Naruto and The Five Faces @champblaze
Chapter 4

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Naruto sits across shikamaru as the pair engage in a game of Shogi, his teammates ino and choji were sitting to shikamaru's right. Shikamaru resembles his father shikaku but without his scars and goatee, wearing the standard konoha attire without the flak vest.

"Mendokusei.. You have an unpredictable mind" shikamaru says. Naruto adjusts his pink lens sunglasses with a coy smirk, "Well in my world you have to be" he says.

"What does that mean" choji asks. He is a plump boy with brown hair with red swirls on his cheeks and wears a red and black outfit with armor.

"Well unlike Konoha.. The world is dog eat dog to coin a phrase.. You live stable lives here in the bubble that is Konohagakure no Sato" naruto says.

"Bubble?!" ino says. Naruto slips off his sunglasses to wipe them with his inhuman blue eyes on ino's baby blue eyes, "The world is not as idealistic as Konoha thinks it is.. People die everyday outside these walls and for petty reasons.. Tell me have you gotten to do a mission outside the village" he says.

"Asuma-sensei feels were aren't ready yet" choji says. Naruto slips his sunglasses back on and moves his piece, "I see.. Well I would say ask Team-7 on how missions can be outside the safety of Konoha" he says.

"Why are you badmouthing Konoha so much.. You were born here" ino says, slightly angry. Naruto rests his chin on his palm with a faint smile, "That maybe true but I also house the very monster that destroyed much of the village.. Killing scores of Civilians.. Ninja and the Yondaime Hokage himself.. Unlike the Normal Civilians and Ninja.. I was treated as less than human.. Kicked from an orphanage at four.. What were you doing at four... I forced to fight for my daily bread.. Did you..." he says but pauses to let it sink in.

"Were you treated to Whispers.. Dirty Looks.. Isolated simply for housing one of the Nine Biju" naruto continues.

"There are other Demons?!" ino says and naruto shakes his head, chuckling.

"Yes but they are not demons.. Simply massive beings of Chakra with thoughts and opinions.. I am one of nine people who share the burden of housing a Biju.. All are treated in a similar manner to me.. Well except in Kumogakure they are revered to a point.. Hell the current Mizukage is one too but he's genocidal maniac" naruto finishes and shikamaru narrows his eyes.

"Well Shikamaru this was fun.. However I have things to deal with.. We'll have to do this another time" naruto says, rising to his feet.

"If can I offer one bit of advice.. Take off the Rose-colored glasses Konoha has seemed to put over your eyes and as Kakashi says.. Look Underneath the Underneath" naruto adds and vanishes with a buzz of static.

"What a Bastard" ino says.

"He's not that bad.. His eyes are scary but he doesn't seem too bad" choji says.

"What do you think Shika" ino asks. Shikamaru stares at the shogi board in thought, "He doesn't have the best of opinion of Konoha due to his treatment.. I remember him and he was treated like some disease" he says.

"It's Because he is the Kyubi Jinchuriki.. The Kyubi destroyed a great deal of the village and like he said killed a lot of people" ino says.

"I know that but a thought popped into my head as I studied Naruto's face.. He resembles someone" shikamaru says.

"Who?!" both say. Shikamaru looks back with a sigh, "The Yondaime Hokage" he says, shocking both his teammates.

"No Way!.. No way he's the son of Yondaime-sama" ino says. Shikamaru shifts around to look at his teammates, "Think about it.. We were taught the Yondaime is the most self-less person in the village.. He sacrificed his life to seal the Kyubi away into a baby.. A baby we now know is Naruto" he starts.

"Still no way Yondaime-sama would seal the Kyubi into his own son" ino says.

"You think the Yondaime would ask someone else for their child.. When he couldn't do the same" shikamaru says and both remain silent, "Let's just keep this to ourselves until I can find out more information" he says. Choji immediately nods but ino takes some time but nods, "Fine" she says.

-Scene Break-

"Yosh!.. Team.. Naruto-kun will be joining us for team exercises today" gai shouts. Naruto sweatdrops slightly at the hot-blooded man but sees his mini-me next to him, "Thank you for having me" he says.

"God its spreads" kurama says and naruto mentally chuckles.

"Naruto-kun is my team.. Rock Lee" gai starts.

"Yosh!.. It's nice to meet you Naruto-kun" lee shouts, rapidly shaking naruto's hand and the blond nods.

"Tenten Higarashi" gai continues.

"We've met Gai-sensei" tenten says and gai nods.

"Lastly Neji Hyuga" gai finishes. Neji simply stares at naruto and the blond does the same but the hyuga scoffs.

"So Gai-san.. What thrilling thing do you have planned" naruto says.

"Well with the Chunin Exams coming soon.. I have my team honing their skills" gai says and naruto slowly nods.

"So what are their strengths" naruto says.

"Neji and Lee specialize in Taijutsu and Tenten in weapons" gai says and naruto tilts his head.

"Anything else like Ninjutsu or Genjutsu" naruto asks.

"Well Lee is incapable of performing Ninjutsu or Genjutsu.. So we focused on Taijutsu" gai says.

"Yes I wish to prove that I can become splendid ninja without the use of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu" lee shouts, with a good guy smile.

"Which you will fail.. Fate has already chosen your path and you can not change it" neji says. He wears a white kimono-shirt with long, loose sleeves, matching pants, a navy-grey apron tied around his waist, and black shinobi sandals. Naruto lifts his sunglasses to rub his eyes and sighs, "So you're one of those" he says and neji narrows his pupil-less white eyes.

"What about you Tenten.. Weapons" naruto says, ignoring neji.

"Yeah.. I can show you" tenten says and naruto nods. Tenten shows off her accuracy with her weapons and sheer number as naruto looks on, "Interesting moves" he says.

"What about you Naruto-kun" gai asks. Naruto cups his chin in thought, "I'm learning this new Taijutsu but I am a Jack of All Trades when it comes to things.. Mainly because of my massive reserves.. Coupled with the Kyubi so the finer things like Iryojutsu and Genjutsu are limited" he explain.

"What sort of Taijutsu" gai asks. Naruto slips off his gloves and they see the tattoos on his hands, before the blond weaves signs and slams his hands on the ground. A slab of rock rises from ground as naruto rises to his full height, rolling his shoulders and popping his joints. Naruto slams his boot down and weaves right arm in a circle as gai sees blue wisps around the blond's hands, before shattering the stone slab to the shock of team-gai.

"Ryusui Gansai-ken" gai says. Naruto smacks his hands and grabs his gloves to slip them back on, "You would be correct" he says.

"What is Ryusui Gansai-ken" tenten asks.

"It's a Taijutsu made famous by the Uzumaki clan of Uzushiogakure no Sato.. I had thought it was lost" gai says.

"Not completely Gai-san.. My mother left it to me to learn" naruto states.

"Yosh!.. Naruto-kun is most Youthful.. I declare you my eternal rival" lee shouts and naruto sweatdrops.

"Ignore him.. So you have some exotic tattoos" tenten says, as gai and lee were hugging with a waterfall of tears. Naruto rolls up his left sleeve, "Yeah.. I started getting them at a young age to mask some stuff" he says but could see neji glaring at him.

"Something bothering you Hyuga-han.. You're aren't like the other Hyuga I have met" naruto says and a scowl forms on neji's face.

"You've seen that Failure" neji says and naruto tilts his head, mouthing failure.

"Don't get him started.. Neji believes one can't escape their destiny" tenten says and naruto slowly nods, cupping his chin in thought.

"What rubbish" kurama says and naruto mentally snorts. Naruto spent the next two hours with team-gai, sparring with lee, tenten and neji learning their skills with his Sharingan.

"This was interesting experience.. However I must bid you a good day" naruto says.

"Well I'm sure my team will look forward to seeing you again" gai says, giving a thumbs up as naruto turns on his heels with a wave.

"They are stronger than the other Genin teams" kurama says.

"They have a year experience but they are stunted in terms of skills.. Neji relies on his famed Juken which is very linear.. Lee for his shortcomings with his lack of chakra is strong.. Tenten relies on her weapons but a skilled user of Futon can stop her in her tracks" naruto thought. The blond makes his way to the mission hall to find hiruzen and iruka, "Naruto-kun what brings you here" hiruzen says and naruto glares at the older man.

"I thought I would find a simple mission for me" naruto says and iruka narrows his eyes.

"How about one of our D-ranks.. It would allow you to see more of the village" hiruzen says and naruto scoffs.

"Don't patronize me Sarutobi.. If I were to take Such.. I wouldn't be paid or be treated as I once was.. When they learn who I am" naruto says.

"How dare you speak to Hokage-sama like that" iruka shouts. Naruto lifts his sunglasses to lock his eyes on iruka, "I dare because I can.. I represent Lord Ozai and the incumbent Hokage.. Sarutobi has failed in his second term as Hokage and has instilled this notion that despite everything... Konoha is still the strongest of the Big Five" he says.

"What do you mean" hiruzen says.

"Start with your Genin.. I took a look at the academy curriculum and it is a joke.. Kunoichi aren't taught seduction.. Genin aren't bloodied once they graduate.. Your History is even incomplete.. My clan is conveniently missing for one" naruto continues.

"Your clan" iruka says and naruto laughs.

"The Uzumaki or have you forgotten about the red swirl on the back of your vest" naruto says, leaning on the table and inches for iruka's face.

"I bet if I went to academy.. I would be stunted by bias from teachers like him" naruto says, looking to hiruzen and he has no retort.

"Well since there are no decent missions.. I'll head back to my hotel" naruto says but stops, picking up a mission file.

"Hoh exterminating spiders in the Forest of Death" naruto says and hiruzen clears his throat.

"Yes.. We do it every year in preparation for the exams.. I usually leave it to our Jonin" hiruzen says and naruto chuckles.

"I'll take it.. My ants need to be fed" naruto says and vanishes with a buzz of static.

"Ants Hokage-sama" iruka says but hiruzen shoots him a look and by days end his tenure as an academy teacher would end.

-Scene Break-

Naruto reaches his hotel room but narrows his eyes, opening his door and seeing anko speaking to alcina.

"Darling.. We simply need to poach her from Konoha" alcina says. Anko downs some whiskey with a smirk, "Why didn't you tell me you had such members in Five Faces" she says.

"You didn't ask and it seems someone likes to talk" naruto says and alcina scoffs.

"There are not many in Konoha with the countenance to hold a decent conversation with me" alcina comments, drinking her blood-red wine. Naruto sighs and grabs his tactical vest, "Well this is actually good fortune.. I have a mission in your playground" he says, slipping it on.

"You're taking the spider mission" anko says and naruto nods, causing her to whistle and giggle.

"Well before we go.. I would like to speak to you about something" anko says, her eyes becoming serious. Naruto slips off his glasses and claps his hands with a pulse of his chakra, "Speak" he says.

"What does Orochimaru have to do with you" anko says, a hard edge to her tone.

"That foul snake is reason for what we have become" alcina says. Naruto's eyes glow more and anko gasps as several metal items levitate, "He used us in his sick experiments and turned us into this.. For that he will Soon die a Horrible death" he says, putting things down.

"Does the Hokage know" anko says but naruto scoffs.

"He may suspect but Orochimaru is still his beloved student and he'll fold" naruto says and anko frowns.

"So what will you do with this information.. Will you run to the Hokage or keep it to yourself" alcina says.

"Before you answer that.. What would do if I said we can remove that little hickey on your neck" naruto says and anko's eyes narrow.

"He attempted that with Naruto but Kurama purged it" alcina adds. Anko stares into the inhuman eyes of the blond, "You know I went through the same shit you went through.. The village questioned my loyalty and people still give me shit.. Whispering behind my back.. So if you can remove this.. I'll keep quiet" she says.

"Good.. I would've helped you regardless.. Now let's go exterminate some spiders" naruto says, smiling.

"Cheeky Gaki" anko says.

-Scene Break - Forest of Death-

"There is something seriously wrong with that ant" kurama says. Naruto was squatting on a large tree branch with anko and alcina as his ants went to work on the spider nest. Inferno was in a humanoid form and spewing fire on spiders, "You spiders Dare attack the colony.. Burnnnn" it howls, cackling.

"Some summons" anko comments. Naruto lifts his sunglasses to his forehead with a chuckle, "Yeah they are eccentric.. Well some of them are" he muses.

"So what do you have planned for that bastard and please tell me it's gruesome" anko asks. Alcina laughs softly with a glance to her love as he leaps down to join the fray, "Oh it will be glorious to watch" she says.

"So let's go back to what we were talking about" alcina adds.

"Well... I've working on turning my bestie Kurenai Bi or full Lezzy for some time but she's such a prude.. Even dating that bastard Sarutobi" anko says.

"Hmph you have issues with the Sarutobi as well.. As for your issue with this Kurenai.. I suggest not trying to force things.. Be sutble with your attempts to woo her.. If she is indeed dating Sarutobi.. Be better than him.. Paint him in a bad light" alcina states. Anko cups her chin thought, "Won't be easy.. His dad is Hokage.. They may not like each other but he'll still stick up for his son" she says.

"Perhaps we can help in that light.. Naruto and I can dig up some dirt on him and work from the shadows" alcina comments. Anko looks down as naruto drops kicks a spider between the eyes, splattering viscera everywhere.

"That would help.. The Gaki's a little manic" anko says.

"Naruto lives up to his name.. You did hear about the Earth country incident" alcina says, slipping her kiseru into her mouth.

"Only rumors but a lot of people died" anko says. Alcina's golden eyes take a hard edge, "They intended to ransom Princess Kino... In pieces" she says and anko gasps, glancing her way.

"Naruto didn't like that" alcina states and blows a stream of smoke, "He brought the Five Faces upon them and woe did they learn" she adds.

"To think he's just sixteen" anko says.

"Maybe so but the world made him grow up" alcina states.

"Oi Alcina.. How adverse are you to spider meat" naruto shouts. Anko makes a face as alcina looks down at the deceased spiders, "Very Adverse Darling" alcina says, hopping down and cracking the ground. Anko soon follows suit with a whistle at the destruction, "Not bad Gaki.. I'll inform Hokage-sama about the mission complete.. This way the Genin won't have Too much trouble in the forest.. Save all the other lovelies" she says, before vanishing with a leaf-shunshin.

"So what were you talking about" naruto asks.

"Anko wishes to show Kurenai the pleasures of the fairer sex" alcina states and licks some blood from naruto's face but makes a face.

"Stale" alcina says.

"My Queens the Spiders have paid for attacking the colony" inferno says. Naruto claps his hands with a smile, "Good work.. Take the meat to feed the colony" he says.

"For the Royalty" inferno shouts. Naruto sighs as alcina pats his shoulder, "Come Darling.. Let's get you cleaned up and have dinner" she says.

-Scene Break - Next Day-

Naruto makes his way through the village towards the hyuga compound, "Is this wise" kurama says. Naruto adjusts his silver lens sunglasses with a smirk, "Yes.. I suspect the Hyuga Head wants revenge for his brother.. Sarutobi failed him and I can offer him a deal" he thought, wearing his konoha jonin attire.

"Halt" one of the guard says. Naruto lifts his sunglasses to his forehead, "I would like an audience with Lord Hyuga" he says.

"Naruto-san" hinata says, walking up with her younger sister Hanabi and both carrying bags.

"Oh Hinata.. Perfect timing I wish to speak with your father about a personal matter" naruto says and hinata furrows her brow. Naruto approaches and whispers into hinata's ear and her eyes widen, "Ko Let him in" she says.

"Yes Hinata-sama" ko says and naruto follows the sisters inside.

"Why do you wish to see Father" hanabi asks. She has dark-brown hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, with long parted bangs and a single lock of hair falling into her face. She wears a a sleeveless, blue v-neck shirt with mesh armour underneath with blue pants and sandals, along with a tan vest jacket.

"Something beneficial to him" naruto says.

"Hanabi can you take our bags to my room.. I'll be along shortly" hinata says and hanabi slowly nods, giving naruto a slight look as she leaves.

"Cute sister" naruto muses, following hinata and she leads him to her father's study.

"Father.. You have a guest" hinata says, after knocking.

"Enter" a voice says, coldly. Hinata slides open the door and naruto enters, seeing Hiashi Hyuga sitting at a low table and writing calligraphy.

"Why is he here daughter" hiashi asks. He has a stern face with his clan's feature-less white eyes and long brown hair. He wears a very traditional, loose fitting robe with a long-sleeve, brown haori.

"I simply wish to get know of the clan heads for the new Godaime.. I'm sure Sarutobi told you of such" naruto says. Hiashi places his brush down with a look to hinata, "Leave us and have a maid bring us some tea" he orders and hinata bows her head, excusing herself.

"Such a way to speak to your daughter" naruto says, taking a seat across from hiashi. The stern man says nothing as the blond removes his sunglassess, "Well I'll skip the pleasantries.. I know the circumstances of the incident with your brother" naruto starts and hiashi narrows his eyes.

"Sarutobi forced an indelible choice upon you.. Though through your foolish actions of killing the Kumo Ambassador" naruto continues.

"I do not need a history lesson" hiashi says. The door slides open and a maid enters with two cups of fresh tea, "Please Enjoy" she says, before excusing herself.

"I meant no disrespect.. It was a volatile night and emotions were heightened.. However due to your actions.. Sarutobi in his Weak-willed nature allowed your brother to be killed" naruto says and takes a sip of tea, taking in the aroma.

"Mmm.. Or so you think" naruto adds and hiashi grips his tea cup.

"What?!" hiashi says, with a edge to his tone. Naruto places down his tea cup and reaches into cargo pocket, pulling out two photos of a pair of girls. The girls are twins of twelve with the mocha colored skin, long silver hair and featureless green eyes. Hiashi snatches the photos from naruto's offered hand, "How did you get this?!" hiashi hisses.

"I have developed a network of spies.. Not dissimilar to Jiraiya but mine are better in they have entrenched themselves deeper" naruto says, after another sip of tea.

"Their names of Momoko and Tomoko.. Their mother is a reluctant secretary of the Raikage" naruto adds. Hiashi stares at the twins and could indeed see his brother's features in them, "Have they awakened the Byakugan" he says, looking the blond in his inhuman eyes.

"That I do not know but I can find out.. However to do this I will need some assurances from you" naruto says, smirking slightly. Hiashi narrows his eyes and tosses the photos down, "What do you want" he says. Naruto finishes his tea with a faint smile on his face, "The new Hokage will call a meeting with all the Clan Heads and Council.. I want you to call for a motion to have the Sarutobi clan... Stricken from Konoha" he says. Hiashi sits up straighter with narrowed eyes but naruto raises his hand, pointing to the photos with a sigh.

"Sarutobi in his bid of weakness allowed those two to be born.. If they Indeed possess your clan's famed eyes.. Then Kumo will hold your Dojutsu in their hands and will breed those girls to nothing" naruto states.

"Could your spies deal with them" hiashi says and naruto grins, nodding. Hiashi closes his eyes and thought of his probable nieces, his nephew's half sisters and his own daugthers' cousins.

"Forgive me Hizashi but this must be done" hiashi thought and looks naruto in eye, "I will propose it with the Godaime" he says. Naruto slips his sunglasses back on and removes his left glove to extend it, "Then we have a deal.. However if the girls don't possess the Byakugan" he says.

"Then get them out of Kumo and bring them to their family" hiashi says, shaking the blond's hand.

"And here I thought you were completely cold.. Now I won't be able to move on them until after the Godaime is installed but you have my assurance that my spies will check validity of their abilities" naruto says. The blond rises to his feet with a bow, "I'll find my way out" he says, excusing himself.

"So that's your plan for Sarutobi" kurama says. Naruto leaves the hyuga compound and makes his way to the nara compound to meet shikaku, "Of course.. I want to Sarutobi to feel just like I did.. I'll have all the Clan Heads vote to have his clan Stricken from Konoha forced to be isolated and shunned.. Forever Disgraced" he thought.

"Tell me.. Are those girls even real" kurama states. Naruto chuckles softly as he strolls through the village, "Oh there are real.. Kaspers' spies found out about them" he thought. Naruto reaches the nara household as shikaku was arriving with inoichi and Choza Akimichi, "This is must fate.. I was coming to see you all" naruto says.

"What about" choza asks. He is an older version of choji with purple markings on his cheeks and a brown hair, wearing a black and purple outfit.

"Certain matters not needed to be discussed in the street" naruto says. Shikaku narrows his eyes slightly but invites naruto inside his home, "Yoshino.. I'm home" shikaku says, aloud.

"I'm in the kitchen" his wife calls out. Naruto follows the ino-shika-cho to back of the home to the deck, "Nice scenery" the blond thought, looking out.

"What did you need to speak to me or us about" shikaku says. Naruto turns back from the railing and leans back on it, "Well the Incumbent Hokage wishes me to meet with the various Clan Heads" he states.

"Can you tell us who the new Hokage will be" choza says. Naruto smiles and subtly casts a Genjutsu, "I'm sorry but that will have wait until the Finals" he says. Yoshino comes out with a tray of snacks for them but sees the blond, "Hello I am Yoshino" she greets. She has long, dark brown hair in a low ponytail with three strands framing her face, fair skin and dark eyes. She is wearing a pink blouse and dark-color skirt along with an apron over it, along with simple hoop ear-rings.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki" naruto says and yoshino gives shikaku a slight look but excuses herself as naruto clear his throat.

"Shikaku-san.. I've met your son.. He has good head on shoulders" naruto says.

"So you simply wish to speak to about the new Hokage" shikaku states.

"Pretty much and I wish to hear your opinions on Sarutobi.. Considering his actions have changed the landscape of the village.. You being Jonin Commander know what I mean" naruto starts.

"Like what happened with you" shikaku comments.

"One of many.. The Kumo incident.. The Uchiha Massacre to name a few" naruto says, folding his arms.

"Sandaime-sama's choices have kept us from open-warfare" choza says.

"While true but Sarutobi has crafted a Narrative that Konoha still the strongest despite such problems.. His Second term as Hokage has left much to be desired and the aforementioned events have happened" naruto says.

"Sandaime-sama has his faults but he's weathered the storms that have happened" shikaku says.

"Yet these storms could've been avoided.. Kumo had no reason to cry war when they were the ones who committed the act of kidnapping the Hyuga Heiress.. Sarutobi chose to cave and allow the brother of Hiashi Hyuga to die to appease Kumo.. The Uchiha incident.. Again Sarutobi caved to pressure" naruto states.

"You speak as if you know the truth" shikaku counters.

"I do.. When I was in the capital I spoke to Itachi Uchiha.. He told me the Uchiha were planning a Coup due to Sarutobi's actions of allowing them to be ostracized by the village due to the Kyubi incident.. Speaking of the Kyubi incident.. He chose to make a law to keep people from speaking about my status after Someone leaked it to populous" naruto states.

"The village was in turmoil" choza says but naruto scoffs.

"So he just created a law.. A law that didn't stop people from knowing and passing that hate onto their children.. He chose to not announce my True heritage.. Due to some Fear about Iwa or Kumo.. When Konoha is supposed to be the Strongest Village" naruto states.

"You have a hatred for Sandaime-sama.. His actions may have not been the best but he hasn't brought the village to ruin" inoichi says. Naruto pulls his sunglasses from his forehead and wipes them with a cloth from his pocket, "Yes I do hate Sarutobi.. However the actions I do are not fueled by hatred.. Konoha needs a reality check and the Godaime will do just that.. This village and its people are complacent and live their lives with rose-colored glasses on" he says.

"You've seen the horrors of the world and your perception is skewed" shikaku says. Naruto slips his glasses back on, "Perhaps but my notions are not wrong.. Please excuse me.. I've gone and soured my mood" he says, excusing himself. Naruto leaves the nara compound and makes his way to ichiraku ramen, "The Nara is strong-willed" kurama says.

"I didn't focus on Shikaku or Inoichi but the weak link of the chain.. Choza will agree with Hiashi's motion to banish the Sarutobi.. Seeing the clan heads call for it.. Shikaku and Inoichi will have no choice but to accept it and vote for banishment.. To prevent In-fighting" naruto thought.

"So that's leaves in the Inuzuka" kurama says.

"Actually Two more.. Inuzuka is one and Kurama is the last.. The latter will be easy as his Granddaughter is sickly.. The Inuzuka will also be easy.. They follow the strong.. Tsume Inuzuka is notorious for her prowess as a woman and takes no shit.. However she was mother's best friend other than Mikoto Uchiha" naruto says.

"Hello Naruto-kyun.. What can I get you" ayame says, as the blond takes a sit at the counter. Naruto slips off his sunglasses with a smile, "Five Large Miso to start" he says.

"Coming right up" ayame says.

"So where were.. Oh yes Tsume.. She was one of the few to ask to adopt me among the clans.. However Sarutobi denied it and that naturally would put him at odds with her.. A little play on her emotions and she'll follow the trail like a loyal dog should" naruto thought.

"You forgot a clan.. The bugs" kurama says and naruto tilts his head.

"No I didn't the Aburame will do what is best for the hive.. Once the call for banishment and all most of if all the clan heads agree.. They'll fold and go along because it's best for the hive" naruto thought. Ayame brings naruto his first bowl of ramen with a wink, "So how long have you worked for Kasper" he asks.

"About two years.. We met him in the Land of Vegetables.. I was so happy to learn you were ok" ayame says and the blond smiles. Naruto finishes his five bowls of ramen with small talk with ayame and creates a clone to head to the kurama compound, while he makes his way to the inuzuka compound. The yipping and barking of dogs catch the blond's ears as he nears the compound but also a vet clinic near their stretch of land.

"What are You doing here" kiba shouts, as he was leaving the compound to meet up with his team.

"Business.. Is Tsume Inuzuka in.. I have a need to speak with her about some things" naruto says.

"What things" kiba says.

"Hokage things.. Things that do not concern a lowly Genin" naruto says. Kiba bares his teeth with a growl as naruto stood with a faint smile on his face, "Don't make me pull rank and tell your sensei" naruto states. Kiba's eyes flicker in anger but he moves aside and goes to find his team for their first mission outside the village, "This isn't over" kiba thought. Naruto makes his way inside the compound and it was typical of a large clan compound, "My nose will need to get use to this" he thought.

"Nothing but Wet Dog" kurama notes. Several inuzuka give him some looks but keep their distance as the blond finds the main house, then knocking a few times.

"One second" a gruff voice declares. The door slides open and naruto was treated a large wolf-dog with an eye-patch, "You smell sick" it says.

"I get that a lot.. Can I speak with Tsume Inuzuka" naruto says.

"The name's Kuromaru and follow me" the ninken says and naruto follows, slipping off his boots as well.

"You're the Kyubi kid" kuromaru says. Naruto walks with his hands pocketed and his sunglasses glinting, "I am.. Does that bring you anger" he says.

"No but you reek of Foxes and mold" kuromaru comments. Naruto finds tsume sitting in the living room in a large recliner, her slitted and dark eyes scanning over him.

"So the infamous Pup" tsume says. She has long, spiky, untamed brown hair, her clan fang markings on her cheeks as well as markings over her eyes and a dark shade of purple lipstick.

"Infamous in what regard.. The Kyubi or my other activities" naruto says, taking a seat across from her and crossing his legs. Tsume gives naruto a belly laugh, "Both.. I've done work for Ibiki Morino.. Plus you're the son of a dear friend" she says. She wears the standard outfit of a konoha shinobi but with a black suit underneath, the sleeves rolled up and bandages around her legs.

"How dear" naruto says.

"Dear enough that I wanted to adopt you when you're orphaned.. However Sandaime-sama prevented it.. Saying it would unbalance the clans because you were the Kyubi Jinchuriki" tsume explains. Naruto sighs and slips off his sunglasses to wipe them once more, "So Yet again Sarutobi fails.. If I wasn't the Kyubi Jinchuriki.. I would've been adopted by a caring family" he muses.

"Again" tsume questions, seeing his inhuman blue eyes. Naruto slips his sunglasses back on with a sigh, "If you haven't been informed.. I represent the Daimyo and the incumbent Hokage.. Both wish me to meet with the Clan Heads about Sarutobi and how he's run the village in his Second Term as Hokage" he explains.

"You could say that but He's done a lot good" tsume says.

"While true but it doesn't outweigh the bad.. He let the likes of Orochimaru run free after his inhumane experiments came to life.. The Uchiha Massacre.. Just to name a few" naruto counters and tsume has no retort. Naruto and tsume continue to talk with the latter telling the former about his mother but one thing lead to another as whiskey got involved.

-Scene Break - One hour after Sunset-

Naruto strolls out the inuzuka compound with his shirt half tucked into his pants, "For someone who has had two kids.. Her Pussy was tight" he thought.

"You are a Perverted mess" kurama says.

"Maybe but it convinced her.. She follows the strong despite her Alpha Bitch bravado.. Plus we now have the Kurama in our pocket too" naruto thought, deciding to get a drink from one konoha's shinobi bars. The flow was normal as shinobi and kunoichi drink but the blond sees one asuma sarutobi hugged up with a big-titted kunoichi.

"Hoh it seems it won't be too hard to help Anko ensnare Kurenai.. If Asuma is that easy to woe" the blond thought, going to the bar.

"Triple shot of Vodka" naruto says. The bartender looks over the blond but sees the hitai-ate around his neck and pours the drink, "Look a little young" he says.

"Maybe but my soul is old" naruto says, downing the shot and pulls out a wad of the cash.

"Leave the bottle" naruto says. The bartender takes the cash and naruto takes the bottle, downing a swig and turning back to the patrons.

"Fancy seeing you here Gaki" anko says, walking up to the bar.

"Decided to have small night cap" naruto says. Anko nods and orders several bottles of sake, "So where's your super-size girlfriend" she asks.

"Back at the hotel.. Most places don't cater to someone of her height" naruto replies.

"True.. Come sit at our booth" anko says and naruto nods, taking a swig of his clear liquor. Naruto follows anko to a booth and he sees two young women, one with brown hair in a ponytail with familiar red markings on her cheeks. The other has long purple hair and brown eyes with red lipstick, "Is this personal enough Naruto" she says and naruto tilts his head.

"Neko..." naruto says and the woman nods.

"Her name is Yugao Uzuki and this is Hana Inuzuka" anko says, taking a seat. Hana makes a face as a scent catches her nose as naruto takes a seat, "Something wrong" he asks.

"No.. What my mom does is none of my business" hana says. Anko and yugao's eyes widen but a smirk forms on the snake mistress' face, "Didn't know you had in ya Gaki" anko says. Naruto takes a few pulls from his bottle, "Things happen" he says but shifts his gaze to yugao.

"It's good to see you in a personal setting" naruto says. Yugao takes a sip of sake with a sigh, "I was hoping for a better setting than a bar" she says.

"Sorry.. We can meet another time of your choice" naruto says and yugao slowly nods.

"So Gaki.. Anybody starting to recognize you" anko says. Naruto takes another swig from his bottle, "A few but none have had the balls to try anything" he muses, causing anko to giggle. The group continues to talk but naruto notices a certain former academy teacher was sitting in the bar and was glaring at him with another teacher named Mizuki.

"I'm interested in a tattoo.. So I'll take you up on the offer" anko says and naruto slowly nods.

"Taka does good work.. I can get him come to the village in time for the exams.. He can do some networking" naruto says.

"That's cool" anko says. Naruto finishes off his bottle and rises from the both, "I've got an early day tomorrow.. Hope to see you again Yugao and it was nice meeting you Hana.. See ya Anko" he says, excusing himself and the three women wave. Naruto leaves the bar and strolls through the village as two people follow him, "This seems like Déjà Vu" the blond thought, reaching training-ground seven.

"Can I help you Iruka-han" naruto says, turning to see iruka and mizuki with the latter having two large fuma-shuriken.

"You damn demon.. I lost my job as an instructor" iruka shouts. Naruto lifts his sunglasses to his forehead with an amused look on his face, "Well now.. Sarutobi has finally done something good.. Clearly you were biased" he says, his gaze shifting to mizuki.

"Iruka-han.. You made Three mistakes.. First you came here.. Second you came Way too light with Just one other chunin against a Jinchuriki.. That is Fucking insulting but the Worst mistake you made..." naruto starts. Iruka jerks as cold steel enters his back and hot breath in his ear, "You trusted the Wrong guy" mizuki sneers, wrenching the kunai free. Iruka drops like a sack as naruto approaches with a glint in his eye, "Oof he got you in the spine.. Bad news" he says, before grabbing mizuki by the throat.

"W-w-what?!" mizuki sputters.

"Did you think I would let you join my crew Mizuki-han" naruto says.

"I-i did what y-you asked" mizuki says, feeling his vision darken. Naruto lifts mizuki off the ground, "By Order of The Five Faces.. Your application to join... Denied" he says, snapping mizuki's neck and dropping him. Naruto turns his attention to iruka and squats down to look him in eye, "Take this moment to reevaluate your life.. I am not the Kyubi but its jailer" he says, rising back as Anbu appear.

"He's all yours" naruto says, vanishing with a buzz of static.

-Scene Break - One Week Later-

Kizashi barely could contain his fear as naruto was sitting across from him with his burgundy lens sunglasses glinting in the shadows and two items on his left and right.

"I didn't know the Haruno were considered a Shinobi Clan" naruto says, crossing his legs. The pair were meeting in a conference room on naruto's bought floor.

"Y-yes.. I've petitioned Hokage-sama to do so.. My daughter Sakura graduated at the top of her class" kizashi says. Naruto silently chuckles and takes a sip from his glass of water, "Kunoichi of the Year.. You must be so proud" he says, after a few sips. Kizashi thought of his precious princess, "I am... Now the reason for our meeting is because you Murdered my bodyguards" he says. Naruto snorts and slips off his sunglasses to show kizashi his inhuman blue eyes, "Murder is such a Strong word... Yes I did kill them but it was Self Defense.. Something the Hokage signed off on" he says. Kizashi internally gnashes his teeth at the almost smug look on the blond's face, "Even so.. Those good men had families.. Things should be done" kizashi says.

"Oh I know what this is.. You're here to shake me down for Money" naruto says and claps his hands with a smile on his face.

"Haruno-han all you had to do was ask" naruto adds. Kizashi actually grits his teeth this time as naruto slams a silver briefcase on the table, "However I am curious why a civilian advisor to Hokage can hire shinobi of their caliber to be his personal bodyguards" naruto says.

"I take many trips outside the village and I felt I could use steady bodyguards" kizashi says. Naruto wipes his glasses and slips them back on with a faint smile on his face, "It is a rough world outside the mighty walls of Konohagakure.. Your daughter has experienced it firsthand" he says.

"She has nightmares because of you Demon" kizashi says. Naruto covers his mouth with his bare left hand and touches his right index finger to his ear with a smile, "Careful... Well now she knows what the Real World is about" he says. Kizashi opens the briefcase and sees the stacks of money, "I will see that their families of a properly compensated for your actions" he says, before closing it and rising from his seat.

"Wait.. I have one more thing for you" naruto says and grabs the bag on his right, placing it on the table. Kizashi turns back to table but gasps in horror as naruto places the severed head of hex on the table with her cheeks missing and her tongue as well.

"Is this yours" naruto says but kizashi says nothing, running off with his money. Naruto giggles darkly as kurama emerges from naruto's shadow, "He'll run to his boss" kurama says.

"Of course he will.. However I can't wait to what Dong-su has planned.. Hell even Danzo too.. His days are numbered and the number is growing smaller with each day" naruto says, placing hex's head back in the bag. He picks up the bag and makes his way back to his hotel room, finding alcina and the sisters in the room.

"He ran" alcina says and naruto smirks, handing the bag to bela.

"Not until after taking the money" naruto says and the sisters giggle.

"Are you three ready for the operation" naruto asks, pouring himself a drink.

"My daughters will not fail.. Minami will meet them during the exam break and begin seeding once they do" alcina says.

"You'll have to give up a good chunk of your hives" naruto says.

"So long as the Queen survives and a dose of your chakra will facilitate their growth" cassandra states.

"Do be cautious of Torune Aburame my daughters" alcina says.

"We will Mother" the sisters says and break down into their insects. Alcina sips her wine as naruto slips off his sunglasses, "So how will you help Anko" she asks.

"Kurama can purge it with his chakra but introducing my chakra into her body may have effects but Minami has help in that regard" naruto replies. A knock comes to the door and naruto makes his way to open it, meeting yugao and another man but a sickly looking man.

"Well this is a surprise.. Do come in Yugao and..." naruto states.

"This Hayate Gekko.. My boyfriend" yugao says and naruto invites them inside.

"Hello" hayate says, with a few coughs. He has short brown hair, dark-colour eyes and dark markings under his eyes, wearing casual clothes.

"Hello to you as well.. This is Alcina Dimitrescu" naruto says.

"Greeting Hayate.. Yugao" alcina says and the pair greet her in turn. Naruto grabs a bottle of whiskey and a few glasses, "So how has life treated in last few years" he asks, pouring them a drink. Hayate coughs a few times after a glass and yugao rubs his back, "Nothing of major note.. Other than a thorough vetting on your kidnapping" she says.

"I hope not Too harsh" naruto says but yugao shakes her head.

"Inoichi was used to check my memories and they revealed nothing" yugao says.

"You are one person.. You can not be expected to do the work of a group" alcina comments. Hayate coughs a few times and take another drink, "Many saw it as Kami finally answering their prayers" he says and naruto scoffs, after a few gulps.

"I bet they did.. Soon they'll realize their prayers were not answered" naruto says.

"What happened that night" yugao asks. Naruto pours himself another drink and takes a few gulps, "The Festival was in full swing.. I had gone to Ichiraku for my birthday Ramen.. However I knew some drunk civilian would try to mess with me.. So I didn't stay long" he starts and takes another big gulp.

"However it wasn't a civilian.. It was a Shinobi.. She cried her husband had died that night and the stress of it caused her to miscarry... She brandished a weapon and took a few shots at me.. However she was herding me to a training ground.. There were several people with Anbu like mask... The woman wasn't even drunk.. She was one them... Things went black and a woke up some time later in a dark room with no windows" naruto finishes.

"I met Naruto a few years later.. I despised him at first but we soon found comfort in one another.. It help combat the loneliness and darkness" alcina states. Hayate snaps into a coughing fit and naruto furrows his brow, "I-I was exposed to a chemical in one of Orochimaru's old labs.. It destoryed my lungs" hayate says, weakly.

"The Medical Corp couldn't help" alcina asks but yugao shakes her head.

"Perhaps but our current medical-ninja aren't as capable as someone of Tsunade-sama's level or even near it" yugao says.

"Yet again Sarutobi fails as Hokage" naruto says and could see the looks of confusion and defense of their hokage.

"Don't take it too hard.. I am biased of course but we happened to meet Lady Tsunade.. She helped me not knowing who I was due to a Henge.. We talked as she worked and she let it slip that she wanted to create a better medical corp.. However Sarutobi and his Advisors shot it down" naruto explains.

"Certainly if someone of Lady Tsunade's level or near her level would be here in the village.. Deaths could be prevented" alcina states.

"Hokage-sama couldn't have foreseen such things" hayate says. Naruto sighs and slips his glasses back on, "Perhaps but it doesn't change the Fact that things have spiraled in his second term.. Since I have returned Sarutobi has nothing to change things.. He could recall Lady Tsunade.. Shore up the Academy other than firing someone who tried to kill me.. Reigned in his advisors or dealt with Missing-nin from this village" he says.

"I can't fault you for feeling that way about Hokage-sama or the village but..." yugao starts but naruto scoffs loudly.

"Do not use the Will of Fire or Kyubi Attack or Whatever line Sarutobi makes everyone parrot.. The Will of Fire failed me and so many others.. The Incumbent Godaime will fix the mistakes Sarutobi has perpetuated and hopefully bring Konoha Up instead of Down like Sarutobi" naruto says.

"I'm sorry you feel that way Naruto" yugao says and rises to her feet.

"We should go.. Hayate needs his medicine soon" yugao says. Naruto rises to his feet as well and gets the door for them, "I didn't mean to sour the mood for you.. Perhaps we meet again under better terms" he says.

"I will have to see" yugao says, as she and hayate leave. Naruto closes the door with a roll of his neck, "She'll be cross with me for some time" he muses.

"Do believe so" alcina says.

"Of course.. They both believe in Sarutobi's sugary words" naruto states.

"Words can do all manner of things" alcina muses and naruto chuckles.

-Scene Break - Konoha General-

Naruto strolls into the lobby of the hospital and makes his way to the main desk, "Can I help you" the nondescript nurse asks. Naruto leans on the desk with an adjust of his bubblegum lens sunglasses, "Yes.. Which room is Mikoto Uchiha located" he asks. The nurse narrows her eyes at the blond but a subtle shimmer in his right eye and she complies, "Room 408" she says. Naruto taps the desk with a smile and makes his way to the fourth floor, find the room in question but also sasuke inside.

"Why are you here" sasuke says.

"Another bout of Déjà Vu" naruto thought and slides the door closed, "Itachi asked me to pay Mikoto-san a visit in his place" he says. Sasuke turns back to his mother with narrowed eyes, "Why" he says. Naruto looks to the fair-skin woman with long, straight black hair and a almost serene face with a few minor wrinkles.

"He told me.. She was one of the people who wanted to adopt me" naruto starts, lifting his sunglasses to his forehead.

"Mom did" sasuke asks, looking to the blond.

"She did but apparently Sarutobi prevented this as it would Unbalance the clans.. Having such a powerful asset in their midsts.. Especially the Uchiha" naruto says and sasuke narrows. Naruto sighs and rubs his eyes, "Please tell me you are not Wholeheartedly blind to how your clan has been treated.. Before and After the Massacre" he says. Sasuke turns back to his mother and clenches his right fist, "No.. People treated us oddly outside of the-our district but after everyone died.. It changed.. I was given discounts on things.. Treated as some tragic survivor for everyone to coddle.. I-it got worse after Nii-san went to the Capital" he says.

"It was a Narrative crafted by some in the village.. This village loves to be Blind about certain things.. Something Sarutobi seems guilty of as well" naruto says, walking around the bed to get a better look at mikoto.

"You said Nii-san was doing something about avenging our clan.. What did you mean by that" sasuke asks. Naruto leans on the windowsill with a sigh, "I can't tell you" he says and sasuke narrows his eyes, "Yet but I can say this.. The one you bare your hatred to is Not the True Mastermind of the Uchiha Clan's Fall" he adds.

"What?!" sasuke says but naruto raises his hand.

"Do not fly off the handle.. What I am telling.. Could get you and your mother killed" naruto says, seriously. Sasuke clenches his both his fists to stifle his anger but slowly calms as naruto comes back to his side, "The one you were told committed the crime was but a pawn in a scheme to see your clan destroyed.. Soon the Truth will be revealed and everything will laid bare for all to see" naruto says and sasuke looks up at him.

"Why are you so invested in this" sasuke says. Naruto places his right hand on sasuke's left shoulder, "Well because it coincides in what I'm doing" naruto says.

"That doesn't answer anything" sasuke says. Naruto chuckles and makes his way to the door, "Don't wanna spoil too much" he says, excusing himself and making his way to the roof. The blond slips off his sunglasses and weaves several signs then claps his hands to create a barrier.

"Does he come often" naruto muses, wiping his sunglasses. A horde of grey moths appear and form into daniela, "At least once a week" she says.

"Itachi told me he was mama's boy but I'm impressed Danzo hasn't made a move on her.. Considering she can't escape" naruto says.

"Perhaps because hasn't awakened her Sharingan" daniela says but naruto shakes his head, "No.. She has the Sharingan.. She was Jonin before becoming a mother.. More than likely it is because of Danzo's fear of Itachi" he says.

"Which means.. You'll move against Danzo sooner rather than later" daniela says and naruto grins.

"It's only a matter of time.. Danzo and his Ne will suffer in the Worst way" naruto muses and daniela giggles darkly.

-Scene Break - Two Months Later-

Over the next two months naruto continues to work certain clan heads with his Sharingan to make sure they would vote to banish hiruzen and his clan from konoha. He also helped anko in her quest for kurenai's affection as about month later. Anko changed her look to that of a proper kunoichi and toned down her raunchy behavior to her friends shock and relief. The ruby eye kunoichi also received some anonymous photos of asuma with several women in the village. Anko comforted her friend and one thing lead to another with the two women sharing a night of passion, with the latter forgetting about asuma. Anko hugged alcina and naruto for their help, even giving them a ride on the anko train. Naruto informed her during the break for the chunin exam he would deal with her hickey.

He soon learned from Ring that orochimaru now knew the blond was in konoha and that the progenitor virus was a success. He would be using his little freak, dong-su and a small group of Ne and his own forces to capture the blond and dissect him for its secrets. This news came before hiruzen informed him not only would he be a proctor with anko for the second round of the exams but that also the kazekage wanted to show off his youngest son Gaara. However the youngest of his three children was near jonin level and wouldn't compete. Hiruzen suggested gaara face naruto into a friendly spar during the finals. Naruto agreed but also sent wisdom and war to suna to finalize their plans as their spies informed them that suna would be aiding orochimaru in an invasion.

Wisdom and war would persuade them not to, instead aiding them in crushing orochimaru and forces but also knocking konoha down a peg. The kazekage agreed and their go between would be man named Baki. Naruto and his group sent much needed relief for the beleaguered nation. The blond didn't get to meet the kazekage's children but he spoke more to rasa about his upcoming spar with gaara, learning the youngest of rasa was like himself. This didn't matter to either naruto or kurama as both were much stronger than the blood thirsty red-head.

-Scene Break-

Naruto strolls through the village as it was lively for the first round of the chunin exams and the beginning of the end for hiruzen sarutobi, danzo shimura and orochimaru. The blond makes his way to the academy as villagers whisper and glare as they now fully knew their blond demon had returned. To date the blond has killed fifteen ninja and two dozen civilians but most were wising up not to mess with him.

"The First Round should be ending soon" naruto thought. The blond reaches the academy and makes his way to the third floor, opening the door as a loud crash erupts. Anko was standing in front of a large with her and naruto's names on it, with ibiki hiding behind it.

"My assistant for the Second Round is Naruto Uzumaki" anko crows. She wears black, form-fitting kunoichi uniform with a pleated burn orange skirt and her tan coat. The numerous genin look at naruto with weary or dark stares, "As Anko said.. I am the second proctor for the exams and I look forward to seeing how many of you meet your ends" he says, his eyes hidden behind his azure lenses but his gaze on a silver hair ninja.

"Alright no more stalling.. Let's head to my playground the Forest of Death" anko shouts, barreling out the window.

"If it's ok.. I'll take the door" naruto says and the genin sweatdrop but soon follow the blond. Naruto leaves the genin behind and shunshins to the main gate of the forest, meeting anko there with podium set up with few other proctors from the first round.

"So what do I have do" naruto asks.

"Well for now stand there and look pretty.. While I go over the rules for the round" anko says and naruto chuckles, seeing the genin starting to arrive. Konoha has the most teams with two from Ame, one from Oto, a few from Kusa and Suna.

"Alright listen up" anko shouts.

"Behind me is my playground otherwise known as the Forest of Death.. It has Forty-four gates.. There are rivers within the forest and a Tower in the center" anko starts but kiba scoffs.

"It's not so bad" kiba shouts but gasps, as his cheek starts bleeding. Anko appears behind kiba with a dark giggle, "It's brash kids like that Die first" she coos. Naruto chuckles softly but his gaze drifts to the kusa kunoichi handing anko her kunai, "He's that close and you're not acting" kurama says.

"No.. It wouldn't be fun.. I want him at his height.. Then I'll drop him into the pits of despair" naruto thought. Anko returns to naruto side and clears her throat, "Now the rules of this round are quite simple but first.. I'll have my lovely assistant hand these out to you" she says, pulling a stack of papers from her coat.

"These are Consent forms.. Because from this moment forth Corpses will add up.. This round will have death involved and this absolves our respective villages" anko says and hands naruto the stack of papers. The blond makes his way through the various genin to give each a consent form but along the way he feels something slip into his left pocket.

"Now the second round is all about survival to reach the tower.. Which is about Ten kilometers from each gate" anko says and pulls two scrolls from her coat.

"Each team will be given either the Heaven or Earth scroll.. The goal of the second round is an all-out scroll battle" anko declares and the genin murmur.

"Battle for scrolls" shikamaru says with a mutter of troublesome.

"Exactly.. Half of you will receive the Heaven scroll and the other half will receive the Earth scroll" anko says.

"What are the conditions on passing" sasuke asks.

"Each team must reach the center tower with Both scrolls" naruto says.

"Then that means half of the teams will pass" sakura says but anko giggles.

"True but you will have a time limit of Five days" anko says and several gawk.

"Five Days?!" ino shouts.

"What about Food?!" choji. Naruto chuckles and points his right thumb back at the forest, "Plenty food inside.. You'll have to live off the land.. I recommend the Spider meat" he says, causing choji and several to turn green.

"Lastly are the conditions in which you can fail.. One if all three members can't make it to the tower with both scrolls in the allotted time.. Two if a team loses a member or said member is incapacitated.. Third if you look at the scroll prematurely.. Treat the scroll as if you're on a Secret mission.. Now sign your waivers and take it to the hut to my right" anko declares. Naruto slowly removes his sunglasses with a clear his throat, "I have one more thing to say... Do try Not to Die" he says, showing them his inhuman eyes.


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