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Ninja Fights should be fast, not long and drawn out unless both are like... Kakashi/Gai/Kage level.

This was a really, really fun chapter. It is some of my best work really.

Like Kabuto said, Orochimaru ended up in the Leaf not even a full day later. The man oozed power, Mika being a far more sensitive sensor now, he could all but taste it. It was as much a turn on as it was terrifying. He desired that kind of power, to show that world where to stick it, but he was far from achieving it. Upclose Mika realized how tall Orochimaru was, how well built the man was... and yet there was an odd weakness in his aura, a rot almost, like a man with a disease. It was the strangest thing really...

The man looked at Mika with the coldest, most snake like eyes imaginable. "So you wish to join us, finally I might add. What changed?"

"Extreme torture, at the hands of a special Aburame and Danzo according to Kabuto."

The man actually had something akin to pity in his eyes. "The Rinaichu? A terrible fate, my first body had many scars from fighting a rogue Aburame with that power. You're lucky to be alive."

"Only on the outside... now let's fuck shit up."

Orochimaru laughed, and the man looked up, taking in the empty forest glade they were standing in. It was on the outskirts of the village, about five feet from the entrances of one of Orochimaru's old labs. No one, not even Danzo, knew of it. "We have to be swift, and without mercy. Danzo is extremely powerful, even for a Sanin this will be a struggle. The three of us can overpower him, but we can do it. I send him a messenger snake, telling him to meet me here. He will come, he thinks we have business. You two will handle his guards. I do not know who they both are, but I doubt they are too powerful. Handle them for me while I take care of Danzo."

Mika felt his killer intent rising, the power he had boiling over. Orochimaru didn't shiver like most people, even Kabuto did this, he just smirked with the deepest amusement. " Until then?"

"Hide and be quiet, and stop oozing your Killer intent, it will give you away."

And so Mika barely, barely suppressed his power and moved alongside Kabuto into the lab.

He was so ready for his revenge and so grateful it was coming so soon... nothing would taste sweeter...


Suppressing his chakra to the lowest levels, Mika waited alongside Kabuto within the lab, waiting for the time to strike. Twenty minutes passed and Orochimaru walked into the lab with Danzo by his side... two men were with him. One had orange hair and a large nose, the other looked a lot like Shino. Both were dressed in black, though the one with orange had rust colored top on and a tanto at their side. Mika hoped he was a better swordfighter. He had Raijin, he should be fine...

Kabuto grabbed his arm, giving him a worried look. With quick ANBU handsigns, he spoke to Mika.

That one is the Aburame that tortured you, I'll take him. The other is a sensor like you, a Yamanaka. You take him. Be careful.

Mika offered the man a warm smile, and nodded. He put a hand on his Raijin, and readied himself to strike.

"... and I must say, I was impressed that you were willing to sabatoge such a powerful young ninja." Orochimaru said, his voice finally close enough for Mika to hear.

Danzo froze. "You know then, of Mika?"

"The boy is indeed working for Kabuto... but he was going to harm your village, until now. You really created a Monster... the boy's killer intent is on par with my own, a tribute to the trauma and rage he carries, thanks to you."

Danzo growled. "The boy is a traitor."

"And here you are, working with me. You have always been rather hypocritical, old man. Now a deal is a deal, it is time for you to die."

"TORUNE, FU!" Danzo said, but before the two men could move in front of him, Mika and Kabuto struck. Kabuto's chakra scalpel carving path through the Aburame's wrist, Mika's Raijin cutting through the Yamanaka's sword like butter, leaving only a stump. " What is this?

Mika unleashed his killer intent, no longer hiding his rage. His chakra flared, massively, and the floor around him cracked. "Your death, that is what you worthless old man. You brought this on yourself, consequences are a bitch." And with that the battle was joined, Mika using his superior strength to send the Yamanaka flying into the wall with a chakra enhanced kick. The man cried out, the wall cracking behind him from the sheer force.

Mika was on him like white on rice, slashing his sword down. To his credit, the man dodged but Mika was running on rage and skill and easily caught up. They played a game of tag alongside the lab, dancing in and around various pieces of equipment. Both landed blows on the other, with fist or foot or Raijin. The Yamanaka had several seared scars on his arms, a look of panic in his eyes. Mika knew why, from what he could tell the man was used to fighting as part of a pair. His style almost required it, he had seen the same thing with some ANBU members he fought with.

"Sticky syrup trap!" Mika called out softly, spitting a large swatch of syrup onto the ground, as he had been taught, and the Yamanaka flipped to stand on the ceiling instead of getting caught, just as Mika planned for. He was there in an instant and before the man could respond, his head was rolling across the floor. His hands, which had gone up to defend his face, followed suit landing with his body in the syrup.

Turning, Mika saw Kabuto easily dancing around the Aburame... and Mika wanted revenge.

Running through handsigns, He cast a simple genjutsu. "False Surroundings." He whispered, using the words to amplify the jutsu and the Aburame froze... just long enough for his head to roll, Kabuto's hand swiping through what used to be his neck.

Mika turned to Danzo, who was not fairing well against Orochimaru, even with his hands sealed by the Third Hokage the man was to be feared. Danzo was holding his own, using wind chakra to make a blade that could go toe to toe with Orochimari's own blade, but it was not enough. Orochimaru was faster, immortal and his chakra reserves were utterly massive. Danzo was old, had far lower reserves and was just not as skilled or fast as Orochimaru.

Moving over to Kabuto, Mika whispered. "Interfere?"

"No... we would be in the way."

Nodding, Mika smirked. "You kicked ass."

"The Aubrame was not my equal, or even yours. He hurt what belonged to me, my friend, I couldn't let that stand." He smirked, his own killer intent oozing throughout the room.

Mika very, very much enjoyed it. "How did you make your Chakra scalpel enough to cut his head off, even Tsunade couldn't get it that sharp or long."

"The hag is lazy and rusty, I am young and growing."

They shared a laugh before Danzo went flying past them, slamming into a wall. He tried to stand, but a sealing mark covered his body. He was gasping, holding his throat. "How?"

Orochimaru laughed. "I designed your arm, do you really think I did not plan on the fact that I might have to kill you despite it? Foolish man... I know exactly what seal to use to dismantle your power, to prevent you from tapping into that power entirely. Your Sharingan are bound, your power obsolete. Now, I do believe it is time you die.I do have a deal to fulfill."

Mika laughed, a cold cruel sound as he watched Danzo slowly and painfully die, the seal ( He barely understood a tenth of it) ooze away all of Danzo's lifeforce. Before their eyes, the man's arm grew like a weed, wrapping around him with branches until he was consumed into the very tree itself. Within a full minute, Danzo was dead... and Mika felt the seal on his tongue fade away into nothing.

Turning, he smiled at Orochimaru. "Thank you... now, why not get out of here?"

The man laughed in turn. "Let's."

And that was Mika's last night in the Leaf, his last Night as a Leaf Ninja... but before he left, Mika did one thing even Orochimaru did not know about... he created a shadow clone and sent it to Tsunade using all of his ANBU skill...

Almost all the way to Sound, Mika received his memories...

"So you are leaving already, I expected as much." Tsunade said. "Do you know who tortured you?"

Mika's clone nodded. "Danzo, he's dead. Orochimaru killed him for me, I owe him... but do not worry, I am not your enemy. You were my sensei, you taught me to heal even if we never did get to your super strength or hundred healings jutsu."

She sighed. "That is why we never did. I knew you'd leave, you were too,... independent for the Leaf. Too dark, it was just your nature to leave. I am glad you are not our enemy. I will reveal what happened to the Council...but you will not be marked as an enemy so long as you do not make yourself one. Danzo's actions were treasonous, and your trauma was enough that you retired to become a freelancer. No one will know you work for Orochimaru bar the top of the top. I know you'd never be truly loyal to him."

Mika laughed. "Never... thank you Tsunade. If you need me, just pay me and I will be here."

She nodded and hugged him. "I will miss you kid."

"Same, Tsunade. Give Shizune a hug for me... and tell the girls and Shino, they need to know."

"I will... goodbye."

Mika sighed, the memories soothing his heart as he entered the base Orochimaru took him too. "What now?" He turned, only to scream as a horrible agony, worse than the Nano bugs exploded on his throat as Orochimaru bit him. Mika collapsed, holding his throat as a curse seal appeared. Three slightly curved lines at the base of his collar bone. He felt Orochimaru's power explode through him and slowly he began to pass out.

Orochimaru laughed. "The Earth seal... the strongest, equal to the Heaven Seal... you are going to be amazing, so long as you survive... enjoy your nap, I expect so much from you when you awaken." The man laughed, never seeing the look of hate and despair in Kabuto's eyes as Mika did.

He never realized that with that one act, he doomed himself to dying from the hands of not one... but two of his subordinates.

His life had shortened considerably and he never saw it coming.

Mika vowed, in that moment, to destroy Orochimaru just as the man destroyed Danzo. No one would stop him...

Not even Kabuto.

'I should have seen this coming, this is the man who butchered his old village, his sensei and worse... this was on me... but I will use it, the power of the seal, until I can remove it or claim it's power for my own.'

And finally, Mika passed out, the pain and the power too much. His life was on the life and he would survive... if only out of sheer spite.

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was an awesome chapter! I loved writing it so much.

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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