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Fighting the Zombie Duo!

In canon, the Genin become Chunin after two years after the first Chunin exams they took... I am making them take it earlier since Tsunade wants to show off more, she needs to in order to bolster the village's rank, same reasons he promoted Hanabi. Losing Neji's genius was a serious blow to the village's reputation... if anyone noticed that, that is why.

Fu was shown to be naive and weird but very kind, but I think she was hiding her hate as she was described in the manga as hating humanity so I am mixing those ideas up...

Mika felt the rise and fall of the various chakras in the Sand Village, their strong potency acting as a buffer to the larger emptiness of the desert surrounding the village. He breathed in and out, letting the sensation of power drift around him. The first exam had managed to pass along easily, with all of the rookies and Hanabi passing with ease, to his pride. No one needed to be carried... however, to make things fun all of the kids were thrown into the Demon Desert to collect Heaven and Earth scrolls, as happened for the previous chunin exams. Mika could not wait to see who won... it would be delicious either way.

Keeping his mind open, Mika sat atop the village gates, with Kurenai at his side, reaching out as far as their sensory powers would allow, searching for any and all chakra signatures that would be problematic. He was grateful for his long hard training in sensory powers, it had drastically extended his range to several miles, along the entire length of the Demon desert, though not with perfect clarity. He could still sense powerful chakras though, and could tell when someone was not genin.

"Anything, Kurenai?" Mika asked after an hour.

"No... but I do sense Fu, her chakra is remarkably potent, she feels like Shino."

"If I remember correctly, she is the Jinchuuriki of the Seven Tailed Beetle, however that works."

"Hmm..." And with that they both went back to meditating, stretching out their senses and focus...

For what felt like forever, nothing happened and Mika thought he was going to die in the heat... and then he felt it. It started out as blip on the screen, a tiny trickle of strange chakra. Two strange chakras actually..." Kurenai, I am sensing two odd chakra's due east. They are strong enough that I am sensing them at the edges of my senses, they have to be at least jonin rank to be noticed but that's not what worries me. It's the feel, I shouldn't be able to get a grip on their feel at this distance and yet neither feel entirely human."

He felt her power move in his direction. "I feel it too... I think we found our Akatsuki members."

Gaara, who was standing behind them, spoke up. "I can sense their presence too. They are not Sand Ninja, that is clear to me."

"They are moving towards Fu's chakra at a rapid pace, both of them." Mika said, frowning. "We should investigate if only to be sure."

"Very well... let us move out." And with that, at speeds only Ninja could accomplish, they moved into the desert. Gai and Asuma were quiet as to let the Sensors sense. Gai was in front, alongside Gaara. For almost thirty minutes, they obeyed Mika and Kurenai's commands to move in a certain direction. Before they knew it, they found Fu and her team, a team Mika knew were easily Jonin level if their chakra said anything.

"Lord Kazekage!" The girl chirped, happy and sweet. "To what do we owe this honor?"

Mika frowned. "Touchdown in less than a minute, they are moving extremely fast."

Gaara nodded. "Kegon, Yoro, I am aware she is a jinchuuriki and that you are both Jonin level Ninja. We are about to be attacked by people seeking our lives, Fu's and mine. The Akatsuki. If you wish to, fight. Fu must leave, less she is killed or captured."

Fu gasped. "They want to capture me?"

"To extract your Bjuu. How strong are you?"

The girl smiled. "Shibuki said I am Jonin level and I can control Chomei's chakra to the third tail! I can help fight them off."

"Good, we will need your help." Mika said, just as two insanely powerful beings appeared. The first was kind of tall with silvery hair and purple eyes, he oozed an odd corrupted chakra that made Mika's nauseous. On his back was a massive triple scythe and he wore the Akatsuki cloak. The other was ten times scarier with massive chakra levels that felt... distorted. "They barely feel human." Mika groaned, his nausea growing by the moment. " The big guy has a shit ton of chakra but it feels split, like he has five separate chakra signatures. The other one feels more corrupted than the Curse Seal on the Kaguya I faced. Their chakra levels are both kage level in potency and volume."

Everyone nodded, even Fu and the other two.

Mika fell low into his stance, pulling out his Raijin, twirling it to loosen his limbs. He could not believe he was here, fighting another Kage level being, two of them... he was no match for either but he would try damn it.

The big guy turned to face him. "A sensor, always a pain." and it was then that Mika saw his headband. The man was from Waterfall like Fu...

"Wait, your Kakazu! After you failed to kill the Hokage, you stole the village elders' hearts and defected the village!" Fu said, her voice filled with joy... and some hate though Mika only noticed it through her chakra. "I always said if I met you, I'd try and be your friend." The girl moved, as if to walk to them but Mika stopped her with a glare.

"I can almost taste your hate of the village you live in, but if you go near them they will kill you."

She sighed. "That's too bad." Her killer intent filled the world and Mika knew he was right, she was masking her hate and pain. "I guess we will have to fight them then, huh?"

In a flash, Gaara unleashed a wave of Sand bullets that the two men easily dodged. Raising his hands, he called out. " Sand Tsunami!" And a massive wave of Sand over came the world, eclipsing the sun and smashing over the two men.

Mika focused on their chakras. "You got the smaller guy, the one with the corrupted chakra. I can feel him deep below... the other one... he's not captured."

To prove Mika's point, Kakazu burst from the ground, running through handsigns. "Fire Style- Intelligent Hard Work!" he declared a small fireball blasted towards them becoming a massive firestorm that was blocked by Gaara's sand, turning it to glass that shattered in seconds. The man then blurred away, his speed unreal, smashing a fist into Gaara that sent him flying.

Mika, the healer, flew over to Gaara just as Gai unleashed five of the Inner gates and took the man on. The man in question actually matched Gai blow for blow. Their speed so fast that Mika could just barely keep up with it, the force of each blow so strong it sent out shockwaves. Mika realized then that Gai was the best person to fight Kakazu, who clearly favored Ninjutsu. Gai was too fast and stopped the needed handsigns, ruining Kakazu's skills. "You need healing? Wait, the other guy,... Asuma, the other guy is coming towards us. Two meters northwest." Mika ran through his handsigns, and put his hands over Gaara's chest, the sand blocking him. "I can't heal you if you don't let me."

Gaara frowned. " I can't stop it from protecting me." He sighed. "My ribs are cracked... I will heal though, Shukaku will heal me. Watch over the others."

Mika growled and nodded, turning back to the battle... just in time to see Asuma beheading the shorter man. "YOU FUCK!" The man's still screaming head said, terrifying and intriguing Mika deeply. " I will bite through your throat!"

"How is he still alive... no time to think about that, healing duty." Mika turned his focus to Gai, who was kicking serious ass, the other man was overwhelmed by his speed but his body was covered in a dark grey chakra infusion that kept him durable enough to hold his own. Mika recognized it as Earth release but he had no idea what it was, and he wanted the jutsu. "I so need that..."

To his annoyance, Gai slammed a foot into the man's head, sending him flying and snuffing out just one of his chakras. "Gai, he's still alive, I can sense it!"

Gai, who clearly was about to turn off his gates, nodded. " Gotcha!" He gave Mika the nice guy grin then charged off. "Morning Peacock!" He screamed, battering the man's body with firey blows that unleashed a massive amount of dust and sand. Mika felt another chakra fade away, leaving only three left... and the screaming head of course.

It was then that Mika sensed Kurenai's illusions kicking in. Kakazu, having stood up from Gai's assault, started to run through hand signs only to pause and go glassy-eyed. Gai's foot fist slammed into his chest, a cracking sound filling the world as the man tumbled back.

"Two more chakra's and I think he dies!" Mika declared, figuring out the man's secret. "She said he collects hearts, that must be his secret to immortality."

The man turned to Mika, hate in his eyes. " This has been a failure... we will be ready next time." The man turned on heel and blurred away, moving at the speed of sound, Mika could feel him rushing away at blinding speeds. "He'll be at the barrier of The Land of Wind in like ten minutes."

"Do not follow... Mika, how is this one alive?" Gai said, turning off the Gates and oozing exhaustion. He was pointing the screeching, angry head.

Mika walked over to the man and ran through his handsigns for an evaluation jutsu. He put his hands on the man's temples. "His chakra is sustaining him... it's not human chakra, it's something else. It is familiar though... I can't pinpoint how." Mika frowned. "Whatever it is, it is allowing him to live in all ways. His brain should be failing from a lack of oxygen but he's still alive."


Mika sighed. "Can I seal him away, so Lady Tsunade can check him out?" Gai nodded and within minutes, Mika had the man put away in a scroll, body and head. Then he was slammed into by a very happy Fu.

" Thank you for helping us."

Mika smiled. " I was pure support, in actual combat I would have been slaughtered. I am just happy to have helped at all."

"Well I would like to be your friend, can I?"

"Of course, Fu..."

Gai approached Mika, limping. "Did you memorize that man's chakra signature?"


"Can you report it for the Leaf's barrier?"


"Good... you did well. Not every battle requires pure power, if you had not informed me of his chakras and hearts, I might have relented and thus lost the fight." Gai smiled, then turned to a wounded Gaara. "You alright, Lord Kazekage?"

Gaara nodded. "I will be, he moved far faster than even your student and hit harder too. I am lucky he more then likely wanted me alive, otherwise, he may have killed me with one blow." The boy kage groaned as he stood. "Thank you for your help."

"Not a problem, that is what we were hear for, Lord Gaara." Gai said, proud.

"I guess I do owe you those chakra threads after all." Gaara said.

Mika sighed. " Not really, I didn't really do much outside of support. As I said, I would have been crushed if I came into combat... maybe not against the screamer though. Asuma beat him in a few moves. I never even saw him fight... your bleeding Asuma, come here." And so Mika began to heal Asuma's arm.

Gaara sighed. "Support is a vital role, I will not ignore what you did for me today."

Mika nodded, but what he hid was the awe he felt at the gap between his skills and Gai's and Kakazu's. With just a few moves, they both demonstrated more power than Mika could comprehend, More chakra than he had produced ever. He was far from their level... he needed to go into ANBU now, for the sake of skill and power and to hide himself before he got his bounty taken. He needed to gain skill in private... so his popularity did not result in his death before he was strong enough to really thrive in this world without the village's protection...

He had a long way to go,... that much was absolutely clear.


Kakazu was pissed, beyond pissed as he fled from the Ninja behind him. Ninja with a tenth of his experience... Tapping into his ring, he contacted his unfortunate master. "We lost Hidan."

Pein's voice came clear. "What happened?"

"An Ambush. Leaf Ninja alongside the Kazekage. I could have killed the Kazekage but I was forced to go against Might Gai with five Gates activated. They had a sensor too, one that figured out my resistance to Death. He kept them from dropping their guards. I want his bounty."

"Was it a small boy with blue eyes and curly brown hair?"


"He has a bounty, Orochimaru set it up as did Cloud. It is not worth much, but it's something."

Kakazu could not hide his grin. "Then I will be taking it."

" Do not underestimate the boy. He has already claimed quite a few bounties... he is easily Jonin level. No match for you but you never know. Return to base. How many hearts did you lose?"

"Three... my Fire, Water and Lightning hearts. Might Gai is no pushover, with his Gates activated he was far too fast, even for me. I have never come across a better Taijutstu user."

"Hmm... Itachi has reported his skills, we will simply take this into account for the next time we face him. Hidan was a great loss, but he was never told much, He will reveal nothing of our plans. We can move onward as planned."


Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was a blast of a chapter. I am so bad at writing action scenes but I think I did okay.

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