Naruto and The Five Faces @champblaze
Chapter 3

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[..Pause ...Long Pause]

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-Otafuku Gai - One Month Later-

Kizashi and his guard dong-su make their way through a seedy club in Otafuku Gai, "Why is she called Hex" kizashi asks.

"She's a Witch but good at her job in killing her enemies.. Danzo-sama sees her as a good asset" dong-su says. He is a burly young man with black hair in a buzz cut, wearing red t-shirt and gray jeans with a gold chain around his neck. The pair reach a private room but kizashi hears moans and heavy breathing, before dong-su knocks twice quickly then three times slowly.

"Come in" a silky voice croons. Dong-su opens the door and kizashi steps but gasps, seeing a tangle of naked bodies in the throes of sex but at the center was a breath-taking woman with fair skin, long tresses of brown hair and lust filled eyes.

"Dong-su-kun.. How can I help" hex coos. Dong-su sighs with a blank look on his face, "Danzo-sama has something for you" he says, keeping himself from getting aroused by the lewd body of hex. However kizashi was doing no such thing as the pink hair man was on the verge of passing out from blood rushing south.

"I-i'm here to hire you" kizashi states. Hex gently pushes the young woman suckling her right pierced breast aside slightly, "What do you need" she asks, giving him a generous view of her stiff nipples. Kizashi weakly reaches into his pocket and pulls out a photo of naruto, "H-he needs to die" he says. Hex takes the picture with a moan and a look to dong-su, "He's a cute boy.. Shame he must die" she says.

"He's Death of the Five Faces" dong-su says and hex seizes. A slow but manic laugh escapes hex's lips, "The Infamous Fox.. Danzo-sama must be quite upset to come to me" she croons.

"He'll pay you double and Danzo-sama will let you operate Freely in Fire Country" dong-su says. Hex giggles darkly and kisses the photo of naruto, "Deal" she coos, before licking the photo and it melts with a sizzle.

"Good.. We'll send the details to the usual place" dong-su says and pulls kizashi along, allowing hex to go back to her orgy.

"She was very sexy but how did she melt that photo" kizashi states. Dong-su leads him outside with a grit of his teeth, "Hex possesses a Kekkai Genkai for the Acid Release.. You can imagine if she got ahold of your dick if she hated you" he says and kizashi turns green.

-Scene Break - Konohagakure-

"Team I would like you to meet Naruto Uzumaki" kurenai says and turns back to naruto, "Naruto this is my team.. Kiba Inuzuka and his Ninken partner Akamaru.. Shino Aburame and Hinata Hyuga" she adds. Naruto gives the three plus dog a small wave with his left hand still pocketed, his sunglasses with a blue tint this time.

"Kakashi's team was heavy assault and your is Tracking..." naruto says.

"You have a good eye.. My team specializes in Tracking and Capture.. Hinata's Byakugan.. Kiba and Akamaru's senses and Shino's Kikaichu are a solid combination" kurenai says.

"My Kikaichu are afraid of you" shino says and wears the bulky, obstructing clothing of the aburame clan.

"My body is very bad for others.. Whether my chakra or my blood.. It would be unwise to let your kikaichu sample or such.. Hyuga-san try your Byakugan" naruto states.

"You do smell weird.. Sick and diseased" kiba comments and kurenai shoots him as look but naruto waves his hand. Hinata activates her Byakugan and veins around her eyes become pronounced, "I-it's dark.. Chakra is normally B-blue but yours" she says and relaxes her eyes. She has dark blue hair in a hime-cut and the features-less white eyes of the hyuga but with a lavender tint.

"A-are you sick N-naruto-san" hinata asks. She wears a loose fitting, lavender and cream hooded-jacket with lavender cuffs over mesh armour, navy blue pants, and black, low-heel sandals.

"One could say that.. I am infected with infectious blood-born disease" naruto starts but raises his hand, "You won't get infected unless you ingest my blood" he adds, seeing their looks of relief.

"So what do you have planned today Kurenai-sensei" naruto asks.

"I planned to have my teams doing a few D-rank missions" kurenai says. Naruto removes his glasses to wipe them with a hum, "Well I have no need to do such.. So I'll meet you another day to perhaps spar with your team" he says.

"D-ranks promote team-work and show Shinobi and Kunoichi who they will be protecting" kurenai explains but gasps, seeing the scowl form on naruto's face. Naruto slips his sunglasses back on with a sigh, "That is where you are wrong.. Well where it applies to me.. I am not beholden to this village.. To them I am the Thing that attacked their village in the form of a human.. Not an innocent child simply born on that day and had the Kyubi sealed into" he says and turns on his heels, pocketing his hands to walk off.

"What an Asshole" kiba says.

"Y-you shouldn't say that Kiba-kun.. N-naruto-san is from our village" hinata says.

"I remember him.. He was often the subject of conjecture" shino says.

"Now that you say that.. I think I remember him.. Mom always said to stay away from him" kiba comments. Kurenai shifts her gaze to the retreating of the blond, "I should apologize to him.. But I am not sure I can" she thought.

"You sense them" kurama says. Naruto strolls through the village with his glasses on and his eyes closed, "Of course.. I'd rather not be blamed for the deaths of three clan heirs and their Jonin sensei" he thought. The blond soon makes his way towards the vaunted Forest of Death or Training Ground Forty-Four, before leaping over the fence and into the forest. Several blurs follow him into the forest as naruto comes to a halt in a large clear.

"No need to run friend" a voice says. Naruto slips off his glasses and drapes them from his shirt as several men wearing the konoha attire appear in front of him.

"Sorry friend" naruto says. The leader is a stocky man with spiky black hair, neatly trimmed facial hair and several scars on his left arm.

"Oh call me Dong-Suk and these are my friends" the leader of the group says. Naruto could sees the disingenuous smiles on their face, "Quite the friends Dong-suk-han.. So how can I help you" he says. Dong-suk cups his chin with a smirk, "Well you can let my friend Jun-tae kill you" he says and the others laugh. Naruto arches an eyebrow as jun-tae approaches, his brown hair tied with a small wolf-tail at the back with his grey-black eyes filled with murderous intentions.

"May I ask you why" naruto says.

[Music: Skylar Cahn- War Machine]

"Well because you're a demon and demons deserve to die" dong-suk says. Naruto's eyes start to glow and bleed into red, before he snaps jun-tae's head completely around and snapping his skull from his spine, with part of it sticking out. Dong-suk and his comrades eyes widen in shock as silence fills the clearing as jun-tae crumples.

"K-KILL HIM!" dong-suk roars. Everyone of them toss their kunai and shuriken towards the blond but all them stop mere inches from the blond, shocking them as naruto smirks and kisses one.

"Here have them back" naruto says, sending them back faster than they were thrown. Dong-suk and Cho Gyu-Hwan were quick enough to substitute with a log as the rest were cut down by their own weapons.

"Katon: Karyudan" gyu-hwan roars, weaving signs to tiger and inhaling. He fires a large fireball towards the blond but he simply dodges with his hands pocketed, leaving near after-images.

"W-what the Hell?!" gyu-hwan shouts but nothing more as his neck is snapped from a roundhouse kick. Dong-suk stares with wide eyes and a shocked expression on his face but draws his katana, charging the blond from behind.

"Die Demon" dong-suk shouts but his sword misses the blond. Dong-suk turns to have his face grabbed and his body slammed into a tree, "W-wait don't kill me.. S-spare me I can give you M-money" he sputters, feeling a few vessels pop in his left eye. Naruto tilts his head as the smile on his face quickly leaves to be replaced by a cold look, scaring dong-suk.

"I-if you kill me.. M-my little bro-brother" dong-suk starts but screams, as several weapons pin his body to the tree. Naruto back walks with his hands pocketed and a dark smirk on his face, "Do you honestly believe that will save you" he says. The blond raises a half-ram sign and holds out his left arm vertically. Dong-suk gasps through pain as silver dust emerges from naruto's left sleeve and glove.

"You know they say Death carries a Scythe as their weapon.. However I prefer the Hammer" naruto says, as the silver dust melds into a large club hammer with a long handle. Dong-su screams as the hammer flies towards his head but stops mere inches from his nose.

"Don't worry I'm not gonna kill you" naruto says but grins wide, "Yet anyway" he adds. Naruto slips his sunglasses back on and clears his throat, "So let's begin.. Who do you work for" he starts, pulling the hammer back.

"K-kazshi Haru-ahhhhh" dong-suk starts, before his right leg is crushed at the knee. Naruto tilts his head as shadows covers his face and leaving two blue orbs, "I ask again.. Who do you work for" he says.

"Ki-zashi-ahhhhhhh" dong-suk cries, now his right arm crushed at the elbow and tears streaming down his face.

"Blind loyalty.. Danzo you taught them well" naruto thought, before crushing dong-suk's face. Naruto releases the weapons from dong-suk's body and it collapses with a thud, before his hammer melted back into dust. The dust slinks its way back up naruto's left arm to settle back into his myriad of naruto's right cheek opens up and blood runs down his face but he catches the wrist of a woman, "I would advise against that.. I have a Very aggressive and infectious blood-born disease" naruto muses.

"How aggressive" a feminine voice croons. Naruto lets go of the wrist and thumbs the blood to lick it off his glove, "Kills ten out of ten and you're number eleven" he says, turning to a woman. She is quite provocative with pupil-less light brown eyes and violet hair in a short, spiky, fanned-out ponytail. She wears a fitted mesh body suit to her thighs, a tan overcoat with a purple in-seam and a pocket on each side. A dark orange mini-skirt, dark blue belt and pale grey shin guards.

"So what's reason you killed them.. He's a Jonin" the woman says, pointing to dong-suk's corpse. Naruto pulls off his gloves and folds them together, before tossing them up and blowing a stream of flames.

"Reasons..." naruto says. The woman cocks her hip with a smirk on her face, "Name's Anko Mitarashi and this is my playground" she says.

"And I'm Naruto Uzumaki.. I'm sure you've heard me" naruto says.

"The Kyubi Jinchuriki that waltzed back in the village and is the leader of the Five Faces" anko says. Naruto makes a complete circle with his arms up, "How do I measure up" he asks.

"Interesting.. So why can't I taste your blood besides some blood disease" anko says.

"Your ass munching former Sensei" naruto says and anko's eyes narrow but the blond places a finger to his ear and his right hand over his mouth. Anko sees the lower jaw of a skull on his hand, her gaze drifts up the arm seeing the beginning of numerous scars, eyes, veins and flames.

"Some nice ink" anko says, slowly calming down. Naruto flexes his fingers with a smirk, "Made with special metallic ink too.. You into tats.. I can hook you up" he says.

"I'll have to think about" anko says and looks around, "You should go.. I'll clean this up" she adds.

"Sure.. If you're interested.. I'm at the Royal Leaf.. I bought out the entire top floor" naruto says and vanishes with static. Anko sighs and pulses her chakra to alert an Anbu patrol, "Interesting Gaki" she muses.[song ends]

-Scene Break-

Naruto stares in the full length mirror at his various tattoos, the full sleeves on both arms and his back tattoo of his symbol. His right was made to look like acid has been splashed on the arm and ate away to reveal bone and muscle. Just under his left pec were the names of touma, shiro, katija, momo, reina, itsuki and mitsukuni all of them suffered with him and alcina but were released from that tortured life.

"Soon my friends.. Your souls will be avenged" naruto thought. The blond grabs a form-fitting orange sweater and slips it on, pulling on the suspenders from his gun-metal grey cargo jeans. He then grabs six bracelets that double as chakrams, slipping three on each wrist and a pair of black gloves. He then slicks back his blond hair and slips on a pair of sunglasses with red tint, lastly a pair of combat boots. A knock at the door catches his attention and the blond answers it to see neko standing in the doorway.

"Can I help you" naruto asks.

"Hokage-sama has requested your presence for a mission" neko says. Naruto sighs and grabs his weapon's pouch, securing it to his lower back and follows neko to the hokage tower.

"I would like to see you outside of business hours to catch up" naruto muses, leaping from roof to roof with neko.

"I will attempt to set things up" neko replies. The pair arrive at the hokage tower and neko retakes her post as hiruzen sits at his desk.

"You have a mission for me" naruto asks. Hiruzen looks the blond in his red tinted eyes, "Anko told me what happened in the forest" he starts and the blond scoffs.

"However coincidentally I do need you for a mission.. Team-7 has run into trouble on their first C-rank mission.. The client lied and Kakashi decided to continue despite the risks to Nami-no Kuni" hiruzen continues.

"And you want to me to assist them.. Clever it puts me in a better light with the village of aiding the Uchiha Darling and Haruno Heiress.. I see where the snake gets his nature from" naruto says and hiruzen narrows his eyes.

"The truth is I don't want you in the village.. Dong-su will tear it apart once he learns you killed his brother" hiruzen says. Naruto leans on the desk with a smirk on his face, "Do you think I care what the muscle bound moron does.. However since they went to Nami.. It coincides with something for me.. So I'll take the mission.. Will I get teammates" the blond asks but the older man shakes his head.

"Of course I don't.. Well no matter.. I'll return them alive" naruto says, heading for the window.

"Oh my hotel room has nothing of value.. So try not to turn it upside down for anything" naruto adds and leaps out. Hiruzen leans back in his chair and pinches his nose in frustration, "That boy" he thought. His office door soon opens as homura and koharu enter with looks on their faces.

"What now" hiruzen says.

"T-that boy has murdered someone.. Several of our forces" koharu starts.

"Where is he.. He should be jailed for this" homura adds. Hiruzen sighs and picks up his glasses to slip them back on, "Naruto was justified as they attacked him first.. A witness can ascertain that.. Have you forgotten that Naruto is sanctioned by Lord Ozai.. The laws in the village do not apply to him" he says and both are angry.

"He should be at least fined.. They were bodyguards for Kizashi" koharu says.

"Why does a Civilian need Shinobi bodyguards of Dong-suk or Dong-su's level.. Perhaps I need to look into that" hiruzen says and both remain quiet. At the same time dong-su stares at the mutilated corpse of his older brother, "Who?!" he hisses, leaking his KI.

"It was Naruto Uzumaki" fuu says and dong-su gnashes his teeth.

"Where is he?!" dong-su asks.

"He's left the village for Nami.. Danzo-sama does not want you to move on him" fuu starts and dong-su unleashes more KI, "At the moment" fuu continues.

"Orochimaru will be coming to the Exams.. Uzumaki will be lead into a trap with one of his people.. You can deal with him then" fuu finishes. Dong-su clenches his fist as his eyes glow red, "I will rip him Limb from Limb and crush his skull like he did my brother" he hisses.

-Scene Break - Two Days Later-

Naruto looks up at the partially finished bridge with a small smile on his face, "Beautiful construction huh Fubuki" he muses. Fubuki former henchwoman of Doto Kazahana but now loyal kunoichi of Koyuki Kazahana stands next to naruto, "Indeed" she muses. She has green eyes and pink spiky hair with small circular dark pink eyebrows. She wears a kunoichi shozoku with a light blue kimono jacket on top with the insignia of Yukigakure on her hitai-ate around her neck. Naruto met fubuki as he was leaving konoha and her coming to konoha to meet with him about things.

"How is Koyuki" naruto asks, as they run along the water.

"She is doing well.. The compound reflex bow you and Minami-sama made for her has enhanced her skills.. Though she does miss seeing you" fubuki replies and the blond slowly nods. Naruto and fubuki reach the main island and make their way to the town, "Of course she does" he muses. The town itself was looking destitute and people were begging, looking completely defeated and no hope in their eyes.

"Seems Gato has put this country on the brink of collapse" naruto muses, adjusting his sunglasses and sending out his senses. Fubuki has a look of digust on her face but could see a few men leering at her.

"Will you kill him" fubuki says and naruto smirks, as both vanish. The pair find a seaside in with two stories and a medium size dock, "He's taking money from Kasper for taxes regarding shipping for the shipping lanes He controls" naruto says.

"You might want to hide your hair.. A girl may think you're related" naruto adds and fubuki arches an eyebrow but complies, using a jutsu to turn her pink hair to black. The blond then knocks a few times on the door and the sound of feet echoes, before it slides open to see sakura staring back at him.

"Why are You here" sakura says but naruto ignores her and steps inside with fubuki.

"Where is Kakashi" naruto says, to a woman with dark blue hair. She wears a short-sleeve pink shirt with the end of the sleeves and the collar being red in colour, also a long blue skirt.

"Hello my name is Tsunami and He's upstairs" the woman says.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki and this is Fubuki.. We're Kakashi's backup" naruto says and tsunami gasps, mostly in relief and beckons for them to follow with sakura in tow.

"Where is your teammates" naruto asks.

"Sasuke-kun and Sai are with Tazuna the bridge builder" sakura says, with a clipped tone. The legendary Copy-ninja was laying on his back with his lone eye on the ceiling with the sounds of the sea lulling him into relaxation.

"Bad showing Kakashi" naruto says and kakashi turns his head to see naruto with a woman.

"Sandaime-sama sent you as backup" kakashi says and naruto slowly nods, lifting his glasses.

"So why did you continue.. The client lied about the mission" naruto asks, shooting a glance to tsunami and the woman flinches.

"I thought my team could handle it and I didn't want to damage Konoha's reputation" kakashi says and naruto sighs.

"What happened and start from the beginning" naruto says, rubbing his eyes. Kakashi sighs and slowly sits up with sakura and tsunami's help, "First we encountered the Demon Brothers.. Sasuke and Sai were able to dispatch them after I faked my death to test them" he starts and naruto, along with fubuki shoot a look to sakura.

"After learning the brothers were after Tazuna.. He came clean and informed us of Gato" kakashi continues and groans, "I put it to a vote and my team voted to continue" he adds.

"They needed our help" sakura says and naruto scoffs silently.

"Noble but foolish.. You didn't know who would come next" naruto says and looks to kakashi, "So Who came next" he adds.

"Zabuza Momochi.. We fought but I got careless.. My team saved me and I managed to stop Zabuza.. However a fake hunter-nin stepped in.. Hitting him with senbon and taking him" kakashi finishes.

"So Zabuza is alive" naruto says and kakashi nods, before the blond sighs.

"Where did the senbon land" fubuki asks.

"The neck" kakashi says but narrows his eyes at fubuki but they widen, causing her to smirk.

"You have nothing to fear Copy-ninja.. I no longer serve Doto Kazahana but the True ruler of Snow.. Koyuki Kazahana" fubuki says.

"We can talk about that later.. So the hunter put him in Faux death state.. Meaning you have two weeks at the most before he's up to snuff" naruto says.

"I plan to train my team for it" kakashi says and naruto shakes his head.

"Do that.. Fubuki and I will watch your client" naruto says and rises to his feet, before looking to sakura.

"Take this time to actually grow stronger.. You give Kunoichi a bad name" naruto says, leaving the room with fubuki staying to take care of kakashi and sakura shooting a glare to naruto.

"You're going to help us" tsunami asks, following the blond. Naruto pockets his hands with a sigh, "Only because helping your country.. Helps me as Gato has made some choices that will be the cause of his death" he says, leaving.

"How noble of you" kurama comments.

"Only because we can gain this country as a shipping hub" naruto thought. The blond makes his way to the bridge in question and finds sasuke with sai guarding their client.

"Why are you here" sasuke asks.

"Backup for your mission.. You must be Tazuna" naruto says. The older man with grey hair adjusts his glasses and wipes his brow with his towel, "Yeah and who are you" he asks.

"Naruto Uzumaki" naruto says and tazuna gasps, as a steel beam rises from the pile.

"And I believe I can help" naruto says. Sasuke was wide eyed as well but sai's eyes were narrow, "Did the Progenitor Virus actually work.. I must acquire a sample of his blood for Danzo-sama" sai thought.

"I-I guess you can" tazuna says. He wears a sleeveless v-neck shirt with an obi, pants and a pair of sandals.

"Good" naruto says, smiling with a glint in his eyes. A few hours pass and the group returns to the house with a productive day.

"How were you able to do that" tazuna asks.

"I'm very special" naruto muses. The group finds fubuki sitting at the table with a cup of tea, while tsunami was making dinner for them as sakura was waiting for sasuke.

"Grandpa" a young voice shouts.

"Inari" tazuna says, hugging his grandson. Naruto arches an eyebrow but ignores the boy, "How's Kakashi" he asks.

"He'll be up and moving around tomorrow" fubuki replies and naruto lifts his glasses, rubbing his eyes.

"Who are they" inari asks. He has spiky black hair and dark-color eyes, wearing a green jumpsuit with a yellow shirt and a simple pair of sandals with a blue-white stripe hat under the brim.

"They are Naruto Uzumaki and Um..." tazuna starts.

"I'm Fubuki" fubuki says and tazuna nods.

"Y-yes Fubuki.. They're here to help Kakashi and his team" tazuna adds but naruto sees the look of anger forming on the boy's eyes.

"Then they'll die like them too.. Gato is too strong" inari shouts. Naruto chuckles with a glint in his haunting eyes, "Gato killed someone close to you.. So you believe there is no hope.. How cute but unlike all of you.. I do not believe that.. So watch as soon Gato will die and your perceptions destroyed" he says. Inari glares at the naruto and runs up to his room.

"How can you be so mean to him" sakura says and naruto sighs, rubbing his forehead.

"Your naivety is astounding.. The world is much different than Konoha's rose colored eyes.. The world is dark.. Cold and people like Gato are more numerous that you think" naruto says. Tsunami finishes dinner but naruto declines to eat with them and goes to the roof to lay down.

"The Foolishness of some" naruto thought, crossing his arms behind his head and looking at the sky.


Naruto lays on the cold floor of a cell, his eight year old body starting to show numerous scars from the daily prodding. Naruto flinches as the cell door creaks open and a figure enters, "Kukuku.. Hello Naruto-kun.. How are you feeling" a voice says. The owner of the voice being orochimaru, his snake like yellow eyes locked on the small blond.

"W-why c-can't I go home" naruto whispers. Orochimaru steps and moves closer with a fake concerned look on his face, "You can't Naruto-kun.. I've told you time and time and time again.. You can't go home.. I need your help" he says.

"Don't you want to help me like Momo did" orochimaru says. Naruto starts to cry and clench his fists, "Y-you killed M-momo-chan" he whispers, as the snake sannin unlocks his chain. Orochimaru freezes the blond with his Ki and drags the blond off for experiments to prepare his body for a new virus. A few hours later naruto was tossed into a new cell, near the window was a pale girl with long black hair and lack luster honey eyes. Naruto shifts his vacant gaze on the girl, "W-who are y-you" he whispers.

"Alcina.. Who are you" the girl says, glaring at naruto. The little blond winces in pain with numerous bruises on his body, "N-naruto Uzumaki" he whispers.

-Flashback End-

Naruto opens his eyes and slams his fist on the roof, crushing a ink like mouse with a sigh. He sits up and leaps down from the roof as the clouds move across the sky, "You would be inclined not to push this further.. Otherwise I will make you disappear" naruto muses. Sai steps out of the shadows with his fake smile on his face, "I apologize" he says.

"So we understand each other" naruto says and sai nods, as the blond vanishes.

"He's dangerous.. Danzo-sama will not be pleased" sai thought. The next morning sasuke corners naruto in the bathroom as the blond was wiping his upper-body, giving the uchiha full view of his scars and tattoos.

"Do you want something" naruto asks. Sasuke blinks and nods his head, "Yeah in private" he says. Naruto slips on a undershirt and beckons for sasuke to follow him outside, "So what about" naruto asks, standing on the pier and looking at the water.

"You came from the Capital right" sasuke starts and naruto arches his eyebrow but slowly nods.

"Meaning you saw my brother Itachi.. He went to the capital after.. After what happened" sasuke continues. Naruto fully turns to sasuke with his hands pocketed, "And.. Is that supposed hold some meaning for me.. I don't live in the capital.. I conduct business there" naruto says.

"Look I want to avenge my clan and our father.. Our mother is in a coma because of that night.. So if Itachi won't do it.. I will" sasuke says, nearly shouting. Naruto chuckles and slips his green tinted sunglasses over his eyes, "I know the feeling.. You saw the names under my pec" he says and sasuke nods, "They died for unjust means and I will avenge them.. However the difference between you or I is.. That I have the power to do so" naruto says, walking pass the now angry sasuke.

"However you say Itachi isn't doing anything to avenge the Uchiha.. You're Wrong" naruto says and sasuke whips around but naruto was already gone.

-Scene Break - Two Weeks Later-

Team-7 make their way to the tazuna's bridge with naruto in tow and fubuki staying behind to keep an eye on tazuna's family. The last two weeks has been a chore for the blond as kakashi taught his team Tree and Water Walking to bolster their reserves along with a few jutsu for sasuke. Sakura naturally was the first to master the exercise with her pitiful chakra pool but sai faked being second and sasuke in the final sport. This angered the uchiha but kakashi placated that women have smaller reserves thus better control. Inari finally fully blew up at the group about them wanting to help and called them fools for even thinking of going against gato. Naruto promptly ignored the boy and it seem to infuriate him more but kakashi took the body aside to placate to him.

"W-what is this?!" tazuna shouts, seeing his workers on the ground. Several of them were laying on the ground with broken wood and tools.

"Could it have been" kakashi thought. Suddenly a thick mist rolls in and team-7 quickly surround tazuna as naruto keeps his hands pocketed.

"Sorry to keep you waiting.. Kakashi.. You even brought those brats and it seems one more.. Look one of them is trembling.. Poor thing" a voice echoes around them. Suddenly five copies of the same man appears around with very large sword as sasuke smirks, shocking the man.

"I'm trembling with excitement" sasuke says.

"Naw it's fear" naruto comments. Zabuza's breath hitches at not just naruto but suddenly sasuke takes out all the clones, shooting a glare to the blond. Zabuza appears not to far in front of them with another figure wearing a hunter mask and long black hair. Naruto moves in front of team-7 with a faint smile on his face and causal air about him.

"D-death-sa..." the figure starts but naruto places a finger to his right ear and a hand over his mouth.

"So why are you working for Gato.. Money that tight Zabuza-san" naruto says. Zabuza grits his teeth behind his bandage mask, "This complicates things" he thought.

"Unlike you.. I can't afford to pick and choose who I work for" zabuza says. He wears a sleeveless black shirt and matching pants, complete with a waist-guard, and Kirigakure's striped wrist and leg-warmers.

"While true but to work for scum like Gato.. Who doesn't pay in the end.. Why not work for me instead.. I'll actually pay you" naruto says.

"What are you doing?!" sakura shouts. Naruto glances back with a sigh and a blank look, "Saving your lives and Tazuna's life" he says.

"What do we do Zabuza-sama.. We can't fight Death-sama" the hunter says. They wear a olive pinstripe outfit with a green haori having white trimmings, and around their waist a brown sash with a fringed trail wrapped around the waist twice with light-brown platoon sandals.

"I know that Haku" zabuza says, gripping his famed Kubikiribocho.

"Work for you.. The infamous Merchant of Death" zabuza says and naruto chuckles.

"Why not.. I'm always on the hunt for talent.. I've could even get back into Kiri.. I hear the civil war is on the outs.. The Rebels are close to killing Yagura" naruto says, walking a few steps forward.

"Really.. I thought your little gang would love the civil war" zabuza says and naruto grins darkly, scaring haku a bit.

"True but Five Faces don't subscribe to what Yagura is doing.. No matter how similar we are" naruto says, tapping his whiskers. Zabuza's breath hitches and eyes slightly widen, "I see.. Perhaps it would be in best interest" he says.

"Good we can discuss your severance with your employer" naruto says, pointing. Team-7 gasp as zabuza looks to see gato and almost three dozen armed thugs, "Gato.. Why did you come here" zabuza says. Gato slams his cane on the bridge with a sneer on his face, "Our strategy has changed.. You failed me too many times and still are" he says, his small, circular black glasses glinting. He wears a black suit with a purple tie, a yellow shirt underneath his coat and closed-toed shoes.

"So I decided not to pay you and collect your bounty from Kirigakure.. So you're gonna die here" gato says. Naruto removes his sunglasses and dangles them from his right pocket jean, "Gato-han.. At last we meet" naruto declares. Gato's eyes widen in horror but narrow quickly, "Heh this is even better.. I can kill you too" he shouts. Naruto strolls forward and raises his free hand, causing the thugs to gasp as their weapons lift from their hands.

"What is that?!" sakura shouts. Kakashi raises his hitai-ate to reveal his Sharingan with a confused look, "I don't know Sakura.. Some sort of Kekkai Genkai" he says. The thugs look up at their suspended weapons but naruto casually brings his hand down, piercing the thugs with said weapons as he never breaks stride. Gato skitters away and falls on his rear as all his thugs were dead and dying from their own weapons.

"Gato-han" naruto says and gato turns to have his shoulder pierced, with a silver blade digging into the bridge.

"Zabuza-sama what was that?!" haku says.

"Death" zabuza says. Sakura and tazuna quickly rush to the side of the bridge to vomit as sasuke stood with wide eyes, "He's powerful" sasuke thought.

"Gato-han.. It's not nice to piss off death in any fashion" naruto says, silver metal coming from his sleeve and glove.

"D-damn you" gato hisses. Shadows cover the upper half of naruto but leave two glowing orbs where his head is, "Some day I may be damned but not today" he says, before electricity surges out his body. Gato screams in agony as electricity courses through his body, his body starting to burn from the inside until naruto shuts off the circuit by pulls his sliver blade free and it slips back into his tattoos.

"Good riddance to a sorry fuck" zabuza says. Naruto smack his hands with a faint smile on his face, "Good riddance indeed.. Now head to his compound and raid it for me.. Deeds and the like bring to me.. Half of what you find is yours" he says.

"You got it boss man" zabuza says, as both he and haku vanish.

"Naruto?!" kakashi says. Naruto turns to kakashi with hand in pockets, "Something wrong Kakashi.. Gato and his thugs are dead.. Tazuna is safe and Nami is now free" naruto says.

"Putting that aside for the moment.. What was that" kakashi says. Naruto glances back to gato's burned corpse but to the group of bodies, some still breathing at the moment.

"I'm sure Sarutobi told you about it.. However it's a sight to behold.. It's a combination of Magnetism and Raiton" naruto says and rolls up his sleeve to show his tattoos.

"The ink in my tattoos is metallic ink.. Thanks to my abilities I can manipulate it and send a charge through it if needed" naruto adds but snaps his fingers.

"I should deal with the mess.. You might want to make the mist thicker.. A bunch civilians don't need to see what is about to happen" naruto says and pulls off his right glove. Naruto slowly weaves signs and slams his right hand down as kakashi gasps, seeing a large array form and numerous puffs of smoke.

"Team take Tazuna back down now" kakashi shouts, making the mist thicker. Loud chittering echoes in the mist as team-7 do as they are told, meeting a large group of civilians lead by fubuki and inari.

"So those are the Royal Ants" kakashi says. Naruto rubs the back his neck with a nod as numerous and very large ants were starting to devour gato and his thugs.

"Master" a wispy voice says. Kakashi gasps as humanoid ant approaches and kneels to one knee in front of naruto, "Meet Beru.. The Strongest of the Royal Ants" he says. Beru is black in color with glowing white eyes and his wings were like a wispy smoke.

"Some he's like the boss summon" kakashi asks.

"The Queen is the Boss Summon.. I am simply the strongest" beru says, his tone that of a historical monarch.

"Make sure to leave nothing" naruto says and beru bows his head, returning to his brethren.

"How did you get your hands on such a summon" kakashi says. Naruto folds his arms and thumbs his chin after he slips his glasses back on, "Better you don't know" he says.

-Scene Break-

It has been two weeks since the massacre on the bridge and naruto's recruitment of zabuza with haku, both bringing the deeds gato stole and the blond returning them to tazuna. The bridge builder and sakura were actively avoiding the blond out of fear from what they witnessed but took the deeds to return them to the townspeople. The other members of team-7 didn't avoid the blond but sasuke seemed motivated to grow stronger due to naruto's display of power. Sai continued distant observation for his master and kakashi tried connect with the blond but failed. Currently naruto is laying on tazuna's roof with fubuki leaving him the day prior to return to yuki.

"Zabuza and Haku should be on their way to meet Kanae.. Kasper should be using Gato's death and to move in to take his company but more importantly his shipping lanes" naruto thought.

"Naruto" kakashi says, appearing on the roof. Naruto lifts his sunglasses with a furrowed of his brow as kakashi sighs, "Are you actually leaving" kakashi asks. Naruto puts his sunglasses back down, "Of course.. I am no longer needed.. Gato and his thugs are dead.. I'm sure your team can handle any stragglers.. Besides Tazuna and his family are afraid me" he says and kakashi frowns behind his mask.

"You can change that" kakashi says but naruto snorts.

"I don't care to" naruto muses, getting to his feet and dusting off his rear.

"If you happen to get back to Konoha before me.. Let Sarutobi know I went to the Capital for business" naruto says, leaping from the roof. Naruto leaves the area of tazuna's inn and into the forest, removing his right glove along the way.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" naruto says, slamming his right hand on the ground. A large puff of smoke erupts as a large red ant with wings appears, "Is there danger to the Colony.. Yaahhh.. They Will Burnnnnn" it hisses.

"Calm down Inferno.. I need you to take me to the capital" naruto says, climbing on inferno's back.

"Oh Yes my Queen.. For the the Royalty" inferno crows, as they take to the skies and the blond sweatdrops.

"Something is seriously wrong with that Ant" kurama comments.

-Scene Break - One Week Later - Fire Capital-

Naruto sits in a tea house with his legs crossed and a table between him and Itachi Uchiha, soon to be Godaime Hokage.

"How is the village" itachi asks. He has black eyes, under which are long, pronounced tear-troughs, jet-black hair pulled back in a low ponytail and frames his face with centre-parted bangs that extended to his chin. Naruto takes a sip of his tea and takes in the soothing aroma, "Sarutobi is doing everything to fix his mess.. His advisors despise me.. Its people are slowly starting to remember me but are in for a rude awakening if they believe I am still the child they could kick around" he states and itachi frowns.

"Much work will need to be done" itachi says, drinking his tea. He wears a light-blue shirt with the uchiha symbol on the shoulders, dark green cargo pants, shin-guards and a black, open-front apron with white diamonds on the bottom.

"I haven't met any of the clan heads yet but their heirs are affable.. I've seen all of them save the Ino-Shika-Cho only because I had to save your brother's team" naruto says, eating a piece of dumpling. Itachi frowns softly at the thought of his little brother, "How is Sasuke" he asks.

"A little bundle of Angst but a good heart is underneath.. He wants to avenge your clan and some could take advantage of that gung-ho attitude" naruto replies.

"As Hokage I can hope to change that.. Konoha has become a place ripe with corruption" itachi says, after a dumpling. Naruto recrosses his legs with a sigh, "Sarutobi's Second Term and tail end of his first has begat that corruption.. Danzo.. Orochimaru to name the most corrupt" he says.

"Speaking about Danzo.. Y-you seen Izumi" itachi says. Naruto lifts his magenta lens sunglasses to his forehead, "I did.. She's good I would say.. We did not speak much" he says and sighs, "I doubt she would blame you for what happened to her brother.. Once you take the mantle.. You can bring her home" he says and a coy smirk forms.

"Besides should you be thinking about Izumi.. That wife of yours might get upset" naruto says and itachi glares at him but naruto sees the woman in question.

"Speak and there she is.. Hello Ryuko-chan" naruto says, waving and eating a dumpling. Itachi looks back to his wife and soon to be mother of his child, approaching with a pot of fresh tea.

"Hush you blond brat" ryuko says. She has chin-length blonde-silver hair, swept back with a green headband, a long fringe over the right side of her face, covering her right eye that are green.

"Are we clear" naruto asks.

"You two are my last customers" ryuko says. She wears a dark red, traditional qipao with a slit on the left side, yellow claw patterns on the bottom and smaller ones around her neck with knee-length boots, along with sleeve-like white gloves that nearly reach her shoulders. Naruto claps his hand and a pulse of chakra and his senses pulse around the shop, "You should be the first to know.. I plan to implant the eye while I'm here" he says and itachi narrows his eyes, while ryuko slightly gasps.

"Won't you run into the same issues Kakashi Hatake has" ryuko asks but the blond smirks.

"Thanks to the Progenitor Virus and my unique makeup it won't be a problem.. Minami will have a special contact to hide it as well" naruto replies.

"What brings this on" itachi says. Naruto sighs with a scowl on his face, "Orochimaru will be coming to Konoha" he says and drinks some tea.

"He's planning an invasion with Suna.. His obsession with the Sharingan has reached a fever pitch.. Ring and my little freak tells me that he has a Jutsu to take over a person's body" naruto explains.

"Then Sasuke or Mother..." itachi starts but naruto raises his hand.

"I'll keep an eye on Sasuke and I'll have the Sisters on your mother" naruto adds and crosses his legs.

"After this business with Konoha.. I can focus on Kumogakure" naruto says and itachi arches an eyebrow.

"Kasper has an inside track that Kumo will soon move to annex Frost" naruto says and their breath hitches.

"Among the Five.. Kumo has maintained their militaristic ways.. Both their Biju users can fully use them as well" itachi says.

"True.. Kiri's Civil War.. Iwa has yet to recover from the last war.. Suna is desperate with the current Daimyo being a Hedonistic fool and putting a stranglehold on them.. Ei sees his chance to expand into the main land" naruto says and glances to ryuko's small baby bump.

"I should get going.. I need to make my session" naruto says, placing some money on the table.

"If you have a boy will you name him Naruto" naruto says, smiling but ryuko glares at him and he waves his hand. Naruto leaves ryuko's tea shop called Dragoon Princess and makes his way to a nondescript shop, keenly aware of those watching him.

"Will they move on you" kurama asks.

"More than likely.. Their new spy in the shop will let them know I'll be down for a few days and Hex may make her move" naruto thought, entering the shop.

"Yo Naruto.. Come back for more" a man shouts. He is tall and muscular with numerous tattoos and pierces, wearing all back and has a bald head with green eyes.

"Yo Taka.. Yeah I want to start on a new piece on my hip" naruto says.

"What sort of look" taka asks.

"A blood red-orange spiral.. Symbol of a whirlpool" naruto replies and taka whistles.

"Nice.. I'll set up everything.. Take a seat" taka says and naruto nods, finding a seat and seeing a young woman with red hair and bluish eyes.

"Hey.. You must be new" naruto says. The girl looks up from her book with a slight look away, "Yeah about a month" she says and naruto nods, licking his lips slightly.

"Cool.. I'm just here adding to my collection" naruto says and lifts his shirt, showing part of his back tattoo then his sleeves.

"Wow.. That must take a long time" the girls asks and smiles, "Oh my name is Yumiko" she adds.

"Yeah.. It takes some serious time.. I need to have surgery soon.. So I wanted to get this at least started" naruto says and yumiko gasps.

"Surgery" yumiko asks. Naruto crosses his legs and starts to wipe his sunglasses, "Yeah.. A simple surgery.. The place is just outside the capital in Otaku Gai" he says.

"Yo Naruto.. I'm ready" taka says. Naruto gets to feet with a small wave to yumiko and follows taka to the back.

"So what brings you back.. I thought you were going to Konoha" taka asks. Naruto unbuckles his boots and pants, slipping both off and placing them on the bench.

"This is just a little detour before heading back.. I was in Nami on a mission" naruto says, hopping onto to taka's slab as he called it. The blond lays on his side to give taka access to his right hip and leg. Taka starts outlining naruto's new tattoo as the blond tunes out everything for the duration.


Naruto stands across from the lord of fire country, known as Ozai Hono and the man was currently holding his granddaughter Kino.

"Thank you Naruto.. What ever you want.. If it is in my power.. I will grant it" ozai says. He is older man with black hair in a traditional top-kot, wearing regal robes of black, red and orange.

"So I take it you believe me" naruto says, cha on his left and alcina on his right. Ozai strokes kino's back with a sadden look, "I sent some of my people in disguise.. How could Hiruzen lie to me for this long" he says.

"I felt the same way your highness.. Hiruzen not only lied to me about my nephew to preserve this archaic preserving the balance of Biju but allowed him to be kidnapped under his nose" cha says. A maid takes kino to her room as ozai sits up straighter, "Konoha has not once relied on the power of the Kyubi.. Hiruzen has become lax in his rule as Hokage" he starts and looks to naruto. The blond wears white slacks with a white suit vest, black belt and shirt, no tie and a pair of black gloves.

"I wonder if you would help me Naruto.. I will need time but you will be the spearhead for this" ozai adds.

"That's fine Lord Ozai.. Sarutobi has failed me.. My Parents and So many others because of his naïve and idealistic thinking" naruto says.

"I would have to agree you on some of your thinking.. Hiruzen's second term as Hokage has left me wanting.. Even the end of his first as well.. I will not rush into this.. I need a candidate to replace him and I need time to maneuvers things in my favor.. I have taken a lenient hand to Konoha.. That will soon change" ozai states. Naruto's eyes glint behind his white lens, "I look forward to hearing from you Lord Ozai" he says.

-Flashback End-

Naruto tunes back in and looks to see the completed outline on the whirlpool spiral as taka starts with the color of red-orange.

"Cute receptionist you got" naruto says. Taka looks up as he wipes some excess color away, "She's not bad.. So stay away from her" he says and naruto smirks.

"I will.. She doesn't seem my type" naruto says and taka arches an eyebrow.

"You have a type" taka says, a joking laugh and naruto laughs. The pair continue talking about various things as yumiko pokes her head in, "I'm leaving" she says.

"See you tomorrow Yumiko" taka says and naruto simply waves. Yumiko leaves the shop and makes her way to a gambling den then to back room. She enters the room where several men were sitting and gambling, "He came into the shop" yumiko says, her face blank. One of the nondescript men adjusts his glasses and urges her to go on, "He's planning a surgery in Otaku-Gai.. I do not know when but it could be in the next few days" yumiko explains.

"Continue to observe.. We'll put a detail on him" one says and yumiko nods, excusing herself as the men murmur to prepare a message for their mistress.

-Scene Break - Twenty Days Later-

Hex and a large group of her forces were preparing themselves to storm a small clinic, which naruto is currently resting after surgery to his eyes. Hex wears a form-fitting shozoku, that exposes her hips and her hair pulled into a tight ponytail.

"Hex-sama this could be a trap" yumiko says, slipping several kunai knives into sheathes on her hips. Hex looks over her custom senbon launches with a small giggle, "Fufufu.. Of course this a trap" she says, shocking some of her men.

"Then why are we attacking" yumiko says. Hex approaches the young woman and caresses her cheek, allowing a small mist to leave her mouth and yumiko's eyes glaze over.

"Yes Hex-sama" yumiko coos and hex giggles.

"Even if this a trap.. The nurse we flipped has confirmed Uzumaki indeed had surgery" hex says and all of them nod. The group make their final checks and start to file out of a building about a block from the clinic, all wearing black mantles to their knees. The rain falls moderately to keep the foot traffic to minimum as hex and her group move across the streets and roofs. Hex makes some hand-signs and the group picks up their pace, reaching the clinic with hex stack up at the door, along with several of her men.

[Music: Mechanized Trinity- Mechanized 2.0 - Mechanized by Nick Tzios]

Hex and her people rush into the clinic as several nurse were milling about but they scream at the sight of hex and her people. Hex blows out a thick mist towards the nurses, causing them to scream as they were being burned by the mist. Several kunai pierce their heads to put them out of their misery as the group secure the lobby.

"Which room" hex says. Yumiko goes behind the counter and finds the patient list, "Last room on the right 1010" she says. The group stack up once again and make their way towards said, some slipping into other rooms to kill any witnesses. Hex and yumiko reach room 1010 and slowly but carefully slide open the door, "Fufufu.. Hello Naruto-kun.. Tsunade and Cha" hex sneers, her senbon launcher aimed at the trio of blondes. Naruto sits on a bed in pajamas and his eyes bandaged with tsunade and cha to his right and left.

"It's nice to See you Hex.. Well sort of" naruto says. Hex fully steps into the room with yumiko on her left and another man on her right, "Same.. So many have called for your death" she says. Naruto chuckles with a wave a hand, "Such is way of the world.. So why don't you be a good puppet and tell me who hired you" he says. Yumiko narrows her eyes in anger and flings a kunai towards the blond but tsunade catches it, crushing it with ease.

"You get one Hex" tsunade hisses. Hex shoots a glance to yumiko but back to naruto, "That would be telling Naruto-kun" hex says. Naruto touches his bandaged face with a sigh, "That's fine.. Why don't we go outside.. I would rather fight in the open" he says, tossing his covers. Tsunade takes his hand to help him to his feet as hex narrows her eyes but slowly backs her people. The stand-off and tension begins as hex backs up her people but looks of disgust form on cha and tsunade's face, "These people were innocent" cha says, a serious look on her face.

"Such is battle.. They chose to aid the enemy" hex says, as they reach the outside. Tsunade guides naruto to the middle of the road as hex's forces surround them from the roofs and street.

"You know Hex.. I always thought you were an interesting person.. Kasper goes on and on about you but Seeing you now.. You're just someone's puppet" naruto says.

"Hex-sama is no one's puppet!" yumiko shouts, slightly shocking hex. Naruto grins with his hidden gaze on yumiko, "Oh but she is.. Her puppet master is too arrogant to face me me head on.. So he gives me the prize that is Hex" he says. Yumiko gnashes her teeth in anger and grabs her knifes, "Shut up" she shouts.

"Yumiko Stop!" hex shouts but yumiko tosses her knives towards the blond. Naruto stops the knives and take one, much to the shock of hex and her group but it wears off.

"Fire" hex shouts. The group opens fire with their kunai and senbon launchers toward naruto but he halts the weapons, dropping them to their shock once again.

"What?!" hex thought. Naruto uses the kunai knife to cut his bandages to free his eyes, "Shame really" he says, revealing his Sharingan right eye. Hex's eyes widen and look to yumiko, "Sharingan?!.. So he used Genjutsu on her" she thought.

"So Hex.. Why don't you surrender.. Skills like yours shouldn't be wasted" naruto says. Hex narrows her eyes at the blond, "You're a threat.. I am Justice and Justice will prevail" she shouts, quickly weaving signs to ram.

"Futton: Komu no Jutsu" hex shouts, firing a thick acidic mist. Cha and tsunade leap away as naruto's new Sharingan shifts into three triangles wrapping themselves around the pupil as the mist simply phases pass him. Hex and her forces gasp as naruto simply walks through the mist completely unharmed.

"Last chance Hex" naruto says. Yumiko shoots forward with her knives in hand, "Die!" she shouts.

"So not Cute" naruto says, before a knife pierces her forehead. He raises his hands and the weapons lift off the ground and fire towards hex's group as cha summons a sword from her seal. Tsunade cracks her knuckles to shoot forward as hex and naruto stand face to face, "It didn't have to be this way" he says. Screams erupt as hex whips her head left to see a large cloud of insects and giggling women. Alcina appears behind naruto with her claws extended and her golden eyes glowing, before vanishing once again. Hex fires several acidic water bullets but naruto counters with his own wind bullets, before she charges naruto in a fierce bout of Taijutsu but the blond uses Kamui to dodge and his speed to blitz her strikes.

"Ryusui Gansai-ken" naruto thought, striking hex in the stomach. The witch of justice flies back with a spew of blood from her mouth but catches herself, quickly weaving a flurry of signs but her body seizes. Hex falls to her knees and spews more blood from her mouth as cha appears on naruto's left with her sword stained in blood. Tsunade appears on naruto's right with her sleeves rolled up and blood on her black gloves. Lastly alcina appears with her daughters, blood covering their faces and hands with the sisters having hand scythes.

"Well Hex.. I will say thank you for allowing me to test my new eye and Taijutsu my mother left me" naruto says and squats down to eye level with hex. She weakly glares at naruto and the blond sighs to rise back to his full height, "Warrior to the end" naruto says and glances back to cha, nodding his head. Cha approaches with her sword as hex raises her head, for it to fall from her neck thanks to the sword dancer.

"We're on a time table.. So you won't be able to sit and feast" naruto says and summons his ants.

"We can live with that Darling" alcina says and the sisters giggle, going to steal a body before the ants eat all of them

"Will you return to Konoha" cha asks. Naruto rolls his neck with a pop of his joints, "Yeah.. I don't want Sarutobi to get any ideas" he says and the three nod.


A/N-2: Another chapter bites the dust. Hex went out like a warrior for her cause. Naruto has recruited Zabuza and Haku, plus revealed his Royal Ants. They are based on the Ants from Solo Leveling. Inferno is from Beast Wars. Lastly Itachi is the new Hokage and has a wife named Ryuko from My Hero. He still has some feelings for Izumi as does she. Thank you for reading and remember For The Royalty. Stay Frosty.

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