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The power of cats!

I cannot see Hiashi, who so deeply mourned his brother's death, liking the Curse Seal... just saying. I want to show a different side of everyone, and that is part of that for him.

Queens are what you call female cats, Toms are male cats...

This is short too... but fun! I was at work on my lunch break when I wrote it. Enjoy!

"You cannot keep allowing your daughters to take such dangerous missions, especially as neither has the Seal on their forehead. You are endangering our bloodline, Hiashi!"

Hiashi sighed, listening to his father's crap. "Hinata is an excellent Ninja, had we taken the time to really help her she would be even better. She is easily High Chunin level in most fields, I have seen her adjusted Gentle Fist in action, it will easily reach Jonin level in a few months time. She will be Special Jonin with Taijutsu and tracking as a specialty in at least three months. Then there is Hanabi, who will reach Chunin level in about the same time. Mika is a remarkable teacher, seeing potential where we never even looked."

His father huffed. " That boy is a threat to our clan, finding a perfect counter to our Gentle Fist."

"That boy is the reason Hinata has become so powerful, that boy is why Hanabi is excelling. He is why both of them have found unique forms of the Gentle Fist and both will become at least A rank. Maybe even greater, their potential is higher than my own and I was considered the greatest Hyuuga in at least three generations. If Neji had lived, he would have easily reached S rank with Mika' s aid, and do not use Neji's death against Mika. They faced a Ninja strong enough to fight on par with Lady Tsunade, even I cannot do that. We are lucky that anyone survived."

His father gritted his teeth. "Very well, Hiashi..."

"Not very well, there is nothing you can do about Mika or his grip on our family. Change is needed if we are to survive the coming times, Mika is the source of that change. You have to accept that, Father." Standing tall, Hiashi turned on heel and marched away. He hated his father, the man's callousness was why Hizashi died. He would never forgive the man for that... 'Maybe I should have Mika spar with my father, accidentally killing the old fool... and then I could finally get rid of this ridiculous Curse Seal... that would be nice.'


Mika was terrified as immeasurably vast chakra filled the air around him, the Queen cat releasing her chakra for Mika to sense. To call it Kage level would be a joke, it was so far beyond that. It was comparable to Jiraiya's power, greater even, with an odd edge to it that reminded him far too much of Orochimaru and Jiraiya's chakra to be comfortable... actually it also reminded Mika of the Curse seal...

"Hello there... Mika, it is nice to meet you." The Cat Queen Purred, her voice cold and velvety not unlike Orochimaru's. "We have been expecting you for some time now."

"How?" Mika asked, confused.

The cat, who he still could not see in the shadows of the cave, laughed. "We keep an eye on anyone with the potential to summon us. You are one such being. So interesting, powerful, and skilled for age. We have had our children watching you since you were in the academy." Lights blossomed into existence around the Cat Queen, balls of energy that looked a lot like the Raijin, illuminating the cave and allowing Mika to see his potential new boss. She was massive, not Gamabunta big, but still massive. Larger than any Tiger or Lion by a could four times. She had solid white fur, denoting age and wisdom, and green eyes that oozed mischief. "My name is Mei, and I am the Queen of the Cat Summons. It is an honor to meet you, dear Mika. It is rare to find someone so independent, the factor that allowed you to link up to us."

Mika nodded, afraid of the raw presence of this being. "I can firmly say the same to you... so how do I become your summoner? Your entire clan, I mean."

The cat laughed. "You already have proven yourself, through your independent nature. However, you will have to continue to prove yourself, with regular training and effort. You will spend at least one day a week here for the next few years, missions not withstanding, and you will learn our ways. We have so much to teach you, dear boy."

"I can tell..."

"Hmmm... meow, yes. Unlike the other summons, we will not expect a sacrifice or anything of that nature. It is a fool's game to expect such things. However you must understand, you are the first to summon us since our contract was formed. Speaking of which, you must sign the Scroll of Summoning." The cat slammed her hand against the ground and a scroll appeared. It was a massive scroll, bigger then Mika was, ringed in royal purple. It opened up and Mika saw a slot for his name and fingerprints.

Mika was ready to sign, excited to get a summons, only to stop. " What do you and I both get out of this? I mean I am not the most powerful of beings, I cannot believe you do not have better options?"

Mei purred loudly. "More powerful yes, more skilled no... you are the most talented being of those that have the link to us. As for what we get out of this, we get influence, power and a means to stretch our paws. You get a skilled set of allies, amazing trackers, skilled sensors, and lessons on skills that would baffle you. Did you know a normal cats purrs can help heal wounds? Imagine what we can do with chakra! We can teach you to increase your flexibility, grace and senses. We can show you the means to accessing Sage mode itself!"

That won Mika over. " Sage mode, the legendary Sage mode!"

"Yes, did you think only the Toads and First Hokage had access to this skill? Most summons can use this on some level, and though you are a long way to learning this skill, we have tricks to bolstering your chakra levels. Now... I do believe your Kage is waiting for you. Luci, you are his personal summons, go with him and introduce yourself to Tsunade."

Luci nodded, smiling at Mika as only a cat could." Let us go, Reverse Summoning Jutsu!" And with that Mika found himself back before Tsunade, the adorable Luci right next to him. "You must be Lady Tsunade!" Luci said to the stunned kage, her calico fur, a mixture of brown, orange and black shimmering with oils in the light. "My name is Luci, I am the boy's personal summons. I bring greetings from our Queen, Lady Mei, she who walks in shadows."

Tsunade turned to Mika. "Cats?"

"Cats, but you didn't sense their Queen, her chakra is stronger then yours and there was even more of it than you have. I think Orochimaru would end up a scratching post if he pissed her off."

Luci laughed. "He would. Manda had gone up against Lady Mei, he lost, badly. We are not all fighters, I admit, but Lady Mei is and she is not to be trifled with. As for me...w well I can fight, but I prefer to track. You will see what I can do when we train, dear Mika."

Mika nodded, unsure of the cat but looking forward to seeing her power. "I am excited to see your power."

"You better be... now let us depart. I cannot wait to see what you can do. I will also be explaining to you how much power it takes to summon each cat. That is a vital thing for you dear boy."

And with that, Mika was literally dragged away via his wrist to a distant training ground by a cat the size of a mainecoon. It was humiliating but sort of fun none the less.

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This was fun to write.

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