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I was working to make Fu's character really interesting and diverse as a ninja so that is why this took a bit to come out. Enjoy.

I had this epic fight planned... but something else clicked in my head... and I love the outcome. Short but very, very entertaining in my eyes.

They, Mika and Sasuke, made it to Waterfall in time thankfully despite two rainstorms and three blustery evenings. Despite the dour mission, both seemed relatively excited to be away from Orochimaru and stretch out their wings, so to speak. Especially Sasuke, having learned that his lack of missions had weakened his skills seriously. Mika felt more... conflicted, attacking a Jincuuriki was big news. It would mar him, if he was caught, as a Missing Ninja and a serious threat to all Shinobi nations. His reputation would take a massive hit that he may never recover from... undoing entirely his deal with Tsunade. He had to move forward with caution.

Not to mention he was about to potentially fight a jinchuuriki, one with unknown powers and abilities. 'She has massive chakra levels, I remember that much at the least but other than that I am unsure of what she can do. I must be absolutely careful, utterly devoid of mistakes or it could cost me my life.'

Only mildly terrified, Mika and Sasuke both were met at the literal gates of the village... by two Jonin. They seemed to recognize Mika on the spot. "You must be Mika, Orochimaru said you would be coming. I am Rai.

Mika nodded. "It is nice to meet you." Pleasantries over, Mika turned his full attention on the mission. "Now, where is she? Never mind, I can sense her."

"She can probably sense you. She is a powerful sensor and her skills have only increased. She can also communicate through insects of all kinds, it allows her a network of information that can seem kind of odd. There is a reason she Guards the Hero water."

Mika nodded, suppressing his chakra to below civilian levels, feeling Sasuke do the same. "Lead us to here then and keep anyone that might want to stop us away, less we be forced to kill them."

The man snorted. "Only our leader, Shubaki, has any interest in keeping the beast here. Now, come with me."

And so he led them away, onward towards an outcropping of rock near a waterfall about fifteen minutes away from the front of the village. It was near a giant Tree, one that radiated vastly thick chakra. 'That must be the source of the Hero's Water... interesting... pity we cannot take any at this time... oh well.' Mika's attention was brought to focus when he sensed Fu's chakra right and present, not even a mile away, upward on a distant waterfall. "She is there, I presume?"

The man nodded. "Get it away from us."

Mika sighed, hating the bias and bigotry but knowing there was no point in arguing against it at this point. You cannot change stupid... no matter how much you wished you could...

"Prepare yourself, Sasuke..."

Sasuke nodded and both blasted off, moving at incredible speeds towards where Fu was basking on the rocks. It took less than a minute to reach her, and when they did Mika had his Raijin pulled out, ready to mess her up...

Only for Fu to stand up, her gorgeous green hair freshly combed. "They sold me out finally, right?"

He stopped, stunned. "Yes, they did. Come with us, my dear."

"Cool, I'm game. I saw this coming years ago. planned for it too. Shubaki is nice but this place has been hell my whole life. You're really doing me a favor."

Sasuke seemed more stunned than Mika felt. "You're not going to fight back?"

"Mika is stronger than I am and if you add in whomever you are... and I would easily lose. Sure I could go full Bjuu on your asses, but that could be fatal. I would rather be your friend and handle my death with grace. Besides, who the hell is loyal to a village that hates them, mistreats and abuses them? Sure as fuck, not me! I would rather see the place burn."

Mika grabbed her hand. " I know Orochimaru well enough, you are not going to die. He won't kill you, hurt you maybe, but not kill you. I have more than a feeling that you still have a future, Fu... now, let us depart. Fuck this village."

"Fuck this village." She repeated, smiling, her orange eyes twinkling brightly with no tears but hope. "Hey, maybe you can train me. You're really strong right, why not help me? Did you know I have more strength than Tsunade naturally cause insects are naturally really, really strong? It's true, I can do a lot. I can fly, I can spit sparkly scales and I made like ten jutsu for that trick."

Mika could not help but smile, realizing this girl was far more complex than he had been led to believe. "Let's get going... and yes, I will help you. That strength of yours... well, a juggernaut is a mild comparison for the power I will mold in you." And so they went, walking straight out of the village, oddly with not a single fight whatsoever... to Mika's complete and utter disbelief... " So Fu, how do you feel like a spar when we get to where we are going?"

"I thought you would never ask!"

And Mika knew, stronger than her or not, that fight would not be an easy one... she would make damn sure of it. For that reason alone, he respected her. Far too many would give up or fold under pressure but this girl... she embraced the challenge. She would be fun to fight.

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was really fun! Fu outright tried to befriend Kakazu in the filler, even quoting that he slaughtered their elders, so I am thinking she might have some resentment... just saying.

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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