Double Life @champblaze
Chapter 1

A/N-1: This story is based on old story I did called Assassins, which was a shit show as I capitalized EVERYTHING. I did a Bleach version with see previous sentence. So I decided try a Naruto version. This is a some what original idea inspired from watching So many shows.

This will be set in the modern era and mainly set in the USA so sue me. This is a sorta turn your brain off and mindless actions movie. Expect OOC on characters. This won't be long story either so please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Anything



[..Pause ...Long Pause]

[Reporter: I'm here Live at the Manhattan Courthouse.. Where we are awaiting the verdict on Doto Kazahana.. Charged with the Murder and Rape of his niece Koyuki Kazahana]

[Judge: Has the jury reached a verdict?]

[Jury foreman: We find Doto Kazahana.. Not guilty on both counts.]

[Unknown: You're up.. The client is Doto Kazahana... Cancel the account]

-Location: New York City: 9:30 pm-

[Background Music: Moonlight Sonata · Hidden Citizens]

A black on black Lincoln MKZ traverses the streets of NYC, finally pulling into a parking garage of a thirty story office building on the westside. A lone figure sits in the driver seat with lightly tan skin, blood-red hair and red eyes with black slits in the red pupil.

"On time.. Need to be done quickly" he thought, checking his watch which reads 9:45 pm. A man hops out and heads to the opening trunk, adjusting his white tie as he reaches for a button on the trunk support. A false bottom opens revealing several weapons, a pair of customized silver Colt 1911s with the ace of nines on the grips. A Taurus Raging Bull 454 model, an Uzi with a suppressor and a FNP90 rifle.

"Need to be subtle but there is hardly any resistance to the target" he thought, grabbing the colts.

The man slides the colts into his back waist holsters under his black suit coat and grabs a silver briefcase. The man closes the trunk looking at his watch, "9:59pm.. Security will be changing shifts.. I have fifteen minutes to clear the first floor and it's smooth sailing to the thirtieth" he thought. The man walks to the elevator taking it the first floor, security guards watch the monitors and patrol the first floor. Two guards pass the elevators as the figure waits in the shadows for them to pass. The guards turn the corner as the figure presses the button but returns to the dark hall waiting.

The door dings and the figure slips in as a guard enters the hall, "On schedule" he thought, as the doors close. The elevator dings on the thirtieth floor and the figure slowly walks out looking around but saw no one. The figure walks a long hallway to the office of his target doto kazahana. The figure stands in front of the office door and slowly turns the handle but finds the office empty, "On time.. He should arrive any minute" he thought. The figure checks the office, setting things in place and took his place waiting for kazahana. [music ends]


Doto Kazahana arrives at his office building at 10:30pm, "Coming here late Mr. Kazahana" a guard asks. Doto adjusts his black tie, "Just picking up some things.. Won't be long" he states, pressing the elevator button. Doto arrives at his office on the thirtieth floor but when he opens the door, a figure was waiting for him at his desk. Doto stood shocked seeing the man dressed in a black suit and orange dress shirt, "Do you know who I am Mr. Kazahana" the man asks and doto slowly closes the door.

"I do.. I've heard rumors but why would The Firm send one of the Akatsuki after see me" doto replies. The man rises from the seat and motions for doto to sit at his desk, "Sit Mr. Kazahana.. It does not matter that The Firm sent me.. All that matters is that your life comes to an end tonight" the man states. Doto sits at his desk but reaches in his desk, "It's not there" the man states, holding up a .22 revolver. The man tosses the gun on the desk, "Who hired you?!.. Whatever they're paying you I'll double.. No.. Triple it" doto states. The man leans on the chair opposite doto, "Mr. Kazahana.. Your crimes have warranted the use of someone like me.. You won't sway me.. Do us both a favor and Accept your fate" he states and doto grips his chair, seething in rage.

"Do you know who I am?!.. I am Doto Kazahana!.. You don't kill me!.. You fucking fool!" doto hisses. The man reaches in his coat to pull out a photo of a young woman with dark hair and violet-blue eyes, "Koyuki Kazahana.. You niece.. You raped and murdered her.. The client contacted us and I was sent" the man states, placing it on the table and pushing it forward. Doto snatches the picture from the desk, "So what?!.. The little bitch wouldn't play ball.. So I dealt with her.. That was six months ago and I was found not guilty" he says, smirking. Doto then crumples the picture and throws it at the man, "If who ever wanted me dead.. Why wait six months?!" he shouts. The man rubs the leather chair, "Mr. Kazahana if were up to me.. You would've been dead this morning.. While you were kissing your mistress goodbye or at your lunch meeting with your wife but the client wanted this to be face to face" he explains. Doto's blue eyes flash in anger as he grabs the revolver but it only clicks, "What the fuck!" he shouts, firing again but again it only clicks.

The man reaches in pocket and throws the bullets on the table, "Mr. Kazahana for crimes you are surely damned but none the less.. I'll say a prayer on your behalf" the man states. Doto quickly reaches for the bullets, "You pray for me!" he shouts but before he could load. The man pulls out his colts firing six shots, five to doto's chest and the last to his head. Doto slumps in his chair as the man places the silver case on the desk. He pulls out a iPhone-12 and dials a number, "Kurama here.. It's done" he states.

"Good work Kurama.. Finish up.. The plane will be at the airfield at Nine am" a voice answers. The man now known as kurama pockets his phone and vanishes into the hall. Kurama reaches the first floor as the guards head upstairs. He reaches his mkz as his phone beeps. Kurama grabs the phone as a video pops up showing the inside of doto's office, the guards find doto dead and the briefcase. Kurama pulls out of the garage but as he left presses a button on a small remote. The guards search the office but found no trace of another person. One guard reaches for the case but it exploded destroying the office and everyone inside.

######-Background Music: Idle Hands - Shane Tutmarc-#######

Kurama pulls in the parking garage of the Marriott Marquis, heading to his room on the fortieth floor. Kurama sighs closing the door and walking to the bed, throwing his colts on the bed, then reaching for a large black and silver case under his bed. Kurama opens the case revealing a disassembled sniper rifle and places for his other guns, "Just a few more" he thought, running his hand through his red hair. Kurama took a shower after picking up his guns, his blood red hair washing away to reveal sun-kissed blond hair.

Kurama wipes the mirror clean and removes his contacts to reveal ocean-blue eyes, "Maybe I should stick to my natural look instead of using all this" he thought, placing the contacts in their case. Kurama plops on the bed and grabs another phone, this one being a LG Tribute-Monarch and dialing a set of numbers.

"Hello" a soft voice says, as the line connects.

"Did I wake you" kurama asks.

"No.. I just put the girls to bed.. Mito was a bit difficult.. You sound wired" she replies. Kurama walks over to the minibar grabbing a Jack Daniel bottle and a Coke, "A little work stuff.. My client moved up the deal time to tonight but I nailed it" he states, taking a seat in a chair. The woman yawns on the phone, "Oh Sorry honey but congrats.. Also don't forget the girls birthday is in four days" she states. Kurama leans back in his chair, "I know.. I'll be home day after tomorrow.. Give 'em a big kiss and hug from me alright" he replies. The woman softly chuckles on the phone, "Ok I will.. Goodnight I love you Naruto" she replies, hanging up. Kurama or rather Naruto tosses the phone the bed, "If she knew the truth" he thought, sipping the jack n coke.

[Kurama Narrating]

My name is Kurama but truthfully my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I was born in a small town in southern Louisiana, my parents were gone by the time I was a young teenager. The woman on the phone was my wife Kushina and the girls she mentioned are our twin daughters Mito and Naruko. My wife and kids have no idea what I really do, they think I'm an investment banker but the fact of the matter is that I am an assassin.

The organization I work for is called The Firm, it has ties to every government in the world but allegiances to none. The firm serves as a shadow organization dealing with targets of interests for our clients and it is spilt into three branches. The American branch stationed in Los Angeles, the European branch in Paris and the Asian branch in Japan. The assassins in the firm work in anonymity using code names or fake names, mine being Kurama Snow. The firm's top tier assassins are known as the Akatsuki meaning Dawn or Daybreak in Japanese, they are the elite highly trained and thoroughly effective. The firm is simply the thing that goes bump in the night. [music ends]

-Location: Airfield Outside New York City: 8:59AM-

Kurama arrives to airfield just as the private jet left the hanger, "Good morning Mr. Kurama.. We're almost ready for takeoff" a man states. Kurama nods as he boards the jet, "Would like some juice Mr. Kurama" a flight attendant asks and he nods. The flight attendant brings him a glass of apple juice and the morning paper. The top headline reads doto kazahana among the bodies found at his office building which exploded during the night, officials say kazahana was involved in illegal deals and involved in selling company secrets.

Kurama inwardly chuckles seeing that the firm has stepped in and diverted attention from kazahana's death and used suspected terrorists as his killer. The flight was about five hours and twenty minutes long, arriving at an airfield in southern los angeles. The jet's door opens as kurama stood, "Enjoy the rest of your day Mr. Kurama" the flight attendant states. Kurama walks down the steps seeing a dark blue Escalade EXT and someone waiting.

The young man was twenty two with brown hair and wearing jeans with a grey polo shirt, "Welcome back Kurama" he greets. Kurama waves as he approaches, "Going casual Inari" he asks. Inari shuffles slightly as places kurama's cases in the back, "Naw.. I was at school when the call came to pick you up" he replies. Kurama laughs as he taps inari's shoulder, "It's cool.. Just yanking your chain" kurama says, smiling. Inari chuckles as they climb into the truck and head to the office.


Inari and kurama arrive at the office which is located near the ocean, to an outside observer it looks like regular office building but housed inside were some of the most highly trained, remorseless killers in the world. Kurama and inari walk through the lobby but as they pass, a beautiful woman with long blonde hair, honey eyes and a very generous bust. She wears tight blue jeans, black high heels, a black dress shirt and a long grey coat.

"Good morning Kurama" she greets as she passes.

"Morning Tres" kurama replies. Inari turns to get a last glance before she leaves, "Man Tres is smoking hot" he states.

"That she is.. Sexy and Deadly" kurama replies. The elevator dings on the thirty-seventh floor as kurama and inari walk the halls, "So how's your weapon's training going" kurama asks. Inari sighs as they walk, "It's fine.. I'm getting good with rifles and my hand to hand is top notch.. My pistol work is coming along.. Oh I picked my personal weapon.. The Beretta Brigadier Inox" inari replies. Kurama whistles as they arrive to his office but stop seeing two men. The men are dressed in black suits, one is about early forties with long black hair and the other is about late twenties also with long back hair but covering the left side of his face.

"Orochimaru.. Sasuke.. A pleasure as always" kurama says, smiling and handing inari his gear and the younger heading into kurama's office. Orochimaru shakes kurama's hand with a smile, "Kukuku.. Easy.. I may be Zero but I'm still on equal ground with you Vermillion" he replies.

"Come on now Zero.. You are the top of the Akatsuki.. Vermillion may have been chosen by previous Zero but he's still of lower rank" sasuke says and kurama slightly glares.

"Come now Sasuke.. Going by that logic.. Then you're of lower rank than me" kurama says, smirking. Sasuke tries to retort by orochimaru stops him, "Kurama.. Good work with Kazahana.. I was wondering if you take care of a simple job for me.. If you do consider it your big pay day job" orochimaru states and kurama inwardly gasps.

"Can it wait a few days sir.. I have some personal things to take care of" kurama replies. Orochimaru chuckles and slaps kurama's back, "Of course.. Of course.. I'll send Konan the details and Kurama.. Again good work" he states, as he and sasuke leave. Kurama enters his office as inari looks around, "Kurama your office is like an apartment.. Shower.. Bed" inari praises.

"When you make the big bucks like me.. You get stuff like this" kurama says, smiling. He walks over to a wall and moves a small statue, which reveals an array of guns and knives as the wall opens.

"Inari.. It's nearly lunch.. Pick up some Ramen and some Cherry Cokes" kurama says. Inari nods as kurama heads to the shower, he turns on the shower as he strips naked revealing several tattoos. A scorpion on his left arm, a skull inside a spade on his right but the most distinct was a japanese symbol for vermillion underneath a menacing fox with nine tails. Kurama sighs in relief as the hot water runs over skin, "A hot shower makes all the difference" he thought, turning off the water. Kurama exits the bathroom now wearing a pair of black slacks and white short sleeve polo shirt.

"Hello Kurama" a voice said. Kurama turns to a woman with long blue hair and amber eyes, wearing a grey business suit with a purple flower in her hair as well.

"Hey Konan" kurama states, sitting down. Konan hands him a file, "This the file Zero wanted you to have.. Also the price liquidation has been transferred.. Now it totals $19,988,000.. You're almost there" she explains. Kurama sighs leaning back in his chair, "Yeah.. Then I can retire free and clear.. And focus on my girls" he whispers. Konan nods as the door opens revealing inari with the ramen, "You want some Ramen Konan" kurama asks. Konan shakes her head, "No thank you.. I'm dieting" she replies, leaving. Kurama and inari enjoy the lunch, "You know.. Nothing beats Ramen" kurama says, chuckling.

"So what on the agenda today" kurama asks. Inari grabs a few files off another desk, "A few job choices.. We got a drug lord in Mexico" he states but kurama passes. Inari opens another file, "Somali pirates or a Mizuki Toji" he states.

"No on the pirates.. Tell me about Mizuki" kurama says. Inari shows him the file, "Mizuki Toji.. Scum of the earth.. A pedophile but never convicted" inari explains. Kurama looks over the file, "How?!.. He's been charged nine times" he asks.

"Gato Toji.. He's a senator.. He keeps his son out of jail.. Now the client wants it public" inari explains. Kurama turns his chair, "I see.. So Inari how would you do this" he asks.

"Well If I'd take him out.. The best way to do it would be a Sniper rifle to keep distance" inari replies. Kurama chuckles crossing his legs, "Exactamundo.. So Inari this will be your job.. I'll assist but the kill goes to you" he says, smirking. Inari pops up smiling, "Seriously.. Thanks Kurama.. Oh he's in court for the next few days.. I'll scout the best vantage point" he explains.

"Alright and I'll supply the gun.. A Remington MSR" kurama states.

"Ok.. No problem" inari states, heading off.

[Kurama Narrating]

The eager beaver is Inari Flannigan, he's as straight laced as they come. Inari still believes in good and evil but the world is not black and white but endless shades of grey. The client who wants Mizuki dead must be an opponent of Gato and wants to send a clear message through the son. The woman who left before him is Konan Fiona, she's the only person other than Inari and Saru the former Zero, I really trust in this place. She handles weapons procurement, travel and logistics and the amount she mentioned is my net worth.

The busty blonde was Tsunade Senju or Tres or San among the Akatsuki. The two men were the new Zero Orochimaru, who took over for Saru last year and Sasuke Uchiha, a kiss ass and wants to be an Akatsuki quite badly. The firm divides its people into four classes, the bottom is the C-class, the second is the B-class. Then the A-class and lastly S-class or the Akatsuki. The C-class are the grunts, they work for higher rank assassins, case in point Inari. The B-class have some freedom but are required to perform ten jobs no questions asked for the higher ranks before moving up.

The A-class are like Sasuke, they have total freedom except from the Akatsuki but can't move up unless an Akatsuki steps down, retires or dies. The Akatsuki or the S-class are the elite, total freedom and are allowed free reign. The Akatsuki are chosen by the Zero and their are ten total between the three branches. Zero, San, Sei and Vermillion are here in America, while the Sky, Nan and Boar are in Paris with Gyoku, Hokuto and White in Japan. The big payday Zero mentioned is when an Akatsuki reaches a net worth over twenty million, they are allowed to retire from the ranks free and clear.

-Location: Orange county: Uzumaki residence-

Kushina Uzumaki strolls from her deck overlooking the ocean, blowing her long red hair but heads inside to find her twin daughters coming downstairs.

"Hey girls.. What's up" kushina asks a warm look in her violet eyes. The girls smile holding hands, "Nothing mommy" both girls reply. Mito is identical to kushina with red hair and violet eyes, while naruko looks like her father with blonde hair and blue eyes. Kushina giggles but stops hearing the sound of a loud engine, both mito and naruko smile running to the front door followed by kushina. The trio reach the front as a black 1970 Charger R/T pulls up, the door opens and someone get out.

"Daddy!" both girls squeal.

"Naruto" kushina says and smiles. Naruto kneels down hugging his daughters, "Hey you guys miss me" he says.

"Of course they did.. So did I" kushina says. The twins cover their eyes as their parents kiss, "Gross" tayuya says.

"Yeah" naruko says.

"So girls.. You ready for your birthday" naruto asks.

"Yeah" both reply. The rest of the day is spent playing and catching up with his family and putting kurama in the back of his mind. The night comes as naruto and kushina make up for lost time as she collapses on his sweaty chest sighing.

"Missed that" kushina moans, kissing his chest. Naruto caresses her fair skin, "Me too" he muses.

"So Mr. big time investor.. How did it go" kushina asks.

"It was a killing.. Total liquidation.. Big bonus" naruto states. Kushina chuckles and kisses him, "My boss gave me another job too.. If I pull it off.. I can retire" he says, smiling.

"Seriously Naruto you are only Twenty-nine.. That's truly impressive" kushina says. Naruto stares at the ceiling as kushina falls asleep on his chest, "Just one more.. Then we are free" he thought, falling asleep. The day of the girl's birthday comes quickly and naruto elected to make the food for lunch.

"So dear.. What's on tap" kushina asks. Naruto taps his chin, "Well madam.. We will some down south home cooking.. Some Jambalaya.. Some Gumbo.. A little Crawfish Etouffee.. Ramen and some other things" he states.

"Cool dad" mito praises.

"I love your Ramen" naruko adds. The day goes by with no problems, the guests enjoy the southern cooking and the twins love their gift especially naruto's gift of matching autographed pictures from mickey mouse and the gang. Naruto was proud of his family, despite the money they have the family is still down to earth.


The next day naruto returns to the office in serious mode to deal with mizuki toji. He arrives to his office to find inari waiting dressed for work, "Kurama.. You ready" he asks.

"Yeah.. I've got the rifle" kurama states, going behind his desk picking up a large silver case. Inari and kurama head to the parking garage, getting into the escalade ext and head to the courthouse in question. They pull up to a high building about 800 meters overlooking the courthouse. Inari looks through binoculars as kurama sets up the rifle, "Alright.. The MSR effective range is 1500m and we're using the .300 Win Mag.. So we got enough leeway" kurama explains.

"He scheduled to leave at noon which is in Twelve minutes" inari says and hands kurama the binoculars, getting down to get in position.

"The wind is light.. You see the courthouse" kurama asks and inari gives a thumbs up.

"Alright.. Steady and calm.. Ok we got movement at the entrance.. Only reporters.. No target" kurama states. Kurama lays flat and scans the crowd, "Right.. Adjust Two degrees.. Seven minutes" he states. The minutes tick by like hours but on time at noon the doors open. Mizuki and his father walk out triumphantly as he has skates on his tenth time in court. Mizuki smugly talks to reports but is completely unaware that his life is ticking down.

Kurama slowly gave inari the positions needed for the perfect shot, "When you're ready" kurama states, as inari grunts. Time seems to slow as inari squeezes the trigger and the bullet fires, mizuki continues to answer questions but his head blows back. The crowd screams as mizuki falls spilling blood everywhere. Gato stands shaking covered in his son's blood and brain matter. Inari sighs heavily as he sits up as kurama looks on, "Now you the weight of a life.. Relish this feeling but try keep to a code of aesthetics" kurama states.

"Yeah.. It's heavy.. What do mean code" inari asks.

"Some of us live by a code of aesthetics in this world.. Mine is No Women.. No Kids.. Saru taught me that.. I can be the devil to some but an angel to others but never lose your code" kurama explains. Kurama and inari pack up and head back to the office to file the report. Inari went home to reflect while kurama sits in his office going over the file mabui gave him. Kurama opens the file finding two pictures, "So this is what Zero wants.. Sasori Henri.. Arms dealer and Deidara Japhar an up and coming terrorist.. Makes me wonder why the Euro branch can't handle it.. Must be conflict especially with Gaara as Sky.. No matter Gaara will understand" he thought.

"Hmm it seems I'll have a partner named Baki.. Must be Gaara's part.. I'll play it by ear but I must cautious.. I never did trust Zero" kurama thought. Kurama calls konan telling her to make the arrangements for his trip to paris, "Put the ticket under the name Menma Worth.. One way.. Weapons I'll leave to them as well as housing" he states.

"Alright.. The flight will leave tomorrow" konan says, hanging up. Kurama calls home to inform the family, "Hey dear.. How's work" kushina asks. Kurama turns in his chair, "Slow but you remember my big job.. Well I gotta leave tonight for Paris.. Some french chef wants to expand here in America and I got the deal" he states. Kushina sighs on the line, "Alright but if you succeed you can retire" she asks.

"Yeah then what do say we move back to Louisiana" kurama says.

"You sure.. The girls won't mind and neither do I" kushina says.

"Ok we'll talk when I get back.. I Love you" kurama states.

"I Love you too Dear" kushina replies, hanging up.


Kurama heads to the parking garage, getting into a silver Audi R8 and heads to the Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro. Kurama walks through the marina searching for a particular boat and after thirty minutes finds a ship called Enma. The ship is fifty feet long but he doesn't own it, its owned by the man who trained him, the former zero. Kurama notices an older man sitting on the rear deck, he looks about sixty with white hair and liver spots on his face, "Kurama!" he shouts. Kurama can only smile and wave back as he approaches, "Yo Saru!" he shouts back. Kurama climbs aboard and saru gives him a hug and gives the order to cast off, "What brings you to see an old man" saru asks.

"I wanted your advice.. I'm closing in on my big payday" kurama replies. Saru whistles and slips a pipe into his mouth, "Wow.. You work fast kid.. It's only been eight years since you signed on and six years as Vermillion it seems like yesterday" he says.

"Yeah.. Went from no name army sniper to high class professional" kurama states.

"To true but what put you on the map was your first job as Vermillion.. Isshiki Otsutsuki and his son Momoshiki" saru states and kurama chuckles, remembering.

-Location: Tokyo Japan: Six Years Ago-

Kurama walks through Tokyo International Airport Haneda on the phone, "I'm here Saru" he states.

"Good White will be waiting.. Just look for a hot chick with long indigo hair and pale eyes.. That makes her look blind" saru says. Kurama chuckles but stops, seeing a beautiful woman in a business suit and holding a sign with his name.

"Found her" kurama says and hangs up with saru.

"Kon'nichiwa Kurama Snow-san" she says and smiles with a bow. Kurama pockets his phone, "Um.. Hajimemashite White" he states.

"It's alright I speak english.. Please follow me and call me Hinata" white states, leading him to a waiting car. They soon arrive at a beautiful estate, "This is my home.. You will be staying here" hinata states.

"Alright.. So you are an Akatsuki" kurama asks and hinata nods.

"Yes I was the youngest to join.. Well except for you.. You amaze me.. Must've made an impression on Saru-sama" hinata states. Kurama rubs his chin with a soft smile, "Yeah He trained me from the rifle to the knife" he states.

"Pardon" hinata asks. Kurama and hinata walk the grounds heading to his room, "What it means.. Well it's old school.. The sniper rifle is the first thing a professional uses.. It allows you to distance yourself from the client and the knife is the last step.. With no error" he explains.

"I see.. Then you are truly worthy of being the new Vermillion" hinata states. The next day kurama wakes to rain and light sleet.

"Ohayo Snow" hinata states.

"Ohayo White" kurama says and hinata softly giggles. Kurama gets ready and hinata drives him to the firm's asian branch office, "Do you know about the client" she asks, as they rode the elevator. Kurama sighs and leans on the wall, "Isshiki Otsutsuki about Twenty years ago.. Angered quite a few people but then disappeared into seclusion" he states.

"Yes the clients wants Isshiki.. Many have tried but failed.. So we contacted the States for a new face.. I hope you can end this" hinata states. Hinata and kurama enter her office, "Have you tried" he asks.

"No it is a fool's errand.. No one has seen Isshiki in public for years.. However the client is insistent.. She was wronged by him and wants vengeance" hinata explains. Kurama sits at her desk going through the files on isshiki, when he notices a picture of hinata and a young man with black hair and sunglasses over his eyes.

"Your husband" kurama asks and hinata nods, "Does he know" he adds.

"No but he does not worry.. Do you have family Kurama" hinata replies. Kurama sighs and leans back in the chair, "Do not worry.. It will not leave this room" hinata assures.

"Yes a wife.. She's nearly nine months pregnant.. If were not for Saru I would've passed on this.. She doesn't know about this life.. She thinks I'm here as an investor for a Japanese business man.. She told me when I come home.. I'll have three ladies waiting for me" he says. Hinata serves him some tea, "Do have a plan" she asks.

"Maybe.. He's got a son named Momoshiki.. Maybe use the son to get to the father" kurama states.

"How?!.. He would never betray his father" hinata states and sits back at her desk.

"He won't tell us.. Not living any way.. His corpse will" kurama states.

"I see.. The client is not above killing the son.. How would you go about it" hinata asks.

"Poison.. Leaves no trace and after he dies.. The father will send for his body.. We plant a micro transmitter on him and boom we have Isshiki's location" kurama explains. He leans back in a chair as hinata thought for a moment, "I see.. Well Kurama-san it seems plausible.. Momoshiki frequents a geisha bar called Lotus.. He's loves puffer fish sushi.. That will be our poison" she states.

The rest of the day is spent planning the mission and scouting the bar, that night kurama goes to the bar under the guise of an american investor interested in building a similar restaurant in america. The owner show him around the premises and the kitchen, the owner even invites him back for dinner the next night.

Kurama and hinata return the next night for the dinner to find momoshiki there and drinking heavily. Hinata distracts the owner, while kurama slips into the kitchen. The chef recognizes him from before and pays him no mind. Kurama sees a chef preparing the puffer fish meal of puffer soup and sashimi fugu. The chef steps away for a few minutes and kurama makes his move, slipping the micro transmitter in the meat and pours a vial of pure pufferfish tetrodotoxin in the soup. Kurama slips away unnoticed as the chef returns finishing the meal and the food is brought to momoshiki.

Kurama joins hinata at a table far enough away from momoshiki but in range to see him, as the geisha bring him the food. Momoshiki laughs and flirts as he eats the sashimi first, then gulps down the soup. Momoshiki then suddenly starts to grab his chest howling, "What the fuck" he yells, as he staggers. The other patrons scream as his eyes roll back and he falls to the ground. A man quickly checks his pulse to find him dead, "H-he's dead!" the man shouts. Kurama and hinata slip out before the police arrive, "Is it working" she asks.

"Yeah No problems.. Now its the waiting game" kurama replies. The days pass and the the transmitter yields results, "His body has been tracked to a castle in central japan but the snowfall will make infiltration tricky.. Also some heavy security and surveillance" hinata explains. Kurama looks over the satellite images, "Do have a layout of the castle" he asks.

"None.. Also We can't provide backup.. We can drop you about two miles from the entrance but we can't aid you until the storm lets up" hinata replies. Kurama sighs heavily, "Solo mission huh.. It will be tough with the storm and it might hinder us but it hinders them too.. I'll make my way to the entrance.. Destroy the alarm system and slip in.. From there I'll find Isshiki and eliminate him.. Then I'll slip out some way" he explains. Hinata slowly nods as she looks over the photos, "Good luck" she states, as kurama begins prep work and gear checking.


A cargo truck pull up about two miles from a large castle wall, "Good luck Kurama" hinata states, as kurama jumps off. He adjusts his white coat and checks his gear of a combat knife and a infra red sunglasses, "Visibility is nil but it works for me" kurama thought. Kurama trudges through the woods as he nears the large wall, spotting several guards patrolling but the snowfall hampers their movements.

"Trucks.. That can prove useful" kurama thought, nearing the wall. Kurama heads west along the wall coming to a corner, peering out he sees a guard patrolling near a truck. The guard turns just as kurama comes up behind him and snaps his neck. Kurama loads the dead guard in the truck and swaps clothes, now emerging as one of guards complete with a mask. Kurama then proceeds northwest to the alarm system generator, passing several guards but none stop him due to his disguise. Kurama finds an entrance to an underground tunnel and he slips into a passing truck, entering the castle's first entrance undetected.

The truck stops near the guard shack and kurama slips out, noticing several guards but he bypasses them finding a vent. The vents opens just above the guard shack, "This storm is brutal.. However it hasn't cooled Boss Isshiki's rage" a guard states.

"You're right.. He wants the fool who killed Lord Momoshiki Dead" another states. Kurama reaches into a pocket and drops a gas ball through the vent, the gas knocks out the guards and kurama slips in. Kurama checks the computer but finds a small problem, "This is only half the system.. The rest is on the grounds near the castle" he thought. Kurama exits the shack heading north through more of the grounds as the wind picks up slightly and the snow falls more. Kurama reaches a power generator for the security system but encounters a guard nearby but acts quickly killing the guard. The snow fall starts to the cover the body as kurama nears the second castle entrance.

Kurama approaches the gate but two guards each armed with a H&K SMG. They stop him but kurama fools them with fluent japanese and gains access to the castle main grounds. Kurama walks through grounds near the courtyard, "All business.. No detection yet.. This place may be old but it may prove troublesome" he thought, walking through the courtyard. Kurama slips into the first floor finding several guards praying and meditating. Kurama slips out another door and finds a helipad with isshiki's chopper, "If he get pass me.. I can use this" he thought, sneaking under the chopper and planting a remote bomb.

Kurama then cuts across the courtyard to the lower level guards' rooms, finding some spare clothes and changes into the black version of the guard clothes with a keycard. Kurama makes his way through the first three floors silently but notices guards waiting in the rafters as he ascends through the castle and they pay him no mind due to his disguise. Kurama reaches the fourth floor finding a dojo and several guards sparring and working out, "Looks like a need a new keycard" he thought, swiping one from the pile of clothes. Kurama slips into an empty room and tries to contact hinata, "Kurama are you close.. The storm is breaking.. We'll have air support for you" she states.

"Just a few more floors.. I'll be waiting" kurama whispers. He continues his silent ascension to the top of the castle and soon reaches the stairs to isshiki's room.

Kurama slowly walks up the steps with his combat knife in hand to find isshiki sitting in a chair, "At last you've come" isshiki states. Kurama enters the room and shuts the door, "You knew I was coming" he asks.

"I knew someday someone would come.. Remove your mask Assassin" isshiki states. Kurama removes his mask and isshiki chuckles, "An American but some Japanese mixed in.. Interesting" isshiki states, picking a katana and throwing it to kurama. Isshiki picks up his own katana and takes a basic kendo stance, "If you're here to kill me.. Then try Assassin" he states. Kurama states a similar stance and slowly draws closer, the tension is palpable as isshiki charges and the swords clang. Kurama sidesteps a downward slash but isshiki follows up with a quick slash catching kurama in his arm. Kurama counters with a upward slash but isshiki steps back but kurama rushes forward with a shoulder block.

Isshiki staggers back as kurama swinging horizontally catching his target in the gut, the blood seeping into isshiki's shirt as he clutches the wound. The door opens as a servant enters and she screams alerting the guards. Isshiki pushes a button opening a secret door and sips inside as a guard enters. Kurama chucks his knife killing the guard and grabs his H&K SMG and two clips. Kurama takes cover as the guards rush in opening fire and he trades shots killing two, "He must be heading to the chopper" he thought. Kurama grabs a dagger and throws it as he makes a break for the open window.

Kurama runs along the planks finding an open window, grabbing several clips and makes his way to the courtyard. Isshiki makes it his chopper just as kurama exits to the courtyard. The chopper takes off just as kurama makes to the heliport. Isshiki smirks as he takes off but doesn't notice that kurama pulls a small remote from his pocket. Kurama presses the button and the chopper explodes in a huge fire ball, causing the guards to scatter and kurama uses the opportunity to head for the front gate. Gunfire erupts through the area as kurama fire back but soon runs out of bullets.

Kurama reaches the main gat but is quickly surrounded by several guards and he raises his hands but notices a light behind the guards. Kurama hits the deck as chopper opens fire cutting down the guards. Kurama pops up as guards charge but he makes the chopper, "Did you succeed Kurama" hinata asks, helping him on. Kurama pants and giving a thumbs up, soon the news spread among the akatsuki that kurama had done what no other had done and cemented his status as vermillion.

-Location: Paris France: Present day-

Kurama arrives in paris at noon and takes a taxi to his meeting point with baki at the Eiffel tower. Kurama rides the elevators to the top and steps off, walking east to admire the city.

"When this is over.. I'll take the girls to see this.. With no hidden motives" kurama thought. A man taps his shoulder, "In the name of god" he recites.

"Ye not guilty" kurama replies, turning to the man. Kurama looks him over and he's about six foot five with two distinctive, red markings on both sides of his face and wearing a turban like hat.

"I'm Baki.. Let us depart Mr. Worth" he states. Kurama and baki head to a large chateau on the northern fringe of town, "Sky has provided lodging for you.. I'll return tonight to go over the plans" baki states and kurama nods. The large doors open to reveal several maids, "Welcome to Paris Mr. Worth" one announced. One maid leads kurama to his room, "Enjoy your stay.. Anything you need.. Just dial 09" she states, pointing to the phone.

Baki gets into his black Lexus RX350, grabbing a phone and dials several numbers as it connects.

"He has arrived.. We're meeting tonight to go over plans" baki states. The person the line chuckles, "Good work.. Make sure it goes down like we planned.. Gaara must not know" the person states. Baki shifts through the gears as he passes several cars, "Yes sir.. Mr. Uchiha" he states.

"Very soon...You will be calling Vermillion" sasuke states, hanging up.


Sasuke tosses his phone on the desk with a smirk as orochimaru watches, "Is it done" orochimaru asks.

"Yes.. Kurama is in Paris and by this time next week.. I will be the new Vermillion" sasuke says, smirking. Orochimaru rises from his seat, "Now we need to be cautious.. If Gaara or Hinata find out..." he states.

"Have you forgotten Orochimaru.. You are the top dog now.. They must answer to you.. Besides our branch is stronger.. We have both the top spot as well a few loyal assets" sasuke states.

"What he means is me.. Darling" a seductive voice states. The two men turn to a see a beautiful woman with short chin length pink hair in a ponytail in a tight fitting dress, "Speak of the devil.. Come sit Sakura" orochimaru states. Sakura saunters to a sofa sitting down revealing her white panties as she crosses her legs, "Sasuke is right.. Me and my bitches are ready.. You may have been Boar but you're now the Zero" she says, smirking. Sasuke lights a cigar and laughs, "She's right.. Don't worry your little head.. We''ll deal with Kurama then the others later" he says, as orochimaru sits back down.

-Location: Paris France-

Kurama sits down to dinner unaware that he is being set up by his supposed allies. The night comes and baki returns for their strategy meeting, going over the layout of the grounds as well as the guard strength. Kurama stares at the blueprints of the grounds, "What kind of guard presence are we looking at when Deidara arrives" he asks.

"On the grounds about eight but inside fifteen once he arrives" baki replies. Kurama reads over some the briefings on sasori and his dealings, "It's odd.. He's done work for the firm before but it seems he's gotten too big for his britches but this could've handled by the Gaara or the others" he thought.

"Baki.. Be honest this job was for one the Akatsuki in Euro branch" kurama asks. Baki looks up and nods, "It was for the new Nan but Zero decided to send a higher rank to deal with them and your name came up" he replies. Kurama shook his head with a sigh, "I see.. Ok so we'll infiltrate here on the eastern wall" he states, pointing to the map. Kurama then draws an X near the chateau, "We'll spilt up at the wall.. We take out the guards then.. You will cut the power.. Then we proceed inside.. Eliminate the guards then Sasori and Deidara" he explains.

"Right.. What kind of weapon's loadout" baki asks. Kurama walks over to the window, "Nightvision googles as well as silenced weapons.. Your choices but for me.. Silenced FNP90 and a silenced Colt 1911 with some small throwing knives" he states.

"Right.. The meeting is tomorrow at 8pm.. We should arrive before then.. I'll pick you at six" baki says, leaving. Kurama sighs as he fell back on the large bed, "Just one more day.. Then freedom" he thought, reaching for his phone. The line connects, "Good morning dear" kurama greets.

"Morning dear.. How's Paris" kushina asks.

"Boring without you and the girls" kurama replies. Kushina laughs on the line, "Well.. Get home quick.. We miss you" she states.

"I know.. Just a few more days and it's done" kurama says, sighing.

"Mom.. Is that dad.. Ask him.. Can we get a puppy" echoes on the line. Kurama rolls on his side and chuckles, "Did you hear that.. Your princesses want a puppy" kushina states.

"I did.. We'll decide when I come home" kurama replies.

"Alright dad.. We love you" echoes back.

"I love you more.. Have a great day" kurama smiles.

"Goodnight Naruto.. Love you" kushina states.

"Love too" kurama replies, hanging up.


A set of black Cadillac CTS pull up to a large chateau on the southern side of town. The cars pull up to a man waiting at the entrance of the house, "Welcome Mr. Deidara Japhar" a guard states as a young man gets out. He has blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a fitted white suit with black gloves Deidara is lead to the second floor to a room with a man with red hair is sitting at a desk.

"Sasori a pleasure" deidara greets. Sasori rises with a smile, "Deidara.. Welcome" sasori says and smiles, as the men hug. Deidara and sasori sit down and begin their meeting but are unaware of the coming shadows. A Lexus RX350 sits a few blocks from the chateau with both kurama and jugo inside, "What's the time" kurama asks, slipping on a skull print balaclava.

"7:44.. We have a few minutes" baki replies, adjusting his H&K HK416. The minutes tick by and kurama's watch beeps eight pm, "Alright let's get this done.. Synchronize.. Now" he states, as they synch watches. Kurama and baki climb out and jog the one block to the wall, "Over here" baki whispers, with his back to the wall and his hands locked. Baki lifts kurama up the wall and he pulls jugo over, "We got movement.. Switch to night vision I got him" kurama states, dropping down. A guard strolls the grounds with a HKG36 on his arm, "All clear.. Eastside" he states, into his ear piece.

"Roger" a voice answers. Kurama sneaks up behind him silently, pulling a knife from his chest sheath. The guard turns just as the knife leaves kurama's hand, striking him in the side of the head. The man gurgles and crumples in a heap. Kurama motions for baki to move in and he cocks his FNP90 and the two begin their insertion.

[Background Music: Groove addicts - The beast at our doors]

Kurama and baki spilt up with the former taking the south of the house and jugo taking the north. Two guards were stationed near the south entrance of the house but were unaware of the beast in the shadows.

"What's that" one asks, pointing to a glistening thing but before the other could answer a knife struck his head. The other guard turns his HKG36 to the shadows but a single whoosh rung out and he fell over dead. Kurama slow approaches then carefully turns the knob and opens the door, "Baki.. Have you cut the power" he asks.

"Just a second.. Almost there" baki replies. Kurama spots three guards and slips into a nearby closet as they pass. The shadow of light in the room blinks then shut off, "What the hell?!.. Go check the breakers" one orders. Kurama pushes open the door as the guards turn, one opens fire but kurama catches him with a head shot. The other grabs kurama from behind, causing him to drop his P90 but kurama back elbows him in the gut and drives a knife into his head with hard thrust. The guard gurgles as blood pours our his mouth as another guard runs in and opens fire.

Kurama dives into a hall as the man runs after him, "Come out shithead!" the man shouts. The hall is dark save for the light of the moon. The man reaches a corner only to be clotheslined by kurama, causing him to shoot upward. Kurama rushes into the kitchen as the man gets up, firing and cursing. Kurama grabs a frying pan, smacking the man but he grabs a kitchen knife. The man charges with the knife but kurama parries him and smack him with pan, then a right cross. The man staggers as kurama grabs his head and slams it on the counter, then a quick jerk and snaps his neck. Kurama then returns to the hall, upholstering his colt and a combat knife.

"Heading to the second floor... What's your status" kurama whispers.

"Northside clear.. Heading to second floor" baki responds. Kurama creeps up the stairs with his knife tightly gripped downward in left and the colt trained in front. Kurama carefully walks the hall to sasori's office but it is eerily quiet, "Strange" he thought, reaching the office doors. Kurama slowly turns the knob with his gun ready and with a hard push rushes in but stops to find all in the office dead. Kurama holsters his knife, seeing the bodies of sasori and deidara as well as four guards.

"Baki.. We have a major problem!" kurama states, pulling off his mask and goggles. Kurama checks the bodies, seeing multiple gunshot wounds to both sasori and deidara.

"What's wrong Vermillion" baki responds.

"The targets are dead already.. Possible double cross or outside contractor.. Come up here" kurama orders.

"On my way" baki replies. Kurama searches the room but a ticking noise, catches his attention and he pushes back sasori's chair to find a bag. Kurama opens the bag to see a bomb with a two pounds of semtex and a ten second timer, his eyes widen as he jumps up.

"Baki!.. A bomb!.. Get out!" kurama shouts. Kurama runs to the balcony and leaps off the balcony as the bomb explodes. He crashes head first into the indoor pool glass roof and finally to the pool. [song ends]


Kurama slowly pulls himself from the pool, coughing and grunting in pain but realizes his right shoulder is separated. Kurama staggers to a handrail and lifts his right over the bar then grabs his wrist under the rail and with a hard jerk pops his shoulder back into place. Kurama drops to his knees, coughing out some more of the water he swallowed.

"Over here!.. He fell into the pool" a voice shouts and kurama goes prone but grabs a knife

"Fuck there he is.. Baki's gonna be pissed" one states.

"Yeah but he fell nearly twenty feet.. No way he's still kicking" another states, nearing kurama's prone form. Kurama pops up throwing the knife, hitting one in the neck as the man screams clutching his neck. Kurama charges the other guy and connects with a left hook, followed by a quick set of jabs. He grunts with each punch but lands a left cross to the man's jaw. Kurama grabs the man in a DDT lock and with a quick jerk, snaps his neck. Kurama winces moving his right arm, "Need to escape" he thought but before he could run, a gun butt struck his head and his world went black. Baki grabs his phone calling sasuke, "Mr. Uchiha we have a small problem.. Kurama is still alive" he states. The line stays silent, "What!.. How?!.. The bomb should've killed him.. Where is he?!" sasuke barks.

"I have him.. I promise Mr. Uchiha he will be dead soon" baki states, hanging up. Sasuke slams his phone his desk, "Goddammit.. How can that fucking idiot be so stupid" he snapped.

"I take it bad news" a voice states. Sasuke looks up to see sakura, "Yeah.. Kurama is still breathing" he sighs.

"So.. Let that fool Baki kill him but then again Kurama is a manly man.. So he might escape.. But do not fret I have some info for you" sakura says, smirking. Sasuke raises an eyebrow as sakura sways over to him, "What kind" he asks.

"Well you know Kurama's Little project Inari.. I had my bitches follow him around and found out a little secret of Kurama or should I say Naruto Uzumaki" sakura says and takes a seat in his lap, smiling.

"Naruto Uzumaki?!" sasuke says.

"It's Kurama's Real name.. He's got a pretty and fuckable wife and cute brats.. They live in the OC.. I bet his bitch has no idea what he does" sakura says. Sasuke cracks a wicked smile, "Well this gives me an idea.. Go fetch the Uzumaki family.. If Kurama comes home.. We'll give him a reunion and they can all die as family" he says, laughing. Sakura hops off his lap, swaying out the door with a wicked smirk on her face.

-Location: Orange county: Uzumaki residence-

The doorbell rings at the uzumaki home as mito reaches the door before her sister to find inari at the door.

"Hey girls.. Is your mom here" inari greets.

"Hi Inari.. Yeah Come in" naruko states. Inari walks behind the girls as they led him to the patio, where kushina is reading a book.

"Hello Inari" kushina greets.

"Hey.. Just dropped by to check on you guys.. Like Naruto asked me to" inari states, shyly. Kushina giggles and closes her book, "Don't be nervous.. Thank you for looking in on us" she states. The doorbell rings wildly, alerting them as well as shocking the girls.

"I got it" inari states as kushina follows him. Inari reaches the door to answer it, only to be shot in the gut by a shotgun blast and knocking him to the ground. Kushina screams as the door is kicked opened a blonde girl wearing a tight nurse's outfit, "Knock.. Knock" she mocks. Inari writhes on the floor, "R-run!" he shouts. kushina tries to run but was grabbed from behind by sakura, "Mmm.. So sexy.. Bitches grab the brats that ran upstairs" she orders. Two more girls rush in wearing maid outfits with matching AR15's, "Got it mistress" one states, as they run upstairs. Kushina struggles in sakura's grip, "Why are you doing this?!.. Just take the money in the safe.. Please don't hurt my children" shizune cries.

"Funny but we came for you.. It concerns your hubby" sakura states. The other two girls come down with both mito and naruko, "Mommy.. I'm scared" naruko cries, as she was held by mito as she was trying to be brave but crying as well. Inari reaches in his coat, pulling his inox and tries to stand.

"Hold it Sei...Why are you doing this?!" inari says, grunting in pain.

"Simple Vermillion fucked with the wrong people.. Just like you trash" sakura sneers. Inari points his gun but was shot in the head by a sniper shot, causing kushina and the girls to scream as inari falls through the table. Sakura looks over her shoulder to see a dark skin girl dressed like a nun with red hair and golden eyes and holding a Dragunov rifle.

"Let's go bitches" sakura states, as they drag kushina and the girls away.


Sakura and her crew arrive at a mansion in east los angeles, "Come on" sakura shouts yanking kushina and the girls out and drags them inside. Sakura brought them to a bedroom and locks them inside as kushina holds her girls close, "Shh.. It'll ok come on lets say our prayers and pray someone will save us" she assures. Mito nods as she wipes away her tears, "I wish dad was here" she whispers.

"Me too" naruko adds.

"Me three sweetie" kushina whispers. The doors burst open as a man grabs kushina and pushes the girls aside, "Mommy" naruko wails.

"Don't worry brat.. She'll be back" he snickers. The man takes kushina to a study where sasuke awaits them, "Ahh.. Mrs. Uzumaki welcome" he greets.

"Why have you kidnapped me and my daughters" kushina says, her face angry but scared. Sasuke chuckles slightly with a sip of wine, "It concerns your husband Naruto or as I know him.. Kurama Snow" he states.

"What are talking about.. My husband is an investment banker" kushina says. The man behind her snorts as sasuke looks at her incredulously, "I see.. Do you really think an investment banker can afford a house like you have.. Cars... Clothes... You are so naïve.. Mrs. Uzumaki.. Your hubby is not some investment banker" he says but pauses.

"But how do I put this.. He's a cleaner.. A hitman.. An assassin.. A contract killer" sasuke explains. Kushina's eyes widen in shock, "No you're lying!.. That Can't be true" she whispers.

"Really.. If it wasn't true.. Why is he gone so much.. Why would a bunch of gun totting cosplaying women show up at your home.. Or why did Inari get shot dead" sasuke states. Kushina gasps in shock as sasuke waves his hand, "Take her back to her room.. She's got a lot to think about" sasuke states. The man drags kushina off and locks her in the room, she drops to knees and hug her girls.

"What is true" kushina thought.


A/N-2: Chapter one is the books with the some ups and downs. Kushina now struggles with the Truth and Naruto is danger. Next chapter picks up with Naruto at the mercy of Baki.

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