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Chapter 1

A/N-1: This came to me after reading and watching many Isekai stories, so I'll attempt to do my own with my OC Mitsuomi Kiriyu but the version from The New Kenpachi, check it out. Basically He will die at the beginning of the Thousand Year Blood War but takes out Sternritter Äs Nödt. He will meet Kami and she will have him be reborn as Naruto Uzumaki with his Full Shinigami and Hollow powers but they will not manifest until he unlocks his chakra.

So expect a powerful Naruto but will have some challenges, like Pein, Itachi, Obito and the like. Now he'll be aware at birth but can't interact with the outside world. He will adopt his Canon persona, his true persona will be more calculating and serious but He will still use his Talk no Jutsu in certain situations.

This will be an AU setting, one thing the graduating age is Sixteen and they start at Ten. Second Sasuke will be an Antagonist and will not be redeemed, mini rant in coming. Canon Naruto and by in large the world forgave Sasuke, despite the fact he betrayed Konoha and nearly killed Naruto and the rest of the retrieval team via the Sound-Five. Nearly killed him again after the time skip, Threatened to destroy Konoha and After the War was done threatened to kill the Gokage and start a revolution. Now I know he had his reasons but that will not happen in this. Mini rant over. Also Sasuke will awaken his Sharingan during the massacre but he will be unaware but seeing Naruto outshine him will reawaken it.

Third is the Parings, it will be a small harem of 3 to 4 but Locked are Anko and Hinata, who will de-aged to be two years older than naruto. So when Naruto enters the academy she will 12 to his 10. Orochimaru will still get his hooks into her and abandon her before Naruto enters the academy. She will be a Chūnin instead of Tokubetsu Jōnin. Kurenai, Hana and Yūgao will be their Canon ages and will be her adopted sisters, with Hana being on her team. I haven't really decided on the the remaining spots but if you have choices, send them via review or Pm but give a valid reasons for it. Don't just rattle off names.

Fourth and Final, expect character deaths. Also some bashing but mainly Danzo and such. Kakashi will be neutral to Naruto but will change once he learns the truth and Naruto will be neutral to the Sandaime, due to him seeing that the older man is someone who is willing to placate instead of taking firm control. One more thing is the first part of the chapter is gonna fast paced and time skip quickly. Sorry for this long Author note but Lets us begin.

Disclaimer-I only own OC

Inner Monologue


Higher Being

#I was once a Captain of the Gotei-13 but now I will be Hokage of Konohagakure#

Mitsuomi Kiriyu Captain of Squad Eleven of the Gotei-13 and some called the embodiment of their motto Yarrow. However mitsuomi is dead, his body riddled with wounds from his opponent Äs Nödt but the Fear of the Quincy forfeited his life for this affront. Mitsuomi gasps and finds himself in a white void, "Welcome Jūichibantai Taichō Mitsuomi Kiriyu" a soft voice says. Mitsuomi sits up find himself naked but a mist covers his lower region, "Where am I" he says.

"The Sea of Transmigration" the voice replies and mitsuomi turns to see a young girl with long, white hair, violet eyes and a fragile-looking diminutive body.

"I am Kami" she greets and mitsuomi quirks an eyebrow.

"Kami is a Loli but how.. I thought the Soul King was the highest God" mitsuomi says.

"One of Three.. Myself and Yami but that's here nor there.. I have brought you here because I need you help" kami says.

"Why me.. You should send me back.. Retsu.. My Squad.. The Soul Society need me" mitsuomi states but kami shakes her head.

"The War is over.. The Soul Society survived" kami says. Mitsuomi touches his chest and sighs in relief, "So my words helped" he says.

"Actually Mayuri Kurotsuchi already knew that" kami says and mitsuomi face-palms, "However Retsu and Yachiru are well and your daughter Yuki as well" she adds and his breath hitches but a smile forms.

"So what do you need me to do Kami-sama" mitsuomi asks. Kami waves her hand and show a village, "I will reincarnate you as a newborn into this village known as Konohagakure no Sato.. This world uses Chakra not dissimilar to Reiatsu.. You will be reborn with your full powers and mind intact but your powers will be limited until your body matures" she explains.

"Shinigami and Hollow powers" mitsuomi asks and kami nods.

"Yes but don't worry.. Zetsuei will be there but the other won't.. Seeing Ichigo helped in that regard.. You should start to manifest your powers around Eight years old and fully by Sixteen" kami replies but slowly frowns.

"You'll also have to endure many hardships" kami says but mitsuomi shakes his head.

"What ever the world gives me.. I'll take it.. My Will is stronger" mitsuomi says. Kami softly smiles and raises her hands, "Then save this World from the coming Calamities" she says and mitsuomi glows and vanishes.

"I hope he brings me some accursed souls.. I may give him a Gift was well" another voice says. Kami turns to see the silhouette of her sister Yami, "I will allow it.. He will need everything at his disposal" she says.

#Konohagakure:October 10th#-#1st Person-Mitsuomi/Naruto Inner monologue#

My first memory of this new world were the deaths of my mother Kushina Uzumaki and my father Minato Namikaze, giving their lives to protect me. Kami was right about hardships as I am now the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi no Kitsune. Many people died on the night of my birth, civilians, ninja and the village was partially destroyed. A mass funeral was held for the people to grieve the fallen but I couldn't for my parents being a newborn. The Sandaime retook the position of Hokage and set about rebuilding and deciding what to do with me. It was no different than my birth in the Rukon as many called for my death, thinking that I was the Kyūbi in human skin. A man called Danzō wanted me as a weapon but Sarutobi shot him down.

One clan head named Tsume Inuzuka wanted to adopt me, so did the wives of Fugaku Uchiha and Hiashi Hyūga. However sarutobi decided against this, due to seeing it as it would give one clan power over the others. That was the first instance sarutobi failed in my eyes, the second when he made a law to keep the younger generation pure of my status. However sarutobi completely underestimated the greed or grieve of others. Not two hours later a deranged woman tried to kill me but Anbu managed to subdue her but the die was cast.

I was eventually given to nursemaid named Hanako, she nursed me at the orphanage and took care of me but by the time I was two. Hanako was gone and replaced by an overbearing matron, who lost family in the attack and made my life hell for another two years.

#3rd Person View-Age: 4#

Mitsuomi makes his way through what appears to a sewer towards a large gate, "I really need to fix this" he muses, reaching the gate. Inside the Kyūbi sleeps but slowly opens their eye, "Who are you" they say. Mitsuomi cups his chin in thought, "Well I'm your new host.. Kushina's son Naruto Uzumaki but in other circles Mitsuomi Kiriyu" he says. Kyūbi opens both their eyes and raises their head, "What?!.. You should be some brat not an adult" they shout.

"Well it's a long story" mitsuomi says and kyūbi huffs, before being bathe in red light.

"I hate long stories" kyūbi says but the voice was female. From the red light emerges a beautiful woman with long dark hair and a pair of amber eyes with six whiskers on her cheeks. Her fox ears are a darker shade of grey and her nine tails are a cool shade of white. She also wears an elegant miko outfit with geta sandals and tabi socks.

"Wow.. You're like Yoruichi" mitsuomi says and kyūbi raises her eyebrow but raises her fist.

"Bump fists with me and I'll learn what I need to know" kyūbi says. Mitsuomi bumps her fist and both are bombarded by memories, from his battle on the sands of hueco mundo. The void of the garganta and the ruins of karakura town, to her enslavement by madara and sealing with in mito uzumaki an his mother kushina.

"Alright I'll believe you for now and work with you but change this place" kyūbi says and mitsuomi slowly nods.

"It'll take a bit of time.. I'm still four years old.. Kurama" mitsuomi says. Kurama scoffs and folds her arms under her bust, "Then get to growing Ningen" she comments. Mitsuomi shrugs his shoulders, "I can only do so much" he says.

#1st Person-Mitsuomi/Naruto Inner monologue#

After my first meeting with kurama, I was soon kicked out of the orphanage at five by the cruel matron and it took sarutobi a whole three weeks to find out I was living on the streets. He found me in the woods under guise of an old man and I shared my fish with him. He told me who he was and he found me an apartment in the red-light district. A five year old alone in a village who hates my existence, a recipe for disaster.

The next three years I suffer beatings, overcharging of food and clothes, dirty looks and the like but I had kurama's help to know when to run and hide. Another place I found is the Forest of Death but that only came from a pair of Chūnin tossing me inside. However I would meet someone who would become someone very important to me.

#3rd Person-Forest of Death-Age: 8#

Naruto looks around with a sigh, "This is just great" he thought but stops and feels a presence, turning around a girl a little older than him was looking down on him. She has light brown, pupil-less eyes and black hair with a blue tint, styled in a short, spiky, fanned-ponytail. She wears brown-red t-shirt with bracelets, white-shorts and fishnet leggings.

"What are you doing here Kid" she says, dropping down. Naruto rubs a smidge of dirt off his face, "Some Assholes threw me in here to die" he says.

"Yeah some people are like that.. The names Anko Mitarashi" she says.

"Naruto Uzumaki.. Future Hokage" naruto says. Anko chuckles as naruto rubs his head, "Come on.. I'll lead you out of here" she says.

"You in the academy" naruto asks and anko nods but he sees the sadden look in her eyes.

"Yep.. I've got a goal in mind" anko says. The pair soon make it out of the forest and into village proper, "Look two demons together.. Why does Hokage-sama let them roam about" a few whisper and anko clenches her fists.

"Seem she is a lot like you" kurama comments and naruto mentally nods, "I would agree" he thought.

"Thanks for the help Anko.. I start the academy in two years.. Maybe I'll see you" naruto says and anko chuckles.

"I'll probably see you more.. You interest me" anko says. Naruto heads off to his apartment, "That Forest would be a good place to start training" kurama says.

"It would be.. If I can use Ryūō Shōheki.. I can train in peace" naruto thought. A month later naruto makes his way through the forest of death and finds a secluded spot. He finds hollow tree and takes a seat in seiza position, "Ok let's begin" naruto thought and slowly calls on his chakra but also his reiatsu. Slowly a wisp of blue chakra wafts off of naruto but it slowly slips into purple with a black tint. The tree shakes slightly as naruto opens his eyes and they are glowing, "Success" he says but passes out.

"OI Here again" a voice shouts. Naruto snaps awake and comes face to face with anko, causing him to scream and smack his head on the wood.

"Oh Sorry about that" naruto says and anko rubs her ears.

"Somebody brought you here again" anko asks. Naruto wobbly gets to his feet but shakes his head, "Naw.. It's safer here than in the village" he off-handedly says. Anko arches an eyebrow but sees a similar look in his blue eyes that she has.

"So Hokage huh" anko says. Naruto his ruffles his blond hair with a nod, "Yeah.. Then everyone will acknowledge me.. What about you" he asks. Anko stayed quiet for a few minutes but pulls her shirt to show a strange mark on her collarbone, "I got this nasty hickey about a year ago from a Bastard named Orochimaru.. Because of that people think I am a traitor but Fuck 'em" she says.

"Kind of like you" kurama comments. Naruto follows anko out the forest once again and part ways again but it was start of a long lasting friendship.

#1st Person view-Naruto Inner monologue#

Anko and I continued to meet each other in forest of death but I keep my training a secret and the first thing I learned was the Kage Bunshin, which I learned from observing several jonin training and the Henge Jutsu. Both paid immediate dividends for me as I was able to learn at a faster rate and I could buy food and clothes at normal prices. Sarutobi would come see me ever so often and I would adopt this loud and boisterous personality that pulls pranks for attention, proclaiming I would be Hokage and wearing an orange monstrosity to boot. This seems to satisfy him and he would often bring me things like practice shuriken and kunai for my eventual time in the academy. Kurama suggested I learn Fūinjutsu as well and I used my clones to secure several old books on the subject.

Anko eventually introduced me to her adopted sisters Yūgao Uzuki and Kurenai Yūhi also her friend Hana Inuzuka. On my front other than anko I had no friends around my age as their parents were blinded by their hate for kurama. I did save a girl named Hinata Hyūga from some bullies and again when she got lost on a snowy night. However her family purposely keep her away from me as I am a low-class orphan, her caretaker told me when she out of ear shot.

Two years quickly passed and life was not good for me as I suffered a severe attack on my ninth birthday, due in part to them breaking into my home and performing the deed. I awoke in the hospital with anko next to me and sarutobi placating, unfortunately I gained a chelsea smile scar on the right side of my face. Sarutobi told me the people were caught but that didn't satisfy me or anko.

The time soon came and I joined the academy but unfortunately for me the teachers were biased and it didn't help that all the clan heirs and heiresses were in the same class. I could only fake grinning and baring it for the next six years but I made some friends. Shikamaru Nara, Chōji Akimichi, Shino Aburame and a somewhat friendship with Kiba Inuzuka due in part to his sister hana. The others of note in the class were Ino Yamanaka, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata.

Sasuke saw himself as superior to everyone and all the girls except hinata practically worshipped the ground he walked on. The village did so as well because his family was massacred by his brother Itachi, meaning they gave him any and every thing he wanted. I was often the subject of ridicule due to my happy idiot persona but that didn't matter to me. After seeing the blatant sabotage I started to send a reinforced shadow clone in my place and train in the forest.

I was taught the wrong stances for Taijutsu, given blunted or over weighted shuriken and kunai. Even pitted against bigger kids in spars, much to the delight of one teacher named Mizuki. I purposely kept myself as the dead-last of the class, answering tests somewhat right and showing off mediocre skills but if I got pissed my true skill would come out and it was chocked up as a fluke. However I believe shikamaru is seeing through my façade.

#3rd Person-Forest of Death-Age: 12#

Naruto stares at the katana in his hand with triumph, "Finally" he thought. The sword was within a black sheath with a round guard, its hilt black and blue.

"It's good to hear your voice again.. Mitsuomi or Naruto" a familiar voice says. Naruto smiles and touches his forehead to the sword, "You can call me Naruto.. Zetsuei" he says and leaps onto a large branch and sits the sword in his lap. Naruto begins to meditate and slips into his mindscape, in front of a gothic cathedral with a full moon in the night sky. A young woman with long red-white hair stands in front of him, her eyes mismatched with one ruby eye and the gold with a black sclera.

"You've changed some" naruto says and zetsuei nods.

"Indeed.. The hollow is merged with me it seems" zetsuei says, opening the doors. Many broken pews were about with black chains and stained glass window. In the center sits and elevated throne and upon sits kurama with a collar around her neck with the paper seal etched upon it.

"So this is your true power" kurama asks.

"Only the Beginning" zetsuei says. Naruto rubs his blond hair and touches his scar, "She's right.. The real training begins now.. I need to regain my muscle memory and reaction speed" he says. Kurama glides down from her throne, "Will you tell your little friend Anko" she asks and naruto frowns.

"I don't know how she will take it.. I would hate to lose her" naruto says but kurama flicks his forehead.

"She cares about you.. If you want her friendship or more.. You need trust" kurama says. Naruto sighs and exits his mindscape to create a clone to find anko and bring her to here. Naruto hops back down into clearing and slowly draws zetsuei, then slowly goes through several sword katas.

"You'll need get use to the weight again" zetsuei comments and naruto nods, "You also have your True Shikai and Bankai" she adds.

"What about the Mask" naruto asks but zetsuei doesn't know.

"OI Naruto-kun what's the rush" anko says, dropping down behind. Anko has grown much since their first meeting, burgeoning breasts and womanly figure. Naruto sighs and sheathes zetsuei and fully turns to her, "Anko.. We've been friends for a few years now.. You told me about your past.. So it's time for me to tell you mine.. All my secrets" he says. For the next half hour naruto told anko everything, his time in the soul society, his meeting Kami, his rebirth into this world and being the kurama's jinchūriki. Anko stands with shadow covering her face as naruto stood clutching zetsuei in his hand and his eyes closed.

"I'll understand if you want nothing to do with me or don't believe me but everything is true" naruto says but he is jerked forward into a tight embrace.

"You've been through some Shit Naruto or Mitsuomi.. You have such a heavy burden to carry" anko says and pulls back, "So that means.. You're stuck with me" she adds, with a cheeky smile.

"Thanks Anko" naruto says but anko pulls his cheek hard.

"Next time no Secrets" anko chides and naruto nods rapidly.

"Good now lets go get some Dango and Ramen" anko says and the pair take off out of the forest. Naruto and anko reach ichiraku but she breaks off to get some dango, "Oi Teuchi-jiji.. Six bowls of Ramen" he shouts.

"Only Six Naruto-kun" ayame says, as naruto takes a seat. Naruto had sealed zetsuei into a storage seal on his left hand, "Just a quick meal" he says, thumbing his scar.

"Why don't you let me remove that scar" kurama asks but naruto shakes his head.

"No it's a reminder.. Let them see their sins" naruto thought. Teuchi places a bowl in front of naruto as anko enters with a plate of dango, "Heya pops" she greets. The two pariahs of konoha eat in silence, "So how's being a Genin treating you" naruto asks.

"It's boring.. Luckily Hana is on my team but we're still doing D-ranks missions.. Our third member is a Fangirl and our Sensei is Ibiki from T&I" anko replies.

"So will you show your true strength" anko asks but naruto shakes his head.

"No.. They'll think the Demon is getting too strong.. Once I graduate though.. They can stick it" naruto replies.

"Hear Hear" kurama comments. Naruto finishes his six bowls but order six more, "I gotta go Naruto-kun" anko says and kisses his cheek, shocking the blond. Naruto touches his cheek with a blush as ayame giggles, "I think you two would be so cute together" she says and naruto blushes more.

#1st Person view-Naruto Inner monologue# LAST ONE I SWEAR SORRY.

Things were a bit awkward for a little while but it slowly brought us closer and feelings developed, making us a secret couple by the time I was thirteen. After reawakening zetsuei I hit the ground running to relearn my Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Quicksword, Shunpo and Shikuchi. I decided to hold off on Kidō but the only ones that could be passed off as Jutsu. Anko often came to watch me train and she showed me some Chakra control exercises such as Tree-walking, Water-walking and Leaf Sticking. I finished all of the Fūinjutsu available at the library but the more advanced were saved for higher rank shinobi. Time at the academy was boring at best as teachers focused on history and glamourizing ninja life, girls were taught flower-pressing and skills not needed in the field.

I continued to maintain my Dead-last status, much to the annoyance of Iruka another teacher and would often scold me for it. However it didn't matter to me as I knew what real ninja life was like. Sasuke was a constant thorn in my side, ready to embarrass in front of his fangirls and teachers. Anko told me that I would more than likely be on sasuke's team with the top Kunoichi, which unfortunately was sakura but hinata was running neck and neck with her. Hinata has come along quite a bit, thanks in part to anko, kurenai and she was gaining some confidence.

It actually came about as anko caught hinata stalking me through the village and confronted the younger girl. Telling her if she wanted me, that she needed to step it up and become strong because I belonged to her. This lit a fire under hinata and she gained some much needed confidence. Time continued to drift by and I could now use my Shikai with ease and I started on my Bankai, which I did outside the village and thanks to kurama I could handle the strain put on my young body.

I also tested my hollow abilities and learned it no longer but the full mask wasn't formed, instead my hair turns white and my left eye becomes hollow like with my hollow markings forming on my left arm and partially on my chest. I still needed to work on it as it puts even more strain on my body than my bankai. Another bit of good news is that anko and hana made chūnin and anko was working in T&I for ibiki.

#Canon Start-Age: 16#

Naruto stares at himself as he makes the finishing touches for his graduation, now being a tall 5'11 with a swimmers body and a runners legs. On his back were the tattoos of a bellflower surrounded by snowflakes. Naruto slips a pair of black Anbu cargo pants with pockets on his thighs, tape around the bottoms to secure them in calf length combat boots. A pair of arms snake around his waist in the form of his secret and soon to be public girlfriend anko. The chūnin now wears toeless black tights with grey short-shorts, shin guards and close toe kunoichi boots. A long sleeve mesh shirt and a grey trench-coat with a purple interior and fingerless gloves.

"I can't wait to rip this off of you and ravage you.. Kukuku" anko says, kissing his upper back.

"I know you do but we still need to be careful" naruto says, taking her gloved hand and kissing it.

"It's about time you dropped this stupid mask" kurama comments and zetsuei nods.

"I agree but it was a cover.. The number one rule of ninja is Deception" zetsuei comments. Naruto slips a white, form-fitting undershirt and a dark blue, sleeveless Kung-Fu jacket with the squad eleven symbol on the back and their flower imprinted on upper chest on the left and the symbol of yarrow on the right, all in white.

"I'll have some clones pack up my stuff and move it to your place" naruto comments, slipping on some black gloves.

"That's Fine.. I got a full day ahead of me.. Ibiki is slave driver" anko comments, kissing his cheek and leaping out his window. Naruto slips on a 1/4 length black coat with sown on white sleeves and hood, "Ready.. Ready" he says.

[Everyone wears their Shippuden clothes]

#Konoha Academy#

Naruto arrives at the academy and found the classroom was somewhat empty as shikamaru was sleeping and chōji sitting next to him, "N-naruto" chōji says. Naruto makes his way to his seat with nod as shikamaru yawns, "Mendokusei.. Finally getting serious" he asks and naruto makes a small gap with his fingers. A stampede of feet slowly gets louder and the door swings open as sakura and ino burst in. Naruto moves to another spot to avoid the fangirl plague but sakura approaches.

"Naru-baka why are you in those clothes.. Trying to be like Sasuke-kun" sakura shouts but naruto ignores her, bobbing his head slightly. Sakura roughly shakes naruto and he glances her way, taking out some ear plugs.

"Hmm.. You say something Sakura-chan" naruto says and a certain one-eye pervert sneezes. Sakura glares angrily at naruto but sasuke walks in and her fangirl senses go off, causing the girls to flock to the uchiha heir. Sasuke walks with his air about him and takes his seat but the fangirls fight for the seats on his left and right. He wears a white zippered, high-collar, short-sleeve shirt and blue wrist warmers. Dark blue pants, over which hangs a blue cloth that covers him from his stomach to his knees, which he secures with a black obi. Kiba, shino, hinata and several others students enter but hinata notices naruto's new look.

"Good morning Naruto-kun" hinata says and naruto looks up, with a smile and nod.

"Are you gonna take Kunoichi of the Year" naruto asks and hinata slowly nods, taking her seat next to him. Akamaru comes up and nudges naruto's leg as kiba walks up with hands behind his head, "So Dead-last what's with the new look" he says. However before naruto could answer iruka and mizuki enter the classroom.

"Alright Take your seats.. First I want to congratulate everyone for making it this far and by days end.. You should be proud Ninja of Konohagakure" iruka says, his eyes glancing to naruto. Iruka starts to take roll as mizuki hands out the written test but naruto sighs internally, "Again with Genjutsu" he thought, quietly dispelling it. He answers seventy percent the test right and takes a nap until the others were finished.

"He has serious negative emotions towards you" kurama comments and naruto cracks open eye.

"He must want something" naruto thought. Eventually mizuki came to pick up the tests and iruka leads them outside for the weapon's accuracy test. Iruka calls everyone by their last names, with various degrees of success but sasuke got the most with a ten out ten. Hinata got nine out of ten, ino taking seven out of ten and sakura got five out of ten.

"Naruto" iruka shouts. Naruto approaches with a glance to iruka and picks up the kunai but spies they are blunted slightly. He picks up the ten shuriken and whips them forward, striking the dummy in the head, heart and five hitting the body. The kunai next but only two hit, causing everyone to laugh.

"Wow Dead-last" kiba says. Naruto ignores them but feels the disappointment from iruka, "You hit what counts" kurama says. Iruka makes his marks and leads everyone back inside for the final portion of the exams. Mizuki and iruka sit at a desk and everyone lines up to perform the academy three. Everyone goes through and some gain their Hitai-ate and some fail. Naruto steps forward as his name is called by iruka, "Alright Naruto.. Henge" iruka says and naruto transforms into perfect replica of his toughest opponent. Mizuki and iruka flinch at the imposing kenpachi zaraki as naruto returns to normal, "Where did you see that" iruka asks.

"A book I read" naruto says and iruka slowly nods, clearing his throat.

"Alright.. Kawarimi" iruka says and naruto substitutes with mizuki, shocking the silver hair teacher but naruto could the hate in his eyes.

"Ok now the Bunshin technique" iruka says and mizuki grins internally.

"No way the Demon could that" mizuki says but his breath hitches, as three naruto were standing in front of them.

"Well Naruto.. You Pass" iruka says and naruto picks up his hitai-ate with a glance to mizuki. Naruto step out of class and many were a gasp as naruto was holding his hitai-ate, "How hell could he pass" some thought. Those that passed made their way back to their classroom for the last time and waited for iruka and mizuki.

"How the hell did you pass Naruto?!" kiba shouts. Naruto looks up with a blank look on his face but his happy idiot persona comes out, "I should Kiba.. If I want to be Hokage.. Dattebayo" he says.

"Kiba's right.. Naru-baka" sakura chimes in. The happy idiot persona drops and his blank look returns, "Shinobi are known for deception Sakura" he says, not adding chan to her name.

"So the attention seeking.. Prank playing and screaming about Hokage was an act" shikamaru comments, shocking the others.

"Come on Shikamaru.. No way Naruto could pull that off" ino says. Sasuke stares at naruto for moment, "Maybe the Dobe did.. His posture has changed" he thought. Iruka and mizuki enter the classroom and everyone quiets down, "Once again congratulation on passing" iruka says and clears his throat.

"Ok First before announcing teams.. Our Rookie Shinobi of the year is Sasuke Uchiha" iruka starts and the fangirls squeal, "Kunoichi of the year goes to Hinata Hyūga" he adds. Naruto softly smiles with a sigh of relief as iruka goes over the teams, "Team-7 will be Sasuke Uchiha.. Hinata Hyūga and Naruto Uzumaki" iruka says and fangirls shout in protest.

"Team-8 is Kiba Inuzuka.. Sakura Haruno and Shino Aburame.. Team-9 is still in commission and Team-10 is Shikamaru Nara.. Ino Yamanaka and Chōji Akimichi.. You Senseis will you here tomorrow at seven am" iruka states. Sakura, kiba and ino were downcast at the notion of not being on sasuke or hinata's team, while hinata was happy to be on naruto's team. Mizuki dismisses everyone with a fake smile on his face, "Damn it.. I needed the demon to fail to get me the Scroll" he thought.

"Naruto one second" mizuki say and naruto stops, "Follow me for a minute" he adds. He leads naruto the roof of the academy but doesn't notice naruto making some hand-signs.

"What is it Mizuki-sensei" naruto asks but mizuki keeps his back to naruto.

"Well I wanted to congratulate you on passing and wondered if you wish to the secret exam and attain entrance into Anbu" mizuki says. Naruto tilts his head with a fake look of happiness, "Really Mizuki.. How would I do that" he shouts. Mizuki has a wide smirk on his face and slowly turns, "Oh its simple.. All you have to do is steal the Sacred Scroll of Sealing and bring it to the western forest.. The Anbu commander will be waiting for you" he says.

"Really the scroll in Jiji's office.. Sure I can do that no problem" naruto says but his look changes, "But I wonder if you're lying Mizuki-sensei" he adds, causing mizuki to freeze.

"W-what.. Naruto I am not lying" mizuki says but gasps as naruto has closed the gap between them.

"No you are.. A demon can tell.. Right" naruto says and mizuki gasps, back jumping and a sneer forms.

"So you are smart demon.. Too bad.. I'll just have kill you and steal the scroll myself.. Pinning the theft on you" mizuki sneers. Shadows cover naruto's eyes but he blinks in front of mizuki and drills a punishing body-blow to mizuki. He spews some spittle from his mouth and staggers forward, collapsing to the ground.

"Damn Naru-kun.. I thought you would do more than one punch" anko says, on the railing and next to her was Anbu Neko. Naruto shrugs his shoulders as Neko cuffs mizuki, "Hokage-sama will want to speak to you.. He was watching" she says. Naruto rolls his neck with a sigh, "Fine" he says and neko vanishes with mizuki.

"I wonder what the old man wants" anko says and naruto pokes her cheek.

"To know why I am hiding my strength.. Good to know our seal works" naruto says.

"Yeah" anko says and grasps his shoulder, vanishing into a leaf-shunshin.

#Hokage Tower#

Hiruzen Sarutobi has many failures in his long life, his student orochimaru committing unspeakable horror. His successor dying far too young and the failure to keep his son safe, from the forces with in his own village. The sandaime sighs and smokes his pipe as a leaf-shunshin fills the room, revealing the boy in question.

"Thank you Anko-chan.. You are dismissed" hiruzen says.

"I want her to stay Jiji" naruto says and hiruzen looks the boy in the eye but slowly shakes his head. Anko bows and heads for the door as naruto stood at attention in front of hiruzen, "I wish I could be the fly on the wall" she thought.

"First I want say congratulation on passing the Genin exams.. I'm proud of you my boy" hiruzen says but naruto remains quiet and the older man clears his throat.

"So Naruto-kun.. Why would you hide your True strength" hiruzen states and places his pipe down but naruto remains silent once again.

"How did you know Mizuki was trying trick you" hiruzen questions. Naruto keeps his eyes closes but points to his chelsea scar, "I know about everything.. My burden and My parents" he says and hiruzen's eyes widen.

"Y-you've spoken to the Kyūbi.. You can't believe its lies" hiruzen says and naruto opens his eyes.

"Kurama is not an It.. She is just much a victim of that night as I am.. She was being controlled by a Rouge Uchiha" naruto states. Hiruzen leans back in his chair and relights his pipe, "Naruto-kun..." he starts.

"Don't say you're sorry.. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of one orphaned boy.. Despite being the son of such a revered Hokage" naruto says and hiruzen sighs.

"However to answer your question.. If the populous of Konoha knew my real strength.. I would have died on ninth birthday" naruto adds. Hiruzen rises from his seat and heads to the window, "We were vulnerable from the attack.. I made a law to protect you but it failed" he says.

"You put your faith in the people but that failed.. I kicked out of an orphanage at five.. Overcharged for Food.. Clothes.. Everything.. Teachers sabotaged me and students ridiculed me.. I have to play this happy go lucky idiot just to survive but that changes now" naruto says.

"Naruto-kun unfortunately I won't be able to give you your inheritance from your parents... Until you make eighteen or Chunin but I can transfer some of the money into an account for catching a traitor" hiruzen says but naruto was ignoring him. Suddenly a throwing-knife shoots from naruto's left sleeve and he flings it into the wall. It shimmers and a man with blank mask marked Ne collapses with the knife embedded into his shoulder. Hiruzen clutches his pipe as his Anbu appear to apprehend the Ne, "Danzō" he thought.

"How did you know Naruto-kun" hiruzen says and naruto taps his head.

"I'm very observant.. It's how I learned the Kage Bunshin" naruto says. Hiruzen's eyes widen but thinks for a moment, "You used it to pass" he says and naruto nods.

"Its impossible for me to make a normal Bunshin.. I'm Jinchuriki and an Uzumaki" naruto says and hiruzen sighs with a puff of smoke. Naruto bows and turns on his heels, "Oh I am moving in with Anko.. By your leave Jiji" he says, stepping out. Hiruzen turns his gaze back to window, "I'll need to contact Jiraiya and Tsunade but the latter will tough" he thought, retaking his seat and setting about to write two letters.


Naruto roof hops towards anko's apartment complex, "Will you start to trust the old man" kurama asks but naruto sighs.

"It will be awhile before I can but he trying" naruto thought but his eyes narrow, changing his direction towards one of the training grounds. Naruto lands in a secluded training ground as three blank mask Anbu appear.

"You are to come with us" one says. Naruto rolls his neck several times with his back to them but raises a ram-sign, "Who are you" he says, turning to them fully.

"Our Master has need of you.. Come with us" the second says.

"That's not shady at all" zetsuei comments and naruto narrows his eyes. The third steps forward and draws her tanto, "You will come with us or the Mitarashi girl will meet a horrible fate" she says.

[Background Music-M-24 Scryed Anime]

Suddenly three Anbu were pinned to the ground as naruto stands with glowing eyes and a purplish-black aura surrounding his form. Naruto slowly steps forward as the crushing aura makes the air heavier and heavier, "Your Master must be tired of living to threaten Anko" he says. The third Anbu gasps as the visage of a huge fox and dragon were behind naruto. He kneels down to one knee and removes the mask from the woman's face, "You are experiencing Fear.. They did not fare as well" naruto says and cancels his reiatsu. The Anbu glances right and left but her eyes widen as both were dead.

"Tell your Master.. If he harms Any one that I care about.. He will wish he died as a child" naruto says, turning on his heels. The Anbu springs to feet her and reaches for her tanto but a throwing-knife was drilled into her throat.

"Forget it.. I'll tell them myself" naruto says but arches an eyebrow as all three Anbu burst into blue flames.

"No secrets it seems" kurama says and naruto nods, vanishing.[song ends]


In an unknown location a frail, old man with black, shaggy hair, and his right eye was bandaged with an x-shaped scar on his chin. He wears a white shirt, with a black robe over the top of it covering from his feet, to just over his right shoulder and holds a cane. He stands on a small bridge as a blank mask Anbu appears and kneels before him, "Danzō-sama.. 55 was found.. Also 33.. 22 and 88 failed all three KIA" she reports. Danzō grips his cane with an unreadable look on his face, "I see.. The boy may be more powerful that we realized.. Assign Sai to observe him during the Genin test" he orders and the Anbu vanishes. Danzō turns on his heels with a clank of his cane, "I wonder Hiruzen did you know.. No Matter.. I will have the boy" he thought.


Naruto opens the door of anko's apartment and a small bark greets him, kneeling down naruto picks up anko's puppy Kuroshiro. She is a shiba inu with black fur and a white underbelly. Kuroshiro licks naruto's face with happy noises as he makes his way inside, "Boring day huh" he muses. Naruto places her down to slips off his coat, boots, gloves and fixes kuroshiro some food and water. Naruto finds his room and unpacks what little things he had from his place. The main door slams open and shuts as naruto comes out his room, to an upset anko. Kuroshiro trots up and anko kneels down to give her scritches, "That Bastard works for Him.. He was gonna get you to steal the scroll.. Frame you and run to the Bastard" she hisses. Naruto approaches and pulls anko up into a hug, "He'll get his one day" he says.

"Yeah because I will Kill him" anko says and the pair pull apart. Kuroshiro goes back to her food as naruto sighs, "I ran into some blank mask Anbu.. They tried and failed to intimidate me into going with them" he says, showing her the mask.

"Danzō Shimura.. Yūgao-nee told me about him.. He's an elder and bad news" anko comments, plopping on the sofa. Naruto grabs two instant ramens and fills them with hot water, "I bet he is" he says, placing them down and taking a seat.

"So Naru-kun.. When does An-chan get to play" anko says, crossing her legs. Naruto picks up the ramen and hands the other to anko, "Once I make Chūnin but heavy petting is allowed" he says and anko giggles.

"So who's on your team" anko says and naruto slurps all the noodles in his cup.

"Teme and Hinata.. Sensei is unknown.. Iruka didn't say" naruto, drinking down his broth. Anko hands the other cup to him, "More than likely Kakashi.. Nai-nee has Team-8 and Smokestack Team-10" she says, as kuroshiro tries to get on the sofa.

"Any pointers" naruto asks, helping kuroshiro up. Anko scratches her pup's head with a smirk, "Nope" she says and naruto puffs his cheeks.

"That's actually better.. I can finally test myself on a real person" naruto says and retakes his seat. Kuroshiro moves between the two pariahs for a night of scritches and belly rubs from her mommy and daddy.

#Next Day#

Naruto yawns as he makes his way to the academy, dressed as he was the day before but leaving his jacket behind. Kuroshiro was walking next to him with a few curious sniffs but keeps close to naruto. The resident pariah glances around as a few people were out and some were giving dirty looks but the hitai-ate tied to his right arm dissuaded their behaviour. Naruto reaches the academy gates and creates a clone to take kuroshiro home, "Be good today" he says, scratching her and squishing her chubby cheeks. He heads inside with a pop of his knuckles, "Will you bring me out today" zetsuei asks. Naruto shakes his head, "No.. He's a comrade" he thought, reaching the classroom.

"Good morning Naruto-kun" hinata says and naruto smiles with a small wave, taking his seat next to her. Sasuke was brooding near them as the fangirls that passed were crowding around him. Shikamaru and choji soon arrive followed by kiba and akamaru, causing the pupper to run to naruto and he removes his glove to give scritches.

"You have a dog Naruto" kiba asks and naruto looks up with a tilt of his head but thought a moment.

"My friend does.. She's a Shiba Inu named Kuroshiro" naruto says and kiba tilts his head this time.

"Kuroshiro.. My Sister's friend Anko has a dog named that" kiba says and naruto nods. The door slides open as several Jōnin enter but two stand out. One is a beautiful woman with fair-skinned of slender build. She has long black untamed hair reaching her upper back, and very unique eyes that are red in colour, with an additional ring in them. She wears make-up consisting of red lipstick and purple eye shadow. Her regular outfit consists of a red mesh armour blouse with only the right sleeve visible. Overall, this is very broad material which resembles bandages with a pattern on it similar to those of rose thorns. Her hands and upper thighs are also wrapped in bandages and she wears the Konoha forehead protector and regular shinobi sandals.

"I'm Kurenai Yūhi.. Team-8 with me" kurenai says but gives naruto a small wave. Akamaru whines but follows kiba, sakura and shino out as the pinkette was trying and failing to get sasuke's attention. The other is tall man, with brown eyes, olive skin, short black spiky hair, and a beard. His clothing consists of the standard Konoha ninja uniform with the sleeves rolled up half way, flak jacket, regular shinobi sandals and hitai-ate. He also wears a sash that had the kanji for fire marked on it around his waist, a pair of black bangles, and bandages wrapped around the arms of his sleeves.

"I'm Asuma Sarutobi.. Team-10 with me" asuma says and shikamaru, chōji and ino follow him out. The other Genin leave with their team leaders and leave sasuke, hinata and naruto but time starts to tick by. One hour and followed by a second hour, "Not a good first impression" zetsuei says and naruto mentally nods. The door slides open and a tall man with gravity-defying silver hair and wearing standard Konoha attire enters.

"My first impression of you is I think you're boring you.. Meet on the roof in five" he says and puffs into smoke. Sasuke rises from his seat and heads to the roof with the others, awaiting them was their sensei.

"Take a seat and lets give your introductions.. Likes.. Dislikes.. Hobbies and Goals.. My name is Kakashi Hatake.. I like many things and dislike many things.. My hobbies are something you don't need to know.. Same with my goals" he says, his hitai-ate covering his left eye.

"My name is Hinata Hyūga.. I like flower pressing and Cinnamon buns.. Dislikes are uninformed people.. My goal is unify my family under one banner" hinata states.

"Alright.. Blondie" kakashi says and naruto sighs.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki.. I like many things and Dislike the time it takes for my instant ramen.. Ignorant people.. My Goal is become Hokage and make several people proud of me" naruto states. Sasuke scoffs with a brooding look on his face, "I highly doubt that Dobe.. My name is Sasuke Uchiha.. I hate a lot of things and I don't particularly like anything.. What I have is not a dream but an ambition.. I will make it a reality.. I will restore my clan and Kill a certain man" he says. Kakashi stares between his Genin, "You all are unique with varying goals.. Now then lets head to Training ground 7 for your true Genin Test" he says, confusing all three.

"A True Genin Test.. Kakashi-sensei" hinata asks and kakashi eye-smiles.

"Yes.. All Genin go through this test and it only has a 66% passing rate.. Now follow me" kakashi says.

#Training Ground-7#

The training ground is very large but three wooden stumps driven into the ground, that is the scene the three were greeted with. Kakashi places a scroll on the ground and unseals it, revealing three bento boxes and a clock. Kakashi then reaches in his pocket for two bells, "The test is simple.. You have until Noon to take these bells from me" he starts.

"Kakashi-sensei there are only two bells and three of us" hinata says. Kakashi holds up the bells as they chime, "Very Observant.. Only two of you will pass and the one that left with be sent back to the academy.. Now you can use anything to take these bells.. Come at me with the intention of killing me" he explains.

"It seems to be an underlying motive to this test" zetsuei says and naruto slips his gloves back on.

"Start" kakashi shouts and all three vanish, "Well they know how to hide" he thought. Sasuke was in a tree and hinata in the underbrush, while naruto was hovering above kakashi with in his Ryūō Shōheki.

"How do you want to play this" zetsuei asks and naruto squats down.

"From what I have observed teams are Four-person cells.. Jōnin and three Genin" naruto thought but tilts his head.

"Teamwork" naruto notes and vanishes. Hinata stays prone on the ground as sasuke decides to make his move. The uchiha scion grabs several kunai and shuriken and flings them towards kakashi but the Jonin dodges and reaches in his pouch for a orange book. Sasuke grits his teeth and drops down as kakashi turns to him, "So you're the first.. I thought Naruto would be the first to act" kakashi notes.

"I am nothing like that Dobe" sasuke says. Kakashi turns a page in his book, "Say that after you have a bell" he says. Sasuke lowers his stance as kakashi stands with his book, before the uchiha shoots forward. At same hinata was watching but a hand grasps her shoulder but before she could epp another hand covers her mouth.

"Hinata it's me" naruto says and removes his hand. Hinata calms down and sighs, "Kakashi-sensei is quite strong" she says.

"He is but I know the secret of this test" naruto starts and hinata furrows her brow, "It's teamwork.. He wants us to work as a team" he adds.

"So what do we do" hinata asks. Naruto observes sasuke fighting well against kakashi with traps and good instincts, "I'll focus his attention on me.. Once Sasuke retreats.. Find him and tell him the meaning of the test" he says.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu" sasuke shouts, firing a large fireball. This actually catches kakashi off guard and forces him underground, "A high level Katon Jutsu.. This kid" he thought. Sasuke looks around for kakashi but hands grab his ankles and drags him underground.

"Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu" kakashi says, rising from the ground. Sasuke glares at kakashi as he takes his book out again, "You are skilled Sasuke but not skilled enough" kakashi muses, walking off.

[Background Music-Baki OST - Fixed day]

Kakashi reaches another clearing but finds naruto waiting for him, "Do you want to try your hand Naruto" he says. Naruto pulls on his gloves with a tilt of his head, "I do but I know meaning of your test" he says and kakashi quirks an eyebrow.

"It's Teamwork" naruto says. Kakashi closes his book with an eye-smile, "It seems you are a bit smarter than your records show but not much" he says. Naruto slips into a basic boxing stance but starts bouncing on his toes, this causes kakashi to narrow his visible eye.

"Shinobi's best skill is deception" naruto says and closes the gap with three snap jabs. Kakashi backpedals but his right sleeve has a gash on it, "He's fast" he thought but naruto presses once again but with a high knee. Kakashi ducks under the knee but as naruto lands, snaps his leg back for a kick and kakashi blocks with his forearm.

"And Strong" kakashi thought, grabbing the leg and tossing naruto away. The blond somersaults into a crouch but rushes forward in a low tackle but kakashi sidesteps him. However naruto vanishes and grabs kakashi from behind into a german suplex but kakashi substitutes with a log.

"You are nothing like your profile Naruto" kakashi says. Naruto rolls his neck with a sigh, "Thanks Kakashi-sensei" he says, bouncing on his toes once again. Kakashi drops down and beckons naruto forward as the two engage in a bout of fisticuffs. From the trees sasuke watches in jealousy, "How is the Dobe so Skilled" he thought. Kakashi back jumps from naruto but he closes gap, "Hinata" naruto shouts. Hinata bursts from the tree line with a juken strike ready but sasuke bum-rushes her aside to grab a bell from kakashi. Naruto arcs a jab towards sasuke but kakashi catches it as sasuke jumps away but kakashi feels the force behind it. Hinata collects herself as the timer goes off, "We failed" she says. [song ends]


Naruto glares at sasuke as they make their way back to the three stumps and hinata a has a look of sadness. Kakashi clears his throat, "Well as things went.. Sasuke achieved the objective by getting a bell" he starts and sasuke smirks.

"However he ignored the True objective" kakashi states and sasuke furrows his brow, "Naruto actually knew what the test meant.. It was Teamwork.. So in essence Naruto allowed Sasuke to gain a bell" he adds.

"So what will happen.. Will you take Sasuke-san as a solo member" hinata says but kakashi eye-smiles.

"No you three will get a provisional pass.. So meet me here tomorrow at nine am for a first mission" kakashi says and vanishes into a leaf-shunshin. Hinata sighs in relief and glances to naruto and he nods with a smile but sasuke scoffs.

"Don't hold me back" sasuke says, walking off. Naruto sighs and rubs his forehead, "Are you alright Hinata" he asks.

"Yes.. Your plan worked but Sasuke-san" hinata says but naruto sighs.

"Yeah but we passed and we can try to become a team" naruto says and hinata nods.

"I should return and inform father of my passing" hinata says, bowing and excusing herself. Naruto sighs but looks up to the blue sky, "You can come out now" he says.

"So you did sense him" kurama comments. A young man with short, straight black hair, and dark eyes which contrast with his translucent-looking pale skin. He wears a short black-and-grey jacket with red straps, a high-collared midriff shirt, black pants, shinobi sandals and gloves with his index and thumb fingers exposed.

"Your skills are impressive Dickless" sai says but finds himself pinned to a tree, with naruto's forearm across his throat.

"Your Master sent you like those other three" naruto says but sai keeps his fake smile.

"Well you seem more than like to relay my message.. Tell him If he harms any one that I care about.. Well he guess how the story ends" naruto adds, releasing sai. The Ne operative rubs his neck but vanishes into Shunshin.

"You're making enemies kinda quickly but I like it" kurama comments. Naruto rubs his wrists and vanishes with shunpo, "This Master is the one to start this fire" he thought.

#Ne HQ#

Sai kneels one knee before danzo and relays his report on naruto, "He is dangerous Danzō-sama" he says. Danzō grips his cane with a narrowed eye, "Indeed.. He is nothing like his profile at academy.. His sensor abilities is on par with his Mother" he states.

"Should he be dealt with" sai says.

"No.. The boy is our Jinchūriki.. His power is needed.. Observing him would be detrimental" danzō comments and turns on his heels. Sai rises and follows his master, "What about the Mitarashi girl.. She can be used to force him into Ne" he states.

"No.. Hiruzen would suspect something.. Mitarashi may have been Orochimaru's student but she has powerful allies.. No for now we will stay in the shadows and wait for our time" danzō says.


A/N-2:First chapter is finished and the groundwork formed. I took down the original and posting this one in its place. Other than the name drops, no Bleach characters will appear just abilities. As I said above the pairing will be max four girls, with Anko and Hinata being locked. As it stands tentatively Haku is the third girl but they will get to know one another first. Via the Wave mission, Chunin exams and the Time skip after the Sasuke retrieval mission. Spot four will be a toss up between Tenten, Ino, or Fu. The latter would meet during the Hero water mission and interact. Lastly expect a very slow update on this story, if I get good feedback I'll knuckle down and crank out more content. As of now I have chapter about 40 percent done. Thank you to everyone for their support and Stay Frosty.

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