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The results of three months of Hell

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Three Months later

Leaping Back, Mika took out his sword and deflected each of the Kunai Korra had thrown at him. She really had great aim. As the kunai fell back to earth, Mika hooked his sword on each of the Kunai and sent them flying back Korra with Blinding Speeds. However, instead of hitting Korra, the woman exploded into a swarm of Insects. The insects spread around the Training ground, masking Korra's chakra completely and messing with Mika's chakra-sensing powers.

He Hated when she did that, it made it extremely difficult to find her chakra. Still, it was a good way to train in his other senses.

Looking around, Mika realized that he could smell something. It was Sharp, kind of like Gunpowder and Ink. Mika's eyes widened as he realized what it was. " An Explosive Tag" Knowing it wasn't his tag, Mika set a Kunai wrapped in his own explosive tag, flying toward where he could smell the other tag.

Korra leaped out of her hiding place, fear obvious in her scent, This only got stronger as Mika's kunai exploded behind her, sending her body rocketing forward.

Before She could recover, Mika shot forward and landed a solid kick to her stomach, sending her flying back into the wooded area. This time, she didn't burst into Insects. Mika knew he hit her this time. Surging forward, Mika ran after her, he knew better than to her time to recover. This was a wise move, as Korra twisted in mid-air, landed on the side of tree and shot above Mika. She then grabbed the Tanto she hid in her coat and rushed Mika. She attacked him with a level of ferocity Mika would have never thought possible for an Aburame.

She was easily as skilled as he was in kenjutsu, Just far more aggressive.

Since they were evenly matched, Mika made little progress. After a little while, Mika noticed a single insect hopping from her sword to his. Understanding what she was doing, Mika shot his hands forward and hit her sword-wielding wrist with a chakra pulse. Korra was forced to drop her sword dropped as her hand went limp.

" But you are not a Hyuuga" shock evident in her voice.

" No, but I am very clever" Mika ended the fight by placing his sword at her throat. " I think this is checkmate.'

Korra nodded, " Yes, I think you win this match. That makes 3-1 in your favor, It seems Shino was right, No one ever wins after the first time they fight you."

Mika just smiled at her, then took his word away from her throat.

They had fought four times so far. Korra had one the first one with surprising ease. She wasn't like the majority of her family as she was not reliant on her insects. Mika had been thrown by just how ferocious she was, her skills in Taijutsu and Kenjutsu were much higher than most peoples. She could even give Rock Lee a run for his money with his weights till on.

Her high amount of skill having given her enough power to overcome a very shocked Mika. She pretended to be a one-horse pony like her clan, then unleashed an amazing display of Kenjutsu that overwhelmed Mika.

That was why Mika loved to fight Korra, She didn't rely on what her Clan taught her. She had developed several skills to combat her clan teachings.

Her Taijutsu skills were at least high Chunin level, and her Kenjutsu skills were even higher ranking at Jonin level like him. When Mika asked why she broke away from her clan traditions, Korra explained that as a Branch member of the Aburame, she was unable to learn a lot of the stronger techniques. So she developed several skills outside of what was normally taught in her clan.

This was also the reason she was in ANBU. She wanted to be a Ninja with a reputation outside of her clan. She didn't want them to be reliant on her clan like the others were. However, she still used what she learned in some interesting ways.

Overall she was a very skilled Ninja with a lot of potential. Mika prayed she ended up on his squad, they had yet to work together during their mock missions but damn it he knew they'd work well together.

Mika didn't get a chance to think of this as he felt Cat and Goat coming his way. Stopping, Mika turned his head to the side and watched the two of them drop next to him.

" Mika, your presence has been requested by Lady Tsunade." Cat told him.


Mika couldn't hold the shiver of excitement he felt as they reached the Hokage's office. It was here that he would officially become a member of ANBU and get a boost on the path he had chosen. It was a moment to remember. Opening the door, Mika could sense that he was not the only one excited for this moment.. However, Mika could tell that she wasn't alone. In the room with her were the Two Elders Homaru and Homura.

Making his way into the Room, Mika gave a nod and a small bow to the elders then stood center in the room. He genuinely respected them for their constant work to better their village.

Tsunade stared a Mika for a moment, then she spoke " Special Jonin Mika, For the three months, you have been tested to see where you would fit within ANBU. Within those three months you demonstrated nothing but talent, power, and skill. You are now a solid Jonin level, a Low A ranked Ninja, a class four medic and and... from this moment on, I deem you a full member of ANBU, with all of the titles and responsibilities that come with that. Part-time anyway. Congratulations kid" She then handed him a new mask, one more finalized than his previous one. It was white with purple and green lines, curving until it made an impression of a Chameleon's face. There were even two holes for the nose and several rings around the eye holes.

Mika couldn't help the small smile that crossed his face. He had done it, making him the first, First Generation Ninja to ever get into ANBU before the age of fourteen! It was a moment to be proud of. Looking back up at Tsunade, Mika saw her take out a scroll, the channeled chakra into it. When the puff of smoke faded, there was a small calligraphy brush and an ink well that smelled of blood and high quality ink.

" I take it this is for my ANBU Tattoo?" Tsunade nodded

" Yes, however, it is more than a tattoo. It is also the key to slipping past the village's shields, as well as the key to a Jutsu that destroys your body if you die on a mission." Her voice was solemn.

Koharu started to talk, her tone a little rough. " Lady Tsunade, normally a Member of ANBU places the Tattoo on the new Recruits." She was going to say more when Tsunade interrupted.

" Both of my teammates were in ANBU, I am well aware of the inner workings of that system. However, the Hokage is allowed to place the marks if they feel the recruit is deserving or if there is a connection. Sarutobi and I placed the markings on both of them when they were initiated. Mika is one of my apprentices, and so it is only fitting that I place this mark on him." Mika raised an eyebrow at that statement, he hadn't heard of that. But he really didn't care either way.

What he did care about was Koharu's flinching at Tsuande's glare, It made Mika smile for a second then kind he frowned. She shouldn't totally dismiss what they had to say. They were both extremely experienced and offered a more militaristic view to the undertaking of the village. She didn't need to cater to them, but she needed to at least listen to what they had to say. They could have some valuable or crucial intake.

It took a moment for the tenseness between Tsunade and the Elders to fade. When it did, Tsunade turned back to Mika with a smile.

" Do you have a preference?" She gestured to his arms.

Mika shook his head " Not really, I am ambidextrous anyway."

Tsunade raised her eyebrow at Mika as she approached him " Naturally or trained?"

Mika shrugged " Trained. It was one of the first things I taught myself when I decided to train as a Ninja. It wasn't very easy but I managed. I am naturally right-handed like most people"

Both Tsunade and the Elders gave Mika an impressed look. It took a long time to become fully ambidextrous, most Ninja were Jonin by the time they managed it. So Mika understood why they gave him that look. Personally, he thought they should teach it in the academy instead of some of the bullshit they wasted time on.

Shaking her head, Tsunade walked all the way to Mika " Take your shirt off."

It took a few Minutes for Tsunade to finish her writing the seals, all which Mika memorized, but the moment she did, Tsunade went through a flurry of hand seals and slammed her hand on his arm " Seal" A huge surge of chakra drew the markings into Mika's skin which burned horribly, but he was able to deal with it.

Finished with her work, the Legendary Medic smiled at him before once again squishing him into her epic embrace. " I am Proud of you Kid" She whispered in his ear. Once he caught his breath, Mika managed to pry himself free. "Now, since your tests and training have concluded that you are basically more than capable as an assassin, you will be assigned to the Hunting Nin Unit. Your first Mission will start tomorrow. For now, I need you to report to the hospital for one last day in the hospital. We have so few medics on rotation and since you're a Class Four medic now, we will need your help today. Oh and take this" She tossed him a scroll " You needed to memorize those, then destroy the scroll. It is the hand seals to enter the village without being swarmed by your fellow ANBU."

Opening the scroll, Mika immediately memorized the scroll before handing it back to Tsunade who took it back with some shock. " I already have them memorized." If that is all, I will go to the hospital. Good day to you all."

With the meeting over, Mika turned and left for his shift at the hospital. As he walked to the hospital, Mika could take the smile off of his face. He was one step closer to his future.

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