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To save an idiot

One thing I am proud of is finding a way to use Ninjutsu without being a powerhouse like Sasuke... or Naruto.

Am I the only one disgusted by Sakura's begging Naruto to get Sasuke back? Like I actually like Sakura but that really bugged me... you barely even spoke to the boy? Why are you so obsessed, plus he is a traitor does that not affect things? Ugh...

I think as assasins route would have been more effective than raw combat don't you think?

"Late last night, Sasuke Uchiha left the Hidden Leaf village and we are pretty sure he is heading to the Hidden Sound."

Mika gaped. " Sasuke defected? Seriously? Let me guess that curse Mark Naruto told me about, the one on his neck from Orochimaru... it is messing Sasuke's head?" Not that I can talk, I am a traitor too.'

Tsunade nodded. "That is what we are assuming. I want you to retrieve Sasuke, but not alone. You may take a squad with you, only genin, unfortunately... but be warned, Orochimaru's men are likely guarding Sasuke."

"I would guess as much."

"You have thirty minutes to leave this village."

Mika groaned. " I get the need for urgency, but damn... okay... I need Naruto, he is the strongest of us bar Lee... and Neji, Hinata, and Kiba I think should do nicely. Shikamaru is too weak no matter how smart he is, Shino isn't in the village, Choji's too limited, and Tenten is an unknown to me... okay, I'll be lightning fast. I will do my best Tsunade... but be warned, Sasuke is powerful for his age. He could beat me in a fight if he gave it his all during the Chunin exams. I may not win the fight, but if I fail I will at least kill him or destroy his eyes so they are not used against the village."

Tsunade nodded. "Just don't tell Naruto."

"I might have no choice."

She sighed, knowing he was right.


Within five minutes Mika was at Naruto's apartment, throwing clothes at the boy. "Sasuke defected, get your skinny ass up and come on." Naruto got dressed in a flash, while Mika spoke. " Send out clones, get Kiba, Neji, and Hinata. Meet met at the gates in twenty minutes, faster if possible. Get ready Naruto, death may be imminent on this mission."

Naruto nodded, sending out his clones as Mika ordered. "Are you sure that group is enough?"

"It has to be Naruto... we can only bring so many people. Choji is not skilled enough, Ino is too in love with Sasuke, Sakura is too weak and in lust with Sasuke, Shino is not here and Shikamaru is too weak overall. We have to be fast, strong and brutal here. No mercy, not in the slightest."

Mika shot away, rushing to the gate, leaving his weights at Naruto's apartment. He was much faster with them off, not Lee speed but still faster by a significant margin. Within a few minutes he felt his comrades approaching, a cold look on all their faces bar Kiba. However the biggest surprise was Sakura, who was sobbing.

"Naruto, just bring Sasuke back to me!" She screeched.

Mika socked her hard enough to knock her on her ass, she looked at him with fear and hate and confusion " Sasuke is a traitor, if we cannot retrieve him, we are authorized to kill him on sight or at least destroy his eyes and I know the Hyuugas and I are all willing to do this."

"Woah man, really?" Kiba said, horrified.

Mika turned to him, coldly staring. "Is that an issue, genin?" He ignored Sakura's screech of horror and Naruto's pained gasp.

The boy shivered, terrified of Mika. " No, sir."

"Good, Neji you're in front, Hianta in back, Kiba second and Naruto in front of Hinata. All of you, keep your senses sharp and do not fail me. Hinata you need to keep an eye out at all times, do not let your guard up. Pretend you are facing my Silent Killing if you have too, that is the level of observation you need. Let's go."

And they were off, rushing towards the Land of Rice.'


"Damn, Sasuke has an escort." Mika groaned as they hurried along the branches towards their target. Kiba and Akamaru both confirmed there was a battle, filled with blood and near deaths. Mika could sense the extreme chakra in the air, as could Naruto, and they locked onto it with great efficiency. "I can sense four powerful chakra's, each jonin level... but it's warped. Naruto can you tell anything I am missing?"

Naruto frowned. " They feel a little like... Orochimaru! Before I knew I was a sensor, I got this weird feeling around him, I thought it was just a creepy sort of thing but I know it's his chakra. They have his chakra in them, only it's warped like you said... "

"Damn, your right, it is his chakra. I thought it was familiar... actually it reminds me a bit of Jiraiya's chakra too. Sort of vaguely, not cold or anything but that weird edge. I felt it around your toads to Naruto... what is it? Regardless, one of them has perfect flow, rivaling my own... and another... it feels like me, I think there is a chakra siphon with them."

"Damn." Neji said, having had his ass beaten due to Mika's chakra siphoning power. "How are you sure?"

"It's hard to explain, but we have a signature, I sense it in my clones... it's a strange pulling feeling, a cold hunger in the chakra. Ino's said the same thing a few times... we aren't far from them, we have to be extremely careful now. Handsigns only now... and watch for traps... like that one, everyone stop." Mika pulled out a senbon. "A perimeter barrier, I read about them in Jiraiya's sealing scrolls... they are easy to dismantle. Watch." Mika threw a sebon directly into the center of the tag he noticed and watched it fizzle away. "And that is how you dismantle a weak seal, just a dose of chakra in the right spot and boom, gone. Akamaru, Kiba if you notice anything pipe up."

Not even twenty minutes later, Mika's team found themselves approaching their target at a very close distance, dancing around the wires traps, and traps within traps. Naruto, due to his training with Mika ( Mika was a stickler for details as Naruto had learned) actually was the one to notice the extra wires and got them to move around it. Once they were within a hundred yards of Sasuke, Mika stopped his team.

"Neji, Hinata, what do you see?"

Both summoned the power of their eyes. Neji spoke first. " They've expended a huge amount of chakra, they seem worn and tired."

"I agree... their body temperature is incredibly high, the stress of the battle must have been intense. They would be vulnerable to poisons or genjutsu right now." Everyone bar Mika turned to Hinata in shock, she just sighed. "I am studying to be a Medical Ninja, Hana covered poisons early at least in concept. It is fresh in my mind. Also, there is a barrel we cannot see through, I suspect Sasuke is inside."

Mika wanted to laugh, but held back. " Good, pity my Genjutsu is not strong enough to affect so many people... especially with as advanced as their flow and chakra is. I sense their chakra is restoring, they are still jonin level but barely at the moment. We must take advantage before they gain too much power back... Hinata, you and I will unleash a Hidden Mist Jutsu, and the two of us Plus Neji will take them down. Naruto, create a perimeter of clones and take out any stragglers. Kiba, you and Akamaru will help... also, remind me to get a Ninja dog or cat, they just seem so freaking useful,... and remind me to get treats for Akamaru. We act in two minutes, Naruto go create the perimeter, Hinata ready yourself for the Mist. Oh and we cancel the Mist after two minutes, so we can act as one and destroy what remains."

In an instant, Mika's will was obeyed. He sensed Naruto's many clones. One extra one approached him. " Take my power, I need you to be safe, Mika..."

Mika obeyed his friend, taking Naruto's chakra... and in that moment Naruto, due to his concern, became someone Mika was loyal too... at least a little. His chakra levels tripled, and with Naruto's incredible vitality Mika's very senses felt sharper.

"Let's do this!"

Hinata and Mika gathered their chakra and as one breathed out an impossible thick Mist, one so thick with chakra that even the greatest Sensor would be bound and blind. Mika heard the enemy react, but before they could do much more than throw Kunai at them, Mika and Hinata and Neji were in the trees, dodging their thrown weapons. Mika used his regular sword to slice through their explosive tags with a chakra enhanced swipe, reminding himself to thank Jiraiya for his scrolls on sealing.

The three of them moved at blinding speeds, using every advantage they had to lash out. Mika found one of them, through his hearing, and sliced through what felt like an arm before adding another slice through their throat. He felt them die, close enough to sense their chakra fading.

"YOU RATS, YOU CANNOT BEAT US WITH CHEAP TRI-ARGHH!" A girl screamed, her body falling to the ground, most likely from Neji or Hinata's skills. Mika canceled the Mist, or at least his part. A moment later, Hinata did the same, revealing an amusing sight.

A girl with red hair was on the ground, blood oozing from her lips, Neji was by her. A multiarmed boy was on his back, his eyes white from death,... right by Hinata, who looked determined. By Mika was a boy with grey hair, two of them actually... neither had heads, which was strange as he only killed one person... odd really. The only survivor was a massive boy with orange hair, looking at them madly.

"You killed my friends, I will kill-"

"RASENGAN BARRAGE!" Naruto screamed before slamming two Rasengans into the man's chest, killing him instantly and sending him flying into the trees. The boy died before he even touched the trees, it was amusing... and sad as that was Naruto's first kill. Naruto was huffing, his eyes red, his body oozing Kyuubi's chakra." You are right, Mika... not everyone can live."

Mika nodded solemnly. " Good... I am glad you learned that... now let's collect these corpses and get Sasuke... What the hell?" Mika turned, as did Naruto towards a massive chakra approaching them at incredible speeds, it was unlike any chakra Mika had ever sensed. "Screw the corpses, Hinata, Kiba take Sasuke and leave. Something near Kage level is approaching, leave!"

They obeyed, and Sasuke was gone within less then a minute... Mika, Neji and Naruto fell into a stance, just as white-haired man dropped down, reeking of illness and death.

"So you are the ones interfering with Lord Orochimaru's ambition... I cannot allow that. For your crimes against him, you must die."

Mika knew then that they were deeply fucked.

Pulling out his Raijin, Mika fell into a loose stance, ready for anything. " No mercy you two... this guy is beyond us individually, only as one do we have a chance..."


Kimimaro had his orders. 'If this boy, Mika, is present... make sure he lives. He is my spy, and serves Orochimaru through me. He is very, very skilled. Make it look good but do not kill him... am I clear? If you hurt him too bad, take him here... he must be alive.'

Kabuto was Orochimaru's right hand, and Kimimaro knew to obey him. He would keep the boy alive, but kill the rest before retrieving Orochimaru's future body... he would not allow anyone to stop his Lord's ambition.


Chapter over, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was a really fun chapter for me to write. I love writing smart scenes, and in this case it was smarter partially as they actually had extra powers beyond the basics unlike in canon... just saying.

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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