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Chapter 14

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Name: Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze(Alias: Demon Flash)

Affiliation: Konohagakure no Sato

Clan: Uzumaki-Namikaze

Family: Minato Namikaze(Deceased), Kushina Uzumaki(Deceased)

Age: Nineteen

Height: 177.8 cm

Hair Color: Blond

Rank: A-class(Increase Pending)

Classification: Sage, Sensor, Jinchūriki (Kyūbi no Kitsune)

Notes: Do Not Approach unless A-class or above.

Bounty: 90,000,000 ryo(Iwa-Dead), 5,000,000(Kumo-Dead or Alive).

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Hollow Mask



"You have forced me to do this Kyūbi Jinchūriki" deva-pein utters, rising off the ground. Naruto's eyes narrow as deva-pein rises skyward but a terrible thought occurs, "These are your people" he shouts.

"I am Kami.. They will gladly lay their lives down for me" deva-pein utters, shocking naruto. The blonde gnashes his teeth as a clone pops to life, "Go!" he shouts, bending his knees and rocketing toward deva-pein.

"Nagato have you gone insane?!" konan shouts. Nagato focuses his chakra, "Be silent Konan" he states. Deva-pein raises both hands forward with unblinking eyes as naruto rockets toward, "Know Pain" he utters.

"Shinra.. Tensei" deva-pein utters and the city is bathe in light.

[Music: Bleach OST - Cometh the Hour(Part A)]

Three miles outside of amegakure a massive explosion erupts, uprooting trees and rocks with a near one mile crater being created in its wake. Deva-pein stares at the large debris cloud with unblinking eyes, "He used the Hiraishin to change our locations" he says. In ame konan stares at nagato in a mixture of shock and anger, "You were going to destroy our home to defeat him" she says. Nagato doesn't even look konan in the eye, "Peace is within our grasp Konan.. Our people will understand" he says. Konan gnashes her teeth and starts to break down into paper but nagato slowly turns his head, "So you would betray again Konan" he utters, stopping konan and it proved vital. Purple chains burst from nagato's body and ensnare her form, "I know of you and the Kin-slayer" he says, coldly and drains some of her chakra. Nagato slams konan into the wall and drops her, turning his attention back to the battlefield.

"Now to collect the Kyūbi" nagato says, as konan slips into unconsciousness. Back at the crater deva-pein slowly descends to the barren field but his Rinnegan eyes narrow. Six dark tails emerge from the ground and lifts naruto out of the dirt, his right arm bent the opposite way in two places. His left pant's leg missing to just above the knee and his shirt half missing as well.

"Do you Hate me" deva-pein utters. Naruto grabs his broken arm and snaps it back into place with a growl, "You're a Mad man" he hisses.

"You seem to know some Pain now" deva-pein starts but gnashes his teeth, "But my Pain.. Is Greater Than YOURS" he roars, both shooting forward. Naruto summons zetsuei and creates a flaming vortex but deva-pein counters with shinra tensei. Deva-pein creates a pair of chakra rods and meets naruto with furious strikes, dodging the blond's tails as well. Naruto opens his mouth to charge a bijūdama but deva-pein uses shinra tensei to throw him off course as he fires, lighting up a section behind them in a luminous explosion.

"Ice-Earth Dragon Dance" naruto shouts, driving zetsuei into ground. Deva-pein backpedals as ice stalagmites erupt from the ground, "Shinra Tensei" he bellows, shattering them and sending them towards naruto. Quicksword and chakra tails disburse the ice shards as naruto sprints toward the retreating deva-pein.

"I will need to use the Chibaku Tensei" nagato thought and focuses his chakra. Deva-pein turns with a skid to a halt and slams his hands together, "This is the end Kyūbi Jinchūriki" he utters but naruto flashes in front of him.

"You're right" naruto utters, cleaving deva-pein in half from left shoulder to right hip. The pieces of deva-pein collapse to the ground as naruto reigns in his breath, his six-tails transformation slowly dispelling.

"Six for Six" naruto utters but a loud bird cry erupts. Naruto whips around with zetsuei as a large drill bird descends towards him, "Dragonstrike" he shouts, annihilating the bird.

"Kuchiyose: Gedō-Mazō" chikushōdō-pein utters, landing and slamming his hands on the ground.

[Music: Naruto Shippuden OST - Zetsu Theme]

The ground rumbles behind chikushōdō-pein as naruto shoots forward, before a large hand emerges and swats naruto from the sky. The blond bounces off the ground several times, before correcting and driving zetsuei into the dirt to stop himself.

"Bastard had another trump card" naruto says. It is a massive earthen-colored humanoid entity with a mummified appearance, its body shaped similar to a robe, and a number of spike-like protrusions on its back. The titan has nine eyes but only five were open revealing blue irises. It roars loudly breaking the shackles on its wrists but shifts its gaze to naruto.

"Careful I can sense the chakra of my siblings inside that thing" kurama says. The gedō-mazō roars loudly sending a shockwave across the land, pushing naruto back.

"That was just a scream.. I can't mess around with this thing" naruto thought, calling forth all nine tails, shattering the ground under the blond. The bone mask forms with his rabbit like ear, with a fox like socket and the nine tails swishing with a bone like spinal cord. Two large chakra arms slam into the ground as the hollow hole forms on his chest with the dark red exoskeleton and black tribal marks. The gedō-mazō roars once again and starts to move forward at a slow pace but picking up speed.

"Let's do this.. Bankai!.. Kurai Heiki Zetsuei" naruto roars and zetsuei explodes with energy and swells. Naruto launches forward with a menacing scythe in his chakra arms, the shaft is black with a spike on the end. The upper half is wrapped in black chains and the blade itself is white and black with a slight hint of red in it.

"Darkness-Lightning Dragon Dance" naruto shouts, swinging his scythe forward. Five dark slashes infused with lightning erupts from the blade towards the gedō-mazō but the titan deflects each, sending a left straight towards naruto. The blond breaks left but the force of the swing disturbs the air around, knocking him off course. The gedō-mazō opens its mouth wide and several ethereal dragons erupt out. Naruto changes course to dodge them but one grazes his body, causing him to gasp as three tails worth of chakra leaves him.

"Look out" zetsuei shouts. Naruto jerks as the gedō-mazō swats him towards the ground with its massive hand, creating a medium size crater with naruto. It raises its massive foot and slams several giant stomps onto naruto, driving him further into the ground. In ame nagato reigns in his breath with a triumphant smirk on his face, "Now it is over" he thought. The gedō-mazō raises its foot with a roar and reaches down to grab naruto but the blond shoots his left hand out, "Cero Oscuras" he roars. The black with purple tint cero cuts the right hand, splitting the hand half vertically and blowing part off. The gedō-mazō roars in pain and staggers back a bit it but fires several large lightning blasts from the protrusions on its back. Naruto bursts from the ground as the blasts carve up the surrounding area, two clones pop to life and land on the arms. Both clones races up the gedō-mazō towards the head, muttering an incantation as the real naruto braces his left arm with his right.

"Hadō #63: Raikōhō.. Hadō #88: Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō" all three shout in unison. Orbs of yellow lightning resembling lightning strikes discharges from the naruto clones as a large and gigantic blue beam of electrical and spiritual energy erupts from the real naruto. The Raikōhō destroys an eye each as the level eighty-eight kidō knocks the gedō-mazō off balance by targeting leg, destroying part of the upper thigh. The gedō-mazō roars and clutches it face with the damaged right and its left hand bracing on the ground.

"Now while it's down" naruto thought, calling zetsuei to him. Naruto spins the large scythe and sends it like a missile, crashing into the left shoulder of the gedō-mazō. The blond flashes several rapid handsigns and shoots his left index and middle into the air, "Ryū no Jigoku" naruto roars. The scythe explodes into hundreds of black chains, before igniting in an explosion of black flames. The gedō-mazō roars in agony as its left was blown off by the explosion and its leg breaking away, crashing the titan into the ground.

"Damn it.. It's too big" naruto hisses, raising his left and the scythe reforming but without its blade. However suddenly the gedō-mazō vanishes in a huge puff of smoke, causing naruto to whip to the left and seeing chikushōdō-pein attempting to flee. Naruto points his left index finger and charges a cero oscuras, "Six for Six" he thought, obliterating chikushōdō-pein. Naruto reigns in his breath as his transformation slowly ceases but closes his eyes to draw in some more natural energy, "Now" he thought, vanishing with shunpo.[song ends]


Nagato grits his teeth in anger, "He defeated all the Path of Pein and Partially destroyed the Gedō-Mazō" he hisses.

"So this is the real you" a voice says and nagato looks left to see naruto. The last pein glares at the blond as they come face to face, "For someone who claims to be God.. All I see is a delusional man.. Who would sacrifice his home to stop me" naruto says.

"You pushed me to that Kyūbi" nagato hisses and naruto tilts his head but slowly a blank look, devoid of emotion forms on the blond's face.

"Ah So.. You're like them.. Blame me for your problems" naruto says, before blinking out of existence. Nagato's breath hitches and he looks down to see naruto's claymore sticking out of his chest, "H-how" he utters.

"I hope you find peace in death.. You could not gain in life" naruto says. Nagato slowly spits up blood and slowly slumps forward but naruto relieves his head from his shoulders. Nagato's head plops onto the ground as konan starts to stir, causing her gasp and her eyes widen.

"Nagato?!" konan shouts and naruto turns his gaze to her.

"You can either surrender or follow his fanaticism" naruto says. Konan starts to break down into paper to defend herself but the blond flares his reiatsu, causing her body to seize and her knees to give out. Naruto pulls his claymore from nagato's chest with a sigh, "You made your choice" he says but suddenly crows erupt around the pair and naruto's eyes narrow.

"I am sorry Naruto-kun.. I must interfere" itachi says, appearing in front of konan but one of his eyes a milky white. Naruto ruffles his hair and grips his claymore tighter as itachi helps konan to her feet.

"I thought you were fighting Sasuke.. You had accepted your fate" konan says and itachi touches his blank right eye.

"I was wrong.. Sasuke can not be saved.. His Darkness is too overwhelming" itachi says and naruto scoffs, driving his sword into the floor.

"Your blind faith created that monster but no matter.. I'll deal with him once the time comes" naruto say and blinks behind the pair, places his hands on their backs.

"You'll appear in front of the Gate.. Please Surrender immediately" naruto says.

"Naruto-kun one thing.. Destroy the Rinnegan.. Do not let Madara get it" itachi says and both vanish, via naruto's hiraishin.

"He even believes it is Madara" kurama hisses. Naruto approaches his claymore and picks it up, also grabbing nagato's head by the hair.

"This is what you want.. Right" naruto says, driving his claymore into nagato's body and destroying it with his darkness-flame dance. A few feet from naruto was tobi with his Sharingan swirling, "You're more dangerous than I realized" he says.

"Thank you Faker" naruto says, holding up the head.

"You've grown shrewd boy.. Has defeating Pein gone to your head" tobi says. Naruto drives his claymore back into the ground and licks the scarred side of his mouth, "Unlike you Uchiha.. Who need validation every time they fight.. I'm quite content as the Fake who took my parents stands before me" he says, his steel-blue eyes glowing.

"That is Not Madara.. I know that Bastard's foul chakra and that is not him" kurama interjects and naruto chuckles. A blade slips out of tobi's coat as his Sharingan narrows, "He managed to kill Nagato but I can still salvage things with the Rinnegan" he thought.

"You're as naïve as your father was" tobi says. Naruto sighs with a roll of his neck, "You're as arrogant as Danzō was" he says and tobi tilts his head, causing the blond to smirk.

"I bet you've been nose open for him.. Since word got out he abandoned Konoha.. Shame he's already dead" naruto says.

"So you killed Danzō" tobi says, edging closer for an opening. Naruto smiles and taps the air next to him to open a garganta, "Indeed I did.. He was the first major obstacle to me.. The Second is this" he says, tossing nagato's head towards the void.

[Music: Naruto Shippuden OST - Breakdown]

Tobi shoots forward to grab nagato's head but suddenly a hiraishin knife is in his path, forcing him to phase through it.

"Naïve" tobi thought but his breath hitches. Naruto appears in front of him with his claymore raised and severs his outstretched left arm, before flashing to his knife and tossing it toward the masked uchiha. Tobi starts to skid to a halt as the knife passes through again but naruto appears in front once gain and connects with a Rasengan to his mask. Tobi crashes into the wall as his left arm lands on the ground and nagato's head vanishes into the void.

"How?!" tobi says, his mask cracking. Naruto drives his claymore into the ground and twirls his hiraishin knife, "Dad showed me his fight with you.. While I was training with Kurama's chakra.. He left a failsafe to help" he says. The mask falls away to reveal tobi's face with the right side severely scarred, "A simple memory of a man too Late to save anyone.. Allowed you to do this" he says, clutching his stump.

"You have no right to speak about my father like that Fake.. However you are right in one regard.. The memory of his battle with you allowed me to counter act your Space-time Jutsu but there another level as well.. When you passed to through my knife.. I flashed to the seal on your chest" naruto starts and tobi gasps.

"You were phasing when I appeared but my Zanpakutō severed your arm despite your phase shifting" naruto adds and tobi's eye widens.

"Soul slayer" tobi questions and naruto pats the pommel of zetsuei.

"That's right.. Even if your physical body can phase shift.. Your soul remains rooted in place and can be cut" naruto says, smirking. Tobi gets to his feet with a look of anger, "You will pay for this" he hisses, sucking himself into his eye. Naruto closes his eyes to stretch his senses and falls on his rear with a several gulping breaths, clutching his right arm.

"Good thing he called your bluff and ran" kurama says. Naruto weakly smiles with one eye closed, "True and now he'll make mistakes" he thought.

"Do you need me to take over" kurama says, as naruto tries to keep his eyes open. Naruto pulls zetsuei out the floor and she returns to normal, "Naw.. I can handle one Hiraishin" he whispers and raises a ram-sign, before vanishing with a blue flash and yellow lightning.[song ends]


Naruto jerks and slams into the ground at the main gate, "Shit wrong Marker" he mutters, seeing his right arm finally swelling up.

"Forget it.. It was still broken two places" zetsuei chides. Naruto winces as the gate guards rush to his side, "Call Baa-chan.. I'm going to bed" he whispers, passing out. The gate guards quickly summon the med-nin and rush the blond to the hospital, in full view of the villagers but namely a certain woman. A few hours later naruto was lying in a bed with bandages over his body and his right arm in a complete cast to the elbow. The door to his room slides open and a hooded figure slips in, slowly they creep towards naruto's bed but a glisten of silver shines.

"This is for my daughter.. Demon" the figure hisses, revealing themselves to be female. She pulls a knife from her cloak and stabs naruto in the chest but pops with a puff of smoke instead of blood, causing her gasp in horror. The lights pop on and the woman whips around to see tsunade with a stern and intimidating look on her face, "Have you finally taken a loss of your senses.. Mebuki" tsunade shouts. Neko and wolf appear from the shadows and restrain mebuki, "He deserves to die" mebuki shouts, a crazed look on her face.

"Get her out of here.. I should turn you over to Anko but she would kill you.. Inoichi and Ibiki will get answers" tsunade orders and all three vanish. Tsunade pinches her nose and makes her way to another hospital room, sliding open the door she sees the NUGC looking over their blond.

"Mebuki tried to kill you" tsunade says. Naruto sighs with a roll of his neck, "Grief affects people" he says.

"Not like you can tell them.. You drove that woman to do it with Tsukiyomi" kurama notes.

"Affects people?!.. That bitch tried to kill you" anko says. Naruto glances her way and rubs her cheek with his cast, "Not like it would have work" he says.

"Regardless.. Inoichi will get to the bottom of things.. For now rest and keep that cast on for a few days" tsunade says.

"How's Ero-sennin" naruto asks and tsunade sighs, clenching her left hand.

"He's alive but still unconscious.. He loss his left arm.. Several cracked ribs and multiple lacerations" tsunade replies and looks naruto in the eye.

"Thank you for saving him" tsunade says and turns on her heels. Naruto sighs with his head down but feels four sets of eyes on him, "Careful I am injured" he says but winces as ino pulls his left ear.

"That won't save you.. How can you pull a stunt like that.. Fighting the leader of the Akatsuki" ino shouts.

"Sorry but it happened.. I couldn't let Ero-sennin die" naruto says and sighs, "Besides Pein was insane.. He was willing to sacrifice his village just to stop me.. He needed to be put down" he adds.

"What do you mean" hinata asks. Naruto looks each of them in the eye and down to his cast, "I can say with confidence.. Pein could've leveled Konoha with this attack" he says, shocking all four them.

"Seriously?!" anko shouts.

"Dead serious.. It's called Shinra Tensei.. It sends a concussive blast of pressure.. If I hadn't Hiraishin us out of the city.. Ame would no longer exist" naruto states.

"And you took that blast head on" haku says and naruto slowly nods, raising his cast.

"Yeah.. Luckily I got up my chakra cloak and through a combination of adrenaline.. Natural chakra and Bijū chakra.. I came out with a broken arm" naruto says but yawns.

"I'm gonna get some rest.. We'll talk more tomorrow" naruto says and all of them nod, giving him a kiss on the forehead and temple. Naruto sighs and rub his head as he lays down, "Maybe I should've kept the Rinnegan for myself" he thought.

"Pfft.. A battle maniac like you.. No way.. It would make your fights boring" kurama comments and naruto nods, muttering true.

#Konohagakure Intelligence Division#

Tsunade opens the door and mebuki glares at the kage, "To think you would stoop this low" tsunade states.

"He deserves to die" mebuki shouts but tsunade tosses a folder on the desk. Mebuki slowly reaches for the folder and pictures spill out, pictures of sakura but mainly her autopsy report.

"That bastard didn't even look her in eyes when he Killed her.. He shoved an assassination Jutsu through her back" tsunade states. Mebuki shakes as she holds the pictures, "He influenced Sasuke-kun.. Sasuke-kun wouldn't commit such an act.. He loved Sakura" she says and tsunade slams her fist on the table.

"Wake up.. Naruto did not influence Sasuke into killing Sakura.. His lust for power is the cause.. Coupled with the people of this village inflating his ego so much" tsunade says, nearly shouting.

"You can read over the report.. Inoichi will come to find out if you have any co-conspirators" tsunade says, rising from chair and leaving the room. Inoichi stood with his arms folded as tsunade steps out, "Her grief has pushed her down a dark path" he says.

"Indeed but try and kill Naruto" tsunade states.

"I will find out everything.. Also Itachi Uchiha wants to speak to Naruto" inoichi says. Tsunade bites her nail with narrowed eyes, "Fine I'll arrange it once he's released" she says and returns to the hokage tower.

#Unknown Location#

Sasuke slowly scrunches his face and slowly opens his eyes but his vision is blurry, "Where" he thought, sitting up and revealing bandage on his chest and arms.

"You Won" a voice says. Sasuke turns left as footsteps echo and tobi emerges from the shadows, without his cloak and left sleeve empty.

"Don't push yourself too much" tobi says and sasuke slowly looks away.

"We haven't formally met before" tobi continues but sasuke remains quiet.

"Not interested huh.. Yes you still think you know your brother" tobi says and moves closer, reaching for his mask. However suddenly sasuke's left eye bleeds and shifts into itachi's Mangekyō, expelling black flames and forcing tobi to drop his mask. Tobi screams and falls back into the shadows as sasuke breaths heavily with sweat running down his brow.

"W-what was that just now?!.. Amaterasu acting on it's own" sasuke says, clutching his left eye.

"It seems Itachi implanted an Amaterasu into your eye.. To activate with certain parameters.. Even in death Itachi is tenacious" tobi says, re-emerging from the shadows and picks up his mask. Sasuke gasps as tobi slips his mask on in the dark and nears his bed, "More than likely to kill me or keep you away from me" tobi says.

"Why would he do that?!" sasuke says.

"To protect you" tobi says, shocking sasuke.

"To protect Me?!" sasuke shouts. Tobi folds his arm over his stump with a smirk behind his mask, "I'm telling you the truth.. Itachi told you of his accomplishments.. Did he not" he says and sasuke's eyes flicker.

"I know everything about Itachi and you will listen to every word.. Words you need to hear" tobi starts.

"The truth about our clan and Itachi were known by elders of Konoha and the Sandaime Hokage.. To conceal that truth.. He implanted the Amaterasu activation in your left eye" tobi continues.

"Why.. What Truth?!' sasuke shouts, clutching the sheets over him.

"Think back to the past.. Itachi didn't kill the clan to test his power.. He was ordered to do it" tobi states and sasuke freezes, starting to hyperventilate. Images of the past between himself and itachi swirl like a maelstrom in his mind, "Don't touch me" sasuke shouts, as tobi nears him.

"He slaughtered our clan.. Even our parents because he was ordered To?!" sasuke shouts.

"Yes.. Itachi sacrificed himself for the Village" tobi says but sasuke interrupts him.

"You expect me to believe all this.. I avenged my clan by killing that Bastard" sasuke says.

"Believe it if you want or not.. It all begins with the Nidaime Hokage Tobirama Senju.. He held a Hatred for our clan.. His hate and eventual fear stemmed from me and my power.. So to stem that power.. He isolated the Uchiha and gave them the police force to keep us out of village politics.. We became nothing more than the Senju's dogs.. This dogma was passed down to his students.. Homura Mitokado.. Koharu Utatane.. Danzō Shimura and Hiruzen Sarutobi" tobi explains.

"What do you mean.. The Sandaime didn't fear us" sasuke says. Tobi looks the younger uchiha in the eye, "Part of him did.. The Sharingan is capable of controlling the Kyūbi.. After that disaster it festered with the help of Danzō and the other elders.. The clan was monitored by Anbu and moved to the edges of the village.. This gave way to dissent among our clan and the elders sent a Spy.. Your brother Itachi" he states. Sasuke's eyes slowly widen in shock and flicker as his head moves side to side, "I-itachi was a spy" he utters.

"Your Father was the mastermind of a Coup.. Now you can imagine the burden on Itachi's back being a double agent for the clan and the village.. He saw the horrors of the Third Shinobi War.. So he placed stability and peace over his personal feelings.. So when a secret mission came that would bring stability.. He chose the village over his clan" tobi replies.

"I can't begin to imagine how he felt.. However should a clan like the Uchiha spark a civil war.. Konoha and Fire country would be embittered into a Fourth War" tobi adds and pauses.

"Many not associated with this would die because of the Uchiha selfish ideology.. So Itachi made his choice and took that Tremendous burden on his back.. It was then I encountered him.. I agreed to help him in the massacre under certain conditions.. That no harm would come to beloved little brother" tobi continues. Sasuke's breath hitches and he clutches his sheets tighter with a look of anger, "Then why did he use the Mangekyō on me?!.. Why did he try to kill me?!" he shouts.

"He pressured you to free you of the Curse Mark.. To put on the path of avenging our clan" tobi says.

"You're lying.. He told me you sent the Kyūbi to the village and framed our clan" sasuke shouts.

"He fed you lies to keep the real truth from leaking out and to keep you from trusting me.. Going so far to implant that Amaterasu" tobi counters.

"He slaughtered our clan and joined the Akatsuki" sasuke says, glaring at tobi.

"Didn't Itachi appear in the village after the Suna-Oto invasion.. Not just to scout Naruto's strength but to remind Danzō and his two co-conspirators that he was still a threat" tobi states.

"More lies.. Everything you say is a lie" sasuke shouts.

"Then why are you still alive" tobi says and sasuke freezes, "Itachi killed all of his emotions to slaughter our clan but he could not bring himself to kill his little brother.. To him your life was more important than the village" tobi adds. Sasuke clenches his fists as the memories of his older brother flood back.

"And Konoha took advantage of that" tobi says and sasuke's breath hitches.

"The Elders took advantage of Itachi's sacrifice.. They molded you into their perfect Uchiha Dog but that changed when Naruto Uzumaki revealed himself" tobi states and sasuke gnashes his teeth, seeing an image of naruto looming over him.

"They and the village forgot Itachi's sacrifice and latched on to the one who holds the very creature our clan was said to have summoned.. Your Kind and Gentle Brother's sacrifice means Nothing to them anymore" tobi says, seeing sasuke starting to come to his side of thinking. Tobi turns on his heels and leaves sasuke to his thoughts, "Sasuke is a fitting replacement for Itachi.. He will rush head long into Hell to destroy Konoha" he thought.

"We have a huge problem" white-zetsu says, emerging from the ground. Tobi halts his tracks with a tilt of his head, "What problem" he says.

"The Gedō-Mazō" black-zetsu says and tobi's eye narrows but he sucks himself into as zetsu sinks back into the ground. Tobi reappears in the cavern in which the statue resides and his eye widen, "What?!" he thought. The Gedō-Mazō was half destroyed with black flames starting to overtake the statue.

"How did this happen?!" tobi says, gnashing his teeth in anger.

"We don't know.. We found it like this" white-zetsu says. Tobi clenches his remaining fist, "This jeopardizes everything.. The Rinnegan is one thing but we needed the Gedō-Mazō to seal the Biju" he thought.

"What do we do now.. Without the Gedō-Mazō our plans can't be fulfilled" black-zetsu says.

"Find Kisame and Deidara.. Tell them to meet at That Hideout.. Also guide Team-Hebi to Sasuke" tobi orders and zetsu splits apart, sinking into the ground.

"Curse you Naruto.. I should've killed you as a child" tobi thought, vanishing into his eye and returning to sasuke. The youngest uchiha was sitting in silence, "I sent Zetsu to guide your Team Hebi to us" tobi states. Sasuke turns to tobi with shadow covering his face but his Sharingan glowing, "We will no longer be Team Hebi but Team Taka and our mission is Destroy Konoha" he utters.

#Konoha Hospital#

Naruto groans and turns to hide his face from the sun as the door slides open, "Naruto-kun" hinata says. Naruto slowly sits up as hinata enters his room with a tray of breakfast, "Morning Hinata.. You're early" he says.

"I had a shift.. So I brought you breakfast" hinata states, placing the tray in his lap. Naruto maneuvers his cast as hinata opens the cover, revealing an egg omelet with some pieces of toast, fruit and some orange juice.

"Here let me help" hinata says, cutting a piece of egg. Naruto opens his mouth and hinata helps him eat, "Did you sleep ok" she asks.

"Yeah but some discomfort.. Nothing I haven't dealt with.. I remember after my fight with Kenpachi.. I was bed ridden for awhile" naruto says, eating some more egg.

"How bad" hinata asks. Naruto sighs and glances to his cast, "Five broken ribs with a collapsed and punctured lung.. Fifteen inch gash running from my shoulder to my hip.. Gash across my left eye with numerous ligament.. Nerve and muscles tears also losing nearly five pints of blood with a fractured orbital socket" he says and hinata gasps.

"Shinigami can handle injuries that kill a normal person.. Hell I had my left arm crushed once" naruto says and creates a clone. The clone henges into his old self and hinata gasps at the all the scars.

"Wow.. Who's that" ino says, poking her head inside. Naruto glances to hinata and she looks to ino, "I have a more rounds to do.. Ino can you help Naruto-kun finish his breakfast" she says.

"Sure no problem" ino says, as hinata excuses herself. The clone dispels as ino takes a seat next to naruto, "So who is that" she asks and naruto sighs.

"It was me" naruto says and ino furrows her brow. Naruto rubs the back of his neck, "If we're gonna be together.. You need to know the truth.. The whole truth" he says, then drinking some juice. Naruto spends the next half hour explaining to ino about his past life and abilities.

"So" naruto says. Ino remains silent with shadows covering her face but she abruptly rises.

"Um.. Ino" naruto starts. Ino slowly shifts her head to look naruto in the eye, baby-blue and steel-blue in contest of dominance.

"You aren't lying.. You really were reincarnated" ino says and sits down, "Wow.. My boyfriend is a second lifer.. How many people know about this.. The NUGC" she adds and he nods.

"Also Jiji.. Baa-chan and Ero-sennin" naruto replies, taking her hand and giving it a squeeze.

"Well at least I'm not out of the loop anymore" ino comments

"True but it shows how much I trust you" naruto says and ino softly smiles.

"Alright.. I'll let you off the hook for now but you Owe me Naruto Uzumaki" ino says, smirking and naruto sighs with a look.

"Yes My Lady.. Now can you get me a wheelchair.. I wanna go see Ero-sennin" naruto says.

"Tsunade-sama will get mad at you.. If you leave your room" ino chides but naruto waves his hand.

"No she won't.. She's with him" naruto comments, moving the sheet off his lower body. Ino shakes her head and steps out the room to retrieve him a wheelchair, "I forgot you're a sensor" she muses. Naruto stretches and slips on his slippers with a roll of his neck, "How's the arm" he asks.

"A few more hours.. Then I need some sleep.. I'm still recovering from losing a lot of chakra from that thing" kurama says. Ino comes back with the chair and naruto slowly sits down, "I gotta admit.. You're old self is pretty hot.. Even with the scars" she says, wheeling him out the room.

"I went through a lot battles" naruto says, rubbing his cast. The pair soon reach jiraiya's room and ino slides open the door but both cover their mouths as the super pervert was hugging tsunade tightly.

"Ero-sennin/Tsunade-sama!" both shout. Tsunade brushes jiraiya back and whips around to the blondes, "What are you doing here Brat" she snaps.

"I came to see Ero-sennin" naruto says, as ino wheels him in. Tsunade pinches her nose with a sigh, "I'll check on you both later.. Come with me Ino.. We'll give them some alone time" she says and the younger blonde follows her out. Master and student sit in silence as the older sees the cast and the younger sees the empty sleeve.

"He's dead isn't he" jiraiya says, breeching the silence. Naruto slowly nods as jiraiya sighs and runs his hand over his face, "He was too far gone.. He intended to destroy Ame with Shinra Tensei" naruto says and jiraiya gasps, his eyes widening.

"No.. Nagato.. Would you have gone that far" jiraiya thought.

"What about Konan" jiraiya asks.

"She was captured along with Itachi" naruto replies and jiraiya furrows his brow.

"Apparently he was fighting Sasuke but realized Teme's true nature and came to save Konan.. They might be a thing.. Regardless.. He wants to see me once I get released" naruto explains. Jiraiya cups his chin in thought, "Itachi's motives are his own but what about Nagato's Rinnegan.. Something like that can be left unguarded" he says.

"I destroyed them.. The masked Uchiha came for them after I killed Nagato" naruto says and jiraiya gasps.

"Itachi called him Madara but It's not him.. Kurama confirmed it.. I managed to cut off an arm with Zetsuei and tag him in the face.. Shattering his mask and revealing his face" naruto adds.

"So a rouge Uchiha that could convince Itachi that he was Madara" jiraiya states. Naruto shifts in his wheelchair with a shrug, "I'll ask Itachi but he was strong enough to pull it off" he says.

"Anyway let's change the subject.. Did you confess to Baa-chan" naruto says, with a cheeky smile. Jiraiya sputters slightly with red cheeks, "Well.. I don't know yet but she hugged me when I woke up.. Like really worried about me" he says.

"We were worried" naruto says. Jiraiya gives naruto a thankful look, "I owe you my life Gaki" he says.

"Not problem" naruto says.

"You'll have to run the spy network for the time being" jiraiya says and naruto rubs his blond hair.

"I can get one of the boys or the toads as well.. Until you back on your feet" naruto says. Jiraiya leans back on his pillow with a glance to missing appendage, "I won't be doing any fighting any time soon" he says.

"You could get a puppet arm from Suna as a replacement" naruto states and jiraiya shrugs.

"I'll talk to Hime.. Anyway let's change the subject again.. I found some information on Sasuke's crew" jiraiya says. Naruto pours jiraiya some water and slowly hands it to him, "He's gathered quite the group" he says. Jiraiya drinks some water and clears his throat, "Indeed.. This is basic information I could get.. First is Suigetsu Hōzuki.. Younger brother of Mangetsu Hōzuki.. It's said Mangetsu could use all Seven Swords of Kiri and his little brother is on his way to live up to that.. Next is Jūgo but not much is known of him.. However he's dangerous" he starts.

"I noticed.. He can change his body with Natural chakra and has a vendetta against me for killing Kimimaro" naruto says, shocking jiraiya.

"I see.. Next is Guren.. She's was Orochimaru's left hand and has a very rare Kekkei Genkai known as Shōton or Crystal release" jiraiya continues but pauses and sighs, rubbing his hand through his white hair.

"The last concerns both you and me.. Her name is Shizuka from Nadeshiko village" jiraiya says and naruto furrows his brow.

"Nadeshiko village is a Matriarchal Kunoichi village.. Years ago I did some research in the village.. The leader at the time and I fought to stalemate.. We agreed to postpone our fight and if we are unable.. Our students would take up the fight and if her student won.. She would marry her opponent and take them back to Nadeshiko" jiraiya explains but freezes, as naruto was glaring at him.

"So she more than likely knows I am your student and hooked up with Sasuke to defeat me and drag me to her village as some stud" naruto says and jiraiya slowly nods.

"Perhaps or she wants to change her fate.. Nadeshiko is an ideal place for men.. Bevies of women wanting to have children with you" jiraiya says.

"You better put those thoughts out of your head Jiraiya-sama.. If you wish to be with Okaa-sama" shizune says, standing in the doorway with another nurse. Jiraiya freezes and starts to shake as naruto snorts, "R-right" jiraiya says.

"Naruto-kun this nurse will take you back to your room.. While I examine Jiraiya-sama" shizune says and naruto slowly nods.

"See you later Ero-sennin" naruto says, as the nurse wheels him out. He wheels naruto back to his room but along the way they encounter kurenai, "Hello Kurenai-sensei" naruto greets.

"Hello Naruto-kun.. Anko told me you were injured.. It's good to see you ok" kurenai says.

"Yeah but what are you doing here" naruto says. Kurenai blushes slightly and touches her stomach, "Well can you keep a secret for now" she says and the blond nods, "Well.. I'm pregnant" she says and naruto gasps.

"Oh congratulation and I'll keep it from Anko until you tell" naruto says and kurenai smiles, excusing herself with a thank you.

"Naruto-sama.. You can be released in about three hours" the nurse says. Naruto takes a seat on his bed with a nod, before laying down and draping his left arm over his face. The door opens abruptly as the remains of the rookies enter, "So it's true" kiba says and akamaru barks.

"What's true" naruto says, moving his hand.

"That you landed at the village gate.. What happened" tenten says. Naruto slowly sits up and rolls his neck, "Got into a fight.. I went to Ichiraku for lunch with the Konohamaru corp but a special seal I placed on Ero-sennin alerted me to a fight.. Where I proceeded to fight one of the leaders of the Akatsuki and captured two more members" he explains. The room remains silent for a few minutes as the rookies process their information, "Mendokusei.. You really don't do things in moderation" shikamaru comments.

"Who did you capture" shino asks.

"Itachi Uchiha and a woman named Konan" naruto replies.

"For Real Teme's Brother" kiba shouts and shino covers his mouth, keeping him from disturbing other patients.

"Yeah but apparently he encountered Teme and they fought.. Who knows who won but he wants to see me once I get out" naruto states.

"So either Sasuke lost or won and Itachi escaped" shikamaru says and naruto shrugs his shoulders.

"So how strong was the Akatsuki leader" tenten asks.

"Strong enough to destroy a village with ease" naruto replies, shocking his fellow rookies.

"For real?!" kiba shouts, again. Naruto hold up his cast with a serious look on his face, "He possessed the Rinnegan and could contol six bodies.. He even nearly killed Ero-sennin" he says.

"S-class" neji says and naruto nods.

"That make's four.. Meaning your rank should be raised to S-class too" chōji says and kiba falls to his knees in shock.

"That's right kibbles.. Naru-kun is fast tracking himself to Hokage" anko says, standing in the doorway with a duffle bag.

"I'll catch up" kiba shouts but everyone wasn't so sure, even akamaru was not sure either.

"Whatever Kibbles.. Can you give us the room" anko says.

"Sure.. We'll see you at the training grounds in a few days" shikamaru says, as all of them leave.

"Say wanna do it" anko suggests but naruto makes a face.

"And have Baa-chan kill us" naruto says and anko shudders, climbing on top of him. Naruto strokes her back as she rests her head on his chest, "Either of them talk" he asks.

"Itachi wants to talk to you first with a Yamanaka.. I asked Ino.. Konan has given us some information but wants to speak with Jiraiya as well" anko replies. The couple lay in silence with their soft breathing the only sound in the room but an hour later the door slides open as haku pokes her head inside.

"Moshi mosh" haku says, calling out. Anko turns to look and smiles, "Hey" she whispers, as naruto was napping. Haku enters with a soft smile and quiet steps, "He should be leaving soon" she says and anko slowly nods, carefully getting off of naruto.

"Yeah but still will have the cast" anko says. Naruto sniffs and snores slightly with a scratch of his stomach, causing both to giggle.

"You'll stay with him and help him get dressed.. I got a prisoner to break" anko says, kissing naruto's lip and haku nods. The ice user pulls her book from her coat pocket and takes a seat as naruto sleeps About a half hour passes and the door slides open to reveal tsunade with a wheelchair.

"Naruto-kun wake up" haku says and naruto scrunches his face, yawning and sitting up.

"Can I go now Baa-chan" naruto asks, rubbing his left eye.

"Sure and I sent word to T&I that you'll be heading there" tsunade says, giving him discharge papers. Naruto signs what he needs and tsunade pulls his left ear, "Don't be stupid again" she says, excusing herself. Haku grabs the duffle bag and opens it to pull out the contents of a pair of blue jeans and a white henley shirt. Naruto starts to undress as haku pulls out a pair of boots as well, then helps him buckles his pants and belt. Naruto puts on the henley and pulls up the sleeve to keep his cast free, "Thanks" he says, slipping on the boots and haku tying them for him.

"No problem" haku says, giving him a kiss and a hug.

"Love you" naruto muses and haku says, it back and grabs the bag to follow him out of the hospital.

"I'll cook tonight.. Perhaps some Mizu cuisine" haku muses. Naruto slips a cigarette in his mouth with a nod, "Sure.. See ya later" he says and leaps off.

#Konohagakure Intelligence Division#

Naruto arrives and meets ibiki once he was inside, "You've got the devil's luck" ibiki says and naruto shrugs. Ibiki leads him to one of the interrogation room and ino was waiting by the door, "You ready" she says and naruto nods.

"I'll be listening" ibiki says and both nod, opening the door. Itachi tilts his head as his eyes were covered by a special seal, "Naruto-kun" he says.

"I'm here.. You wanted to talk to me" naruto says, pulling the chair out and sitting down with ino behind him.

"I'm Ino Yamanaka Junior member of T&I and I will be assisting in this interrogation" ino says.

"I know who you are.. You were one of my brother's classmates.. May I ask is Konan alright" itachi says.

"Yes.. She's willing to talk and Hokage-sama will decide what to do with her.. She isn't a Missing-nin but still regarded as a criminal" ino explains and itachi slowly nods. He then turns his attention back to naruto, "Did you destroy the Pein's Rinnegan" itachi asks.

"I did and I encountered the False Madara" naruto replies and itachi furrows his brow, "He wasn't the Real Madara but someone who knows everything about him.. I managed to wound him and he escaped" he adds.

"So why did you call me here.. Other than to talk about our encounter" naruto asks. Itachi shifts his hidden gaze to ino, "Can I you show Naruto-kun my battle with Sasuke" he says. Ino slowly approaches and places her hands on their heads, "Shindenshin no Jutsu" ino intones.

#Begin Memories#

Itachi clutches his bleeding right leg as the pieces of shuriken and demon shuriken were scattered between him and sasuke.

"I'm still feeling the Blowback from Sasuke breaking Tsukuyomi" itachi thought. Sasuke flashes several signs with a big inhale, "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu" he shouts, firing a large fireball. Itachi leaps to avoid the fireball but sasuke counters with his Chidori and itachi avoids, causing the Chidori to blow open the roof. Itachi leaps out of the smoke cloud and flashes his own signs, "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu" he thought, firing his own fireball. The flames continue to burn as itachi lands with his Mangekyō looks over them but the smoke clears, revealing sasuke with a partial curse-mark transformation. The leathery hand like wings cover his form and move to reveal sasuke unharmed. The uchiha brothers quickly flash signs for the another fireball, both colliding and superheating the area of impact but sasuke's flames starts to gain ground and push itachi's flame back. Itachi's right eye starts to bleed as the black flames of Amaterasu emerge and start to engulf sasuke's flame.

"Damn it he knows the Amaterasu too" sasuke thought. A pain surges through itachi's right eye and the black flames recede and vanish as sasuke takes a step back. Sasuke then breaks right in a sprint to circumvent itachi but the older uchiha counters with another burst of Amaterasu, sending flames narrowly missing sasuke as he continues to maneuver behind itachi. The flames draw closer and closer, finally catching sasuke on his wing and engulfing him in the black flames. The youngest uchiha screams in pain as the flames engulf the lower parts of his body. Itachi reigns in his breath and slowly approaches sasuke as his screams petter out, kneeling to check sasuke but he melts and reveals a hole in the ceiling.

"Did he master Orochimaru's escape Jutsu" itachi thought.

"Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu" sasuke roars, blowing open the roof. The dragon flame roars towards the sky as itachi back leaps away but another two erupt from below, nicking itachi's right arm in the process. The roof buckles as itachi lands to leave a large hole as sasuke is revealed from the debris cloud in his full curse-mark form but breathing heavily.

"You seem to have reached your limit" sasuke hisses but falls to one knee, as his curse-mark level two recedes. A rumble of thunder catches itachi's attention as black clouds were in the sky, "So have you Sasuke" he says, as thunder echoes.

"Yeah.. You're right.. I have no more chakra" sasuke says, as rain starts to fall from the sky.

"Do you actually believe.. I would come here unprepared to Kill you" sasuke says, smirking.

"Hiden: Rinpungakure no Jutsu" a voice echoes. Itachi jerks and leaps away as scaled powder blinds the area. Fū lands in the hole with her wings fluttering, "Here Sasuke-kun" she says, tossing him a chakra pill.

"I'll be you shield while you prepare" fū shouts and flies towards itachi. The kinslayer dodges fū's attacks as sasuke leaps out of the hole and makes his way to the highest pillar on the roof.

"Tsukuyomi" itachi thought, looking fū in the eye. The nanabi container freezes as itachi bursts into black crows, engulfing her form and sending her plummeting to the forest below. Lightning starts to dance in the sky as itachi turns to attention back to sasuke, "She served her purpose to distract you enough" sasuke shouts, holding his right hand engulfed in raiton.

"This Jutsu happens in instant.. It can not be Blocked or Dodged.. With this your death will become Reality" sasuke shouts. Itachi gasps as the lightning starts to coalesce in the sky, "He used my Amaterasu and his flames to create a Thunderstorm" he thought.

"It's name is Kirin.. Now Die with the Thunderclap" sasuke shouts, bring his hand down. The azure thunder dragon descends from the clouds and engulfs the area in white and destroys of most the hideout in a thunderous explosion. The debris cloud slowly dissipate as sasuke pants heavily, seeing itachi face down with his cloak missing.

"Haahahahahahahaha.. It's finally over.. I've have Won" sasuke shouts, falling to his knees.

"Is this the Death you imagined for me" a voice calls and sasuke freezes, his eyes widening in horror. Itachi slowly rises with blood dripping from his mouth as sasuke roars in anger, calling forth his curse-mark level two once again.

"Curse you" sasuke shouts. A red aura surrounds itachi as he makes it to one knee, before expanding and creating the upper half of a skeleton.

"If I hadn't had this.. I would be dead.. You have truly gotten strong Sasuke" itachi says, getting to his feet.

"Now I will reveal to you.. My final Trump card the Susano'o" itachi declares.

"The Susano'o?!" sasuke questions.

"Yes.. This is the Third Jutsu to take root in these eyes after the Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu.. If you have any other attacks.. I suggest you use them now" itachi says. The storms clouds slowly start to dissipate and the sun shines down on the brothers. Sasuke gasps as musculature and armor starts to surround the skeletal upper-body, along with a large red shield. Suddenly sasuke clutches his left shoulder as his left eye gains a purple marking, before eight white serpents emerge from his curse-mark. The snakes grow in size until they match itachi's Susano'o, "This chakra feels like but Naruto-kun killed Orochimaru" he thought. The eight-headed serpent moves toward itachi as his titan reveals a second weapon, a jug but a second arm pulls a water blade from it and slices off one of its heads. Three snake heads charge but the titan counters with its shield and the heads fly with another swipe of the watery blade. One of the remaining snake heads opens its mouth as the slimly form of orochimaru emerges.

"Kukuku.. This is what I have been waiting for.. With his oppressive chakra gone.. I can now take over Sasuke's body and make it my own" orochimaru shouts. Before orochimaru could grandstand more the watery blade pierces his body, causing him to laugh but suddenly gasp in horror.

"Impossible?!.. This blade is the Totsuka Blade" orochimaru shouts, as it sucks him into itself along with the remains of the eight-headed serpent into the gourd jug.

"This is it Sasuke" itachi thought, seeing his brother now free of orochimaru's taint for good. Suddenly itachi clutches his chest and blood erupts from several violent coughs, causing his Susano'o to reveal to its musculature form. Sasuke uses the moment to toss several explosive kunai but the large shield blocks his attacks. Itachi continues to stagger forward as sasuke staggers back in fear, hitting a broken piece of wall. Itachi continues forward but suddenly his body seizes and blood spew from his mouth once again, breaking his concentration on his Susano'o, causing it to break down and giving sasuke his door.

"Die you Bastard" sasuke howls, piercing itachi's chest with his chokuto. Itachi gasps at being stabbed by his little brother but the look of sadistic hatred in his brother's eyes give him pause, "What have I done" he thought, as sasuke twists the blade and wrenches it free with a sadistic smirk. Sasuke staggers back with a wild laugh as itachi collapses face down.

#End Memories#

Ino slowly removes her hands from itachi and naruto's head with a shudder of fear etched on her face.

"My Crows retrieved my body and I used Izanagi to rewrite my death.. I then made my way to Ame and the rest you know" itachi says. Naruto stays silent for a few seconds but glances to ino, "Can you give us the room" he says.

"Sure I'll be right outside" ino says. Naruto reaches in his pocket and pulls out a pack of vanilla cigarettes and slips on in his mouth, lighting it with his zippo.

"Coping mechanisms.. I fancy Pocky" itachi says, leaning back on his chair. Naruto takes a slow drag and exhale, "So this Izanagi allows one to cheat death at the cost of your eye it seems" he says.

"Yes.. Izanagi is forbidden technique created long ago.. You can imagine if more than one is capable of such a skill" itachi says.

"That explains Danzō and all those eyes" kurama states.

"Also the Hashirama cells to use it" zetsuei adds.

"Can Sasuke use it" naruto asks but itachi shakes his head.

"No but Tobi knows about Izanagi" itachi replies and naruto tsks.

"Mendokusei.. So why did you destroy your clan and create your homicidal brother" naruto says. Itachi frowns and touches the wrap around his eyes, "To prevent a Civil war" he starts and naruto narrows his eyes.

"After the Kyūbi attack.. Danzō and others suspected that our clan was involved in its summoning.. When the Sandaime asked me to spy on the clan I accepted to bring about a peaceful resolution but Danzō had other plans" itachi continues.

"Your Jiji is a cunning man" kurama comments but naruto remains silent, "But you knew that" she adds.

"Did the old man order you to kill them" naruto asks but itachi shakes his head.

"No it was Danzō.. Tobi also involved himself as well.. I realize now that I was used as puppet.. They used me for a means to an end" itachi states.

"Tobirama Senju.. Madara Uchiha" naruto starts and leans back in his chair, with a stream of smoke.

"Danzō followed in Tobirama's hate and fear of the Uchiha and Tobi followed Madara's teaching and hated the clan for becoming more peace oriented like the Senju.. Regardless of the whole matter.. Where is Fū" naruto says, tapping his ashes on the floor. Itachi sighs and touches his covered eyes, "She is sealed in a stasis scroll with my belongings.. I managed to break Sasuke's hold on her" he says. Naruto slowly rises from his seat, "You don't owe Sasuke anything.. Not anymore.. You paid with your life.. This is your second life.. Use it to atone by living with Konan" he says and turns on his heels.

"Naruto-kun.. You speak with a wisdom not seen with your age" itachi says and naruto glances back.

"Let's just say.. I've had my fair share of brushes with death and it have given me an appreciation for life.. Despite taking lives" naruto says, stepping out of the cell. Ino gives naruto a soft look as she pushes off the wall, falling in step with him as they head to find itachi's belongings.

"I didn't think Sasuke could go so far" ino says, shivering slightly. Naruto takes her hand and gives it a squeeze, "Itachi may have unlocked the door but this village kicked it open.. Unleashing that darkness upon the world and He needs to be put down" he says. The pair reach the check in room, "I need to see Itachi Uchiha's belongings" naruto says. The chūnin nods and places the effects onto the a metal table, with ino helping him search the pouches.

"Could this be it" ino says, finding a scroll marked with a crow. Naruto takes the scroll and starts to unfurl it on the floor and channels some charka, causing a large puff of smoke and revealing fū. Ino immediately set to work with her mystic palm as naruto kneels next to them, slowly fū's eyes scrunch and flutter open.

"W-where am I-I" fū whispers but sees naruto, "Naru-nii" she says, with ino helping her sit up and naruto helps her up the rest of the way.

"Yeah.. Do you remember anything" naruto asks. Fū clutches her head with flickering eyes but ino places a hand on her shoulder, "Let's get her checked out.. Then you can ask ok" ino says.

"R-right" naruto says and ino escorts fū to the hospital. Naruto sits in the lobby with his eyes closed, "She's safe.. A noble Uchiha.. First for me" kurama says.

"You've only had encounters with shitty ones" naruto thought and kurama chuckles.

"Naru-nii" fū says, getting naruto attention. The mint hair kunoichi approaches with shizune, "She checks out fine with some memory lost.. I informed Hokage-sama and she wants to see Fū-san" shizune says and naruto slowly nods.

"What do you remember" naruto asks, as they leave the hospital.

"Well I bugging Shibuki-sama into letting me go to the chunin exams.. He agreed and assigned two guards or keep me on a leash" fū starts and touches her forehead, "We were about twenties minutes out of Taki when I saw these Red eyes and then nothing" she finishes. Naruto looks at the sky with his hand pocketed and sighs, "The Sharingan is a Terrifying skill.. It can take control of even the strongest Biju" he says and kurama hmphs. Fū looks around the village and some were giving naruto some dark looks, "Really" she asks.

"Yeah.. A rouge Uchiha took control of Kurama and set her loose on the village.. It's the reason people look at me like that.. A disgraced elder of the village leaked my status to the village" naruto explains and fū gasps. The pair soon reach the hokage tower and make their way to tsunade's office, before knocking thrice.

"Come in" tsunade shouts and naruto opens the door, finding hiruzen inside as well.

"I've brought Fū.. Baa-chan" naruto says and fū bows at the waist. Tsunade extends her hands for fū to take a seat as naruto remains standing behind her.

"I am glad we were able to find you safe and sound" tsunade starts and fū nods but the blonde's face becomes serious.

"Fū.. I'm just gonna come out and say this but Taki's council voted to have you banished from Taki" tsunade says and fū's eyes widen, as tsunade explains what happened since her kidnapping. Fū's head drops and her hair shadows her face, "W-what will happen to me now" she whispers and naruto places a hand on her head.

"I've agreed to take you in a Chūnin of Konoha and you can stay at the Senju compound until we can provide a place for you to live.. Also don't worry about your status.. Only myself.. My advisor.. The Anbu and Jōnin Commanders along with Jiraiya and Naruto will know" tsunade explains. Fū wipes away her stray tears, "Thank you Baa-sama" she says and tsunade shoots naruto a look, that fū catches.

"Oh since you're Naru-nii's grandma and he's my big brother.. You would be my grandma too" fū says and hiruzen chuckles.

"That is quite alright.. Tsunade-chan needs more grandchildren to spoil" hiruzen says and tsunade shoots him a glare, blushing slightly.

#One Week Later#

"How is Fū taking things" tsunade asks. Naruto stands before her in his new jōnin uniform, "She's fine.. Introduced her to the others and she got along with Shino because of his Kikaichū" he replies. It consists of black cargo shorts, that cinch at the knee and underneath a pair of black tights with black work boots and white laces. A black form-fitting, long sleeve shirt, white front-open apron with black whirlpools and a white jacket with black trim and a beaked hood. A half mask with the imprint of the mouth and jaw of an oni, his horned sage hitai-ate now with longer horns than before.

"That's good.. She doesn't talk too much at the house.. So it's good she making friends" tsunade says and turns serious.

"I sent Anbu to check Ame and they found a huge crater three miles outside the village.. The village itself is intact but the people are raving that God has abandoned them.. Jiraiya told me that Pein or Nagato referred to himself as God but to indoctrinate the village in such a manner" tsunade starts. Naruto moves the lollipop in his mouth from side to side, "He believed he was the second coming of the Rikudō Sennin.. Belief can make people toss logic out the window" he muses. Tsunade leans back in her chair and pinches her nose, "I can see that.. Now are you aware of your mission" she says.

"I am but this seems like a trap.. A defector from Kumo.. Our spies haven't reported anything of that level but we can't be too careful.. I'll be taking my squad with me" naruto says.

"Jiraiya sent some toads to infiltrate Taki and keep an eye on the borders.. Iwa has been quiet as of late too.. I've sent Neji's unit to the border near Ame as well" tsunade says and naruto nods, snapping to attention.

"By your leave Hokage-sama" naruto says and tsunade swipes her hand, as he vanishes into a swirl of leaves. Naruto reappears near the main gate as anko, ino and shino were awaiting him for their mission. Anko wears a white sleeveless blouse with purple corset vest, stocking arm sleeve on her right arm and black gloves. A black overall skirt, garter straps and black stockings with a gradient into purple with lace up black boots having purple laces and her grey trench-coat.

"About time Naru-kun" anko says. Ino wears the grey uniform of the intelligence division with tape around her calves down with close toe kunoichi boots and a black trench-coat with a purple inner lining.

"We have our orders" ino asks and naruto nods. Shino is wearing a grey shirt with matching pants under his light-grey button-up jacket, with his chūnin vest and his hitai-ate now a bandanna. with sunglasses.

"We're heading to Frost country to speak with a defector but this could be a trap" naruto says, as they leaving a chūnin speed.

"Frost has a tenuous opinion of Konoha since the Third war.. Will they be accommodating to us" shino says.

"We'll have to see but rules of engagement are in effect.. Unless provoked we keep our weapons sheathed" naruto says and all of them nod, as they take to the trees.

#Land of Frost#

Three days later naruto and his team reach the village of shimogakure or village hidden in the frost. The four reach the gate and hand over their travel papers but the guards gives them scathing looks.

"You will have to meet with Lady Nojiko" one says. He is of average height with brown hair in a short cut with amber eyes and wearing a dark blue uniform similar to ino. Naruto narrows his eyes under hood, "May I ask why" he asks, glancing to his teammates.

"It's not everyday.. That Four Leaf Ninja come to our village.. Much less the son of the Yondaime Hokage" the second answers, her tone succinct. She is average height as well with greyish hair and eyes, wearing the same outfit as the first but missing her right arm. Naruto removes his hood and pulls down his mask, "Old feelings still linger" he says and the woman's eyes narrow.

"It what regard" anko asks.

"During the Third Shinobi War.. Shimo was a battleground stuck between Kumo and their enemies.. Because Lightning is peninsula and Shimo is its isthmus.. Meaning forces passed through here" the second guard starts and clutches her empty sleeve.

"Conflicts eventually erupted here and there.. Us trapped in the middle with no voice in them" she finishes.

"Kaia that's enough" the first says but kaia scoffs.

"No Ishiko.. These Brats needed to know that their country walked all over our small nation" kaia hisses. Anko to offense to kaia's words but naruto grabs her shoulder, "We'll see your leader" he says. Naruto could see the resentment, rancor and desire to pay them or any ninja not from here back for their actions during the war.

"Alright Follow me" ishiko says. The konoha four follow ishiko towards the north east of the village, "I should've punched that bitch in the face" anko whispers.

"Easy Anko.. We're in a foreign country.. Even if they shit on us.. We smile and take it.. Unless provoked we do nothing" naruto says and anko scoffs. Ino and shino were keeping a close eye on the village itself, resembling konoha but on a smaller scale and not as as colorful. The hustle and bustle was on the lesser scale with more of a civilian population compared to ninja.

"Is Lady Nojiko the village chief" ino asks.

"Lady Nojiko is a Kage like the other Five Kage but she doesn't concern herself with the grandiose of it.. She cares for our people and country" ishiko replies. The group soon arrives at a nondescript two-story building but in a window was the leader of shimogakure Nojiko Rakiou.

"Why would four Konoha ninja come here" nojiko thought. She is a woman in her thirties with tan skin with long black hair, parted to the left over her silver eyes. She wears comfortable robes befitting a kage, of a silver kimono and a dark blue haori.

"Lady Nojiko.. I have brought the Konoha ninja" ishiko calls, after knocking three times. Nojiko rises from her chair but she freezes as her senses pick up a huge chakra signature in front of her, "See them in" she states. The door opens and the konoha four enter with ishiko, before nojiko rounds her desk to personally greet her guests.

"The power is coming from the blond" nojiko thought, keeping her shock by a mask of greeting and shaking naruto's hand.

"I'll be direct.. Why has Four Konoha ninja have to our southern shore.. What is the aim of your visit" nojiko asks, pulling back her hand. Naruto licks the side of mouth with his scar, "Word reached our country of a defector from Kumogakure.. Lady Hokage sent our team to investigate and secure this person" he explains. Nojiko backs up three steps and turns on her heels, "Kumogakure would not let someone escape so easily but the information must be valuable to send the Demon of the Flash" she states. The room remains silent for a few moments but naruto breeches it, "Yes and with your permission.. My team and I wish to head to the location in question.. We have no quarrel with your village" he says. Nojiko takes a seat at her desk and places her hands on it, "I will you allow remain in the village.. However any undue actions will be seen as an act of aggression" she says.

"We understand" naruto states.

"Ishiko escort them to an inn on the western end of the village" nojiko says and ishiko bows at the waist, before escorting them out.


"So what now" ino asks, looking out the window. Naruto crosses his legs with a sigh and rolls his neck, "Our defector is meeting us tomorrow night at ten" he say and pulls out a scroll. He opens it and a map appears of the village, "The location is here at a warehouse in the southwest" naruto explains.

"Why at night.. That seems too sketchy" ino says, looking over the map.

"Less foot traffic.. It'll be easy for them to move around or set up a trap" anko comments.

"Lady Nojiko is no fool either.. My kikaichū sense at least five chakra sources around the inn" shino states, as naruto slips a lollipop in his mouth and offers the others one.

"She's looking for a reason to hamper us.. Konoha used this place as battlefield along with the other great nations.. Giving her a unhealthy relation.. Similar to Ame and other smaller nations" naruto states.

"So how do we play this" anko asks. Naruto uncrosses his legs and looks at the map in thought, "Tomorrow Shino and I will scout the location.. While the two of you scout the village itself.. Look for anyone unusual" he starts and pauses.

"Then when the time comes I'll meet with the defector but I'll have a clone hide all of you with a barrier.. Shino will keep overwatch with his kikaichū and Ino will use her Jutsu to scan their mind from a distance.. If things go sideways my clone can flash you all out" naruto explains.

"Are you serious.. If things go bad.. We leave you in a potentially hostile village" ino says, on the verge of shouting.

"It's the most logical idea.. Naruto possesses the Hiraishin.. He can escape much easier with us separately" shino comments.

"True but it doesn't change the fact that we could be in the middle of enemy territory.. If that Kaia bitch is any indication.. Shimo is hostile to us.. I saw some looks from people" anko states.

"It won't matter.. We'll be in and out quickly.. With or without this defector" naruto says and slips off his coat, "Now let's get some rest.. You two take the bed.. Shino and I will take the floor" he adds.

"Aww Naru-kun" anko whines but naruto shake his head, glancing to shino and anko pouts.


Nojiko sits in silence as two cloaked figure stood opposite her, "They are at an inn on the westside" she says.

"Good the operation will begin tomorrow night.. Make sure we are not disturbed but maintain a presence" one says.

"My people will apprehend him and his team" nojiko says.

"No Just him.. He is our sole objective" the second says. Nojiko narrows her eyes with a glance to kaia and ishiko, "They could warn Konoha" she says.

"That would take days and we would be over the border before a team could be sent" the first states.

"Then you have no qualms with us dealing with his teammates" kaia comments and both figures shake their heads.

"Once we secure him.. Do what ever you feel best" the first says and both figures excuse themselves.

"Is this wise Lady Nojiko.. We could incur the wrath or Konoha.. The Peace-oriented Sandaime isn't in office anymore.. Tsunade Senju is not afraid to flex their power" ishiko says. Nojiko leans back in her chair with a pinch of her nose, "We incur the wrath of a Great Village if this succeeds or fails.. So have our people watching them the moment they leave the inn" she says and both nod.

#Next Day#

Naruto moves a lollipop from side to side in mouth as he and shino traverse the village, "We have a tail" he whispers. Shino adjusts his glasses and lets some of his kikaichū out from his sleeves.

"Fū told me that she's been spending time at your clan's compound" naruto says, making idle talk.

"Yes she is interested in our Kikaichū hives.. She carries a hive of beetles" shino replies. Naruto glances to his right as the warehouse in question is behind a large fence with a single large building.

"Naru-kun.. Do you guys have unwanted pests" anko states, suddenly. Naruto touches his neck to tap on his communication device, "Just some annoying bugs.. No offense Shino" he muses, waving his hand.

"Not all bugs are annoying.. They must serve a purpose" shino comments. The pair make their way to the market district, "Fresh apples" an old woman shouts.

"Want an apple" naruto asks and shino nods.

"We'll take two Ma'am" naruto says, nearing the stall. The old woman flinches at naruto's chelsea scar as she hands each of them an apple.

"Thanks" naruto says, giving the money for the apples. The blond rubs the apple on his shirt and takes a bite, "It never gets old" naruto muses.

"Naruto I have being curious about something" shino says and naruto arches his right eyebrow. The pair come to a large fountain in town and take a seat, "Shoot" naruto says, crossing his legs. Shino takes a bite of his apple and swallows, "The village did things to you.. Things that have shaped you with that scar being a permanent reminder.. Yet you do not lash out.. You created this mask of a happy idiot during the academy to hide your true skill.. Most would've have gone down a dark path like Sasuke" he says. Naruto holds up his apple to spin it with his chakra, "Most if not all of the village seem to think I forgot what they did.. Oh no I haven't forgotten.. No every one of them will watch I as become Hokage" he says and takes another bite. Naruto covers the left side of his face as a wide smile forms, "Everyone of them will have to live with the fact.. That the child they tormented and harmed now watches over them" he says. and shino says nothing.

"Naru-kun" anko shouts, waving to them with ino in tow.

"Any good sights" naruto asks. Anko nods her head with a slight tilt to the left, "We found a good place to sight see too" she says. Naruto pats his knees and rises to his feet, "Well let's head back.. We can have lunch" he says and the konoha four return to the inn with their tails silently following behind.

"I also found theses scarfs for the club" ino says, holding up a bag and naruto smiles with a nod. They soon arrive back at the inn and naruto puts up a barrier, "What did you find" he asks.

"We were tailed as soon as we spilt up.. Even merchant in stores were giving us the stink eye" anko says.

"They upcharged the scarfs too.. However I did learn that through my shadow clone.. They will keeping an eye on us at the gate but their main focus is you" ino explains. Naruto rubs under his nose with his left index finger and lower lip with his middle finger, "Let them.. You'll be safe and hidden.. You'll be on a building near the warehouse" he says.

"They'll be watching and keep civilians away from the area.. Enough to set up a trap" shino comments and naruto smirks.

"Then let them.. We'll be gone before they spring it.. Now let's order some lunch and prepare for later" naruto says and all of them nod.

#Later That Night#

Naruto adjusts his travel cloak with a stream of smoke from under his hood, "Almost in position.. Any issues" he says, touching his communication device.

"No movement at the warehouse" anko replies. Naruto continues to make his way towards the warehouse in question and sees no one around but closes his eyes, drawing in some natural energy to check things.

"Patrols" naruto says, hopping the fence.

"Still on the fringes but movement from the north" shino relays. Footsteps catch naruto's ears as someone approaches with a nervous aura, their form hidden by a large grey cloak.

"Are you from K-konoha" the person says, their voice between male and female. Naruto keeps his jacket hood up with a stream of smoke, "Ino when you ready" he whispers.

"I am.. Why did you decide to defect" naruto asks, moving closer. The defector looks around with nervous motions as ino readies her jutsu, "Raikage-sama has gone too far" they say and moves closer as well.

"Naruto!.. High yield explosive tags" ino shouts and naruto narrows his eyes, as the defector rushes him.

"Die" the defector shouts. Naruto grabs the defector by the throat and produces the hiraishin knife, tossing it skyward with fūton and both vanishing with three blue-yellow flashes. The sky illuminates with an explosion as a knife lands on the ground with naruto appearing on one knee without his travel cloak but smoking. Suddenly ten kumo jōnin appear along with darui and shee, "This is really dull.. He's good" darui says.

"So this defector was indeed a trap.. Impressive" naruto says, rising to his full height as the jōnin draw their swords but naruto scans his eyes over the group.

"Naru-kun.. What do you want us to" anko says. Naruto rolls his neck with his eyes closed, "So the Raikage colluded with the Shimo leader to lure me out here" he questions.

"As cliché as it sounds.. Yes he did.. You're getting too strong" darui says. Naruto creates a clone and it dispels as he slips out of his jacket and ties the sleeves around his waist.

"What did that serve" shee says. Naruto picks up his knife off the ground, "Nothing.. Now then shall we dance.. First one is Free" he says.

[Music: Genos Theme The Cyborg Fights]

Darui sighs and nods the jōnin and they ready their swords with raiton, "You know this isn't personal" he says. Naruto slips his knife into belt and spreads his arms apart, "I know" he says. A small stalemate ensues as the jōnin edge closer, while darui and shee remain away from them.

"Think you can catch him in a Genjutsu" darui says, adjusting his weapon. It is a broad, foldable, cleaver-like sword with a red and white hilt.

"If he's anything like B-sama.. I seriously doubt it" shee replies. One of the jōnin breaks the stalemate and launches himself at naruto with his sword raised but naruto doesn't move as the sword makes contact.

"You can't cut me with such a dull blade" naruto says, quickly grabbing the jōnin's sword arm and drills a knee into his gut. The remaining jōnin charge naruto from all sides as darui's eyes narrow, "He's not going for killing blows" he says.

"He's trying to mock us" shee says but darui shakes his head.

"No.. He knows the rules of engagement.. We attacked first and he defended himself.. However If he were to kill anyone.. We could argue he was the aggressor.. He's smart and he's isn't even trying" darui says, as the last jōnin falls unconscious. Naruto shoots towards them but he leaps over them and scales the warehouse with darui and shee giving chase. Shee quickly flashes several signs that stop at tiger, "Raiton: Raigen Raikōchū" he shouts, attempting to blind naruto with a bright flash of light. Naruto covers his eyes as darui shunshins behind him with blade raised but naruto ducks under the swipe, pointing his palm at darui.

"Fūton: Gale Palm" naruto thought, blowing darui back. The right hand of the raikage skids back with his blade blocking some of the attack.

"Darui?!" shee shouts. Naruto closes the gap between him and darui as the latter tosses his cracked blade aside, "Suiton: Suijinheki" he thought, firing a blast of water and weaving more signs.

"Raiton: Kangekiha" darui adds. Naruto seizes as the electrified water crashes into him and sends him skidding along the warehouse's roof. Shee uses the distraction to close the gap with naruto but has to quickly put up a cross-arm block as naruto turns and slams a weighted left straight. Shee gasps as he felt his forearms crack as he sails off the roof of the warehouse.

"Shee?!" darui shouts and weaves another set of signs and holds his hands together.

"Ranton: Laser Circus" darui thought. Several beams of bluish white light erupt from his hands but naruto covers himself with his arms, "Fast" naruto thought, the beams collide with him but the blond shoots through the smoke cloud.

"Kuroi Raiton: Jibashi" darui shouts, suddenly grabbing naruto by the face. Naruto screams as black lighting surges through his body, causing blood vessels to burst in his eyes. Darui lets him go with heavy breathing as naruto falls back with smoke wafting off his body but the blond grabs him by the vest.

"Hahahaaha.. How Exciting" naruto crows, pushing darui back with a headbutt. Darui staggers back with wide, tear filled eyes as naruto stood with blood trickling from his eyes and a wide grin on his face.

"Looks like we'll have to cut this short.. Tschüss" naruto says and vanishes with his hiraishin.[song ends]


Darui turns with a slow breath to see nojiko and several of her people approaching, "This is really Dull" he thought, leaping down.

"What happened" nojiko says, seeing the down jōnin and shee. Darui ruffles his blond hair with a sigh, "Mission is a wash.. He was much stronger than we anticipated" he replies.

"What about his team?!" nojiko asks and darui shakes his head, causing her to freeze. Darui kneels to shee and he winces from his fractured arms, "How are you" darui asks.

"I'll live but my arms are fractured" shee replies.

"I'll have some of our people look over him and your people" nojiko says but darui could see the look of fear in the woman's eyes.

"I can't speak for them but Kumo won't have you liable for this.. Just fane ignorance if Konoha inquiries" darui says and nojiko slowly nods. Darui watches nojiko leave and looks to shee, "Boss won't be happy" he says.

"Maybe so but we know more about his strength.. Nothing short of Raikage-sama or B-sama can handle him" shee says and darui sighs, with a mutter of dull. At the same time nojiko returns to her office but a presence makes itself as she caught in a rear naked choke.

"Oi Oi Oi.. Did you think you could fool us" a voice hisses. Nojiko struggles to fight back but the figure tightens its grip and darkness emerges on the edge's of her vision.

"Oi Oi Oi.. Don't worry.. This is just a warning.. We should kill you and this stinking village but He won't let us.. So be happy that you get to live to old age.. However if you push your luck.. Well you can guess how it ends" the figure hisses, letting nojiko go and disappearing into the shadows. Nojiko collapses to her kness and touches her neck with wide and flickering eyes, fear sown completely in them of the unknown.


A/N-2: Gonna stop here with a decent ending for this chapter. I hope everyone likes the ending fight with Naruto and Pein, also Sasuke and Itachi. Fū is safe and Itachi is spared by using Izanagi. Next chapter will pick up with the Shimo mission fallout and prepping for the final legs of the story.

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