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Chapter 10

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Hollow Mask



"Drag me back to Konoha?!.. A place of weakness.. I have cast off Everything from that place" sasuke says.

"Even Sakura" naruto states and sasuke's eyes narrow.

"Sakura?!.. Sakura willingly gave her life to me.. She knew my ambitions and offered herself to me" sasuke says, spreading his arms out. Sasuke's Mangekyō glows in the shadows of his face as he looks down on them, "Do you see.. I now have same eyes as my brother and with it.. I will Kill him" he utters. Sasuke slowly reaches for his chokuto, "Dobe.. I wonder how far the gap between has grown" he says but his eyes widen slightly. Naruto was back to back with him, "Let's find out Teme" he says, grinning.

[Music: Kokuten - Naruto Ost]

Sasuke swings his right arm back but naruto blocks with his right forearm, "I'm impressed Teme.. You managed to catch them all in Genjutsu without them knowing" naruto says, pushing his right arm through for a jab. Sasuke grabs naruto's right fist and snaps his left towards naruto but the blond catches said fist. Both push on their respective upper bodies for the upperhand, "You managed to escape my sight" sasuke says but naruto smirks.

"I'm complicated" naruto says, breaking the stalemate and pulling sasuke back. It was enough for naruto to push through a knee to the stomach and follow-up with a spinning roundhouse, knocking sasuke back. The uchiha scion halts himself and draws his chokuto upwards toward naruto as he leaps but the blond slams his hand into sasuke's head, knocking him off balance and kicking his chokuto from his hand. Sasuke backpedals and weaves several rapid signs, his Chidori flaring to life.

"Chidori Nagashi" sasuke shouts, slamming his hand on the ground. The chidori charges through the ground but naruto weaves his own signs, "Forget I know that too" he says, slamming fist down.

"Chidori Eisō" naruto says, pushing himself out the path of the chidori nagashi.

"Amaterasu" sasuke shouts and naruto gasps, as his body is engulfed in black flames. Sasuke smirks as naruto slams into the ground trying to extinguish the flames, "Don't bother Dobe.. Those flames will burn you into nothingness" he sneers. Naruto glares at sasuke but slowly points behind him, before sasuke could look a blade pierces his chest. Naruto was kneeling behind sasuke with zetsuei through his back but the blond smirks, looking left and seeing the uchiha with his chokuto in his hand.

"You've gotten lazy with Genjutsu" kurama chides, as sasuke melts into white snakes. Naruto rises to his full height as the other him poofs into smoke, "I don't use Tsukiyomi enough either" he thought.

"Orochimaru taught you well" naruto says, spinning zetsuei in his hand and slipping into his Gatotsu stance.

"You still rely on your clones and the Kyūbi.. The source of your strength.. Borrowed power" sasuke says and naruto chuckles.

"Don't talk down to me about borrowed power" naruto says, shooting forward and sasuke does the same. Their swords meet in a furious flurry of swipes, clangs and sparks as both parry and counter the other's strikes. The stalemate breaks as both sword leave their hands as both back leap, several cuts on their clothes but sasuke bleeding from his cheek and left arm. Sasuke shoots forward and summons several shuriken from a seal on his wrists, "Kage Shuriken no Jutsu" he shouts, leaping and tossing the shuriken as they multiply.

"Fūton: Shinkūgyoku" naruto thought, firing a sphere of air as he back leaps. The shuriken blow off course as sasuke lands and his eyes narrow as five knives were coming towards him. Sasuke's shoulder bulges and a white snake emerges to surround his form and knocking the knives off course, before turning into a fuma shuriken. Sasuke whips the large shuriken around his body and tosses it at naruto, forcing the blond to block with one of his knives. Naruto gasps as sasuke sent his chidori through the shuriken, cutting open naruto's left shoulder as he parries it.

"Heh.. Interesting.. But" naruto says but vanishes in a blue and yellow flash. Sasuke's eyes bulge as naruto's boot was embedded into his stomach, "What?!" he thought, flying back towards the crater. Sasuke recovers and his eyes widen as knife streaks toward him but it changes into naruto with a delayed dropkick, sending the uchiha into the opposite wall in front of team-7. [music ends]


Naruto lands in front of his genjutsu prone team and creates three clones to break them free as sasuke staggers to his feet. Team-7 looks frantic and sees sasuke leaning on the far wall, "What happened?!" haku shouts.

"Genjutsu.. He trapped you with his Fancy new eyes" naruto says and sasuke glares at the blond and team-7.

"He managed to trap us all in Genjutsu.. What about you Naruto-kun" hinata says and naruto glances back.

"He had trapped all of you before I stepped onto the scene" naruto replies, causing hinata and haku to gasp.

"Sasuke Uchiha.. Surrender quietly" yamato states, preparing his mokuton. Sasuke grits his teeth as his curse-mark spreads but naruto shoots forward, however a wall of pink crystal rises up and blocks the blond's left straight.

"Nadeshiko-Ryū Shinku Enbu" a voice shouts, from behind team-7. Hinata acts quickly as a gust of wind and kunai were rocketing towards them, "Kaiten" she shouts, surrounding team. Naruto pulls his fist free and turns to top of the crater as sasuke stood with two women, one of them crouched. She has green eyes and waist-length black hair in a hime-style cut tied in a high ponytail with short bangs and chin-length strands framing her face. Her uniform consists of a grey-coloured, form-fitting kunoichi uniform with a right shoulder-guard and grey gloves. The other has fair skin, dark eyes and light blue hair, kept in a spiky ponytail with long strands of hair framing her face. Her outfit consists of a green dress with a long left sleeve and a short right one, a red turtle-neck which has a white, fluffy collar and brown gloves. Under the dress, is a one piece red suit and calf-length brown sandal boots.

"Why did you interfere.. Guren.. Shizuka" sasuke hisses.

"We had no choice Sasuke-sama.. Kabuto is captured and Orochimaru-sama is missing" guren says and naruto starts laughing, causing her to scowl.

"He's not missing.. More like Dead" naruto shouts.

"You Lie" guren shouts but sasuke raises his arm to block her path. Sasuke turns his gaze to naruto, "Another Time Dobe" he hisses, as the they vanish in a swirl of wind courtesy of shizuka. Naruto sighs and ruffles his hair, "We got Lucky" he says.

"Lucky" yamato says and naruto nods.

"Yeah.. Sasuke was building up his chakra before those two appeared.. Something was coming" naruto explains, as his clone appears and drops off kabuto. Naruto leaps out of the crater to call back zetsuei, "The gap has lessened some but not enough to be fun" he thought, catching the sword. Yamato look up at the back of naruto, "There is more to Naruto than just the Kyūbi" he thought, securing kabuto.


"What do you mean Yugito is missing?!" ei says. Darui was on ei's right and on his left was a young man with dark eyes and short, blond hair but parted in the front. He wears the standard attire of the Kumo-nin, a sleeveless, black shirt with a one-strap-over-one-shoulder white flak jacket. Black forehead protector, black, elbow-length arm-guards, and the red and white Kumogakure shin-guards along with a pair of sandals.

"Our patrols found the signs of a battle underground.. That lead to one of the treatment plants and we found more signs of battle.. Survivors relayed that Yugito was seen leading two men away" the jonin explains and ei's eyes narrow.

"What two men Gee" ei says and gee gulps with a sigh.

"Both men wore black cloaks with red clouds" gee replies. Ei slams his fist on the desk with a slight surge of lightning, "Akatsuki" he utters and looks gee in the eye.

"Send out two Squads of Volt to search the area for Yugito" ei orders and gee vanishes.

"What now Boss" darui asks. Ei rises to his feet and heads towards the window, "Yugito may have be a calculated sacrifice.. Between her and Bee.. Bee is more valuable" he says, shocking darui.

"The loss of Yugito will be felt but an acceptable loss for the bigger picture.. Akatsuki are after Jinchūriki.. Meaning Iwa will suffer a similar situation" ei says and glances to shee, "Contact Team Samui.. I have mission for them" he adds and shee vanishes.

"What sort of mission" darui asks and ei smirks.

"A information gathering mission.. I'm sending them to Konoha for information on Itachi Uchiha.. A member of the Akatsuki.. Plus they can gauge their strength" ei explains. Darui cups his chin in thought, "Konoha could outright refuse.. They must know we've been talking to Iwa" he says but ei scoffs.

"Konoha has a reputation of niceties and friendliness.. They will let them in to maintain that peace going nature.. They make a move and they give us the means to declare aggressions on them before Iwa does" ei states. The door echoes with a knock and opens as three people enter with shee, one young man and two women.

"Team Samui.. Reporting" one says. She has shoulder-length blonde hair in a asymmetrical bob and blue eyes. She wears a very low-cut outfit with mesh armour underneath, a short skirt and red hand guards, high boots, and a modified kumogakure flak jacket that covers her stomach like a girdle.

"Good.. I have a mission for your team" ei starts and clears his throat, "You are head to Konoha and gather information Itachi Uchiha.. Yugito was kidnapped by the Akatsuki and the Kin-slayer is a member" he adds.

"You think those tree huggers are just gonna give us the information" the second of team-samui says. She has long spiky red hair and amber eyes, wearing a long, short-sleeved dress with frilly edges complete with the kumogakure flak jacket. Two simple yellow earrings, fishnet stockings, thigh-high boots with white soles and a hitai-ate like a bandanna with a long sword on her back.

"Karui's right Raikage-sama.. What if" the third member starts and goes on a long rant but karui slaps him in the head. He has spiky, white hair and dark eyes accentuated with eyelashes curving upwards from the corners. He wears a dark outfit consisting of an overlong shirt with a hood, with red bandage hand guards. Kumogakure shin guards and a black hitai-ate along with a flak jacket and a long sword on his back.

"I'm counting on them to maintain their peace oriented ways.. Konoha has this image of peace and we'll take advantage of it.. You're also to keep an eye out for their Jinchūriki.. Gauge his strength if possible" ei explains and team-samui nods, excusing themselves.

"If he's near his Father's power" darui says and ei chuckles, grabbing a fifty pound dumbbell.

"I'm the only one alive that can counter the Hiraishin.. If Ōnoki does go to war with Konoha.. I'll graciously give him the information" ei says, starting a set.


"It can't be" anko thought, racing towards the kage tower. The snake mistress was having a normal day but that changed, as team-7 returned with of all people kabuto. Anbu brought the traitor to their department and inoichi was first to meet him, anko a close second and the bespectacled ninja told her several things. This prompted anko to race to the tower and confront the one person who could give her answers. Anko threw open the door of the hokage's office and sees the godaime, former sandaime and yamato.

"I take it you saw Kabuto" tsunade says, as anko takes a few shaking steps forward.

"I-is it True Hokage-sama" anko states. Hiruzen blows some from his pipe as yamato moves to show the sword on the desk, "Yes Anko-chan.. My wayward student has finally met his end" he says. Anko's legs nearly give out as she nears the desk to touch the sword of kusanagi, "H-how" she whispers.

"Naruto.. On our mission Orochimaru intervened and he made a critical error using the Edo Tensei" yamato starts and anko glances his way.

"He brought back Kushina Uzumaki" tsunade states, her face sadden and angry. Anko's breath hitches and she quickly leaves the office in search of her blond.

"A burden has been lifted on her young shoulders.. Orochimaru has been a dark cloud over her for years" hiruzen states and tsunade slowly nods.

"I wonder how Lord Jiraiya will feel about these turn of events" yamato states.

"Hmph.. He should be praising his student for stopping Orochimaru but Jiraiya has spent years trying to bring Orochimaru back" tsunade says.

"There will be serious fallout from this.. Naruto-kun has killed not one but two S-rank Missing-nin.. Once word spreads.. It could either spur Iwa and Kumo or deter them" hiruzen explains. Tsunade interlocks her fingers under her chin, "Indeed and the Akatsuki as well are lurking in the shadows" she says.

"Hokage-sama.. Not to change the subject but I would like to ask about what I saw with Naruto.. He calls it an Uzumaki Kekkei Genkai" yamato states. Tsunade closes her eyes for a few seconds to compose herself, "It is but we have next to no information on it.. His mother Kushina could create Adamantine Chains with her chakra.. Capable of restraining even the Kyūbi.. It could be the source of my strength as well.. The Uzumaki were a powerful clan and mysterious as well.. My Grandmother left nothing in terms of specifics" she explains and pauses.

"We do know that the Sword Naruto carries is apart of the Bloodline.. However we won't know how it plays into it until Naruto has any children" tsunade finishes and yamato slowly nods.

"Yamato.. You will stay attached to Team-7 for the foreseeable future.. Haku-chan will be returning to Kirigakure in a few weeks and Neji-kun returning" hiruzen states and yamato nods.


Naruto stares at the ceiling of his bedroom with a sigh, his gaze drifting down to the mop of purple hair. Anko snuggles his bare chest with a content look on her face and old tears in her eyes. The snake mistress found him at home, interrogated him about orochimaru and dragged him upstairs to repay him for freeing her from the snake sannin. Naruto slowly shifts anko off his chest to climb out of bed, "Don't go yet" anko whispers.

"I gotta go get all the stuff for later.. Plus Haku.. Karin and Hinata are gonna learn the full truth" naruto says, kissing her forehead. Naruto takes a quick shower and dresses himself in a pair of cargo short, a long sleeve shirt and some sneakers.

"Chimken" kuroshiro says, as naruto reaches downstairs. The blond squats down to squish her chubby cheeks, "Not today but steak" naruto says.

"Steak" kuroshiro says and naruto nods. The blond heads out and makes his way to market section of the village, "Think you can make the Philly" zetsuei comments.

"I can.. They have the ingredients and I am a good cook" naruto thought and makes a clone to get fresh bread from the bakery. Naruto spends the next hour going to different stores to find three pounds of sirloin steak, provolone cheese, green peppers and onions. However naruto noticed that someone was following him, before leading them to a training ground and a clone pops to life.

"Take this home and start the prep.. Thirty minutes in the freezer before cutting and seasoning" naruto says and the clone nods, vanishing. Naruto cracks his knuckles as several people appear, "So how may I help you" he says.

"You're pay for your crimes demon" one says and naruto sighs, with a blank look on his face.

"So what now.. Because I'm awake.. Breathing or the sun" naruto says and pockets his hands. One charges naruto and slams a left straight to the blond's nose but nothing happens, the remaining attack naruto from all sides with weapons. However nothing happens as the weapons break on the blond's reinforced body, "This is boring.. I wonder who hired them" naruto thought. Fatigue sets in for the attackers and naruto rolls his neck with a pop, "As you can see.. I didn't provoke them and I didn't retaliate" he says, confusing the attacker but all of them gasps as Anbu surrounds them.

"Agreed" neko says, as her team restrain the people. Naruto excuses himself and quickly makes his way home and meets karin along the way.

"Did something happen" karin asks and naruto ruffles his hair.

"A misunderstanding" naruto says and karin adjusts her glasses, as they arrive at the house.

"So what are you cooking tonight" karin asks. Naruto opens the door and takes off his sneakers, "Something special.. I hope you all like it" he says. Karin goes play with kuroshiro and read a book as naruto opens the fridge, finding the steak cut and seasoned with salt and pepper.

"Looks like some good bread" naruto thought, checking the bread and then grabbing two skillets. Naruto grabs a pink apron and starts cutting up his onion and green pepper into small manageable pieces. He then moves to pour some olive oil into his heating skillet along with the onions and peppers.

"Hello Naruto-kun" haku says and naruto glances back with a smile, nodding. Haku comes around to see the onions starting to brown, "Smells good" she says, stealing a kiss on the cheek.

"Wait for the rest.. Is Hinata with you" naruto asks and haku nods, as anko comes downstairs. Naruto preps his second larger skillet with olive oil and puts his steak meat into the skillet, adding more seasoning of garlic powder.

"So this a Philly" anko says, looking over naruto's shoulder. The blond slowly nods as he turns the meat, turning off the onions and peppers, moving them to the meat skillet.

"Yeah.. I'll think you'll like it" naruto comments, taking some meat out for kuroshiro. The blond then adds his cheese over the meat, turning off the fire and covering the skillet to melt the cheese. Naruto puts some mayonnaise on the breads and transfers some meat onto them, "Come and get it" he says. Each of the girl the strange sandwich as naruto puts kuroshiro's meat in a bowl for her.

"So what do you think" naruto says, fixing his own philly.

"It's pretty good" karin says and anko nods as well.

"Where do you find the recipe" haku says as, naruto eats part of his philly. The blond sighs with a swallow, "Well that plays a factor into why I asked you three here" naruto says.

"How so Naruto-kun" hinata states. Naruto finishes the other half of his philly and creates a clone to clean things up, "It also involves our mission too" he says and both furrow their brows. Over the next two hours naruto explains his entire past life, his rebirth by kami and his shinigami powers.

"So" naruto says, stroking kuroshiro's head. The three stayed quiet for a small bit of time but karin speaks first, "So you were reincarnated into a baby by Kami and blessed by Yami to in essence save the world" karin says.

"Basically" naruto says and anko snorts a bit. Haku glances between the three and doggo, "So our boyfriend has the mind of an old man and the body of eighteen year old" she comments, causing anko to laugh again.

"But Naruto-kun is telling the truth" hinata says and naruto nods, scratching kuroshiro's head.

"How many people know the truth" haku asks.

"Only Ero-sennin.. Baa-chan and Jiji.. Yamato-taichō will be told that what you all saw.. Is a Uzumaki Kekkei Genkai" naruto replies and his face gets serious.

"Does this change your opinion or feelings of me" naruto asks but all three shake theirs heads.

"They'll just know that their man and cousin is old and does old man things" anko says and the girls laugh. The rest of the night encompassed naruto telling of his days as a mercenary and a captain.

#Two Weeks Later#

"Are you ready Naruto-kun" haku says, sinking into one of her ice mirrors. Naruto wraps the blindfold around his eyes as hinata was meditating outside the demonic ice mirrors.

"Ready" naruto says. Haku starts to appear in several mirrors and fires off ice or normal senbons towards naruto, before the blond starts to dodge. While team-7 trains, another team watches as karui and omoi were in the trees.

"So that the Jinchūriki" karui states. Omoi moves a lollipop in his mouth with narrowed eyes "I wonder how he compares to Bee-sama" he says.

"Let's find out" karui says, leaping down and followed by omoi. Hinata's eyes snap open as karui and omoi made their presence known, "Naruto-kun.. Haku-chan" she shouts. Haku emerges from her mirror with a serious look, while the dome slowly comes down. Karui clicks her sword out of the sheath with a smirk, "So you're the Kiiroi Senkō's son" she declares.

"Why are Kumo Ninja here" haku says, creating a few senbon.

"We here for information on Itachi Uchiha and The Akatsuki" omoi says. Naruto keeps his back to them, "Does it concern Yugito Nii.. Jinchūriki of the Nibi no Nekomata" he says and both kumo ninja narrow their eyes.

"How do you know that?!" karui shouts.

"My Sensei is Jiraiya the Gallant.. Spymaster of Konoha.. Plus I heard it from an Akatsuki member.. They have eyes for the Bijū" naruto says, turning to face them and omoi winces at naruto's scar. Karui grips her sword's hilt with a serious look, "Then give us all the information on Itachi Uchiha and his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha too" she says and naruto's eyes narrow.

"They think the Runt joined Akatsuki too.. No way in Hell" kurama interjects. Naruto ruffles his hair as he approaches hinata and haku, "Asking us does you no Good.. I'm sure the Hokage or her advisors would be better suited to answer your questions" he says.

"Samui is already doing that.. We couldn't sit idly by.. So any information on the Uchiha is needed" omoi states. Naruto pockets his hands with a sigh, "Sorry I've got nothing to say.. Itachi Uchiha was before my time.. As for Sasuke.. It's a personal matter" he says. Shadows cover karui's face but she vanishes with lightning shunshin and appears above naruto with her sword baring down. Naruto simply blocks with his forearm and karui gasps as nothing happens as haku and hinata jump back.

"You have a short fuse huh" naruto says, a blank look on his face. Karui back jumps with gritted teeth and a look of anger but a puff of smoke erupts behind naruto, revealing kakashi.

"Oh ya.. What's going on my Kawaii team" kakashi says.

"Nothing Sensei.. These Kumo ninja and I were having a friendly spar with us.. Right" naruto says, looking them in the eye. Karui sheathes her sword with a look away, "Yeah a spar.. We'll be going now" she says and both vanish.

"So what's on the docket for today Sensei" naruto says, turning to the silver fox. Kakashi gives naruto an eye-smile and holds up three tickets, "A Movie Date for our next mission" he says and all three blink in confusion.


Naruto sits between haku and hinata as they watch a movie starring princess gale, "Not bad" the blond thought. Princess gale and her people were squaring off the mao, succeeding by burning their chakra like a rainbow. The movie soon ended and team-7 were waiting for kakashi near a large sign for the movie.

"Princess Gale was beautiful and she never gave up" hinata comments. Naruto folded his arms with a slow nod but suddenly the fence gate bursts open and a young woman rides by on a white horse. She has long black hair with bangs on each side of her face and violet-blue eyes, dressed in a green blouse over a pink jacket with brown gloves.

"Is that Princess Gale" naruto says, as several masked samurai ride pass them as well. Team-7 quickly spring into action and give chase as the princess leads her pursuers through, before long naruto catches up to the princess as haku and hinata fool the pursuers with a henge. Naruto finds the princess near a small river as her horse drinks water, "Are you Princess Gale" he asks but she ignores him. Naruto reaches out to touch her sleeve and she shoots to her feet, climbing on her horse and riding off.

"Smooth" kurama jokes and naruto sighs, flashing to the horse. Princess gale gasps and rides faster and naruto hangs on but several children come in their path, forcing the blond to leap off with gale.

"Look it's Princess Gale.. No it's Yukie Fujikaze" two said in tandem. Naruto settles the horse as the children ask or pester yukie for her autograph but she yells at the children, before running off. Yukie tried to give naruto the slip but the blond simply followed her, "How are you finding me" she shouts, in an alley.

"I'm a sensor" naruto says, hanging upside down with his arms folded. Yukie sighs as naruto lands on his feet, "Alright I give up" she says, preparing to use her spray but her eyes widen. Yukie slowly get woozy and falls into naruto as his eyes return to normal, "Simple enough" he thought.

"You shouldn't treat girls like that" kakashi says, appearing in front of the blond.

"She's being difficult.. So" naruto says and kakashi eye-smiles.

"We'll be acting as Ms Yukie's bodyguards.. She's shooting her movie in Snow Country" kakashi says, taking yukie from naruto and both vanish.


Yukie opens her eyes and finds herself in a bed but the bed was swaying slightly, "Where" she whispers.

"We're in the middle of the ocean" naruto comments, from the corner of the room. The blond was wearing snow camo cargo pants, long sleeve mesh shirt and a sleeveless black kung-fu shirt.

"What?!" yukie shouts, springing to feet and rushes above deck. The crew was setting up various sets, "Yukie-sama" one man says. He has short grey hair with a beard and moustache along with small black eyes and glasses. He wears a baby blue long-sleeve shirt with a navy blue blazer on top, along with black pants and boots.

"Sandayū" yukie says, with an angered look on her face. However it was short-lived as the director called for yukie and she proceeded to get dressed.

"She seems so muted" haku comments. Kakashi saw naruto approaching and blond did not look happy, "It'll be ok Naruto" he says but the blond scoffs.

"Did you get any sleep Naruto-kun" hinata asks. Naruto leans on the railing with a glance back to yukie but shakes his head, "A little but she snores" he says. Team-7 watched the scene play out with yukie's princess gale and shishimaru, "She's really good" haku says.

"That's our Yukie-sama.. Once the camera starts rolling.. There's no one better than her" sandayū says. Naruto ignores the scene and closes his eyes as his clone back in konoha had dispelled, "Good he acquiesced" he thought.


Kabuto stares as the person before him, "Did you think telling them I put that seal on you.. Would help you" naruto says. The pair were in kabuto's cell but the camera would only see kabuto sitting alone and talking to himself.

"You have them all fooled.. Don't you Naruto-kun" kabuto says. Naruto runs his fingers along his chelsea scar, "No.. Some just don't need see my true nature.. It's not far from the mask I wore in the academy.. With the exception of the stupidity of course.. I can be your best friend" he says but lean closer.

"Or your Worst enemy" naruto adds, his eyes unblinking but wild. Kabuto feels a bead of sweat run down his forehead, "So what do you intend do with me.. Naruto-kun" he says.

"It's fairly simple.. Cooperate with Konoha.. Give them everything they ask for and maybe I will be generous and remove the seal" naruto replies and kabuto stares at him.

"That's it" kabuto says and naruto smiles, accenting his scar.

"I can tell you're intrigued by me.. You want to study what makes me tick.. So cooperate with them and I'll play with you" naruto says and taps the air. Kabuto gasps and his eyes widen as the air behind naruto distorts and rips open, revealing a turbulent void of darkness.

"Or don't and No one Will.. Ever.. Find your body" naruto adds, turning on his heels and stepping inside as it snaps closed. Kabuto stayed unmoving for a moment but his body starts to tremble with a look of pure want to know more, "The more he shows.. The more I want" he thought.

#Snow Country#

"D-D-director.. We're in trouble" erupts through the ship. Team-7 and the crew found that a large glacier had sprung up in their path but the director called for them to film on the ice sheet. Film was going along smoothly as yukie and her two companions were going against the villain called mao, "Mao we will stop you" yukie shouts. Before mao could monologue an explosion erupts behind him and kakashi appears in front of yukie.

"W-what are you doing" the director shouts. The smoke slowly dissipates and a figure rises from the snow, "Welcome to Snow country" he declares. He has a thin and bony face, green eyes and a narrow nose, purple hair held in long a ponytail running down his back, along with a long, thin strand of purple hair hanging over the right-side of his face and happuri hitai-ate.

"You are?!" kakashi says but sees another person on ice spire.

"Welcome home Princess Koyuki.. Did you bring the Hexagonal Crystal" she declares. She has green eyes and pink spiky hair that stuck out of two holes at the top of her grey helmet, reminiscent of pig-tails and small circular dark pink eyebrows. Kakashi gasps and whips around to yukie but senses a third presence as a large man emerges from the snow.

"Haha as expected of Kakashi Hatake.. I couldn't get any closer" he sneers. He is a rather large man with a short crop of purple hair and dark eyes. He wears the standard uniform of his comrades of a blue and white outfit with strange armour.

"Naruto.. Haku.. Hinata protect Yukie.. Everyone return to the ship" kakashi shouts and shoots towards the leader of the group.

"Fubuki.. Mizore get Koyuki-sama" the leader says. Fubuki leaps down as mizore uses a snowboard, "Of course Rōga" fubuki says. Naruto moves to intercept mizore but the large man dodges with his board but the blond's eyes narrow as haku's kunai bounce off his large form.

"Hyōton: Tsubame Fubuki" fubuki declares, firing off dozens of ice swallows. Haku flashes several signs and slams her hands into the ice, creating a large wall to block the swallows.

"Hoh.. You're capable of Hyōton as well" fubuki sneers. Yukie stood frozen in place as hinata reaches her, "We need to leave" she shouts but gasps, seeing more swallows coming toward them.

"Kaiten" hinata thought, spinning like a top and blocking the swallows. Yukie falls to her knees and clutches her head as sandayū reaches her. Mizore hops off his board with a wild left haymaker but naruto dodges with a sway-back and mizore presses him with a flurry of fists.

"Fūton: Shinkūgyoku" naruto thought, firing his vaccum blast. However mizore tanks each one and his left arm burst with steam to close the gap but naruto catches the fist, breaking the ice under his boots.

"You're strong Kid but All Ninja fall to our Chakra armour.. Not only does it make us stronger.. It creates a wall chakra around us and nagate all forms of chakra usage" mizore says, pushing on his arm but naruto isn't moving.

"Ah So.. Then how about this" naruto says, roughly brushing aside mizore's arm and cocking his right fist.

"That won't work" mizore starts but naruto cracks him in the chin. Mizore's vision blurs but naruto wasn't done and slams a uppercut to mizore's chin, finishing with right high-kick and sending the large man flying with a small rut.

"Mizore?!" rōga shouts and flashes several signs, "Hyōton: Haryū Mōko" he shouts, creating a large ice tiger. Naruto leaps skyward as the tiger crashes into the ice, tossing his knife toward rōga and flashes toward him.

"What?!" rōga shouts and back leaps. Kakashi lands next to naruto as rōga glares at them, "Naruto go to Yukie and Hinata" he orders.

"I won't let you.. Hyōton: Ikkaku Haugeki" rōga shouts. Naruto and kakashi leap away as one-horn whale splits the glacier, "A powerful Jutsu.. Looks like I'll need to get serious" kakashi says, revealing his Sharingan. Naruto appears behind yukie as she trembles in fear, "We need to go" he says.

"No.. No I won't go to Snow Country" yukie shouts but naruto chops her in the back of the neck. Naruto hefts yukie over his shoulder as kakashi clashes with rōga's jutsu, "Follow me" he shouts, as they retreat.


Kakashi stares at the sleeping yukie or rather koyuki but then to the jewel in his hands, "It's been Ten years since then" he muses, glancing to naruto.

"What happened" naruto asks. Kakashi places the jewel down, "Ten years ago.. I was assigned a mission to help the Royal family escape after Dotō Kazahana revolted and killed his brother the Daimyo.. I wasn't strong enough then and I ran with Princess" he explains.

"It would be better if I died that day" koyuki says, now sitting up. Sandayū walked in the moment koyuki said those words, "Princess you can't mean that" he says and koyuki glares at him. The older man falls his knees and bows his head, "You must overthrow Dotō and become our Queen.. Please think of the people of Snow" he says but koyuki scoffs.

"I refuse.. Are you insane.. Dotō is too powerful" koyuki says and naruto sighs, with a rub of his head.

"I've heard this rant before" naruto says and koyuki narrows her eyes.

"What?!.. You think you can change things.. This isn't like a film where the hero pulls through.. There are no happy ending" koyuki shouts. Naruto reaches for his face mask and pulls it down, "Maybe but that's because you given up.. Giving up is what kills people" he says.

"Naruto-dono" sandayū says, as koyuki avoids naruto's face. The door open as haku pokes her head in, "We've arrived at the harbor" she says and kakashi nods. Sandayū went with kakashi to explain things to the director and producer about koyuki's true name, while naruto did the same with his team. The ship was soon unloaded and they began to travel towards the location of sandayū's supporters. Naruto rode with koyuki in her private truck and team-7 were with sandayū and the director.

"Why are you here" koyuki says. Naruto folds his arms behind his head with a sigh, "So you don't run away.. I can catch you faster than everyone because you're marked by my Hiraishin" he states.

"Hiraishin" koyuki questions and naruto points to the crook of her neck.

"When we first met.. I marked you with a special seal formula.. Which allows me to transport myself to you.. Where ever you go" naruto replies and koyuki glares at him. The room soon devolves into silence as koyuki stares out the window to the dark cave they were passing through.

"How did you get that scar" koyuki says, not looking at naruto. The blond scratches his mask with a close of his eyes, "I was nine at the time.. This Jōnin in our village recruited some people to break into my apartment" he starts and pulls the mask down.

"He had them hold me down as he super heated a kunai.. Then carved this into my face.. All the while spouting nonsense about saving the village" naruto finishes.

"Not like you could kill them and expose yourself" kurama comments.

"Why would he believe harming a child is saving your village" koyuki says and naruto snorts with a shake of his head.

"I am a Jinchūriki.. I'm sure you've heard of it.. We're basically walking weapons.. So if you say your uncle is too strong.. I call bullshit on that" naruto says and looks koyuki in the eye.

"So if you want your uncle taken down.. All you have you do is say Yes and I'll take care of him" naruto add and koyuki's eyes flicker.

"Y-you can't.. It's impossible" koyuki says. Naruto rises to his feet with a roll of his neck as light shines in from the window, "I have a knack for making the Impossible.. Possible" he says. Everyone disembarks and the movie crew sets up everything for the shoot along a embankment and hill to higher ground. Naruto decides to explore the tunnel, "Think she will bite" he thought.

"Maybe.. She's like that little girl in Nami.. Not like it matters.. You'll do what is best" kurama comments and naruto smirks. The blond stops in his tracks as railroad tracks appear from the ice, "There's chakra in these tracks" naruto says, kneeling down but a loud train horn.

"Huh?!.. A train Here?!" naruto thought, before vanishing as the train rushes down the tracks.


Koyuki falls to her knees as her eyes were on her uncle dotō kazahana, "It's been so long since I've seen you my lovely Niece" he says. Suddenly tree timbers race down the hill and slam into the train as sandayū and dozens of samurai appear on the ridge.

"Everyone.. Our Princess is watching.. Victory will be ours" sandayū declares and draws his sword, as his men cheer.

"Dotō Kazahana.. We have longed for this day.. We the 50th brigade will avenge our Lord Sōsetsu" sandayū shouts and his men roar approaval.

"So there still some of those fools still alive" dotō says.

"My Apologizes Dotō-sama" rōga says, bowing. Sandayū and his men rush down the hill but dotō only smiles with a vicious look, "Let's have them experience true despair" he says and raises his hand. Panels open up on each train car along with men on top with cannons, before kunai fire en-masse. Koyuki gasps and staggers to her feet, "Sandayū?!" she shouts but the kunai slam into an invisible wall.

"What?!" dotō shouts. Sandayū and his men were just shocked as dotō, "What is this" he says.

"Old man Sandayū.. This is Fūinjutsu as it best" a voice says above. Everyone looks up and sees naruto squatting in midair, "Naruto?!" koyuki shouts.

"Annoying Pest" rōga shouts but an explosion rocks the train. Hinata tosses several paper bombs and causes an avalanche, forcing the train to move forward across the wooden bridge but the bridge explodes courtesy of kakashi. The train's main part unhooks from the falling cars and speeds away as naruto brings down his barrier.

"Princess.. Are you alright" sandayū shouts. Koyuki looks over the field of kunai and realized what could happened, "Naruto" she says.

"Koyuki-sama" kakashi starts but sees the resolve in the young woman's eyes. Naruto approaches koyuki and she fully turns to him, "Take me to my Uncle and end this" she says and naruto smirks, glancing to kakashi.

"Good thing I prepared" naruto says, as haku and hinata approach.

"You marked someone" kakashi says and naruto slowly nods, placing a hand on koyuki's shoulder.

"I did.. So you'll have to catch up" naruto says and the pair vanish in a yellow and blue flash.

"Let's catch up to them and film the Finale" the director shouts and shocking team-7.


Mizore jerks forward as naruto and koyuki appear behind him, shocking dotō as well but the tyrant shakes his head and adopts a smirk.

"You were wise to come Koyuki" dotō says but give naruto a dark look and the blond gives him one back. Mizore goes to attack naruto but the blond caves in his face with a left straight, "You should keep your pets on a leash" he says. Rōga was about to attack naruto but dotō blocks his path, "Koyuki do you have Hexagonal crystal" he says and koyuki nods.

"Good.. Good now I can acquire the Kazahana treasure and gain the ultimate weapon" dotō declares.

"So you're one of those types" naruto says, as wires attempt to ensnare him but are cut to ribbons. Koyuki reaches in her shirt and pulls out the crystal, "Is this what everything is about.. You killed my father.. Enslaved Snow's people for some weapon" she states.

"This weapon Dotō-sama wants can give Snow the power to topple the Five Great Nations" rōga says but naruto starts laughing.

"Now that's funny.. Dotō-sa-ma is about annoying as that white stuff that accumulates at the side of your mouth.. When you're really thirsty" naruto says and dotō's brow creases in rage. Naruto steps forward as a clone pop to life, "Now then Koyuki.. Tell me what you want to do" he says. Fubuki appears behind them as rōga goes on guard and mizore stagger to his feet, his jaw and nose broken.

"Stop my Uncle" koyuki says and tosses him the crystal. Naruto catches his the crystal with his right hand and shoot his left hand to summon zetsuei, "Now then.. Shall we dance" he says.

"Kill him and get the crystal" dotō shouts. Fubuki and mizore rush naruto from behind but the clone grabs koyuki and leaps away. Fubuki tosses several kunai towards the real naruto, that explode into ice spears but naruto shatters them.

"What's the matter can't toss around your Hyōton without ice present.. One of my girlfriends can do that naturally" naruto says. Mizore shoots his left arm forward but naruto pierces the flail like hand, "Tremble" naruto says and zetsuei goes shikai.

"How about this" naruto shouts and yanks mizore forward, "Ice Dragon Dance" he adds, piercing mizore's chest and ice erupts from his body.

"Mizore?!.. Hyōton: Tsubame Fubuki" fubuki shouts, using the residual ice. Naruto vanishes and appears above rōga with zetsuei baring down but he dodges the slashes that carve up the ground. Suddenly the room rumbles with several explosions, "Looks like the calvary is here" naruto thought. The roof starts to come down as dotō tosses off his robes, revealing black chakra armor and shoots towards through a hole in the roof. Naruto gives chases as dotō flies above him but fubuki makes her appearance again, tossing kunai and creating more ice spears.

"Enough of this.. Wind Dragon Dance" naruto shouts, swinging wide and a gust of wind erupts. Fubuki screams as her wings are clipped and slams into a tree, before struggling to her feet but her eyes widen. Naruto appears in front of her and pierces her chest but fubuki grabs the blade.

"Snow Ninja aren't weak" fubuki hisses, spitting up blood and her armor glowing. Naruto smirks and sticks out his tongue, "Well good luck with that" he says and pops, revealing he was clone as fubuki explodes.

[Music: Baki 2018 OST - Dominance]

Naruto stares up at dotō as the tyrant flies above them, "Kakashi-sensei is dealing with Rōga.. Hinata and Haku are dealing with the Snow ninja" he thought. Koyuki was behind naruto but suddenly the director his crew appear in a large snow mobile.

"Koyuki go with them" naruto says, as dotō lands. Koyuki rushes to the snow mobile as naruto keeps his gaze on doto, "Keep rolling" the director shouts. Dotō weaves signs and punches forward, "Hyōton: Kokuryū Bōfūsetsu" he shouts, creating a black ice dragon. Naruto sprints forward and dodges the dragon with a timed shukuchi, "Raiton: Jibashi" he thought, sending an electric surge. Dotō flies up and divebombs naruto but the blond dodges and raiton starts to chirp around his arm, "Chidori Eisō" naruto thought. The spear slams into dotō's chest and his armor's center piece cracks, "That level of Jutsu won't work" dotō shouts but naruto summons zetsuei.

"Believe what you want to" naruto says, going shikai.

"Sōryū Bōfūsetsu" dotō roars, creating two ice dragons. Blue energy starts to swirl around zetsuei with a familiar wailing, "You call that a dragon.. This a real dragon.. Dragonstrike" naruto shouts, swinging forward. The wailing azure dragon shoots through the ice dragon, engulfing dotō and carving up the forest along with it. Naruto rests zetsuei on his shoulder as koyuki stares with wide eyes, along with the movie crew.

"Yosha.. Now that is how you end a Movie" the director shouts.[music ends]


The remains of team-7 reach naruto and the others at the seven glaciers, "Naruto-kun" hinata shouts. Naruto glances back and waves as koyuki places the crystal in place, before it glow brightly and spreads out from the center as the pillar starts to glow. Nothing happened for a few minutes but steam started jutting from various places, along with streams of water.

"It's getting warmer" koyuki notes and naruto looks around.

"Could the treasure have been a Heat Generator" naruto states. Kakashi looks around as well and sees the ice starting to melt, "Everything is thawing" he says.

"Like the first signs of Spring" haku says. Sandayū arrives with several of the movie crew and his eyes water, "Sōsetsu-sama" he thought. A few days passed and it was proven true as most of snow was thawed out but the generator was incomplete, however sandayū vowed to refine the device. Another few days passed as koyuki was crowned daimyo of snow country and declared team-7 heroes and liberators of the country with a huge banquet in their honor. Naruto was sitting at a table with a plethra of food but haku shows him a picture of koyuki kissing him on the cheek.

"Ooof.. Anko is gonna castrate you" kurama comments. Naruto glances to haku with a shrug of his shoulders, "Stuff happens" he says, going back to his gorging.

"Be that as it may.. Anko-chan will need to see this.. Right Hinata-chan" haku says. Naruto glances right and his breath hitches as hinata was staring at him in a certain manner but a puff smoke erupts.

"Ladies Gather around.. For Lord Jiraiya is Here" jiraiya declares, atop a toad.

"Thank Kami for Ero-sennin" naruto thought and abruptly runs off towards his sensei, causing both girls to giggle. Jiraiya sees naruto approaching and the sannin was dreading this, not seeing the blond for some time after orochimaru's death.

"Naruto I need to talk to you" jiraiya says, seriously. The blond rubs the back of his neck and grasps jiraiya's shoulder, before they vanish with shunpo and shocking some people. The pair reappear on the hill near the tunnel, "We not gonna have to fight Ero-sennin" naruto says and jiraiya gasps slightly.

"No.. No.. I've been doing some thinking and it caused me to avoid you" jiraiya says.

"I can understand that.. You've known Orochimaru most of your life.. He was a comrade and now he is dead but what he Did.. Can't be overlooked" naruto says. Jiraiya sighs and rubs his forehead, "I know that but I always thought I could pull him back from abyss.. I guess I was being naïve" he says.

"Not really.. Some people can be pulled back but others can't or won't.. Huh our Team-7 is like your Team-7.. Genius.. Princess and Deadlast.. Well not really given us now and I was faking but it still applies" naruto comments.

"And you and Sasuke were never friends or comrades" jiraiya says and naruto nods, slipping a lollipop in his mouth.

"Yeah.. Sasuke is like a void.. He can't steal enough.. Kill enough.. He can't see the forest for the trees" naruto says and ruffles his hair, "So any other reason to speak out here" he adds. Jiraiya clears his throat and fully turns to naruto, "Its time to take the next step in you training" he says and pauses, "Sage Training" he adds, causing naruto furrow his brow.

"Or Senjutsu.. By Drawing in Natural Energy from all around you.. You can do amazing things" jiraiya states and summons a toad. He is a green toad with white hair styled in somewhat of a mohawk, very thick eyebrows and a small goatee with a high-collared, grey cape.

"Is this him Jiraiya-chan" the toad states.

"This is my student.. Naruto meet Lord Fukasaku" jiraiya states and fukasaku leaps onto jiraiya's shoulder.

"You can call me Pa for short.. Naruto-chan" pa says and clears his throat, "Now as Jiraiya-chan told you.. Senjutsu draws in energy from all around.. By balancing it with your chakra.. You can use Senjutsu" he adds. Naruto cups his chin in thought but looks between the two, "I wonder if is this Senjutsu then" he says and touches his knuckles together, closing his eyes. Jiraiya and pa's eyes widen as naruto's whiskers start to link and move towards his eyes, "Naruto when did this happen?!" jiraiya nearly shouts. Naruto opens his eyes with a tilt of his head, "Near the end of our trip.. I do a lot of meditation to commune with Zetsuei or Kurama and I would sometimes feel this energy entering my body" he explains.

"Very much like Hashirama Senju" pa thought and cups his chin, "Then Naruto-chan already has the basics down" he says.

"This may because of your Soul-reaper powers.. You already have to separate them and your Jinzen allowed you to sense the natural energy.. Amazing" jiraiya states.

"You're a step ahead of even your Father.. Minato-chan had trouble with Senjutsu.. Even Jiraiya-chan needs us for his" pa comments and jiraiya sulks.

"You'll have to come to Mount Myōboku for further training but the ground work has been laid" pa says and naruto slowly nods.

"It shouldn't be a problem.. I can even give Gamabunta his Sake" naruto states. Pa hops down from jiraiya's shoulder, "Bring him when you are ready Jiraiya-chan" pa says and vanishes in a puff of smoke.

#One Month Later-Iwagakure no Sato#

Ōnoki grips the book in his hand with a look of rage, "He knows that Thrice-damned Jutsu" he hisses, tossing the book. Kurotsuchi picks up the book, "Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze.. Rank Chūnin?!.. Notable Feats of killing S-class Missing-Nin Orochimaru of the Sannin and Akasuna no Sasori.. Notable Jutsu.. Hiraishin no Jutsu and Rasengan" she reads.

"It's damn clever of Konoha to put this out" kurotsuchi adds.

"Clever?!.. It's a slap in the face to us.. That yellow bastard's bloodline remains and knows That Jutsu" ōnoki says. Kurotsuchi places the book down with a sigh, "So what now.. This will deter other nations.. The Raikage will want the challenge but smaller countries will be afraid to side with us.. Konoha has Suna and according to our spies Kiri and Taki as well" she explains.

"Even with the loss of Roshi and Han.. I can not let that Thing grow stronger or procreate" ōnoki says.

"Well spoken Grandfather" a voice says. Kurotsuchi glances to the double doors and sees her cousin kū, "No it's not.. I love Iwa will all my heart but to subject our people to that Jutsu again" she says.

"It will not matter Kurotsuchi.. The Akuta project is complete" kū says. He has shaggy brown hair reaching below his chin and covers his left brown eye while the rest of his hair reaches his mid-back. He wears the standard iwa uniform but with a green flak jacket and a green-red robe like his grandfather.

"Akuta project" kurotsuchi questions. Kū folds his arms a smirk, "It will solve our man-power issue.. The Akuta are created from a Kinjutsu grandfather found.. The are clay based.. Never tire and know no Fear.. Perfect soldiers" he explains.

"That way our people won't be on the front lines.. The Akuta can rout their forces and our people can clean up the stragglers" ōnoki says and looks to kū, "I want you test out a group.. Destroy of one their outposts but be discreet" he add and kū bows, excusing himself. Kurotsuchi gives her grandfather a look but follows kū, "Why wasn't I told about this" she says, catching up.

"Because you would object to this course of action.. Grandfather is doing this for Iwa.. What if Konoha decides to unleash Uzumaki on their enemies.. We no longer have Roshi or Han as a buffer.. These Akuta can a great benefit to us for years come" kū explains.

"Maybe but Konoha wouldn't pull such a stunt.. The Godaime is student of the Sandaime.. A peace-loving fool and won't attempt to tarnish that.. Hell Kumo sent a team to them and they let them in.. We attack first and its the Third War again" kurotsuchi states, as they leave the tsuchikage building. Four people were standing waiting for the pair and they bow to kū, "They will not know the Akuta are from Iwa" he says.

"Greetings Kurotsuchi-sama" the first greets. She has pale skin and shoulder-length platinum blonde hair with purple eye shadow over her closed eyes. She wears an elegant black and purple dress with black frills from her hem with a black hat-like ribbon on her head, and long boot-style shinobi sandals, along with a parasol and hand bag.

"Kirara" kurotsuchi says. The second member of the group is sekiei and he has brown hair in a bowl-cut hair with large, green, pupil-less eyes and wears a purple tunic over a black bodysuit. Next is kokuyō with long, wavy black hair angular, pupil less blue eyes and a prominent nose with the same uniform like the other members. The last is kakō and he has red hair and grey eyes with a purple tunic over a sleeveless black bodysuit.

"Have faith in Ōnoki-sama" kokuyō says. Kurotsuchi rubs her forehead and clips her pink eyes on kū, "Do not let this be traced back to Iwa" she says and shunshins away.

"Oh don't worry Kurotsuchi.. No one will know as there will be no survivors" kū muses and three of his team smirk.

#One Week Later-Konohagakure#

Naruto paces in his naruko henge with a hand on her chin, "Nice size" naruto says, touching konohamaru's sexy jutsu form. Udon and moegi were in their sexy jutsu forms as well as the blond inspects them.

"Yeah not bad.. Right size and fits in my hand or little over" anko comments, groping konohamaru. The sarutobi blushes and returns to normal as anko frowns, "Aww a little more" she says. Naruto ruffles his hair with a sigh, "Anyway.. How goes the work on your reserves" he asks.

"Pretty good.. Can you teach me the Kage Bunshin and Rasengan" konohamaru says but naruto plucks his forehead.

"Not until you're a full Genin.. Both are extremely taxing on your chakra.. So focus on your control and reserves.. Both are vital" naruto says and all three kids nod.

"He's right Gakis.. My Naru didn't get where he is by slacking" anko comments and naruto rubs the back of his neck.

"Alright you three.. Head on out.. I'll be gone for a few weeks with Ero-sennin but I want to see your progress on those Jutsu I showed you" naruto says and all three fist bump him, before taking off. Anko grabs naruto's crotch from behind with a cheeky grin, "Want a quickie before you go" she purrs.

"Naw.. Besides the Ero-jiji is watching" naruto says, jerking his thumb left. Jiraiya steps from behind the tree with a rub off his neck, "Damn your senses" he says. Naruto snorts and turns to anko to cup her cheek, "Be safe out there.. I know it's routine but those fallen outposts bother me" he says.

"Don't worry so much.. Like you said it's routine.. Besides I am a lot stronger than most Jōnin" anko says and lifts on her toes to deeply kiss naruto. Jiraiya pulls a scroll from his pocket, "Alright Naruto.. Let's begin" he says.

"Begin" naruto says and both vanish in a puff of smoke, leaving anko alone but she shunshins away.


"So this Mt. Myōboku" naruto says, looking around at the splendor. Jiraiya chuckles as they make their way toward pa and ma's home, "That's right.. I trained here in my younger days.. So did Minato and now you will too" he says.

"About time Naruto" gamakichi says, landing in front of him and near naruto's height. Pa lands on top of gamakichi, "Good we can begin immediately" he says and leads them to a pool of oil.

"This is Sacred Oil of Mt. Myōboku.. Since you have the basis of Senjutsu.. This oil will assist you as well" pa says and beckons naruto forward. Pa rubs a bit of oil o naruto's arm and jiraiya stares, "It's risky as well" jiraiya says. Naruto gasps as his right arm was toad like but pa smacks him and returns him to normal, "If not properly done.. One turns into a Toad" pa explains.

"You betternot" two voices shout. Pa approaches a large toad statue, "But it does have benefits" he says and lifts the statue, despite his small stature. Naruto whistles with a glance to jiraiya, "Let's get started" he says, stripping down to his boxer-briefs. Naruto takes a seat in the oil pool's edge and pa dozes him with oil, "Focus on drawing in the energy" pa says. Naruto closes his eyes and places his knuckles together as jiraiya and gamakichi watch intently.

"Naruto.. To unlock Senjutsu on your own is simply amazing.. More than likely having to control your chakra and reiatsu at virtually the same time" jiraiya thought. Naruto's whisker started to link once again and move towards his eyes with a black pigmentation but it shifts to orange around his eyes, slowly opening his eyes and revealing a blue toad iris.

"Naruto-chan try lifting the statue" pa says. Naruto gets to his feet and cracks his knuckles as he approaches the statue, "Show your mettle" kurama says. Naruto starts slow as a few cracks form but the statue start to lift off the ground, "Soouuuh" the blond roars, lifting the statue over his head.

"Way to Naruto" gamakichi cheers.

"The fact he used Toad Oil assisted Sage mode this quickly.. He will definitely surpass us Minato" jiraiya thought.

"Alright let's take a break and get some lunch.. Ma should be finished" pa says and jiraiya makes a face, confusing the blond but said blond would be soon making a similar face. Two weeks later pa watches as naruto sits motionless on a wooden plank atop a small rock pillar, "He's progressing very well" pa thought. Naruto slowly opens his eyes but now they were yellow with the toad iris, "I can feel everything around me" he says, as a few birds land on his shoulder and head.

"Very good Naruto-chan.. Now we can move the final steps of Sage Mode" pa says. Naruto rises from his plank and leaps down as jiraiya approaches with some food, normal food that is.

"Look like you've succeeded" jiraiya says. Naruto takes a riceball from jiraiya with a nod, "Yes more or less" he says.

"He's coming a long way in such a short time.. I can teach him the Gama-karata" pa says but jiraiya cups his chin.

"I don't think would suit his fight style though" jiraiya says, tossing naruto another riceball. Pa cups his chin this time, "Well let me see it and I can gauge it" he says. Naruto creates a clone and shifts into his stance, while the clone take a basic stance. Pa watches for several minutes as naruto and the clone spar with a calculated gaze, "I can see what you mean.. Naruto-chan fights completely different from You and Minato-chan" he says. Gamakichi lands behind pa and jiraiya, "Oi Naruto.. Oyaji's ready for his sake" he says. Naruto stops mid-uppercut and rolls his shoulders, "Alright.. A small break Pa" he says and pa nods. Naruto follows gamakichi to find gamabunta and finds him in a large area, "So Gaki do you have my Sake" bunta says. Naruto nods as he pulls a scroll out of his cargo pocket, "Yeah and it took time to get this too" he says, kneeling and unfurling the scroll. A large puff of smoke erupts and a large wooden barrel appears, being about ten feet high and four feet wide. Gamabunta place a large sake cup down and grabs the barrel, "Good job Gaki.. I will now proper accept you as one of my minions" he says, pouring some in the cup.

"Now drink it down" gamabunta says. Naruto grabs the cup and downs the sake as some spills with bunta following suit from the barrel, "Thanks Oyaji" naruto states.


A large puff of smoke erupts in front of the main gate of konoha to reveal a large frog with naruto and jiraiya on top. Naruto leaps down and now sports a horned hitai-ate like his sensei but slightly longer horns and the kanji for sage instead of oil.

"Let's go see Hime" jiraiya says, landing as the frog dismisses itself.

"It's a shame I couldn't sync with Pa" naruto comments. The pair reach the check-in shack but naruto doesn't see kotetsu or izumo as they sign in.

"Can't be helped with Kurama inside you but she did aid you in mastering Senjutsu and you can use your shadow clones" jiraiya states. The pair quickly take to the roofs and make their way to the hokage tower, "Once I'm on the road again and I'll looks into Sasuke's comrades" jiraiya says and naruto nods.

"Yo Hime" jiraiya shouts, stepping through the window. Tsunade glares at jiraiya but it shifts to a rueful look as naruto steps in behind her fellow sannin.

"Welcome back you two.. I take it things went well" tsunade says. Jiraiya slaps naruto on the back with a laugh, "Very well.. Naruto mastered Sage mode" he replies. Tsunade glances to her fellow blond and he furrows his brow, "What's wrong Baa-chan" he asks. Tsunade leans back in her chair with a sigh, "Over the last month.. Several outposts on Fire country's border were attacked by unknown enemies.. Shikaku believes it may be Iwa or Kumo but no evidence has come up as there were no survivors" she starts and pauses.

"So I sent a special team on a routine border patrol.. The team was hit at another outpost and there was only one survivor" tsunade says and naruto's eyes slowly widen, before he rushes out the window.

"Naruto Wait" tsunade shouts but the younger blond was already gone.


A/N-2: Boom a Cliffhanger or Not. I'll be honest but I wasn't gonna bring in Sage Mode but changed my mind, not that he needs the buffs. I can say that KCM Naruto will not be like canon but more like Horn of Salvation Ichigo. As it stands naruto can control seven tails and will gain the eighth and ninth tails during his Pein fight. Thank you for reading and Stay Frosty.

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