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A new summons! Mika's Fate awaits!

Like Itachi, I am thinking Mika ends up OP but does not start there.

This is the last short chapter for a while, it was a set up chapter intentionally as with the last to lead to what you get at the end...

Any guesses? It was my mom's idea to be honest, his summons.

"... And he did save Inari, who convinced the entire town to come to rise up against Gato. It wasn't needed as it turned out, but it was still deeply appreciated, so we named the Bridge after Naruto in honor of that." Tazuna regaled to Mika, who nodded in understanding. His team, especially Hinata who still had a crush on Naruto just not as bad as before, looked on in awe.

Hanabi smiled brightly. "That was amazing, I can't believe they did something so impactful! It really makes you think, you know?"

Mika actually blushed at Hanabi's hero-worshiping gaze. "Thank you, kiddo, but we were just doing our jobs. It wasn't an easy, Haku was a powerful foe as was Zabuza. Realistically we should have called for backup or something. Just having a few more months of training, I know that Kakashi really screwed us there."

They all nodded, even Tazuna who spoke. "He did, It makes sense even to me. However, that does not take away my gratefulness."

"As it shouldn't," Ino said, triumphantly. " Now, how about those thugs?"

"Oh them, they are leftover from Gato. People left at his base of operations, they think they are all that. They cause some trouble here and there, but nothing massive. Why, are you going to take care of them?" He asked, hopeful.

Mika nodded. "That is part of our mission if they were present. Just point us in their direction and we will clean up."

Tazuna laughed. "Vicious as ever Mika... very well. They are in the large house south of town. Good luck in destroying them."

"Sweet sentiments but we won't need luck."


With their targets confirmed, Mika took his team to the place where the thugs were staying. He weaved a simple genjutsu, feeling pity it was not sound based, and watched as the people started to scream. "Hell's viewing." He said, simple and effective.

During their distraction, his team shot in and started wrecking them. Hanabi unleashed kicks that broke necks, leaping from person to person, literally poking them to death. Hinata was much the same, only she sort of danced around her enemies, poking out of reach areas to stop hearts, explode lungs, damage brains. Ino was more brutal, slashing with the blade Mika had given her once upon a time. Within five minutes not only were they all dead, but all of their riches were collected as were their bodies.

It wasn't a battle, it was a slaughter and an easy one at that.

Ino shivered, Hinata sighed... and Hanabi looked confused. "I thought I was supposed to feel awful, but I really don't... not really. They were scum and that made this too easy.

Mika smiled at her. "Not all of your targets will be like that, but it does help. Now... let's go, the Leaf is expecting us soon."


Another trip back to the Leaf later, where they rocketed through the trees, found Mika presenting the scrolls of sealing to Tsunade. " All done. Some of the Thugs were past genin, not that it helped them but still. I thought you might want a look at heir secrets. They were Mist born, should be some interesting things there."

Tsunade smiled. "Very good... you will all be paid for a B rank mission. Hanabi, how was your first kills?"

She shrugged. "Not as hard as it should be, but I am thinking it just hasn't hot me yet... "

"That happens. If you need help, Hyuuga or not, the Yamanaka provide counseling. Just so you are aware." The girl nodded. "Very well, you are dismissed."

The girls left, but Mika stayed. "Is it true that reverse summoning leads you to your natural summons?"

"Only if you have a natural connection to something...why do you ask?"

"It is the next stage in my training really... Hanabi reminded me of that on my way to Wave."

Tsunade smirked then, raising her hand. "Take my chakra, that was you can reverse the summons if you do in fact have a natural connection... and good luck. Summons are extremely useful."

Mika smiled, taking her chakra, tripling his reserves. "Thanks a bunch... also, would it be possible to raise a Ninja dog or cat for myself?"

"Yes, but it would take time. I will look into it. Now go."

Mika did the summoning handsign and smashed his hands down, a puff of smoke and tugging sensation rushed through his guts. Before he knew it, he was gone, moving across time and space...

But to where?

He had no freaking idea... he was in what looked like a large savannah, with dozens of rocky alcoves and bunches of grass everywhere. He saw what looked like several towers of... well rock, covered in powerful seals that he barely understood. He had trouble sensing any chakra signatures, there were dozens, hundreds but they were small and muffled... it was the strangest thing. Curious Mika, followed the path he saw before him one that lead towards a rocky alcove.

"Hello?" Mika said, curious. Then he heard it... as soft, distinctive sound...


"The fuck?"

"LANGUAGE!" He heard before being tackled in the side, sharp claws at his throat. Looking at his attacker, ready to defend himself, he was stunned to see... a massive cat, with sleek fur and a nasty smirk on it's face "Hello there... you must be the new summoner. My name Luci, it is nice to meet you." She said, her voice soft and whispery.

The human body blinked, before smiling. "Mika... nice to meet you."

"Same... the boss is waiting for you, Mika. Let's go kitten." And with that, she hopped off of him leading him away. "I would stay away from the alcove, our kittens are there and the angry queens will kill you for entering."

Mika gulped, feeling massive killing intent oozing from that place as if in a warning. "Got it..." And so they moved, closer and closer to another Alcove which dipped inwards, like a massive belly button. Mika felt a strong chakra in there, but again just barely. "So... why can I barely sense your chakras?"

"Stealth is our thing, as is hunting. Did you know cats have the best kill count of any and every other mammal?"

"No I did not..."

The cat turned to him, smirking. "Now you do, so watch out, Mika... oh and general warning, we do not often get very big but we are still very, very dangerous. Ninneeko, our more domestic cousins that still serve the Uchiha, are a mere taste of what we are capable of."

Mika nodded, excited. "I look forward to seeing what you can do."

"We specialize in stealth, taijutsu, tracking and genjutsu. We are unparalleled sensors, even greater than I sense you are. Now, we are close child... behave yourself. Out Queen is not one to trifle with. She is a Kage level threat, Cats are not really communal but we still gather together for safety here. Watch yourself."

Mika gulped and nodded, walking with Luci into the alcove, a cave really, ready to face his potential doom.

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

Yes, cats! My mom is obsessed with cats, so I had to incorporate cats. Cats reallyy do have a high kill count, they are great killers. Mika respect that. Any ideas for different powers, skills etc? I am basing them on Akamaru I think...

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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