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To Wave again

Mika is sort of inspired by a few ninja... C from Kumo, a Healer, Genjutsu user and swordsman. Rock Lee, the hardest worker and Civilan born Ninja. Haku, someone who strives and is intelligent for his age with a specialty in assassination. With a dash of Itachi thrown in there to be honest... and Orochimaru.

This is a short chapter, I didn't sleep much the day before but I wanted to get at least this much out...


Any guesses on Mika's summons?

Tsunade was worried, staring at Mika's record. The boy was... unusual for a Ninja, especially one born in a time of such peace. He was a jack of all trades, learning and mastering a diverse number of subjects. Healing, Swordplay, Silent Killing, Sealing, supplementary ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu and chakra siphoning. Few if any Ninjas ever mastered so many things, tending to specialize in a handful of fields. If she was being honest with herself, he reminded her of Orochimaru, desperate to learn as many things to compensate for other inadequacies. Orochimaru had been born with small chakra reserves like Mika, the smallest of the Sanin by far but now look that man!

Mika would go far, he was already approaching Special Jonin status through Healing and Silent Killing, Tsunade would grant his promotion before he entered ANBU. It was the boy's experience alone that kept him from taking that rank, that and his raw chakra levels. The boy was not even at Chunin chakra levels though he was getting closer every day. Hopefully, by the time he reached his promotion, he'd have the raw power to take on the rank of Special Jonin...

Tsunade was no fool, despite what Danzo thought. She knew Mika was not loyal, at least not to the village. The boy needed the motivation to stay loyal, without it they would have an enemy with the same potential as Itachi Uchiha and that was a scary thought to Tsunade. Mika would be a threat greater than Orochimaru, he could easily be that sort of danger. She knew it was likely he would defect, and so she was doing her damndest to make him as eager to at least not be antagonistic to the village. Not an easy prospect but one she counted on...

She only had so long, till the boy's desire for power outstripped his loyalty and he left. She had to keep him on their side long enough for the village to get as much as it could out of him, to take advantage of his growing fame. The village needed that, and his teaching skills...

She just wished she had more time.


"So Mika, what else are we going to be learning?" Hanabi chirped up as they walked to Wave. "What Jutsu are you teaching me next, or learning with me?"

Mika smiled, turning to his student. "The Shadow Shuriken, Kunai, senbon jutsus. It requires a tad more chakra than I would like, but they would grant us a great distraction technique and help overwhelm lesser enemies with greater ease. I had a clone take that scroll as well as a few others. You will also be starting to work on Earth Chakra manipulation, as will I for at least a few a minutes a day. I still need to master Fire and Water chakras, so I really will only be working a little on Earth Chakra. It is a goal of mine to master all of the Elements." Mika turned to Hinata. "I know you are working on a more flexible style for your taijutsu, have you considered working on your Water chakra?"

She nodded. "Yes, I am thinking of it actually. There are a few water-based medical Ninjutsu that would be made far easier with training in that field."

Ino smiled. "I am a water Type, most sensors are actually, and so I am working on Water manipulation. It is used in the Sensory barriers, I would like to work there when I am more skilled."

"In that case, learn sealing, it is vital for barrier type Ninjutsu on that scale."

"I will look into that, thanks."

Mika smiled at his adorable friends. " I would also like to get a summons. I have a few hopes for some... I've heard that if you Reverse Summon yourself, it takes you to whatever Summons you have an affinity for. I am curious as to which summons I have a connection to." Then he sighed. "I doubt I have enough chakra to summon anything big, but something useful like Kakashi's dogs... I am hoping I get something that can track or act as spies."

"Oooh, maybe you can summon cats! Or maybe you can raise a cat to be your partner like the Inuzuka?" Hanabi said, frowning for a moment. "That is actually a really good idea for you, since your chakra levels are so low, having an ally like that would make your life far easier."

Mika was stunned. "I might have to take you up on that... but enough of that, we are close to Wave and is that Bridge named after Naruto?" Mika was stunned, seeing the Great Naruto Bridge. "As if he did everything, as if he killed Haku or Zabuza! What crap is this... " Mika was annoyed with this sight, as if all of Team Seven had not played a part in saving Wave. "Ugh... anyway, let's get to that Hill up there. Keep your senses open, if you see the Thugs she said might be here, kill them on sight."

The girls all nodded, eager and willing to impress him. This was an important day, it might be Hanabi's first kill.

Making their way into town, Mika saw various shops named after Team Seven, even Sasuke which left a bitter taste in his mouth. There was a tea shop named after him though, which was kind of weird. Flattering but weird.

Before they knew it, they were atop the hill, digging into the graves of Haku and Zabuza, ignoring the stench of rotting flesh. Mika quickly sealed them away, just as Ino puked.

"I think I see the thugs, there is a large building filled with arrogant looking people to the south." Hinata pointed to the building in question. "A few have higher chakra levels, I would say they are at least genin level... I think there are a few missing ninja there, actually yes there are Missing Ninja. Two have scratched Mist Headbands."

"Let's check it out... then slaughter them all." Mika turned Hanabi. " Are you ready, Hanabi? Killing is not easy for anyone, are you sure you can do this.?"

The girl nodded, proud as only Hyuuga could be. " I can do this!"

"Very well... let's depart."

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