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Time in Sound

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It is a smaller chapter, I am not giving up on this but it is different for me to write... newer in some ways. The path is so different from Canon, which is odd for me to write, that I need to take it slowly to master.

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A week later

"Scale Powder clones!" Fu declared, breathing out a mass of sparkling scales that swirled into actual people, weaker versions of the green haired girl in question before blasting forward, a squad of raw power houses just waiting to crush their foes. Mika breathed out a mass of Mist, needing no words or more than a single handsign to cast the Hidden Mist Jutsu. Fu squawked in response. "I hate it when you do that, neither of us can win when you pull that shit!"

Sasuke grunted a response, just as Mika donkey kicked him into one of Fu's clones, dispelling it into a thick scaley powder that mixed with the Mist.

"I only did it cause you cheated with those irritating clones." Mika grumbled before going dead silent, taking out his regular sword and sliding through the Mist, slicing and carving through the various clones, not letting a single piece of Scale powder on his body. Fu could do all sorts of things with those scales. Poisoning him with them was an easy matter, even Orochimaru was not immune to her poisons it turned out. Channeling his lightning chakra, as taught by Sasuke, Mika felt and heard the other to cringe in pain as their muscles tightened. Fu actually shrieked and he felt her fist slam into the ground, knocking up enough wind to banish just enough of his mist for her to get a better view of him.

"You'll pay for that." And she grew her delicate wings, flitting in and around the remainders of the Mist, using her superior speed and strength to quickly knock Mika and Sasuke both into the center of the arena before she flew above them and said. " Choking Scales Jutsu!" Before breathing out a mass of orange scales that immediately made Mika and Sasuke both choke in agony, their skin and eyes burning as the fierce chakra within the scales rendered them almost harmless and unable to breathe.

It really was an amazing capture technique, one Mika and Sasuke both had fallen victim to at least a dozen times. Fu really was a capable kunoichi.

Clapping drew their attention, the battle over. They turned to see Kabuto and Orochimaru.

Fu fluttered over to them, bowing softly. "Lord Orochimaru, my second favorite kidnapper."

The man just laughed at her, used to her oddness already. "Your powers are wonderful Fu, we merely need to cultivate them and even the Akatsuki will stand no chance."

The girl squeed. "I live to impress, my Lord."

Mika had to restrain his urge to laugh, Fu was so full of it. She wanted that man dead almost as much as he and Sasuke did. She did not appreciate being kidnapped even if it freed her from her old life. The powerful Jinchuuriki was a being of spite, something Mika dearly enjoyed. Not as much as Sasuke, who he was sure had the hot for Fu.

" I am sure you do... you have all made amazing progress, in just a week. Pray, imagine what a few years would do for your skills? Fu, you could easily surpass Tsunade. Your powers are incredibly vast, the things you could do. How strong would you be had your skills not be repressed by those fools in Waterfall."

The girl's killer intent spiked, and Mika knew she agreed. Fu was a rarely skilled being, and could one day surpass them all. Mika knew that she, with time and training, would be unstoppable. Impossible strength and durability, flight and powders scales, poison and being a freaking Jinchuuriki... she girl was a literal beast and it was time she saw it. Not to mention she freaking had three natural affinities! Earth, Wind and Fire all at once. Not even Mika the genius or Sasuke the Uchiha could claim such a thing.

Not even Orochimaru himself could claim such a power, not naturally anyway.

"I hope to one day rip them apart, Lord Orochimaru, to show them how badly they failed me." Fu said, her tone as dark as Orochimaru's chakra. "They will pay for the lifetime of hate and abuse. One day, but not today."

"Not today indeed, my reports labeled you a Mid to high Chunin. In truth, watching you fight, you are easily jonin level without your Tailed Beast. With her, you are pushing Kage level at your current skill. Continue to train with Mika, he is your leader as you two shall be my new Guard, you will of course Gaurd Sasuke one day when he takes his place as my heir."

They all hid their eye rolls, even Fu was aware of Orochimaru's plan to take over Sasuke. They all informed her of his plans, and together planned to take over soon enough. Orochimaru had no idea what was coming to him.

He had no idea he was literally training those that would one day kill him...


"What a tool." Fu whispered as Orochimaru departed. "He has no idea, does he?"

They all laughed, even Sasuke. "No he doesn't."

Fu sneered. "He is no different than the idiots I lived with before, just as power-hungry and weak. It will be a pleasure killing him." She turned back to them. "How long til we can strike?"

Sasuke turned cold, serious. "Until the day he tries to take me over, We are strong all of us but even together at Kage level we'd have trouble killing him right now. Experience and skill... he has both. We need to wait until he is at his strongest to strike."

"Agreed," Mika said, the leader of ther new group. Even Sasuke, who had been beaten time and time again by both Fu and Mika, had come to agree that Mika was to lead them. "We will take him down one day, but we must be careful and never show our hands to early... now, let us review the battle. Fu, you were excellent. You need to get better to fighting without your eyes, Same with Sasuke. I need to work on dealing with your strength, I have no counter to it."

Fu frowned. "I need to work on my speed without my wings. Sasuke, you need to work on your reaction speed, you froze up twice."

Sasuke grunted. "We all need to get more experience. I think it is time we start fighting the prisoners and going on more missions. Become a powerful unit."

Fu and Mika spoke as one. "Agreed."

"But where to start?"

Mika thought of it. "Why not start with a proposal to Orochimaru, say we want to fight his more local prisoners? Move onto the stronger and stronger prisoners, like those Cursed Sealed Ones I have heard so much about."

Sasuke nodded. " Not a bad idea."

Fu smiled, happy to be involved. "We are to kill the Akatsuki, partially since Itachi is a part of them but also since they are coming after me. Why not fight people with skills similar to those within the Akatsuki, plan and prepare for them. There has to be better Genjutsu users among the Prisoners, you could use them to get used to fighting Itachi?"

Sasuke actually smiled at Fu full-on, making the girl blush. It was amazing how different Sasuke was towards Fu, who was actually a very serious Kunoichi and was very, very strong for her age. "A wonderful idea."

"Wonderful, it is a date." Mika said, pleased. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have healers training with Kabuto. Sasuke, help her with her fire release. Fu, help him with target training while using your wings. That will help both of your aim and agility."

"Yessir." They both said before Mika marched towards Kabuto, ready to get his healing on.


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