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Chapter 5

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[..Pause ...Long Pause]

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-Chunin Exams - Second Rd-

Naruto sits in the hut near the main entrance, his legs crossed on the table and looking at a small note. The blond burns the paper with a little chakra and a chuckle, "I knew he would say yes" naruto thought.

"You were hoping for a No" kurama says and naruto chuckles softly, holding his left index and thumb close. About two hours pass and a nondescript proctor approaches naruto, "Oi Uzumaki.. There is something you need to see" she says. Naruto lifts a book from his face with his eyes narrowed, "See what" he says.

"No time to explain.. You gotta see it" the proctor says. Naruto closes his book and slips it into his pocket with a sigh, "Fine lead the way" he says, following the proctor. She leads him to gate twenty-nine and the gate was open with a young woman laying face down just inside the forest..

"What happened" naruto says, approaching the downed girl. She has long red hair and dressed black shorts and a orange kimono blouse with black sandals. The proctor says nothing as naruto kneels to one knee but the girl turns over, kicking naruto in the throat and knocking him on his butt with his sunglasses falling off. The girl shifts to a crouch with a smirk on her face and a glint in her red eyes. Naruto coughs but his eyes narrow as nearly two dozen Ne and ninja dressed in a shinobi shozoku of black and camo grey appear around him.

"Surrender Kyubi Jinchuriki" the proctor says, dropping their henge to reveal themselves as another Ne operative.

[Music: Skylar Cahn- Titan]

"No surrender.. Not until I break him" a voice hisses. Naruto chuckles as dong-su steps out the shadows of the forest, "Such brotherly love.. To go to this Such an extent" naruto says. Several veins bulge on dong-su's face and arms as he tosses his jacket aside, "I swore to rip you limb from limb for killing him" he hisses, his eyes glowing red.

"You can't kill him Bastard" the girl snaps, adjusting her red framed glasses. Dong-su shoots a murderous glare to the girl, "Fuck off Freak.. Orochimaru can have what's left" he hisses. Naruto spits a loogie and gets to his feet with a faint smile on his face but looks around at the combined forces, "So Pedomaru owns Otogakure" he muses, looking at their music symbol hitai-ate.

"You should know that already Death" dong-su says, cracking his knuckles. Naruto reaches into his pockets and all of them except dong-su go on guard, "True but just so you know.. I'll fight back you know" he says, holding up a pair of silver-knuckles. Dong-su's arms start to turn dark brown as the white of his eyes turn red, "I would hope you do" he sneers and naruto smirks right back.

"Karin-chan is this all of them" naruto says, halting dong-su. The girl giggles darkly with eyes hidden in the shadows of her glasses, "This all he could spare without raising notice.. Oh and he's deep in the forest" she says. Naruto shoots forward and connects with a body blow to dong-su's gut and sending him carreening into the forest.

"Capture him and Kill her" one shouts. Naruto breaks left as one Ne sends his tanto down but it phases through the blond, before he connects with a right hook and snapping the jaw of a oto kunoichi. Several shuriken shoots towards the blond but they halt and fling back with increased speed. Naruto starts to pick up his speed and blitzes the oto ninja with punches, breaking faces and snapping necks from the force of his strikes.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu" one Ne shouts, spewing a fireball towards the blond. Naruto smirks and phases through the fireball, before spearing the Ne into the ground and slamming a fist into his face and caving in his skull. Several explosive kunai charge the blond but they halt and fling back to explode into their thrower.

"Naruto.. He's coming" karin shouts, clapping her hands gleefully. Naruto rises to his feet as his silver-knuckles melt into silver dust and more snakes from his sleeves to form a large club hammer with a long handle.

"You see this Hammer.. This Hammer caved your brother's skull in" naruto shouts. Dong-su gnashes his teeth in rage, numerous veins bulging in his entire body as his muscles bulge on his shirt. Naruto spins his hammer with a manic smile on his face as rage exudes from dong-su, the tension rising with each step. Dong-su picks up speed and swings a right but naruto sidesteps his large arm, before connecting with his hammer to his side. Dong-su jerks as some blood bursts from his mouth and dropping him to his knees but naruto connects with a uppercut, pushing him off the ground and then another hammer strike to his chest. Dong-su spews more blood from his chest as he crashes into the fence.

"Fucking Bastard" dong-su thought. Naruto approaches with his hammer resting on his shoulder as dong-su staggers to his feet but the blond sends his hammer into dong-su's knee.

"Here I thought this would be a challenge" naruto says, tossing the hammer up to levitate it. Dong-su clutches his shattered knee but attempts to his get to his feet as naruto flashes signs to ram.

"Silver Needle" naruto declares. The hammer breaks down into long needles and pierce dong-su's body but he doesn't scream like his brother did at one time.

"Awww.. Looks like it's over" karin says. Naruto chuckles and weaves more signs and slams his hands together, before slowly pulling them apart. Dong-su's eyes widen as lightning was between naruto's hands, "Raiton: Chained Lightning" the blond utters, slamming his hands into the silver needles. Dong-su screams bloody murder as lightning courses through his body but it peters out as his skin turns black in spots and his eyes bleed. Naruto calls back his silver needles as dong-su collapses with a thud and smoke wafting off his body, "Hehe.. Toasty" he says, smacking his hands.[song ends]

-Scene Break-

Karin claps her hands and skips to naruto with her arms open for the blond to hug her, before they share an incestous kiss.

"Hello my Little Freak" naruto says, licking his lips. Karin giggles as she twirls around, "Hello my Big Freaky cousin.. How I have missed you" she says. The bodies of the Ne burst into flames as naruto rolls his neck, "How helpful" he muses, creating some clones to secure the oto ninja and dong-su's corpse.

"So how was Kusa" naruto asks. Karin adjusts her glasses with a scowl on her face, "Horrible I had to play this timid kunoichi for Orochimaru and let them use my healing bite.. Ughh" she says but a smile forms, "I did make a friend though.. They call her a Witch" she adds. Naruto quirks an eyebrow as karin grabs his right hand to pull him along, "She's in the forest with our teammate and a clone I left.. Come on you gotta meet her" she says. Naruto follows karin through the forest to find her team, "Well you're lucky.. I do need to head to the tower" he says, seeing the setting sun.

"So how's Big sister Alcina" karin asks.

"She's good.. After this round.. I'll take you to her" naruto says. Karin and naruto continue on until the redhead stops on a high tree and points down to her team currently fighting a large bear. Karin's clone was cowering under them, while her male teammate was already dead. However karin's third teammate was in front of the clone with a kunai in her hand and her right arm cut up. She has a thin, voluptuous figure with pale skin and straight, white hair that falls to her mid-neck and mid-length bangs.

"Her name is Jeanne.. Kusa calls her a witch because of her hair and she was born under a Red Moon" karin explains. Jeanne wears a white sleeveless kimono blouse with a long, black-trim, white wrap skirt with buckles. Pink thigh-high socks with knee-high close-toe kunoichi boots and mesh arm sleeves.

"Always with the Superstition" naruto says, stepping off the branch and caving in the bear's skull. Jeanne gasps and her yellow-green eyes widen at the sight of naruto but jerks as karin drops down with her clone popping into water.

"Jeanne are you ok.. Here" karin says, quickly and holding out her wrist. Jeanne bites karin's wrist and the red head cries in pleasure as naruto shakes his head.

"Fucking M" naruto thought. Jeanne's wounds heal and she lets go to turn to naruto inches from her face, causing her to stagger back and into the tree.

"You are so Cute.. Snow White hair and piercing yellow-green eyes" naruto says, slamming his hand into the tree. Jeanne's cheeks turn red and she fumbles over her words, "T-thank you.. A-are you Karin's F-freaky c-cousin" she says. Naruto leans closer and snakes his right around her back, "Yes" he says, kissing her deeply. Jeanne's eyes widen but she gives into the kiss with her face turning red as naruto pulls back, thumbing his lips.

"Mmm like strawberries" naruto says. Jeanne stays leans on the tree with a red face and wide eyes as naruto turns to karin, "Well cousin.. We should get to the tower.. You're teammate is dead so the round is over for you" he says.

"Thank Yami.. Now I can leave Kusa but what about Pedomaru" karin says.

"Let me worry about that.. What about you Jeanne.. Do you want to stay in Kusa or come with us" naruto asks.

"I-I want to come with you and Karin-chan.. She doesn't see me as a Witch" jeanne says and karin hugs her tightly.

"And People see me as a Demon.. However I say Wear those words like armor and it Will Never be used against you" naruto says and jeanne gasps. Naruto slips off his right glove and summons an ant with wings, "Get on.. She'll take you to the tower.. Tell them I sent you and ask for Anko Mitarashi" he says and both nod, climbing on the ant and it flies off as karin whoops. Naruto then seals the bear's corpse for his colony, "If you want a scroll.. There is one to my right" he says, turning to a konoha team.

"We don't want the scroll Demon" one of them snaps. He has short brown hair and grey eyes, wearing a black jumper. His teammates are a pair of twins with black hair and eyes, wearing matching tracksuit of dark blue and white. Naruto pulls out his sunglasses out a scroll and these have bronze lenses, "Hoh you don't huh" he says, slipping them on. Naruto suddenly vanishes and the lead genin gasps as the blond's hand was sticking out his back like a knife.

"Fumiyo" the twins shouts, back leaping and tossing several kunai. Naruto rips his arm free from fumiyo as the kunai simply pass through him, before speeding up and piercing the twins' heads.

"Young lives snuffed by a superior predator" kurama says, coming out of naruto's shadow. Naruto rips off the stained sleeve to the shoulder and slips off the gloves, tossing them aside with a shake of his head.

"No accounting for Stupidity" naruto says, reaching into his cargo pocket and pulling out a pair of new black gloves. The blond slowly slips them on and is aware of three people watching him, "You know it's rude to stare.. I thought Kurenai-san taught you better" he says, looking back to see team-8. Kiba glances to the dead team but back to naruto and more so his tattoos on his arm, "Why did you kill them" kiba says, as akamaru whimpers on top his head.

"They tried to kill me.. Was I supposed to stand there and let them" naruto says.

"S-still that doesn't give you the r-right to kill them" hinata says. Naruto lifts his sunglasses to his forehead with a sigh, "I can see why Neji looks down on you.. What do you think ninja do.. Save princess.. Be heroes to the downtrodden" he says and sweeps his arm to the dead genin.

"It's about Killing.. Lying.. Stealing.. You take missions for the highest bidder.. Sarutobi and the Academy may have taught the glamourous side of being a ninja but this is the Real side.. You signed those waivers because Death would be involved" naruto says.

"It was still illogical to kill them" shino says and naruto scoffs, shaking his head.

"So if you encountered them.. Logically you would have negotiated with them for their scroll or fought with non-lethal measures.. What if it was a team from a rival village.. Same thinking however from their perspective.. You're an enemy and killing is allowed.. They would kill you two after taking her hostage" naruto says and looks hinata in the eye, causing her to flinch.

"After they killed you two.. They would take turns Raping her.. Before slitting her throat and ripping out her eyes to sell them or maybe take her captive and sell her to another village" naruto says, coldly.

"Look what you did.. You made the Hyuga cry" kurama says, hopping onto the blond's shoulder.

"If these three wish to be Real ninja.. They need to know the Harsh reality of their profession.. If they can't.. Then..." naruto says but vanishes. Team-8 looks around but naruto was long gone, "He is a Fucking Asshole" kiba snaps.

"What should we do with them" shino says.

"W-we shouldn't leave them here" hinata says, wiping her tears.

"Right.. We can put them in stasis scrolls and give them to Kurenai-sensei" kiba says and teammates slowly nod.

-Scene Break - Central Tower-

Naruto reaches the tower about hour after leaving team-8, finding a pair of Anbu waiting at the front entrance and both usher him inside to one of the upper rooms. Anko was sitting inside a room on a blue sofa with karin and jeanne sitting on another seat but the snake mistress didn't look happy.

"Anko-chan saw the Pedo" karin says. Naruto shoots a glance to anko, "He killed the other Kusa team but worst of all he marked Sasuke Uchiha with the curse-mark" she says and naruto's eyes narrow.

"Has he made it to the tower" naruto asks.

"Not yet but Hokage-sama knows everything.. That Bastard Orochimaru" anko hisses. Naruto approaches and pats her shoulder, "Don't worry.. He'll get his" he says.

"I hope so.. So who are these two" anko asks. Naruto slips off his sunglasses with a smirk towards karin, "Karin is my cousin and Jeanne is my new cute friend" he says and jeanne blushes.

"We're from Kusa but want to defect" karin says. Anko gives the two girls a look but then to naruto, "Hokage-sama will want to send them to T&I" she says.

"We don't mind as long as you don't hurt us too bad" karin says. Naruto slips on his sunglasses with a chuckle, "Karin's still a Genin.. So she doesn't know much.. Same with Jeanne" he says.

"Regardless Hokage-sama may call for it" anko says and naruto shrugs with his arms raised.

"So we have another four days before the round ends" naruto says and anko slowly nods.

"Unfortunately yes.. However if the teams are reduced enough.. It should be" anko says and naruto chuckles, walking towards the window. Over the next four days karin and jeanne were treated to the company of ibiki and anko, both giving the necessary information to keep hiruzen happy. Naruto decided to opt out of finishing the second round but anko was there as too many teams passed and a preliminary round was needed. Hiruzen quickly had kakashi seal up sasuke's curse-mark after his match and would contact jiraiya to further deal with it. The finals were set and in one month time the eight genin would fight for their futures in front of a packed crowd.

-Scene Break - One Week Later - Fire Country Capital-

Naruto crosses his legs with a magazine in his hands as anko sits next to him, "What are we doing here" she asks.

"We're here to see the doctor about your affliction" naruto says, flipping the page. Anko narrows her eyes but a nurse comes up to them, "The doctor will see you now" she says. Anko and naruto follow the nurse to one of the exam rooms in the rear of the building, inside a room sits minami with a clipboard.

"Hi.. I'm Minami Amada.. Otherwise known as The Face of Pestilence" minami says, ushering for anko to sit down. Naruto closes the door and locks it before putting several seal papers on it and forming a ram-sign.

"So I hear you have a hickey from a Pedophile" minami says and anko touches her left collarbone.

"Yeah and in exchange for keeping my mouth shut about certain things.. He promised to remove it" anko says, jerking her thumb to naruto. Minami wiggles the unlit cigarette in her mouth, "Fufufu.. Naruto-kun always making promises" she says and anko narrows her eyes.

"Good thing he can keep them" minami adds. Anko sighs with a shake of her head, "So what do I have to do to finally be free of this mark" she asks. Minami grabs a silver case and places it on her desk to open it to reveal medium size syringe of dark liquid, "I'm sure Naruto-kun told you how dangerous his blood is" she starts and anko slowly nods.

"Well your insane Sensei injected Naruto-kun with a virus known as the Progenitor virus.. Something he spliced together with the cells of the First Hokage" minami continues.

"The Shodaime Hokage?!" anko blurts out and minami nods.

"Even long after his Death.. The power of Hashirama Senju changes things.. Anyway Orochimaru spliced the cells with a special mold grown on the island Uzushio along with a parasite known as the Cadou.. Combined these three and you have the Progenitor Virus" minami explains.

"It killed everyone but I survived because of Kurama.. His demonic chakra altered the virus and made it viable" naruto says.

"What about Alcina" anko asks. Minami glances to naruto with her eyes hidden behind her glasses, "She was drinking naruto's blood due to her blood disease and the virus bonded to her.. Making her the super sized vampire mommy we all love" she says. Naruto makes a face and crosses his legs, after taking a seat with a sigh.

"This injection is made from Naruto-kun's diluted blood and antibodies from the body of someone who was the impetus of the curse-mark" minami explains and anko's eyes widen. Minami then picks up the syringe, "You see this person produced an enzyme that interacted with a special energy known as Natural Chakra.. It allows one to alter one's body.. Thanks to this person's body.. We were able to create these antibodies that cures Curse-mark bearers" she explains.

"How the Hell do know so much about that bastard's work" anko says and naruto chuckles, slipping his sunglasses off.

"I have someone close to the Pedo and they want him dead as much as you.. They gave us the information and pointed us in the direction of the aforementioned person" naruto states. Anko turns back to the blond with a narrowed eyes but sighs, "So how does this work" she says.

"Well it's a simple injection but it'll be quite painful.. We'll put you down for a few hours to let it run its course" minami says.

"I'll be adding a seal on top to counter the other function" naruto adds. Anko looks at the blond and could see the seriousness in his eyes, "This better work or I'm gonna haunt you" she says and naruto chuckles.

"Alright Anko.. Take off your jacket and top.. I'll put you under quickly" minami says. Anko slips off her coat with a exacerbated sigh and then her top, her breasts bound by medical tape. She lays on the table and minami starts setting up things as naruto pulls out a fuinjutsu kit and grabs a seal paper to inscribe on it.

"Count back from ten" minami says, slipping the IV into anko's right arm. The snake mistress starts the count and her eyes slowly drift close as she slips into unconsciousness.

"So... What Else is that concoction of yours" naruto says, placing his seal paper on anko's curse mark. Minami holds up the syringe filled with the antibodies, "Nothing.. It's the same we used on Ring.. She will see some enhance senses.. No different that what she has from that snake" she says. Minami then injects anko with the antibodies as the blond looks on, "So what's to stop her from running to the Hokage with what she knows" minami asks.

"It won't save him.. The pieces are all ready in place.. Itachi will make sure Hiruzen survives.. The Hiashi and the clan heads will banish him and his clan.. Then he can wander the Cold.. Dark.. World.. Just as I wandered the Cold.. Dark world.. Besides.. Hiruzen has screwed her over.. Keeping her as a Tokubetsu Jonin despite years of service.. Did force Jiraiya to get rid of this seal... No.. He allowed his people to treat her in such a manner" naruto says. Anko's body starts to slightly convulses but her vitals were still stable.

"Plus she decided to leave Konoha with us.. I offered her a position in Five Fingers and she accepted" naruto says and minami giggles but the blond shoot her a look.

"I won't do Anything to her" minami says. Naruto slips his sunglasses back on and rises to his feet, "You know Jiraiya compared you to Orochimaru" he says and minami scoffs.

"I'm honored.. To spoken of in the same breath as one of the Sannin is a Great Honor" minami says and naruto shakes his head.

"Your sarcasm is showing.. But you only say that because Tsunade won't give you Any" naruto says and minami scoffs but giggles.

"Shame I'll miss the fireworks but we need to game plan for the future and I need to head to Ame and help your clan mate" minami says.

"You'll be there in spirit.. Your chemicals will Destroy Danzo's Ne and your little poison will Kill Orochimaru" naruto says, with a smirk.

"You know.. I have no idea what that poison will do.. Please get enough data" minami says and naruto nods, as anko sweats and her skin burns where her curse-mark is.

-Scene Break- One Week Before Finals-

Naruto stares up at the full moon in the sky near kikyo castle, his hands in his pockets when a scream echoes through the night. The blond follows the sound and sees two people standing in the shadows, looking at the roof of the castle but the blond could see his sparring partner kneeling.

"That was incredible.. Was that his true form" one of the figures states.

"Why did you sacrifice him.. Gaara isn't even fighting Genin" the second says and naruto recognizes the voice as baki from suna.

"It was ok.. We no longer had a use for him" the first says.

"I thought he was to be a guinea pig to show how strong Sasuke Uchiha is" baki says. Naruto moves closer but sees the person baki was speaking to was kabuto, causing a dark grin to form on the blond's face.

"No.. There's no need for that anymore" kabuto says and adjusts his glasses, "I was ordered to take Sasuke-kun before the finals but I failed" he adds, shocking baki.

"Konoha now knows I am a spy for Sound" kabuto says.

"What?!.. What if they find out our plan" baki says.

"Is this a private party or can anyone join" naruto says, strolling out the shadows. Baki and kabuto whip around to the blond but kabuto only smirks, "Hello Naruto-kun.. It's been so very long since we seen each other" kabuto says.

"Too long.. I'll be sure to save Alcina a piece" naruto says, his smile gone and his face serious.

"Why that look Naruto-kun.. You have become a superior human thanks to Orochimaru-sama and yet you rebuke his generosity" kabuto says. Baki looks between the pair but kabuto tosses him a scroll, "That is Oto's plan for the Finals.. You should be on your way.. While I speak to Naruto-kun" kabuto says. Baki takes the scroll with a subtle look to naruto, "Right.. I should inform those three of their roles" he says and vanishes with a sand-shunshin.

"Good of you to send him away.. I would hate to drag a Nobody into this" naruto says, slipping off his copper lens sunglasses.

"Why are we fighting Naruto-kun.. You want the Hokage and Konoha to pay.. Why not aid Orochimaru-sama and Then come back" kabuto says.

"Hmph.. Hmmhmmhmm.. I do want Konoha and Sarutobi to pay... However your master is at the top of my list" naruto says and kabuto frowns, lowering his stance to attack the blond. Naruto tilts his head with a smirk as suddenly several pricks slam into kabuto, halting his advance.

"W-what?!" kabuto says, falling to his knees with wide eyes. Naruto pockets his hands and strolls towards the downed spy, before squatting down and lifting kabuto's chin.

"Always be mindful of your surroundings" naruto says, before reaching for his contact lens and revealing his Sharingan.

"How does work.. Ah Yes.. Tsukuyomi" naruto says and kabuto's breath hitches. A minute passes as both are unmoving but kabuto suddenly snaps awake with his eyes flickering and looking tired. Naruto chuckles with a slight roll of his neck but the sound of shunshin catches his ear, before dropping kabuto as his eyes flicker.

"Did something happen" naruto says, turning to baki.

"I had to kill a Konoha Jonin.. He was listening.. It was the sickly Jonin" baki says and naruto slips his contact back in.

"Well that's not good.. Not his death but it'll ruin my chances with Yugao for the future.. Welp can't change it... It would be wise to steer clear of a Neko mask Anbu.. They were lovers" naruto says, slipping his glasses on. The blond turns to baki with a sigh, "Make sure everything goes as planned.. He'll probably kill the Kazekage on his way here.. So when the signal comes during our Spar.. Kill the Oto ninja and surrender to Konoha" naruto says.

"Is that wise.. Konoha will see it as a betrayal" baki says but naruto chuckles.

"Maybe but the new Hokage will smooth things over.. Orochimaru took advantage of Sarutobi's blindness of the Wind Daimyo's foolishness.. Sending vital missions for your country outside with his stupidity" naruto muses, turning back to kabuto. The medic struggles to feet with a look of anger on his face, "S-so Suna would D-dare to turn against O-orchimaru-sama" he hisses, attempting to heal the damage naruto has done.

"Of course they would.. I made them a better offer" naruto says, before vanishing. Kabuto gasps as his perspective was now inverted, "H-huh" he sputters, before his eyes roll back in his head.

"Why kill him.. Kabuto is a vital piece of the operation.. He has to cast the Temple of Nirvana Jutsu" baki says. Naruto hefts kabuto's corpse onto his shoulder, "Don't worry.. Kabuto will play his part.. Now Go" he says and both vanish. The next morning Anbu find the corpse of hayate and hiruzen tightens security to find kabuto and or orochimaru.

-Scene Break - Ne HQ - Next Day-

"It seems Dong-su failed.. Along with your forces" danzo says, his lone gaze on kabuto. The glasses wearing medic adjusts his glasses, "We didn't know Karin would betray us" he says.

"Uzumaki has taken them into his custody.. The floor he inhabits is locked tight as more of his people arrive" danzo says.

"Any of the other Faces" kabuto asks but danzo shakes his head, "Shame.. Orochimaru-sama could have captured any of them" kabuto says.

"No matter.. Will your forces be ready" kabuto says. Danzo narrows his eye with a look to kabuto, "So long as Orochimaru kills Hiruzen and the Incumbent Hokage.. Lord Ozai will have no choice to name me Hokage" danzo says. Kabuto adjusts his glasses with a smirk, "Then you can have him conscript Naruto-kun into your forces" he says but danzo says nothing. Suddenly fuu rushes into danzo's office, "Danzo-sama we're under attack" he shouts. Danzo's eyes widen and he bolts up from his seat, "What?!" he says, shooting a dark look to kabuto.

"This is not Orochimaru-sama.. I can assure you" kabuto says, raising his hands. Danzo grits his teeth and follows fuu out of his office with kabuto in tow, "Who could've infiltrated us.. Hiruzen... No.. Uzumaki?!" danzo thought. The three reach one of the many bridges as a strange gas floats around under them and slowly rising. Danzo flashes several signs and blows a stream of air, before covering his mouth as does fuu and kabuto.

"Look!" kabuto says. Danzo sees some of his forces fighting each other ahead of them, "Chemicals" he thought. Torune suddenly appears with his shirt missing and his skin turned purple, "Danzo-sama.. Are you not affected" he says.

"Affected?!" danzo says. Torune drops to one knee with his head down, "Several minutes ago.. A strange cloud of chemicals was unleashed in the lower levels of HQ" he says, pointing the yellow-green cloud below them.

"It affects the senses if inhaled.. It suddenly caused operatives to turn on each other.. Showing symptoms of Fear and Paranoia" torune explains. Danzo clenches his fist with gritted teeth and a scowl on his face, "You were forced to put them down" he says.

"Yes Danzo-sama.. Several operatives attempted to attack me in their delusion" torune says. Danzo removes his hidden arm covered in bandage and three golden locks, "We will have to fight our way to an exit" he says.

"Don't bother.. The exits are already sealed" kabuto says and danzo whips around. Kabuto raises a ram-sign and his form changes to that of naruto with a gas mask on, "Hiii" he sneers.

"You?!.. You would Dare Boy?!" danzo says. Naruto simply chuckles with a shake of his head, "I Dare because this.. Has been a Long time coming" he says. Torune and fuu get in front of their master but keep their eyes on the gas.

"How do you like my gas.. It has three components.. First it heightens one senses.. Second it induces Fear and Lastly the longer you're exposed.. Death is a guarantee" naruto says, holding up a finger for each point.

"What should we do Danzo-sama" fuu says. Danzo grits his teeth and lifts his bound arm, "I will have no choice but to release the locks.. Subdue him while I do" he says. Fuu draws his tanto as torune cracks his fingers and both charge the blond, while danzo starts to remove the bindings. Torune leaps and tosses several kunai as naruto prepares to stop but they do not, "Hoh.. Learning" naruto thought, phasing through them.

"They must be made of carbon-fiber" kurama notes. Fuu swings his tanto but naruto leaps with a somersault as torune thrusts his hand towards the blond as he falls. Naruto blitzes out of torune's path and coats his arm with his silver dust, bringing it down on his purple-colored back. Torune slams into the ground as naruto tosses aside the contaminated silver, landing on the railing of the bridge as two of danzo's locks hit the bridge.

"So you were paying attention to Sai's notes about my abilities" naruto muses.

"This ability of dematerialization is new.. We'll have to aim for a counterattack" fuu says. Torune slams his hands together to create a poison cloud, "Our timing must be perfect.. We'll attack together" he says, expelling it forth. Naruto quickly weaves signs and creates his chained lightning, before thrusting his hands forth and it takes a form of a dragon. It explodes into the poison cloud as fuu shunshins behind the blond with his tanto aimed for his neck but naruto phases is the blade. However danzo appears with his now free hand aimed for his throat but naruto grins wide. Danzo gasps as kurama bursts from the blond's right eye, sinking his jaws into danzo's throat.

"Danzo-sama?!" fuu shouts. Naruto acts quickly and sucks danzo into his Sharingan, before blitzing behind fuu kicking him into a charging torune. Fuu screams as torune's insects enter the side of his face but he manages to get them out.

"Have fun" naruto crows, sucking himself into his eye. The sound of giggling from three different women erupts around them, "Do you want to know how it went wrong" one voice says. Fuu and torune look around but the latter sees several grey moths, "Good eye" a second voice says. Several butterflies appear but explode into the noxious chemical, "One can only imagine what you will see" the third coos, as fuu starts screaming.

-Scene Break- Kamui Dimension-

Naruto lands in an area of an innumerable amount of randomly arranged and differently sized rectangular prisms amongst a dark and seemingly endless void. The blond immediately dodges several wind bullets from danzo. The darkness of konoha stood not far from the blond with an arm of several Sharingan eyes.

"What is this place Boy?!" danzo says. Naruto chuckles and raises his finger to his right eye and removing the contact, "Simple answer is your Grave.. Complex answer.. A place created by this Sharingan" he says and danzo's narrows his eye.

"This implantation must be recent" danzo says, drawing a carbon-fiber kunai and blows futon chakra on it to create a scimitar. Naruto rolls his shoulders with a faint smile on his face, "Coming from you.. I see the inclination" he says. Danzo charges the blond but he remains motionless, before the older man swings wide and naruto ducks under the swing. Danzo gasps as his chest was caved in by naruto's upward palm-strike, causing the blond to grin but his eyes narrow as danzo fades away. Danger-senses go off on naruto and ducks under a swipe from danzo, causing his eyes to narrow as he turns with another palm-strike but again danzo fades away.

"He seems to be cheating death" kurama says, appearing and entering naruto's shadow.

"I immediately hid once you dragged inside and I saw him fade away" kurama adds. Danzo stands on one of the higher cubes with a narrowed eye, "Tell me boy.. How did you escape Orochimaru's sight.. He told me the Virus wasn't viable and failed" he says. Naruto pockets his hands with a faint smile, "Well it wasn't viable at the Moment.. However thanks to my furry roommate.. Well the rest is history" he says. Danzo flashes signs to dog with a large inhale, "Futon: Shinku Taigyoku" he thought, expelling a large but tight blast of wind. Naruto keeps his hands in his pockets as a slight charge of electricity coursing up his body as metal items surround his form, shocking danzo greatly internally but externally it was only a crease of his brow.

"So this the full measure of your powers" danzo says, before being pierced by sharp metal from all sides.

"That's quite the skill.. What did Itachi call it.. Ah yes Izanagi" naruto says, glancing left and seeing danzo. The shinobi no yami narrows his visible eye, "So you've been in contact with Itachi as well" danzo says.

"Ah I have.. In Fact he's the new Godaime.. You're Worst fear" naruto says and danzo internally grits his teeth.

"The Daimyo would make an Uchiha Hokage" danzo questions. Naruto fully turns to danzo and left his left hand out his pocket to create his hammer, "Of course.. Who better.. The Senju have had their hand at running Konoha.. Why not its other founder's clan.. Itachi has the mindset of a Kage and being in the capital allowed to him see the world without Konoha's rose-color glasses" he says, spinning it with raiton surging through. Danzo lowers his stance and shoots forward as naruto sends his hammer forward, with enough force to pass through danzo's chest and he fades away.

"Futon: Shinkuha" danzo thought. Naruto puts up his defense with a wave of metal weapons, before maneuvering his hammer to smash through danzo's head. Another izanagi use and danzo draws closer to the blond, "I will have to gamble" danzo thought, biting his lip and drawing blood. He dabs some onto his finger and prepares to use the summoning technique but naruto appears inches from his face, "Raiton: Jibashi" the blond says, shocking danzo but with his enhanced abilities, it stops his heart and forces another izanagi usage.

"How many does this make Danzo.. You will run out sooner or later" naruto says. Danzo looks to his arm and sees only four eyes still open, "Curse this boy.. He's forcing me to use my Izanagi by drawing out this fight and Curse Itachi for aiding him" he thought. Danzo's breath hitches as naruto grasps his face and slams him into one of the larger rectangles.

"Futon: Daitoppa" danzo thought, blowing naruto back with a large gust of wind. Danzo staggers forward but his body seizes as a seal array forms on his body, "W-what?!" he says.

"As much fun as it has been killing you over and over again.. It's time I wrap things up" naruto says, appearing and kicking danzo into the rectangle. Naruto rams his elbow into danzo's throat with maniacal grin on his face, "I've dreamed of this moment" naruto says.

"Y-you think this will change things" danzo says but his body spasms and a scream erupts from his mouth. Naruto back skips as danzo's right arm spasms and forms into a tree but danzo manages to free himself, via naruto sending his hammer in the form of an axe through the shoulder joint.

"Can't have you dying like that" naruto says, sending his hammer into danzo's knees. Danzo screams in pain and fall to his knees as naruto approaches, "Now where were we.. Ah yes.. First I destroyed your forces.. Any not in the base will grow crazy without your orders.. Then I dragged inside here.. With the only way to escape is with my little eye.. Finally I take this" naruto says. The blond grabs danzo by the face and digs his fingers into his hidden right eye causing him to scream as he rips out the Sharingan eye.

"I'm sure Izumi will want this back" naruto says, pulling a jar of liquid from his pouch and plopping the eye inside. Naruto then hold his bloody hand and wipes two lines under his eyes, before wiping it all over his face.

"Hahaha.. Look at you Danzo.. All alone and broken" naruto starts and his face becomes blank, "Like I was.. I plan to leave here in this cold.. Dark void.. I guess you'll last maybe a month without food or water.. Hahaha but with your advanced age and injuries.. Maybe it will be less" he adds. Danzo clutches his empty socket with his left, "Curse you Boy!" he shouts. Naruto laughs with a wide grin on his face, "Hahaha.. No a Curse on you.. By the order of The Five Faces" he says, waving his left hand over his right eye and slowing vanishing with kamui.

-Scene Break-

Naruto appears on the stone head of his father as the rain starts to fall with a few crackles of thunder. The blond tilts his head back with his arms spread out as the blood washes from his face thanks to the rain but it also hides the tears running down his face. A clone pops to life and promptly dispels as naruto opens his mismatch eyes, "My friends.. One down" he muses. The sound of shunshin echoes as alcina stands behind her beloved, "One down" he says. Alcina closes the gap and turns naruto to pull him into her chest, "Indeed beloved.. Soon our revenge will be at hand" she says, stroking his head. Naruto lifts his head with the look of the bedroom eyes in his mismatched eyes, "Make love to me beloved.. Let's put Danzo from our thoughts and enjoy.. Unbridled Sexual Feelings" he says. Alcina leans down to kiss his forehead, "Of course beloved.. I even invited Karin and Jeanne.. Kanae has even arrived with the fingers.. Save Ring and Pinky.. Even Wisdom is here" she says and naruto grins.

A few hours later naruto was resting his head in the lap of his aunt cha, both wearing robes and smelling clean from their hours of incestous debauchery. Across from them sits alcina with a glass of wine, "What will say to Sarutobi" she asks. Cha strokes naruto's head as the younger blond lightly snores, "I will want to know why.. Why didn't he contact me" she says.

"He wanted to mold Naruto into his lackey.. He told me Sarutobi told him about being Hokage" alcina says. Cha looks down at naruto with a dark look on her face, "I love Minato but he was blinded by Konoha's Will of Fire.. Sarutobi's student that perverted toad molded Minato into their kind of Hokage" she says.

"Konoha should change for the better with Itachi as Hokage.. Someone who knows how to balance the Will of Fire properly" alcina says.

"One can only hope.. Things are moving into the right place" cha says. Naruto slowly opens his mismatched eyes with a quiet groan and shifts to look up at his aunt, "Very soon.. We'll put Konoha in our review and move on to a more pleasing foe" he says.


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