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So I am watching Seven Deadly Sins, I might write a story for that series once I get a handle on it... thoughts?

The day Deidara Fights Gaara

Orochimaru breathed in the cool air of Rice Country, taking in the wonderful presence of the simplicity that was the open world. However, despite this he was not happy, he was not calm. "You have come for me." Three figures rose from the ground, each one radiating vast chakra levels. Even the lowest chakra levels were Kage level, and filled to the brim with incredible power. "I should have seen this coming. Sasuke I understand, but why you Fuu, or you Mika?"

Mika laughed. "You branded me your slave, when I never asked you to do so. I had a one in ten chance of dying, you deserve this."

The man laughed in return. "I cannot find fault in your logic."

"You did technically kidnap me." Fuu said, her voice light. "Mostly though I am helping my friends, my first and only friends." The girl ran through a set of unfamiliar seals, and slammed her hands against the ground, light exploding from her palms. " Seven Sword Containment seal!" A mass of powerful seals exploded into existence over two miles wide, and Orochimaru laughed.

"And what was that?"

"A Seal, to prevent you from escaping in any way. You are stuck here with us, three Kage level Ninja. Enjoy."

The man turned around and a sword shot from his mouth, he fell into a low stance. "Ready yourselves then, for I do not plan on dying today." And then he shot forward at blinding speeds, only for Mika to slash at his blade, the boy's lighting sword holding fast against his Grass Cutter. Orochimaru shrieked in agony as the blade turned a dark blue and ripped through his own blade with enough lightning to power a city. Mika pulled back and twisted the blade, which wrapped around Orochimaru like a whip, carving him into fifteen different pieces.

Orochimaru reformed from the pieces, only to be kicked with beyond Tsunade level strength by Fuu, sending him flying into the air, slamming into a hard silvery barrier that repelled him back.

Mika laughed, a cold cruel sound. "That trick takes a shit ton of chakra, in your current state you can only manage it maybe ten times, nine more now. Your time is coming, Viper."

Sasuke too then laughed and blasted forward, a solid length of lighting chakra slammed into Orochimaru, carving a path through his throat, forcing him to regenerate his head. His chakra level's dropped even lower, and he cursed.

He was fighting three extremely powerful Ninja, two designed to protect him and one designed to be his vessel. He had to be more careful.

Biting his lip, he spat onto his tattoo and called out. " Summoning jutsu!" But nothing happened.

Mika laughed harder. "Fuu's jutsu, prevents escape or rescue. No summons of any kind. We know you can only use Snake based summoning jutsu, now you are limited to tai and kenjutsu. Neither of which are your forte." Mika and Fuu both shot towards him as he landed, Orochimaru tried to dodge but both were far too fast. Fuu hit with blinding strength, Mika hit with glowing chakra scalpels carving Orochimaru from the inside out. His chakra levels were draining at a blinding pace, every regeneration, every momentary agony, he lost more of his power.

He was going to die here and he knew it.

And then Sasuke's sword was stuck in his heart, he screamed in agony as lightning blasted through him. "There, you cannot escape this. The lightning will hold you fast, you cannot even reform. Mika take his chakra."

"Bossy bossy." Mika placed his hands on Orochimaru and in moments his chakra levels dropped from Kage to less than genin, the boy had gained tremendous skill in chakra siphoning. "There, he doesn't even have the power to escape. I think it is time we finish this off. Fuu, your turn."

Green bugs, glowing chakra constructs covered Fuu. She placed her hands on Orochimaru and he felt those bugs burrow into his skin and into his soul. Within moments his screams filled the world. Each one consuming his flesh, his chakra, his sanity. Then they exploded.

He had maybe ten seconds of this agony before He, the Legendary Orochimaru exploded into utterly nothing... and he passed from his world, screaming and desperate and utterly in pain.


The three laughed, Mika ignoring Sasuke kissing Fuu deeply. The two had developed a rapid connection, seeing the chance to make new Sasuke's clan with Fuu's tremendous power and skill. "So, where to next? Itachi or do we destroy Waterfall for abusing Fuu?"

Kabuto's chakra approached from a distance, and Mika smiled. "So he's gone."

"Yes, not counting his presence in the seals. That is a task for another time." Turning to Sasuke, who was still taller than him damn it, Mika smiled. " So Sasuke, you and Fuu need to decide. Itachi or Waterfall? Between the three of us, as strong as we are, neither stand much of a chance. In either case, we can try our new jutsu combination out."

They all laughed more but Sasuke did reply. "Itachi, I have waited far too long for my revenge."

"Then to him we go. Kabuto, you still are connected to Sasori right? And to Orochimaru's spynetwork before it collapses? Can you find Itachi?"

The man smiled. "Already on that. I am to see Sasori in a month in Grass Country. You three should come by, you might run into something interesting. I'll need the back up if we are to kill Sasori."

They shared another smile. Kabuto too had goals. Mainly to kill all of Root, mess up the Leaf for forcing him into working for Danzo and then to kill Sasori for continuing his enslavement. They all had their revenge, and they would manage it to the best of their abilities.

With Mika as their leader, they would too... no one would stop their drive. They would succeed... and all would fall.

"Then let us depart. We have not a whole lot of time."

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was a really fun chapter.

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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