Naruto and The Five Faces @champblaze
Chapter 2

A/N-1: Things I forgot to mention but the Uchiha massacre did happen but it wasn't Itachi who slaughtered the clan but someone else with Tobi. Itachi is alive has his Mangekyou but is not in the village. Next Tobi and Zetsu are already dead with his Sharingan going to, well that is a secret for now(I don't really know). The virus used on Naruto and Alcina has been destroyed, save for what is in Minami's possession as Orochimaru believed it was useless but will learn that it is not.

Lastly to Volcasiron30, Thank you for the consideration but I will have to politely decline the challenge. You are putting a lot of faith that I can write such a story but I am not confident I can. Pm me and we can talk more at length. Again Thank you for your support and to Everyone who else supports what I do.




[..Pause ...Long Pause]

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Deep below the streets of konoha is the HQ of Ne or Root a defunct and secret Anbu division run by danzo. The Shinobi no Yami sits on a cushion as his most loyal men Torune Aburame and Fuu Yamanaka kneel before him.

"Naruto Uzumaki has returned" danzo says.

"Should we attempt to capture him" fuu asks. He has auburn color hair and amber eyes. A short, black jacket with red straps on the shoulders like all members of Ne and a red short kimono under the jacket with a black sash, a pair of black gloves, dark-color pants, and regular shinobi sandals.

"No.. The boy has the backing of the Daimyo" danzo says, internally gnashing his teeth. Ten years ago danzo had naruto kidnapped while hiruzen was away in Wind Country to meet with the Yondaime Kazekage Rasa Sabaku. He used the chaos of the Kyubi Festival to take the boy and succeeded, preparing to use the boy as a tool for the future.

"For now.. He will be observed" danzo states and both men nod.

"Torune.. Send Sai to me immediately" danzo adds and torune nods. He is typical of the aburame clan with only a small portion of face visible from his black clothes.

"Yes Danzo-sama" torune says and both excuse themselves. Danzo clenches his hidden arm at the thought of naruto escaping him five years ago. He had made sure naruto was far away from the village with Orochimaru of the Sannin's help. The Snake Sannin had discovered a strange mold that held very strange properties, splicing it with the DNA of the shodaime hokage and a parasite. Orochimaru injected the virus now known as the Progenitor Virus into naruto and several others most notably being alcina. However the virus was useless and killed all but naruto and alcina.

"Could Orochimaru have lied to me?!" danzo thought.

"Danzo-sama" a voice says and danzo looks up to see the operative named Sai. He has short, straight black hair, and dark eyes which contrast with his translucent-looking pale skin. He wears a a short black-grey jacket with red straps, a high-collar midriff shirt, black pants, shinobi sandals and gloves with his index and thumb fingers exposed.

"Tomorrow you will be joining Team-7 with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.. Unlike his brother.. The Boy is a risk for his foolish notion of revenge for his clan's demise and father's death" danzo states and sai nods.

"Also I suspect Hiruzen will have one Naruto Uzumaki interact with the other Genin around his age.. Do not engage him but evaluate his skills if he is involved with your team" danzo adds and sai nods once again, before danzo dismisses him.

-Scene Break- Next Day-

Naruto groans and slowly open his eyes, his gaze drifting to the nude body of Ayame Ichiraku laying on his chest. After leaving his interrogation the blond headed to Ichiraku Ramen to reconnect with the sole people who were nice to him. Teuchi didn't recognize the blond at first but the more he talked he soon did, hugging the boy and reintroducing him to ayame. She remembered him and they spoke at length, before one thing lead to another and the blond was dragging ayame to his hotel room.

"Ayame.. I need to go" naruto says and shakes her.

"Five more minutes Naruto-kyun" ayame whispers. Naruto chuckles and slides from under her, "You're dad is gonna be pissed at me" he says and ayame's eyes slowly open.

"He won't be mad" ayame says, covering herself with the sheet. Naruto snorts and takes a quick shower, before getting dressed in a long sleeve blue shirt, forest green cargo pants and dark blue gloves with metal strips on top. He wraps black tape around his ankles for his boots and slips on his form-fitting, high-collar, lightweight tactical vest.

"You can stay as long as you like" naruto says, slipping on his sunglasses. Ayame turns on her side with a small smile, "Come to the shop for lunch Naruto-kyun" she says and naruto waves, leaving the hotel room. Naruto makes his way to the hokage tower and could see people giving him curious looks but mainly his whiskers, slowly touching their memories.

"Morning Ada.. Is the Hokage in" naruto says. Ada was sitting near the door in a dark purple business suit and red shirt, "Yes.. Go on in" she says and naruto enters, finding hiruzen sitting at his desk.

"Morning Sarutobi.. I am here as asked" naruto says. Hiruzen removes his glasses and rises from his seat, "You will have the rank of Tokubetsu Jonin for your duration but I would like you to shadow our current crop of Genin.. Namely Team-Seven.. Eight.. Ten and Three.. All of them are Genin around your age" he explains.

"That's fine but I hope your forces understand I am not some Green Shinobi.. I can and will defend myself.. The same goes for your civilians" naruto says, his left hand crackling with electricity and pulling the metal hitai-ate to his hand.

"Also take this to the academy.. You'll be shadowing Team-7 first.. Their Sensei Kakashi was your father's student and is notorious for being late.. So you can meet him there" hiruzen says.

"I see" naruto says and makes his way to the door but stops.

"Tell me.. Does village know about my status" naruto asks.

"I created a law to keep the younger generation ignorant of your status as a Jinchuriki but after you were missing for two years.. I-I repealed it" hiruzen states and naruto says nothing. Naruto wraps the hitai-ate around his neck and leaves the hokage tower to make his way down to the academy.

"That explains the looks.. Perhaps some still recognize you" kurama says.

"Or see them as scars as they look now thanks to the tattoos and I do resemble my father" naruto thought, pocketing his hands and walking through the gates. The Academy is quite large and comprised of several buildings as the blond finds the largest concentration of bio-electricity, "This virus is quite useful to me.. I can sense electrical impulses like an electric eel" naruto thought.

"What is an electric eel anyway" kurama says.

"A sea creature capable of creating their own electricity through certain organs.. The parasite coupled with the virus mimics these organs in me" naruto explains, finding the classroom with loud shouting voices. Naruto knocks three times and the voices quiet down slightly to have the door slide open, revealing a man wearing the konoha attire with a scar across his face and brown hair tied in a ponytail.

"Who are you" he asks, suspicion in his dark eyes.

"Naruto Uzumaki.. Tokubetsu Jonin and here to shadow Team-7..." naruto says but could see the hint of disgust manifest.

"Come in.. I'm Iruka Umino" he says and naruto follows him inside. The classroom was large and has a high ceiling, in front of the large blackboard is a podium, situated far from several rows and student giving him looks. Naruto leans on the wall next to the blackboard with his arms folded and his eyes closed as iruka speaks about obvious konoha propaganda.

"So will you introduce yourself" iruka says. Naruto pushes off the wall and grabs a piece of chalk, "Call me Naruto.. Naruto Uzumaki.. Kyubi Jinchuriki and Tokubetsu Jonin" he says, writing his name and causing many of them to murmur.

"Never heard of you" a brash voice shouts, followed by a dog bark. The source being a young man with messy brown hair, sharp black eyes and vertical slit-like pupils with red fang markings on his cheeks. He wears a leather form-fitting black jacket, with zippers over the chest and sleeves, along with black pants and sandals.

"Well that is be expected.. I've only recently joined the village.. I've been working outside for another but they wanted me to see and experience the normal corp" naruto says.

"You mean the Kyubi Jinchuriki.. As in the Kyubi demon that killed the Yondaime after he made it human" a blonde says, suspicion in her baby-blue eyes a dressed in an outfit of purple and black. Iruka gives naruto a slight smirk but the blond glances his way and his eyes bleed red, "Well not entirely inaccurate.. The Yondaime did indeed die due to the Kyubi.. Like many on the night but he didn't make the Kyubi human.. He sealed the Fox away" he says, removing his sunglasses and showing his altered eyes.

"Inside me is the monster fox that killed So many but be warned.. I am capable of using its power as my own.. So Umino which of these Children are members of Team-7.. Unlike all of them.. My Time is more Valuable" naruto says, his eyes returning to a haunting and glowing blue as he slips his glasses back on. Iruka feels a bead sweat run down his face as do a few in the classes, "Khm.. Sasuke Uchiha.. Sakura Haruno and Sai.. Y-you will be shadowing with tokubetsu jonin uzumaki and your Sensei Kakashi Hatake" he says.

"Well you heard the man.. Let us be on our way.. As I said my Time is more Valuable than yours" naruto says. The three in question get to their feet as naruto holds the door open for them with the blond's hidden eyes on iruka.

"Do you know where our Sensei is" sakura asks. She has long pink hair and jade green eyes, wearing a red qipao dress with short sleeves and slits along the sides accompanied by a zipper, and white circular designs. A pair of tight dark green bike shorts with a shuriken holster around her right thigh, blue sandals and her hitai-ate as a headband.

"Not at present but I will soon" naruto says, as they reach the outside.

"Hn" sasuke whispers. He has black hair that frames his face but resembles a duck's ass and dark color eyes, typical of the uchiha. He wears a navy blue, short-sleeve shirt with a high collar, white shorts, and white arm warmers with blue sandals. Naruto raises his left index finger up and all three gasp as a grey moth lands on his finger, "Thank you" naruto muses, letting it fly away.

"To go back to your question.. I do now" naruto says and beckons for them to follow once again.

"A summons" sai thought. Team-7 follow the blond as they arrive at memorial statue for the fallen of konoha, standing at the stone was a man. He wears the normal konoha attire with upturned silver hair oriented to the right and a half mask on his face, "Oh my.. Seems my team came found me" he says and turns but his breath hitches, seeing naruto staring back.

"S-sensei" the man thought but coughs, "Well hello Team-7.. I am Kakashi Hatake and your sensei" he starts and gives a small introduction, followed by the other members.

"You're last blondie" kakashi says.

"Naruto Uzumaki.. Likes.. Dislikes and Dreams are not worth telling but I will say.. Yes I am who you think I am" naruto says, confusing two of team-7. Kakashi clears and turns to his team with an eye-smile, "Since it's a little early.. Why don't we have a little test.. Would you be willing to help Naruto" he says.

-Scene Break-

Naruto stands before the exhausted members of team-7 and his opinion of them was very low or at least for two of them. Naruto suspected sai was ordered to hold back but sasuke and sakura were weak, more-so the girl. Sasuke at least had his Sharingan and knew some Ninjutsu but sakura was weaker than most newborns.

"You'll have your work cut out for you with her Kakashi-san" naruto muses, wiping his sunglasses. Kakashi looks to sakura with a sigh, "She may surprise you" he says but naruto mouths doubt it.

"Alright team.. We'll meet tomorrow at the mission hall at eight" kakashi says and his team stalks off with sakura pestering sasuke.

"I'm sure Sarutobi told you everything" naruto says, slipping his glasses back on.

"He did.. Naruto..." kakashi says but the blond raises his hand.

"Save it for someone who will Actually listen.. You were my Father's student.. Yet did you adopt me... No.. Did you keep me safe... No.. Did you search for me... No and that's three for three.. I owe this village Nothing but contempt.. So don't even begin to entertain the notion of mending things and Finally saving your Sensei's only Son" naruto says and vanishes with a buzz of static. The blond appears ironically on his father's head, "Will you tell him about the Sword Dancer" kurama asks.

"No.. Wisdom has washed her hands of this place when her brother died and her nephew taken by his own home" naruto thought. Suddenly an Anbu appears behind him with long purple hair and a mask having three red stripes adorning it.

"Can I help you Anbu-san" naruto says.

"Hokage-sama wishes to see you and I am known as Neko" she says, her tone even and blank. Naruto glances back and tilts his head, "I remember you" he says and taps her shoulder, "You were one of the Good ones Neko-neechan" he adds and vanishes once again, soon followed by neko.

"So what do you want Sarutobi" naruto says, appearing in front of hiruzen and ignoring the numerous jonin in the room. The older man gives the blond a look and shoots his head to the right, making the blond move to the side with an annoyed look in his blue eyes.

"As you can see.. Naruto Uzumaki has indeed returned as I finished explaining" hiruzen says.

"Meaning Any notions of getting revenge or avenging the Yondaime die in this room.. I am only beholden to Lord Ozai not Sarutobi.. So attacking me is attacking the Fire Lord himself" naruto interjects, shocking many in the room. Hiruzen sighs and clears his throat, "Naruto will be shadowing our Rookies teams.. So Gai.. Asuma.. Kurenai remain behind.. The rest of you dismissed" he orders and everyone slowly files out except the three in question. Naruto sees a few dirty looks but he waves to kakashi as the pervert has his nose in a little orange book.

"Yosh!.. It's nice to meet you Naruto-kun" Might Gai shouts. Gai wears a green jumpsuit with a jonin vest, orange leg-warmers and the most gauche bowl-cut and eyebrows.

"Nice to meet you too" naruto says. Asuma stares suspiciously at the blond but extends his hand, "Asuma Sarutobi" he says but naruto doesn't shake it back.

"Sorry I have had a bad experience with your clan or namely your father" naruto comments.

"Same here" asuma says. He wears the standard konoha attire but adds a sash from the fire monks and has a beard, also a cigarette also hanging in his mouth.

"My name is Kurenai Yuhi" kurenai says and naruto shakes her hand.

"Hello" naruto says and tilts his head, "Odd shade of eye color" he adds, noting her exotic red eyes.

"Thank you.. I've always had them" kurenai says. She wears a unique outfit as well of a red mesh armour blouse with only the right sleeve visible and a dress that resembles bandages with a pattern on it similar to those of rose thorns.

"Well I look forward to working with your teams for the brief time I am here" naruto says and all three of them nod.

"You can meet my team at training ground ten.. It's where we'll meet.. I think you can challenge Shikamaru to Go" asuma says and naruto slowly nods, as the three jonin leave.

"Kakashi tells me you sparred with his team" hiruzen starts and naruto scoffs.

"The Uchiha shows promise.. He needs to further evolve his Sharingan though.. Danzo's pet is skilled but emotionally stunted.. Haruno however is why civilians don't become Ninja" naruto explains.

"Sakura-chan could surprise you.. She has high marks in the academy" hiruzen says.

"Or the standards are Low.. Regardless I will see" naruto says and hiruzen frowns.

"He's not connecting.. I pray that the other teams do better" hiruzen thought, watching the blond.

"So where is my father's home" naruto asks. Hiruzen looks up to the blond but sighs, "It was destroyed during the rampage.. Minato had started living at the Hokage mansion only a few weeks before the event" hiruzen says and naruto tsks.

"Then whatever else" naruto says. Hiruzen rises to his feet and the blond follows him to his office, "Minato and Kushina didn't have any Wills but the latter did leave something" hiruzen says, reaching for minato's portrait and taking it down. He opens a safe and pulls out a medium sized scroll to hand it to naruto.

"Did they own property" naruto asks.

"I thought you were not concerned with money" hiruzen states but naruto sighs, removing his sunglasses.

"Forget it... So when is the Toad coming" naruto says. Hiruzen lights his pipe into a small pull, "In Two weeks.. He'll want to check the seal" he says.

"Of course he does.. Knowing Kurama can move so freely is Scary" naruto says.

"Is it because of the virus injected into you" hiruzen says and naruto nods, smiling as kurama manifests and hops onto the chair.

"The virus has all sorts of mutated properties.. If it had will.. I would thank it" kurama says.

"Oh yes.. Being combined with the DNA of who knows what and an electric eel is most thankful" naruto says and hiruzen arches an eyebrow.

"As I said before the virus was mixed with a different things.. One of which is an electric eel thus the electric abilities.. Alcina had a blood disease and now she needs to ingest human blood to stay alive and grew to over Seven Feet.. Oh yes we are most Thankful for it and its creator" naruto says, putting his glasses back on.

"Oh I plan to buy the Entire floor of the hotel.. I'd do not wish to be disturbed.. My Nightly activities can get Quite loud" naruto adds and turns on his heels to the red faced hokage.

-Two Weeks Later-

"Hello Godfather" naruto says, sitting across from hiruzen. One of the Legendary Densetsu no Sannin known as Jiraiya the Gallant was speechless.

"I-i can't believe it" jiraiya says. Naruto lifts his sunglasses and rubs his eyes, "Yet it stands before you.. No offense" he says, rubbing kurama on the head with his free right hand. The white hair man wears a green short shirt kimono and matching pants, with mesh armour that is visible at his wrists and ankles. Hand guards, a black belt, wooden sandals, and a red haori with two yellow circles on each side.

"I felt the same Jiraiya" hiruzen says. Jiraiya reaches out and kurama snaps his teeth at him, "Don't touch me with Those hands.. I can smell what you do with them" kurama says and jiraiya sputters.

"Anyway how did you stay off the radar after you and this Alcina escaped" jiraiya says, looking to the towering woman.

"For one I aged about five years and Naruto's Henges were Real transformations" alcina says, smoking her kiseru.

"It was about a year before I felt I could look at my own face.. Hence the tattoos" naruto muses. Alcina locks her golden eyes on jiraiya's dark eyes, "However I bet he and his sensei are more concerned with the Five Faces" she says. Jiraiya narrows his eyes and shifts his gaze back to the blond but the blond simply chuckles, shaking his head.

"It must bring you shame to know your godchild is a criminal.. Associating with the Mistress of Pestilence Minami Amada or Merchant of War Kasper Hekmatyar and the like" naruto says.

"How could you form such a group.. Y-you should've" jiraiya starts but naruto starts laughing.

"Oh I know what this is.. The Prophecy" naruto says and jiraiya's breath hitches, causing hiruzen to narrow his eyes.

"Prophecy" hiruzen says.

"Well the Toads have this prophecy.. A prophecy shared among Summon clans.. I'm sure the Monkeys have heard of it.. A student of the Toad Clan will teach a Revolutionary of the Shinobi World.. So he's being trying to do just that.. Strike Three and you're out" naruto explains but alcina chuckles.

"He meant for you to become his student like his father before him but that failed" alcina muses. Naruto rises from his seat to look jiraiya in the eye, "Prophecies are meant to be just that prophecy.. Not meant to define one's life but then again.. When one's name is directly mentioned.. Logic goes out the window" he says.

"How do you know about the prophecy" jiraiya says.

"The Royal Ants" naruto whispers, leaning closer to say it and jiraiya's eyes widen.

"We're getting off topic.. Who are Minami Amada and Kasper Hekmatyar or the Royal Ants for that matter" hiruzen says.

"The Royal Ants are as old as Toads in terms of summons.. As for Minami and Kasper.. Well the latter is a weapon's dealer.. Kasper is simply taking advantage of the warring world we live in.. As for Minami.. She's simply a scientist" naruto explains.

"Clingy bisexual scientist" alcina mutters.

"He sells weapons to both sides to facilitate wars.. As for her she's a mad scientist.. Someone on par with Orochimaru" jiraiya says and naruto unleashes his KI.

"Careful" naruto hisses, as the tension in the room rises.

"Calm down!" hiruzen shouts but alcina pulls naruto into her heaving chest, causing the blond to calm down. This caused a bit of jealousy from the men in the room, even jiraiya as he clears his throat.

"Regardless.. The Five Faces are dangerous criminals" jiraiya says.

"Are we not all criminals.. No matter how noble our ideals are" naruto says and clears his throat, fixing his hair.

"That is only four faces.. War.. Pestilence.. Famine and Death" hiruzen says.

"Wisdom is last.. She keeps us in line and to be honest.. She was most unhappy with Naruto coming here" alcina states.

"Who is she" hiruzen asks but naruto wags his finger.

"Sorry that would be spoiling" naruto says. Jiraiya turns to his sensei with a look but back to naruto, "I want to take you as my apprentice" he says but naruto snorts, rubbing his forehead.

"No.. Nothing you say or do will change that.. Rasengan.. I can do without it.. Summoning.. Got a better one.. Sealing.. I am an Uzumaki and that trumps you.. So no.. All I want from you is to wallow in Shame for your actions.. If you had done your duties.. Both of you.. I-I wouldn't be where I am now" naruto says, poking jiraiya in the chest with each point. Hiruzen and the hidden gasp as several items rise from their spots as naruto gnashes his teeth.

"Calm down Naruto!" alcina says. Naruto clenches his left fist with a scowl on his face but comes down as few metal items fall to the ground.

"Sorry Alcina" naruto says, ignoring their shocked looks and sighs.

"You know a few weeks before I kidnapped.. I saw this mask in a stall.. I had Just enough money for it and intended to buy it.. The shopkeeper saw me and didn't recognize me at first but soon did... He then kicked me in the chest and shouted at me enough for a crowd to form.. My money fell from my hands some had the audacity to take it.. He then took the mask and broke it on the ground before I ran off.. The next day I saw the same the shopkeeper being praised for doing that to me" naruto adds.

"And you expect him to jump at the chance to serve this village.. When civilians do things like that" alcina says. Naruto slicks back his blond hair with a sigh, "I lost myself there for a moment again.. Anyway I'll be leaving the village for about a week to take care of personal business" naruto says and leaves with alcina. A few seconds pass after naruto and alcina leave as jiraiya falls into a chair, "W-what was that" he says.

"Whoever kidnapped Naruto.. They experimented on him and companion Alcina.. He says it enhances his body but also gave him the ability you just saw.. Some sort command over Raiton to attract and repulse metal items" hiruzen explains.

"I-i failed him" jiraiya whispers and hiruzen sighs.

"We both did Jiraiya.. Naruto was forced to endure so much in his young life" hiruzen says.

-Scene Break-

Naruto sighs deeply into the bountiful bosom of alcina, their naked bodies under the sheets of his bed but her long legs were hanging off of it. The giantess groans but strokes her lover's tattooed back, "Feel better" alcina says.

"Yeah.. Sorry about the bed" naruto muses. Alcina looks at the ceiling with a look but shakes her head, "We'll go with a Futon once we get back" she says.

"So where did Kasper set things up" naruto asks. Alcina pushes naruto off of her and turns to her right, revealing her tattoo of a severely emaciated woman's face with the name famine in her open mouth.

"He set things up about half way between Fire and Rain near Black River.. He even made the area look those ancient samurai" alcina says. Naruto sits up with a look on his face, "That crazy idiot" he whispers.

"Well we'll get to meet the infamous Pein and his Angel" alcina comments. Naruto rubs his neck and leans back into her embrace, "This is only to keep the peace.. We have similar views on certain people" he muses. Alcina grasps naruto under his chin and slowly bites into the crook of his neck, causing him to groan as she samples his blood and flesh.

"Thanks to Kurama's demonic chakra.. This is much easier and you need much less" naruto says, feeling her sucking hard. Alcina pulls away with blood covering the lower part of her face as naruto's wound sizzles and heals, "I wish I no longer needed to do this" she whispers. Naruto turns to her and cups the side of her face, "Remember those days in the dark.. You and I are forever" he says.

"I know Mon Amour" alcina states, lovingly.

"We aren't interrupting anything Mother" the sisters say, appearing from the shadows.

"No my Daughters.. Speak" alcina says. Naruto groans and rolls off the bed to go for a cold shower as the sisters giggle, "Oh no.. Not interrupting a Thing" he hisses.

"Fufufufu.. Forget him my daughters" alcina says.

"Orochimaru is coming to Konoha" bela starts and alcina's eyes widen but glow darkly.

"Finally our prey comes to roast" alcina hisses.

"Yes Mother.. Orochimaru continues communication with Danzo through a spy known as Kabuto Yakushi.. The one Ring told us about" cassandra continues, as alcina crosses her legs.

"Danzo also intends to use Kizashi Haruno for his own aims.. He'll have him send forces after Naruto.. Namely Hex" daniela says and alcina slowly starts to smirk.

"That little girl has being a torn in War's side for some time.. If Hex does come after Naruto.. A repeat of The Snow incident will happen" alcina says and the girls giggle.

"Then Naruto's Ants and we will be Fed very Well" the girls say, in unison and their eyes glow.

"Oh yes my Daughters.. Should Hex wish to meet her creator.. We will be feed very well.. Tea and Circuses for all" alcina croons.

[Music: Mephisto's Lullaby - Xtortion Audio(Loop)]

A few days later near black lake in fire country, the members of five face started to gather. Naruto and alcina arrive to the location of a scene of a old samurai movie. Flags with their tattoos were on poles with kasper's men keeping watch around the area. Naruto wears a pair of white pants with black tribal designs on the left leg to the bottom, a pair of silver tip boots. A form-fitting white shirt and completes the outfit with a black tail-coat with purple trim and collar, his sunglasses with purple lenses and black gloves on his hands.

"Naruto.. Are you ok.. Are you eating well.. Do you need some juice" a voice says, in rapid succession with a tight hug. The owner being Cha Hae-in the Wisdom of five faces but to naruto, his aunt cha and younger sister of his father Minato Namikaze.

"You worry too much.. I'm with him" alcina says. She wears a pair of form-fitting white pants with knee length boots, having a high heel and black buttons going up the sides. A white dress shirt and a black low-cut corset vest, black gloves with a tail-coat similar to naruto but with orange in place of purple.

"He's my nephew.. I am entitled to worry about him" cha says. She has long blonde hair pass her shoulders and framing her face with it pulled back into a ponytail, sapphire eyes of a lighter shade to naruto. She wears a pair of form-fitting black pants, having red tribal swirls up the right leg and knee length boots. A black tail-coat buttoned up with gold, red, white adorning it and the tails being white. On the back of the coat is a pair of white wings embracing a namikaze clan symbol.

"A little too much" a voice playfully chides. The source being Chiquita and leader of kasper's guards the War Hounds, her forest green eyes full of mischief and a lopsided but lazy grin on her face.

"Where is Kasper" naruto says and chiquita points to the tent.

"We're still waiting for Pestilence.. Also Ring and won't be joining us due to you know.. Oh and Pinkie is mad again" chiquita says, wearing a fitted black three-piece suit with a dark blue dress shirt. Naruto leaves his aunt and alcina to catch up as he enters the tent to finds two more of his fingers and his fellow face of War Kasper Hekmatyar.

"Yo Naruto-kyun.. Back so soon" kasper chirps. Baek Yoon-Ho also known as Thumb and Choi Jong-In known as Index greet him with curt nods.

"I didn't think we would meet so soon either but I want to nip this in the bud" naruto says.

"True.. Someone with the eyes of the Famed Sage is not someone to mess with foolishly" kasper comments. He has short white hair, swept to the left and light pale blue eyes wearing a white fitted, three-piece suit, black dress shirt and white tie with a trench-coat on his shoulders. Emblazed on the back is his symbol of a red skull with numerous swords through it and war stamped on the forehead.

"Will a battle break out.. Hence the location" choi says, adjusting his glasses. He has auburn hair in a curtain hairstyle featuring a long fringe divided in a side parting. He wears a fitted pink striped business suit, black gloves and eight rings on his rings.

"I would rather a fight not happen.. No need to garner unnecessary attention" baek comments. He is a muscular young man with spiky orange hair, orange eyes, pronounced canine teeth, and neatly trimmed sideburns with a fitted black three piece suit.

"Where is that blond Brat!?" a voice shouts and three sigh but one giggles. The tent flap shoots open as the Legendary Medic of the Densetsu Sannin Tsunade Senju storms in.

"Hello Aunt Tsunade" naruto says, before being pulled between her bountiful breasts.

"Lucky Bastard" choi and kasper thought. Tsunade wears a fitted three-piece suit like baek but no coat, revealing a forest green dress shirt and white corset vest.

"So how is Sensei.. Does he suspect I'm involved with you" tsunade says. Naruto slicks back his hair with a shake of his head, "He nor Jiraiya as well" he says and tsunade folds her arms under her 106cm bosom.

"Good I don't need that shit right now" tsunade says.

"So what has you angry" naruto says and tsunade tsks.

"Shizune is pregnant" tsunade says and naruto arches an eyebrow, urging for her to continue.

"Argh.. I thought my first grandchild would be from you" tsunade adds and kasper laughs, softly with a tap of naruto's shoulders.

"Sucks for you and Shizune.. Now my little Koko is no longer the focus of Tsunade's baby craze" kasper says and tsunade shoots him a look.

"Regardless.. Why are we meeting so soon" tsunade says.

"Naruto-kun doesn't want a war with Akatsuki at the moment" a voice muses. The last member of the five faces shows her face.

"War with them is not bad for business Minami" kasper says. Minami has medium, chin length light pink hair and light brown eyes, glasses with oval frames and a cigarette in her mouth. She wears a similar outfit to tsunade of a grey color scheme for her shirt and tie but with a white doctor coat. On the left breast is her symbol of sickly skull and pestilence scrolling from the eyes.

"It's not that I don't want a war with them.. We share a similar enemy.. So working together is better than apart" naruto muses.

"Doctor don't go too far from me" a voice says and minami giggles, as her guard Karen Low enters the tent. Karen has dark shoulder length hair and blue eyes with fair skin, wearing a fitted black suit and white doctor coat.

"Hey Karen-chan.. Valmet-chan wants another spar with you.. Playing with Koko isn't enough" kasper says.

"Boss.. They're here" a guard says and the group becomes serious.

"Well let's get this over with" naruto says and the group follows. The five faces flank each other with four of the five fingers behind them as across from them were Six Paths of Pein, the Origami Angel of Ame known as Konan and the Kin-Slayer Izumi Uchiha. Between the two groups was a table with two back-less chairs, "It's nice to finally meet you face to face or rather to the face you wield Nagato" naruto says, taking a seat. The lead path of pein narrows his rippled purple patterned eyes, along with konan and izumi.

"Oh I know many things.. Now please sit and we'll get down to business" naruto says, removing his sunglasses. The path has short spiky orange hair with several piercing of a metal bar through each ear, three studs through the side of its upper nose, and one spike stud on each end of the bottom lip.

"As do I Kyubi Jinchuriki.. Call this path Deva-Pein" the path says and naruto smiles, tapping the table. A guard brings a bottle of whiskey and two shot glasses, "Call me Naruto or Death" naruto says. Naruto then clears his throat as he pours two drinks, pushing one to deva-pein.

"This body can't drink" deva-pein says. Naruto downs his drink with a glance to konan and izumi, "Sorry.. They can drink it in your place.. I dislike drinking alone" he says.

"I'll do it" izumi says. She has long brown hair in a ponytail with bangs framing her face and onyx eyes, a mole under her right eye wears the black with red clouded cloak of the akatsuki.

"I will as well" alcina says, approaching and kneeling to naruto's left with her arms folded, as a guard brings a chair for izumi. Naruto rubs his eyes with a sigh and looks into deva-pein's Rinnegan eyes, "Anyway the reason for this meeting.. Our two sides have not met but we have both some common enemies" he starts.

"Common enemies" konan says. She has short, straight blue hair with a bun, amber eyes with lavender eye shadow, and a black labret piercing with lavender lipstick as well.

"Yes.. Danzo Shimura.. Orochimaru to name two" naruto says, pouring izumi another drink and pushing it to her.

"Now our two sides want the Former dead for affronts to them and by extension Konoha but I can't have that" naruto says and deva-pein's eyes narrow.

"Konoha should pay for our Pain" deva-pein says.

"Indeed Konoha caused your Pain but such is War.. There are scores of people who have suffered the sort of pain you have felt.. However none of them act.. You act because you have Power" naruto states.

"The Power of a God" alcina adds.

"Indeed and that Power has attracted others to your cause and that can cause problems with our two sides.. I wish to avoid that" naruto says.

"In what regard.. As you say our sides have not crossed paths other that in collecting bounties or members" deva-pein says.

"Ahh the old miser Kakuzu.. That can't be helped but our sides have done each a Service.. Hence this meeting to prevent war between our two sides and perhaps join hands for a common foe" naruto says.

"Common foe being Danzo" deva-pein says. Naruto downs another shot with a smile on his face, "Among others.. You want revenge on Danzo for your friend's death and I want Danzo dead for kidnapping me and a host of others" he says.

"I remember you going missing.. So Danzo took you" izumi says, taking her shot. Naruto shifts his gaze back to deva-pein, "Him and Orochimaru as well" he muses.

"He turned Naruto and I into monsters.. Killing innocent people in the process to give us power" alcina hisses, causing pein and his comrades to notice the harsh edge in her eyes.

"Look.. I get you wish for Peace through Pain and all but honestly where is the fun in that.. I created the Five Faces to see the world we could make.. Whether it through... War.. Famine... Pestilence... Death or Wisdom.. And by world I mean the little section of world in which our group lives.. The world at large I could care less about but infringe in my world and I will bring Hell upon you" naruto says. Deva-pein's eyes narrow with a glance to konan and izumi, "Then what do you propose" he says.

"We avoid each other as a professional courtesy.. A little you help us and we help you thing.. You want revenge on Konoha for their actions.. Well Naruto has already started on that" kasper says. Naruto reaches for his sunglasses and slips them on, "Thanks to saving the Granddaughter of the Fire Daimyo.. He gave me a prize and I told him I wanted Revenge.. Cliché I know" he starts.

"Danzo and Orochimaru made my life.. The lives of Alcina.. Touma.. Shiro.. Katija.. Momo.. Reina.. Itsuki.. Mitsukuni and who knows who else Hell!.. Them they will die so the Souls of my friends can rest.. However there is one I don't want to die.. I want him Disgraced.. Looked down on with Shame.. Forever Scorned because of his Naïve thinking which allowed Danzo and Orochimaru to commit their crimes" naruto states. Konan and izumi gasp as the mechanized Asura-Pein was suspended in the air along with many other metal items.

"Sorry when I'm angry.. My power goes a bit haywire" naruto says, letting everything fall.

"What sort of power can do such a thing.. It was similar to Sasori's Third Kazekage puppet" konan thought.

"You seem to have power to back up your claim.. If you wish harmony between our factions.. I will need time to think about it" deva-pein says.

"That's fine.. We can even help your country and you yourself.. Minami is quite the doctor.. She could perhaps help you" naruto says and minami giggles. Deva-pein and izumi rise from their chairs, "I will send a Genin team to Konoha's exams with my answer" he says. Konan explodes into paper as the paths of pein dispel with the help of Chikushodo-Pein and izumi explodes into flower petals.

"Well we didn't get a no" kasper says.

"The odds were not in his favor.. He is smart and will prepare himself" cha states, looking to her silent nephew.

"It still greatly bothers him" tsunade muses, approaching naruto and snatching the whiskey bottle.

"Both of us" alcina says.

"So what now Naruto-kyun" kasper says, taking a seat across from him. Naruto arches a eyebrow as kasper giggles, "For now we plan for a No.. We killed Tobi and Zetsu.. Using the latter for our purposes.. However like Aunt Cha said.. Nagato's smart and he'll say Yes.. Besides the new Hokage will help in smoothing things" naruto says, rising from his seat. The blond slips off his coat with a roll of his neck, "Now.. I need to have some fun.. Since we got this big lake and all.. Let's have some fun" naruto says and a wild grin forms on his face. Kasper and minami gasp as the former grabs the latter, "Run for you lives.. The Monsters are gonna play" kasper shouts. Cha and kanae draw their swords with glowing eyes of red and gold, as baek's hair and eyes turn white. Tsunade cracks her knuckles as her honey eye start to glow, along with choi as he creates flames around his hands.

"Well Fighting is better that what other thing he does to have fun" alcina muses, turning her hands into claws.


A/N-2: Cliffhanger! Oh my God! Another short chapter and a little more progression of Naruto's goal. He could simply kill Hiruzen but he wants the man to suffer in disgrace to atone for Danzo and Orochimaru. Them however will get their deaths from the Five Faces. Next chapter picks up with the Introduction of Hex and the infamous Wave mission. Thank you for your support and Stay Frosty.

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