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Stealth Training, more then pass or fail

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The Room Goat Took Mika too was a massive chamber with what seemed to be a Large Forest in the Center. How someone managed to grow it in the center of the sunless room was beyond him... unless... "Does someone have Wood release?"

Goat snorted, nodding. "Yes, in fact, someone does." Once they reached the edge of the Artifical Forest, Goat Turned around " Alright Mika, for your first Test You will be searching through the Forest for several Dummies. Your job is to land a killing blow without being seen or detected by any of the various ANBU in the Forest. When you finish, you need to then need to bring the flags to Me without being detected as you leave the forest. Think you are up to it?" There was a cockiness to the man's voice that Made Mika want to throat punch him.

"Shouldn't be too much of an issue" With that, Mika leaped into the Forest and laid his back against a tree. Closing his eyes, Mika sent his senses throughout the forest to detect each and everyone of the ANBU in the Forest.

" There are three Hyuuga watching the Forest from the outside. Within the Forest there is one Aburame along with an Inuzuka and their Ninja Hounds, one Nara and a possible sensor. This is not going to be easy... no, it's impossible for my current skill set, but that's the point, this isn't a pass or fail kind of test. I need to prove myself within my limits... okay... where do I start? Scent first."

Once his plan was set, Mika began to prepare. Taking leaves from the trees, Mika crushed them in his hand and channeled the smallest amount of chakra he could manage into the mix. Then he began to rub the oily paste on his armpits, neck, Chest, groin, Feet, Face, back and legs. His hope was to mask his scent the best he could to hide from the Inuzuka. He was so desperate that he even stuff a few leaves in his hair.

One sense nullified, Mika began working on his chakra. After Lowering the levels as far as he could without losing his sensory skills, Mika was ready for the test.

Turning toward where he sensed the Inuzuka, Mika hopped off toward their location. He hoped he passed.

Goat was curious how the Newbie was doing. He had Heard a lot about Mika from Cat, so naturally he was curious to see how skilled he really was.

Turning to the Hyuuga next to him, Goat asked " How is the Kid?"

The Hyuuga had a raised eyebrow " Rather well actually. When he first entered the forest he stopped for a few seconds, most likely to try and pick out who is in there and figure out how he was going to complete his test. After that he began breaking and spreading Leaf oil over his body, most likely in an attempt to mask his scent from the Inuzukas. Once he finished with that, He began slowly going through the forest in the direction of the Inuzuka."

Goat wasn't easily impressed, but right now he was. For a newbie, this kid was rather smart to be able to know to mask his scent like that, even if it was probably a guess. Not that many people had done something like that. In fact he could count only three people who reacted that fast on their first try. Orochimaru, Kushina Uzumaki and Kakashi Hatake if the records were right.

Still as impressed as he was, the kid still had a whiles to go.

After a few minutes of crawling and leaping through the artificial forest, Mika began to smell one of the Inuzuka's Ninja Hounds. It was a rather strong odor which made him wonder why they wouldn't hide it. They knew how to track by scent after all, you'd think they would be smart enough to hide the dogs scent.

Shaking his head at the carelessness, Mika began to look for the Dummy. It took a second, but he found it. To the Left of the Inuzuka who was facing his direction.

Frowning, Mika grabbed a senbon and threw it, fast and accurate but also deadly quiet. He didn't wait for it, throwing himself through the trees, using his chakra to muffle his sound as much as he could. It was an academy level technique, one they all knew, and he used it often while playing in his Mist.

The Inuzuka and his Dog began whipping their heads around, trying to search Mika out. Too bad Mika was nowhere to be seen just moments later...

Only to almost collapse as his head screamed suddenly, his sensory powers overwhelmed by a thousand tiny replicas of the same chakra. He knew what had happened immediately, the Aburame had spread his bugs out, giving Mika a fucking head ache as his senses picked up the hundreds of chakras from the deadly beetles.

Taking a moment to think, Mika came up with a plan. He knew it wasn't his best plan, but it was something and had a chance to work.

Quickly taking out a chakra pill, Mika used the added chakra to craft a shadow clone with almost all of his chakra.

Then, despite his exhaustion, Mika and the clone separated with the Insects now following the clone.

Taking out his senbon, Mika waited until the Aburame turned toward the clone. Then he tossed the senbon directly into the throat of the Dummy.

Finally finished, Mika slowly crawled to the edge of the forest and dispelled his clone the second it was about to be caught. He had lost more chakra then he wished, but that could serve to his advantage when he went against the Sensor.

Turning toward the Sensor, Mika set off in that direction. The Nara would be the largest challenge so it would be best for last.

Getting close to the Sensor Mika had to subdue all of his chakra to insanely low levels. It was not comfortable in the slightest, especially as it subdued his own sensory abilities. He could still use them, just not with as much range as he was normally able to.

Knowing that this would be the greatest test of his stealth yet, Mika began to grab what he would need to complete this part of the Stealth test.

A Hand full of Pepper Bombs, 3 smoke bombs and a single Senbon. He just hoped this worked, he was channeling his inner Prankster.

Crawling over closer to the sensor, Mika began lobbing the smoke bombs and Pepper bombs in unison while silently leaping away from the Dummy.

" Wind Style: Great Breakthrough" The sensor said, sending a good size blast of wind through the smoke. However, before the smoke was clear, Mika quickly moved in and sent a chop to the back of her neck. Knocking her out.

Mika smirked at the sight of the unconscious ANBU.

It was rather satisfying seeing her like that, knowing that he knocked out an ANBU. Though unlike most people, Mika knew that being in ANBU didn't mean you were strong as there were several genin level ninja in ANBU. All that Mattered was that you had a skill set they could capitalize on.

Still he couldn't help but be a little proud in this case.

Feeling a bit dizzy from chakra loss, Mika turned to the ANBU and placed a hand on her stomach. His hand began to glow as her chakra funneled into his body. She possessed as much as the average Jonin, so he was able to take a good amount without endangering her.

Once he was satisfied, Mika turned and began to hurry toward the Nara. He had a plan, a brilliant plan that was inspired by his match with Team 10... of course Mika didn't make it more than a hundred feet towards the last dummy before he stopped moving, his body rigid and cold. "The hell?" He asked, and looked down... seeing a shadow, linking him to the trees around him. "Already?"

He heard laughing and before he knew it, Goat was there. "Almost a perfect score... pity my Nara friend here heard the Great Breakthrough your last victim set off. He cast a wide shadow net, and you crossed into it. Not all Nara's are lazy kid, some are rather inventive."

Mika sighed. "How did I do?"

"Kid your stealth is incredible for your age, but you're limited. You had to distract everyone, which is fine, but an expert could have killed those dummies and ever been caught. I would say on a scale of one to ten, ten being perfect and one being a joke... you were a six. Your experience with The Silent killing help, but your method could use some work. Don't worry, we'll get you to the point that you don't need to distract people at all, you'll have enough stealth to kill or incapasitate without being detected."

"Sounds fun." He couldn't help but smirk. "So, what's next?"

"Tracking training."

Mika groaned. "That and information gathering... not my strong suit."

"Then that means we will have to work on just that... come on, let's get you tested out."

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