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Chapter 13

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Hollow Mask


#Training Ground-44#

Naruto sits on his knees and his hands in his knees but outside his barrier were anko and hinata, "If it gets dangerous in there.. We won't be able to help him" anko says, clenching wis in her right hand.

"We have to believe in Naruto-kun.. He wouldn't do this without taking precautions" hinata says but eeps as her shadow expands.

"Hinata-chan is correct-de~gesu" yami says, from hinata's shadow. A chill of ice cold wind runs their spines, "Yare-Yare.. Yami's right" a voice says. Anko and hinata gasp as another naruto was here, "Who are you" hinata asks.

"Name's Kōri" he says and turns to the real naruto, "Yami's the shadow and I'm the Ice" he adds.

"I think Haku would get along with you" anko comments and kōri slicks back his hair, with a mutter of mendokusei. Naruto was shirtless with a simple pair of shorts on and his seal visible, "Alright" he thought, entering his mindscape. Naruto appears in front of the cathedral with zetsuei waiting for him, "Ready" he says.

"Kurama is ready.. You will have no use of her chakra.. You must overcome her full strength to gain control of all nine tails" zetsuei explains. Naruto rolls his neck, shoulders and extends his hand to zetsuei, taking his hand she glows brightly and turns into her true shikai form. Naruto swings the black claymore a few times, "Alright Kurama.. Game on" he shouts. Suddenly the cathedral explodes thunderously as nine orange tails erupt and kurama appears in all her titanic glory.

"Unlock the Seal and let's begin" kurama bellows. Naruto rips off his shirt and his left digits glow brightly, before slamming them into his stomach and turning. Kurama feels her full power coming back as the collar around her neck shatters and she unleashes a deafening roar. Naruto careens back and skids to a halt with a trail of smoke, "That was just a scream" he thought.

[Music: Doom Eternal OST - Only Thing they Fear is You]

Kurama digs her claws into the ground as blue and red orbs surround her form, "Let's not waste time Kenpachi" she shouts. Naruto flares his reiatsu as the bijudama fires and points his left hand, "Hadō #81: Dankū" he shouts, forming the transparent wall. The bijūdama slams into the wall but naruto gasps as it shatters, blowing him back and towards the city below. He crashes through several building as kurama leaps down from the summit, shattering the section of town under her. Naruto erupts from his debris cloud with zetsuei glowing purple and hollow mask on, "Dragon Moon Strike: Full Moon" he roars, as second zetsuei forms in his left hand.

"SHOW ME MORE!" kurama roars, firing another bijūdama. Naruto makes a complete flip and tosses the swords forward, "Twin Dragonstrike" he howls. Both swords shatter into two wailing azure dragons and entangle the bijūdama, causing a luminous explosion across the night sky as lightning dances in the cloudy moon filled sky. Naruto shoots from the smoke cloud with a trail of smoke with another two zetsuei. Kurama swings up to disturb the air currents and spews fire to create a vortex of flames.

"Twin Dragon Dance: Lightning-Wind Dragon" naruto declares, swing both swords. A vortex of wind and lightning slams into the flaming vortex, engulfing the blond but he streaks through and kurama meets him with a harsh strike. Naruto spews blood from his mouth as he flies end over end towards the east, part of his mask shattering in the process as he crashes into the ground. Naruto punches the ground and staggers to his feet and raises his hand for the real zetsuei to appear, "Heehehehehhe.. Hahahahahaha.. LET'S DO THIS.. BANKAI.. KAOSU HEIKI ZETSUEI" he howls, repairing his mask and exploding with power. Zetsuei glows brightly and expands into a large weapon, resembling a large double-edged sword with a large pommel having a crescent moon shape.

"IS THAT THE TRUE FACE OF YOUR ZETSUEI?!" kurama roars. Naruto bends his knees and launches forward, shattering the ground and zetsuei crackling with red lightning.

"Dragon Thunder Clap" naruto howls, swinging wide and creating numerous bolts of red lightning. Kurama covers herself with her tails as the lightning slams into her and explodes around the town. Kurama unfurls her tails but jerks as naruto was charging a cero, "Fast" she thought, countering with another bijūdama. The sky again illuminates with another explosion but another bijūdama careens out the smoke cloud.

"Dragon Twister" naruto roars, swinging down. A purple vortex of energy and crashes into the bijūdama but the explosion engulfs naruto. Kurama watches the blond fly out of the smoke cloud with soot covering his body and smoke wafting from his body. Naruto slowly opens his eyes and catches himself but his reiatsu gives out, dropping him on the roof of a building.

"I can't quit now" naruto says, reaching for zetsuei.

"Then unlock the last chains on your power.. Jūichibantai Taichō Mitsuomi Kiriyu" zetsuei shouts. Naruto slowly rises to his feet as his power pulses and flares, "I am the Lightning.. The Rain Transformed" he utters, as zetsuei's blade glows bright red. Kurama slows her charge slightly as naruto spins zetsuei over his head, creating black electricity around the red blade.

"Kurama clench your teeth.. DRAGON'S INFERNAL MAELSTROM" naruto howls, swinging down. A massive flame vortex erupts forward and engulfs kurama, pushing her back towards the summit and creating a thunderous explosion.

"Now Take ahold of her Chakra" zetsuei shouts. Naruto launches towards kurama's location and finds the massive fox in her human form. Kurama struggles to a half seated position, "Impressive Shinigami" she says. Naruto reaches out to touch her chest but she grabs his hand with a wide grin, "Take it" she says and naruto feels a rush of chakra. Anko and hinata gasp as naruto suddenly explodes with bijū chakra, straight to six tails worth. Naruto lurches forward and grips the ground with distorted roars, soon a seventh and eighth tail emerges. The bone mask forms a rabbit like ear more akin to a horn, the dense red chakra exoskeleton seeps back and merging with his hollow form. Two large chakra arms seep out of the exoskeleton and slam into the ground as the ninth tail emerges, causing naruto to rear back with a echoing howl. The ground around naruto shatters and burns away, creating three craters.

"Look" anko shouts. Naruto slowly emerges from the crater with slow but jerky steps, with both chakra arms moving with his steps. Yami and kōri get in front of anko and hinata as naruto moves closer, before the transformed blond slams his all of his hands into the barrier. Steam escapes from naruto's mouth as the whited-out sockets staring at them, with subtle tilts of his head.

"Naruto-kun.. Are you still on our side.. The good side" hinata says, touching the barrier. Naruto tilts his head and moves his left hand to match hers, "Sorry.. Need.. To.. Get.. Use.. To.. Speaking" he says, his voice distorted and ghastly. Anko lights up and touches her right hand and naruto matches but suddenly the dark chakra swirls and vanishes. Naruto's eyes roll back in his head and he falls back as both women gasp, "Naru-kun?!.. Naruto-kun?!" both shout. Inside the seal naruto falls back as he lets go of kurama's hand but into the arms of someone.

[Music: Naruto Shippuden OST - Hisou]

"Naruto" a voice says and naruto opens his eyes but they slowly widen.

"Yondaime.. Hokage" naruto utters. Minato stares down at his only son but his gaze drifts to kurama, "When he unlocked the seal.. I appeared and I saw his memories.. All of them" he says. Naruto slips from minato and staggers to his feet, before punching minato to the ground as he rises.

"That's for putting the village over your our son but you did it for a reason" naruto says, as kurama smirks. Minato rubs his sore jaw and gets to his feet, "Yes.. I sealed the Kyu.. I mean Kurama inside you for a reason.. That reason is I believed you could control her power" he starts and places his hand on naruto's head. The blond gasps as the night of his birth replays before his very eyes, from his father's battle with the masked uchiha to his first memories of his parents.

"I believe this Uchiha is the Mastermind behind the attack eighteen years ago and he will attack again" minato says, removing his hand.

"He may be a member of the Akatsuki.. Ero-sennin and I believe this to be true" naruto says. Minato cups his chin in thought, "He may be its leader.. Meaning Jiraiya-sensei is danger" he says but naruto shakes his head.

"I marked him.. If he's in danger.. I'll save him" naruto says. Minato softly smiles and approaches his son to wrap his arms around him, "I saw you met Kushina.. Though short.. You were able to meet your mother" he starts. Naruto stays unmoving as minato pulls back and places his hands on naruto's shoulders, "I have Faith in you.. Your mother and I are proud of you.. We love you.. Mitsuomi" minato says and bursts into golden light. Kurama approaches naruto but her eyes widen as naruto has tears running down his face.[song ends]


Naruto's eyes shoot open to the canopy of the forest of death, "Dad" he whispers, craning his head and seeing hinata healing him.

"Naru-kun" anko says and naruto looks up to see her frowning face. Naruto reaches to caress her cheek, "Sorry" he says.

"What happened" hinata asks, her hands glowing a pale green. Naruto slowly sits up with anko's help, "I managed to take control of Kurama's chakra but I also met my father" he says, shocking both.

"Yondaime-sama" hinata asks, confused. Naruto slowly nods with a ruffle of his hair, "He embedded some of his chakra into my seal.. In a bid to appear once I attempted to take control of Kurama's chakra" he says and pauses.

"He even showed me the night of birth and the Uchiha that caused it" naruto adds, clenching his right fist.

"The Uchiha were involved" anko says but naruto shakes his head, getting to his feet.

"No.. A rouge Uchiha claiming to Madara Uchiha" naruto replies and kurama scoffs, "But We have our doubts" he adds.

"Well considering he died decades ago.. I would doubt it too" anko says, as they take off out the forest.

"Another factor is Madara Uchiha wouldn't hide behind a mask" naruto says.

"Think so" hinata comments and naruto slowly nods, looking her way.

"From what I could find about him.. Madara is a proud man and confident in his skill.. He would hide behind some mask.. He'd declare his intentions out in the open" naruto states. The trio reach the main gate, "Hinata can you tell Neji to meet us here tomorrow at ten and any of the others if you see them" naruto asks.

"I can but what about" hinata replies. Naruto glances to anko and back to hinata, "Pretty much to let everyone know what Baa-chan decided.. She wants us to be one unit.. So better to it from me first hand" he explains.

"Alright.. I'll let Neji-nii-san know" hinata says, then kisses his cheek and excuses herself. Anko hops on naruto's back, "Homeward my noble steed" she shouts. Naruto hooks his arms under her legs, "Yyyyyou got it Myyy Lady.. High oh Silverware" he shouts, taking off in a sprint.

#Unknown Location#

Sasuke and Team-Hebi race towards an old uchiha hideout, after sasuke battles a crow clone of itachi.

"Prepare yourself Itachi.. I will kill you this day" sasuke thought but halts in his tracks, activating his Sharingan. Team-Hebi stops as kisame lands on light pole, "Sasuke-kun.. If you would.. Please continue by yourself" he says, samehada resting on his right shoulder.

"Those are Itachi's orders.. The rest of you remain here" kisame adds. Sasuke narrows his eyes with a glance to his team, "No problem.. The sole reason I formed this team was to make sure no interferes.. However the Jinchūriki comes with me" he says. Kisame chuckles and pulls samehada forward to point it at them, "If She can get pass me.. By all means she can" he says.

"Fū hurry along" sasuke says and leaps forward, shooting pass kisame. Sasuke leaps from tree to tree as his mind replays the events leading to this collision course with his elder brother. The forest starts give way to a terraced mountain with a building on top with two towers on each side connecting directly to the mountain itself. Sasuke picks up the pace and reaches the top of the mountain and makes his way through the base.

"Itachi" sasuke shouts, seeing his brother sitting on a stone throne. Itachi keeps his eyes closed with his legs crossed at the ankles and his arms folded with in his cloak.

"Tell me Sasuke.. What do you see with that Sharingan of yours" itachi says, slowly opening his eyes.

"What do I see?!.. With these eyes of mine.. There is one thing I clearly see" sasuke starts, tossing off his cloak.

"I see your Death at my feet" sasuke hisses, with only several steps dividing them. Itachi closes his eyes with a sigh, "My Death at your feet" he says. Suddenly itachi vanishes and appear behind sasuke, "Then make it reality" he says. Sasuke swings backhand right but itachi brandishes a kunai, forcing it through sasuke's guard. The younger uchiha draws his chokuto to block with a loud clang, causing itachi to snake his free arm under sasuke's right arm and send a kick but sasuke blocks with his chokuto. Itachi uses the chokuto to propel himself up, using the momentum to kick sasuke in the face and stagger him. Sasuke quickly recovers and fully draws his chokuto, thrusting it upward to the falling itachi but the kin-slayers spins forward and reaches out. He grabs sasuke by the back of his cloak and yanks him back as he lands, before making a full rotation and tossing sasuke aside and sending his chokuto into to the ceiling. Sasuke corrects with a skid and flashes several signs, "Chidori Nagashi" he shouts, slamming his hand down. Itachi leaps to avoid the stream of lightning but sasuke was waiting for him, piercing the elder brother with his chokuto and driving him into the ground.

"Y-you've become strong" itachi says.

"I have one last thing to ask you" sasuke says but itachi raises his left hand, pointing two fingers to sasuke's forehead but points them left.

[Music: Naruto Ost - Itachi Theme]

Sasuke gasps as itachi was still sitting on the throne, looking down the impaled itachi bursts into crows. Sasuke rises to his feet with his Sharingan tomoes spinning, "The same words as before and the crows as well.. Another Farce of a Genjutsu" he says.

"What do you wish to know.. It's not over yet but I'll hear you out" itachi asks. Sasuke's narrows his eyes, "I'll say it once again" he starts but itachi gasps, as a blade erupts from his chest. Itachi spits up some blood as the sasuke before him melts into white snakes, "G-genjutsu" itachi says.

"I have one last thing to ask.. Answer me you Bastard or the pain your chest won't subside" sasuke hisses, kneeling behind the throne.

"You purposely missed a vital spot" itachi says, feeling the blade twist a little.

"You told me back then.. If I awakened the Mangekyō.. I would be the third in our clan.. Answer me.. Who is third person in Uchiha clan" sasuke says.

"Why the curiosity about such a thing" itachi says. Sasuke grips his chokuto tighter, "Once I kill you here.. I will kill them" he hisses.

"Kill them" itachi says, glancing back.

"When you slaughtered our clan.. You mentioned another person's existence.. So they must be your co-conspirator.. Not even you could kill the entire Uchiha Police Force.. So Who is it?!" sasuke says. Itachi tilts his head slightly, "So you figured it out huh" he starts but pauses, "It's Madara Uchiha" he adds and sasuke's eyes widen and flicker.

"Madara.. Uchiha?!" sasuke utters.

"One of the founders of Konohagakure and the First to awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan" itachi says.

"Founder?!.. Then Madara should be long dead.. Are you Mocking me?!" sasuke shouts.

"Madara is alive.. It's up to you believe it or not but knowledge and understanding are ambiguous.. That reality could be an illusion.. All humans live with the wrong assumptions.. Isn't that another way at looking at things" itachi states and sasuke's eyes narrow.

"What the Hell are you saying" sasuke says.

"It's your assumption that Madara is dead.. In the exact same way you perceived me as your kind older brother.. I just pretended to be your kind older brother in order to measure your vessel" itachi states. Sasuke starts to shake in rage, "What happened that night.. I thought it was a cruel illusion but that was an unmistakably Reality" he shouts, using his Chidori to pierce the throne near itachi's head.

"My eyes are not like they were in the past.. My Sharingan can see through your Genjutsu" sasuke shouts, as the itachi beside him fades away.

"Hmph.. You speak with such confidence but for now.. I'll take you word for it" itachi says. Sasuke cancels his Chidori and rises to his feet, "Why don't we stop this Farce" he says.

"Being confident is one thing but Sasuke your eyes still aren't the same as mine.. You may have killed someone close to you but dare appear before me with such Weak Resolve" itachi says.[song ends]


Naruto, anko, karin, haku and tayuya were sitting on a raised platform at the main gate of the forest of death, awaiting the others to arrive. The blond was wearing a pair of black jeans, a white tank top, tennis-shoes and a long black coat.

"So what's this about Scar" tayuya asks. She wears a sleeveless mesh shirt and a dark pink tank top with battle skirt and mesh arm-sleeves with kunoichi boots. Naruto blows a stream of smoke from under his hood, "I'll only it explain once.. So wait for everyone to get here" he replies. Karin adjusts her glasses, wearing a purple blouse, black shorts and thigh high stockings with sandals.

"Does it concern your promotion" karin and asks and naruto nods, pulling down his hood.

"Naru-kun is big bad Jonin now" anko chirps. She wears a pair of purple leggings with black shorts and a purple long sleeve shirt.

"They're here" anko says. Naruto takes a slow drag from his cigarette as everyone arrives, "Thanks for coming" he says.

"What's this about" kiba asks, riding akamaru. Naruto rolls his neck with a smirk, "Well for one.. I was promoted to Full Jōnin" he starts and kiba gawks.

"Also the Hokage has decided to group us into one large squad with Anko.. Karin and Tayuya" naruto adds and karin waves but tayuya scoffs.

"Mendokusei.. The Hokage wants you with experience before taking a Genin team and with War on the horizon.. Giving you people you can trust to lead" shikamaru says and naruto snaps his fingers with a point.

"Shikamaru got in one.. War is coming and we need to be prepared.. First Shikamaru and Neji will split second in command and we'll split into smaller units as well but one prerequiste is each unit has one Med-nin and one Tracker" naruto explains.

"So you.. Shikamaru and Neji will be the unit leaders with you as supreme leader" shino asks and naruto nods.

"But we're uneven.. Three teams of Five would be ideal" tenten comments.

"I'll take the short end of the stick with a four-person unit" naruto states.

"So who's going where" kiba asks. Naruto puts out his cigarette with a sigh, "Well my unit will have Anko.. Ino and Shino" he says.

"Two of his girlfriends on one team.. I thought he'd have them all but his choices are sound.. Ino can work the mind.. While Anko works the body.. Shino is good choice as well" shikamaru thought. Neji looks over his fellow rookies, "I'll take Tenten.. Karin.. Lee and Kiba" he says.

"Mendokusei.. I'm left with Chōji.. Hinata.. Tayuya and Haku.. Hinata can double as Med-nin and tracker with her Byakugan" shikamaru states. Naruto hops down with a nod, "Now that's is settled" he says and grins wide, "I'm gonna put you through Hell" he says and several of them gulp.

"Nothing bad.. I'm gonna outfit you with Resistance and Gravity seals.. We need to build your reserves first and I'm gonna teach you all the Kage Bunshin will double your training as well" naruto says but glances to lee.

"Well most of us" naruto adds but lee give a thumbs up.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun.. I can work twice as hard.. So my Youth will be twice as bright" lee shouts and naruto ruffles his blond hair.

"Right.. Now let's get started" naruto says and creates a dozen clones. Naruto breaks out his Fūinjutsu kit and starts work on their seals with his clones, "The seals have several levels and you can use your chakra to change them as you get use a level" he explains. Kiba was the first to try his seals and immediately fell to the ground, "Geez this the first level" he says.

"No Dog breath.. That's level three" ino shouts, taking some wobbly steps. Naruto hops back on the platform, "Use them for about week.. Then release them to get use to the change.. We'll meet at Training ground thirty three then.. For now let's start with some basic running and working out" he says.

"Yosh then let's do several laps around the village" lee shouts and the other sigh, before chasing after him. Hinata, haku, ino and anko remained behind with naruto, "You three will help train Ino.. Since you're on level two of your seals" he says and ino slowly nods.

"Won't it show favoritism having Anko-chan and Ino-chan on your team" haku asks but naruto shakes his head.

"Shikamaru may know but it doesn't matter if we're dating.. Anko is an expert in T&I and Ino is up and coming as well.. Besides Hinata told me Neji and Tenten have been seen together outside of training" naruto says and hinata shakes her head.

"I told you that in moment of weakness.. You were keeping my cinnamon buns from me" hinata says, with a certain smile on her face. Naruto freezes and falls to knees before hinata, "Sorry" he says, causing ino and anko to laugh. Naruto rises to his feet, "Anyway.. They'll be training you in the forest.. I'll head to the academy to give the Konohamaru Corp the good news" he says and vanishes.

"Well ladies a training session of NUGC begins now" anko shouts and all leap over the fence and into the forest of death.

#Konoha Academy#

Naruto sits on a familiar swing with his hood up and his legs crossed at the ankles, his hands in his lap.

"Naruto-niichan" konohamaru shouts, seeing the blond. Naruto pulls down his hood with a small wave, "You have a good day" he asks and the three nod.

"That's good.. I'll take you to Ichiraku.. I need to tell you some things" naruto says, getting off the swing.

"What things" meogi asks and naruto smiles.

"Nothing bad.. Actually something good" naruto replies, as they make their way through the village. The four soon arrive at ichiraku, "Oh Naruto" teuchi says.

"Hey.. Five Miso for me and whatever they want" naruto says, taking a seat. The konohamaru corp order each a chicken ramen, "So what's the good news" udon asks.

"Well I am a full Jōnin now" naruto states and all three gasp, even ayame and teuchi.

"Congratulation Naruto-kun" ayame says and naruto smiles, glancing to the three.

"And that also means.. When you become Genin.. I'll ask for you three" naruto says.

"Really Naruto-niichan" konohamaru says and naruto ruffles his brown hair.

"Yeah.. I do need to train my successor.. I plan to be Hokage someday" naruto states and konohamaru smiles wide, nodding. Teuchi serves their ramen and naruto tears through four bowls to their single bowl, while they chatted about various things. Naruto reaches for his fifth bowl but his right arm starts to burn, pulling his sleeve up and his eyes widen.

"Konohamaru.. I need a favor" naruto says, pulling out one of hiraishin knives. Konohamaru turns to naruto with a confused but catches the knife, "Take that to Baa-chan tell her to be ready" he says, tossing some money next to his bowl.

"Why" konohamaru says.

"No time to explain.. Go!" naruto says and raises a ram-sign, before vanishing in a flash.

#Several Minutes Earlier#

Jiraiya struggles to his knees with his missing left arm, his eyes on the six paths of pein but one gives serious pause.

"Yahiko.. How?!.. You told me he died" jiraiya shouts.

"You can still see Yahiko in me" deva-pein says. Pa and ma's eyes flicker as does jiraiya's eyes, "Jiraiya-chan what is going on" ma says.

"Another of my students is among them but he never possessed the Rinnegan" jiraiya says and clutches his stump.

"Are you Yahiko or Nagato.. What the Hell are you already?!" jiraiya shouts.

"We are Pein.. We are Kami" deva-pein declares and the six launch themselves at jiraiya. The toad sage dodges as best he can but the numbers overwhelm him, "Yahiko why do you have Nagato's eyes" jiraiya shouts, slamming a right straight but deva-pein catches it. Asura-pein forces jiraiya to break right and dodge as it fires several missiles, "Jiraiya-chan.. We should retreat" ma shouts.

"Even if I die.. I need to find an opening to defeat them" jiraiya says. Deva-pein uses shinra tensei to pull a large section of wall towards jiraiya and sends the toad sage, crashing into the water. The water goes still as the peins search for jiraiya but suddenly ma and pa use their tongues to pull chikushōdō-pein underwater as deva-pein turns.

"His presence has vanished" deva-pein says, after several seconds of scanning. Chikushōdō-pein struggles as it is pulled further underwater but soon finds itself in a strange place, "Gastric acid" it says, leaping off a piece as it melts.

"Rasengan" jiraiya shouts, using pa's tongue to attack chikushōdō-pein. The chikushōdō path slams into the acid as jiraiya lands, "Good job Jiraiya-chan" pa says. Jiraiya tries to reign in his breath but suddenly a chikushōdō-pein emerges from the acid and fires a chakra rod, through his right forearm and shoulder.

"Jiraiya-chan" ma shouts, as he breaks the rod. Chikushōdō-pein stares blankly but its hitai-ate fall from its forehead and jiraiya gasps, "Impossible" he says, seeing a scar across its forehead.

"What" both say.

"I fought this man before and gave him that scar" jiraiya say and struggles to his feet, his right arm bleeding.

"I need to face them again.. I need to confirm something.. Ma.. Pa.. You two get out of here" jiraiya states.

"You go out there and you're toast" pa says.

"True.. I may die but there's a chance I can learn his true Identity" jiraiya says and pa sighs.

"Ma return home.. I'll stay with Jiraiya-chan" pa says.

"You better not be late for dinner.. Both of you" ma says and jiraiya softly smiles.

"Thank you both.. So much" jiraiya says, as ma and pa unlatch from him. Jiraiya dispels his jutsu and rises from the water with pa as the five remaining path were waiting for him, "I was right.. They are all someone I have known in the past" he thought, looking over their faces and his eyes widen in shock.

"That's it.. I've figured out Pein's true identity" jiraiya thought but is suddenly yanked forward by deva-pein. Time seems to slow as the other paths reveal their chakra rods, "Damn it.. At this Rate.. Hime.. Sensei.. Naruto..." jiraiya thought.

[Music: Girei - Naruto Ost]

Suddenly jiraiya vanishes as the paths miss their mark but their gazes turn to a broken piece of rock, upon were naruto with jiraiya supported over his shoulder.

"The Kyūbi Jinchūriki" deva-pein says. Pa hops out of the water as naruto guides jiraiya down with his eyes on the paths of pein, "Naruto-chan.. What are you doing here?!" he says.

"I couldn't let my Sensei do this alone.. I should've come sooner" naruto says. Jiraiya coughs several times and slowly opens his eyes, "Naruto?!" he says, weakly.

"Don't worry Ero-sennin.. I'm here now.. Baa-chan is waiting for you" naruto says and place his hand on jiraiya's chest, causing the older man to gasp.

"Naruto.. You're not ready for him!" jiraiya says, trying to stand. Naruto glances back with a foxy smile, "Trust me Ero-sennin" he says and glances to pa, "You'll land in Baa-chan's office.. Sorry" he says and both vanish in a blue with yellow lightning flash.

"Now then.. Shall we commence" naruto says, a scowl on his face. Asura-pein emerges from the water with chikushōdō-pein and jigokudō-pein revives the six path.

"You saved us the trouble of finding you" deva-pein states. Naruto pulls zetsuei from his glove and drives her into the stone to rests his hands on, "Indeed I did.. You more than likely would have come to Konoha and destroyed it just for me" he says and tilts his head, "No different than Iwa or Kumo" he adds.

"I do this for Peace.. Like Jiraiya-sensei wishes for.. They see only the Tree and not the Forest.. None of you know what True Peace is" deva-pein states.

"True Peace?!.. So collecting the Nine Bijū for some sort weapon and pointing it at the world is your Idea of Peace!" naruto says, flaring his reiatsu some. Deva-pein's eyes narrow slightly, "Yes I will use the Nine Bijū to create a powerful weapon and destroy the great villages.. Once everyone knows True Pain and it will instill fear and prevent wars.. True Peace and Justice will be born" he states. Shadows cover naruto's face as he slowly reaches for his face but he starts laughing, causing deva-pein's eyes to narrow more.

"Hahahaha.. It's really no different.. Dare and make the world blink.. The will of single man is terrifying" naruto says and looks deva-pein in the eye, "So if you're done monologuing about your False Peace.. Show me the power of the most powerful Dojutsu" he adds.

"You shall know Pain" deva-pein declares. Naruto draws zetsuei from the rock, "Awaken" he utters, spinning her in his right hand.

[Music: Berserk - Hai Yo Oh Ashes]

"Wind-Lightning Dragon Dance" naruto shouts, swinging forward and creating an electrified vortex. Preta-pein jumps in front of the other paths with his hands wide, absorbing the vortex. Naruto shoots forward with his sword aimed for preta-pein but asura-pein fires several missiles at the blond, forcing to break right.

"Shinra Tensei" deva-pein intones. A concussive blast slams into naruto and rams him into a section of broken wall as asura-pein fires another barrage of missiles. Naruto breaks free from the wall and swings down to explode the missiles, creating a large smoke screen. Preta-pein shoots towards the smoke but naruto emerges from cloud, grabbing the path by the head and squeezing.

"You will be the first" naruto growls, spinning and tossing preta-pein into the air. Naruto swings zetsuei towards the path, "Cero" he utters, firing the blast from zetsuei and erasing preta-path. The remaining five path halt their advance and naruto makes them pay by heaving zetsuei towards deva-pein but passes by the path, causing its eyes to widen and whip around. Zetsuei was sticking out of jigokudō-pein as naruto flashes to his sword, "You showed your hand too fast" he sneers, burning the path to ashes with flame dragon dance.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" chikushōdō-pein utters, as a large puff of smoke erupts and a large spider emerges. It fires a concussive blast of webbing as naruto propels himself but vanishes as another shinra tensei rockets through the air. Naruto slams into the spider with zetsuei but another puff of smoke erupts and gorilla slams a hammer-blow to the blond. Naruto grunts as he's thrown but corrects and digs his hands into the rock, colliding with a wall. Asura-pein rockets towards naruto as two sets of arms rip out of it's cloak and sends flurry of punches. Naruto gets his arms up as the six fists collide with his body, in a thunderous unrelenting assault. Naruto could feel the wall starting to break as he was pushed further and further back, "Now" he thought, catching two fists. Naruto quickly kips up and drives his feet into asura-pein's face, to yank roughly and rip the arms from the sockets and staggering the mechanized pein.

"Fūton: Gale Palm" naruto thought, sending asura-pein careening back with a palm strike. Ningendō-pein uses the time to close the gap between him and naruto with his left hand out-stretch but naruto recovers, parrying the hand to the side and connecting with a headbutt. The human path staggers back as naruto closes the gap with a uppercut motion, "Ikkotsu" he utters, rocketing the head off of ningendō-pein. Naruto quickly throws up another cross-arm block as several missiles explode in front of him. The gorilla charges towards the smoke cloud but a lightning infused black slash emerges from the cloud, cleaving it in half vertically and it vanishes in smoke. The four paths remain stock still once again as the cloud dissipate and reveals naruto, his clothes slightly tattered and his coat blowing in the wind as rain washes over his body.

"You are strong indeed.. However" deva-pein utters and raises his right hand, "Banshō Ten'in" he declares. Naruto's eyes widen as he's yanked forward into the path of asura-pein, ripping off the remains of its cloak, creating a segmented tail and pierces naruto through the stomach.

"You were tenacious" deva-pein utters but freezes as naruto fades away, leaving only his coat. Deva-pein's danger senses went off too late as deva-pein is sent through a large pipe. Asura-pein whips around to open its mouth but naruto is coming down with a massive Rasengan, "Senpō: Ōdama Rasengan" he shouts, destroying asura-pein. Nagato gnashes his teeth and cuts his connection with ningendō-pein to fully focus on deva-pein, "I have no choice" he utters.

"No Choice on what" konan states but nagato ignores her. Naruto calls zetsuei to him as ningendō-pein collapses like a puppet, "What now" he thought.

"You have forced me to do this Kyūbi Jinchūriki" deva-pein utters, rising off the ground. Naruto's eyes narrow as deva-pein rises skyward but a terrible thought occurs, "These are your people!" he shouts.

"I am Kami.. They will gladly lay their lives down for me" deva-pein utters, shocking naruto. The blonde gnashes his teeth as a clone pops to life, "Go!" he shouts, bending his knees and rocketing toward deva-pein.

"Nagato have you gone insane?!" konan shouts. Nagato focuses his chakra, "Be silent Konan" he states. Deva-pein raises both hands forward with unblinking eyes as naruto rockets toward him, "Know Pain" he utters.

"Shinra.. Tensei" deva-pein utters and the city is bathe in light.


A/N-2: Sorry for another short chapter but I wanted a decent cliffhanger. Next chapter picks up directly from here with end of the battle and Fū's Fate. Also a twist some may have seen coming. Thank you for your support and Stay Frosty.

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