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A very short but good chapter to showcase just how ANBU Will use Mika...

Mika's reserves will never be Naruto or Sasuke high but will not stay low, not everyone has the reserves of gods naturally! Mika will reach higher levels though eventually and in this chapter we will see how they have grown over the almost eight months he has been a ninja!

Mika woke at 5:30, full of confusion. It was strange to not wake up and be surrounded by the massive amount of chakra from the villagers. Once he realized where he was, that Confusion turned into Excitement. He was in the ANBU Recruit center and today he was going to be tested. It was no wonder he was excited.

Looking around, Mika noted that he was the only one awake of the three other recruits in the Bunker. He would have to be quiet, Mika could sense that several of them were still exhausted from their early training and test.

Knowing He still had about Half an and Hour before breakfast and so he began to meditate on the ceiling, the chakra usage replenishing while he mediated. It was a great tool for focus and to strengthen his mind.

Right around 6:00, Mika began to sense someone approaching the Bunker door. Cat if he was right, which he obviously was.

Knocking loudly on the door, Cat called out " Breakfast" Then she walked away toward the Mess hall.

Seeing the others slowly getting up, Mika quickly stretched and got dressed while making mental notes of his fellow recruits. All three were roughly 18 and covered in bruises, most of which were faded but not all. In fact, there were several recent bruises and even a few cuts. Mika could feel waves of pain coming from all of them, which made sense with the bruises and cuts he saw. It seemed that the training was brutal, just the way he liked it.

There was only one female in the group, an Aburame if he was right. Mika could feel a strong chakra coming from her, and more emotion than one would expect from one of her clan. Mika liked that, it would make it far easier to gain her allegiance in the future.

The Other two were relatively plain and showed no visible signs of a specialty, which really didn't mean much in the Ninja world. From what Mika could guess, their stealth must of been very high for them to have been allowed in ANBU. One thing that set them apart however was the utter misery that oozed from their bodies. They really didn't want to be there. From what Mika could guess, they would drop out of the program soon.

Wanting to make allies, Mika walked over to the Aburame and placed his hand on her shoulder where her largest bruise was.

She turned to him in response but said nothing as he healed her wound then move on to the worst of her bruises and cuts.

A feeling of appreciation, shock, and confusion oozed from her. Mika guessed that not many people were willing to touch her due to her insects, so it was a surprise to her that he did. Shino had the same reaction after the spars they had, it was kind of endearing. But also sad as it meant that people were that petty.


"You didn't bring Raijin, smart." Goat said, making Mika... Chameleon, smile behind his mask. "It is too familiar to be used in battle as an ANBU, never use it. We destroy our bodies if caught, we cannot afford to lose it again if you die. Speaking of, we will need to teach you ANBU style Kenjutsu and taijutsu to mask that rather specific style of yours. A lack of identity it a pretty important focus for ANBU. If your control is as good as we have been told, your focus will be Genjutsu, so prepare yourself for that."

"Naturally." Mika said.

"To start, your first tests will be of you chakra levels, control, elemental affinities and focus. You cannot really fail these tests, but try your best anyway. The aim is to see where you need to grow..."

Mika/Chameleon nodded. "I understand, sir."

"Good... Let's start by measuring your chakra flow."


Goat was actually impressed by the time Mika finished his tests, writing everything down.

Chakra level- Mid B Rank/Mid Chunin Level

Chakra Flow- Top Tier

Chakra Control- Beyond S Rank/Beyond Medical Level

Natural Elemental Affinity - Water Eighty Percent/Fire Twenty Percent

Trained Elemental Afffintities -Water Water Sixty Percent/Fire Twenty Percent/Earth Ten percent.

Natural A Class Sensor- To be tested?

The boy was nothing less than a prodigy, a Kakashi, Itachi, Orochimaru level prodigy and it was terrifying. Perfect chakra control, average reserves, two natural elements with three elements trained? The boy was going to be a powerhouse, the kind that took over the world. The Leaf got lucky to have him born into it. The kid's presence in five years could have turned a weak village into a shinobi nation! They had to keep him loyal, which in truth was why he was allowed into ANBU. Powerful and intelligent Ninja had a bad habit of going dark or leaving the village... they could not afford to lose someone like him.

"Why three elements?" Goat asked.

Chameleon shrugged. " I was already training in water as a genin, through Kakashi. I learned I naturally had a strong water affinity and weak fire one so I started in that so I could use some weaker fire jutsu more effective, I needed the powerboost. I was training Hanabi Hyuuga in Earth release and figured I could learn it. I am weak with Earth release, but mastering the first stage was easy now that I know Fire to the second and Water to the Third Stage. I am no master at Elemental chakra but I am not far off for water release. I give myself... six months to master Water and A year to master fire and two to master Earth since it is not natural. My goal was to move to Lightning next due to it's medical benefits then Wind. Yin and Yang release would be next, but as a medic and genjutsu user I have plenty of experience in both already."

Goat shivered.

Yes, the boy was a prodigy indeed... even Itachi had no skill in three Elements by this age, beyond a few jutsu that was and that was with the Sharingan. To Think Mika had mastered this much on his own.


" We will be getting you to master some capture ninjutsu, your particular elements are the most common in the Land of Fire, so it will be easier to teach them to you. Your genjutsu training will begin soon, once we figure out the rest of your skills."

"I have some ideas for my own jutsu, if that is alright."

Goat wanted to groan. "Of course you do."

"Mostly a spying technique with water particles and one that uses water to focus light like a laser, I need more power and my control would allow that kind of jutsu."

"Yes, it would... now, time for your stealth training. It is in the next room. Follow me."


Mika felt smug, knowing he had impressed his Sempai. The man's chakra was telling of his shock, though he hid it well. He knew he was a prodigy on some level, he always had shined when he was allowed to and boy was he allowed to now. In ANBU, with this training, he would become easily as strong as Kakashi, at least High A rank by the time he left. He would never be the raw powerhouse of Sasuke or Naruto, but he would be a fine scalpel that would tear apart even Orochimaru and that was satisfying...

His baseline was great, he had finally gotten his chakra levels to almost match his skill level! Mid Chunin level, which while nowhere near his control, was massively better than before. If all went well, he would have at least low jonin level reserves by the time he left the village. That would be double his current reserves, enough to summon his Boss summons once... a massive boon to his power in case of emergencies!

He was on his way to fulfilling his dreams... no one would stop him...

Not even himself and his natural born weaknesses...like his low reserves and stamina.

He would overcome it all...

And they would all regret it...

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

Mika will not pass everything, just so you know. There are some things he has no current skills in...

And Mika's reserves are finally growing to match everything, so people can stop complaining about that!

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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