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Short but very, very powerful... prepare for a major change... and a major deviation.


Mika's tired, worn form broke Tsunade's heart. "Mika." She said, her tone tired and soft. "How... how are you holding up?"

The boy offered her a smile. "Mei is almost as good a healer as you are, so I am physically fine even if I almost stroked out from resisting the Psycho Mind Transmission. That was a scary realization when I was told... to think I almost died or worse, it was sobering." The boy's tone scared Tsunade, there was something... harsh about it, cold, far too much Orochimaru for comfort. Not the evil Orochimaru that she loathed, but the cold power of her one time friend that was the tells he showed before his mind fully broke. She wondered how close Mika was to breaking...

"I am glad but I still need to evaluate you for your return to ANBU or regular service."

Mika nodded. "I am at least a week out from even training at my old level, and there is no telling the mental strain of what happened. I am entirely on your side here, no complaints from me."

"Good, I wasn't in the mood to hear them."

And so she put her glowing hands on the boy, her heart breaking and filling with rage at the utter misery the boy had to have endured. 'Signs of drowning, a near stroke, bruises and cuts, cellular damage across his skin leaving scar tissue on twenty percent of his body! This was no basic torture session.. however, what really concerns me is the seal on his tongue. Who knows what information he is being forced to conceal... this seal is familiar though, I can't remember why.'

Pulling back, Tsunade gave the boy a friendly look. "You are mostly healed, but you are right, the strain was enough that you need at least a week to recover from the strain. Enjoy it, kid."

"I'll try. I may still help Hanabi train, if she's here."

"She's not,... she's on a B rank Mission with Kurenai. Hinata is gone too, on the same mission actually. Those two have really become extremely useful ninjas, they have completed about forty missions individually, all C,B and A rank. It's pretty impressive. If this continues Hinata will earn her Jonin rank in the next year. Hanabi will have to wait til she is at least twelve."

That seemed to make Mika really happy. "That's good to hear. I like hearing that my girls are doing good. Is Shino here. I haven't seen him in literal months, or hung out with him since graduation. We used to be so close."

"Yes, he is actually here."

"Great, to the Aburame clan compound I go. Thank you, My Lady."


The Aburame compound was a lovely place, with subtle artistic flair and comforting grey walls. Mika enjoyed the sight, having been there a few times in his youth. His weary eyes drank it in, missing the easier days before he became a ninja... at least for a moment and he laughed. He loved being a ninja, it could be a burden but it wasn't most of the time. He was far too pleased with his power not relish in being a ninja.

"What do you want?" A guard said, before taking in Mika's presence. " I am sure you want to see Shino?"

"Naturally, my friend."

"I will allow you entry."

And Mika went right past the guard into the Aburame compound. Reaching out, Mika followed his sensory powers and quickly found Shino, who was meditating comfortably on the floor outside his room. The boy opened an eye up, smiling softly when he saw Mika.

"I heard you went missing."

"My summons saved me." He smiled and sat next to Shino. "I am on a break until my mind and body recover."

"That is good... what happened if you do not mind me asking?"

"Torture, extreme torture."

Shino actually flinched, his eyes wide. "How are you alright, that would debilitate anyone?"

Mika smirked, his killer intent flaring to the point Shino was on the floor, gasping. "Who says I am okay? I am far from it, it is simply the hope of tearing my abusers apart and drowning in their blood that keeps me afloat." he released his intent, and Shino got up shivering.

"Remind me not to piss you off... you've become far scarier than you once were."

"That is sweet of you to say... wanna play Shogi?

Shino sighed. "You mean do I want to lose at Shogi?" he grumbled.

Mika just laughed, he needed this... more than he cared to admit.


Returning to his apartment, Mika was immediately pinned with a hug, his chakra senses screaming, he reached for a jutsu or his sword or something, only to freeze as he sensed Kabuto's chakra. Pulling away, he saw Kabuto looking at him with a sense of fear. "Who captured you?" Mika sighed and stuck out his tongue, the other boy gasping. "Danzo!"

Mika frowned, his killer intent spiking ever so slightly as he finally had a name for his pain. "How do you know?"

Kabuto stuck out his own tongue, showing the same seal only his was faded. "I was a member of ROOT, a paramilitary group Danzo was supposed to get rid of after the Uchiha clan massacre. He had a thing for orphans, it's the real reason I had you mask your skills. I didn't want you enduring what I did. He forced my adoptive mother and I to kill each other. It's how I met Orochimaru actually... who also served Danzo at one point."

"Before I go, we will kill him."

"Deal... and I will help you do that, but do not forget, he is a High S rank shinobi with enhancements. He has an arm full of Sharingan, a Sharingan in one eye, and an arm made of Hashirama's cells. He is far more powerful than you are... I am a Low kage level ninja now, I have been training hard to get my skills up. Together we might have a chance since you're around low A rank. Orochimaru would help us, he has a lot to benefit from killing Danzo."

"Good... very good. Tell Orochimaru that if Danzo dies, he will get my full loyalty." Mika felt his bloodlust sore, his body trembling with the power of his wrath. He was almost frothing at the mouth. "I want him dead at my feet, screaming in agony, all of his desires and goals torn asunder..."

Kabuto's smirk was almost as bloodthirsty as Mika felt. "Why did he take you?"

"You are, he knew we are friends and wanted to ask me about you."

That made the other medic cringe. " I am sorry, my friend."

"It wasn't your fault... it was Danzo's. Care to fix my seal?"

"I can't, my sealing skills are not high enough... but Lord Orochimaru's is and your year is almost up."

"I will go early, fuck I will go today... just help me drown in Danzo's blood... it is my new goal, my new purpose, to watch him be torn apart and all he holds dear with him." And Mika meant it. his goal to avenge Neji being pushed to the side though still important in place of his new drive for revenge. No one would get away with tormenting him like that...

No one would...


Danzo was a dead man walking, he just didn't know it yet.

Kabuto sighed. "I will send a message to Lord Orochimaru. He can be here in a day and together... we will crush Danzo into nothing."

"Perfect... that is exactly what I need to hear."


Kabuto was terrified for Mika, his friend and student was oozing killer intent on par with Orochimaru. The boy's mind was close to cracking and for someone as skilled as Mika that was terrifying...

The world would burn to get his revenge. Even Sasuke's drive for vengeance would pale compared to Mika's wrath.

Kabuto was grateful he was on the other side of it... even Orochimaru would be grateful for that fact.

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Short but powerful!

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