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A Month Later

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One Month later

After Sasuke's defection, Neji's death and Sasuke being retaken by Kabuto, a lot changed. For one, Naruto left the village with Jiraiya after a few weeks though Mika had a feeling he would be back soon if Jiraiya did not prove to be a good teacher. Mika had his spar and lost against Tsunade, badly, but also started to work with Lee on his conditioning from five in the morning till eight each day, allowing Mika's speed to drastically increase alongside Hanabi's and Hinata, who trained with them. Mika learned to open the first gate and deal with at least a third of the backlash. Ino often also joined, no longer enamored with Sasuke due to Neji's death, allowing her to really come into her own, almost doubling her stamina, strength, speed and chakra levels in a mere month.

Mika started to practice in secret his sound based Genjutsu, readying himself to slaughter the Main family, as well as practicing the Chakra Scalpel,which he had to feign learning for Tsunade when she taught him it for low-level procedures like wart removal and so on. He also worked on regular genjutsu, learning how to layer them especially with his Mist technique including with the Haze jutsu. He worked hard on all of his techniques, getting better at sensing, taijutsu, kenjutsu, throwing weapons ( especially sebon), poisons, healing, chakra control and so on. He mastered the Fire swirl technique, thickened his Hidden Mist Jutsu, mastered the first stage of Water and Fire Manipulation, and started on the second stage, drastically increased his body flicker powers, and so on. He had managed to increase his charka by a third, allowing him to create a second low level shadow clone that focused mainly on reading random books from the library. He was truly becoming a jack of all trades.

Whenever he wasn't training, working in the hospital, or on a mission, he was working on sealing or reading. He read over fifty books and scrolls in a month, due to the second clone. Books and scrolls on taijutsu styles, random ninjutsu, genjutsu, tactics, and any other thing he could find. His sealing powers were showing teeth finally, using the sealing clone to not only read on seals but also work on making them, giving Mika a huge number of explosive tags, pepper tags and storage seals. He had to get stronger, faster and he was working harder than ever, he was close to burnout too, he knew that.

Then there were Missions, Mika had been given two B ranks and Three C ranks and all were successful. Hinata was almost always with him, since Shino was a chunin, and so they both thrived as Ninja.

Speaking of Hinata, the girl had mastered the basics of healing and tracking via scent. She could fully do the Mystic Palm and had started to not only learn a better taijutsu style from sparring with Mika, Hanabi and Lee but also Hana. She had also started, along Hanabi, to pick up sealing to Honor Neji. The girl mastered the Hidden Mist and Silent Killing shockingly fast, showing that her family were idiots for treating her so poorly. She was as much a genius as Neji was, just not so overtly.

Hanabi was much the same, managing to master the Underground Fish technique easily, as well as the Fire swirl technique and a few other minor Earth based jutsu. She was blindly fast, and had picked up some of Lee's Strong Fist, giving her real teeth in battle. She actually managed to almost beat Mika once, with a smart replacement and quick Dynamic Entry. Mika's quick reflexes, the best of his generation beyond even Lee's, allowed him to beat her but just barely. He was so proud. She had also picked up nunchucks and started to excel with them. She also showed an advanced skill with sealing and had mastered the Mystic Palm with Mika's instructions. It was amazing what smart people could do with the right motivation...

All in all, everything was going right and Mika had faith they would complete their goals by the years end...


"You want me to what?" Mika asked, looking at the small, frail-looking brunet.

"I want you to help me come up with a treatment to heal Yakumo Kurama, so she can become a ninja. My sensei merely had her powers sealed, a temporary solution and one that is not helping her. With your skill in genjutsu, the only one in your generation to use them at all, the fact that you are now a level two sealer and the fact that you're almost at a level three Medic... I want you to help me help her."

The girl turned to him, eyes wide. "You can do all that? Are you a prodigy?"

"Yes and kind of... fine, I'll need her files and I will need to understand why I am healing her."

Tsunade nodded. "You will have access to all you require." She handed him the paperwork and Mika scanned through it. "As you can see, she has a powerful bloodline that allows her to make illusions so real that she can actually cause the body to replicate them. However..."

"Her spiritual power is so great it's sapping her physical power, there is a tremendous imbalance which is making her weak. I already know how to fix her, it's so obvious. Put a limiter seal on her, something to limit her spiritual chakra until we can make a balance. Give her nutrition and protein shakes, train her body up and boom. It's the literal opposite of Lee's issues."

Tsunade laughed. "You are brilliant, that is exactly my plan. Using your clones to read up on the body is really brilliant, you understand the medical world better then some people that have been in it for decades."

Yakumo gaped. "You mean you can heal me?"

"Yes, I am the greatest medic in the world. Now, let's talk side effects, doing this will limit you to using a medium for your genjutsu. You will no longer be able to cast your more dangerous genjutsu until you remove the seal, which is only for emergencies. I will assign you a retired Chunin or jonin, get you into shape and within six months you should easily be genin level. We need more ninja now, stronger the better, Something I was reminded of when Mika took Hanabi under his wing." She smiled at Mika. "Do you have any ideas for the girl?"

"Her chakra is strong, but her control is all over the place. She is basically Naruto with spiritual chakra,... I would work on working on her control, then maybe get her into sealing since that is not tied to a powerful body... that would also help future generations born with this power and it's side effects. I am worried about this Ido though... I would have a Yamanaka remove it."

"My thoughts exactly."

"I would also make her work in IT, she doesn't have to be a front line Ninja, She would be an extremely valuable asset in Torture and Interrogation. With her spiritual chakra, things like the Psycho mind transmission would be almost effortless for her."

"Agreed. Yakumo, what do you say? After your treatment starts, I can have you in TI within a week."

The girl nodded. "Anything to be a Ninja, I need this, my dream to be real. Thank you, so much."

"No matter... Mika, I have a B rank mission for you and Hanabi and Hinata and Ino. It is time you take Hanabi on her first mission. I want you to go to the Land of Waves and retrieve the body of Zabuza and Haku. I cannot belive Kakashi did not bring them back, Zabuza's bounty would be a huge boon to the Village and Haku's body has kekkai Genkai secrets, we could replicate the Ice released, an extremely powerful bloodline. Do not fail me... oh and there are rumors of a minor thug family running around there, Kill them if you run into them."

Mika nodded. "Sounds delightful. See you, Yakumo."

"Thank you again, Mika."

"Not a problem."

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