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Chapter 6

A/N-1: This will be the Final Chapter of Season 1. This way I can think and plan for more things. Things like Kumo, Akatsuki even Iwa, Kiri and Suna or even bringing in Kara to an extent. I can take ideas as well for this story as well.





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-Chapter 06-

-Day of Chunin Finals - Hokage Tower-

Hiruzen could not hide the shock on his face at the sight of itachi, standing across from him with a serious look on his young face. Naruto was leaning near the open window with his arms folded and a faint twinkle in his eyes hidden behind green lens sunglasses.

"So you were Lord Ozai's choice for Godaime" hiruzen says. Itachi stood with an unreadable face, "Yes.. As someone born in Konoha and showed the qualities of a Kage.. He chose me to replace you Sandaime-sama" he says. Hiruzen lights his pipe with a glance to naruto, "I see.. You are a good choice Itachi-kun.. I've always felt you have a good head on shoulders.. I believe you can make Konohagakure a better place" he says.

"I hope to do so.. If you excuse me Sandaime-sama.. I wish to see my mother before the finals begin" itachi says and bows at the waist, before excusing himself. The room falls silent as hiruzen rises from his seat, "Is this your doing Naruto" he says.

"What ever do you mean Jiji.. Lord Ozai only told me it was Itachi before I arrived in Konoha" naruto says. Hiruzen shoots the blond a look as he makes his way to the window, "Why did you not tell me" he says.

"Why should I have told you.. It would not change things.. Lord Ozai chose Itachi because he can bring change to Konoha.. It has become stagnant and blind to the world around it" naruto says and hiruzen glances his way. Naruto pushes off the windowsill and makes his way to the door, opening it and pointing to ada.

"Ada come in for a second" naruto says and ada complies. Hiruzen turns to ada and his breath hitches as her demeanor changes as naruto taps her shoulder, "Ada has been my spy for at least two months before I arrived" naruto says and hiruzen clutches his pipe.

"She was That close to you.. If she had been a spy for a rival nation.. She could've killed you with ease.. Hell that Genin Kabuto Yakushi was a spy for Orochimaru and you didn't catch him" naruto says and kisses ada's cheek.

"You can go dear and tell our guest to come in on your way out" naruto says. Ada gives a sultry wink to the blond, "By your leave Death-sama and it was nice working for you Sandaime-sama" she says and excuses herself.

"How?!" hiruzen questions but naruto doesn't answer, as cha walks in her full battle gear. The sarutobi elder's breath hitches as the sight of the sister of kiiroi senko, "C-cha Namikaze" hiruzen says.

"Otherwise as The Wisdom of The Five Faces" naruto adds, chuckling a bit. Cha closes the door and takes a seat in front of hiruzen's desk and the hokage takes a seat as his Anbu were at the ready to defend him. Naruto stands behind his aunt and places his hands on her shoulders, "Imagine my shock.. Once again when I encountered Aunt Cha in Iron Country" he starts.

"He chose to lie.. Out of fear.. Fear of losing his precious power" cha says. A hurt look forms on hiruzen's face, "That was not the case.. Minato wanted Naruto to be seen as a Hero for his burden" he starts but naruto scoffs.

"Yet I was pariah.. Kidnapped and turned into a monster.. All so you keep the balance of Jinchuriki" naruto says.

"Konoha didn't rely on the Kyubi's power.. Yet wanted to keep the illusion.. You didn't care about Naruto.. You simply saw him as a deterrent not the son of your successor and my nephew" cha says, seriously. Hiruzen had no retort as he did indeed feel that naruto needed to remain in konoha to protect it, simply by existing.

"Things were dire at that time.. I made the hard choices to protect Konoha.. I know it something you Both don't want to hear but it's the truth.. Your father was dead.. The village was in ruins and you were an unknown to me.. I couldn't trust you to do what is best of Konoha.. A place your brother Died for" hiruzen says. Cha narrows her blue eyes as they flash yellow for a second, "Minato died because of a Rouge Uchiha.. Someone who beared a Grudge against Konoha like so many do" she says.

"You allowed a clan that founded Konoha to be reduced to such a state because of prejudice of some on your council and the village at large.. Yet it was not the Uchiha as a whole but a Rouge" naruto says.

"How do you know that" hiruzen questions.

"Becuase we killed the Rouge" cha states and hiruzen's breath hitches.

"He attempted to come for me about two years ago.. Spouting how he was gonna take back his pet.. How he killed my parents.. Needless to say.. I made him pay" naruto says, a scowl on his face. The aged kage could see that naruto indeed has been through so much, "I've made mistakes but..." he starts but naruto slams his fist on the desk, causing the Anbu to appear.

"Enough of your platitudes and placating!.. You still have blinders on when it comes to this Village or Me and the mountain of Failures you have had!.. Just accept it.. You can never fix things with me" naruto states.

"Now if you're done.. I have a spar to prepare for.. Something I see no reason to do but I am curious about the youngest son of the Kazekage" naruto says. Cha rises from her seat with a dark look to hiruzen and follows her nephew out as the older man wearily sighs, lamenting his failures.

-Chunin Finals - Konoha Arena-

Hiruzen sighs as he takes his seat in the kage booth on the highest level of the stadium as many people cheer but his gaze was on the finalists, "This is my last time presiding of the Chunin Exams" he thought. Footsteps catch his ears as the Kazekage Rasa approaches with two nondescript guards, wearing tan cloaks.

"It's good to see you Lord Hokage" rasa says, taking his seat.

"You must be tired from your long trip" hiruzen says.

"Not at all.. I'm glad the exams were held in Konoha.. Although you are still so young.. It would be tiring to travel to another village" rasa replies and pauses.

"Perhaps it is time to choose a Godaime" rasa adds and hiruzen's eyes narrow but a laugh escapes his lips.

"Now don't treat me like a old man.. I believe I still had a good five years left but a Godaime has been chosen.. One Itachi Uchiha" hiruzen says and rises from his seat, moving to the railing but the missing the shocked look on rasa's hidden face. Hiruzen channels chakra to his voice, "Ladies and Gentlemen.. Thank you for coming to Konoha's Chunin Selection Exam.. We will not begin the main matches with these eight that have passed the preliminaries.. As well as Two young Jonin displaying their skills.. Please enjoy" he declares and people cheer.

"He loves to play to the crowd" naruto thought, standing with the finalists. The blond was wearing black cargo pants, having white tribal designs with a form-fitting white tank-top, black gloves and combat boots. A grey one-fourth length jacket with his symbols adorning it, weapons pouch on his lower back and his hitai-ate around his neck with a pair cream color sunglasses over his eyes.

"Why are You with us" kiba says. Naruto glances to kiba with a raises his arms into a shrug, a faint smile on his face to infuriate him.

"Sarutobi wants me to spar with him" naruto says, pointing to Gaara Sabaku. Kiba shifts his gaze to redhead on the other end of the group, his eyes closed and his arms folded. He has the tattoo of love on his forehead and wears a long-sleeve crimson coat and black combat pants with suna-type sandals. Over the coat are two buckled belts, a grey vest held in place by a single strap over his left shoulder, and two buckled belts which he also uses to carry his gourd.

"He's the youngest son of the Kazekage.. If he would've been a little younger.. You may have been fighting him" naruto muses. The proctor for the finals Genma Shiranui clears his throat to get their attention, "Alright.. The Final Round is at hand.. The rules of the preliminaries still stand but if I call it.. You stop" he says.

"Now if your names aren't Neji Hyuga and Ajisai.. Vacate the field" genma adds and the genin comply, along with the pair of jonin. Naruto follows the genin to the waiting area that overlooks the arena as ajisai prepares to face neji.

"She stands no chance against the Hyuga" kurama comments. Naruto snorts with his hands in his pockets but his gaze shifts to the genin, "She'll probably spout about how large villages don't know the suffering of the small" he thought. The finalists were kiba, shikamaru, ajisai's teammate Suiren, lee, shino and a missing sasuke. The match was over fairly quickly as neji shut down ajisai quickly with his clans juken technique.

"The next match is Shikamaru Nara vs Suiren" genma shouts. Suiren makes her way down but shikamaru was reluctant to go, "Mendokusei.. Why is it with a girl.. I should just forfeit" he says but hears ino screaming loudly for him to get down there. Shikamaru was about to actually forfeit but was pushed into the arena by naruto.

"Troublesome Blond" shikamaru thought. The match begins and shikamaru drags it out for nearly a hour but succeeds it forcing suiren to forfeit with people shouting about how boring the match was.

"The next match is Kiba Inuzuka vs Sasuke Uchiha" genma shouts and kiba whoops, quickly making his way down to await sasuke. Naruto slips off his coat to give the genin a look at his tattoos, tying it to his waist and starts to stretch for his spar after.

"I doubt he'll show in time.. Sarutobi will probably postpone his match" naruto thought.

"Won't that further make him look bad" kurama says.

"Orochimaru will push for him make the call.. Sasuke is his main target.. He'll make up some bullshit excuse about many coming to see him fight and Sarutobi will cave.. He hasn't even announced that he's no longer Hokage.. He wants to bask in the limelight one last time" naruto thought.

"He won't even announce it.. Because your match with Gaara is the trigger for Snake's invasion" kurama says and naruto looks to the kage booth, as the crowds jeers and shouts.

-Scene Break - Kage Booth-

"People are buzzing for an interesting match.. I'm sure many Head Ninja and Feudal Lords wish see the Young Uchiha in action" rasa says. Hiruzen glances to rasa as raido leans closer, "There is still no news of Sasuke" raido whispers.

"Then there is but no choice to disqualify Sasuke and move onto the next match" hiruzen says.

"You would disqualify him" rasa says and hiruzen nods.

"It is unbecoming of a Shinobi to late to a mission.. These exams are akin to that.. So Sasuke will be disqualified" hiruzen says.

"Lord Hokage I wonder if you consider delaying Sasuke's match and going ahead with Gaara's Spar.. That way Sasuke can arrive and it will give the crowd a more pleasing display of talent" rasa says and hiruzen's narrows his eyes. Raido tries to protest but rasa clears his throat to stop him, "If you wish a sufficient reason.. I myself and many head ninja.. Fuedal Lord and guest wish to see the spar between two excellent shinobi.. The last survivor of the Uzumaki and our Land of Wind's Gaara" rasa says. Silence soon reigns between kage as hiruzen leans back in his chair, "Raido.. Inform Genma that Sasuke's match will be postponed and we will go ahead with the Spar between Naruto and Gaara" he says.

"Hokage-sama" raido says.

"Consider it one my final requests as Hokage" hiruzen says and raido nods, vanishing with shunshin. Genma makes the announcement of the postponement and the beginning of the spar, causing many to boo.

"Told ya" naruto thought, smirking. Gaara sand-shunshins to the arena floor as naruto leaps from the waiting area as many in the crowd start to boo more. The jinchuriki pair make their way towards genma with the blond having his hands in pockets.

"Alright this a friendly spar..." genma starts but naruto chuckles.

"This won't be a spar but a Full-contact fight.. I doubt Gaara would want a Friendly Spar" naruto says, heavy sarcasm on spar.

"I agree.. Mother wants his blood and She will have it" gaara says. Genma chews on senbon with a sigh, "Just don't kill each other" he says.

"We'll see" naruto says and both turn on their heels to put some distance between each other. Naruto makes an about face with about twenty feet between him and gaara, before reaching into his pouch and pulling out two scrolls. Gaara narrows his eyes as naruto unfurls the scrolls and channels chakra through them. Many on the crowd gasp as a black substance pours from the scrolls, "You're not the only one who plays in Sand" naruto says.

"Is that?!" hiruzen says, glancing to rasa.

"It seems Uzumaki has a tricks up his sleeve" rasa says but orochimaru thought, "Could the Progenitor Virus granted him the use of the Iron Sand of the Sandaime Kazekage" he thought.

-Scene Break - Crowd-

Cha sits in the crowd with baek, choi, kanae and tsunade under a henge of a woman with long white hair and blue eyes. Each of the five fingers were wearing something similar to naruto but a skeletal hand on the back of their jacket with the hand having a skull ring on their respective finger.

"So he's actually using That" choi says, catching the attention of kurenai and a few of her fellow jonin.

"What is that" asuma asks, blowing a stream of smoke. Choi lights his own cigarette and points at the pool of black, "That is Iron Sand.. You've seen him leviate metal.. Well his the sand is the same principal" he explains.

"Naruto-kun is most Youthful" gai shouts.

"Fucking Loud" kanae thought. Among the rookies that did not make it sakura and ino were more concerned with sasuke than naruto's spar.

"I wonder what he'll do with what looks like sand" tenten thought and she got her answer as naruto pockets his hands. His eyes glow slightly and the sand moves on its own shocking a great many in the crowd.

"It is like Gaara" Temari Sabaku says to her brother Kankuro. She has teal eyes and sandy blonde hair in four consecutive pigtails. She wears a short-sleeve, black kimono that reaches down to her legs, with slits along the side and a red obi.

"This could be bad" kankuro says. He wears a black outfit consisting of a long top and trousers with a red sash around his waist, purple face paint and a large bundle on his back.

[Music: Kekkai Sensen & Beyond OST 03 OVERWHELMING(Loop)]

Gaara stares with arms folded as the cork for his gourd pops off and sand leaks out to pool around him. Across from him naruto stands with his hands pocketed and black sand pooling around him. Genma raises his hand as he looks between the pair, before bringing it down and leaping back. Several second pass to ramp up the tension as jinchuriki stare the other down but gaara's sand makes the first move. Gaara fires several globs of sands towards naruto but he counters with a wall of iron sand.

"Interesting" naruto muses, firing his own sand globs. The wave of sand rises and blocks, forming into a sand gaara and it explode a wave of sand from its stomach area. Naruto sends his iron sand forth in the form of feathers towards, piercing gaara's sand and blocking the wave.

"It's like they are mimicking one another" asuma says. Baek keeps eyes on the pair as they trade attacks with their sand, "He's stalling" he thought, glancing around and smelling the oto ninja hidden around.

"What's the matter" cha says, leaning to baek's ear.

"Just itching for some fun.. Seeing the Boss fight is revving me up" baek says.

"Boss" kurenai says. Choi turns to point to the symbol on his back, "We are Death-sama's Five Fingers.. His personal bodyguards" he says. Asuma looks to the similarly dressed four, "One missing or is it you" he says, to cha.

"I am the Face of Wisdom and you would be correct.. Ring is missing but she'll be joining us soon enough" cha says. In the kage booth hiruzen watches with bated breath as orochimaru was seething in his spot.

"Curse that boy from keeping such a secret.. No matter I will take my pound of flesh to study.. From him and Alcina" orochimaru thought. Naruto tilts his head as he and gaara trade bullets of sand, "This is getting us no where.. So how about we take things in a different direction" he says and gaara's eyes narrow but quickly widen. Gaara's sand rises to block a spinning roundhouse from an appearing naruto with his hands still in his pockets. Naruto vanishes as gaara turns but the red head is struck forward as naruto appears once again.

"What?!" gaara thought. Naruto dodges gaara's attacking sand as he leaves after-images from his moves, much to the shock of many in the crowd.

"His speed is almost inhuman" ino shouts and sakura stares in fear at naruto. Gaara gasps as his face start crack as naruto connects with a punch to his cheek, "He cracked my armor" gaara thought, skidding back.

"You wear Sand Armor.. Very Interesting" naruto shouts. Gaara creates two large arms of sand and brings them down with a double sledge but naruto dodges, starting to creating a circle of dust around him with his speed picking up. Gaara brings his sand around in a ring but naruto passes the ring with spin kick to gaara's face, before grabbing him by the straps. Gaara grunts as naruto lands some solid knees to the stomach, "It's almost time.. Be ready" naruto whispers, into a monkey flip. Gaara crashes into the ground with more and more cracks in his sand armor.

"Now then Gaara let us end this.. It's time to let these children finish their fights" naruto shouts, flashing signs to ram. The black sand rises and turns into sharp feathered spears aimed right at gaara.

"Satetsu Satsujin" naruto shouts. Temari and kankuro gasps as the feathers fire enmasse towards, crashing into gaara with a large dust up. A swirl of leaves erupts behind naruto and the blonde glances back to see sasuke and kakashi back.

"Oya.. Are we late" kakashi says.

"A little.. The Hokage switched your student's match for my Spar.. So you owe me" naruto says. Sasuke narrows his eyes as the debris cloud starts but kakashi places a hand on his shoulder and both vanish before he could protest. Naruto smirks as the cloud comes down and gaara is on one knee with blood running down his face. Gaara feels the wetness and touches his face, causing his eyes to widen as do his sibling.

"B-blood.. Ahhh.. BLOOD!.. ITS MY BLOOD!" gaara howls.

"That's the signal" temari and kankuro thought. Suddenly white feathers start to rain down around the stadium as hiruzen turns to the rasa but suddenly the kage booth explodes with smoke.

[Music: The Driller - Transformers: Dark of the Moon(Loop)]

Oto and suna ninja reveal themselves as gaara rises to his feet with his siblings appearing behind him. Genma goes on guard but naruto raises his hand, "Whoa there.. They're on our side" he says and calls forth his iron sand to create a large bird.

"Orochimaru and Oto have decided to invade with Suna but Suna has betrayed them.. So we're all friends.. See ya" naruto shouts and leaps onto to his bird and flies off. At the same time outside the village suna ninja kill their oto counterparts and the surrender to konoha ninja. While this goes on hiruzen is grabbed by rasa as Anbu cut down the guards but the guards reveal themselves to be the Sound-Four of Sakon, Kidomaru, Jirobo and Tayuya.

"Ninpo: Shishienjin" the four shout, creating a barrier around rasa and hiruzen but then a second barrier around themselves. Naruto lands on the roof and his iron sand breaks down, "Aww missed it by that much" he muses.

"What are you doing here Uzumaki?!" one Anbu says. Naruto glances to the tan robed Anbu, "I am about do something your Hokage couldn't" he says. Orochimaru quickly reveals himself and starts to monologue as hiruzen counter him in quick exchange. Naruto weaves signs to ram, "Ring!.. If you Please" he shouts, shocking the Anbu.

"About Fucking Time Boss" tayuya shouts and breaks her control on the barrier. The barrier flickers and weakens as naruto creates his feathered spears, "Satetsu Satsujin" he shouts, sending them towards jirobo and through his body. The blond wasn't done as he channels chakra to his left hand and a reflex bow appears with a puff of smoke. The barrier weakens more with jirobo's death and it was causing tension to rise with kidomaru and sakon as tried to maintain it.

"That bitch Betrayed us" sakon hisses but nothing more as black flames ensnare his body.

"Sakon?!" kidomaru shouts but he too was engulfed in black flames. Orochimaru grits his teeth in rage as the barrier fully comes down, "Curse that boy" he shouts. Hiruzen gasps as naruto pulls his bow taut, firing an arrow charged with a raiton. Orochimaru is pierced through the stomach, staggering him back several steps as naruto pumps his fist. Orochimaru grits his teeth but several more pierce his body, knocking him down as itachi lands next to hiruzen.

"His invasion will fail.. Suna has betrayed his village" itachi says and hiruzen gasps.

"What?!" orochimaru hisses, ripping the arrows from his body. Naruto strolls forward with a faint smile on his face, "Well.. Well.. Well.. What do we have here.. Orochimaru-han.. Long time no see" he sneers. Tayuya shunshins next to her boss and takes his reflex bow as naruto pockets his hands, while alcina appears behind her love.

"Curse you Boy.. I may be at a disadvantage.. However it won't be for long" orochimaru sneers and flashes signs, before slamming his hands together but suddenly his body seizes. Alcina grins wide with a smirk on her face, "That was fast" she says.

"Upped the doze" naruto states. Orochimaru staggers with violent coughs as his throat locks up, "W-w-what is T-thisss" he hisses. Naruto gives the sannin a demonic grin, "The One thing you fear.. Death!" he shouts. Orochimaru clutches his throat with wide eyes as he start to choke, bile starting to spew from his mouth.

"What.. No!.. I can Die like this!" orochimaru thought, falling to one knee. Naruto shoots forward and knees orochimaru on his back as his face turns purple and his eyes bloodshot.

"Do you know how Long I have waited for this" naruto says, grabbing orochimaru by the front of his tan top. Blood starts to spew from orochimaru's nose with wide eyes as naruto smirks, "Let it set in.. You are dying.. The one thing you have feared since the beginning.. You will die here and No one will Mourn you or save you" naruto hisses and leans closer.

"Kabuto.. Already dead.. Kimimaro and Guren.. Will die soon.. Same with that Rat Bastard Amachi or that freak Hiruko.. You Die Orochimaru and will Burnnn in Hell" naruto shouts. Orochimaru's heads hit the roof as he chokes on his bile and gives his last breaths as foam comes from his mouth, with a memory of the past as his last thoughts. Naruto leans down and doesn't hear a breath as a small laugh escapes his lips but it evolves into full blown laughter as he staggers up from orochimaru, almost becoming broken as it continues. Alcina quickly closes the gap and pulls naruto into her chest as his laughter almost seems broken, "Itachi Rend from him from this world" she hisses, pulling naruto along. Itachi's eyes shift to three spiraling curves around the pupil and bleeds, "Amaterasu" he utters, setting orochimaru ablaze with the black flames. Hiruzen watches with wide eyes as his student, one of his regrets being burned to ashes.

"Consider that a You're Welcome" naruto says, now looking hiruzen in the eye. The older man says nothing as the blond walks down the roof followed by alcina and tayuya.

"You avenged them boss" tayuya says. Naruto chuckles as his tears were still running, "Yes.. Yes I did" he muses. Cha appearing front of naruto and hugs tightly as tsunade does the same from behind, while the remaining fingers appear and welcome back their final member. The day was won and the boogie man of konoha was burning in hell for his sins.[song ends]

*Scene Break - Two Days Later - Kage Tower*

It has two days since orochimaru's failed invasion which ended with the sannin's death at the hands of naruto. Suna surrendered to konoha or namely itachi and naruto confirmed that rasa had been killed by the rouge sannin. Due to the invasion it was revealed to the populous that itachi was the godaime but over the coming days it would be revealed. The young kage did indeed call a meeting with all the clans heads and lord ozai to discuss things going forward.

"T-tsunade" hiruzen says, as the clan heads file into the room. Tsunade was wearing a fitted three-piece suit with no coat, a forest green dress shirt and white corset vest with black tie. Naruto was wears black slacks with knee length boots, a white dress shirt and grey suit vest with a black tie, lastly a long black coat with crimson lining.

"Hello Sensei" tsunade says but follows naruto to take a seat at the u-shape table. Hiruzen could barely contain his shock as he takes his seat directly across from naruto and tsunade. Itachi sits at the head of the table with ozai sitting behind him on raised section, "I call this meeting to order" itachi declares. The veteran clan heads turn their attention to new and young kage, "For those you that do not know me.. I am Itachi Uchiha and Godaime Hokage.. Chosen by Lord Ozai to replace Sandaime-sama" he starts.

"I chose Itachi for his love the village.. His intelligence and his Foresight.. I've always kept the reigns light on Konohagakure and because of it certain Issues have appeared.. He's served me well in the Capital and he will do so again as Hokage" ozai says. Itachi clears his throat and looks each of the clan heads in the eye, "Like the Senju.. My clan help found Konohagakure but due to the actions of a select few.. The Uchiha were pushed to fringes of village politics.. Given the Police Force by Nidaime-sama to pacify us and allow us to be monitored" he starts and some murmur.

"This caused dissent to form within the clan as time passed and once the Tragedy of Kyubi attack happened.. It festered even more as the Council voted that the Uchiha clan be moved to fringes of the village.. Further isolating the clan and fanning the flames of dissent" itachi continues.

"What are you saying Godaime-sama" unaki kurama says. He is older man with light brown hair that falls over his ears and small black eyes.

"Whispers of a Coup started to be talked among the Uchiha Elders.. The clan felt slighted by the village.. More so when Sandaime-sama decided to retake the Hokage position instead of looking to one of the other Hokage candidates from the Yondaime's generation" itachi states.

"That wasn't possible at the time" hiruzen starts but ozai silences him.

"Let him speak" ozai says. Itachi clears his throat once again, "My Father and many of elders whispered about attempting a coup to regain the Uchiha's lost power.. Sandaime-sama learned of the Plot through myself.. Shisui and Izumi Uchiha.. And through that we became his Spies" he says and they murmur once again.

"You ordered someone to Spy of their own clan" tsume snaps and the clan head murmur at notion of hiruzen ordering this.

"If Izumi was a spy for Sandaime-sama.. Why did she slaughter the Uchiha" shikaku says.

"She was ordered to so" itachi says, with a frown and silent gasps fill the room. Naruto looks to hiruzen with a sly smirk on his face as itachi quiets the room.

"Sandaime-sama sought a peaceful resolution but it was stagnant best.. So Shisui came up with a solution" itachi says.

"What solution" tsume questions. Itachi sighs and rubs his eyes, "Shisui intended to use his Mangekyo Sharingan to pacify my father and elders but an incident happened" he replies.

"Danzo Shimura sought the power of Shisui's Sharingan and attacked him.. Stealing one in the process.. He then went behind Sandaime-sama's back and ordered Izumi to slaughter the clan.. In exchange for sparing me.. He took advantage of her feelings for me and her love of the Village to force her into committing such act.. However she did not act alone as a Rogue Uchiha called Tobi aided her" itachi adds.

"Before anyone calls for Danzo's head.. He has been dealt with along with his supposedly defunct Root" ozai interjects and the clan heads murmur.

"Tobi was dealt with by me.. When he sought the Kyubi" naruto adds. Itachi then snaps his fingers and two Anbu appear behind kizashi, "Restrain Kizashi Haruno and take him to Ibiki" he says.

"What?!" kizashi shouts but he is knocked out and dragged away.

"Kizashi is one of Danzo's co-conspirators along Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado" itachi states. Naruto glances to hiashi and subtly nods as the man clears his throat, "Hokage-sama... I would like to bring a motion to the Clan heads and yourself" hiashi says and itachi nods his head.

"First I wish you a long reign as Godaime but I have grievances with the former Sandaime.. His actions in recent years have allowed many tragedies to befall our village.. Your clans fall.. Orochimaru's sick experiments.. The lost of my brother.. I know I can not speak for the clan heads but I for one feel the blame for should fall upon the Sandaime" hiashi says and the clan heads murmur, none noticing the grin on naruto's face.

"Then what do you propose" ozai says. Hiashi looks to hiruzen with a serious look, "I call for Sarutobi Hiruzen and the Sarutobi be exiled from Konohagakure" hiashi says and hiruzen's eyes widen.

"I second the motion.. Sarutobi has done good but his recent actions have nearly brought the village to ruin.. I know it will sound personal but my granddaugther has wallowed in shame due her powers.. Sarutobi allowed her to be tossed aside by her Sensei when he could've commissioned Jiraiya to help her" unkai says. Ozai rests his chin on his fist, "I ratify the motion and call for a vote" he says, shocking hiruzen more. The older man looks to naruto and could see the hidden malicious smile on his face, "Was this you plan?!" he thought.

"I am willing to be exiled but why my whole clan" hiruzen interjects.

"If you are indeed exiled.. What is stop your clan from inciting rebellion.. Thus embroiling Konoha in Civil War" naruto says, a slight but faint smile on his face.

"All those who agree with the motion raise their hands" itachi says. Shikaku and inoichi gasp as the other clan heads raise their in favor of the motion but more so when choza raises his hand in favor.

"Choza?!.. Why would you vote in exiling Sandaime-sama" shikaku thought and inoichi was having similar thoughts.

"Shikaku-san.. Inoichi-san.. Your votes" itachi says. The room devolves into silence as the weight of the choice weighs on inoichi and shikaku but the worst was hiruzen as his student tsunade raised her hand.

"Even you Tsunade" hiruzen thought but his gaze shifts to the younger blond, his smile faint but malicious. The time slowly ticks by and the tension slowly rises but inoichi slowly raises his hand, "Inoichi?!" shikaku thought.

"I vote against the motion" shikaku says. Itachi looks between the clan heads and sighs, "The motion has been passed.. The Sarutobi Clan have one month to leave the village to Never return.. Sarutobi Asuma is released from service as a Jonin.. The same goes for Anbu operatives Monkey and Gekko" he says. Hiruzen clenches his fists under the desk as itachi calls an end to the meeting, each of the clan heads giving hiruzen sympathetic looks but it falls on deaf ears. The room soon empties and it leaves ozai, tsunade, naruto and hiruzen as the lord of fire rises from his seat.

"Consider it a mercy you can remain in my country" ozai says, leaving with his guards. Hiruzen looks towards naruto as the blond removes his sunglasses, "Is this what you wanted" hiruzen says.

"Of course.. My revenge was Three-Fold" naruto says, holding up three fingers. The blond puts down his middle finger, "First was Danzo.. He paid for having me Kidnapped by Starving death in a void" he says, then puts down his ring finger.

"Next was Orochimaru and he suffered as you saw.. Clawing at his throat.. Eyes bugging out of his skull.. Foaming at mouth" naruto continues and puts down his pinky.

"Last was you.. Your foolish and blind belief in this village.. Not seeing the enemies running circles around you.. Now you are exiled from the village you Love so much.. Ozai will drag your reputation through the mud" naruto says and rises from his seat. The blond walks around the table towards the older man as looks down and leans to his ear, "You will be disgraced as Hokage.. Even taken your student.. Because she believes in the tenets of family.. This is my revenge on you by order of The Five Faces" naruto whispers.

"Tsunade.. How.. How can you be party to this" hiruzen whispers. Tsunade rises from her seat with a blank look on her face, "Why.. You have the Gall to ask me why.. This village has taken So much from me.. My clan.. My Lover.. Even someone I would consider a younger sister.. Then when her newborn was orphaned.. Did you contact me... No you put this Damn village over him.. You let Danzo run circles around you and Orochimaru to run free" she says and pauses to catch her breath.

"My Grandfather and Granduncle would be ashamed of you" tsunade finishes and storms out of the room. Naruto picks up his glasses and slips them on, "Do you finally Hate me Jiji.. Hate me like the villages does" he says, chuckling seeing the hot tears in the older man's eyes as he leaves. News would soon spread of hiruzen's fall from grace but it was also revealed about his mistakes.

*Scene Break - Hokage Office*

"So what will you do now" itachi asks. Naruto crosses his legs with his sunglasses on his forehead, "We'll be heading back to Yuki.. From there I don't know but if you need me.. I am at you call Godaime-s" he says.

"How did you convince Hiashi Hyuga to bring up such motion" itachi asks.

"Just between us" naruto says and itachi taps his desk, causing the Anbu to vanish.

"His brother didn't die right away.. He fostered a set of twin girls" naruto says and itachi's eyes widen, "I promised to either deal with them or bring them home but that predicates on if they possess the Byakugan" he adds. Itachi leans back in his chair with a sigh, "Lord Ozai has always been weary of Lightning.. Their Daimyo is young and ambitious" he says.

"I'll be working on that front.. Maybe even dipping my toe into Kiri's situation as well" naruto says and reaches for his contact.

"I hope you won't fault me for keeping this" naruto states, revealing his Sharingan.

"So long as I am allowed to keep Shisui's eyes" itachi says and naruto slips his contact back in.

"She'll probably come back them.. Even though she won't be readily welcomed" naruto says. Itachi sighs and pinches his nose with a look to the window, "The village won't trust simple words but I intend to clear her name and bring her home" he says.

"Even if she doesn't want to.. Akatsuki is organization close to my own.. They fight for the little guy against the big guy.. Konoha is at the top of that list" naruto muses.

"Then I need to change their perception" itachi says and naruto smiles.

"Did you get Anko's resignation" naruto asks and itachi holds up a letter with the words I quit, causing naruto to snort with a small laugh.

"Ibiki won't be happy.. She was his number two" itachi muses.

"Can't be helped.. This village has shown their loyalty to her.. You have your work cut for you.. Hope this stone with clear the stagnant lake.. Also Tsunade will remain behind to help with your mother's recovery" naruto says and rises to his feet as itachi mouths a thank you. Itachi does the same as naruto slips off his glove to shake itachi's hand, "Good Luck Godaime-sama" naruto says.

"Good Luck Death-san" itachi says and naruto turns on his heels but stops.

"Ohh.. If you want to know the secret of paperwork" naruto says but itachi smiles.

"Kage Bunshin" itachi says and naruto smiles, leaving itachi's office. The blond makes his way out the kage tower and makes his way back to his hotel to finish packing, then check out. Many of the villagers give the blond a wide berth as he makes his way back but someone gets in his path, "Hoh the eldest Sarutobi" naruto says.

"You got some Nerve.. My Dad did everything he could for you and this is how you repay him" asuma snaps.

"Of course this is how I repay him.. Your father treated me as some tool to be waved around.. Despite being a newborn.. He halted anyone in adopting because it would unbalance the clans" naruto starts, moving his fingers in quotes for unbalance.

"It would've unbalance.. No one clan should wield such power.. Jinchuriki are living prisons.. What would have stopped them from molding you into their tool" asuma says. Naruto glances to see a crowd forming as asuma glares at him, "Yet I had an Aunt who is of my clan.. Yet she was lied too.. Asuma-han.. Just consider it a new beginning for the Sarutobi.. A chance the see the world through new eyes" naruto says then walks pass asuma.

"You damn Demon" asuma whispers. Naruto chuckles and tosses his head back with a laugh, "That's what they say" he says and vanishes. The blond appears at his hotel and makes his way upstairs to his room, "I'm thinking of creating another group" he thought.

"What kind this time.. Five Faces.. Five Fingers.. What's next.. Five Feet" kurama asks and naruto snorts.

"No-no.. Since Anko is joining up and Karin has brought Jeanne.. I want to create a group for them.. It would be.. Hmm.. Like Phases of the moon and they would be like Demons" naruto thought, reaching his floor.

"So Demon Moons" kurama says and naruto smirks.

"Perfect" naruto thought, opening the door.

"Finally Darling.. Are we finished with this village" alcina says. Naruto glances to anko and her two little friends in the form of karin and jeanne, "Yes were are finished with this village.. For now we're heading home to Yuki.. There we can get you three kitted up properly and tatted up too.. Taka will meet us there" he says.

"Yuki" jeanne asks.

"It's further north.. A place of perpetual winter but spring comes after so often.. It was in a way the birth place of the Five Faces" alcina says and jeanne slowly nods. Naruto reaches out and caresses jeanne's face to make her turn red, "Don't worry Jeanne.. I'll keep you warm" he croons.

"You're such a Freak cousin" karin says and anko giggles, "So what will you have planned for us" karin adds, regretting asking that in the coming months.

End Season One

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