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Consequences of too much skill

A chapter I have been setting up for the background for a while... enjoy.

" It is a very simple mission, one you will complete as a normal Special Jonin." Tsunade said. " As you know almost a year ago, you and Team Seven were sent on what was supposed to be a simple C rank Mission in Wave. However, it quickly turned into an A rank Mission that nearly ended in failure. They, Wave, were allowed to recover before they paid us properly. Yesterday, I received a notice from them. They are ready to make a payment and treaty with us. They have agreed to pay triple the price of the mission and help us with reconstruction. Your mission is simple, receive the Treaty from Tazuna the Bridgebuilder. Then you are to escort Tazuna back to the village safely. And... you won't be on your own for this mission. Ino Yamanaka will be joining you... and Rock Lee is...he... is grating on my nerves, this will be his first big mission since his surgery. Take him with you. I might kill him if you don't" The slightly crazed look in her eye was telling. She really might Kill Lee.

Mika just raised an eyebrow in amusement " Very well, When do we leave?"

" Tomorrow morning. You are to be there by sunset tomorrow. You are also to present Tazuna with this" She handed him a scroll. " This is the beginnings of the Treaty. It's safety is vital to the completion of this mission. We need all the alliances we can get, since you were part of the original mission and the mission to eliminate the local things, you are a perfect candidate to complete this mission. Do not fail me. You are dismissed."

Mika nodded and left the room.

Five Minutes Later, Mika found himself at the destroyed training grounds of one Rock Lee. And in the center, covered in sweat was the Boy himself.

" Lee" Mika called out to the boy who's head snapped up as he Beamed at Mika.

" MIKA!" As fast as he could, Lee Rushed Mika and squished him into a massive hug.

Sighing, Mika just submitted. Lee was the only person immune to his will due to his single Minded nature, so Mika couldn't control him that way. Nor could he overpower the boy in his current position. It was just better to submit. For now.

Eventually, Lee let him down. " Lee, if you do that again, I might just have to kill you. " Lee shivered, fully aware that Mika had no qualms about that." Now, we have a mission together."

All Fear Left Lee who beamed at Mika, but managed to restrain himself from assaulting Mika again.

" Where to?" He was like a puppy, shivering in excitement. Mika half expected Lee to wet himself.

" To Wave, We have to beat up some thugs as part of a Treaty with them. I expect you at the Gates Tomorrow. See you then" Mika left quickly.

Lee was dangerous for Mika's sanity in large doses. He needed to mentally prepare himself for the three Day exposure.


Thanks to Lee's Competative Personality, which Even Mika couldnt fully quell, They reached Wave in a Matter of a few hours. Mika had actually enjoyed the fast trip, seeing as it was one of the few times that he was forced to give his fullest efforts. He actually took off his own weights and used chakra to boost his speed. Lee, who hadn't taken off his weights, pouted when Mika passed him by. Ino, who was nowhere as fast as Mika or Lee, was huffing and puffing as they hurried towards the neighboring country.

Landing at the Bridge that Leads to Wave, The Great Naruto Bridge, Lee screamed as he entered a Youthful Fit. " Naruto has a bridge named after him? I WILL DO WHATEVER POSSIBLE TO GET THE SAME HONORS, IF I DO NOT, THEN I WILL RUN A HUNDRED, NO A THOUSAND LAPS AROUND THE LEAF ON MY HAN-" Lee stopped and began to shiver in horror as Mika shot a massive blast of Killing intent at him.

" Lee, please refrain from acting like that around me. I might just be forced to kill you."

" O...ok...okay Mika" Mika enjoyed the terror in Lee's eyes.

Within minutes they were knocking on the Door of Tazuna's house, Mika could feel the chakra of three beings near the door one of which was approaching it. He knew, from past experience, that it was Tsunami. "Hello Tsunami. How are you?"

The woman smiled at him. "It is good see you, Mika... how are you?"

"Not bad at all... so, we are here to tetrieve the treaty from Tazuna."

Tsunami stepped back from the door. " Come inside, my father is right here." She then began to lead Mika and a surprisingly quiet Lee and Ino to Tazuna.

" Tsunami, do we have guests?" Tazuna, called out. Mika could smell sake wafting from that direction, making him a little ill from just how strong it really was.

" Yes Father, they are from the Leaf." She Said to her Father.

The Old Man's eyes brightened when he saw Mika. "Mika, my boy, how goes it?"

"Not bad, Old man. Got a promotion since you last saw me. Life's good." Mika offered the man a smile. "So, I do believe we are to give you this." And Mika handed the man the scroll Tsunade had given Mika the day before. "This is for the treaty. I was told you are partaking in this?"

The man nodded, giving off a belly laugh. "Naturally, I represent my people whenever I can. The Daimyo realizes he owes your village, and so he agreed to pay triple the price of an A ranked Mission and start his treaty of support."

"Let's get started then."


"Are you sure, Danzo?" Koharu asked, her tone soft. "The boy has yet to do anything of note for the worse. Yes he was tied to Kabuto, but so were a great many in the Hosptial."

Homura nodded. "She is right. Mika is an accomplished Ninja, but he has yet to cause great harm to the village in any way. He has brought us great honor and respect due to his high bounty count, skilled teaching and reputation."

Danzo nodded, masking his desire to sigh. "The boy is gaining too much power too fast, and without a powerful bloodline, He has to be in contact with a powerful teacher. One like Orochimaru. In fact, he reminds me of the boy and we know the damage Orochimaru has done to this village. We cannot tolerate another Orochimaru."

Both Elders cringed, unable to mask the similarities they too noted between Mika and Orochimaru. "The boy is merely bright and a hard worker..." Koharu said, her tone defensive but weak.

Danzo knew he won. "The boy is far too capable to have just developed his skills. I suspect he has been working for Orochimaru or at least Kabuto for some time... we need to take him down, now, before it is too late. Or at the least have my ROOT interrogate him, before he learns to resist it through his ANBU training."

Both Elders shared a look... then sighed. "Very well... we approve." Homura said.

"I will give the orders to intercept the boy before he returns to the village. No one will know of your part in this, I assure you." And with that, Danzo moved the next pieces forward to either get Mika onto his side as a member of ROOT... or he would slaughter the boy and prevent another Orochimaru from springing up.


The Next Day

The next day, as Mika was returning to the Leaf with Tazuna, he knew something was wrong. His shinobi experience and ANBU training told him something was just... not right. It was just a feeling, something he couldn't explain. He felt like he was being watched, but he sensed no chakra.

"Ino... do you... do you feel any presence around us?"

The girl frowned. "Only animals... why?" She looked at him with concern.

"Just a bad feeling, like someone is walking on my Gra-WATCHOUT!" He shoved her back as three senbon flew towards them, using his arm guards to deflect a few others. "Lee, grab Tazuna and get to the Leaf, no weights."

To his shock, Lee obeyed him tossing his weights off and tossing Tazuna onto his back before sprinting at massive speeds towards the Leaf. It would take Lee only twenty minutes with his weights to get to the Leaf, without them he'd be there in less than two minutes. Hopefully fast enough to get reinforcements.

Ino pulled out her sword, as did Mika, both ready to fight... only for Mika to fall to his knees, his vision swirling. "The fuck..." he said, collapsing face-first against the hard dirt. He had no energy, his chakra reserves were dull and listless... Ino's chakra felt the same as she too collapsed. "Poison?" He groaned out before he was uanble to even speak.

"Leave the girl... the boy only." Was the last thing Mika heard before the world went dark.

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