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Spar in Suna

I just watched a bunch of videos scaling the various shinobi... Mika would fall around the level of Aoba but above Ebisu. Mika is wayyyy weaker than Kakashi Or Gai. They could crush him in seconds without any of their upgrades, Kakashi without his eyes and Gai without The Gates of his weight off... He could fight Hayate or Genma on even terms I think but his specialty is not close combat though he excels there too. Kurenai and Asuma are way stronger too but Mika's stealth and resistance to Genjutsu makes him harder for both to fight.

If that helps... and I see each ranks as being five times greater than the last.

Kakashi is a Mid to High A Rank Ninja but borders on Low S right now solely with his eye. Guy is a flat out S rank Ninja overall, or so I think... I cannot see Tsunade winning against Gai, his speed alone would rip her apart. Just saying.

Should Mika ever become a Sage? I am debating... it wouldn't be for a long while but still...

"HEY, YOU!" Mika turned around, he was so enjoying himself roaming through the approved areas of the Sand Village. It was actually a nice place when you gave it a chance. He had just reached the outside of their academy when he heard the voice. It wasn't very familiar but the chakra was, powerful and high with a smoothness that few had. Mika knew it was Kankuro before he ever saw him,

Smiling, Mika nodded to the boy, garbed in black, two puppets on his back. "Yes, Kankuro?"

" I wanna rematch!"

"Really, why?"

"You beat me, the Kazekage's son, in seconds. I am way better than that, I wanna prove that and prove that I am not wasting my time with puppetry." Mika sensed real issues there. "So come on, spar with me!"

Mika sighed, then an idea came to him. "Sure let's just get some people to watch it. I have some arrogant Genin that needs proof of my skills."

"Sure, find training ground seventeen in an hour and I'll kick your ass!" The boy then vanished with an impressive sand body flicker. Mika smirked, realizing he was being outright challenged. It felt kind of funny really.

He just never saw that coming,... but it made sense coming from Kankuro, who got his ass so badly kicked before.


"Why are we here, Mika?" Kiba groaned, rubbing his eyes from his nap.

Mika smirked, leading the entire Genin group from the Leaf and all their sensei. "Kankuro just challenged me to a fight. You wanted to see what I could do, so I thought I would show you. Let you see the gap in our power."

Kurenai laughed at Kiba's dumbfounded expression. "An excellent idea, you all need to see this gap so you can learn to close it if possible."

Kiba growled. "I will!"

"No you won't, but I appreciate the effort." Mika said, knowing it would piss Kiba off. "I will reach S rank someday, probably in the next two years at the rate I am working at. It won't be easy, S rank is worth at least five Solid A rank people at the very least."

Kiba looked confused. "What's so great about S rank?"

"Kiba, one S rank person could conquer a lesser village. Five could wipe out the Leaf easily. Gai's an S rank Ninja and he could kill our entire Leaf contingency with the Gates opened. I am almost an A Rank Ninja, Kurenai and Asuma are both Mid A rank and he could rip the three of us apart... with Hinata who is easily a solid B rank kunoichi. Combined we would still get our buts torn apart, that is the kind of power he has. If we have fives Gai's at full power, no village in the world would match him. Even the Leaf, with Tsunade watching over it. With Jiraiya maybe... but without him, no."

And that made Kiba laugh. "You think you can reach S rank then?"

"Yes, he can." Gai said, stopping Kiba's crap. "Mika's potential easily points that way, should he live that long. His potential is as vast as Itachi Uchiha's, as any Sanin. Lady Tsunade herself said he reminds her of Orochimaru as a youth. Do not run your mouth if you cannot back it up, Kiba. The boy could rip your entire class apart at the same time, bar Hinata but they train together so that makes sense. He will never be a power house, like I am or Jiraiya is, his chakra levels just show that, but power is not everything and with his chakra siphoning power that gap can be closed easily.

He can already open an Inner Gate, he has control rivaling Tsuande's, and he physically is not far from Lee's strength. His speed is increasing daily. He is one of the best Kenjutsu users in the Leaf with just seven months of training, just as Lee is a phenomenal taijutsu user. His an extremely powerful sensor, a gifted healer, a remarkable taijutsu user...his stealth rivals some ANBU. I have seen him rip apart a dozen chunin at the same time using nothing but the Hidden Mist jutsu and the Silent killing. This boy, your class mate, he is a jack of all trades unlike someone hyper specialized like me and yet he will outright surpass me one day. I would advise you learn from him instead of running your mouth."

Everyone looked to the man, stunned, Mika included. " Huh?"

Gai just laughed. "I don't like stupidity. Enthusiasm yes, but not stupidity. Plus he made some poor remarks about Kunoichi yesterday that may have enraged me."

Mika's killer intent spiked, alongside Hinata's. Kiba was pale and shaking. "What did you say, Kiba?" Hinata smoothly remarked.

"Just that kunoichi are weaker, that's why they retire early to raise their kids."

Hinata stepped closer, grabbing his shoulder and squeezing. "We retire early because we are often forced to, in order to raise babies. It is a cultural thing, nothing more... and if we are so weak, why could I rip you apart in seconds. Why have you not won a single fight against me in months?" She spiked her chakra too, and the boy was almost foaming at the mouth. "I could hold my own against Lee, sans Gates, I am the strongest bar Mika and by a large margin too. Do not run your mouth, Kiba."

Mika laughed, and pointed Kiba to Kankuro and Temari, both of whom were scowling. They had heard what he said. "That girl over there, she has more chakra than our entire class bar Sasuke and Kiba combined. Her control is insane, her power over wind is scary even for me and I can mold three elements on some level. She is extremely accomplished. She could tear you apart in seconds, even in Taijutsu I think."

Kiba looked offended. "You beat her, though?"

"I used my chakra to overwhelm her with speed and a dirty move. I specialize in dirty moves, Kiba. I don't play fair like people expect for a Leaf Ninja. In a one on one fight, with her knowing this... it would be far harder since she is immune to my kill move and yes Kiba, I have a kill move. I am a killer, flat out."

Temari nodded. " I read your Bingo book entry, you are definitely a killer." She turned to Kiba, her powerful chakra flaring. "He's right you know, girls can be quite powerful. I'd watch your mouth before one kicks your ass." Kiba just nodded, shivering. "Besides, isn't your mother and sister two extremely accomplished kunoichi? If I remember correctly, your mother is a taijutsu juggernaut and your sister is a powerful vet?"

Mika laughed. "They are, and Hana is not to be trifled with in taijutsu either. I have seen her fight, she and Hinata spar and it's scary. She is one of the only people that could go against Gai and not die in seconds. Minutes maybe, but not seconds."

Ino, who had been oddly quiet, slammed her fist into Kiba's side. "Yeah, don't underestimate girls. We can be badass too!"

Kiba just whimpered again.

"Alrighty, since we are done with that, let's get down to it. Kankuro, your so on." Mika said, falling into a loose stance. " I'll make you a deal, I won't use the Hidden Mist Jutsu or the Raijin. Hell, I won't use any sword period.:"

Kankuro nodded. "I won't use any major poisons or kill moves. Either of us."


The others left the field, moving to watch the fight.

For a heartbeat nothing happened... and then Kankuro moved, sending Crow at Mika with blinding speeds, it's chattering form aggravating to Mika's senses. Mika rushed the puppet, flipping over it as it unleashed a smoke screen of weak poison Mika recognized by scent alone thanks to Shizune. Landing behind the puppet, Mika slammed his fist against it just as it's head turned three sixty degrees, shattering the puppet and sending it's pieces flying away.

Mika sensed the chakra strings Kankuro was using and easily dodged the head of Crow as it spun around launching senbon at Mika's vulnerable body. Mika used the body flicker, appearing behind the head he slapped an explosive tag on the head and kicked it at Kankuro, surging his chakra to make it blow up just as it got within ten feet of Kankuro, sending the boy flying back, the other puppet on his back flying in the other direction.

As the other boy was stumbling, Mika ran through a few handsigns, casting a simple illusion over the world, then sank into the earth. He had to thank Hanabi for getting him to train in Earth techniques and control, it would win him this fight.

"Where are you?" Kankuro said, and before he could do a damn thing, Mika grabbed his ankles and pulled him down to his neck.

Mika rose up, putting a foot to Kankuro's throat. "I think that's my victory."

Kankuro growled, then sighed. "Your really good..."

"And your trying to control your other puppet." Mika pointed with his head to the rising other puppet, using his foot to press harder against Kankuro's throat. "Smart move, how can you use chakra threads with your body underground?"

"My chakra threads are still connected to it, their thin enough to get past the small gap between me and the dirt... care to help me?"

Mika laughed, then grabbed Kankuro's shoulder, lifting him up easily. "That was fun. Thank you Hanabi, if I hadn't started working on Earth Chakra with you, I never would have mastered that trick."

The girl in question giggled. "Not a problem, sensei."

"Your really good." Kankuro said, groaning. "How did you disappear without me noticing?"

"Genjutsu, I am no master but I am good enough to mask my sight with them. I can't cast them quick enough and I still need handsigns. They require so much focus, it's hard even for my control and experience as a medic."

Kankuro just nodded. "I see your jonin promotion was well earned."

"I'd like to think so... so Kiba, you still think you can take me?"

Turning, they both saw Kiba sighing. " No..."

"Good boy." With that, Mika turned back to Kankuro. " I so want to learn chakra threads, I can think of so many uses for them."

"Sorry, chakra threads are a Suna secret... still there is nothing that says you can't learn it on your own." Kankuro smirked and Mika saw a challenge coming his ways.

"I'll keep that in mind... you might want to work on your reaction speed and taijutsu. With a hair more speed, this would have been far harder even for me."

"I'll keep that in mind." Kankuro repeated and Mika knew he just made a new friend or at least a rival and ally. "Are all of your regular Jutsu just D and C ranks? I saw you use nothing beyond that."

Mika nodded. " Low chakra levels demand it I am afraid. So I just master the crap out of them. I have three B rank jutsus for emergencies, but they use so much power. I have never used them outside of spars since they are so chakra intensive. I will never be a ninjutsu powerhouse sadly."

Kankuro snorted. "Your a powerhouse in my eyes, don't worry."

Mika just smirked. "I am glad you think so. Let's go get some good, show me around this place, Kankuro. You dragged me into a fight, you owe me that at least."

"Fine, I'll even pay."

And with that, Mika left with Kankuro. Free food always tasted better in his eyes.

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was really fun. We haven't seen Mika have a longer fight in a bit, so I wanted to showcase his skills... I also wanted to showcase what I haven't shown him learning directly, just implied... I hope you like it. He trained hard in the four months we didn't get to see.

I realized Mika is a hybrid between Suiegetsu and Karin in a way... I thought that was funny.

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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