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Chapter 15

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Hollow Mask


#Hot-Water Border#

Naruto dumps water over his face to wash the blood from his eyes and face, his eyes still red from the blown vessels.

"That was interesting" kurama comments. Naruto snorts but smirks as his clone's memories came to him, "He's capable of the Sandaime's Kuroi Kaminari" he thought, a clone popping to life and dispelling. A few minutes pass and a flash erupts with the remains of his team arriving, "Naru-kun" anko says, rushing to him.

"I'll take care of your eyes" ino says, starting her mystic-palm.

"Did Shimo intervene" shino asks but naruto shakes his head.

"Ten Kumo Jōnin along with Darui of the Black Lightning and Shee the Flash.. However they were complacent" naruto replies, with his eyes closed.

"So what do we do" anko says.

"We head back and inform Baa-chan.. All we have is our word against hers but it'll be up to her" naruto says, opening eyes. Naruto gets to his feet and rolls his neck, "Let's head back.. We'll find a town and send a message to Baa-chan" he says and all of them nod. The konoha four take to the road at a normal pace towards a moderate size town, "From the way that bitch Kaia talked.. Why would they side with Kumo" anko says.

"Fear perhaps.. They seem to hold a hatred for the Larger villages but will turn a blind eye to them so long as they no harm to them" shino comments.

"But Lady Nojiko must know Shishou won't take this to well" ino says. A town slowly comes into view and the four slow their pace, "It won't matter she'll fame ignorance" naruto says. The town was one of many resort towns with hot springs, "Do we have to rush home" anko muses, grabbing naruto's arm.

"Maybe.. We'll get rooms somewhere and send out the message.. Baa-chan may want us to go back" naruto says.

"Then we can try the hot-springs" ino says. Naruto shrugs his shoulders and looks to shino for some help but the blond is ignored as many do the aburame. The konoha four find an inn with several hot-springs and get two room, boys in one and girls in the other. Naruto summons a small messenger toad and gives him the message for konoha.

"Now we wait" naruto says.

"Well we're heading to the hot-springs" anko says and pulls ino along to their room. Naruto sighs and falls on his bed, "Want to hit the springs too" he asks.

"That would not be prudent for the other patrons.. I will go to the bathhouse" shino says and naruto waves him off. Naruto kicks off his boots and slips into his mindscape, pushing open the doors of the cathedral. Kurama and zetsuei sitting on dual thrones as the blond enters, "What will we do about this Tobi" kurama asks.

"He won't rush into things.. He'll probably find Teme and try to recruit him to his side" naruto says but smirks, "It won't save him though" he adds and kurama giggles darkly.

"I can't wait to watch you rip out his spine" kurama says.

"Perhaps Tsunade-sama will let you hunt them down" zetsuei says and naruto shrugs.

"Knowing Teme.. He'll do something stupid" naruto says and feels a pull on him, before opening his eyes to anko sitting on top of him.

"Was I asleep long" naruto asks.

"About an hour or so.. A toad came with a message but I kept him from waking you up" anko replies, getting off of him. Naruto sits up and rolls his neck side to side, "Did you read it" he asks.

"Shishou wants us back in Konoha.. Shimo can wait.. She got a message from the Daimyō" ino says and naruto's eyes narrow.

#Unknown Location#

Tobi sits across from sasuke as his taka was to his right and the remains of the akatsuki to tobi's left.

"So we replace one Uchiha for another" deidara comments and sasuke glares at him.

"Itachi is dead.. Killed by Sasuke.. So Sasuke will take his place" tobi starts and scans to room, "Now before we begin.. You should all know.. Pein is Dead" he adds, shocking deidara and taka but not sasuke and kisame.

"Who killed him.. Pein was like a God" deidara says.

"The Kyūbi Jinchūriki" tobi says and sasuke seizes with wide eyes.

"Impossible?!" guren shouts. Kisame smirks with a look between sasuke and tobi, "I can't wait to face him" he muses.

"Regardless of this matter.. We of the Taka will destroy Konoha" sasuke says. Tobi crosses his legs with a slight shift in his chair, "Easier said than done.. You lost your Jinchūriki" he says.

"That doesn't matter.. We will kill the former Sandaime and the Godaime" sasuke starts but kisame laughs.

"If you aim for the top.. Those below will shield them.. However something more dangerous is in your way.. The most powerful Bijū and Jinchūriki.. Even I may have trouble with him" kisame says, slightly mocking sasuke. Suigetsu and shizuka take offense to this but tobi raises his hand, stopping any fight from breaking out.

"Kisame is correct.. Naruto defeated Pein.. He also possesses his Father's famed Jutsu and the Kyūbi.. Your group alone will not be enough" tobi states.

"What will you have us do" shizuka says.

"You want Jiraiya's pupil dead to absolve you of that debt.. It's the reason you joined Taka.. The same for you Guren as penance for Orochimaru's demise.. Naruto Uzumaki is the most dangerous weapon Konoha has in their employ and you threw away the one thing that could even the playing field" tobi says.

"The nanabi is not needed.. My Mangekyō Sharingan will bring the Dobe to his knees" sasuke says. Tobi shifts to a straighter stance, "Regardless.. You will need to prove yourself.. You and your Taka will capture the Hachibi of Kumo" he says.

"What's in it for us" suigetsu says.

"Akatsuki will allow you borrow the Bijū we have captured.. Five Bijū should make up the difference" tobi says.

"Where can we find the Hachibi" guren asks.

"You'll have to interrogate some Kumo shinobi.. Zetsu will guide you to the mountains of Lightning" tobi replies but shifts his gaze to sasuke, "Give us the room" he adds. The remaining akatsuki and taka slowly file out, leaving tobi and sasuke in silence.

"I'm going to ask you an important question.. Despite learning of Itachi's life and his want for you to protect the village.. Tell me what are your True intentions" tobi asks.

"Itachi showed me how a man would give his life to protect his village but to me the lost of my clan.. Impacts me more than how he lived.. The peace he sought doesn't appeal to me at all.. Now that I know the truth.. That he bowed to the whims of Konoha disgusts me" sasuke starts and clenches the armrest of his chair.

"Most of all I will never forgive the Sandaime or that Senju Bitch and I believe everyone in Konoha enjoying the peace my clan died for is Just as guilty" sasuke continues, slightly shocking tobi.

"I thought your goal was just to kill Sarutobi Hiruzen and Senju Tsunade" tobi questions but sasuke shakes his head.

"No I will slaughter all of Konoha myself.. I was only feigning in front of Taka" sasuke says and tobi narrows his visible eye.

"Is that the truth.. Even now knowing what Itachi went through.. You would destroy what he tried to protect" tobi says.

"You said it yourself.. Itachi could not kill me.. He chose Me over the Village.. I feel the same way.. My clan is more important than the village" sasuke says and pauses.

"Konoha shunned the Uchiha clan.. They ordered Itachi to murder my clan even our parents.. And for What.. Those who abide by the Senju clan's Teachings.. They're nothing but Scum!.. All of them are objects of my vengeance!.. Anyone who stands against me I will kill every member of their family.. So they will understand my Hatred" sasuke finishes, his Mangekyō coming to bare.

"Itachi.. You have no idea what you have created" tobi thought, leaving sasuke to his thoughts. Tobi reaches the outside of his hideout as zetsu rises from the ground, "Kakuzu plans to go after the Kyūbi" white-zetsu says.

"He does.. Does he.. I've left Kakuzu to his devices long enough.. Tell him he can capture the Kyūbi.. The bounty is his After we take the Kyubi" tobi says.

"What about the Gedō-Mazō.. It continues to crumble each day.. We won't be able to seal any of the remaining Bijū" black-zetsu states.

"No matter.. I'll put the Kyūbi under my control and keep it stashed away.. Tell Kakuzu he can go after Naruto but the Kyūbi is Mine" tobi says and zetsu sinks back into the ground.


"The Daimyō wants to meet with us" naruto says, standing in front of tsunade with hinata on his right.

"One of Hinata's relatives is married to one of the Daimyō's relatives.. So the Daimyō used that excuse to meet with you face to face under the guise of blessing your engagement" tsunade explains.

"So that's why Hiashi wants Hinata to be married first.. One of his relatives has a powerful ally" naruto says and hinata frowns slightly. Tsunade leans back in her chair with a serious look, "Pretty much but he wants to gauge you as well.. You're on the short list to be Hokage.. Of the previous generation to yours.. Kakashi has the pedigree and of the current generation you and you're making a serious case for you to be Rokudaime.. So he wants to get in on the ground floor" she explains. Naruto sighs with a glance back to anko, ino and haku with all three not happy.

"Do the others get to go" naruto asks but tsunade shakes her head.

"Unfortunately no.. I know that pisses off present company but he is our Daimyō" tsunade says.

"I know that but it still pisses me off that stuck up bastards are pulling this shit.. No offense Hinata but your family is trying to show off by saying.. Look our heiress is set to marry the Son of a Kage and Heir to two clans" anko says.

"I feel the same Anko-chan.. The elders are using my engagement to Naruto-kun to propel the Hyūga name" hinata says.

"It will not help them as Hinata-chan will leave their clan but I can see the thinking" haku comments.

"Regardless.. A carriage will be arriving in about hour and a half and take you to the capital.. From there you will meet with the Daimyō at the end of the week.. You'll also have to dress very formally.. You'll be meeting with the Daimyō's top seamstress" tsunade explains and clips her eyes to naruto.

"You better be on your best behavior" tsunade adds and naruto ruffles his hair, nodding and the five excuse themselves.

"This sucks" anko says, once they were out of the tower.

"It can't be helped.. We knew this was gonna happen" naruto says and anko punches his shoulder.

"Doesn't mean I gotta like it.. We've been dating longer but because Hinata has some snotty relative.. The Daimyō will bless the engagement" anko says, puffing her cheeks. Naruto sighs with his hands behind his head, "I could care less if the Daimyō blesses our engagement.. If I cared about status I would be like Sasuke" he says. The five make their way to the house with hinata breaking off to pack for the trip.

"Mama.. Papa" kuroshiro says, as the four arrive back at the house. Naruto squats down to give their doggo some scritches and kisses, "You've been a good girl" he says.

"I good" kuroshiro says, as they enter the house.

"I'll pack you some stuff" anko says and heads upstairs.

"This is quite the situation but not unfounded" haku says. Naruto ruffles kuroshiro's fur with a sigh, "Yeah but it still sucks" he muses.

"Just bring us back some gifts" ino says, playing with kuroshiro.

"And getting Hinata pregnant isn't a gift" anko says, coming down with a duffle bag.

"That won't happen.. Hinata's gonna want her first-time on their wedding night" ino comments. Anko plops down next to naruto and rests her head on his shoulder, "Well the only good thing is that you and Hinata can spend some alone time together" she muses. Naruto leans to kiss her forehead, "True but I like spending time with all you.. Plus the boys aren't far away" he says.

"True" the three said in unison. Ino gets to her feet and kisses naruto on the lip "I gotta go and you better bring me something expensive" she says, excusing herself.

"You better treat your princess right Naruto-kun" haku muses, going to make them some tea. Kuroshiro climbs up on the sofa and lays in naruto's lap, "Anything in particular you have your mischievous heart on in the capital" he says, stroking their pupper's head.

"I'm partial to jewelry" haku says, coming with a tray and each taking a cup of tea. Naruto takes a few sips with a nod, "I'll see what I can do" he says.

"How was the mission in Frost.. Was it indeed a trap" haku asks and anko tsks.

"That bitch in charge sold us out to Kumo but Naru-kun kicked their assess" anko says, after drinking some tea.

"They were testing me and hoping to to capture me and hold me hostage or kill me" naruto says.

"Now they know nothing short of Gyūki can take us on" kurama comments.

"I wonder what Tsunade-sama will do.. This Daimyō stuff put a hold on doing anything" anko says but naruto shrugs his shoulders.

"Who knows but it doesn't matter.. Frost doesn't have the power to raise a stink.. They'll put us in the Bingo book for Something and pray we don't come down on them" naruto says. The seal on naruto and anko's hand starts to burn, "Well looks like it's time to go" he says.

"We'll walk you to the gate" haku says and naruto nods.

#Konoha Main Gate#

Hinata stood with hiashi, hanabi and neji as naruto, haku and anko arrive with the blond carrying a duffle bag.

"Remember what is expected of you Hinata" hiashi says and hinata bows slightly.

"Yes Father" hinata replies and hanabi hugs her.

"Take care Nee-sama" hanabi says.

"Don't worry Firecracker.. Naru-kun will be there" anko comments. Hiashi shifts his gaze to the blond with a serious look on his face, "Hinata will show you what is required and show respect" he says and naruto waves his hand. Anko and haku give naruto a kiss on the cheek and lips as the driver opens the carriage door.

"Goodbye Father.. Hanabi.. Neji-niisan" hinata says and climbs in the carriage, as naruto waves to anko and haku. The carriage takes off with naruto sitting across from hinata, the latter blushing slightly.

"So it'll be just us for a little while" naruto muses and hinata blushes more.

"Yes but we set an example" hinata says and takes a lollipop from the blond. Naruto slips his lollipop in his mouth, "So who's the relative that married in the royal family" he asks.

"She is my second cousin.. She married the Daimyō's nephew's son.. Her name is Hibana" hinata explains but frowns, "She's not very fond of me" she adds and naruto's eyes narrow. He reaches out to take her hand, "Don't worry.. I'll be there every step of the way" naruto says and hinata softly smiles, with a thank you.


Ino quietly makes her way through konoha cemetery towards a grave with a bouquet of pink roses, her destination was sakura's grave. Many would question why the platinum blonde would bring flowers to someone who she fought tooth and nail with over a boy, breaking their childhood friendship. The answer was despite their fracture ino still cared about sakura's well being, enough to dye her blonde hair partially pink in her memory.

"You should know your mom is in prison for trying to kill Naruto.. Losing you has broken her and caused her to commit such a crime" ino starts and kneels down to place the flowers.

"I don't know what to say about Sasuke" ino says, then says a silent prayer and gets to her feet. Ino turns only to have her throat seized by a man with a silver mask and a black cloak with red clouds, "Hello Ino Yamanaka.. My name is Tobi and we need to talk" he sneers, showing his Sharingan. Ino struggles to fight tobi off but now finds herself strapped to a iron cross overlooking konoha, around her were the corpses of NUGU, her fellow rookies and her parents with the village being destroyed by the titanic fox.

"This won't take long.. I am need of some information" tobi says, appearing and carrying naruto's head in his lone hand.

"Why are you doing This?!" ino shouts. Tobi tosses naruto's head off of the mountain, "Peace and your boyfriend is threat to my peace.. He has what is mine and I will take it back" he says, seeing the tears running down ino's face.

"How is taking Kurama from Naruto Peace?!" ino shouts. The corpses of anko, haku and hinata slowly rise to their feet, "His existence is a detriment to peace.. His death will usher in an age of everlasting peace" they say, with echoey tones.

"I know about your mental faculties.. So I won't prolong this.. Where is Kabuto Yakushi" tobi says, focusing his Sharingan. Ino struggles to fight the haunting gaze of tobi's Sharingan but she sees the fox turn its gaze to her, before she is engulfed by a blinding light. Tobi unceremoniously drops an unconscious ino in front of sakura's grave, "You continue to annoy me Itachi" he thought.

"Why didn't you kill her" white-zetsu says, sticking out the ground. Tobi looks down at the prone platinum blonde, "No doubt He has seals on her that will alert him.. However I learned a piece of information.. Itachi is alive" he says and white-zetsu gasps.

"Will you tell Sasuke" white-zetsu asks and tobi shakes his head, confusing him.

"Sasuke has no need to know.. He plans to destroy Konoha.. So let him see then.. Now rendezvous with Black-zetsu and shadow Kakuzu" tobi says and white-zetsu sinks back into the ground. Tobi makes his way through the graveyard to the memorial stone but focuses one name, before vanishing into his Sharingan eye. Tobi reappears in a cell and shocking the occupant, "Kabuto Yakushi.. I'm in need of your expertise" he says. Kabuto adjusts his glasses with a furrowed brow, "Who are you" he questions.

"Madara Uchiha.. Now let's be on our way" tobi says, grabbing kabuto and using his Sharingan. Kabuto gasps as he phases through his shackles but nothing more as he sucked into tobi's eye along with. The guards arrive just as tobi vanishes and quickly sound the alarm. Thirty minutes later tsunade stares as the unconscious form of ino, "What do we know" she asks. Inoichi stands opposite tsunade with a concerned look on his face, "He wore a mask and has a Sharingan.. More than likely the Rouge Uchiha but why take Yakushi" he says.

"He was Orochimaru's spy and student.. Also he was a member of Akatsuki.. Naruto did injure him and Kabuto is a skilled medic" tsunade states.

"Naruto hasn't removed the seal he placed on Kabuto.. So he's useless to the rouge but he doesn't know that" inoichi comments. Tsunade bites her nail with a sigh, "This bastard managed to slip in completely unnoticed but thankfully he didn't murder Ino" she says. Inoichi strokes ino's forehead with a nod, "Thank Kami" he says. Ino scrunches her face and her eyes slowly flutter open, "W-where a-am I" she whispers.

"Ino-chan" inoichi says and ino looks her way, her eyes watering.

"Do you remember anything.. Why he targeted you" tsunade asks. Ino cranes her head to her shishou, "He wasn't specific but he more than likely targeted me because I work in T&I.. He showed me horrible things" she replies.

"Then he possesses the Mangekyō.. It was definitely similar to Sasuke's case years ago" tsunade says.

"Shishou he did say something" ino starts and pauses to breath, "He said he would take back what is His" she adds.

#Fire Capital - Next Day#

"Oh Hinata.. You look so beautiful.. You resemble Hitomi more and more" hibana says, her tone disingenuous. She looks like a typical hyūga clan member with long raven hair, in a hime cut similar to hinata but her eyebrows were cut short. She wears an expensive kimono with the shoulders cut out and a dark obi.

"Thank you Hibana-sama" hinata greets, bowing at the waist and naruto does the same. The blond notices hibana keeping her gaze of his face but mainly his scar, "Greetings Lady Hibana" naruto says.

"Greeting to you as well Namikaze-san.. This is my Lord Husband Azulon" hibana says. Azulon about the same age as hibana as she looked in her mid-twenties but rotund and looked to never have worked a day in his life. He has black hair and eyes wearing expensive clothes with numerous rings. Hinata and naruto bow at the waist as azulon waves his hand, "I've heard the stories about you Namikaze.. You don't seem like some monster.. Though we'll have to make sure that Ghastly scar remains hidden" he says. Naruto slowly nods as hinata looks concerned, "What ever you deem to be the best" he says.

"We'll be seeing the Seamstress later.. She has some new fashions from around the nations.. We'll have to find something to match and impress his highness" hibana comments.

"Let's have brunch before we start talking fashion" azulon notes, causing naruto and kurama to silently snort. The meal was a feast to naruto and hinata but to azulon, and hibana it was a normal situation.

"I'll been told you are involved with three other women as well" azulon states, eating some sausage. Naruto drinks some juice with a slow nod, "Yes Anko Mitarashi.. Ino Yamanaka.. Heiress of the Yamanaka clan and Haku Yuki-Momochi of the former Yuki clan of Kiri" he replies. Azulon daps his mouth with a napkin, "I believe I have heard of the Yuki of Kiri and the Yamanaka are a prominent clan in Konoha but the Mitarashi is completely unknown to me" he says.

"Anko is an orphan" naruto says.

"Was she not the student of Orochimaru" hibana comments and naruto slowly nods.

"While true but she nothing like her former sensei.. She's an up and coming Jonin.. Respected member of our T&I corp and soon to be Matriarch of the Uzumaki clan" naruto replies.

"Oh my.. Hinata will not be the Uzumaki Matriarch" hibana says.

"Yes.. I will be the Matriarch of Namikaze clan.. Naruto-kun wishes to create both clans to honor both his mother and father.. Anko-chan has known Naruto-kun longer and they have been together longer than Naruto-kun and I" hinata explains. Azulon drinks his drink with several gulps, "Surely you will be the head wife compared to a commoner" he says. Hinata glances to naruto but the blond remains silent, "Anko-chan and I haven't decided on that distinction" she says, seriously.

"Lord Husband meant no disparaging words towards this Anko but the Hyūga are a noble clan of Konoha and the Uzumaki were an ancient ally but who are we to interfere" hibana states.

"Lord Hiashi and I spoke at length about this and he and I agreed that Anko would head the Uzumaki portion and Hinata would head the Namikaze portion.. Seeing that my father was an orphan and the Hyūga carries weight and would raise the Namikaze name" naruto states and the brunch continues in silence. It soon comes to end as hibana and hinata get ready for the seamstress, while naruto goes into the courtyard of their home to do a small workout.

"They're looking down on you" kurama comments. Naruto leaps for a high-knee into a one-two combo, "So what" he thought.

"Naruto-kun.. We're ready to go" hinata says, coming to the courtyard and naruto turns with a nod. He follows hinata to the carriage, where azulon and hibana were waiting for them.

"The seamstress is well know throughout the countries.. She has all the fashion and will have something to complement the both of you" hibana says.

"Yes.. Yes she can make Anyone lovely" azulon comments and hinata knew this was directed at naruto.

"Kimonos and the such" naruto asks. Hibana cups her delicate chin in thought, "Oh no.. She fashion in various styles and sizes" she replies and naruto slowly nods. The carriage soon arrives as hibana, naruto and hinata exit, with azulon heading to the daimyō's palace to inform him about their arrival.

"Ohh Lady Hibana.. Welcome" the seamstress greets. She is a middle-age woman with minor wrinkles, short black hair and purple eyes. She wears a dark green kimono and a black obi with low heels.

"Hello Mariko.. I've brought my cousin Hinata Hyūga and her fiancée Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze" hibana says and both bow.

"So what particular style are you looking for" mariko says, guiding them inside. Naruto and hinata sees the various clothes on mannequins with various styles, some naruto recognized from his old life.

"Do you think we can look around Mariko-san" naruto says and could see her not look him in the face.

"Of course" mariko says and the pair start to look around, as mariko entertains hibana. Hinata looks around with several dresses catching her attention but she wanted something to complement naruto. Meanwhile naruto was looking through the men's clothes but none really catch his eye, "Need some help" a voice says and naruto sees a young effeminate man. He has blond hair and green eyes, wearing a black suit with a red dress shirt.

"I wonder could I mix and match to create an outfit" naruto asks. The man extends his hand and naruto lightly shakes it, "Call me Cixous and of course.. To be honest I prefer custom.. So what do you have in mind" he says. Naruto takes cixous around to the different mannequins to picks his choices, starting a pair of black trousers with white embroidery on the front near the pockets and three buttons securing some material around the knees. Next was a simple white dress shirt with a forest green suit vest, with a chain pocket watch accessory and a completing the outfit with a black coat with six silver buttons, with the impression of the sun on each side and two tails.

"Interesting choices" cixous comments and looks naruto over, touching his chin in thought.

"Naruto-kun have you found something" hinata asks, walking up and cixous sees her.

"I have the perfect dress to match you as well dear.. It will look marvelous with your choices in fashion.. Follow me" cixous says and the pair follows. Cixous leads them to a mannequin with a cheongsam type drees with short sleeves and a slit up to the mannequin's mid-thigh. It was black with green embroidery in the shape of flowers and the moon, along with arm sleeves that secure at the middle finger.

"What do you think.. I'll have to increase the bust but it will fit perfectly with your choices.. A blending of two forces.. The Sun and Moon" cixous says. Naruto glances to hinata and softly smiles, "It will work perfectly.. I'll need something to cover my scar" he says. Cixous claps his hands with a smile on his face, "Perfect.. Now follow me and we'll get your measurements" he says and they follow him again, toward hibana and mariko.

"Ahh Cixous-chan have you found something to suit them" mariko asks and cixous nods.

"Of course.. Where have I steered you wrong" cixous comments. Over the next half hour cixous and mariko measure both hinata, and naruto for their clothes with cixous finding a cloth mask for naruto to wear over his face.

"We should have everything for final fitting in three days" mariko says and the pair bow, as they follow hibana out.

"We'll explore the capital for a time and return for dinner.. Is that alright Hibana-sama" naruto states.

"Of course.. I'll meet Lord Husband then have the servants prepare a feast for tonight" hibana says, climbing into her carriage.

"So where do you want to go" naruto asks. Hinata cups her chin cutely in thought, "Shopping.. We can get the gifts for the others" she says and takes naruto's left arm, as they make their through the capital and one of them aware of their shadow.

#Unknown Location#

"So why did you free me Madara-sama" kabuto states. The pair were making their way through tobi's hideout, "I'm in need of your expertise in replacing my left arm" he says. Kabuto adjusts his glasses with a glint in his eyes, "Really" he says.

"Yes I acquired the left arm of Orochimaru's pet project Shin and his eyes.. I want you to implant them as my new arm" tobi says. Tobi and kabuto enter a large room, causing kabuto's eyes to narrow at the sight of numerous glass containers filled with liquid and eyes.

"Don't get any ideas" tobi states. Kabuto raises his hands in defeat, "Of course but you should know that Naruto-kun placed a seal on me.. It prevents me from using high level Ninjutsu but it shouldn't effect me to perform the surgery" he says and tobi's eyes narrow.

"Curse you Naruto" tobi thought and clenches his fist, "See that it doesn't.. Follow me" tobi says. Kabuto silently follows tobi to meeting room and finds deidara waiting with his arms folded, "Oi Tobi I got a message from Ōnoki's grandson Kū-hmm" deidara says.

"What message" tobi asks.

"He and a force of Iwa ninja are taking over Taki and using it to lure the Kyūbi to them" deidara explains and tobi cup his chin in thought.

"You do know that Kakuzu is after Naruto as well and Ōnoki won't hire us either" tobi says.

"So what the old man will accept the loss of his Jinchuriki is we kill the Kyūbi.. Kū knows this and contacted me" deidara states.

"When do they plan to take over Taki" tobi asks.

"Next three days.. Their council will depose the village head and allow Iwa to enter with ease" deidara replies.

"That's very interesting" kabuto comments and deidara glances his way.

"Keep your thoughts to yourself Kabuto" tobi says. Kisame soon enters with a smirk on his face, "Your touted Sasuke-kun failed to capture the Hachibi" he comments and deidara laughs.

"Guess he doesn't measure up to that Bastard Itachi" deidara states.

"What happened" tobi asks.

"From one of his women.. They managed to find octoboy but his lack of planning caused him to fail and got his left arm all mangled up" kisame replies and tobi internally growls in rage.

"Sasuke is powerful but lacks foresight.. No matter.. He tested himself against a Jinchuriki with real battle prowess.. Send word to him to lay low for now.. Kumo will be nose open to him more than ever" tobi states and kisame nods.

"Kabuto prepare what you need.. Change of plans.. You will perform the surgery on Sasuke" tobi says and kabuto adjusts his glasses, nodding.

#Fire Capital - One Week Later#

Naruto looks over himself in a full length mirror in his new outfit, the collar upturned with a half mask and white embroidery in the shape of a whirlpool to hide his scar. The blond adjusts his black gloves and cuff links, then messing with the shaved parts of his head. He gave himself an undercut with the fringe textured to the right and some slicked back.

"Naruto-kun the carriage is here" hinata says and naruto turns with a soft smile. Hinata has her hair up in a beautiful arrangement with a flower on the left side of her head, accenting her dress and light makeup on her cheeks, red lipsticks, and purple eyeshadow. The dress as cixous said complemented his own outfit, adding white stockings and black ankle boots. Naruto grabs his coat and slips it on with a slow nod, following hinata to the carriage as azulon and hibana were waiting.

"Mariko knows her skill" hibana says and the four climb into carriage. The trip to the palace was a short one and they were lead to the daimyō's throne room, with azulon and hibana heading to the party.

"I am Kurotatsu.. I am head of Daimyō-sama's guard" a man greets. Kurotatsu wears standard samurai armor of a red and black color scheme, having short black hair and blue eyes.

"Follow me.. Daimyō-sama will meet you now" kurotatsu says and leads them into the throne room. Several guards stand in a double row as the daimyo known as Lord Hien was sitting on his throne, hiding his face behind a small fan.

"Oh.. It's nice to finally meet you Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze" hien greets. Naruto and hinata bow at the waist in honor of the daimyō, "It is an honor to meet you as well Daimyō-sama" both say, in unison. Hien closes his fan and rises from his throne, "I've wished to meet you for quite some time but I have been keeping appraised of your deeds" he says. Hien stands in front of naruto with a semi serious look on his face, "I've spoken to Tsunade and Hiruzen.. Both are confident you could become Rokudaime in the next few years" he starts.

"Thank you for your words Daimyō-sama" naruto says and hien smiles, glancing to hinata.

"I also learned of your engagement as well.. The Hyūga are a great clan of Konoha.. A shame the Uchiha have fallen so low" hien continues and both nod. Hien places his hand on both their shoulders but doesn't notice the glimmer in naruto's eyes, "I look forward to see your progress and in the name of the Will of Fire.. I Lord Hien Bless your Union" he declares and both bow at the waist.

"Thank you Daimyō-sama" both says and hien smiles.

"Now go and enjoy the banquet" hien says, returning to his throne and both excuse themselves to follow kurotatsu.

"All that for a few words" kurama comments.

"Won't matter.. I used Tsukiyomi on him.. He'll leave us alone just in case" naruto thought. The banquet as the various nobles of the court, drink, eat, make deals and judge others. Several people give them looks but naruto ignores due hinata on his arm, "Did I say how beautiful you look" he says and hinata blushes.

"No but thank you and tell me more" hinata says. Naruto softly smiles but sees people dancing, "Want to try" he asks and hinata was a little weary but slowly nods. Naruto leads hinata to the dance floor and slips his right arm behind her back, with her right hand taking his left.

"Now.. Slowly.. One.. Two.. One.. Two.. Three" naruto whispers and hinata follows his lead, her cheeks pink and her lavender eyes on his blue eyes. Slight stutter steps ensue but hinata slowly follows naruto's rhythm as he hums, easing her nervousness and tuning out the people around them.

"It's only us dancing.. Dancing under the moon and stars or under the sun with light rain" hinata thought. The song soon ends and several people clap as hinata comes back to the real world, "Find us a table.. I'll get us some food and drinks" naruto says and hinata nods. Naruto makes his way to the bevy of food but someone bumps into him and slips a paper into his coat, "Sorry" they say, before moving on. Naruto reaches the food but pulls the paper out and reads the contents, "Meet me outside the capital or risk a battle with so many people" he reads.

"Who do you think it is" zetsuei says.

"Who knows but I'm need some activity" naruto thought, picking some food and a drink for hinata. He makes his way back to the table hinata picked and whispers in her ear, "I'll leave one of the boys to keep up appearances" he adds and hinata slowly nods.

"Be careful" hinata whispers and naruto nods, heading to the bathroom and one of his clones returning to hinata.


Naruto nears an open area outside the capital in search of his mystery opponent, "Kaze will keep Hinata safe from the vultures" he thought, starting to draw in some natural energy. Several minutes pass and footsteps catch naruto's attention and he slowly opens his eyes to kakuzu.

"I had forgotten you were a member of Akatsuki but my bounty was too enticing to pass" naruto says.

"Ninety million was hard to pass up in our first encounter but I did.. I plan to rectify that now.. Before we start.. What happened to Hidan" kakuzu states. A clone pops to life next to naruto as he slips off his coat, "It's hard to be immortal.. If your head is atomized" he says, handing the clone the coat. Naruto unbuttons his sleeves and slowly rolls them but sees the amused look kakuzu's face.

"You did me a favor and killed that fool" kakuzu says, ripping off his cloak. Naruto rolls his right shoulder but his eyes narrow, "Yami.. He's all yours" he says. Yami rises from naruto's shadow as the original vanishes, shocking kakuzu but he leans forward.

"No matter clone or not.. I'll hunt him down" kakuzu says, his threads beasts ripping out his back. A new water-mask takes the form a bipedal human with four arms. The fire-mask resembles a demonic tiger. The new lightning-mask takes the shape of a deformed bipedal. The new wind-mask is a strange four-legged body with thin wings.


Zetsu slowly rises from the ground, "Looks like they're about to start fighting" white-zetsu says.

"Kakuzu better not kill him" black-zetsu hisses. Suddenly a pair of hands rip zetsu from ground and slams it to the ground as a seal array forms on its body. Zetsu gasps as naruto was staring back at it, before the blond wraps his left hand around the plant creature's throat.

"Don't bother.. This seal seals off your chakra.. You know you're a hard man to find.. You managed to escape last time but now that I'm a Sage.. You get even a sniff near me.. I'll know" naruto says and squeezes tighter.

"You're only delaying the inevitable" black-zetsu hisses but naruto grins.

"Yeah.. Where is he then.. Still licking his wounds huh but I don't care about that.. Why are Akatsuki collecting the Bijū" naruto says.

"You'll think we'll talk" black-zetsu sneers. Naruto lessens his grip but his eye sockets widen and starred pinwheel form in his eyes, "Oh Let's test that.. Why did the Akatsuki seal the Biju into the statue" he says. Black-zetsu grits its teeth to resist the assault but white-zetsu sings like a canary, "Tobi wants to revive Madara and make him the new Jubi Jinchuriki" white-zetsu says and the ground shatters.

[Music: The Driller - Transformers: Dark of the Moon]

Naruto was flaring his captain class reiatsu with wide eyes and a wide grin on his face but the blonde recomposes himself, slicking back his hair with his free hand.

"Sorry about that.. The old me slipped out there for a moment" naruto says.

"What are you?!" black zetsu hisses, feeling their collective heart skip a beat. Naruto keep his glowing eyes on theirs, "You don't get to know.. Now other than Reviving Madara from I assume is the Edo Tensei.. What is the Jūbi" he says.

"Fuck you.. You're just one of the tools created to revive Madara" black zetsu shouts. Naruto summons one of his knives and digs it into black-zetsu's eye, "Fuck you too.. I didn't ask you" he shouts.

"Ehehehe.. You're mean but the Edo Tensei is only half.. Tobi intended for Nagato to fully revive Madara and take back his eyes from him.. Then seal the Bijū into the Gedō-Mazō and seal the revived Jūbi into himself and usher in everlasting Peace" white-zetsu explains. Naruto rips his knife from black-zetsu's eye with the whites of his eyes bleeding into black and his irises turning gold, "That does sound tempting to fight The Madara.. I'm gonna have to take a hard pass" he says, his hollow side coming out. Black-zetsu clutches its destroyed eye, "Because Madara would rip the Kyūbi from your cooling corpse.. You are Nothing compared them him" he shouts. Naruto raises his left hand and slowly makes a fist as his hollow mask forms, "Then tell him yourself.. How much of a NOTHING I AM" he howls, bringing a ikkotsu to zetsu's chest. The ground shatters with three more craters with zetsu having its chest caved in as naruto slowly rises to his feet.

"Think its dead" kurama comments. Naruto takes a deep intake of air and exhales out his mask with a stream of smoke but raises his boot, before stomping on zetsu's head several times.

"Dead now" naruto says, his mask shattering. Naruto snaps his fingers and a garganta snaps open as he grabs zetsu, "Sleep well in oblivion" he shouts, tossing zetsu into the void. The garganta snaps closed and naruto leaps out of the crater to his yami with the clone approaching with the corpse of kakuzu. Naruto dusts himself off and rolls down his sleeves, buttoning his cuffs and taking his coat from his clone as yami seals kakuzu's corpse in a scroll. Yami tosses naruto the scroll and dispels, allowing naruto to replay the fight with kakuzu.

"I should head back" naruto thought, rolling his neck and vanishes.[song ends]

#Fire Palace#

Hinata stands on the balcony to enjoy the night air with kaze leaving to switch with the real naruto.

"What is a beautiful woman doing alone" a slimy voice says. Hinata shifts slightly and turns back as a young man stands behind her, his green eyes ogling her body. He is of average height with fiery red and yellow hair with lean but slightly muscular form. He is wearing the expensive clothes of many of the nobility in attendance, "Hello my name is Daisuke Alai" he says, reaching to kiss hinata's hand but she doesn't offer it.

"Hello I am Hinata Hyūga.. Alai-san" hinata says, being polite.

"No no call me Daisuke-kun" daisuke says. Hinata gives a polite smile but it wasn't for daisuke, "Naruto-kun" she says and daisuke whips around to see naruto. The blond was using his sensei's patented eye-smile number five to keep from breaking daisuke's face.

"I've been looking for you Hinata.. Ara who's your little friend" naruto says. Hinata takes naruto's left hand, "Naruto-kun this is Daisuke Alai and Alai-san this is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze my Fiancée" hinata states.

"Hello Daisuke Alai" naruto says, extending his hand but daisuke smacks it away.

"Namikaze.. So you are one of those Honor-less Shinobi Dogs" daisuke says.

"I wouldn't say completely honor-less" naruto says. Daisuke however scoffs and shifts his gaze to hinata, "Then that mean you are a Ninja as well" he says.

"Yes Alai-san.. Unlike Hibana-sama.. I chose to become a kunoichi" hinata replies and interlocks her right arm with naruto's left.

"Now if you'll excuse us.. Naruto-kun and I would like one last dance before we retire for the night" hinata says and both bow, excusing themselves. Naruto and hinata leave daisuke but he quickly follows, grabbing a drink and roughly grabs naruto by the shoulder to spin him around, tossing the drink in his face. Many gasp in shock as naruto stands with shadows covering his face, "Naruto-kun are you alright" hinata says.

"Daisuke what are you doing?!" kurotatsu says, approaching with a few guards. Daisuke points at both naruto and hinata, "I'm just teaching these honor-less dogs some manners.. How Dare they think they are welcomed among the nobility" he shouts. Naruto reaches in his coat and grabs a handkerchief to wipe his face, pulling his mask down as well to reveal his scar.

"See he even dares to stain our eyes with his deformities" daisuke shouts. Hinata could see many looking down on naruto but the blond touches his forehead to hers.

"What is the Meaning of This?!" hien shouts and many to see the fire lord himself.

"Lord Hien I was attempting to put these Ninja in their place" daisuke says, not even hiding his disgust. Hien approaches the small group but shifts his gaze to naruto, "Goodness where did you get such a wound" he asks, causing daisuke to smirk.

"Naruto-kun received this wound when he was only nine years old.. He was attacked by some very evil people" hinata explains. Hien slowly nods and shifts his gaze to daisuke, "These two are guests of mine and you choose to throw a drink in his face.. His father is honored Hero of our country" he says and daisuke's breath hitches.

"I-I-I sorry Lord H-hien.. Please allow me to recover my honor in a duel against your guest" daisuke says. Hien glances between the pair, "That seems like a excellent idea.. It will take place tomorrow" he says and both bow, before he turns on his heels and leaves. Daisuke shoot a dirty look to naruto as he and hinata leave, "I will show the difference between us dog" he thought.


Hinata pokes her fingers as she sits on the bed, "To think Naruto-kun and I are sharing a bed" she thought. Naruto makes his way out of the bathroom in a pair of pajama bottoms and loose muscle shirt, "Something wrong" he asks and hinata turns red.

"N-no.. Just thinking about tomorrow" hinata says, herself wearing a large sleeping gown. Naruto plops on the bed with a roll of his neck, "I won't kill him" he says.

"I know but" hinata says and naruto touches their foreheads.

"Don't worry about.. I've dealt with shit like that in both my lives.. Those that think they live among the stars.. Can't see the world for what it is" naruto says. The pair soon get under the covers as hinata turns to face naruto as his back was to her but he turns to face, causing her to eep.

"We won't get many times like this" naruto says.

"Y-yeah" hinata says and scoots closer. Naruto kisses her forehead and hinata smiles moving under his chin, "Good night Naruto-kun" she whispers, wrapping her right arm around him.

"Night Hinata" naruto says, as the pair close their eyes. The next day soon came and the pair were brought back to the palace, with hinata wearing her ninja gear of a light lavender, sleeveless kimono-style blouse with vertical lines, tied with a dark purple obi around her waist. A pair of short dark navy shorts with thigh-high stockings and black high-heeled boots.

"Quite the uniform.. Even those horns" azulon comments. Naruto wears black cargo pants and boots with a white form-fitting muscle shirt tucked in and black gloves, his horned hitai-ate on his forehead and zetsuei strapped to his left hip.

"Naruto-kun is a Sage and his Hitai-ate is similar to Jiraiya-sama but of his own style" hinata says. Naruto notices lord hien was watching with a few others including azulon, across from him was daisuke in full samurai armor of a silver and red color scheme. Daisuke has a smug look on his face compared to the blank look on naruto's face, "I'll show you Dog" daisuke thought. Kurotatsu stands between the two men as both step forward, "This is a Sanctioned Spar.. Witnessed by Lord Hien of our Illustrious Fire Country.. The combatants will be Daisuke Alai vs Naruto Namikaze" he declares and a few witnesses murmur.

"First Bow to me" kurotatsu says and both comply, "Then to Lord Hien" he adds, again both comply.

"Lastly to each other" kurotatsu says and both comply. Kurotatsu steps back a few feet and both the same, "You may Begin" he shouts, raising and dropping his arm. Daisuke immediately draws his sword from the sheath but freezes as naruto slips into the battojutsu stance, causing him halt and back up.

"What?!.. This dog knows the Battōjutsu" daisuke thought.

"Why does Daisuke not attack" azulon says.

"His reach.. Alai-san is nearly outside of Naruto-kun's reach" hinata says.

"His reach Hinata-san" hien asks and hinata nods.

"Naruto-kun told me once that a swordsmen have a reach in which they can strike.. Alai-san is narrowly outside of Naruto-kun's reach" hinata explains. Kurotatsu glances back to hinata but back to naruto, "I highly doubt that is the edge of his reach" he thought

"How can this bastard dog know the Battōjutsu.. No matter.. The Battōjutsu are all one-shot attack and leave the user open to attack.. I can dodge his first attack and cut him down him without castigation" daisuke thought.

"Here I come Shinobi Dog" daisuke shouts and shoots forward. Naruto grips zetsuei's hilt as she clicks out the sheath, before drawing her out as daisuke narrowly dodges. Time seems to slow as daisuke raises his sword, "I have have won.. Arggghhh" daisuke cries, as a snap echoes. Kurotatsu's eyes widen as daiuske's sword arm was bent over naruto's sheath, "A double Battōjutsu.. Using sword and sheath.. Impressive" kurotatsu thought. Daisuke falls the ground and clutches his broken right arm, "Ahhh.. Arghh.. What have you done?!" he cries.

"I've broken your elbow joint and destroyed the muscles around it.. Your life as a Swordsmen is over" naruto says, sheathing zetsuei. Naruto turns to kurotatsu and bows then to hien, bowing once again to the lord. Hien opens his fan a small laugh, "Most impressive Namikaze-kun.. It seems you inherited your mother's skill with the Sword" he says.

"Indeed Milord.. Thank you for your words" naruto says.

"Please continue to bring glory to Fire country" hien says and rises from his seat, causing everyone to bow to him as he left. Naruto watches doctors come for daisuke as hinata approaches, "A flawless victory" she says.

"Perhaps now he won't look down on ninja" naruto whispers. Azulon approaches with a fan keeping him cool, "The carriage will be here soon to return you to Konoha.. I wish you luck on your marriage" he says and both bow to him.

"To you as well Azulon-sama and congratulation" hinata says and azulon chuckles.

"Oh Hibana has started telling people.. Yes finally I will have an heir" azulon says, waddling off.

"So what do you want to do before we leave" naruto says and hinata takes his right arm.

"How about a simple walk through the gardens.. Just the two of us" hinata says, leaning into his shoulder and naruto nods with a smile as they do just that.

#Konohagakure - Two Days Later#

Naruto lays on the sofa with ino laying on his chest and his right hand stroking her back, dry tears in her eyes. Naruto and hinata had finally returned to konoha from the capital and learned that tobi had attacked ino, also taking kabuto from prison. Needless to say the sun-kissed blond was ready to hunt tobi and murder him badly.

"Why didn't he kill me" ino whispers.

"He may have assumed I had a seal on you to alert me" naruto replies and ino looks up to his eyes.

"Do you" ino asks and naruto points to the silver necklace around her neck, with her birth-stone of sapphire.

"You do now but I put a Hiraishin marker as well" naruto explains.

"That doesn't make me feel better.. He showed me horrible things.. Even my death" ino says. Naruto strokes her back with a murderous look, "Tobi will learn what it means to lay hands on what's mine" he whispers.

"Oof Naru-kun protective of his Princesses" anko says, sitting in the recliner with kuroshiro in her lap. Hinata and haku were sitting on the loveseat with thumbing their necklaces, having their birth-stones of blue topaz and garnet respectively.

"That proves he cares very deeply about us" haku comments and hinata nods.

"True.. So how was the capital" anko asks, thumbing her necklace with her birth-stone of pink tourmaline.

"Nothing much.. Killed Kakuzu of the Five Hearts and someone called Zetsu.. Even embarrassed some snotty noble" naruto explains.

"Another S-rank?!.. Naru-kun you need to be Hokage and soon" anko states.

"The Daimyō thinks so but I can wait until Akatsuki is finished and this war with Iwa and Kumo" naruto says. Ino lifts off of naruto and gets to her feet, "Other than minor border skirmishes.. No major offensives have happened" she says.

"Shimo put you in the Bingo Book too.. S-class.. The realm of legends" anko says.

"Not even Zabuza-sama has reached it yet" haku says, going to make some tea. Naruto sits up with a sigh and rubs his neck, "True Every Kage.. Sannin.. Akatsuki.. Not many can say they are S-class ninja" he muses.

"And Naru-kun is now a member" anko says, giggling.

"How large was the bounty in Shimo" naruto asks, taking a tea cup from haku. Anko takes her own and takes a small sip, "No bounty.. Just to avoid.. Flee on Sight" she says and naruto smirks.

"Just like dad" naruto says and anko nods.

"Plus your bounty in Iwa went up to One Hundred Million" anko adds and naruto scoffs.

"Then nothing short of the Tsuchikage need to come after me" naruto says.

"I should get going" ino says, kissing naruto on the cheek and excusing herself.

"I should go too" hinata says.

"I'll walk you both home" naruto says, grabbing his shoes and following them out.

"You don't have do this" ino says.

"We want to Ino-chan.. You went through a harrowing experience" hinata says and ino slowly nods, thankful for them both. The soon reach ino's house and she gives hinata a small hug with kisses to the cheek, which hinata exchanges and naruto blinks.

"Jealous Naruto" ino says, with a cheeky smile but kisses his cheeks and heads inside. Naruto sighs as two women giggle in his head, "Shall we go" he says, offering his hand and hinata takes it. The pair walk in silence as naruto looks at the setting sun, "Um Naruto-kun.. Aren't you worried that Kabuto was taken" hinata asks.

"No.. He still has my seal on his body.. He or someone else attempts to try and destroy.. It will kill him regardless.. Because there is a second seal on it" naruto explains and hinata furrows her brow.

"The second seal is tied to me.. If Kabuto gets a certain distance from me.. He will die with two weeks" naruto adds and hinata gasps.

"Kabuto is just as dangerous as Orochimaru was.. So I took precautions" naruto says, as they stop at the hyuga estates.

"See you tomorrow" hinata say and gives naruto a kiss with a hug.

"On the morrow then" naruto says and watches her leave, before slicking back his hair.

"I'm almost tempted to find Tobi and kill him now but I want the fun.. Let him do what he needs to get strong.. Let him get as strong as possible" naruto thought, vanishing with a swirl of wind.

#Takigakure - Two Days Prior#

Kū on the steps of shibuki's home with kurotsuchi standing behind him with deidara off to the side as two iwa jonin bring shibuki and deposit him on the ground.

"I have good news for you.. Unlike your council.. We will let you live.. Only to deliver a message to Konoha" kū says and shibuki glares at him. Kirara approaches and kneels down to open her eyes, revealing pupil-less glowing purple irises.

"Tell Konoha that we have taken Taki.. Tell them to send the Demon" kirara says. Shibuki stares blankly at the young woman and slowly nods, before being let go and rising to his feet.

"Now you may go" kirara says and two jonin take shibuki away, "I should've told him to kill himself" she muses, darkly giggling.

"Sending the message is fine enough.. We've destroyed their council and his faith in the village.. They'll collapse on themselves" kū says.

"Think they'll send the demon-hmm" deidara says. Kū chuckles and rubs the back of his neck, "They will and he can pay for All his sins" he says.

"I don't like this" kurotsuchi says and kū looks back, rising to his feet.

"We are doing this for Grandfather and Iwa" kū says. Kurotsuchi sighs with a look to deidara, "Grandfather's obsession with the Kiiroi Senkō and his son is worrying.. We may have Kumo as an ally but what's to stop them from betraying us.. This still have their demon" she explains.

"Maybe so Kuro but Kumo wants the demon flash dead as well.. Besides we have the Akuta" kū comments.

"And me-hmm" deidara comments.

"Even doing this won't get back in gramp's good graces" kurotsuchi says and heads back inside.

"Don't worry about it.. Once we present the demon's head.. Grandfather will accept you back" kū states.

"Don't worry about it.. She's always been pissed at me" deidara states. Kokuyō soon approaches with a few jonin, "Kū-sama we have finished repurposed the area around the entrance" he says.

"Good spread the Akuta through" kū orders and kokuyō nods, heading off.

"Very soon.. Our Revenge will be complete" kū thought.

"I'll plant some bomb.. It's high the demon see my Art" deidara comments and kū chuckles.

"He'll explode with enjoyment" kū says.

"I hope he brings that little snake girl.. I can make her torture him.. Before you erase him Kū-sama" kirara says.

"We will see Kirara.. We will see" kū says.

#Konohagakure - Present Time - One Day After Returning From Capital#

Naruto quickly follows behind fū as the mint hair girl was summoned by tsunade, "What could this be about" she says.

"I don't know" naruto says, as they reach the hokage tower and make their way to tsunade's office. Inside tsunade, shikaku, hiruzen, inoichi and dragon were in the office as the jinchūriki pair, causing the blond to pick up the serious atmosphere.

"Thank you both for coming.. I'll get to the point.. About two hours ago Shibuki arrived in an injured state" tsunade says and fū gasps.

"He currently at the hospital but he brought some severe news.. Iwa has conquered with a small force" tsunade continues.

"What do we know" naruto says, giving fū a half hug.

"It wasn't large force but they were lead by Ōnoki's grandchildren and the same creatures Anko reported about" inoichi explains and naruto narrows his eyes.

"Can I see Shibuki-sama" fū says and tsunade nods, allowing the young girl to leave and head to hospital.

"How did this happen.. I know Taki's council were soured on our alliance because of Fū's kidnapping but allowing Iwa to conquer them" naruto says.

"According Shibuki.. The council went behind his back and contacted people in Iwa" inoichi explains and naruto sighs, shaking his head.

"Bastards" naruto whispers.

"They received karma.. One of them used a Genjutsu to kill them" inoichi says.

"Regardless.. Iwa has made a threat our ally and we must respond" tsunade says.

"What you propose Hokage-sama" naruto says, snapping to attention. Tsunade slips into hokage mode with a serious expression, "We're sending your squads.. If we send a large force.. Iwa or Kumo would bring their full forces but if we send a team of two Jōnin and a group of Chūnin.. They'll hold their forces" she explains.

"Iwa may send their full force if they learned I was heading the team" naruto says.

"That may be true but Ōnoki isn't a fool.. He knows you possess the Hiraishin.. Sending both his grandchildren means he's confident that they can handle the situation" shikaku states.

"So if we catch either one.. We can end the war before it truly starts" naruto says and shikaku nods.

"Can your team handle this" tsunade says and naruto clicks his boot heels.

"We can Hokage-sama" naruto says. Tsunade leans forward with a serious look on her face, "Have your team ready to leave in one hour" she orders and naruto bows, excusing himself. Naruto makes his way out of the hokage tower but quickly creates numerous clones, "You know what to do" he says and all of them vanish, as he shunshins to his house.

"Finally time for you to cut loose" kurama says.

"You're it's time for them to see me Fully in actions" naruto thought, reaching home. Anko was laying on the sofa as haku was making lunch for them, "How's Fū-chan" haku asks.

"She's alright but we got a mission" naruto says and starts explaining the situation, causing anko to slam a fist into her palm.

"Finally time to pay those bastards back" anko says.

"Right it will be all of us.. I also plan to show the others.. My Real strength" naruto says, shocking both.

"Are you sure Naruto-kun" haku asks and naruto nods, heading for the stairs.

"I am.. Now let's get ready.. We need meet the others at the main gate" naruto adds and both nod, following him upstairs to get ready. Half an hour later naruto is the first to make it downstairs, now wearing a black, full bodysuit with white cargo shorts, that cinch at the knee. A white front-open apron with black whirlpools and a sleeveless white, high-collar double-breasted jacket with a beaked hood.

"Papa" kuroshiro says and naruto kneels down.

"Fū will look after you ok" naruto says, rubbing her head and creating a clone to take her to the hospital.

"I ok" kuroshiro says, licking his face. Anko comes down next wearing a white sleeveless blouse with purple corset vest, stocking arm sleeve on her right arm and black gloves, a black overall skirt, garter straps and black stockings with a gradient into purple. Lace up black boots with purple laces and wis strapped to her back.

"You be a good girl" anko says, kneeling to give scritches. Haku is the last to come down with, wearing a dark blue kimono, that extends to mid-thigh with a white nagajuban underneath. A white obi adorned with black snow flakes and white stocking with geta sandal, her hair pinned like before and a white head-band.

"I have the travel cloak" haku says, slipping on the grey cloak. Naruto and anko take their cloaks and slips them on, before securing the house and the clone taking kuroshiro to fū. The three quickly take to the roofs and make their way to the main gate to await the others, soon everyone arrives with similar cloaks to the others.

"My clones explained everything.. So I won't bore you with the details.. However I want you all hold hands for me.. There is something I want to say" naruto says and the others furrow their brows but hold hands, even akamaru placing paw on kiba and shino's hands. Naruto clears his throat with a sigh, "We at this moment head into the decisive battle.. Have faith that our blades will not shatter.. Have faith that our hearts will not waiver and even if our paths should diverge.. We all share a heart of iron.. Swear that even if the ground beneath us should be rent asunder we will live and return to this place again" he declares.

"Wow that kind of got me hyped" kiba says and akamaru barks.

"Well take to heart and not waver.. Come we'll head out at high genin speed" naruto says and all of them nod, before they rush out the main and into the trees.

#Unknown Location#

Tobi clenches his remain fist with a look of rage behind his mask at the husks of the white zetsu clones, "How can this happen?!.. Is Zetsu dead" tobi thought. He sucks himself into his eyes to appear behind kabuto, who was checking over an unconscious sasuke outfitted with a new left arm with one Sharingan outfitted on the forearm and tobi having the other.

"How is he" tobi asks. Kabuto glances with an adjust of his glasses and a slight cough, "He's well and should be able start using his new arm soon" he says.

"How soon.. Things are moving from my parameters" tobi says and kabuto coughs a few times.

"I manage.. Urgh sorry.. Thanks to Shin's cells.. Sasuke's recovery should be slightly accelerated.. Arghh" kabuto says, coughing more and more. He collapses to knees coughing violently as water escapes his mouth, causing kabuto's eyes to widen.

"Impossible.. I haven't used any high level chakra technique" kabuto thought, spewing up more water.

"It seems Naruto added a function to your seal.. Clever boy" tobi says and internally.

"Curse you Naruto.. I needed Kabuto for my arm" tobi thought. Kabuto falls on his side with a pained expression on his face as he continues to vomit up water, "This is how I die" he thought, gurgling his last breaths. Tobi clenches his fist and leaves the room in search of kisame, "We have a problem" tobi says, finding kisame in one of the meeting room.

"And what is that Tobi" kisame asks.

"Kabuto is dead for one but all of the White Zetsu clones have died" tobi starts and kisame narrows his eyes.

"I want to you head to the bounty station and check if Kakuzu's bounty has been claimed.. If it has then Naruto killed both him and Zetsu" tobi adds.

"Hehehe.. Then the Kyūbi kid is more than you thought Lord Mizukage.. Why don't we track him down and play with him" kisame says.

"In due time Kisame.. For now head to the bounty station" tobi says and kisame chuckles, getting his feet and grabbing samehada.

"See you later Tobi" kisame says, leaving the room. Tobi remains standing stock still but sucks himself into his eyes, reappearing in a black void littered with square structures. Tobi rips his mask from his face and tosses it to ground, causing it to shatter with a look of anger on his face.

"Damn it.. Project Eye of the Moon is now out of reach.. The Rinnegan gone.. The Gedō-Mazō destroyed.. How can Naruto's true nature have changed so much.. He's supposed be some fucking idiot" tobi hisses.

"Calm down Obito.. It's not over.. Sasuke is still a thing and he can used to cultivate the Rinnegan" tobi thought and returns to his hideout.


Konoha's rookie ten plus three were hiding among the trees as naruto maintains his barrier to keep them from their sensors, "They've reshaped the landscape.. Made a killing field.. No cover at all" he says. Hinata and neji use their Byakugan, "No traps but they seem to be inviting us to attack" neji says, relaxing his eyes.

"I agree.. With the flat land they will see us before we see them" hinata says, after relaxing her eyes as well.

"What do we do then?!.. We rush out there and they'll see us coming" kiba says.

"Someone would have to be bait" tayuya says. A few of them glare at tayuya but she shrugs her shoulders, "Then what do we do.. Iwa sent a force in secret and took over Taki.. They are expecting us to respond.. It's why they let Shibuki warn us" she says. Anko glances to naruto and the blond was staring at the empty field, "Nara.. What are the odds of one of us making to the waterfall entrance" she asks. Shikamaru approaches naruto as the blond slips a cigarette into his mouth and offers him one, "Low.. Iwa has the advantage.. The moment one of us rushes out there.. They can change the terrain like they've done and kill them from a distance" he says, taking one and slipping into his mouth. Naruto lights his own with his zippo and holds it to shikamaru to light his own, "What if I went" naruto asks. Shikamaru takes a small drag and exhale with his eyes on the killing field, "High" he says, simply.

"Then you have your decoy but to be honest I could do this by myself" naruto says and two clones pop to life.

"In fact that's what I'll do.. Too long have I held back.. Too long have I allowed people to blame me for their problems.. Too long has Ōnoki blamed me for being born the Son of Kiiroi Senkō.. It's time I make him apologize for living when I born" naruto says, pulling down his hood.

"Apologize for living when you were born" tenten says, incredulously. Naruto rolls his neck a few times and slowly reaches for his grey travel cloak, "It's time you all see the Real me.. Anko.. Hinata.. Haku.. Ino and Karin.. They know and it's time all you do too" he says, ripping it off.

"The clones will maintain the barrier.. No matter what you see.. Do not take your eyes off this" naruto says and steps forward.

"Oi Naruto!" kiba says, before the other say anything but the blond ignores their protests.

[Music: Berserk - My Brother (Extended) (Definitive Version)]

Naruto steps out of the tree-line with a determined but leisurely pace, his cigarette hanging from his lips and sword strapped to his left hip. Naruto spits his cigarette out and slowly picks up speed into a sprint as the ground starts to rumble, half way into his sprint. A dozen akuta erupt from the ground around naruto but they're summarily sliced to pieces by his Quicksword. More akuta arrive but naruto meet them with a furious rush of fists, elbows, knees and feet to shatter their masks. Naruto connects with a left straight to an akuta but it glows and explodes, engulfing him but his hiraishin knives streak out. Naruto races out of the dust could and flashing signs, soon a familiar loud chirping erupts as raiton engulfs his hands as he pulls them apart.

"Chidori Eisō Circuit" naruto thought, channeling the sharp spear into the knives and connecting the circuit. The akuta explode in succession and cover the area with dust and debris but kokuyō erupts from the cloud with a look of rage on his face, "Die Demon" he roars, swinging a large war hammer. Naruto simply back steps to avoid the hammer as it shatters the ground, "Not today" he says. Kokuyō roars and swings the hammer side to side but naruto dodges with a fancy footwork.

"Damn you Demon" kokuyō roars, slamming the hammer into the ground and channeling his chakra. Naruto beckons him forward as he bounces on his toes but whistles as rock surrounds the hammer to make it larger. Kokuyō swings the massive hammer but naruto but up a cross-arm block, causing him to skid along the ground but the blond focuses and comes to a halt with his boots digging into the dirt.

"Curse you" kokuyō shouts, pushing on his hammer but it would not budge as his sandal dig into the dirt. Naruto smirks slightly as his eyes open and glow blue, "I've heard that before" he says and vanishes. Kokuyō gasps as naruto was now in front of him with his left cocked back, before a loud snap erupts as his neck is snapped by naruto's punch. The hammer slams to the ground with a thud as kokuyō crumples with his head bent at a odd angle. Naruto doesn't spare kokuyō a glance as he continues to rush forward but time seems to slow as he glances right to see a strange clay object, before it glows and explodes in a thunderous explosion. [music pause]


"Naruto was just engulfed in a large explosion!" neji says, with his Byakugan activated.

"Then we need to get out there and help him" kiba shouts and akamaru barks but one of the clones gets in his path.

"Calm down kibbles.. Naruto is fine.. His clones haven't dispelled" anko says, seeing the other clone sitting motionless and the first smoking.

"Still that explosion was pretty powerful.. It smacked into the barrier" chōji says but sees ino keeping her hands clasps, with a determined look on her face.

"Didn't he say.. He wanted to show you his power.. Wow you must have little faith him" tayuya comments.

"We do but he has engulfed in a huge explosion" tenten counters.

"That won't slow him down.. It'll probably annoy him" anko comments, causing a few to look at her shocked.

"Annoy him" shikamaru says and anko nods.

"I watched him Tank a high level Katon Jutsu" anko adds.

"WHAT?!" kiba shouts.

"YOSH.. Naruto-kun's youthfulness shines brighter than fire" lee shouts.

"Anko-chan is correct Kiba-kun.. Naruto-kun is not someone to take lightly" hinata states.

"Is it because of the Kyūbi" tenten says and NUGC shake their heads, including karin. Shikamaru blows a stream of smoke as the fire cloud was starting to die down, "So Naruto isn't really normal compared to us.. His power is something more than the Kyūbi" he says.

"You got it Nara.. Naruto is very not normal" anko says, as the rookies turn their attention back to the battle.

[Music Resume: Berserk - My Brother (Extended) (Definitive Version)]

Deidara laughs loudly as his C2 Dragon flies over the fire cloud created by his said dragon, "How did you like my Art Kyūbi-hmm" he howls and weaves more sign to ram.

"How about some more" deidara shouts, as more explosions go off via landmines. The smoke rises from the explosions as deidara looks down, "Otto!.. We do need him alive-hmm" he thought but his eyes narrow, as something was glowing within the smoke cloud.

"What is that-hmm" deidara says. A large blue blasts erupts from the smoke as deidara's breath hitches but he is vaporized along with his dragon, as the blast careens into the sky and violently disturbing the air as it travels. The smoke cloud dissipates as naruto stands with black claymore pointed to where deidara was, his clothes tattered with his jacket missing.

"Ah So.. Seems a waste of Gran Rey Cero" naruto thought, resting the black sword on his shoulder.

"No time to react either.. Destroyed before he could blink.. Do use one on fake Madara" kurama comments and naruto chuckles, raising a half-ram sign. Naruto sighs feeling a rush of natural energy and memories, causing him to snort seeing kiba shocked to depressed state.

"That's right Kiba.. No matter what you do.. I am a Hell of a lot stronger" naruto thought, moving forward. Naruto picks up a little speed but skids to a halt as the ground rumbles, while kirara appears with her eyes open.

"You will go no further Demon Flash.. I've brought my best dolls to kill you" kirara says, as two large akuta appear out of the ground. Naruto rests his claymore on his shoulder again with a sigh, "Is this like some video game.. Fighting one at time" he thought, biting his lip and drawing blood. He swipes blood on to his thumb as one of the akuta swings his large fist down but naruto dodges, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" he shouts, creating a large plume of smoke. A large sasumata slams into one akuta as gamaken appears from the smoke, "I may be a bit clumsy but I can help" he says.

"That's fine.. Take out this one.. I'll handle the other" naruto shouts, launching forward.

"Akuta destroy these ugly things" kirara shouts. The second swings and disturbs the air but naruto throws his claymore towards its shoulder and flashes to it as gamaken rams his shield into the first. It staggers back but gamaken sends his sasumata through its shoulder, causing it to crack and the arm to fall off. Naruto grips his claymore tight as flames of energy surge from her, "Flame Dragon Dance" he shouts, flames erupting from the head of the second akuta. It roars in pain as it starts to crack and shatter, causing kirara to gasp in horror.

"Impossible" kirara shouts but danger senses went off in her head. She turns to naruto appearing behind her, "My An-chan wants a word with you" he says, touching her shoulder and she vanishes with a flash.

"Gamaken send him my way" naruto shouts, adding chakra to his voice. Gamaken slams his shield into the akuta as naruto raises his right arm, a Rasengan forming and slipping into its Rasenshuriken form but gaining girth.

"Here you go Naruto" gamaken says, hopping back.

"Senpō: Rasenshuriken" naruto thought, tossing the swirling Rasengan towards the falling akuta. The screeching orb increases in size and explodes into the akuta, destroying it as naruto slowly turns his gaze to a floating kū and kurotsuchi on the ground. [music ends]


"You can all press forward now.. Boss is about to confront the leaders" the clone says. Kirara appears in a flash but is quickly restrained by the clone as anko stares at her, "You heard him.. Naruto has cleared the path.. Push forward and claim victory" she says, seriously. Shikamaru looks to anko but see the look in her eyes, "She was the only survivor of the outpost attacks and it's now revealed Iwa had a hand in it" he thought and sighs, spitting the butt of his cigarette out.

"Alright.. We move lightning fast.. If Naruto is confronting their leader.. We can use that to advantage.. Kiba.. Chōji.. Shino will be our frontline.. Neji.. Karin and Hinata will keep their senses on high and the rest of follow.. Not let's move out" shikamaru says and all of them nod, rushing from the tree-line.

"Do you remember me bitch" anko hisses, drawing wis from her back. Kirara only glares but a laughs escapes her lips, "You're one that Sekki and Kakō nearly killed" she sneers but gasps, as her cheek opens up. Kirara feels the blood run down her cheek and face contorts into rage, "How Dare you?!.. How dare someone Ugly like you harm someone beautiful like me" she shouts, struggling to free herself from the clone. Anko touches the blade of her sword, "Bloom and Strike.. Wisteria-Mamba" she utters, going to her shikai and points the blade at kirara.

"You and you friends killed a lot of good people and for what.. To show off your freaky pets" anko says but kirara says nothing, before nodding to the clone and he lets kirara go. She immediately springs up and swings her umbrella but anko blocks with her sword, "Ugly things should be destroyed.. Those fools died to simply test the Akuta" kirara sneers, as both back leap.

"And the Demon Flash will die to Kū-sama" kirara shouts but anko starts laughing.

"Think again bitch.. Naruto will destroy Ku" anko shot, slipping into a gatotsu stance. Kirara gnashes her teeth and clenches her umbrella, "I will destroy everything ugly in this world.. And I'll start with You" she shouts, her eyes fully opening. Anko's body seizes and kirara cackles shooting forward to pierce anko in the chest but the snake mistress changes into a naruto clone, "What?!" kirara shouts.

"Dance of the Dragonfly" anko utters, appearing around kirara as six after images. Kirara screams as she is pierced from six sides by anko's poisonous sword, causing her body to seize and lock up. Kirara staggers a bit as blood emerges from eyes, mouth and nose as she collapses with no sound. Anko returns wis to her sealed form and resheathes her, "You have avenged you comrades Mistress" wis says. Anko weaves signs and stops at tiger, "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu" she thought, seeing kirara's corpse on fire.

"Maybe so but it doesn't bring them back" anko thought and turns her attention to the tree-line, "I should back up Naruto" she says and vanishes with shunpo.

[Music: Berserk 2016 - Hai Yo]

"Gamaken.. You can head home" naruto says. Gamaken looks down at naruto, "I see.. Be careful Naruto" he says and de-summons with a large puff of smoke, engulfing naruto. Kū looks down at naruto with rage in his eyes but he steadies his breath, before slamming his hands together and a white glow form as he pulls his hands apart.

"Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu" kū shouts, firing his particle style blast. Naruto gasps and quickly dodges as the blast tears a trench in the ground as kū looks on but he gasps as the back of a fist gently touches his cheek.

"That could've been your head" naruto hisses. Kū shivers with wide eyes but turns with a roundhouse kick but naruto dodges, connecting with his own spinning wheel kick and sending kū to the ground below. Kū spins to recover and lands with a thud, cracking the ground as naruto comes down with his sword screeching with lightning.

"Lightning Dragon Dance" naruto shouts, forcing kū to dodge as he shatters the ground with zetsuei.

"Doton: Doryūsō" kurotsuchi shouts, joining the fray. The earth spears burst into the dust cloud but naruto bursts with a grin on his face, forcing her to back step and flash more signs.

"Yōton: Sekkaigyō no Jutsu" kurotsuchi shouts, spewing quicklime. Naruto swings his claymore and the quicklime covers both his arm and sword, forcing his arm down to the ground.

"Doton: Ganchūrō no Jutsu" kū shouts, catching naruto with a rock prison. The blond narrows his eyes as kū stares at him with a slightly smug expression his face as kurotsuchi flashes more signs.

"Yōton: Kaisekifū no Jutsu" kurotsuchi says, spewing heavy ash to ensnare naruto even more. Kū slams his hands together for another particle attack but the ground rumbles as four tails burst from the stone prison, "Rarrgh" naruto howls, freeing himself. Naruto rolls is neck and drops of his kyūbi cloak with a smirk on his face, "You two fight good together" he says.

"It'll be enough to kill you" kū shouts, shooting forward and drawing his zanbato. Naruto meets him with a sweeping strike but kū blocks and skids to a halt.

"Doton: Gōremu no Jutsu" kurotsuchi shouts, creating several golems. Naruto back steps and slices a golem in half, ducking under another's large fist and cutting down another. Kū leaps with a weighted downward strike but naruto ducks and the ground cracks under his boots.

"Wind Dragon Dance" naruto shouts, blowing kū back with several gashes and shattering his sword and the remaining golems. Kurotsuchi slams her hands into ground to create several spears but she gasps as they shatter on naruto's body.

"Earth Dragon Dance" naruto shouts, driving zetsuei into the dirt. Kurotsuchi counters with an earth wall but his earth spears shatter the wall and toss her back.

"Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu" kū roars, firing his particle style but naruto dodges right as it carves the land. Naruto closes the gap and slashes kū across the chest but the grandson of ōnoki roars and connects with a weighted punch to naruto's face with an explosion of starts. Naruto grabs kū's wrist and drops zetsuei with a wild look on his face, before connecting with a left straight and sending kū careening back with several hops.

"Yōton: Shakunetsu Jōshō kiryū" kurotsuchi shouts, slamming her hands into the ground. A wave of lava rises and rushes towards naruto but he calls zetsuei with a tight swing, "Earth-Ice Dragon Dance" he shouts, creating a wall of ice and leaping out of the way. Naruto flashes behind kurotsuchi and cracks her in the stomach knocking her back, "Bakudō #1: Sai" he utters. Kurotsuchi gasps as her arms were suddenly locked behind her back, "What?!" she shouts but her breath hitches. Purple cherry blossoms start to rain down as her vision blurs and she hears on the wind, "Hakufuku" as she loses consciousness. A clone pops to life and takes kurotsuchi as naruto turns his attention to kū.

"You're the last.. My team should be able to handle the remains of your forces" naruto declares. Kū gnashes his teeth in full on rage, "I will turn you to Dust!" he shouts, slamming his hands together. The particle blast forms and grows large and large as naruto fully face kū, zetsuei held in both hands and pointing to his side. Naruto starts to unleashes his reiatsu with a purple with black tinted aura around his form. Kū pours more and more his chakra into his attack as his attack doubles in size, "On the Glory of Iwa I will erase you from this world for All your Sins" he howls. Naruto slowly raises zetsuei with a blank look on his face as the ground cracks under him until zetsuei is fully raised.

"Then Turn about is fair play.. Vanish with the Howl" naruto utters, his aura surrounding his sword. Kū launches forward with his attack as naruto brings zetsuei down, "Dark Dragonstrike" naruto says, shattering the ground. The now azure-black dragon tears through the ground towards kū and through his attack, exploding and erasing both as it launches into the sky with its haunting howl. Naruto rests his black claymore on his shoulder as the dust cloud clears to reveal a large crater about twenty feet across. [music end]


"That wasn't like your normal Dragonstrike" anko says, appearing behind her blond. Naruto slowly turns with a sigh, "It combines both my Shinigami and Hollow powers.. The last I used it was before first death" he says, touching his chest.

"Äs Nödt had me in check mate.. He was gonna take my Bankai but what he didn't know is he couldn't" naruto continues and anko furrows her brow, as naruto holds up zetsuei. The black claymore glistens in the sun, "She's not a normal Zanpakutō.. Zetsuei could use the abilities of a hollow and Äs Nödt paid for it too but I lost my life in the process" naruto explains.

"Right.. Let's catch up to the others" naruto says and both vanish with shunpo. The reach the waterfall entrance and see shino standing near the water, "What's the sit-rep" naruto asks.

"We didn't encounter much resistance in terms of Iwa forces but strange creatures.. Once they saw us breaking through the creatures.. Many retreated and allowed us to push into the village" shino explains. Naruto creates a dozen clones and they vanish as one appears with kurotsuchi on his shoulder, "Any injuries" he asks.

"Minor ones" shino replies and naruto nods.

"I'll go inside.. You two stay on guard with our prisoner" naruto says and both nod, as he make his way to the waterfall. Naruto dives in makes his way to the village proper, "The granddaughter will be a good bargaining chip" kurama states.

"Or a future ally.. You sensed her emotions.. Unlike her cousin.. She doesn't want needless battles" zetsuei says. Naruto reaches the surface but see fighting was dying down and it was taki ninja fighting, "Bastards" he thought, before multiple naruto clones burst from the water.

"Yosh Naruto-kun has arrived" lee crows, knocking out a taki chūnin with nun-chucks. As soon as the clones were on the scene taki's forces surrendered and sent their head jōnin named Tokimaru to meet with naruto.

"Why would Taki betray our alliance" naruto asks, sitting on the steps of shibuki's house. Tokimaru was on his knees thanks to shikamaru shadow paralysis, "We had no choice.. Our council chose to do so" he says. He has brown hair and grey eyes with a nondescript build, "We follow orders.. So we did" tokimaru adds. Naruto cups his chin thought with a cigarette in his mouth, "What happened to council" he asks and tokimaru frowns.

"They were executed" tokimaru replies and naruto frowns, getting to his feet and walks down the steps.

"The Hokage will decide what to do.. For now your ninja will be confined" naruto says and tokimaru slowly nods. Naruto bites his lip and draws blood to summon a toad to relay a message back to konoha.

"So what now" neji asks.

"For now we wait and help those injured.. My clones are chasing Iwa's forces back across the border but we have Ōnoki's granddaughter" naruto says.

"So either the Tsuchikage will press forward with full war or may surrender to prevent all-out war" neji states and naruto nods.

"Hopefully the latter but If I need to.. I will unleash my Full strength on all of Iwa" naruto says.

To Be Continued

A/N-2: Nothing much to say here but a simple question. When Naruto confronts Sasuke and his forces. Do you want him to see him crush them like Aizen did the Captains or having the NUGU taking on Guren, Shizuka, Suigetsu and Jugo to leave Naruto vs Sasuke. I'm kind of leaning towards this to give them some end fights. Thank you all for support and Stay Frosty.

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