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Chapter 2

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[..Pause ...Long Pause]

-Chapter - 02-

-Location: Paris France-

Baki grabs his phone as he stares at kurama hanging from a hook by his chained wrists, "Mr. Uchiha will be most unpleased.. If I don't kill Vermillion" he whispers. Kurama slowly stirs as baki talks with someone, "So if we kill him.. We get a shit load of cash" one states.

"Mr. Uchiha has assured me.. Once he becomes the new Vermillion we will be compensated richly Kankuro" baki explains. Kankuro slaps his knee, "Hell yeah.. Working for Sasori was cheap but working for someone who managed to get the new Zero of Akatsuki in his pocket" he states and runs his fingers through his brown hair. Kurama barely opens his eyes, "So that's it.. A power play I wondered why Orochimaru was made Zero.. So Sasuke wants to sit at the big boy table" he states. Baki and kankuro turn to him, "Mr. Uchiha will be taking your place" baki states.

"So how much did it take for you to betray Gaara but then again.. Not a lot of honor among killers" kurama states. Baki walks over to kurama as he wraps his left fist with chain, "Twenty million.. Your net worth" he states, hitting kurama with a liver blow. Kurama grunts in pain as baki pushes him off and lands another liver blow, then a solar plexus blow causing him to spit blood. Baki lands several more hard punches to kurama's uncovered body, "Kankuro watch him.. I need to retrieve some more sensible killing tools" he states. Kankuro stares intently as kurama hangs nearly unconscious, "Sucks for you.. I heard stories from Sasori about Vermillion that he was a resourceful killer" he chuckles.

"Yeah.. Indeed I am" kurama hisses, grabbing kankuro with his legs. Kankuro chokes as kurama squeezes and lifts himself upward off the hook, using a hurricanrana to knock suigetsu down. Kurama gets to his feet as kankuro charges him but he catches him with a kick to the gut and a punch to the jaw, rocking him. Kurama grabs kankuro's head and lands several knee strikes then two elbow strikes, then grabs him in modified gogoplata chokehold. Kurama wrenches hard on kankuro's arm and head as he spits blood and screams in agony but stop abruptly when kurama snaps his neck. Kurama tosses kankuro aside and searches for a key to his cuffs and succeeds.

"Should've known.. You're an Akatsuki after all" a voice states. Kurama turns to see baki, "Yeah I am.. So you got one chance" kurama replies, standing. Baki pulls off his shirt as they circle each other, "I was a boxer for four years.. Never lost" he states, raising his fists. Kurama raises his fists, "I'm no slouch either" he says, as they inch closer and closer. Baki fires off a series of left and right hooks but kurama blocks and counters with a right cross. Baki manages a liver blow, staggering kurama but he pulls off a kick to baki's side but he grabs the leg. Kurama jumps up landing an enzuigiri kick, knocking them to the ground. Baki and kurama trade blows on their knees as they try to stand, before kurama lands a knee strike but baki counters with an uppercut.

Kurama grabs baki's charging left fist and counters with a series of elbow to his head, then a low kick to his knee. Kurama rushes him with a spear but baki lifts him and powerbombs him on the concrete. Kurama coughs blood as baki stands over him but he kicks his knees with some force. Baki howls dropping to knees but kurama isn't finished, catching him with a running shining wizard kick to his temple. Kurama pants deeply as baki is out next to him, "Asshole" he huffs, when jugo's phone starts ringing.

Kurama searches baki's unconscious body and sees the name but it reads not listed. Kurama answers but says nothing, "Baki is it done.. Is Kurama deceased" a voice says. Kurama stays silent but he recognizes the voice, "Baki?!... Kurama?!" the voice says.

"Speaking.. So Sasuke it seems you've been bad boy" kurama states. Sasuke chuckles on the line, "So what.. I should've been an Akatsuki before you.. We started at the same time but you were Saru's golden boy.. But Now.. It's my time" he states.

"I proved myself.. Unlike you taking the easy way.. I took the jobs others wussed out on" kurama shot back. The line stays silent a few seconds, "Maybe so.. You've been lucky but your luck has run out.. Kurama or should I say Naruto" sasuke sneers. Kurama shakes with wide eyes, "H-how did you find that out" he states.

"You have lovely family.. It would be a shame if something happened to them" sasuke says in a mocking tone. Kurama grips the phone seething but tries to remain calm, "If you hurt them.. I'll hunt you down.. You hear me" he hisses.

"Hahahahahaha.. Listen Naruto I have your family.. You can save them but can you run the gauntlet.. You're a marked man now.. You my friend are Green Lit.. If you set foot in the states.. It is open season.. Good luck" sasuke says, laughing. Kurama holds the phone tighter, "I'm coming for you and Orochimaru.. One more thing if a hair on my wife or my kids heads are outta place.. Just one.. You'll wish you fucking died as a child" he hisses, throwing the phone at the wall.

Kurama gets to his feet and holds his ribs but takes in his surroundings, "An old garage" he thought. Kurama slowly walks over to a workbench, finding his wallet and a 9mm Glock, "I need get home but how.. I'm probably been Black-listed.. Shit Kushina I'm sorry" he thought, slamming his fist on the bench. Kurama was shaken from his thoughts by groaning and he turns to see baki starting to stir. Baki turns over to see a gun pointed at him, "Kurama don't kill me.. I was just following orders" he pleads.

"Orders huh?!.. Well tell the devil that when see him" kurama states, emptying the clip into baki. Kurama throws the gun on the ground and turns baki over, grabbing his keys and his wallet for some money. Kurama grabs a jacket on the floor and heads outside getting into baki's RX350. Kurama drives through the city, finally stopping at a store to get some bandages and a prepaid phone.

"It'll be 55.21€ Sir" a sales person says. Kurama pays and heads to a local hotel and gets a room, "God.. Please watch over my family" he silently prayed.


The next day kurama drove to the euro branch office, "Hope he listens" he thought, dialing a number. A man who looks about thirty with short and spiky auburn hair, with green eyes sits in his office when his cell phone rang. The man looks at his iPhone-12 but didn't recognize the number, "Who are you and how did you get this number" he answers.

"I should have this number.. It's the second number on my contact list.. Tovarishch" the caller states. The man sighs leaning back in his chair, "Why am I speaking to the dead man.. Kurama" he states.

"I can assure you.. I'm quite alive Gaara" kurama replies. Gaara pinches the bridge of his nose, "No you're not.. I just spoke to Zero.. You've been green lit Tovarishch.. Essentially a dead man" he states.

"I've been set up.. You know me Gaara.. You know my methods and how I work.. Orochimaru.. No Sasuke is behind this" kurama states. Gaara leans forward on his desk, "Quite the accusation.. He's not even an Akatsuki so explain" he states.

"No.. Not over the phone.. Meet me at the bar Saru took us to.. You know the one.. Come alone and unarmed" kurama states, hanging up. Gaara sighs staring at the wall, directly at a photo of him and his comrades, "Don't make me regret this Tovarishch" he thought.


Gaara arrives at a bar called the Black Dog, hopping out of his black Audi R8 with his black trench-coat blowing in the wind as he walks inside. Several partons look up but pay him no mind, looking to the rear of the bar he saw a person sitting alone with a bottle of vodka and two glasses. Gaara walks to the person, who has his black ball cap tipped low and a pair of aviator glasses on.

"Sit.. Let's catch up Tovarishch" kurama states. Gaara sits down as kurama takes off the hat and glasses, "So explain.. Why shouldn't I put a bullet in your head and save myself a great deal of effort and the headache" gaara states, as kurama pours them a drink. Kurama shotguns a glass of vodka, "For one.. You know me.. Also you never did trust Orochimaru" he states.

"True.. So start talking" sasuke states, drinking his drink. Kurama fills his glass again, "Zero offered me this job to me as some favor.. He even told me to treat it like my big pay job.. So I took it but it was a setup by him and Sasuke" he starts.

"Your guy Baki was in it as well as some of Sasori's men.. I was supposed to kick but you know me" kurama states. Gaara pours himself a drink, "I see.. So that's why his RX350 is outside.. Did you kill him" he asks. Kurama leans back with a nod, "Yes but Gaara.. That's not all.. Sasuke has got my family.. Somehow he found them" he whispers. Gaara stares in shock, "Family?!..." he states.

"Yeah a wife and twin daughters.. Gaara they know nothing of what I do and now they're in danger because of me" kurama whispers. The two sit in silence, "What do need Tovarishch" gaara asks.

"So I take it you believe me.. I need to get back to Los Angeles but no doubt they have the airports scouted" kurama states.

"I do.. Besides after I spoke with Zero I spoke to White.. She confirmed something for me.. It seems Orochimaru is trying to curry favor with the others" gaara states. Kurama downs his third glass, "More than likely.. Some might trust him but most were appointed by Saru but among us.. I can see Sei joining them.. Tres idolizes Saru and the others trust you and Hinata before Zero" he says.

"I'll deal with Orochimaru.. Sakura and Sasuke.. Then I'm done.. The firm can be yours or someone else.. I don't care" kurama adds. Gaara leans back in his chair, "So how will you get back into the States" he asks.

"Well I'll have to catch a ship.. A carnival cruise ship leaves Jamaica tonight.. I need to get on it" kurama replies. Gaara raises an eyebrow, "How.. It's hundreds of miles away.. So how" he states.

"I'll skydive aboard.. You got some who can fly me there" kurama asks. Gaara pulls a pen out, "Go to this address.. He can get you there but landing on a moving ship is crazy" he replies.

"Crazy works for me" kurama says, smirking.

-Location: Gulf of Mexico: 300 miles from New Orleans La-

[Background Music: Hatebreed - I Will Be Heard]

A plane flies over the vast blue ocean, "Vermillion.. We're about a mile behind the boat.. If you're gonna go.. Now's the time.. I'll need enough fuel to return" the pilot shouts. Kurama adjust his skydive suit, "Tell Gaara thanks when you get back" he shouts. The pilot see the boat on radar, "Thirty seconds to drop.. Get ready!" he shouts, as the co-pilot check kurama's gear.

"Alright get to the door" he states. The pilot gives the green light and the co-pilot opens the door, the wind whips and whirls as kurama reaches the door. Kurama stares at the blue-black ocean seeing the boat near them, "Alright" he thought.

"I live for this shit!" kurama howls, jumping. Kurama falls like a stone towards the ocean as he locks his arms as his side for more speed. A couple were enjoying the night view of the ocean, when they are startled by a splash in the pool behind them. The couple turns to see a black parachute in the pool and a person climbing out. Kurama pulls off his helmet and unhooks himself, "Whoo.. Not bad I gotta do that again" he states, nearing the couple. The couple look him over, "Um Sir.. Were you skydiving at night" the lady asks.

"Yeah I was.. Someone bet me I couldn't.. So I did" kurama says. The guy raises an eyebrow, "Seriously.. For how much" he asks.

"Thirty Grand.. Which is yours If you put me up till we reach New Orleans" kurama replies, unzipping his suit and pulling a wrapped bag of money. The couple stand shocked, "Are you some criminal" the girl asks.

"Nope.. Just a thrill seeker with some cash.. So will you" kurama replies.

"Uhh sure.. What do you think Hon" the guy states. The girl takes the money, "We will" she says, as they lead him to their room. The ship arrives at the port of new orleans the next day around noon as kurama walks off the ship, wearing a pair of white pants and a beige sun shirt.

Kurama blends into the crowd as he walks through the Riverwalk and into a local store called LaVanti. Kurama looks through clothes, grabbing a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans, a tommy hilfiger navy ivy polo and then goes to American Sole, buying a pair of classic black harness boots. Kurama flags a cab and heads to a storage facility in Kenner, "Good to be home but no time to waste.. Hope its still there" he thought. Kurama arrives at the storage place, walking into the office he spots the clerk.

"Excuse me.. I need to get a new key to my storage lock.. It's under Minato Summers" he states. The clerk looks through the log, "Oh right here.. Mr. Summers.. You a have one of our large storage rooms.. A new key would be $4.77" she states.

"Good thing she didn't press" kurama thought. He pays for the new key and she leads to the storage room which is large enough to fit a car. Kurama raises the door revealing a car under a tarp and large trunk behind the car, before walking to the trunk and puts in the combination. Kurama opens the trunk pulling out a black case and a silver case, opening the black case reveals another wallet, cash and some car keys. Kurama opens the wallet, pulling a louisiana license and a california license, both for naruto uzumaki. Kurama then opens the silver case, revealing more cash as well as a silver taurus raging bull 454 model. Kurama reaches in the trunk, pulling out a duffel bag and a black leather jacket.

He then pulls off the tarp revealing a black Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4. Kurama loads the duffel bag with the money from the case into the car, throwing the tarp and the empty cases in the trunk. Kurama hops in the car, starting it and it roars to live. Kurama pulls the car out enough to close the door but attracts some onlookers.

"Hey man nice car" someone states. Kurama turns to a gun pointed at him, "Haha.. Hand ova the keys Nigga.. I'll take that sweet ass car.. Some fast and furious shit" the man sneers. Kurama raises his hands with a scared, "A-alright.. Let me get 'em" he states, reaching in but comes out with the bull.

"Get to steppin' or I'll blow your fucking nuts off" kurama says. The man shrieks and runs off as kurama chuckles, climbing in the car and driving off. Kurama drives the endless highways and interstates as races against time to save his family but as he drives, his mind harkens back to days long past and tries to figure out how it went wrong.[music ends]

-Location: Shanghai: Seven Years Ago-

Kurama walks with saru and sasuke in a luxurious hotel, "Now boys keep your ears open.. You do good.. It puts you on the fast track" saru states. Kurama and sasuke nod as they enter the penthouse suite, inside two men were waiting.

"Orochimaru.. Gaara.. Glad you could make it" saru greets. Gaara rises from his seat and hugs saru, "For you anything Saru.. Kurama a pleasure" he states.

"Likewise Gaara or should I say Sky" kurama says, hugging the the red head. Gaara mockingly punches kurama's shoulder, "Take it Saru told you" he says.

"Yeah.. It's cool you deserve it" kurama praises.

"Oh.. This is Orochimaru otherwise known as Nan" gaara states. Orochimaru shakes kurama's hand, "It's a pleasure to meet one of Saru's boys" he states.

"Cool.. Oh this Sasuke" kurama replies. The group exchanges greeting as they go over their mission, "Alright.. The target is Kabuto Yakushi.. He into some shitty things.. Human trafficking among them.. The police have tried and failed... So we got the call.. We got people on his building and infiltration has to be done on two fronts.. Jiraiya and Sasuke through the lower floors... Kurama and Gaara from the roof.. We close in the noose and bam.. He's done.. The client wants him to suffer.. So boys have at it" saru explains.

Kurama later that night sat in the hotel sipping his drink, when gaara walks up next to him and slaps his back.

"So Kurama how's life.. I heard about your job in Africa" gaara states.

"Yeah it was tough but manageable.. Plus I met somebody" kurama replies. Gaara orders a scotch, "Tell me about him" he says, jokingly.

"Ha.. Ha.. She's nice.. She was there with the Peace Corp.. It was love at first sight" kurama says and pauses for a moment.

"Man I could leave the life for her" kurama says and gaara whistles.

"Wow.. That cute huh.. Then you better become an Akatsuki quick" gaara states, thumping kurama's shoulder. The next day kurama and gaara scout the building from an adjacent building, "So we gotta do the roof.. Can I ask why" kurama asks.

"Because you Quote.. Unquote.. Live for this shit as you put it" gaara replies. Kurama chuckles watching the building, "How many floors between the roof and his office" he asks.

"About Fifteen floors.. Why" gaara replies but kurama only smirks.

"Just get some high tensile cord and a harness" kurama states. The next day the operation begins, "Kurama.. Gaara you in position" saru asks.

"Yeah and you won't believe.. What Kurama is doing" gaara replies.

"Hey don't tell him" kurama squawks on the channel. Saru chuckles silently, "Orochimaru.. Sasuke you in position" he asks.

"Roger.. In position.. The elevators coming down" orochimaru replies.

[Background music: Ready Steady Go -Paul Oakenfold]

The elevator dings open as several armed men with UMP45s step out followed by a young man with silver hair and glasses in a black suit. Sasuke and orochimaru cock their XM8s and begin firing at kabuto. Two guards go down in the frenzy of screams and shattering glass. The guards open fire as three rush kabuto back to the elevator, "Coming back up" sasuke shouts. Gaara grabs his M16 as kurama peers over the edge of the building, "Hope this works" kurama thought, tying the cord to the railing. The elevator dings on the floor below them as kabuto and three guards exit, "This way to the roof sir" one states.

"Who are those animals?!" kabuto hisses, adjusting his glasses. The group reaches the roof entrance, only to be open fired on by gaara.

"Back to the office.. Gather the other guys.. We need to hold out till the cops get here" another guard states. Gaara reloads as he walks back to kurama and he was now on the edge of the building, "He's heading back down" gaara states.

"So how long do you think it will take to get down" kurama asks.

"Dunno.. Few minutes" gaara replies. Kurama cocks his M4 Carbine, "Wish me luck" he smirks, jumping off the building. The cord goes taut as kurama slides on the window, he starts jump off the window to more velocity but as he springs off. The door in the office flies open as kabuto six more guards enters. Kurama barrels back to the window as the guards open fire but kurama fires away as well, crashing through the window. Kurama throws a knife at a guard as he tries to unhook himself but kabuto manages to shoot him in the leg.

"You fucking idiot" kabuto states. Kurama raises his hands in defeat but he got a trick up his sleeve. He pulls a knife from his back, chucking it at kabuto but he dodges.

"Fool.. What did that achieve" kabuto mocks.

"This..." kurama replies, firing from the hip with his Colt 1911. Kabuto wails as he grabs his shoulder. Kurama grabs kabuto from behind and backs to edge as the rest of kabuto's guards enter, "Can you fly" kurama says and grins, as they fall out of the window. Kurama releases kabuto as they plummet to the ground but kurama pulls his rip cord. The parachute opens as kabuto screams to his death. Kurama floats to the ground but his harness rips and he lands on the top to a parked truck, "Unhh.. Saru.. Mission complete" he groans. The door of the truck opens and saru pops his head out, "Thanks Kurama.. Now get off the truck!" he scolds. [song ends]

-Location: Paris: One Month Later-

Kurama and gaara sit in a bar called the black dog, when saru enters and takes his seat.

"Been waiting long" saru asks.

"Naw Saru.. What's this about" gaara replies. Kurama sips his vodka, "I wanted to show you something" her replies and pulls off his coat with his shirt, shocking some patrons. Gaara sees a tattoo on kurama's back of a menacing nine tail fox and the symbol vermillion underneath it.

"Gaara meet the new Vermillion" saru states, as kurama chuckles. Gaara rises from his seat with a raise of his glass, "Well then to the new Vermillion.. Salud" he states.

"Salud" kurama and saru reply, clinking their glasses with gaara.


Kurama chuckles as he passes cars on the interstate, "That was a weird job.. But it makes wonder.. However I wonder was it then" he thought. Kurama reaches for his phone and dials several numbers. The line continuously rings but finally connects, "Kurama.. Thank God.. Are you still in Paris" a voice states.

"I'm closer than you think.. Saru.. It's bad" kurama says. Saru sighs on the line, "How bad son" he asks.

"They got Kushina and the girls" kurama replies.

"My God.. Kurama but how" saru asks. Kurama passes several cars, "Sasuke and Orochimaru.. They are working together and somehow they found about them.. I'm worried about Inari and Konan.. They're in danger too" he states.

"I'll do what I can from here.. I should have never chosen Orochimaru but among the choices he had the most experience.. What's that noise?!.. Hold on a sec" saru states. Saru walks on to his rear deck just as an rpg whizzes to his boat, "Kurama.. I'm sorry" he states, as the line statics. Kurama gasps wide eyed and narrowly misses a car in front of him, "Saru!.. Saru!.. SARU!" he screams, slamming his phone into the steering wheel. Kurama pulls off the interstate as the tears flow down his cheeks, "Fuck!.. Fuck!" he whispers, with his head on the steering wheel.

-Location: Los Angeles: Firm American branch-

Sasuke sit in his office with a cigar in his mouth when orochimaru walks in, "Is it done" orochimaru asks.

"Yes.. Saru is no longer a threat" sasuke replies. Orochimaru sighs heavily as he sits down, "This is only step one.. The repercussions will come when the news hit.. Especially from Sky and White" he states.

"So Orochimaru I told you before.. Don't worry your little perverted head" sasuke says. Orochimaru rubs his forehead with sigh and a slight glare from sasuke's crack, "What about Kurama" he asks.

"No word from the airports but knowing Kurama.. He may be closer than we think.. I've got people watching his house as well as Konan's place.. When he realizes what happened to them.. He may just kill himself" sasuke says, smirking but orochimaru wasn't so sure.

Kurama meanwhile was closing in on the california border, "You're dead man Kiba" he thought, grabbing his phone and dialed inari's number but just got voicemail. He then proceeded to call konan but the line steadily rang. The line connects but it was a man who answers, "Hello can I speak to Konan Fiona" kurama states.

"Mr. Snow.. Jesus thank God you called.. This is Yahiko.. Konan's fiancée" the person says.

"Yahiko.. What's going on" kurama asks. Yahiko sighs heavily on the line, "Konan.. She was in a car accident a few hours ago.. The doctors say it's touch and go" he states.

"I see.. How did it happen" kurama asks, his tone shaky.

"We're not sure Mr. Snow.. Konan always spoke highly of you.. It's such a tragedy.. I need to go.. Mr. Snow thank you for calling" yahiko states, hanging up. Kurama wipes a tear from his cheek as he speeds up to reach los angeles to save his family. Kurama pulls into a gas station in Blythe on his way back to los angeles, "First Saru.. Now Konan.. Shit I was Fucking blind" he thought, grabbing a newspaper and one of the headlines catches his eye.

"College student found murdered near Seal beach... The body of twenty two year old Inari.. F-flannigan" kurama whispers but gasps in shock. Kurama drops the paper in shock, "Not the kid too" he whispers, finishing the story. Kurama hops in bugatti and speeds off the los angeles.


Kushina sits quietly as mito and naruko sleep on the bed, when the door opens and sasuke walks in.

"Mrs. Uzumaki.. I hope you are in good health.. Unlike your excuse of a husband.. Such a shame.. A beauty like you must suffer" sasuke states, caressing her cheek. Kushina promptly slaps him across the face, "Do not touch me!" she snaps. Sasuke backhands her to the ground, "I was being nice Bitch.. Just you wait I'll parade your corpses in front of him before he dies.. Or maybe I'll rape you and your fucking kids.. Then present your cum covered.. Bullet riddled bodies to him" he says, with a dark smirk on his face. Kushina shudders in fear as sasuke chuckles, "Don't worry though.. I'll just kill you and sell your kids to a guy named Jiraiya.. A real sick dude" he states, locking the door. Kushina drops to her knees hugging herself, "Oh God Naruto.. Where are you" she whispers.

The sun sets over the horizon as kurama arrives in los angeles, making the twenty eight hour drive in nineteen hours. Kurama arrives at a warehouse, which he owns and no one outside of saru knew existed. He parks his bugatti next to his audi and his charger. Kurama grabs the duffel bag and walks up a set stairs leading to a room with a desk and a cot, throwing the bag next to the cot. Kurama pulls out a laptop and turns it on as he sits down, hooking his iPhone to the computer.

"Where could he have took them" kurama thought, reaching in bag and pulling out jugo's sd card. Kurama loads the card into the laptop, "Let see.. Four calls from sasuke but no location.. I know he lives in East LA but where" he whispers. Kurama snaps his fingers realizing, "Easy way to kill the snake is cut off the head" he thought, grabbing his phone and heading to his cars. Kurama climbs into his silver audi and drives to Melrose, "Orochimaru you're mine" he thought.


Orochimaru pulls into the garage of his melrose home as the garage closes behind him, stepping out of his bmw. He glances at his watch and it reads midnight. Orochimaru walks into his kitchen, placing his keys on the counter and reads his mail but ignores a noise outside. Orochimaru showers and finally climbs into bed, knowing he killed his mentor but is unaware to the noise outside was his impending doom. Orochimaru tosses and turns in his bed as his dreams haunt him, waking him with a start to a gun in his face. Orochimaru's eyes widen as he see the person holding the gun, "Kurama?!" he utters, eyes wide.

"Shut up and get up" kurama states, cocking the hammer on his silver colt 1911. Kurama leads orochimaru to his study, "Sit and put your hands on the table.. Palms down" kurama orders. Orochimaru obliges with a frightened but angered look on his face, "Kurama.. Please don't kill me.. I'm sorry it was just business" he states. Kurama walks over to the bar, grabbing a bottle of twenty nine year old bourbon.

"Business huh?!.. Tell Saru that you shit" kurama hisses, taking a swig. Kurama then places the bottle on the table, "Take a sip.. It was made the year I was born.. Must've been a good year" he states. Orochimaru takes a swig of the bourbon, "It's good.. I'll say again.. Do not kill me" he says.

"Why.. Because you're the Zero... No.. No!.. You lost that when you committed the ultimate sin among us Akatsuki.. Purposely killing one of our own.. He was your mentor.. Why?!" kurama half shouted. Orochimaru shook his head with a more fear in his eyes, "No.. No Kurama.. It was Sasuke.. He hated you being an Akatsuki.. Killing Saru was his idea" he pleads. Kurama takes another drink, "What about my family.. Konan.. The kid.. His too?!" kurama shouts.

"All of it.. I was just a pawn.. He used me" orochimaru says. Kurama points his colt at orochimaru's head, "How long?!.. Shanghai?!.. You are the Zero.. What the hell did he have on you?!.. That would make you betray everyone?!" kurama says. Orochimaru locks his hands and sighs, "It was seven years ago.. Just after Shanghai.. He found me in Berlin and found out my expensive habit" he explains and kurama huffs.

"What?!.. That you fuck young boys or something.. No one cares.. So what if he lords it over you.. You were an Akatsuki.. You fucked up!" kurama states and orochimaru grasps his forehead.

"Put your hands back on the table" kurama utters, tapping the gun to orochimaru's head. Orochimaru shakes in fear and places his hands on the table but wails in agony. When kurama drives a combat knife into his left hand. Kurama grabs orochimaru's mouth to silence his screams, "Be a man.. Take the pain" kurama whispers.


A white audi meanwhile drives along the street that leads to orochimaru's place. The person insides sees a silver audi, "Strange" the person thought, pulling into the driveway. The door opens revealing long blonde hair and a beautiful woman wearing tight black pants and long knee length black boots with two inch heels, a white button up dress shirt and long black coat.

"I know only two people who would drive an Audi R8 like mine and both are in paris" she thought. Tres goes to her trunk, grabbing a customized chrome Desert Eagle Mark XIX and slips it into her thigh holster, then grabs a small combat knife. Tres makes her way around the house to the rear and finds the unlocked door. She silently slips in and hears talking in the quiet house. Tres made her way to the stairs as the voices got louder and her honey eyes narrow, "Where are they?!" a voice said.

"I don't know.. He didn't tell me" another voice states. Tres creeps up the steps as she hears crashing, "Don't fucking lie to me!" a voice shouts. Tres reaches the top floor, seeing an open door and the voices echoing.

"One last time.. Where is my family?!" a voice states.

"Family?!" tres thought. Tres reaches the door and leans in to see orochimaru at his desk in pain with a knife through his left hand and someone dressed in black with a gun in his hand. Tres inches in with her mark xix drawn on the intruder. Orochimaru glances up to see her but doesn't let on, "Alright I'll tell you.. Your family will be joining you soon.. Kill him now!" jiraiya states. Kurama quickly turns to a gun at his forehead but he points his colt, "Tres.. Why are you here" he asks.

"I could ask you the same.. Drop the gun" tres replies. Kurama and tres stand face to face with a gun to their heads, "You have no idea what's going on Tres" he says.

"Then enlighten me" tres states. Kurama glances orochimaru's way, "This piece of shit.. Conspired with Sasuke and Sakura to eliminate Saru.. Sky and Me.. Hell even White as well" he explains, pointing to orochimaru. Orochimaru tries to pull the knife out with gritted teeth, "He is lying.. He was the one.. Him and Gaara!.. They killed Saru!" he shouts. Tres' honey eyes widen hearing the news of saru's death, "W-what?!" she whispers.

"Shut the fuck up.. Don't you dare try to spin this.. You fucking piece of Sh..." kurama states.

"Stop!.. Is this true?!.. Is Saru dead?!" tres states and kurama nods, sadly.

"He is.. Now lower your gun Tres.. Saru was like a father to me" kurama states.

"No.. Where have you been.. You are green lit.. I should kill you" tres states.

"Before you do check my phone.. In my coat pocket.. You'll see I talked him before he.. His last words to me were.. I-i'm sorry" kurama states. Tres reaches in his pocket and unlocks his phone to check his call, seeing the outgoing call to saru and the length.

"Tres they took my family.. I haven't risked my life for nothing.. I will not let my wife and daughters suffer for my actions" kurama states, turning back to orochimaru. Kurama grabs the knife twisting it, "Last chance.. Give me the location!" he shouts. Orochimaru gasps in pain as the blood pools, "Ahhhh.. A-alright.. North East LA near Monterey Hills a mansion.. Just don't kill me" he struggles to say. Kurama relents and points the gun at orochimaru, "Tres.. Kill him.. He's a traitor" orochimaru says, gasping.

"No.. You are.. Sky told me.. Why?!" tres says, a scowl on her face. Orochimaru gasps slightly with wide yellow eyes, "S-sasuke forced me.. If people knew the truth I would've been finished.. Saru knew the truth.. So he had to die but Kurama.. You were his favorite.. You skipped straight to A-class.. You should've served..." he states but kurama points the gun at his forehead. Kurama glances back to tres, "Your call.. You with me" he asks.

"I know the place.. Orochimaru you will burn for this" tres replies. Kurama holsters his colt with a look of disgust, "I'm not going to kill you.. Not today but when the others find out.. You will have nowhere to hide" he states.

"No one will believe you" orochimaru states.

"They will" kurama replies, pulling a tape recorder from his coat and plays back the conversation. Orochimaru gasps in complete shock as kurama glares at him, "Now you can save us the bullet by ending it.. Your call" kurama states, pulling the knife free. Orochimaru screams as he clutches his hand, as kurama and tres turn to leave. When orochimaru pulls a 9mm glock but kurama quickly turns and empties his colt into jiraiya.

"I thought you weren't gonna kill him" sable says.

"I lied" kurama says, with a blank look on his face.

-Location: Monterey Hills: Sasuke's mansion-

Sasuke walks to his Benz as the guard opens the car door, "Make sure you watch them" he orders. The guard salutes as the car drives away, several armed guards watch the first floor of the house. Mito leads her sister from bathroom as an armed guard follows them, "Mimi.. Where is daddy" naruko whispers.

"I don't know but he will come for us" mito assures. The guard ushers them into the room to where kushina is waiting, "When will you let us go" she asks.

"When the boss decides.. So shut up and stay quiet" he states, leaving and locking the door. Mito and naruko climb into bed as kushina lays down next to them, "Mommy" naruko whispers.

"Shh.. It's ok Shh" kushina assures, patting her head. A guard at the gate stands silently as a black bmw pulls up to the gate, "Zero.. I'm sorry but Mr. Uchiha has gone to the office" he states. The window rolls down and a single shot rings out, killing the guard with a head shot. The passenger door opens and tres steps out to open the gate as kurama gets out the driver side, "Wait ten minutes.. Then drive up" he states.

"Don't be reckless.. Your family is in there" tres states. Kurama walks up the driveway to the house with his colts loaded and ready.

[Kurama Narrating]

I hate revenge but I owe a lot to Tres, she is trusted friend. She idolized Saru because he raised her from childhood, her parents were killed by dirty cops and he risked his life to save her. I will avenge Saru and save my family but this isn't vengeance but death and everybody gotta die, it's just a matter of when.

[Background Music: Bring it on - Nathaniel Dawkins]

Kurama kicks the mansion's door and opens fire dual wielding his colts, guards open fire but kurama stays the course, firing precise shots and dealing death to his foes. A guard pops from door but kurama guns him down with a headshot. Kurama dives behind a bar as he reloads but pops up firing off again. Guards drop like flies as kurama fires from the bar, one tries to flank him but kurama catches him with two shots to the chest and one head shot as he passes. Kurama reaches the stairs as guards runs up with a shotgun but catches him but three more appear. Kurama leaps off the steps and runs into a hall but dives as several shots ring out from a window. Kurama reloads and shoots a guard as he enters and dives shooting the other two.

Kurama reaches the stairs again as four appear but he kills them quick, ejecting his clips as smoke billows from the guns. Kurama slowly walks up the stairs as he reloads, "I'm coming" he thought. Kushina hears the gunfire, "Oh my God" she whispers, waking the twins and placing them in the closet.

"What ever happens please don't come out" kushina whispers and the twins nod. A guard opens the door, "Alright bitch" he hisses, grabbing her but kushina manages to punch him but he backhands her to the ground.

"Come on man.. Vermillion is coming the dude's like a fucking ghost" another guard states from the door. Kurama reaches the second floor, peering down hall he sees a guard by an open door and hears a woman scream. Kurama enters the hall as the guard opens fire but hits the ground but he catches the guard with a head shot. Kurama gets feet and cautiously walks towards to the open door.

"Shut up bitch.. I'll use you as a shield.. Come on Vermillion!.. Get you some!" the man shouts. Kurama walks into the doorway with both his colts pointed at the guards, "Naruto?!" kushina whispers, shocked. Kurama stays silent as he glares at the man, "Drop 'em or this bitch dies" the man hisses. Kurama drops the guns up and slowly raises his hands, "That's right.. I'm gonna get paid big buck for this" the guard sneers, tossing kushina to the ground but before he say a word. Kurama throws a knife at his head and the man crumples in heap as kurama rushes to kushina, "Kushina.. Kushina?!.. Look me are you ok" he whispers. Kushina blinks slightly with flickering violet eyes, "Naruto.. What's going on" she whispers.

"I'll explain later.. We need to leave.. Where's the girls" kurama says. Kushina only points to closet and kurama opens the door to the girls whimpering, "Daddy" both girls cry, as they hug him. Kurama quickly picks up naruko, "Girls close your eyes.. Don't open them until I say so.. No matter what don't open them" he assures. Kushina get to her feet and picks up mito. Kurama points his gun forward and slowly leads them down the stairs. Kushina gasps in shock at the sight of the dead bodies, "Naruto.. D-did you do this" she whispers but kurama only nods. Tres waits outside the mansion with orochimaru's bmw as kurama and family exit, "Let's go my place.. Nobody from The Firm knows about it" she states. Kurama loads the girls into the car as kushina stood with narrowed eyes, "Naruto answer me!.. What is going on?!" kushina shouts.

"Kushina not now.. I'll explain soon.. Please get in" kurama states. Kushina glares as she get in and hugs her girls, "You better" she states, closing the door. Tres drives them to her apartment in Chino, after picking up her audi from orochimaru's place, while kurama picks up his audi from a parking lot.[music ends]


Naruto kisses his daughters' foreheads as their little eyes close, "I'm so sorry" he thought, going to the door and closing it softly. Naruto returns to the kitchen to find tres with a bottle of red wine, "So what is your next move Kurama or rather Naruto" she states. Naruto sighs as he sits, "Once Sasuke finds them gone and Orochimaru dead.. He'll send the dogs.. I need to get them out of the U.S. until this is over" he whispers. Tres pours him a glass of wine as she sits across from him, "But where" she asks.

"Take them to Paris or Tokyo.. Dunno" naruto replies.

"Before that you need to talk to your wife" tres states, pointing. Naruto looks back to see kushina, "Kushina.. I'm sorry" he whispers.

"Don't call me that.. I don't even know you.. Our marriage.. Our life.. It's all a lie.. Naruto.. Kurama.. Whichever is your name were you even in the army" kushina says, keeping herself from breaking down. Naruto tries to take her hand as she turns to leave but she slaps him in the face, "Do not touch me.. You are just some stranger to me" kushina whispers, slipping off her wedding ring. Kushina tosses the ring to the floor as she rushes to one of the bedrooms.

"I'm sorry Kurama.. Just give her time to take in this info" tres states. Naruto picks up the ring, "No.. She's right.. I've lied since day one to her.. If even she knows the truth.. It won't fix things.. So I'll end this and then vanish from their lives.. That will be my punishment for my sins" he states. Naruto knocks on the bedroom door and hears kushina crying in the room, "Open the door.. Let me talk to you" he states.

"No!.. I never wanna speak to you again" kushina says.

"Then just listen" naruto states. The room was silent for a few minutes but then the door opened, "Then talk" kushina whispers. Naruto walks in the room and sits in a chair, "Kushina I never lied about my name.. My time in the army or my love for you" he starts.

"Then why all deception Naruto.. Seven years you lied to me.. Our friends.. Mito and Naruko.. Our lives were built on lies" kushina says, crying. Naruto rubs the back of his head, "I know that but I wanted to keep this away from you and the girls.. However when this started I was set on telling you truth but Saru.. He told me to keep personal and professional separate to spare our loved ones the pain and keep them safe" he explains. Kushina has a look of confusion, "Saru" she asks.

"He was my mentor.. But.. He's.. He's.. He's" naruto whispers, as tears started streaking down his cheek. Kushina stares in shock as naruto silently weeps, "He was your mentor" she asks.

"Yes He was there at the beginning.. He taught me my code and trained me" naruto replies and wipes his tears away.

"When I was kid.. I got in a lot trouble.. So at seventeen.. One of my teacher said it's either jail or the army.. So I chose the latter and coincidently I took this physiological test and they found out I was suited to be a sniper.. So after Boot I went to sniper school.. When my two years came up I signed on for two more" naruto starts but pauses, to calm himself.

"I killed three guys.. The first was a guy who killed a group of kids and the others were his flunkies" naruto explains. Kushina stays silent as he continues, "When my tour was coming to a end.. I decided to leave but then this general out of the blue.. Offered me a job.. At first I thought CIA or some Black Ops stuff but he told to meet him in New York at this place in Chelsea.. I went and it was this loft apartment.. Rent a thousand a month.. He told it was mine but all I had to do is pass a test" naruto says.

"So he gave a drink but it was laced.. Next thing I know I woke up in a chair and across from me was another person bound and gagged.. Next to me was a old revolver and a voice told me this was a test.. Shoot this person but the trick was this person could be someone you know but without a second thought.. I fired but the person was the general who called me.. After that I met Saru and my life as a professional started" naruto explains. The pair stay in silence but naruto stood, "Where are you going" kushina asks.

"I'm going to the house.. I'm gonna get you guys some clothes and some stuff.. Tomorrow Tres will take you Paris.. A friend lives there.. He'll take care of you until this done" naruto states, leaving. Naruto walks to the kitchen and grabs his keys, "Want me to go with to you" tres asks.

"Naw.. Just keep them safe" naruto replies.


Naruto drives to orange county and arrives to the his home, "It's quiet.. Too quiet" he thought, climbing out of his audi. Naruto cocks his colt as he unlocks to the door and carefully walks ends. The home looks untouched with no indication that inari had been killed there, "So they've been here already" he thought, searching the lower floor. Naruto slowly walks up the stairs, first to the twins room and grabs several changes of clothes. Naruto then goes to their room packing some clothes for shizune, then opens the closet floor and opens the safe. On top are passports for kushina and kids but he lifts the tray and grabs three different ones with fake names, "Good thing I had these made.. Thanks Konan" he whispers. Naruto packs the bag and comes down but when he opens the door, his car explodes. Naruto jumps back inside as several people run up and open fire. The windows shatter as the bullets rip through the house, a bullet grazes his left arm as he dives behind the sofa.

"Shit I fucked up coming here" naruto huffs. He fires his colt from behind the sofa but was missing, taking a chance he runs to the stair but suffers a graze to his right thigh. The firing stops as naruto limps upstairs. A pair of gun totting maids stroll in behind two other men, "Search upstairs" one maid states. One heads upstairs only to fired on and falls back down the steps, "Shit.. Ami be careful" one says. Ami points her AR15 upstairs and fires several shots, "Don't worry Fuki.. Hey shit stain.. Go check.. I'll follow" she orders. The man reloads his M16 and carefully walks up followed by ami with fuki downstairs and the upstairs is quiet.

"Come out Kurama.. Let us end your misery" ami mocks but was met by silence. Ami kicks open the door to the twins room and opens fire, cackling wildy as she destroys everything. The man ignores ami shouts as he slowly opens the master bedroom but only to see the barrel of a silver Mossberg 500 pistol grip shotgun. The man has no time to react as naruto blows his head off. Ami turns to see the blast and fires her AR15 but naruto vanishes in the room, "Don't run fuckface!" she shouts. Ami kicks open the door firing but hits nothing but she sees the closet slightly open and smirks. Ami quickly opens the closet only for naruto to slice her throat, "You made me break my rule" he hisses. Ami only gurlges, dropping her gun and clutching her throat as she falls down to bleed out.

Meanwhile fuki heard the shots and smirks but gasps when something fell on the patio. Fuki looks on the patio and shrieks seeing the dead and bloody body of ami. Fuki slowly backs away but howls in pain as something digs into her back, glancing back she sees naruto. Fuki collapses in a heap as naruto reigns in his breath, "I stabbed you between C4 and C5.. You no use of your hands and limited use of your arms.. Which makes this hard" he states, showing her a piece of semtex. Naruto wraps the semtex in aluminum foil and places it in the microwave, "I thought you didn't kill women" fuki hisses, gasping.

"I broke my rule.. Now you seem like smart girl.. You got about twenty seconds before this go boom.. Let's see if you can stop it" naruto states, walking away. Fuki crawls on the floor as naruto grabs his bag and quickly walks out the door. The microwave sparks and the bomb explodes as naruto gingerly walks across the street and gets into a silver sliverado and drives away.


Kushina walks into the kitchen to find tres seated on a laptop, "Excuse me Ms." kushina asks.

"Tsunade.. My name is Tsunade Senju" tres replies. Kushina sits down at the table, "Um.. Have you known Naruto long" she hesitantly asked. Tres looks up from her laptop, "I've known Kurama eight years through Saru.. We met on this job in Panama.. Some druglord.. Kurama made the guy's death look like a suicide.. He's good at what he does.. However now I see why he worked so hard" she starts but pauses.

"You may not know this but we Akatsuki are afforded a luxury.. When we reach a net worth of twenty million.. We are allowed to leave no questions asked.. Our names are purged and files erased.. We return to being anonymous citizens" tres explains. Kushina sat in silence but starts to piece together what naruto said, "We met seven years ago" she started to say.

"I was working as a nurse in North Africa for the Peace Corp.. He said was in the corp too.. He was ruggedly good looking.. He said was fresh out the army.. We instantly hit if off but he vanished two days later.. Around the time of the death of General Ei Yotsuki.. We met again six months later and the rest is history" kushina finishes. Tres closes her laptop with a small laugh, "So you're her.. The girl he met in africa.. His Angel" she states and kushina gasped slightly.

"He said this girl could make him give it all up" tres adds. A knock broke the silence and tres opens it to see naruto leaning on the frame. Kushina got to her feet as naruto limps inside, "What happened?!" she says, concerned. Tress went grab a first aid kit as naruto slowly sits on a chair, "Went to the house.. Got you some passports but two Sakura's crew was there.. Had no choice and killed them all" he replies. Tres and kushina pull off his shirt and rips his pants to clean and disinfect his wounds. Naruto winces as tres wrap his wounds, "I broke my rule Tres.. I killed two women" he whispers.

"I see.. Well let me ease your mind.. Those weren't women.. Sakura and her bitches are chicks with dicks" tres states. Naruto arches an eyebrow with a small gasp, "You positive.. All of 'em" he asks.

"Yep.. Sakura does a good tuck job.. The rest pre op and post op.. So ya didn't" tres replies. Tres helps naruto to a spare room while kushina sits with him, "Are you ok" kushina asks.

"I'll live.. More importantly are you ok" naruto replies and shifts to his side.

"Tomorrow.. I want you and the girls go with Tres to Paris.. I got you fake passports.. Gaara will keep you safe until this is done" naruto states. Kushina sits silent but grips her knees, "Then what" she whispers.

"Then I disappear.. You will never see me again.. You and the girls will be provided for" naruto says. Kushina wipes a few tears, "I don't want that.. You can not lay this on me and vanish... When this done.. We start over" she states. Naruto slowly sits up with a soft look, "Alright.. I promise Kushina and that's a promise of a Lifetime" he whispers, as their foreheads touch.


Sasuke sits in his office as the morning sun shines in when sakura busts in, "That fucking bastard!" she shouts.

"Take it bad news" sasuke states. Sakura grabs a bottle of vodka with anger in her green eyes, "Fuck yeah.. Kurama managed to kill two of my bitches" she hisses, taking a swig. Sasuke walks up behind sakura, "Don't worry.. We'll get him" he whispers.

"When?!.. He gotta be going to Inari's funeral or the hospital" sakura replies. Sasuke kisses her neck, "I gonna give Kurama a slight reprieve.. I want him focused" he states. Sakura turns to him with anger in her eyes, "What?!.. Why!" she hisses, pushing him back.

"Listen.. Kurama is a rarity" sasuke states, going to his desk. Sakura sits across from him, "Kurama was a sniper in the army.. They teach those boys to visualize the sweet spot at the base of the skull.. Where the medulla meets the spine.. Looking for the pop of pink mist.. He was highly trained.. Somebody would've snapped him up but Saru needed to test him and he passed.. So Saru personally taught him.. Only two others got that distinction.. Gaara and that bitch Tsunade" sasuke explains and lights a cigar.

"We were recruited at the same time.. I was a marine but while had to work my way up.. Kurama got the free ride.. So I'll let Kurama have his reprieve.. See the kid.. Visit Konan.. Then he'll come and when he dies at my hand" sasuke states and sakura arches an eyebrow.

"I'll be the best.. Then at that moment... You will call me the True Zero.. A God among Killers.. So Sakura gather your bitches.. Rally the troops.. Because Kurama Snow will soon be dead" sasuke states. Sakura cracks a sly smirk and saunters out of the office.


Meanwhile naruto stands with his daughters and kushina at a private air strip, where tres is preparing to depart for paris.

"Ok make sure you learn some French.. I'll see you soon" naruto whispers, kneeling. Mito and naruko tightly hug him, "Please come home.. Daddy" naruko whispers.

"Daddy are you like a secret agent" mito asks. Naruto arches an eyebrow but smiles, "Yeah in a way but I just have final mission" he states, kissing their foreheads. Tres approaches behind them, "You girls ready to see inside a genuine jet" she asks and the twins nod, following. Kushina wraps her arms around naruto's neck, "You don't have to do this.. Let's run away" she whispers and naruto holds her tighter.

"I can't.. As long as he lives.. You all won't be free.. It has to be me that finishes this" naruto states. Kushina looks into his blue eyes, "Naruto.. I.. I" she starts but he shushes her.

"Don't worry.. I'll find you" naruto whispers and slips off his dog tags, "I've never taken these off.. Not since I got 'em.. Hold on to this for me" he adds. Naruto kisses kushina's forehead while slipping the tags around her neck and turns to leave.

"What are you going to do" kushina asks. Naruto glances back, "What I do" he states, slowly walking away as kushina starts to cry.

[Background Music: Amazing Grace Bagpipes]

Naruto arrives at a church near seal beach to say goodbye to inari, the wind blows his black coat and red tie. Naruto reaches the door just as several doves fly off into the sky, opening the door he see several of inari's family including his mother Tsunami. Naruto slowly walks up the aisle towards the open casket, "Mr. Snow thank you for coming" tsunami states, walking up to him. Naruto embraces tsunami softly, "Inari was good kid.. I never heard anyone speak ill of him.. This is truly a tragedy" he whispers. Naruto walks up the casket to see inari's still face, "I'm sorry kid but I promise.. I'll avenge you" he whispers, wiping a tear. Naruto reaches in his coat and pulls out a medal, "This was given to me as a commendation for my service.. You were my friend and I want you have this" he states, placing the medal on inari's chest. Naruto says a silent prayer and slowly turns from the casket and walks down the aisle. Naruto reaches the outside to see another set of doves fly in the sky.

Naruto then drives to hospital in Thousand Oaks to see konan, "Excuse me.. I'm for patient named Konan Fiona" he asked, walking to the front desk. The receptionist directs naruto to the fourth floor and room 410. Naruto opens the door to see konan laying in a bed hooked to machines and her head heavily bandaged. The steady beeping is the only sound in the room.

"Mr. Snow.. Is that you" a voice asked. Naruto turns to see yahiko closing the door, "Why happened" naruto asks.

"She was on her way home from the office.. She lost control of her car and crashed.. Thankfully most of the swelling is going down.. Mr. Snow.. Konan always spoke highly of you.. Thanks for coming" yahiko explains, running his fingers through his orange hair. Naruto takes a chair next to konan, "You know I've known Konan for almost seven years.. We keep no secrets.. She's the best partner I could ask for.. But she never once mentioned a fiancée" he states. Yahiko's eyes slightly widen as naruto stares into his brown eyes, "Now why don't we hit the reset button and you tell me who you really are.. FBI.. DEA.. ATF or maybe CIA" naruto states. Yahiko grabs a chair and sat down, "Alright.. I am a friend but she just doesn't know I work for the company but more importantly she doesn't know I was the former Vermillion" he states. Naruto turns shocked as yahiko stood and opens his shirt and reveal a tattoo of the symbol of vermillion in japanese, "Saru raised me.. Taught me everything.. I retired nine years ago but was recruited by the CIA" yahiko explains. Naruto scoffs slightly with a glance to konan, "So what do you want" he asks and yahiko crosses his arms.

"Officially nothing.. Unofficially the company wants Uchiha and Haruno gone.. They have caused a lot a trouble to some allies of ours" yahiko explains and naruto nods slightly.

"Hmm.. That can be arranged but for that I need three things" naruto states and yahiko nods, urging him to continue. Naruto reaches his coat and pulls a piece of paper, "One.. I want you to transfer this amount to her account.. It will pay for her medical bills and such.. Make sure she stays safe.. Two.. When this done.. It's over.. You don't look for me.. Kurama Snow never existed and Three.. Keep any unnecessary eyes from the office" he states. Yahiko took the paper as naruto got up and left, "Alright I'll handle it" he states and thought, "And good luck" he thought.

[Background Music: Health - Tears]

Naruto arrives back at his warehouse to change, grabbing a pair of black cargo jeans and a sleeveless red shirt with black harness boots. Naruto slips on a tactical combat vest and a pair of blacks gloves, then walks to large case on a table. Naruto opens the case revealing a Colt M4 rifle outfitted with M203 grenade launcher and a M86 red dot sight. Naruto grabs a duffle bag and loads the Colt M4, Colt 1911s and a Taurus Raging bull and numerous clips. Naruto walks down the steps loading them into his charger, it rumbles to live and naruto speeds off.

Meanwhile sasuke sits in his office awaiting naruto's arrival, on his desk a ivory Colt Navy revolver. Sakura opens the door dressed for war with MP5k in her hand, "Is the prep complete" sasuke asks and sakura snorts.

"Yeah.. We cleared out the uncesscary people.. Giving us about Fifty people.. Kurama won't make it past the lobby.. I got my bitches waiting with MG4 machine guns and twenty armed guys.. The rest on some of the floors" sakura explains. Sasuke loads his revolver, "That's good.. Now the waiting game begins" he says, smirking. Naruto pulls into an parking lot facing the firm's HQ, his M4 in the passenger seat and his colts holstered on his shoulders and his bull strapped to his thigh. Naruto picks up his iPhone-12 and tips his aviators to dial a number. [music ends]


Sasuke picks up his phone and hears throat growling, "Why did you kill the kid and Saru.. Injure Konan.. Then kidnap my wife and kids.. They had nothing to do with this" the caller growls. Sasuke kicks his legs on his desk, "Heh.. Hahaahahaha.. Naruto.. Naruto.. Naruto.. How else was I gonna get your attention.. You know I should thank you for killing Orochimaru.. You me saved the effort of doing it" he sneers. Naruto tightly grips his steering wheel, "You know.. When I first got into this gig.. It was a chance to see new exotic locales.. Meet new and exciting people then kill them.. Looking back I always kept Kurama Snow and Naruto Uzumaki separate.. However now thanks to you.. The line is gone.. So I hope you said your goodbyes.. Because I'm coming for ya" he states and sasuke chuckles smugly.

"Well I'll be waiting for that but Naruto.. I gotta know.. How the fuck did you get back into the US.. We had the airports locked" sasuke states. Naruto revs his charger's engine, "I'll tell before I put a bullet in your head" he states but sasuke arches an eyebrow.

"What's that noise?!" sasuke asks and naruto revs again.

"572 Big Block.. Supercharged.. I put Fifty grand into this.. Shame I gotta do this" naruto states. Sasuke's eyes slightly widen and he bolts up from his chair, "He's here!" he shouts. Naruto slams the accelerator causing the car to lurch up as he sped towards the building's entrance.

[Background Music: Switchback - Celldweller]

A platinum blonde woman dressed in nurse's outfit stands with MG4 in her hand and several armed men, "Hey Karui.. You see him yet?!" she shouts. Karui flicks her cigarette, "Naw Ino but Sakura said he was coming!" she shouts. The sound of an engine catches their attention, "Look!.. No fucking way!" ino shouts but it comes too late. A black 1970 charger crashes through the glass entrance, mowing down three men. Ino and crew open fire but naruto uses the car like battering ram to run down people. Tires squeal and smoke fills the lobby as naruto smashes into everything in his path. Ino tries to get a bead on naruto but the smoke makes it difficult, "Fuck shoot out the tires!" she shouts.

Naruto turns sharply and grabs his M4, shooting out the front windshield and riddles several men with bullets. Karui fires with her dragunov, hitting the driver glass but naruto opens the door and uses his leg to brace the door. Several men open fires but naruto hits the brakes and drops the shifter into reverse, knocking the door off by hitting someone. Karui stands up to get a better shot, "I got ya.. Asshole" she shouts but gasps seeing naruto firing a grenade. Karui has no time time to react as the grenade blows her to pieces. Naruto relaods his launcher but ducks as ino and a dozen men fire on the car, "You fucking bastard!" she shouts. Naruto dumps the charger into drive and runs down three men but he rolls out as it slams into a wall.

Ino continues firing at the car, "Flank him!" she orders, closing in on the car. A man sees naruto running in the smoke towards the greeting desk and opens fire with his Mossberg rifle but naruto dives over. The man fires several shots through the desk but naruto grabs the barrel, "Don't quit your day job" he hisses, punching him out. Ino sees him and fires with her MG4, "You're gonna pay for killing.. Ami.. Fuki and Karui you son of a bitch" she shrieks. Naruto peeks through a hole in the desk and sees ino next to the car, "Think so.. Well you better make it quick" he shouts, reloading his launcher and gun. Naruto pops up and fires a grenade at the car and takes off full speed toward the emergency stairs, as ino and others fire but the grenade finds it mark. The car explodes in a fireball, killing the men and piece of glass rams into ino's head. Naruto reaches the stairs and sprints up them, "Game on" he thought, continuing on. [music ends]


Sakura stands poised to kill naruto with a cigarette in her mouth, "Sakura.. We got trouble.. Kurama made it through the lobby" a guy states. Sakura blows smoke from her nose, "Alright set up in front of the elevator.. It's the only way to the upper floors" she orders. The man salutes and take several men to the elevator. Naruto opens the emergency door on the twentieth floor and carefully peeks out, "They're probably waiting for me at the only elevator" he whispers. Naruto walks cautiously towards the door and places his M4 by the wall, then lifts his pants leg and pulls a combat knife. Naruto uses the knife to open the door to the empty shaft but sees the elevator about three floors down and shakes his head with a smirk.

He grabs his M4 and pushes the up button and jumps on the rising elevator as it nears him. Naruto then opens the emergency door and jumps down to push the emergency stop button, "Ok.. Just how to do this" he thought, but sees a fire extinguisher. Naruto grabs it and an office chair, "Ok.. This could do it" he states, pushing the button for the thirtieth floor. Naruto sits the extinguisher in the chair, "I've gotta be outta my mind" he whispers, climbing out the elevator. Naruto rides the elevator up with his M4 trained on the extinguisher, "Hope it works" he thought.

[Background Music: X gonna give it to ya - Dmx(RIP)]

Sakura and her men stand in front of the elevator, "The moment it opens.. You fucking unload on him" she snaps. The elevator slowly dings at each floor and finally comes halt. The doors open and they open fire, "Fucking die Kurama" sakura howls. Naruto fires on the extinguisher and it shoots smoke everywhere out the elevator, confusing sakura but she looks up to see something flying out the smoke.

"G-Grenade!" sakura shouts. The grenade explodes killing some, amid the smoke naruto opens fire with his M4. Bullets fire as both sides unload on each, "Kurama you fucking bastard!" sakura shouts. Naruto upturns a table to reload his M4, "Last mag..." he thought.

"That you Sakura.. Boy I heard some shit about you" naruto shouts. Sakura fires at the table but naruto dives into an empty office, "Kurama.. I'm gonna shoot you fucking balls off and stuff em down your throat" she shouts, firing at the glass. Naruto rushes outta the room at glass shatters everywhere and fires his last M4 bullets. Naruto sees a the doors to the next room chained and drops his M4 to pull his colts. Sakura pops up and gives chase firing from her MP5k but naruto shoots the chain and kicks open the door. Naruto looks around and finds an empty room, "Shit" he thought, pulling a piece of glass in his arm.

Sakura kicks open the door, "Kurama.. Come out.. Come Out.. Wherever you are" she mocks, firing a few shots. Naruto fires a few shots and sakura ducks in an office, "Sakura you fucking bitch.. Or more to the point you nasty fucking shemale" he shouts. Sakura roars and empties her entire clip in naruto's direction, "Fuck you Kurama.. When I'm finished with you.. You're gonna have to pick which asshole you're gonna shit through" she shouts.

Naruto gets to his feet shaking off plaster, when sakura pounces on naruto with a knife. Sakura slashes his cheek but naruto pushes her off, "I'm gonna make suck my fat dick" sakura hisses. Naruto tries reaching for his guns but sakura jumps on him with the knife aimed at his throat but naruto holds sakura off. Naruto knees sakura in the side but sakura cuts his arm, "Dieee!" she shrieks but naruto kicks her off. Sakura slides and pulls a Beretta Inox pointing it at naruto, "You recognized it.. It's the kid's gun.. What irony killed by your student's gun" she says, smirking. Naruto quickly kicks sakura in the knee and pushes on the floor to grabs his colts. Sakura howls in pain but gasps when naruto empties his clips into her. Sakura falls through a glass door riddled in bullets, "You shouldn't have killed the kid" he utters. Naruto winces as he gets to feet with blood running down his right cheek and both arms. Naruto walks to next set of elevators amid the smoke, "You're the last Sasuke" he thought, reloading his colts. [music ends]


Naruto leans on the wall of the elevator as he heads to the thirty-seventh floor. The door slowly opens and naruto carefully peeks out with his colts ready but the halls are empty. Naruto slowly walks the hall towards sasuke's office. Naruto kicks open the door to the chair turned around, "It's over Sasuke.. Turn around" he spits but got no answer. Naruto grits his teeth in anger, "I said turn the fuck around!" he shouts but still reply. Naruto walks around the desk to find orochimaru's corpse and a note saying come to the roof. Naruto kicks the chair and rushes off to the roof, "Here I come Asshole" he thought.

[Background Music: Fight - TheUnder(Bass Boosted)]

Sasuke stands with a cigar in his mouth as naruto opens the roof access door, "Naruto.. Naruto.. You ran the gauntlet and won" he says, clapping. Naruto points his colts but sasuke points his colt, "Whoa.. Whoa.. Whoa there Naruto.. Don't need you to shoot your load so soon.. You've been running so much" sasuke says. Naruto and sasuke start to circle each other, "I don't like being bored" naruto states and sasuke shakes his head.

"You know.. You asked me why.. Why did I kill Saru and the kid.. Injure Konan.. Took your family.. Fact is I don't fucking like you" sasuke states but stops suddenly.

"More to the point.. I got tired of waiting to join the Akatsuki.. Only way to get total free reign is for one to die or retire.. That can takes years but you got the tap after a fucking year.. The last student of Saru.. The legendary professional.. What a joke" sasuke spits. Sasuke then marches up to naruto and points his colt to blond's head, "So I decided to follow your lead.. I knew Orochimaru was next in line for the top.. He was a gutless turd.. And when I found out his nasty fucking habit.. I used him to get me everything" sasuke says, smirking and naruto only glares.

"Is that it.. All this so you could sit at the head of the table" naruto utters. Sasuke chuckles and shakes his head, "That's not all it.. It goes deeper.. I want you to think back.. Gaze into the ether of your memories.. A single room.. A single gun and a single bullet to the head" he states, backing away. Naruto's eyes start to widen in realization as sasuke chuckles, "That's right Naruto.. The guy you put down.. That general was my old man.. Now here's the rub.. I don't blame you.. It's the way of this world but I'm gonna enjoy adding another to my gun-belt" sasuke states. Sasuke then opens the cylinder of his revolver and drops all six bullets but picks up one, "I'm giving you a chance.. Drop your colts and leave a single bullet in your Bull.. It's Russian Roulette time" he says, grinning. Naruto drops his colts and puller his revolver, dumping out the five bullets. Naruto and sasuke load a single bullet and spins the cylinders, with both raising the gun to each other. The guns clicks then clicks again but on the third try, sasuke fires and hits naruto in the chest of his vest.

"Haha.. Looks I'm the fastest" sasuke crows. Naruto clutches his ribs and aims to pull the trigger but another click. Sasuke picks up another bullet but didn't notice naruto pull a small knife, "Naruto.. Naruto.. Time to end you" sasuke says, smirking. Sasuke loads his revolver but naruto throws his knife and it struck sasuke's chest, "Fucking bastard" sasuke sputters but had no time to say anything else as naruto shot him in the stomach. Sasuke howls in pain as he writhes in the floor as naruto gets to his feet, "Sasuke.. You know what they say about me.. Kurama.. Good with a gun.. Better with a knife" naruto states. Naruto picks up his colts and slowly walks over to sasuke, "Fucking bastard.. You fucking shot me" sasuke growls out, as naruto points his colts. Naruto cocks the hammer of his colts, "To answer your earlier question.. About how I got back I skydived aboard a moving ship at night" he states. Sasuke spits up some blood as he laughs, "You fucking psycho.. You are tru..." he starts but the words were lost, as naruto blows his brains out.

Naruto took a deep breath as he walks over to the edge of the building and saw the ocean, "It's over" he thought. Suddenly the door opens and six armed men rush up as naruto got on the ledge, "Alright Vermillion.. Turn around" one orders. Naruto starts to unzip his combat vest, "You know.. Before I was Vermillion.. I had another name" he states, turning. Naruto brought his colts to his head, "Suicide..." he says and smirks, falling back. The men rush to edge to see colin holster his gun and slip of his vest to reveal a small back pack. Naruto falls like a stone but he pulls a rip cord and a parachute opens but it rips and he falls into the ocean about twenty feet from the water. Naruto swims to the surface as seagulls cry, "Man.. Whooo.. I have shitty luck with parachutes" he states, swimming to shore.


[Ending song: Idle hands - Shane Tutmarc]

-Location: Paris France-

Kushina sits in small bistro near the eiffel tower as the twins order some food but a small shower starts. Several people take off as she stood, "Ahh C'est la vie.. But this is good.. It is said.. If two people meet in a shower in this bistro.. They are destined to be in love forever more" a voice said. Kushina turns to see a man in a suit with a golden retriever puppy in his arms and she starts to cry, "Naruto" she whispers. Naruto hugs and kisses kushina, "Daddy!" mito and naruko shout, running up. The puppy barks as naruto hands him to the twins hug him, "Come on.. Let's go see the tower" naruto says, taking kushina by the hand and the twins with their new puppy in tow.


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