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A timeskip of about a month is coming soon... we will see at least one or two ANBU Missions then more timeskips... about three months I think.

Not even twenty minutes later, giving Mika the chance to meditate and refocus his chakra levels, the next test was ready for him. Turning to Goat, who was right next to him, Mika asked " So how do I complete this test?

" It is actually rather simple. You have to go through the Forest and pick up any and all signs of the objects we have hidden in the Forest. When you get out you then must tell me of everything you used to find said objects. Originally you were going to have to find people in the Forest, but your Sensory abilities would have negated our ability to really test your tracking skills. So we had to change it just for you"

" Am I allowed to know how many objects are hidden or is that simply up to me to discover?"

Goat Nodded " That is up to you to discover. Your test begins as soon as you enter the Forest"

Taking a deep, calming breath, Mika hopped into the Forest. Swiveling his head, Mika began to look for signs that others had been in the Forest. It took a very hard to find, ANBU were trained to mask their presence... however since he was so new, Mika was sure they would put varying signs of obviousness to test just how skilled or in this case unskilled he was as a tracker.

Using his medical eyes, eyes that were used to focusing on obscure details and the like to save people, Mika actually noticed several small things. On several of the branches, the Leaves showed subtle signs of bruising. It was a subtle pattern and kind of hard to Follow, but it was there. Glad that he found something he could use, Mika began leaping toward the bruised leaves and the hidden he followed the path, Mika began noticing more and more signs that someone had been in the Forest. A torn leaf here, a messed up branch there, the signs were becoming more and more obvious to him.

Eventually, the path led him to a Camouflaged Flag, tied around the V of a Branch. Looking, and seeing no sign of a trap, Mika grabbed the flag and placed it in his pouch.

Done with this flag, Mika turned and started back to where he started.

Once he reached that part of the Forest, he followed another Path of bruised Leaves, hopefully to the next object he had to find. Now that he knew what to look for, Mika had a far easier time following the trail. In fact, it only took him about a solid minute to find the next flag. This time it was hidden at the base of a tree, tied in a bush.

However, unlike the other flag, this one was booby-trapped. There was an extremely thin wire tied around the flag. If it was moved in the wrong way, then it set a set of series of explosive tags. What made it worse was the secondary and tertiary wires he could see when he changed the angle he looked at the flag. It was actually quite clever and deadly. Each one of the wires set off a different trap.

One was a set of Kunai dipped in poison and the other was a bit of an unknown to him. He couldn't tell what it did, or if it even did anything. It could be a dud for all he knew. Actually, now that he gave it a further look, he was pretty sure it was a dud. The line was far too loose to really react if he did anything. However that may behalf to the danger, it could make you ignore the danger it presented.

Being the cautious person he was, Mika ignored them and moved on, making a mental note of the traps in question. No point in pretending he had skills he just lacked, which apparently included undoing traps.

The rest of the test took almost an hour, Mika left the Forest with only five out of twelve flags. He felt like a failure but accepted it with grace. He was no god, smart as he was, there were just things he needed to be taught. That was alright with him.

Goat was waiting for him. "Not bad actually, not great but not bad. I would give you a passing score given your age and your experience. You need to work on disabling traps, information gathering and detection."

"I figured as much... so what's next?"

"Combat, evasion, and general skills. We need to know where you are with Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu and more. You will be challenged to the max but that will start tomorrow... for now, I want to test the range of your sensory powers, are you up for that?"

Mika nodded. " Always."

"Let's start with what you can sense, then we'll move onto range. Not everyone can sense everything, some sensors can only sense chakra potency and amount, some can sense elements, species, bloodline and more. We have special training created by Lord Second designed to help evolve your sensory powers. I will be sure to ensure that those skills are passed onto you."

Mika was thrilled. "Lord Seconds? The Best sensor the Leaf ever had?"

"Oh yes, he passed on his personal skills onto us."

"That is purely amazing."

"How do you think Lord Fourth became so proficient in sensing, he learned a lot from Lord Second's scrolls."

"Huh... Sensing, Sealing and the hirashin,... were they related?"

Goat declined to answer that question, making Mika wonder if the man knew something he ought to not share. Naturally it just made Mika want to learn it all the more.

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