Naruto and The Five Faces @champblaze
Chapter 1

A/N-1: This story was inspired by Resident Evil Village and the Series as a whole with a little Solo Leveling and others mixed in. Several characters will cross over but I won't be adding the Crossover Tag unless there is a huge call for it, also Lady D will definitely appear. Naruto will have the abilities of both Wesker and Heisenberg with enhanced strength, body, speed and the ability of magnetism among other things. Naruto won't be paired with anyone from Konoha, so don't ask.

Also Akatsuki won't be after the Biju and be more anti-heroes, members like Hidan, Sasori, Deidara will be more villainess though. Speaking of Zetsu no Otsutsuki or Madara for that matter and as for Tobi. He'll fill his role with Zetsu's help but both will pay the price for his disloyalty. Naruto will lead his own group called the Five Faces inspired by the Quintesson judges from Transformers. He will also have a group called Five Fingers which is his personal force. Lastly Expect some Bashing.

Addendum - 6-21-21: I changed Alcina to Famine instead of Pestilence. Added a bit more dialogue and fixed some errors.




[..Pause ...Long Pause]

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The massive gates of Konohagakure no Sato comes into view for one Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and Leader of The Five Faces or his moniker the Face of Death. The sixteen year old blond is a handsome young man with slicked blond hair and his haunting but glowing blue eyes hidden behind a pair of black rimmed circular sunglasses with orange lenses.

"Do you think this Hokage will accept what you want Naruto" a silky voice says. Next to naruto is Alcina Dimitrescu, one of naruto's lovers but also a member of five faces as the Face of Famine. She is a very tall statuesque young woman of a towering seven feet four inches and looking in her mid-twenties but her true age was the same as naruto. She has haunting golden eyes and very pale skin with long silky black hair done in very beautiful bun, orange eye shadow and blood red lipstick.

"If he is still the weak willed man of my younger years.. Then he will my love" naruto comments. The blond wears a form-fitting, high-collar, lightweight tactical vest with a form-fitting black sweater underneath. A pair of black combat pants with combat boots and a black tail-coat with purple trim and two white tails.

"But to perhaps become one under his command" alcina states. She wears a pair of form-fitting white pants with knee length boots, having a high heel and black buttons going up the sides. A white dress shirt and a black low-cut corset vest, black gloves and a wide brim sun-hat with a orange and black parasol in her hand.

"He may have to get his Inheritance" comments Kanae Tawata, leader of naruto's personal guard The Five Fingers and naruto's lover. She is a young woman with long black hair, blood-red eyes, purple lipstick, and black fingernails. Kanae also has black tattoos covering parts of her chest and both arms, and a very toned body, even sporting a six-pack. She wears a loose dark pink jacket that shows her midriff, black armored boots, and black baggy pants, with two katanas hanging from the left side of her waist.

"Halt!" one of the guards shouts, coming out of the shack. Naruto sighs and slips his hands behind his back, "Hello Good Sirs.. Please tell the Sandaime that one Naruto Uzumaki is here" he says, calmly. The guard narrows his eyes but they widen seeing the six whiskers on naruto's cheeks, "Izumo!.. Go get the Hokage" he shouts.

"We should be prepared to fight" alcina says, flexing her left fingers and they become long claws. The guard freezes but naruto raises his hand, "Easy now my dear.. We here to speak not fight" naruto says.

"I do NOT trust this place.. Especially for what it has done to you" alcina hisses, her golden eyes glowing under hat.

"I know Love but right now.. We need to remain calm.. Take a page from Kanae" naruto says and glances right but sweatdrops. Kanae's red eyes were glowing as she has a hand on one of her swords but the hokage appears with a dozen Anbu guards. Hiruzen Sarutobi stood in his kage robes of a red kimono and white haori with his kage hat over his grey hair and liver-spotted face.

"Naruto?!" hiruzen states. Naruto slowly removes his sunglasses and the older man saw the inhuman blue eyes of the blond, "It's been a long time Jiji" naruto says. Hiruzen stares at his long lost surrogate grandson but shifts his gaze to two women with him, "Naruto.. I've searched... What happened Ten Years ago..." he starts but naruto laughs.

"Sorry Jiji.. Let's talk elsewhere.. Too many eyes" naruto says and hiruzen nods.

"Yes.. Follow me" hiruzen says and the Anbu take a perimeter around them as they make their way through the village.

"So will you introduce your companions" hiruzen asks. Naruto keeps his hands behind his back with a glance left and right, "To my left Alcina Dimitrescu and to my right Kanae Tawata" he says and hiruzen narrows his eyes. The village has not changed much in naruto's eyes, save a few advancements but it was still the same place that tormented him as a child. He feels a hand grasp his left hand as alcina looks down at him and he gives a soft smile. The villagers were gawking, pointing, whispers at the blond, the towering alcina and exotic kanae.

"Does the village know I went missing" naruto asks. Hiruzen frowns with his head down to hide his face with his kage hat, "Yes.. It was about a month after you went missing" he replies.

"I'm sure it was a Grand celebration" naruto muses and hiruzen says nothing. The group soon reaches the kage tower and make their way to hiruzen's office, the Anbu standing guard and the older man slips into village leader mode.

"Where to start I wonder" naruto says, taking a seat and crossing his legs.

"How about at the beginning" hiruzen says, looking to kanae and alcina. Naruto sighs and touches his chest with trembling, "I don't know who took me but they wore masks similar to the Anbu" he starts, then shuddering breaths came.

"Then came the experiments.. Tests.. Tests and more Tests.. Then injections of some unknown virus mixed with some kind mold" naruto continues, as alcina places a hand on his left shoulder.

"It mutates cells.. It happened to me as well.. I used to be a no taller than you but now look at me" alcina says.

"Alcina and I managed to escape due to our mutations.. I was broken and barely remembered anything.. If not for Alcina.. I would've died" naruto says and lifts his glasses.

"Well her and the Kyubi" naruto says, his voice taking a harsh edge. Hiruzen remains quiet as naruto takes in a breath with his nose, "Imagine my shock to learn.. Why the village hated me.. Isolated me and treated me in such a manner.. That it was the Kyubi everyone believed was killed by the Yondaime" naruto says and looks hiruzen in the eye.

"Tell me when was I to learn the Truth" naruto adds. Hiruzen remains silent once again but kanae snorts, "Probably Never.. Why do you entertain this old man.. He obviously doesn't care about you" she says.

"That may be true but he has something that is mine" naruto says, his gaze drifting to the yondaime's picture.

"Y-you know" hiruzen says, his eyes wide and flickering.

"Of course.. The Kyubi was nice enough to tell me.. He refused to used once again.. So we came to mutual understanding.. Two souls used by arrogant people" naruto says, sitting up straighter and a orange fox emerges from naruto's shadow to sit in the blond's lap.

"Now Jiji.. Would you Kindly hand over what is owed me.. Money you can keep but everything else I want.. I'll even become one of your ninja for it.. However I will Answer Only to You.. So long as you are Hokage" naruto says, stroking the fox's head. Hiruzen stares at the fox but gasps as eight more tails appear, causing a bead of sweat to run down his face.

"I remember you Hokage and your accursed monkey stick" the fox hisses and naruto taps his head.

"Don't be rude Kurama" naruto muses.

"Naruto..." hiruzen starts.

"Don't even attempt what you're thinking.. Ten years have passed.. I not that stupidly naive child anymore.. This village didn't deserve my parents' sacrifice.. I am only willing to entertain the notion of being a ninja here to simply get what is mine and not have to owe you anything.. So do we have a deal Sarutobi.. As for Kurama he can't do anything.. He's still tethered to me" naruto says, as kurama vanishes. Hiruzen leans back his seat but suddenly his door opens and three people enter, his advisors Danzo Shimura, Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado.

"Why are you here" hiruzen states.

"What is the meaning of this Hiruzen" danzo says but his eye visible narrows, as naruto looks back. He has a x-shape scar on his chin and shaggy black hair and eyes. He wears a white shirt, with a dark grey robe over the top of it covering his feet, to just over his right shoulder and a brown cane.

"I didn't call for you" hiruzen says, cursing his luck. Naruto rises from his seat and turns to the three elders, "We'll talk later Sarutobi.. I'll be staying at the best hotel in the village" he says, walking pass them with alcina and kanae. Silence soon reigns as hiruzen sits quietly, "Do you realize who that was?!.. Well let me refresh your collective memories.. Naruto Uzumaki!" he says, causing koharu and homura to gasp.

"Then he should be captured.. He vanished Ten years ago and could've been turned against us" danzo says and hiruzen narrows his eyes.

"You will not go Anywhere near him Danzo.. The same goes for you both as well.. If the village learns Naruto has returned.. I'll know who to Execute" hiruzen says.

"He vanished ten year ago like Danzo said.. The boy is our Jinchuriki and now he waltzes back into the village like nothing has changed.. Our enemies could've gotten to him" koharu states. She is a older woman with grey hair done up with hair needles, pearls and tassels with her eyes closed or squinted. She wears a simple long kimono, closed by an obi, a jacket, and a sash over it.

"I know that Koharu..." hiruzen says but sighs, covering his eyes with his hands.

"Anbu.. Restrain Naruto and his companions" hiruzen orders.

"Why am I not surprised" naruto says, leaning into hiruzen's office from the window. The hidden Anbu quickly appear with their weapons drawn but naruto's eyes glow and their weapons lift from their hands.

"What is this?!" one Anbu shouts. Naruto slips through the window and makes a fist, crushing the weapons into a metal ball and pulling it to him with a wave of his hand.

"You damn Demon" koharu says and naruto scoffs but smirks.

"Not even an hour and Konoha's true nature comes to bare.. How Disappointingly Predictable" naruto says and reaches into his coat, pulling out a folded paper.

"Ten Years is a Long time and it's enough time to make powerful friends.. In Fact several powerful friends.. One you all know Quite well" naruto says, showing hiruzen the letter and the older man's breath hitches at the wax seal.

"The Daimyo" hiruzen says and the three elders gasp or rather two gasp. Naruto places the letter on the desk with a tilt of his head, "Lord Ozai and I are on very good terms.. It would bring harm to his countenance to learn that someone close to him was treated in such a matter.. Especially the Son of Such a reputed Hero like the Yondaime" he says and both elders gasp.

"How did you learn of that" danzo questions. Naruto rises to his full height as hiruzen opens the letter, "Inside is a commission by Lord Ozai that I be his personal Shinobi.. Beholden to him and the Incumbent Hokage" naruto says, ignoring danzo.

"Incumbent Hokage?!" homura says. He has a stern expression with grey hair, a beard, green frame glasses and dark eyes. He too like koharu wears a simple long kimono, closed by an obi, a jacket, and a sash over it.

"Oh yes Homura-san.. You see Lord Ozai has decided that Sarutobi has been Hokage for Far too long and such tragedies have befallen this village.. The Hyuga-Kumo debacle.. The Fall of the Uchiha.. The Son of a former Kage kept a secret from him and lied to.. Telling him the boy is living happy and free" naruto starts but turns to danzo.

"Yet said child was kicked out of an orphanage at four.. Overcharged for food.. Clothing and Shelter.. Kidnapped at six to be used in Someone's sick experiments" naruto continues and looks to hiruzen.

"The new Hokage will announced at the coming Chunin Exams held here in Konoha.. You have until then to put your affairs in order" naruto says and waves, returning the Anbu swords to normal with ease.

"As I said.. I'll be at the best Hotel in the village.. I await what is Mine" naruto says and pops with a puff of smoke. Hiruzen clutches the letter with a shocked expression on his face, "Call the remaining Council.. They need to appraised of things" he says.

"We can't let this Boy get away with this!" koharu says.

"We can and We will.. The Daimyo sent him personally" hiruzen says, tossing the letter on the table. Homura picks it up and reads it but more he does, the more grave his face becomes and this scares koharu.

"How can we fix this" homura says and danzo grips his cane.

"This never would've happened if you had given me the boy" danzo says and hiruzen unleashes his KI.

"This would've happened sooner if I did!.. Lord Ozai has always seen Kushina as a close ally.. More-so Minato.. If he knew their son was one of your Ne and I allowed it.. We would Both be dead!" hiruzen shouts, shooting up from his seat.

"I have Five months to fix things as best I can for the Incumbent Hokage and Naruto if I can.. I am ordering your three to Stay away from him and his companions.. Also my previous words hold true as well.. If the village learn he's returned before I announce it.. You will Die" hiruzen adds and the elders remain quiet.

-Scene Break-

"Haha the look on his face" naruto muses, holding up his glass. Kanae pours him some whiskey as alcina sits on the woefully small bed in their room.

"This simply will not due for our nightly activities" alcina comments, drinking her own whiskey.

"Even though you make him look like some Shota" kanae shot and alcina hisses, showing enlarged canines.

"And you give off the air of a Man" alcina says, as both glare at one another.

"Enough!" naruto shouts, his voice reverberating around the room and the pair calm down.

"For now it will suffice until Sarutobi gives me my parent's home.. Now once the sisters arrive.. We can set things in motion" naruto says. A knock at the hotel door and glass door outside causes the blond to smirk, as alcina goes to the glass door and kanae goes to hotel room door. The blond crosses his legs and removes his glasses as kanae reaches for the knob, "Who is it" kanae shouts.

"Room service" a voice says and all of them recognize the voice. Kanae opens the door to reveal a simple woman with black hair and brown eyes as alcina goes to the glass door to the balcony. The woman holds a ram-sign and her form changes to a more refined and dignified woman, her clothing of a red cheongsam dress with longer hair. From the outside a horde of butterflies, blow flies and moths enter as alcina slides open the door. The hordes form into three beautiful women, wearing sinful black dresses and hooded veils. Each having different hair color of blonde, red and brunette but all of them have black lipstick and tattoos on their foreheads.

"Hello Mother" the three say in tandem. The three call alcina mother despite being the same age is naruto, is due to alcina's DNA being used with the virus to give them their abilities similar to the Aburame clan.

"Hello Ada.. Bela.. Cassandra.. Daniela" naruto says and the four bow.

"Hello Death.. Famine and Middle Finger" ada says.

"So what do you have for me" naruto asks.

"The Hokage has called a Council meeting.. He wants to get ahead of things and attempt to curry your favor" ada starts.

"Fufufufu Danzo isn't happy.. He was warned that death is in his future.. Should he move against you" bela says and her sisters giggle.

"Of course he will.. Danzo wants his experiments back after all" naruto muses and alcina growls.

"When is the Council Meeting" naruto asks.

"As we speak.. It's made of the Jonin Commander Shikaku Nara.. Anbu Commander codenamed Okami.. The Elders and Civilian Voice Kizashi Haruno" ada replies.

"That Rat Bastard.. He owes Pinkie a Lot of money.. If we collected then we'd have a door big enough for Alcina to walk through with ease despite Pinkie's shitty luck" kanae says and the pseudo vampire shoots her a look.

"Does he hold sway in the village" naruto asks.

"Not much but enough to have Hwang Dong-Su and his brother Hwang Dong-Suk in his employ.. Danzo loaned him those bastards" cassandra explains. Naruto crosses his legs and leans back in his chair, "Thumb wants a pound of flesh from that Bastard for what happened in Frost" he muses.

"Regardless for now.. Keep an eye on Sarutobi.. Bela and Daniela will keep an eye on Danzo.. Cassandra will keep her eyes on Kizashi" naruto says and the four nod.

"Alcina I want you and Kanae to contact the other Five Faces and Fingers.. We'll be meeting Akatsuki soon to discuss things going forward.. I would Hate for War to breakout between us" naruto says.

"That would leave you unguarded" alcina says but the blond smiles.

"Do you believe me so weak I can not handle myself in den of enemies" naruto says but smirks, "Besides I have Them at my beck and call" he adds.

"Where do you want us to meet" kanae says. Naruto rises from his seat with a roll of his left shoulder, "Somewhere in the middle.. I rather not inconvenience them" he muses.

-Scene Break - Council Room-

Hiruzen sits with his eyes closed as the remains of the council files into the room, with shikaku to his right and okami to his left. His advisors were sitting opposite him and kizashi was the last to arrive.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice" hiruzen says.

"What has happened Hokage-sama" shikaku asks. He has two scars on the right side of his face with dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail, dark eyes and a goatee.

"Naruto Uzumaki has resurfaced" hiruzen says and a chill enters the room.

"Where has he been" okami comments. They wear the standard Anbu attire of black clothing, a grey flak jacket, metal arm guards and gloves but with a black haori and oni mask.

"That I do not know but he has the backing of Lord Ozai" hiruzen says and kizashi gasps.

"The Daimyo?!" kizashi says. He has shoulder length pink hair and green eyes, wearing a a dark grey suit. Hiruzen lights his pipe with a little katon chakra, "Yes.. Lord Ozai has lost faith me and has decided to replace me with a new Hokage" he starts.

"Could Naruto be this new Kage or close to them" shikaku says but hiruzen shakes his head.

"No the Incumbent Hokage has ties to the village but Naruto will be their eyes and ears until they arrive.. Lord Ozai has named him as a shinobi in his employ and not beholden to the village.. The new Hokage will arrive for the finals of the Chunin exams and will be announced as such" hiruzen explains.

"That means Naruto's treatment before his disappearance could play a factor in how things go and the investigation into it as well" okami says.

"Indeed.. Naruto told me he was taken by a group with Masks similar to our Anbu" hiruzen says and okami clenches their fists.

"His guards around that time were vetted thoroughly.. Could one of the other villages" okami says.

"That is possible but Naruto somehow escaped.. I will meet with him tomorrow to discuss things along with Ibiki and Inoichi.. Diving is mind is dangerous with the Kyubi but it must be done" hiruzen says and sighs, "For now his existence is to remain in this room.. I do not want to cause panic among the village" he says and they nod. Hiruzen dismisses the council but the kage knew things would spiral out of control, "How could things happen like this" he thought. He reaches his office but finds naruto waiting and talking to his secretary ada without his vest and coat on.

"Naruto" hiruzen says. The blond uncrosses his legs and rises to his feet, "I came back to talk in private" naruto says.

"Unfortunately that won't be possible.. Ada contact Ibiki and Inoichi.. I need them quickly" hiruzen says and ada nods, as the older man ushers naruto into his office. Naruto takes a seat as a few Anbu surround the blond, "Interesting" the blond muses, as hiruzen takes a seat with a serious look. Naruto sits with his legs crossed and his sunglasses over his eyes, "So... This is your answer" he muses.

"Yes.. Unfortunately this is my answer" hiruzen states. A few minutes pass and the door opens with men entering, both dressed in all grey uniforms and black trench coat. One is a tall and scarred man with blue bandanna, the other is blond hair man in a high ponytail with bluish eyes.

"You called for us Hokage-sama" the scarred man says. Hiruzen keeps his gaze on naruto with a slight look to the two men, "Yes Ibiki.. Inoichi.. Thank you both coming so earnestly" he says, before moving his hand to naruto.

"Naruto Uzumaki has returned.. I need your skills" hiruzen states and both men shift their gaze to the blond.

"The Jinchuriki" ibiki says. Inoichi comes around towards hiruzen to get a good look at naruto, noting his slightly gaunt face but resembling his father.

"So how will this work.. Will I tortured by our scarred friend or my mind tampered with by the Yamanaka" naruto comments and slowly removes his glasses. Inoichi stares at the inhuman but haunting blue eyes and sees a myriad of emotions, "I won't go too deep due to the Kyubi but we want you Will be honest" he says. Naruto rises from his chair and causes them to go on guard but the blond reaches for his sweater, lifting it up to take it off. Hiruzen's eyes widen at the numerous scars and tattoos but the most unique is the full back tattoo of a charred skull with death on the forehead.

"To hide my scars.. I got some good ink a way to cope with the pain from my past" naruto says.

"Do you know who kidnapped you" ibiki starts and naruto looks his way, cupping his chin in thought as inoichi places a hand on his head from behind.

"As I told Sarutobi.. They wore masks similar to the Anbu.. However one stuck out though.. He had the eyes of a snake" naruto says and hiruzen's breath hitches.

"How Long were you captured" inoichi asks.

"Five years.. Alcina and I escaped mainly by luck.. The virus they injected us with wasn't viable to them at that moment" naruto says but grins, "However that was a lie and our handlers paid for it" he adds.

"You say virus" hiruzen asks. Naruto lifts his left index finger and a ninja kunai lifts from inoichi's pouch, much to their shock.

"Well this virus is mixture of some kind of Mold and mixed with something we didn't know.. It alters one's DNA.. For me it enhanced my Speed.. Strength.. Regeneration.. Heh even gave me this little skill.. It's similar to the Sandaime Kazekage" naruto explains, catching the kunai and tossing it on the table.

"Interesting.. So how did you meet the Daimyo" ibiki asks. Naruto picks up his glasses to wipe them with his sweater, "It was about two years ago.. It was around the time of his granddaughter's kidnapping near Earth Country" he starts and hiruzen's eyes widen slightly.

"Meaning he was may be a member of The Five Faces" hiruzen thought.

"It was then he met you" hiruzen says and naruto nods, a faint smile on his face.

"Correct and at first he was shocked that the son of people.. Whom he was on Such a Good rapport with was in Such a place.. I told him my story and He was Not happy" naruto replies, slipping his sweater back on and then his glasses. Hiruzen glances to both inoichi and ibiki with both men nodding, causing the older man to lean forward.

"Naruto.. Tell me.. Are you a member of The Five Faces" hiruzen asks and naruto grins, showing his teeth.

"Member and Founder.. You saw the tattoo on my back" naruto says and a small terror wells up in the older man.

"The Five Faces.. A Gang of Mercenaries.. Each member considered high level in their craft but having a tattoo of a different face.. Even the face of Death" ibiki says and naruto snaps his fingers, pointing to the scarred man.

"Yep.. I am Death.. There is also War.. Famine.. Pestilence and Wisdom.. So Sarutobi is this interview over.. I would like to know what rank do you wish to give me" naruto says.

"Come back tomorrow at eight.. I will have your rank" hiruzen says and naruto rises from his seat.

"That's fine Jiji.. Oh more thing.. Alcina and Kanae have already left.. So no need to keep the Anbu detail on them.. Otherwise you'll have to find new ones" naruto says, looking back and smiling. The door closes and hiruzen slams his fist on the desk but buries his head in his hands, "I failed them both" he says.

"To think a sixteen year old kid created The Five Faces" ibiki says.

"Who are The Five Faces" inoichi asks.

"As I said The Five Faces are a group Mercs entangled in the Underworld of Shinobi.. Each member is no slouch in terms of skills.. If he indeed saved Lord Ozai's granddaughter then he is Untouchable" ibiki says and inoichi's eyes widen.

"Jiraiya brought them to my attention after the incident with the Princess.. Three Hundreds people lost their lives to the group" hiruzen says.

"So what do we do with him.. His skills alone make him above our current of Genin.. Even some of our Jonin" inoichi says.

"He given the rank of Tokubetsu Jonin but I want him to shadow the current Rookie Teams.. Perhaps being around those around his age..." hiruzen says.

"I doubt that will work.. The kid's seen enough death and destruction to last a lifetime.. Coupled with the fact he's the Jinchuriki of the Kyubi" ibiki comments but hiruzen remains silent.

-Scene Break-

Naruto strolls through the village with his sunglasses on his nose, a faint smile on his face but his senses sharp.

"He'll restrict you" kurama says and naruto sighs.

"I could care less what he does.. He can't enforce any Rules on me.. I am the Daimyo's Shadow.. Ozai wants Sarutobi out of office sooner.. Rather than Later.. The Fact that he Convinced That Person to become Hokage is proof enough.. Someone who can cleanse this village with a Heavenly Fire" naruto thought, stopping at a weapon's and clothing shop known as Higarashi's.

"Welcome to Higarashi's" a young voice shouts. Naruto spies a girl a little older than him at the counter with chocolate eyes and brown hair in panda buns. She wears a long-sleeve, high-collar white blouse with maroon edges, black fingerless gloves, low-heel sandals and maroon, puffy hakama-style pants with the exposed parts covered in bandages. Naruto looks around at their wares but makes his way to the counter, "I'm look for the standard Konoha attire for their ninja" he says and tilts his head.

"Tenten.. Tenten Higarashi and the attire is pretty much your own but it you want stock attire we have it" she says and comes from behind the counter. Tenten grabs naruto the standard attire of a long sleeve blue shirt, forest green cargo pants and dark blue gloves with a metal strip on top.

"Here you.. Um are you new in town go" tenten asks and naruto nods.

"I am.. The name's Naruto Uzumaki" naruto says, shaking her hand.

"So why do you need the gear" tenten asks, ringing up his things. Naruto pulls out his wallet and hands tenten the necessary cash, "I'm joining the village for the time being and I want to look the part" he says.

"What's your rank" tenten says and naruto tilts his head.

"I do not know yet but the Hokage will inform me tomorrow.. Good Day Tenten-san" naruto says, taking his bag and turning on his heels. Tenten watches naruto's retreating form, "I wonder who he is.. He didn't attend the academy and those scars on his face look familiar" she thought but would soon learn, like everyone else who he was.


A/N-2: First chapter has come to close and the ground work has been laid. Naruto has returned to Konoha and revealed he created the Five Fingers, along with some of his skills. Now this story will not be long and will last until maybe the end of Part One. I look forward to your guesses on who the Hokage will be and below is the current members of the Five Faces and Naruto's Five Fingers, also their respective series.

Five Faces:

War: Kasper Hekmatyar (Jormungand)

Death: Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze(Naruto)

Famine: Alcina Dimitrescu(Resident Evil: Village)

Pestilence: Minami Amada(Jormungand)

Wisdom: Cha Hae-in[Namikaze] (Solo Leveling)

Five Fingers:

Thumb-Baek Yoon-Ho(Solo Leveling)

Index-Choi Jong-In(Solo Leveling)

Middle-Kanae Tawata(Solo Leveling)


Pinkie-Tsunade Senju(Naruto)

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