments.

"While true but Ōnoki loves his granddaughter but on the other hand.. You killed his grandson" jiraiya says and naruto shrugs his shoulders.

"He was gonna kill me.. I spared Kurotsuchi because unlike him.. She's not blinded by her hatred" naruto states.

"Then may be you can convince her to change Ōnoki's mind" jiraiya says. A knock on the door echoes and anko pokes her head inside, "Naru-kun.. Hinata is here" she says and naruto nods, grabbing everything. He then hands some material to jiraiya, "Can you bring this to Baa-chan for her to look over" naruto says and jiraiya nods, taking the paper. Naruto and anko head downstairs to meet hinata, "Father and the elder council are ready to see you" hinata says and naruto nods.

"I'll go ahead" jiraiya says and excuses himself.

"Good luck you two" anko says and kisses both on the cheek, as the pair excuse themselves.

"How's your seal" naruto asks and hinata rubs the back of her neck.

"It's alright.. I hope seeing I have the seal will convince the elders" hinata says, taking naruto's right hand. The pair make their way to the hyūga compound and the guards lead them inside once they arrive, "Hiashi-sama and the elders are waiting" one guard says. Kō stands at meeting room and slides it open, "Please go in" he says. Naruto and hinata step inside to hiashi at the opposite end with hanabi on his left side, the elders sitting on his right with neji. Hinata enters first and takes her place at her younger sister's side as naruto makes his way inside.

"Have you finished the seal" hiashi says. Naruto takes a seat in seiza with a blank look on his face, "I did.. It took some time but I succeeded in breaking down the Caged-Bird seal and reformatting it as a universal seal" he explains and could see the frowns from the elders.

"How does it work" one elder named Hitotomo says. Naruto holds up the seal paper and starts on the odds and ends of the new seal, with a clone giving each a copy to view. The elders and hiashi digest the information for a few minutes.

"Hinata told us you fought Daisuke Alai in a sanctioned spar" another elder named Matsuhiro says.

"The Alai family is very influential.. They were interested in our clan at one time" a third elder called Hiashoko and father of hiashi says. Naruto slowly open his eyes as an air of coldness fills the room, "Yes I fought Alai and defeated him in front of Lord Hien for his affront against me" he says.

"Affront" a fourth elder Hinamoto says, narrowing her eyes. Naruto glances to hinamoto and the older woman flinches, "He decided to make passes at my Fiancée and decided to tread upon my honor as a Shinobi" he says.

"Regardless.. The Alai may see you as an affront to them" matsuhiro says.

"They may put pressure on Azulon-sama or even go the Daimyō" hitotomo comments. Naruto folds his arms and closes his eyes once again, "Then let them.. Lord Hien witnessed and sanctioned the spar.. The Lord even blessed our union and besmirched Daisuke his actions against us both" he says. Hiashi clears his throat with his white eyes on naruto, "We will deal with it.. Back to the matter at hand.. This seal.. How can we know it works" he says and naruto points to hinata.

"Hinata has been wearing the seal for nearly six days and has had no adverse issues.. Fūinjutsu is only limited by your imagination" naruto states. Hinata has hanabi lift her hair and she channels chakra to her fingers to reveal the seal on the base of her neck, causing the elders to murmur.

"Do you have an further objections" naruto says but glances to neji, "Perhaps a demonstration on someone of the Branch Family" he adds.

"You can actually break the seal" hiashoko asks.

"Is that not why Neji is here.. I can tell you all doubt me and prepared accordingly" naruto replies and shifts his gaze back to hiashi. The patriarch of the hyūga remains stone-faced but looks to his nephew and nods. Neji bows his head and moves in front of naruto to removes his hitai-ate, revealing the dreaded symbol.

"Hinata I will need you assistance.. Breaking the seal with cause some pain" naruto says, removing his gloves and cracking his fingers. Hinata moves from her spot and moves to neji's left as naruto takes out his fūinjutsu kit. The blond paints two symbols on his hands for unlock and key, "Now this will hurt.. Sync your breathing with mine" naruto says, placing his index and middle fingers on his forehead. Neji closes his eyes and slows his breath to match naruto's breath, "Fūinjutsu: Gate of Unlocking" the blond whispers. Neji immediately gnashes his teeth to stifle the searing pain running through his body, "Endure.. Endure.. This is my chance at Freedom from this cage" he thought. The elders gasp as black markings start to erode from his brow, "Impossible" hinamoto thought. Neji falls forward into naruto with a clean forehead, "Now you are free" naruto whispers. Hinata starts to sooth neji's pain as naruto creates a clone to place the new seal on his neck.

"He should be able to move soon but I would advise against strenuous activity for at least as day.. More-so for those of the Branch family" naruto explains and the elders murmur.

"He is truly your son.. Minato.. Kushina" hiashi thought and clears his throat, "How long would take to outfit those of the clan that require it.. The elders and young children will not need at this time.. The latter when they begin their training" he asks.

"I can do it over the course of a few days with clones.. The process is much quicker for those of the main house" naruto replies.

"I can also have Jiraiya-sensei as overseer if you wish" naruto adds and hiashi slowly nods.

"That will be all.. Daughters take Neji to rest.. I wish to speak to Naruto alone" hiashi says and both girls nod, with the clone helping neji to his feet. Silence soon reigns as hiashi dismisses the elders as well and leaves the pair alone.

"Have you come to decision on Matriarch of each clan" hiashi asks.

"Hinata and Anko will lead their clan branches as Hinata Namikaze and Anko Uzumaki respectively.. Haku has chosen to form a third branch.. The Yukikaze a combining of her Yuki clan and my Namikaze clan" naruto explains.

"What of the Yamanaka" hiashi comments.

"Ino hasn't decided yet but has mentioned a fourth branch known as Kiriyu but that is only speculation as we are still dating" naruto replies.

"Related but separate as the same time with their own identities" hiashi says and looks naruto in the eye.

"That is all.. You are dismissed" hiashi adds and naruto bows his head, rising to his feet and turning on his heels.

"Naruto" hiashi starts and naruto stops at the door, "Thank you" hiashi adds and naruto nods, leaving the meeting room.


"How do you feel" hinata asks, kneeling next to neji. He glances to hinata with a weak smile on his face, "I'm feel tired but a weight has been lifted" neji whispers, looking to naruto's clone.

"Thank you Naruto" neji says and the clone nods. Hinata looks to the clone, "Tell Naruto-kun.. Thank you for making a dream come true" she says and the clone nods, before dispelling.

"Will the clan truly be united" hanabi says.

"We can only hope so.. Hinata-sama is marrying Naruto.. Someone who can be Hokage and is not afraid to go against the Hardliners" neji says.

"A boy in my class often speaks of Naruto as his Boss" hanabi comments.

"Konohamaru-kun sees Naruto-kun as someone to look up to.. He saw him not as the Grandson of Sandaime-sama but as a person" hinata explains and hanabi slowly nods. The door slides open as Natsu enters with a tray of tea, "Thank you Natsu" hanabi says.

"Hiashi-sama also wanted me to inform you that Naruto Uzumaki has left and will see Hinata-sama tomorrow" natsu says and hinata nods.

"Hinata-sama.. Naruto isn't normal is he.. The way he spoke before the battle.. What is he actually" neji asks. Hinata remains silent for a few seconds with her eyes closed but slowly opens them, "Naruto-kun was reborn or as Ino-chan put it a Second-Lifer" she starts.

"Second-Lifer" hanabi questions, confused.

"Reincarnation" neji says and hinata slowly nods.

"Naruto-kun's original name was Mitsuomi Kiriyu.. A race of beings known as a Shinigami who kept the balance of their world.. He was apart of a group called the Gotei-13 as Captain of their Squad Eleven.. Do you remember seeing the symbols he wears sometimes" hinata continues and neji nods.

"One stands for their squad's flower the Bellflower and the other is their motto known as Yarrow" hinata states.

"Fight" hanabi comments.

"Yes.. Squad Eleven specialized in fighting.. Naruto-kun was their leader and knew many combat techniques because it.. He was also known as a Kenpachi.. A name given to one person per generation as the Strongest of their generation.. Naruto-kun fought Two to truly earned his title and married a Third.. She was known as the First Kenpachi" hinata explains, shocking both. Hinata then goes on to explain naruto's previous life and his death at the hand of the fear of the quincy.

"Then Naruto is truly blessed by Fate" neji says but hinata shakes her head.

"Naruto-kun wasn't blessed by Fate.. He worked for Everything he earned in both his lives" hinata states.

"Then Naruto-san is powerful" hanabi says.

"He is Hanabi and he will protect Konoha and her allies to the best of his abilities" hinata says.

#Anbu HQ#

Kurotsuchi stares at the bars of her cell, her thoughts on the pass two weeks and the death of her cousin. Her cousin's arrogance cost him his life against the monster known as naruto uzumaki.

"You arrogant fool" kurotsuchi thought. Footsteps catch kurotsuchi's ears and she looks up to see naruto with a chair, before he takes a seat with it backwards. Blue eyes meet pink eyes as both stare at one another, "So will you finally talk" naruto says but kurotsuchi remains silent, with a blank but angered look in her eyes. Naruto pulls a cigarette from his case and slips behind his ear but sighs.

"Why don't I dispel some myths your Grandfather likely have misconstrued" naruto starts but kurotsuchi remains quiet.

"Whether you believe it or not.. I didn't know who my parents were until I was sixteen by becoming a Chūnin.. The Sandaime was afraid that Iwa or Kumo would harm me so he kept things a secret.. However people on his council leaked I was the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi no Kitsune to the village populous" naruto continues. Kurotsuchi furrows her brow as naruto slips the cigarette into his mouth, before lighting it with a zippo and a small drag.

"You know most don't remember their earliest memories but I do.. My first memory was of some woman with a knife.. Ready to plunge it into my heart" naruto says and sighs, with a small stream of smoke.

"For the first few years of my life.. I had more assassination attempts than most Kage.. The Sandaime tried and failed to keep me safe" naruto states and turns his head to fully show his scar.

"I got this when I was nine years old.. A man called Sano Mikamori broke into my apartment with people on my birthday.. I beaten for a bit.. While Sano heated a kunai with Katon chakra" naruto says and pauses, his eyes taking a hard edge.

"The people held me down as Sano holds the kunai to my face.. He looks me in the eye and sneers.. You always smile when eating or walking in the village.. How dare you do that.. You wanna smile.. Well let's put a smile on your face and then proceeds to carve this into my face" naruto says. Kurotsuchi stares at the scar and because of it, it made look naruto look like he has two faces.

"I learned later.. He killed some very dear to me.. She intended to adopt me at the age of two" naruto states.

"Why" kurotsuchi says, finally speaking. Naruto taps his ashes on the floor with a sigh, "Because she took care of me for the first two years of my life.. Hanako was very gentle soul and her only crime was taking care of to them the Demon Child" he replies. Kurotsuchi looks away slightly but shifts her gaze back, "So you had a shitty life but you killed my cousin" she says.

"True but was I supposed to just stand there and let him kill me.. If that was the case.. I should've let this village kill me" naruto says but kurotsuchi remains silent.

"Your grandfather says my father's sins are my sins.. Then his are yours but unlike your cousin.. You aren't blinded by things" naruto says.

"What does that mean" kurotsuchi says. Naruto blows several smoke rings with a roll of his neck, "Because of having the Kyūbi sealed in me.. I can sense emotions.. You aren't like your cousin.. He was blinded by his ego.. Same with his comrades.. You weren't as gung-ho to blindly follow the same path as them" he says and pauses.

"You can see the forest for the trees.. You aren't blind to the world around you" naruto adds. Kurotsuchi folds her arms with a glare towards the blond, "What is this.. Trying to turn me to your side" she says.

"No.. You're just a bargaining chip" naruto says and kurotsuchi furrows her brow, gnashing her teeth slightly.

"The Hokage plans to call for a Five-Kage Summit" naruto says and rises from his seat.

"What?!.. A Kage Summit" kurotsuchi says. Naruto taps his ashes and grabs the chair, "Yes.. She wants to prevent all-out war" he says, walking off with the chair. Silence soon reigns and kurotsuchi lays down, "What will happen.. How will Gramps react" she thought.

#Unknown Location#

"How do you feel" tobi says. Sasuke admires his new arm as the Sharingan eye moving on top of his left hand, "Strange" he says. Tobi glances to his missing sleeve with a silent growl, "Tell me what happened with the Hachibi" he says. Sasuke slips on a dark blue shirt with the uchiha symbol on the back, "He fights strangely and he resisted my Sharingan" he says.

"That's to be expected.. The Hachibi Killer-B is a perfect jinchūriki.. He's the partner of the Raikage and could keep up with the Kiiroi Senkō during the war.. If Naruto is capable of the same.. Then he'll even more dangerous" tobi says. Sasuke gnashes his teeth in anger, "No matter I will crush the dobe and march into Konoha with the Kyūbi" he hisses. Tobi mentally groans with a look to sasuke, "What preconceived notions you have about Naruto during your formative years.. Forget them.. He obviously hid his True strength" he says.

"No matter.. Only an Uchiha can defeat an Uchiha" sasuke says.

"Have you forgotten I lost to Hashirama.. Do not underestimate Naruto" tobi says. Sasuke leaves the room and makes his way to find his taka, while tobi goes to find kisame. Tobi finds kisame outside their hideout with his gaze on the setting sun, "What do you have" tobi asks.

"You were right.. Kakuzu is dead and the Gaki cashed it in" kisame starts and tobi clenches his remaining fist.

"He's even entered S-rank territory too" kisame adds. Tobi looks up at now night sky with a sigh, "Deidara may be dead as well.. Curse Naruto.. He's torn through Akatsuki single-handedly" he hisses.

"So what now.. Do we go dark and recruit more members" kisame asks but tobi remains silent. At the same time sasuke finds his taka, "How are you feeling Sasuke" shizuka asks.

"Better but I need to get use to this new arm.. However we need to begin preparations for Konoha" sasuke says.

"Do you have a plan" suigetsu asks and sasuke looks to shizuka.

"Send word to those still loyal to you.. I want them to spread rumors that Konoha's spies will hear.. I want to meet Naruto in the Valley of End.. One month from now" sasuke says.

"Are you sure" guren says.

"Yes.. We will cripple the dobe and it'll allow us an easier time in destroying Konoha" sasuke says.

"He needs to pay" guren says.

"He will Guren.. Now we're leaving to prepare" sasuke says and all of them nod. Back with tobi and kisame the source of the kyūbi attack looks to his missing limb.

"For now we'll play things by ear.. You see an opportunity to face Naruto.. Take it and bring his barely living corpse to me" tobi says and kisame chuckles.

"Of course.. Lord Mizukage" kisame says, with a shark-like grin.

#Konoha Council Room#

Tsunade sits with her eyes closed as the council slowly trickles in, behind her were itachi and konan with the latter having a eyepatch over his blank eye. The blonde opens her eyes as all the council takes a seat and clears her throat, "I've called this Council Meeting to discuss a few matters and things going forward" tsunade starts.

"I'm sure it concerns the two behind you" tsume says and tsunade slowly nods.

"Among other things.. So I'll start with the elephant in the room.. Being Itachi Uchiha" tsunade continues, glancing to her sensei.

"Itachi's actions to slaughter the Uchiha Clan were undertaken as ordered actions by former members of Konoha's council" tsunade says but pauses.

"Danzō" shikaku comments and both kage nod.

"Yes.. I commissioned both Itachi and the Deceased Shisui Uchiha to spy on the Uchiha Clan" hiruzen starts.

"Spy on one of the Great Clans" tsume says, agitated by this revelation.

"Yes.. After the Kyūbi attack there were rumblings that the Uchiha clan were responsible.. Danzō took advantage of my weakness and the village's fears to push the Uchiha out the village proper and create distrust" hiruzen explains.

"Father saw this as further distrust of the clan.. He started to speak of a Coup" itachi says.

"A coup" chōza says.

"Yes.. I did everything I could to prevent this.. That is when Shisui came to me with a solution" hiruzen says.

"Shisui's Mangekyō Sharingan possessed a Terrifying ability.. Something both Danzō and Tobi coveted" itachi says.

"Who is Tobi" shikaku asks.

"The orchestrator of the Kyūbi Attack and helped Itachi massacre the Uchiha clan" naruto says, shocking the older council members.

"Naruto-kun is correct.. Tobi came to me not long before Danzō ordered me to slaughter the clan.. He agreed to help me and train me with in Akatsuki.. It is where I met Konan-chan" itachi explains.

"Konan was one of early students along with two others.. I left them to liberate their home country.. I should've inform Sensei and we could've aided them" jiraiya says.

"Don't blame yourself Jiraiya-sensei.. Blame Danzō and Tobi or as he introduced himself.. Madara Uchiha" konan says and the room goes deathly silent.

"That's Impossible.. H-he died in battle with the Shodaime" tsume shouts.

"It is not impossible.. Madara may have survived by using Izanagi.. It is a forbidden technique that allows one to overwrite reality" itachi says.

"Then Madara could've taught this Tobi.. Frightening" inoichi says.

"That's not all.. I learned from a creature known as Zetsu.. Tobi intended for Nagato to revive Madara" naruto starts and a chill enters the room.

"Then once that happened.. They would seal the Nine Bijū into a thing known as the Gedō-Mazō and revive a Bijū known as the Jūbi.. Then he would become the Jūbi's Jinchūriki" naruto finishes.

"Madness" hiruzen whispers but naruto chuckles.

"However I destroyed the Rinnegan and sooner or later I will kill Tobi" naruto says.

"Regardless.. I plan to announce to the village as a whole.. The Whole Truth of the Uchiha Massacre.. Itachi will have his chakra sealed for Two years and retake his position as heir of the Uchiha Clan.. We will revisit the notion of the CRA at a later date" tsunade says.

"I would like Konan-chan's existence to remain hidden until Tobi has been dealt with" itachi says and tsunade nods.

"I won't reveal you're alive until both he and Sasuke have been dealt with" tsunade adds and itachi slowly nods.

"I suspect Tobi has met Sasuke and told him the truth.. This will further twist Sasuke into darkness.. He may even attack the village in his Hatred" itachi says.

"We will prepare for that eventuality.. Now the next order of business is Iwa's invasion of Taki" tsunade says and explains naruto's team endeavors.

"Ōnoki won't stay idle.. He may see that open invitation for all-out war" chōza says.

"Ōnoki isn't arrogant enough to do that.. Not with the Pup capable of the Hiraishin and can create a thousand clones.. Hell not even Kumo would rush into that" tsume says.

"Regardless.. I intend to call for a Five-Kage summit to prevent such.. Ōnoki's granddaughter Kurotsuchi is still alive and can be used to prevent war.. I petitioned Iron country as the place and allow each country up to Three guards" tsunade says.

"Who would be your guards" inoichi asks.

"I've already chosen Sensei.. Kakashi and Naruto" tsunade replies.

"That could incense Iwa" shikaku says.

"Regardless.. Those are my choices.. Jiraiya will act as temporary Hokage but the council will approve anything first" tsunade says.

"You don't trust me Hime" jiraiya says and tsunade glares at him.

"I will set things for Two months from now.. Until then we need to be prepared for attacks from either Iwa or Kumo" tsunade says and all of them nod, before she dismisses the council.

"What did you leave out brat" tsunade says, as she, jiraiya, hiruzen, itachi and konan remain in the room.

"Other than Madara intended to usher in everlasting peace.. No I didn't leave anything out" naruto says.

"Since we don't know how the Rinnegan is manifested.. Madara's revival is halted but he could be brought back as an Edo Tensei" hiruzen says.

"Then we need better guard the Sacred Scroll" jiraiya says.

"It's at home" naruto muses, slipping a cigarette in his mouth but looks up to see everyone gawking at him.

"You Stole the Sacred Scroll" tsunade shouts. Naruto shrugs his shoulders as he rises from his seat, "Mizuki wanted me to steal it.. Besides My place is one of the most secure places in the village" he says, excusing himself.

"I'm starting to shudder when he becomes Hokage" tsunade says.

"It can't be that bad Hime.. He's got his father's brains" jiraiya says.

"And his mother's personality" tsunade adds, causing jiraiya to freeze.

"Kushina-sama was not that bad of a person" itachi says and hiruzen slowly nods, as konan was confused.

"Don't worry about it Konan-chan.. Your kohai isn't that bad" jiraiya says.

"That I am not too sure of.. He seems very odd compared what we had on him" konan says.

"You have No idea" the three older ninja thought.


Naruto arrives back at his house but finds his fellow rookies inside, "Why are you all here" he asks, taking off his boots.

"We need to talk Naruto.. It's about the battle in Taki" shikamaru says. Naruto ruffles his hair with a glance to the NUGC but sighs, "Fine.. Shoot" he says, plopping in his recliner.

"Anko said you could tank a high level Katon Jutsu" tenten says and naruto sighs, looking around and sees their looks.

"Give me a kunai" naruto says and anko tosses him one, "One way for you to understand is to show you this way" he adds, raising the kunai.

"What?!.. Wait" chōji shouts. Naruto brings the kunai down on his forearm but it only scrapes against his skin, "Let's just say I can harden my skin" he says.

"Is it a Kekkei Genkai" shino asks, showing shock on his face.

"The easy way to explain this as well.. You all know Chakra is made up of both physical and spiritual energies" naruto starts but makes a face, "I got a better idea.. Ino can you show everyone my memories" he adds.

"Sure but I'll need some chakra" ino says and naruto beckons for her to sit in front of him. Ino kneels down and naruto places his hands on her back as she flashes signs, stopping at ram as naruto sends chakra into her body.

"Shindenshin no Jutsu" ino declares. Konoha's rookies, karin and tayuya gasp as they are treated to naruto's past life from his birth and growing in the rukon. His life as a member of the rokukage, entering the Seireitei and kill the former captain of squad eleven. Meeting his fellow captains, fighting various hollows, faking his death to fighting his greatest opponent through the three realms and finally his first death. Ino releases her jutsu and falls back into naruto, who slipped down to catch her.

"W-why didn't tell us" tenten says.

"Would you have believed me" naruto says.

"T-then all what we knew about you.. I-it was lie" chōji says.

"Not completely.. I wore a mask to keep myself safe but to those who were genuine I was genuine as I could" naruto says.

"So the times the teachers thought were flukes during tests was the real you" shikamaru says and naruto nods.

"If Naru-kun showed his full power.. Then the village would either kill him or have impregnate women to pass it on" anko says.

"Or turn me into a mindless drone" naruto comments.

"Mindless drone" tenten says.

"Jinchūriki are considered walking weapons.. A deceased elder named Danzō wanted me as his personal attack dog" naruto explains.

"Why" chōji asks but naruto shrugs his shoulders.

"Why" kiba whispers and everyone turns to him.

"Why what Kiba-kun" hinata asks.

"Why is Naruto so strong" kiba shouts.

"Because I worked for it Dog Breath.. In both lives" naruto says.

"He's right Kibbles.. Naru-kun is the ultimate Alpha and you can accept it or don't.. Either way Naru-kun is stronger than you and will become Hokage" anko says.

"This village would be stupid not to make Scar Hokage" tayuya comments.

"I won't deny that" naruto comments and gets to his feet, to help ino on to the recliner.

"Since you're all here.. I'll you all some Phillies" naruto says.

"What's a Philly" chōji asks.

"A pretty good sandwich.. You'll love it" ino says.

"I agree.. Naruto-kun is quite the chef" haku says and hinata nods, along with karin and tayuya. The group would get to know naruto better as kiba continues to whine but soon accepted was a different kind of alpha from him, which naruto accepted. Naruto also noticed karin and tayuya drag lee upstairs, with them not emerging until the morning after and the bowl-cut looking like a new man.

#Iwa - One Week Later#

Ōnoki could barely contain his rage at the recently arrived letter from konoha, "She dare calls a Summit" he hisses. Kitsuchi silently reads the letter and breaths a sigh of relief that kurotsuchi was still alive but mourned his nephew kū.

"Surely you don't wish to send our people into another war.. Especially with the son of the Kiiroi Senkō.. You saw the reports from the survivors" kitsuchi says. Ōnoki grips his fist with a few calming breaths, "What will you have me do.. The Demon killed Kū and has Kurotsuchi hostage.. Doing who knows what" he says.

"Konoha won't allow harm to come to her.. The Sandaime is still alive and will want to resolve things with talks instead of open warfare despite the Senju as Kage" kitsuchi says.

"He's right-dani.. The council won't call for war with the Demon Flash on the loose" akatsuchi says.

"Increasing his bounty has done nothing.. He's entered the S-rank realm" kitsuchi says.

"What about the Raikage.. He fought the Kiiroi Senkō during the war.. He may know the weakness of the Hiraishin" kitsuchi adds.

"If we had Roshi and Han.. We could overwhelm him-dani" akatsuchi comments. Ōnoki clenches the letter with a look of anger, "Ei has indeed fought that yellow bastard.. Their failed operation in Frost showed them that his bastard son is powerful" he says.

"I can bring up to three bodyguards.. The same for Ei and she didn't restrict on who.. So that means she will bring that bastard boy.. Meaning Ei can bring his brother.. Perhaps that can work" ōnoki adds.

"What will work.. You don't mean to assassinate the boy" kitsuchi says.

"We'll simply goad the bastard.. If he reacts.. We'll kill him" ōnoki says.

In Kumo ei was receiving the same letter as ōnoki but unlike the tsuchikage was already planning to turn things in kumo's favor. Ei leans back in his chair with a look to darui and B, "Things are moving interestingly" ei says.

"Konoha wants to avoid all-out war" darui says.

"Even though they got Mr. Nine-o" B comments.

"The Hokage is a student of the Sandaime.. Even though they have the power to crush other nations.. They don't and that's their weakness.. Hashirama and Tobirama Senju.. Hiruzen Sarutobi.. Minato Namikaze.. All of them had power.. Yet did they use it to Crush the neck of their enemies" ei says and both shake their heads.

"No they did not.. Yet Konoha has remained one of the strongest villages.. Too long have they dictated the pace.. It's time Kumo change things" ei adds.

"How so Brother" B asks. Ei rises from his chair and makes his way to the window to look down at his village, "We're going to kill Naruto Uzumaki" he says, shocking both.

"How Boss.. Iron is neutral ground and Suna or Kiri will not allow such an act to happen" darui says.

"That may be true but Uzumaki can't go back to Konoha.. Iwa will be of the same mind as us.. He's shown how dangerous he is and now he has reached S-rank like his father" ei says.

"He has the Kyūbi Bro.. Gyūki-sama is worried" B states.

"It doesn't matter B.. The Hachibi will have to handle it.. We'll strike him down before he can use the Kyūbi" ei says and B slowly nods.

"So how will we do this" darui asks. Ei slowly turns to darui and B with a smirk on his face, "Let me worry about that" he says.

#Konoha - Two Weeks Later#

The sound of punches and kicks echo through the forest of death as naruto fights the boys as the NUGC watches. Naruto weaves through the flurry of punches, before dodging roundhouse kicks from tsuchi and honō into several back flips but vanishes mid-flip.

"Naruto-kun trains hard some times" hinata comments.

"Wearing just his weights doing normal things gets boring" anko says. Kōri slams into naruto with a spear but naruto digs his boots into the ground, before slamming down a a double-sledge blow and grabs him for a powerbomb. Kaze appears with delayed dropkick to the face, staggering naruto as yami connects with a big-boot to the gut and doubling over their original over. Yami lifts naruto for a powerbomb of their own as tsuchi and honō grab naruto's shoulders for a triple-powerbomb but naruto changes into a wooden log.

"What are they doing" ino says but the others shrug their shoulders. Rakurai is the first to feel it as naruto connects with an RKO into a snap big-boot to tsuchi. Honō eats a spear as kōri grabs naruto for a release german-suplex but the original stays on his feet and connects with a superkick to yami, then a clothesline from hell to kaze. Kōri charges naruto for his own spear but naruto leap frogs over him and connects with a stunner as he turns back around.

"Mou!.. What's with the wrestling moves" rakurai cries. Naruto rolls his shoulder with a smirk, "It's fun to do.. You rather have a full-on fight" he says and rakurai rapidly shakes his head.

"Oi.. Oi.. Oi.. Remember that time after fighting Kenpachi" honō says.

"Yeah Old man Yama was pissed~degesu" yami comments. The NUGC drop down to the clearing as the naruto clones reminisce about the past, "Naruto-kun.. I'm curious.. What's with the Boys" haku asks. Naruto jerks his thumb to the boys, "In a way they are like different sides of me.. Personality or way of speaking" he says.

"Oi.. Oi.. Oi.. We're just cool" honō comments.

"Yare-yare.. The boss is sorta right.. You saw his childhood in the rukon.. That would cause other personalities to form" kōri says.

"I can agree with that.. The environment he lived in could cause those mental issues to deal with the suffering" ino says. Naruto snaps his fingers and the boys start to dispel by turning to sand, wisps fire, wind and ice with yami melting into shadow.

"Right" naruto says but tilts his head as neko appears.

"What's up Yūgao-nee" anko says.

"Godaime-sama wishes to see you" neko says. Naruto rolls his neck with a sigh, "Right.. I'll see you all at home" he says and four nod, as he vanishes followed by neko. Naruto reappears on the roof of the hokage tower and slips through the window, where tsunade and jiraiya were waiting.

"You didn't call me here to witness you reenact one of your books Ero-sennin" naruto says and tsunade shoots him a dark look.

"No.. Our spies picked up some rumors" jiraiya says, stifling a laugh.

"What sort of rumors" naruto asks, leaning on the windowsill. Tsunade leans back in her chair with a serious look, "Sasuke Uchiha has surfaced" she says and naruto's eyes narrows.

"Our spies learned he wants to settle things in the Valley End" jiraiya says.

"When" naruto says, pushing off the windowsill. Jiraiya rubs the shoulder of his missing arm, "Three days from now but the rumors have been spreading for almost a month" he says. Naruto tilts his head as a faint smile forms on his face but both sannin could see the maniacal look in his eyes, "I wonder if he'll measure up" he muses.

"Naruto this could be a trap" tsunade says and naruto giggles.

"I hope so.. I'm doing playing around with Sasuke.. I told him when next we meet it would be for the books" naruto says and turns to the window.

"Don't worry.. I'll bring the NUGC with me" naruto says and leaps out. Tsunade pinches her nose with a groan, "The Uchiha doesn't stand a chance" she says.

"I would agree.. He's provoking someone who shouldn't be provoked" jiraiya says and makes a face, "Say do you want to take Naruto's advice and reenact one of my books" he adds.

"Fine" tsunade mutters and jiraiya gawks with a shout, causing her groan in anger and blame naruto.


"So Sasuke called you out" anko says.

"Finally must think he can take me" naruto says and anko giggles.

"When does he want to meet" haku asks.

"In three days in the Valley of End.. We leave tomorrow" naruto replies.

"We" ino says and naruto smirks.

"Yeah.. The five of us are gonna deal with Sasuke and his little group.. Some of their members have personal grudges against me.. One wants to kill me for Pedomaru.. Anko and Ino can clap her for that" he says.

Kukuku.. I look forward to that"" anko says.

"The one called Suigetsu can go to Haku.. He is the younger of Mangetsu Hōzuki.. A member of the Seven Swordsmen.. Hinata can handle the one called Shizuka.. Ero-sennin had some debt to her village" naruto explains.

"What sort of debt" hinata asks.

"She's from Nadeshiko village.. A matriarchal village.. Ero-sennin and their leader fought years ago but it was stalemate.. They agreed their students would settle debt" naruto replies.

"What happened if he lost or you did" haku asks.

"He would've been brought to their village to be a glorified stud to make children" naruto says and all four got angry looks on their faces.

"I handle her Naruto-kun" hinata says, with a dark look and naruto grins.

"Sasuke and Jūgo are mine.. I've been living in Jūgo's head rent free since I killed Kimimaro" naruto says.

"So when do we leave" ino asks.

"About an hour after dawn.. Be prepared for a serious battle" naruto replies and all of them nod. Naruto makes them dinner of burgers with all the fixings, before ino and hinata went home to get a good night's sleep. Haku and anko dragged naruto for some night before battle pumps with naruto wearing them out.

#Flashback - Music: Bleach OST Jigoku Hen Incantation Part C (Opus 1)#

Mitsuomi stares at his opponent with a serious look on his face, "A Sternritter huh" he says. Across from mitsuomi was Sternritter F Äs Nödt, his form hidden by a long white trench-coat with numerous buttons but his part of his face visible. He has long black hair to his mid-back and black eyes with light eyebrows, "You are the Squad Eleven Captain" äs nödt says, his voice very wheezy. Mitsuomi slowly draws his sword with a smirk on his face, "That's me alright.. Now then it's time you..." he says, before being pierced by several of äs nödt's light thorns.

"It seems you were all talk" äs nödt says but gasps, as only mitsuomi's hoari remains in front of him. Mitsuomi appears behind äs nödt with his black claymore raised but the fear ducks under the sweeping strike, causing mitsuomi to grin as several slashes open up on äs nödt's body. He leaps with a spin and skid to fire several thorns but mitsuomi dodges them in an attempt to close the gap, "The closer I get to this freak.. This sensation creeps into my limbs" mitsuomi thought, firing his darkness dragon dance but äs nödt dodges.

"You are starting to feel it now.. Are you not" äs nödt says, dodging mitsuomi's downward swing. Mitsuomi slowly turns with narrowed eyes, "Feel what" he says.

"Trace you memories.. It something you have lost.. It is a feeling all things know" äs nödt says and spreads his willowy arms out.

"Fear!" äs nödt declares, as a light thorn slashes open mitsuomi's left shoulder. Mitsuomi glance to bleeding shoulder but shifts his gaze back to äs nödt, "Fear?!" he says. Äs Nödt laughs deeply as the wind blows his hair and coat, "Yes and you are quite resilient.. Most who receive an attack from my arrows.. Would cry out and go insane from all the fear" he says.

"They doubt Everything but your Will is quite strong" äs nödt sneers. Mitsuomi shoots forward and swings towards äs nödt but his form changes into his wife, causing him to halt his swing.

"Ret..." mitsuomi starts but his eyes widen, as her skin slowly rots away to the bone. A squelch shakes mitsuomi back as äs nödt pierces his lung with his hand, causing blood to spew from mitsuomi's mouth.

"You may have overcome fear through experiences but that is a delusion.. You overcome it with Reason.. However True Fear has No Reason" äs nödt states. Mitsuomi feels as if thousands of flies were crawling up his body but dark laughter erupts, "Kehahahaha.. Are you actually gonna let this freak Beat You" it howls. Mitsuomi grabs äs nödt's hand and rips from it his chest as his reiatsu flares, forcing äs nödt back and fire his light thorns. Several find the mark and pierce mitsuomi through his chest, legs and cutting through the right side of face and destroying his eye.

"Before you Die Shinigami Captain.. Use your Bankai.. So I may take it for myself" äs nödt sneers. Shadows cover mitsuomi's face as his body slowly drifts to its knees but he halts as the white of his left eye turns black. Mitsuomi slowly steadies himself as his breathing is wheezy at best, "Ban.. Kai" he sputters. Zetsuei glows brightly and shifts into her true bankai form of a large double edge bladed weapon with a long pommel, having a crescent moon on the end. Äs Nödt pulls a pendant from his coat with a wheezing but gasps as it doesn't take it, "What?!" he utters, before blood spews through his mask. Zetsuei's massive blade was through his chest as a distorted but wheezing laugh echoes.

"What's matter.. I thought you gonna take my Bankai" mitsuomi says, slowly lifting his head.

"What?!.. Hollow" äs nödt hisses. Mitsuomi tilts his destroyed face as his mask partially forms, "Bingo.. I am like Kurosaki" he says and grips zetsuei tighter, as black and purple energy flow from the blade.

"Consider yourself lucky.. You can Experience Fear like everyone you killed" mitsuomi shouts. Äs Nödt's body seizes as fear starts to creep into his body as a familiar wailing echoes and the last thing he heard was, "Dark Dragonstrike" before vanishing with the haunting wail. [music ends]

#End Flashback#

Naruto opens his eyes and raises his hand to touch near his scar, "It's ironic.. If I survived.. I may have ended up with a similar scar" he thought.

"Or worse.. He destroyed most of your face" zetsuei says.

"To fight something that can bring about True Fear is interesting" kurama comments. Naruto sits up and swings his legs over the edge but glances back to a sleeping anko and haku, "Short as it was.. Yes it was" he thought, grabbing a shirt. Naruto makes his way downstairs with a small yawn, "What made you think of that Quincy" zetsuei asks. Naruto ruffles his mess of blond hair, "Sasuke.. We'll be fighting soon" he thought.

"You're not seriously comparing that runt of an Uchiha to the man that killed you" kurama says. Naruto snorts as he opens the fridge, "No.. Think the other way around.. I am gonna put True Fear into him.. Then he can die" he thought, grabbing a pitcher of water.

"Oh.. Good then and please do that Tobi as well" kurama comments, as naruto downs the water.

"We'll see" naruto thought, heading to the bathroom. The blond takes a shower and shaves the sides and back to his head, giving himself an undercut as anko and haku start to stir. He then heads down to make them a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs adding cheese to it, toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam.

"So Naru-kun do we even know when the Uchiha will show up" anko asks, taking a seat at the table.

"Won't matter.. We'll be hidden until he shows up" naruto says. Haku soon joins them and the three finish off their breakfast to get ready. Anko is the first downstairs wearing a white sleeveless blouse with purple corset vest, stocking arm sleeves and black gloves. A black overall skirt, garter straps, black stockings having a gradient into purple and lace up black boots with purple laces.

"Hana will watch you ok" anko says, rubbing kuroshiro's head.

"Do me concern" kuroshiro says.

"Don't worry.. Naru-kun will keep us safe" anko says and kuroshiro licks her cheek, before anko makes a clone to take to hana's place. Haku comes down wearing a dark blue kimono, which extends to her mid-thigh, a white nagajuban underneath and a white obi adorned with black snow flakes and white stockings.

"Ready to hit it" naruto says, walking down and wearing a black, full bodysuit with white cargo shorts, that cinch at the knee. A white front-open apron with black whirlpools and a sleeveless white, high-collar jacket having a black fur around the hood and the squad eleven symbol emblazed on the back, his horned hitai-ate around his forehead.

"Damn right Naru-kun.. Time the little Uchiha comes home as a corpse" anko says, as they slip on their shoes and lock up. The three make their way through the relatively quiet village as most were still sleeping. Ino and hinata were waiting for them at the main gate of the village and the blond could the seriousness in their eyes. Ino wears wears a high-collar, purple blouse, with a long purple skirt and black shorts underneath, calf-length kunoichi boots and forearm mesh arm wear with a black trench-coat having a purple inner lining.

"Today we avenge Sakura" ino says. Hinata wears a light lavender, sleeveless kimono-style blouse with vertical lines, tied with a dark purple obi around her waist. A pair of short dark navy shorts with thigh-high stockings and black high-heeled boots. pink finger-less forearm length gloves. Lastly a hip length dark blue coat with the yin-yang symbol on the back.

"We're ready Naruto-kun" hinata says. Naruto rolls his neck a few times and looks back to see itachi in Anbu gear, "Yeah let's head out" he says, as they rush out of the gate.

#Valley of End - Promised Day#

Naruto sits on a rock with his hood up and a cigarette burning between his lips, his left leg bent up and his fingers interlocked in front of his left knee with zetsuei across his back. The sound of splashing catches his ears over the river and he looks up to see sasuke and his taka, all wearing akatsuki cloaks.

"Yo Sasuke" naruto says, pulling down his hood and blowing a stream of smoke. The NUGC appear behind their blond as the stand-off begins, "So what's this all about.. You plan to give up" naruto muses. Sasuke looks over the five but then to his taka, "You said when next we meet.. It would be for the books.. Now that I have killed Itachi.. You're next Dobe" sasuke says.

"So he doesn't know" kurama says.

"I guess Tobi didn't tell him" naruto thought and takes a deep drag, pulling the cigarette out with a large exhale of smoke.

"Kill me you say.. Hmmhmmhmm" naruto muses, glancing the remaining taka members.

"Them too" naruto adds, pointing his cigarette.

"Of course.. You killed Orochimaru-sama" guren shouts.

"Your death will absolve me of your Sensei's debt" shizuka says, with a blank look on her face. Anko titters with flap of her coat with wis poking out on her left hip, "Well if you want to avenge that Bastard.. You'll have to go through me and blondie here" she says.

"That's fine by me Anko Mitarashi.. I'll deposit your corpse at his feet" guren shot and anko grins, pointing behind her.

"Follow us Bitch" anko says and the three vanish. Hinata levels a serious look to shizuka, "If you wish to absolve the debt created by Jiraiya-sama then you will have to face me Hinata Hyūga and Naruto-kun's fiancée" hinata states.

"That is acceptable.. I will defeat you and then him" shizuka says and both vanish.

"Hehehehe.. All the ladies have left.. Well except one" suigetsu comments.

"Then let's change that.. I Haku Yuki Momochi challenge you Suigetsu Hōzuki to a duel" haku declares and suigetsu arch an eyebrow but grins, showing his teeth.

"Fine.. I plan to collect all the Seven Swords.. Who better than to start is someone related to Zabuza-sempai" suigetsu says. Haku slowly slips on her hunter mask, "We will see" she says and both vanish.

"And then there were three.. So how do you want to do this Sasuke.. Both of you vs me or I warm up with Jūgo and then fight you" naruto says, taking a small drag.

"You can face Jūgo.. Who am I to deny him his Revenge.. I will watch from the summit of my ancestor as he crushes you.. Then you have my permission to die at my hand" sasuke says and vanishes in a swirl of flames.

"Hmph.. What an arrogant boss you have" naruto says, sliding off the rock and dusting off his rear. Jūgo rips off his cloak to reveal black pants and sandals with a muscle shirt having button on sleeves.

"I will make you pay for taking Kimimaro from me" jūgo hisses. Naruto puts his cigarette out on his tongue with a wild look on his face, "Well come and Try" he croons, tossing the butt away.

#Guren vs Anko and Ino(Fights Happen Concurrently#

"Shōton: Hashō Kōryū" guren shouts. Ino and anko dodge the crystal dragon as it crashes through the trees, "Hana Ninpō: Hana-Senpū" ino shouts, creating a whirlwind of flower petals. Guren sinks underground to dodge the whirlwind but anko meets her, "Sen'ei Jashu" both shout, sending snakes from their sleeves.

"The bastard taught you well" anko sneers and guren sneers right back.

"And he abandoned you.. I am Orochimaru-sama's Left Hand" guren says, as both back leap but guren's gaze shifts to ino.

"And you're Ino Yamanaka.. She often speaks about you" guren says and ino narrows her eyes.

"She?!" ino questions. Guren smirks and flashes several signs to slap her hands together, "As I said.. I am Orochimaru-sama Left Hand and he taught me this" she sneers.

"Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei" guren declares and both gasp in shock. A coffin rises from the ground as anko and ino go on guard, "Damn it.. Who could that bitch have summoned" anko hisses. The coffin lid clatters on the ground and ino's eyes widen in horror as the weathered body of sakura steps out, "Oh.. It's Ino-pig" she says. Guren pulls the control-kunai from her sleeve in sticks it into sakura's head and she fully comes to life.

"S-sakura" ino says, her body trembling. Anko clenches her fists with a dark look to guren's mocking gaze, "So the Runt of an Uchiha is very much like that Bastard" anko says.

"Don't talk about Sasuke-kun like that" sakura snaps.

"Sasuke killed you and turned into this" ino shouts.

"Enough talk.. Deal with the Yamanaka" guren orders and sakura nods, raising her fist and channeling chakra.

"Cha" sakura shouts, punching the ground and shattering the ground. Ino and anko quickly dodge to a tree, "She can use Tsunade-sama's super strength" ino says.

"Far from it.. A poor substitute but that is not her only skill" guren says, looking up at them. Sakura takes a deep breath and unleashes a echoing screech of sound, shattering the tree anko and ino were on.

"Fucking hell they weaponized her annoying voice" anko shouts.


[Music: Kokuten - Naruto Ost]

"Rrarghh" jūgo roars, bringing his transformed arm forward. Naruto only smirks and back skips as the fist crashes into the ground, shattering it as the berserker yanks it free. Jūgo gnashes his teeth as his skin completely dark with his sclera black as night, his eyes a shining gold making him similar to a hollow. Naruto produces a hiraishin knife as jūgo continues to transform, his upper-body straining on his shirt and finally ripping it. Horns coming out of his hair as a black stripe forms on his face.

"I'll Kill you!" jūgo roars, rocketing forward via jets on his legs. Naruto leaps over jūgo's charge and ducks under his back knife-edge chop, kicking him into the gut but jūgo grabs naruto to spin him violently. However jūgo gets a knife through his cheeks as naruto vanishes into a skid, before ripping the knife free but naruto flashes to it into a delayed dropkick, staggering the berserker.

"Ora" naruto crows, connecting with a furious combination to jūgo's chest and stomach. Jūgo changes his right arm into several segment plates and brings it down but naruto dodges back as it spiderwebs the ground, before rocketing once again with his jet buster jump. Naruto throws up a cross-arm block as jūgo slams into him, pushing them across the ground and digging a rut with his boots.

"Haahaha.. Die" jūgo roars, as several protrusions form and turn to face naruto. The blond jerks as he is engulfed by blast of chakra from the protrusions, shattering the ground around them. Naruto falls out of the smoke as jūgo cackles but it dies in his throat as naruto pops with a puff of smoke, "What?!" jūgo shouts, before his teeth click from an upper-cut.

"Sōkotsu" naruto utters, slamming both his fists to jūgo's chest and stomach. The berserker had no time to think as he careens across the river into the stone wall, being dead as he made contact.

"Well that wasn't a full Sōkotsu.. Otherwise there wouldn't be anything left" naruto thought, pocketing his hands and looking up.

"So the Warm-up is done.. Shall we start" naruto shouts and flexes his power, shattering the ground with three craters and a wide grin on his face. Naruto vanishes with shunpo and appears on hashirama's head with hands still pocketed, before removing his right hand and holding five fingers.

"I'll make it easy on you.. I'll give Five minutes.. After that I'll start using my Real power" naruto says and sasuke simply glares.[music ends]

#Hinata vs Shizuka - Music: Last Moment - Yousei Teikoku#

The wind blows through the lush green clearing the two princesses find, remnants of a battle of around them.

"Why do you protect him.. He owes me a debt" shizuka says. Hinata slowly slips off her coat with her lavender eyes on shizuka's green eyes, "Because I love Naruto-kun and I will defend him with my life" she says, activating her Byakugan and slipping into her jūken.

"I take no joy in this but Naruto Uzumaki must Die to absolve the Debt" shizuka says.

"Is that why you joined forces with Sasuke Uchiha" hinata questions and shizuka nods rushing forward into a leap and downward kick.

"Nadeshiko-Ryū Kōha Senkaigiri" shizuka shouts, connecting with a falling kick, as hinata dodges to her left and the ground spiderwebs. Hinata shifts to get her footing and sends a two-finger strike towards the nadeshiko princess. Shizuka quickly maneuvers out of its path into several backflips, into tossing her akatsuki cloak aside. She wears a form-fitting grey-color kunoichi uniform with a right shoulder-guard and grey gloves. Hinata rushes forward with a flurry of strikes and shizuka feels the twinges of her tenketsu's closing, "Nadeshiko-Ryū Kōha Reppūken" shizuka shouts, sending a knife like strike. Hinata maneuvers right as the strike sails pass her but it opens up her right shoulder, "She's a Fūton user like Naruto-kun" she thought, seeing the spraying blood.

"Nadeshiko-Ryū Shinku Enbu" shizuka declares but hinata quickly counters with her kaiten.

"You are indeed skilled but you will not keep me from absolving my debt" shizuka shouts.

"It is not your debt to resolve.. It was kunoichi that fought Jiraiya-sama" hinata states, keeping her jūken ready with her injured arm and heal with her other.

"It does fall to me.. My sensei is dead and her Fate falls to me" shizuka shouts and weaves signs, before cupping her mouth with her left hand.

"Ressenpū" shizuka thought, blowing a burst of wind. Hinata flashes signs to hare and inhales, "Suiton: Mizurappa" she thought, spewing water and it collides with shizuka's wind. The combination creates a small shower of rain as both women look each other in the eye, "Fate.. You sound very much like Neji-niisan did at one time.. He often believed fate ruled his life but Naruto-kun and I showed him that is not the case" hinata says.

"Words are useless" shizuka shouts and shoots forward, as hinata does the same and enter into elegant dance of taijutsu. Hinata breaks open shizuka's guard and connects with a palm-strike to her stomach, blowing the air out of the nadeshiko kunoichi.

"Nadeshiko-Ryū Kōha Reppūken" shizuka shouts, thrusting her hand foward. Hinata cries out as she is blown back and several cuts open up on her body as she slams into the ground. Hinata slowly gets to her feet as a blue rhombus appears on her forehead, "You are strong Shizuka-san.. So I will use a little of this" she says and places her palms together. Shizuka's green eyes narrow but they widen as black markings spread from hinata's forehead to accent her Byakugan.

"It's useless" shizuka shouts and leaps, "Enbu: Ni no Dan" she declares, spinning like a top and firing kunai en-masse.

"Shugohakke Rokujūyon Shō" hinata shouts, firing her hands rapidly. Shizuka lands with a shocked look as her kunai were deflected but hinata rushes forward as the last kunai lands, "Jūho Sōshiken" hinata shouts, creating her gentle step. Shizuka gasps as hinata connects with several strikes to her body, throwing her back with two hops.

"Please stay down.. I don't wish to harm you further" hinata says, as shizuka glares at her but yields. Hinata releases a steady breath as her byakugō seal recedes, "Please use this lost to reevaluate your life.. You do not need to live be fate" she says and turns on her heels. Shizuka gets to one knee but sees one of her kunai and reaches for it, before shooting forward.

"Never!.. Fate Can not be Changed!" shizuka shouts.

"Hakke Kūshō" hinata utters, before slamming her palm into shizuka's chest. The nadeshiko kunoichi's eyes white out a blast of chakra erupts out her back, before crumpling to the ground. Hinata remains unmoving for a few seconds but slowly kneels down to turn shizuka on her back to see the life-less stare.

"It seems you could not live without fate" hinata whispers and saying a small prayer, before sealing shizuka's body in a stasis scroll.

"I should find the others" hinata thought, rising to her feet and recovering her coat.[music ends]

#Haku vs Suigetsu#

The kiri born ninja stand near a small lake as haku holds her tonfa swords in her hands and suigetsu has a katana with a round guard.

"I heard stories about your brother from Zabuza-sama.. It was said he could wield all Seven swords" haku says.

"Yeah big brother Mangetsu was a legend.. Shame he died but I'll surpass him" suigetsu says and shoots forward, his sword aimed for haku's head. However haku parries the blade with one of her swords and aims the other for his shoulder but it bursts with water as suigetsu vanishes, landing on the lake.

"You should know that fighting here gives Me the advantage little lady" suigetsu sneers, as water surges around his sword.

"Suiton: Mizu Kamikiri" suigetsu shouts, sending several swings. Haku dodges the linear slashes of water as she closes she closes the gap, "Not necessarily" haku says, using her left hand to weave signs.

"Sensatsu Suishō" haku thought, stomping a puddle of water. The water needles rises and fire towards suigetsu but he dives into the water, before sending a barrage of water bullets. Haku dodges right and left but suigetsu launches from the lake with his sword aimed for haku's head but maneuvers her head out of its path.

"Too slow" suigetsu says, pointing his left index finger at haku's head.

"Mizudeppō no Jutsu" suigetsu utters, firing water from his finger. Instead of blood it was water as haku breaks down into a mizu-bunshin.

"Just the right speed" haku says, standing on the lake and weaving signs as her tonfa sword hang around her wrists.

"Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu" haku thought, creating the water dragon. Suigetsu quickly counters with his own signs to stop at snake, "Suiton: Daikōdan no Jutsu" he shouts, creating a large shark. Shark and dragon slam into one another to drench the area in water.

"We're throwing a lot of Jutsu around.. Why don't we fight like swordsmen" suigetsu says, shooting forward with his sword and haku meet him with her tonfa swords. Over the next three minutes haku and suigetsu engage in a elegant dance of death with their weapons. Suigetsu breaks the dance with a skid with several cuts on his clothes and his sleeve missing but haku has just as many.

"Zabuza-sempai taught you well" suigetsu says.

"Not just him but Naruto-kun as well" haku says and suigetsu narrows his eyes.

"That Naruto guy" suigetsu states and haku nods. Suigetsu uses the water to increase his muscle mass, ripping his akatsuki cloak and revealing his purple shirt with white pants. Suigetsu shoots with his sword and bringing it down but haku uses her tonfa blades to block, her legs nearly buckling from the force. The test of strength continues for a few seconds but haku was not winning as her right knee hits the water.

"Seems you do have the advantage on water" haku says and suigetsu grins.

"However that means I just need to change the environment" haku adds, dark blue chakra wafting off her body. Suigetsu back leaps as haku slowly rises and weaving signs, before slamming her hands on the water.

"Hyōton: Hyōgaki" haku thought. Suigetsu gasps as the water freezes rapidly, "Shit she knows the Ice release" he thought.

"Not so fast" haku shouts and weaves more signs to ram. Her demonic ice mirrors for around suigetsu as the lake partially freezes.

"Shit you're my natural enemy.. Just like a Raiton user" suigetsu says, glaring as haku enter her mirrors and appearing in them.

"Yes but don't worry I won't kill you" haku says, forming a ram-sign.

"Hyōton: Makyō Hyō Satsu" haku declares. Suigetsu gasps as the mirrors and explode to freeze the remains of the lake as haku appears on its edges. Haku slowly removes her mask but sees suigetsu laying on the lake's edge as gelatinous half puddle.

"He used the Hōzuki clan's technique to save his life" haku thought, approaching. She kneels and checks for a pulse and finds one, before sealing him in a prisoner stasis scroll. Haku rises to her feet and turns to hinata appearing with a shunshin, "You have defeated your opponent" haku asks.

"Unfortunately yes.. I had to take her life" hinata says and haku slowly nods, not happy either.

"This is the world we live Naruto-kun would say" haku says and hinata nods, "Let's find the others" haku adds and both vanish.

#Guren and Sakura vs Anko and Ino#

Anko and ino dodge another of sakura's screeches as guren sneers at them but anko vanishes, appearing behind guren but she manages to use her kesshō no yoroi to block anko's strike.

"Shōton: Suishōtō" guren shouts, piercing anko's chest with her crystal blade.

"Fool" guren sneers but anko fades away, causing her to gasp. Anko appears behind and slashes guren's back with wis, causing the left hand of orochimaru to leap with a look of anger.

"Bitch" guren hisses, weaving signs and using her crystal dragon but anko dodges, tossing several exploding tags.

"Sakura don't you care that Sasuke killed you.. Just to gain the Mangekyō Sharingan" ino shouts, dodging sakura's fists.

"Shut up Piggy.. I would gladly die for Sasuke-kun" sakura screeches, shattering the ground. Ino weaves signs and creates her chakra scalpels, before the gap and slicing off sakura's arm but the pinkette slams a punch into ino's block, sending her slamming into a tree and coughing up some blood.

"I won't die if you cut me to pieces Piggy.. Sasuke has made me immortal" sakura sneers. Ino heals her wounds and gets to her feet, "Only to be used as a tool.. Wake up Sakura.. We have been in a bad place when you died but I still care" she shouts. Sakura stares at ino with her face shrouded in darkness, "But I never cared about you" she says and ino gasps.

"It's time to end this" anko says, as guren glares at her.

"End it how.. You can't pierce my Kesshō no Yoroi" guren sneers. Anko smirks as places her hand on wis' blade, while her reiatsu wafts her body and her eyes glow.

"Not with a normal sword that is.. Bloom and Strike.. Wisteria Mamba" anko declares, her sword turning into her shikai. A katana with coiled snake hilt and a chain wrapping around her arm, the blade itself on from the tip a few inches down and up from the hilt. Guren stares at the strange sword but start laughing, "What can that silly sword do" she shouts. Anko vanishes with shunpo and guren's right shoulder sprays blood, followed by her left arm and right leg. Guren staggers and feels numbness crawling through her body, "What?!" she hisses.

"Wis can do that.. Poison is her motif" anko says. Guren tries to form hand signs but her numb left hand won't move as anko pierces her chest, "Caprice" anko utters.

"E-even i-if I die.. T-that girl will be still bound" guren hisses, spitting up blood. Anko rips wis from guren's chest, "Won't matter.. My Naru-kun or I can release her" anko says, as guren collapses with a blood-shot eyes.

"What do you mean.. You never cared" ino says, shocked.

"When I told my mommy that I made friends with you.. She told me to whatever it takes to stay friends with you because you were the Heiress of the Yamanaka" sakura explains. Sakura shoots forward with a right aimed for ino's head but she brushes it aside and slices open sakura's chest, into a roundhouse kick. Ino starts weaving signs and stops at ram with serious look, "I may not have Byakugō like Hinata but I created this" she says.

"Hana Ninpō: Senbonzakura" ino declares. Sakura gasps as flower petals form and surround the pinkette, before crashing down and around her to cut her to pieces. Ino falls to her knees as sakura struggles to reform but anko appears, slamming wis' hilt into sakura's head. Sakura breaks down to reveal some nondescript young woman's body as sakura's soul was released.

"What happened" ino says.

"Wis is like Naruto's sword.. I set her soul free using her" anko explains and helps ino to her feet.

"What happened to Guren" ino asks and anko smirks.

"Dead" anko replies, as hinata and haku arrive.

"You guys finished" anko says and both nod, as hinata guides ino to the ground to heal her.

#Naruto vs Sasuke#

Naruto flexes his power and shatters the ground with three craters having a wide grin on his face, buffeting his blond hair. Naruto vanishes with shunpo and appears on hashirama's head with hands still pocketed, before removing his right hand and holding up five fingers.

"I'll make it easy on you.. I'll give you Five minutes.. After that I'll start using my Real power" naruto says and sasuke simply glares. Sasuke tosses off his akatsuki cloak, revealing a white zippered, high-collar, short-sleeve shirt and blue wrist warmers. A pair of dark blue pants, over which hangs a blue cloth and a purple rope belt tied in an inverted bow.

"Five minutes.. You are being arrogant Dobe.. You will need it from the start" sasuke shouts. Naruto chuckles and slowly slips off his coat, dropping it and rushing forward as does sasuke as both meet between the statues of madara and hashirama. Each connecting with a right straight to the face but sasuke's eyes bugle as naruto sends a left-body blow, lifting him off the water. Naruto connect a few more lifting sasuke more into the air but the uchiha scion fires a fireball, as naruto backflips out of its path.

"Chidori Eisō" naruto thought, firing the chirping blast. Sasuke quickly charges his own to move him out the path, landing with a skid along the water.

"Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu" sasuke roars, after an inhale of air. Naruto draws zetsuei with enough force to send a wave of water, creating a wave of steam for him to race through but sasuke meets naruto with his chokuto.

"Come Sasuke.. Where's those fancy eyes" naruto sneers, forcing sasuke to one knee with his sword. Sasuke gnashes his teeth as his Mangekyō comes to bare, "Amaterasu" he hisses, forcing naruto to dodge as sasuke sends several waves of the black flames. Naruto picks up his speed as the flames stop, before sheathing zetsuei and forming a rasengan in his right hand. The blond thrusts his hand forward to only be met by a purple rib and sasuke glaring at him, before turning and grabbing naruto. Sasuke flings naruto hard with the skeletal arm as he pulls several large fuma shuriken from a seal on his right wrist. Naruto bounces along with several hop, before slamming into hashirama's statue with a thud and a large spiderweb crack.

"Now we're talking" naruto muses, freeing himself and staggering forward.

"Why give the runt the time limit" kurama asks. Naruto sprints forward with a grin on his face, "It's not about time.. I want to force him to pull out the stops early.. He's already prepping for Kirin and has brought the Susano'o.. I want to see all he's got before I Crush him" he thought, narrowing his eyes as several fuma shuriken were flying towards him.

"You gotta do better than that!" naruto shouts, shattering them with his quicksword. Sasuke holds up his left hand to show his new eye as it glows, causing naruto's eyes to narrow as the pieces rises off the water and streak towards him. Naruto skids to a halt to fire several air bullets, knocking the pieces off-course but they continue to follow the blond.

"Clever girl" naruto thought but rushes towards the uchiha scion, before quickly craning his head to dodge sasuke's chokuto. The blond's cheek opens with a thin line of blood running down to his scar but only a snort echoes. The sword spins in mid-air and fires back at naruto but the blond catches it, shattering it with his right hand but the sword pieces like the shuriken rise.

"Interesting" naruto thought, rushing towards sasuke. He quickly flashes signs to tiger and an inhale, "Katon: Ryūka no Jutsu" sasuke shouts, firing a large fireball.

"Fūton: Toppa" naruto thought, firing a blast of wind but vanishes out the path. The toppa enhanced fireball melts the shuriken and sword pieces as sasuke jerks, looking up and see naruto coming down with a ōdama rasengan. Sasuke quickly brings up his Susano'o ribs and arms to block the spiraling orb but it explodes, sending him careening across the water with several small wakes.

"Here's some more" naruto shouts, appearing above and sending sasuke underwater with a double foot stomp.

[Music: Sasuke's Ninja Way - Naruto Series]

Naruto looks up as dark clouds were starting to move in but the water under him starts to bubble and the blond backflips several times as dragon head flames erupt from the water towards the sky. Sasuke emerges from the water with several coughs and a dark glare on his face, his eyes starting to bleed as he forces the evolution of his susano'o. It gains musculature and skin on its arms and chest, the eye sockets glowing gold.

"I will see you Dead at my Feet!" sasuke roars, as rumbles of thunder echo around them. Naruto draws zetsuei once again as sasuke looks to the sky, causing a dark grin to form on his face.

"The Heavens call for you death Dobe.. Just like Itachi.. You will die by the Thunderclap" sasuke shouts, forming his chidori. The susano'o mimics sasuke as lightning starts to dance in the sky all around them. Naruto grips zetsuei with a laugh escaping his lips as the dark clouds as the rain falls, "Here it comes" he says, his reiatsu starting to pulse.

"Now Die.. Raiton no Ougi: Kirin" sasuke roars, bringing his hand down. The lightning dragon roars as it launches down but sasuke gasps as naruto launches toward it.

"Hahahahahha.. Yeah!.. Awaken Zetsuei" naruto howls, going shikai. The sword becomes a black scottish claymore with a reddish tint and silver dragon imprinted around the pommel. Naruto flares his reiatsu as zetsuei starts to hauntingly wail, "DRAGONSTRIKE" he roars, swinging with a complete spin. The azure dragon erupts from the black blade towards the lightning dragon, causing a thunderous explosion in the sky and creating a large wake in the lake as sasuke barely stays above water. Sasuke moves his hand from his eyes as he sees something plummeting towards the lake and splashing. Sasuke brings down his susano'o as the clouds dissipate, slowly a laugh escapes his lips but it devolves into a mad cackle.

"Hahahahaha.. I've done it.. First Itachi.. Then you Dobe.. Now it is on to Destroy Konoha for their affront to the Uchiha" sasuke says, laughing but suddenly a weight lands on his shoulders.

[Music: Mick Gordon - The Only Thing They Fear Is You]

A pillar of purple tinted with black erupts from the water as naruto rises from the murky depths, his upper-body bare with the remains of his body suit on his left forearm. Several burns adorn his skin but the wide grin on the blond's face gives sasuke pause, "Impossible?!" sasuke roars. Naruto lands on the water with an almost demonic grin on his face, "Now I can give credit.. Where credit is due and Sasuke.. That was Helluva Jutsu" he howls.

"How.. How can he still be alive?!" sasuke hisses. Naruto raises his right hand and puts down each finger, "Time's up" he sneers. Sasuke gnashes his teeth in rage as his susano'o comes back as a roar escapes the uchiha scion, gaining armor and a bow on its left hand. Naruto calls zetsuei to his right hand, "Hoh.. That's new" he says. The titan takes aim with its arrow as naruto shoots forward, before firing the arrow but the blond meets it.

"Darkness-Flame Dragon Dance" naruto roars, swinging several times. The flame infused dark slashes slam into the arrow with medium explosions, creating several waves of water. Sasuke's eyes start to bleed more and more as he fires more arrows but naruto dodges or cuts them down, "Why.. Why.. Why won't he Die!" sasuke roars. Naruto points zetsuei with his right hand and grips the blade with his left hand, cutting it open as a cero charges.

"I'm done playing.. Time to put an end to this" naruto says. The purple cero starts to distort and takes a dark bluish color as it fires, obliterating the susano'o and sending sasuke rocketing into madara's statue. Sasuke slams into the statue but the black claymore pierces his chest, causing blood to spew from his mouth. Naruto flashes to his sword as sasuke feels blood filling his lungs.

"Well here we are.. We were Never equals so I won't bore you.. However I will tell you one thing as you slip into the chains of Hell" naruto says and leans closer to the hate filled face of sasuke.

"Itachi is Alive" naruto whispers and sasuke seizes, before the blond cuts off his head. Sasuke's body starts to fall but naruto pierces it once again as he holds sasuke's head by the hair, "Flame Dragon Dance" he utters, setting the body ablaze.[music ends]


The NUGC reach the statues of madara and hashirama as an explosion rocks the sky but the blowback hits an invisible wall.

"He must have his barrier up" anko says. The barrier starts to come down and the four make their way to the statues but they see naruto approaching, his claymore resting on his right shoulder and in his left hand the head of sasuke.

"And here I thought I would have to find all of you" naruto comments, driving his claymore into the ground.

"We saw the explosion" anko says, as naruto seals sasuke's head.

"Yeah I used my hollowfication and kurama's chakra.. Still burned up as you can see" naruto says, as all of them seeing the second and third degree burns.

"We should heal you" hinata says but naruto raises his hand.

"Not in the open.. We'll head to the inn" naruto says and hinata nods but the blond sees, his fellow blond.

"What happened" naruto asks and anko growls folding her arms.

"That bitch Guren summoned Sakura with the Edo Tensei" anko says and naruto narrows his eyes, approaching the quiet ino. The blond pulls his fellow blonde into a one-arm hug and ino sniffles, gently resting her head on his burned chest.

"Let's go we'll talk at the inn" naruto says and all of them nod, before they vanish. About an hour after sunset naruto and company were settled in an inn near the border. Naruto learned of their battles from haku defeating suigetsu, hinata killing shizuka, while anko killed guren and ino fought sakura. The blond felt for his fellow blonde as he and anko were enjoying some sake with haku.

"Blondie will be fine.. Though it sucks to find out someone you considered a friend was Never your friend in the first place" anko says and sighs.

"I felt the same way when that Bastard abandoned me" anko adds, downing her sake.

"Same here I considered Kenpachi a friend but he betrayed for power.. But then again he did it to fight me at full power.. So maybe not the same" naruto comments, taking a puff of a kiseru pipe. The blond blows the smoke through his nose as haku pours him some sake. The door slides open as hinata enters in her sleeping gown but all three notice the nervous look on her face.

"How's Ino" naruto asks, after drinking some sake.

"She's alright.. She's sleeping right now" hinata says and glances to her fellow NUGC members.

"Um Naruto-kun.. I've been doing some thinking.. Can we talk alone" hinata says. Anko glances between the pair but gets to her feet, dragging haku along and a wink to hinata.

"What do you want to talk about" naruto asks. Hinata kneels down in front of the small table, that has naruto's kiseru pipe and a bottle of sake with a saucer.

"Um.. Fighting Shizuka opened my eyes to something.. That I want to stake my claim like Anko-chan and Haku-chan have" hinata says. Naruto arches an eyebrow as hinata slightly blushes, "If we do.. Your clan might say something" he says.

"I don't care.. We're getting married and I don't want to wait anymore" hinata says, with a determined look on her face.

"Well said Hime" anko crows, sliding open the door with haku in tow.

"We're married in Kami's eyes.. So have your wedding night early" anko says, grabbing the small table and moving it.

#Lemon Alert#

Hinata calms herself and crawls towards naruto, settling into his lap and touching their foreheads together.

"I want you to make love to me Naruto-kun" hinata says, looking into his blue eyes. Naruto cups her chin and gives her a soft kiss, into a few more kisses as her slender hands moves around his neck. Anko and haku start to undress to their underwear as naruto and hinata make out, his kisses moving from her sweet lips. Hinata softs mews as naruto kisses her from her cheek, chin, neck and pulls her gown to kiss her shoulder.

"It's odd for you to take the initiative Hinata" anko coos, moving to her right as haku goes to her left. Hinata blushes as naruto pulls the string on the back of her gown, allowing haku and anko to pull it down. All their eyes widen at the sight of hinata's breasts, "Shit these are as big as Tsunade-sama's" anko exclaims.

"Don't look" hinata whispers but cries out, as naruto licks her left nipple.

"Naruto-kun sure does love breasts" haku says and anko giggles. Naruto moves off hinata's left nipple to her right as tiny noises escape her mouth but she moans as anko and haku suck on her neck.

"S-stop.. I'll feeling weird down there" hinata whispers.

"Have you never touch yourself before" anko coos, into her ear.

"N-not like this" hinata says, her cheeks red and her eyes half lidded. Naruto shifts around and lays hinata on her back as anko helps haku finish pulling the night gown from hinata's body. The hyūga heiress was staring at her crush with half lidded eyes as he bends her legs up and apart to show her lavender panties, with a small wet stain forming.

"Kukuku.. She's already wet" anko says, laying on her side at hinata's right and haku does the same on her left.

"Naruto-kun won't have work too hard" haku says, taking hinata's left hand. Naruto moves hinata's panties aside to show shaved pussy, "Are you ready Hinata" he asks. Hinata takes anko's hand with a weak nod, "I-i'm ready Naruto-kun" she whispers. Naruto gets on his knees and pulls off his yukata, before pulling down his boxer-briefs and stroking himself. Hinata's eyes widen at the sight of naruto's girth, causing anko and haku to giggle.

"Don't worry.. You'll get use to it" haku says. Naruto positions himself at hinata's entrance and slowly pushes himself inside as hinata cries out as her insides were being stretched.

"Ahh... Uaah" hinata cries.

"Don't worry.. We'll take your mind off the sensation of pain" anko says, as she and haku move to hinata's stiff nipples and start to suck. Naruto waits for hinata to relax enough for him to start moving, "I-i'm ready.. Y-you can m-move N-naruto-kun" she says. Naruto nods and grabs hinata's legs to start moving at a slow pace, causing passion filled noises to escape hinata's mouth.

"Hinata-chan don't be so quiet.. You're making love with your first love.. Cry it out" anko coos, starting to finger herself. Hinata raises her arms with passion in her eyes, "Naruto-kun.. Mmm.. Fuahh" she cries. Naruto lets go of her legs and leans down, for hinata to pull him into the crock of her neck as her moans grow louder.

"I-i'm Cummmm..." hinata cries. Outside the room a certain blonde was listening to naruto and hinata having sex, getting hot and bothered herself. Ino quietly slides down to her knees with red cheeks, her fingers sliding into her purple panties.

"And here I was going to talk to them but Nooo" ino thought.

"Cumming" hinata cries, feeling her walls clench to milk naruto of his first nut but the blond holds strong. Naruto slowly pulls out as hinata pants heavily with half-lidded eyes, "Oi Ino.. Hinata is done.. You can come in" he shouts and all of them hear a thump. Anko grins and scampers to her feet to open the door, seeing the platinum blonde on her knees.

"Well.. Well.. Look at this Blondie masturbating outside our room" anko says, her topless body on display. Ino quickly scampers inside with red cheeks, "Shut it" she snaps.

"So you getting in on this" naruto says, laying on his back next hinata as haku strokes him. Ino sees the tent pole of man-meat and approaches, before slipping off her panties to reveal trimmed blonde hairs above her pussy.

"Don't tell my daddy or He'll kill you" ino says, lifting her night shirt and squatting down. Haku lines ino up with naruto and blonde slowly slide down, "Damn it.. You're so big" ino hisses, fully sitting and her breathing heavy.

"We know" the remaining NUGC say. Ino starts rocking her hips as anko and surprising hinata start sucking on naruto's chest, "Fufufu.. There you go Hinata" anko coos. Haku crawls behind ino and lifts her night shirt to show her border-line D-cup breasts.

"Nhhh" ino cries, as haku's nimble fingers pinch and grope her breasts. Hinata moves up naruto's body and captures his mouth, his tongue licking her lower lip and she parts her mouth as his right hand cradles the back of her head. Ino picks her rhythm with several moans escaping her lips, "Aiyeee" she cries, feeling something hot in her stomach.

"Ohh you let him cum inside you" haku says. Ino falls forward with heavy breathing as hinata and anko move, "Good thing I know the Anti-Pregnancy Jutsu" ino says, before sliding out and naruto's cum slips out her pussy.

"Naruto-kun's still big" hinata says, as haku giggles and turns to wiggle her ass.

"Naruto-kun is great like that" haku says. Naruto lifts up and knee walks to haku, before sliding inside the ice user and grabbing her ass cheeks. Haku rests her chin on her folded arms as naruto pounds her pussy, moans flooding the room from the ice user. Anko starts to suckle hinata's right nipple as the heiress moans softly, her lavender eyes on naruto and he looks at her.

"Naruto-kun watching me" hinata thought. Haku cries out as her orgasm erupts, her walls clenching and feels naruto spurt inside her.

"Fufufu.. I managed to wrangle a nut from Naruto-kun" haku thought.

"What.. You came again that quick" anko shouts. Naruto shrugs his shoulders but was still semi-hard as anko crawls up and slips his cock into her mouth, tasting both naruto and haku's cum in her mouth but could feel him stiffening once again. Anko pulls back with a wet pop and spreads her legs, "Here.. Mama An-chan wet pussy" she coos. Naruto slowly slides into anko as a look orgasmic bliss crosses the snake mistress. Haku crawls to hinata and pushes her on her back, before lifting hinata's right leg and mashing their pussies together to start rubbing them together. Ino watch the three and starts rubbing her pussy as their room fills with their sounds of sex for the next hour with add clones to mix.

#Lemon End - Konohagakure - Next Day#

Naruto stands in front of tsunade with the NUGC behind him, "So it's finished" tsunade asks and naruto nods, his hands behind his back.

"Yes.. Sasuke Uchiha has been dealt with along with his compatriots.. Suigetsu Hōzuki has been dropped off to Ibiki" naruto replies. Tsunade rests her chin on her propped up hands, "Good work.. I expect your reports tomorrow.. Dismissed except Naruto" she says. The four kunoichi excuse themselves as tsunade gives naruto a serious look, before clearing her throat.

"The summit has been set.. Ōnoki and Ei have sent their replies.. They've agreed but Shikaku and Sensei have some concerns" tsunade starts.

"What concerns" naruto asks.

"Sensei believes Ōnoki and Ei will do something but Ōnoki more-so.. Sensei and Kakashi will be going as you know but you won't speak at all unless I say" tsunade says.

"Sure but if they physically provoke" naruto states.

"Then you can deal with them but you are forbidden in Iron country.. It is neutral ground.. Something all countries abide by" tsunade states. Naruto sighs and rolls his neck, "Right so when do we leave" he asks.

"One week before the scheduled day.. You are in charge of our prisoner" tsunade says and naruto nods, bowing.

In suna gaara sits at this desk with his siblings before him, "You'll be the youngest Kage there.. We'll need to on our guard so they don't walk all over you" temari says.

"Gaara will be fine" kankurō says.

"I intended to bring Shira with us but he politely declined.. However we need to be on guard" gaara says.

"Do you think Iwa or Kumo would try something" temari says.

"I do not know Temari but we can't be to careful.. This summit centers around Naruto and his actions as of late.. He's now an S-rank shinobi now and possesses a terrifying Jutsu and the strongest Bijū.. It's only a matter of time before he becomes Hokage" gaara states.

"It's probably good to stay on his good side" kankurō says but his siblings ignore him.

In Kiri mei was making similar preparation and standing before her were chōjūrō, ao and shizuma.

"The Three of you will be my bodyguards for the Five-Kage summit.. You must be prepared for this.. Iwa or Kumo could engage in all our war" mei states.

"W-we'll be prepared Mizukage-sama" chōjūrō says and ao mutters something mei mishears, before threatening to kill him.

"Chōjūrō-kun is correct we will be prepared" shizuma says and clears his throat.

"Mizukage do you perhaps know who the Hokage's guards will be" shizuma asks. Mei leans back in her chair with a quizzitive look on her, "I do not now but the name Naruto Uzumaki has been thrown around" she says.

To Be Concluded

A/N-2: I decided to split the Final chapter into Two parts, mainly to keep everyone from reading such a long chapter. I hope everyone like the fight between the NUGU vs Taka. Next chapter will pick with a sit down between the student of the Toad Sannin. Also I have decided Naruto will not provide the male DNA for Karin and Tayuya but it will Rock Lee instead. Thank you to all for your support and Stay Frosty.

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