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Race starts

I cannot wait for this to get going, I never was a big fan of the Land of Tea arc but I do love the Sword of Raijin!

If anyone is wondering why I have not really shown how Hinata got mentally stronger, It's because I wasn't sure if I was going to have Mika help her... it sort of was a coin toss really. One I sort of regret as I wish I showed them bonding but oh well.

I love this chapter, it is one I am really, really proud of...

"You what, Lady Tsunade?"

"I want your daughter, Hanabi, to become a Genin and serve in our forces. I hate the idea of young kids being ninja, however, she easily has the skills and mentality needed to be a genin already. Mika, after a few spars with her, has declared as much and the boy has an eye for that sort of thing. Neji and Hinata both concur on that fact. The simple truth is that our forces are spread too thin, having even a single new genin, especially one of Hanabi's skills, would be a serious boon for the village. However I would not have her be alone, Mika would be her teacher until a Jonin can be found to take her under their wing."

Hiashi sighed, he should have seen this coming. "I cannot deny that she would flourish under him, as Hinata has... and I cannot deny that you are right, her power would be a serious boon to the village... however I cannot say that I like the idea of my daughter being a Ninja yet. It would be a serious risk for my heiress..."

"Perhaps, but we all must sacrifice for the village. I am not happy about it either... if it make you feel better, I will have Mika teach Hanabi for a solid month before I let her on a single mission. I will have her prepared beyond genin level before she joins his mission."

"Very well... and is it True that Hinata joined the Veternarians and Neji the Medical Corps?"

Tsunade smiled, a proud look crossing her face. "Yes to both. I have taken them off of missions for two weeks to learn the basics of each profession. It is not enough time to establish much, but it is enough for them to at least get the basics. Healing minor wounds for both, tracking and taijutsu aid for Hinata, Evasion and leadership skills for Neji. I will be personally overseeing Neji's progress, he may not have earned Chunin rank but his skills are enough that I want them to be nurtured."

Sheer pride filled Hiashi. "I am proud of them both... I failed as a father, with Hinata and Neji both... to see them finding their own path, outside of a clan that failed them,... it is enough to motivate me to push past the clan's traditions and fight for this. Very well... I will allow Hanabi to train under Mika, but only Mika. The boy will give me a weekly report of her skills, she will still spend at least three days a week training with me and nothing can change that."

Tsunade nodded. "Not a problem, however you know he will teach her things outside of your bloodline?"

"I am counting on it... contrary to popular belief, I have been fighting for such training for decades. It would have saved many, many souls... within and without of my family."


Neji had never felt weak or a failure, even when Mika beat his ass, but attempting to heal this fish only left him feeling... dumb. Being a Genius, he had never really struggled and yet here he was struggling.

"You're doing excellent Neji!" Shizune said, smiling. "It is only by the grace of your families high chakra control that you are so accelerated but even still to get this far this quickly... be proud of this!"

He sighed. "I have never struggled so much, it is an odd feeling."

She laughed. "I imagine so... but it is a good thing, makes you more humble which from what I hear is something you are in need of."

Neji nodded before a rush of knowledge slammed into his skull painfully. 'Four hours... that is how long my shadow clone lasted, studying those Sealing Scrolls...good. I should be able to reach an adept level in six months, and mastery within two years. Mixed with my healing attempts, I should have enough skill to remove my own seal... Mika is right, this is a wonderful idea. Thank you, Lady Hokage for accepting me as a student.'

Shifting his focus, Neji turned back to the fish he was healing and doubled his efforts. He would master this damn it, no force could stop him. His destiny would be reshaped through this, and through him his entire clan...

Not a single force could undo that...

He would never let it happen.


Hinata had never felt like a winner and yet as she worked alongside Hana, learning to heal various animals, she felt ten times greater than ever. She felt stronger, wiser, better. She excelled. Mika's trick with the shadow clones, to read for her, alongside her own high book smarts made it easy for her to read up on everything while she slept the night before. She would have to thank her friend for his help.

Hana had accepted her immediately, hugging her tightly, with great acceptance.

'I was just waiting for one of Kiba's teammates to become a medic, you and Shino have so much talent and focus it just seemed a great fit. I am glad it's you though, Hinata, you need someone to prove that you are worth more than your awful clan says you are.'

Hinata was able to use the Mystic Palm in mere moments of being shown it, her chakra control being incredible even for a Hyuuga. Her eyes were weaker then Neji's or Hanabi's but she could see heat, which they couldn't, giving her an advantage. Hinata felt like she had found her place, even in a mere few hours of trying.

Hana had promised to spend at least three hours a day sparring with her and at least another hour showing her tracking tricks. Her team took it well, excited for her, especially Shino who saw Mika's hand in this.

Speaking of Mika, Hinata could not believe the gift her friend gave her just two days past... it was a scroll, a single scroll, with one jutsu on it.

The Hidden Mist Jutsu and the Silent Killing Technique.

Mika had told her that while she was a great taijutsu user, as a medic she needed to be more evasive and that she needed to use her eyes better. She needed to take advantage of what she could see instead of worrying about what she could not see. She could see through the Mist, making her a great person to learn this technique. She had started already, spending at least two hours a day on her own using throwing weapons and dancing through the mist with and without her Byakugan.

She found this another place she excelled...

Overall, life was good for Hinata and she could only hope it would continue on that path...


In the Land of Tea, Mika and his genin team waited next to Idate for the signal to start the race... only for Idate to turn the wrong way almost immediately after the signal was given. " The fuck?" Mika groaned, his team blasting after the ingrate. "Holy crap, he's fast,... like Lee fast. I knew he had ninja training." Mika said before quickly catching up to Idate, using a little chakra to clear the gap in their speed. His cute genin friends were keeping up as well, even Sakura. Mika frowned, sensing chakra being manipulated up ahead. "I sense a genjutsu, two of them layered onto each other, the chakra signature is easy to read. That's not an easy trick, even for most Genjutsu users..."

Mika turned to Naruto. " Naruto, mass release."

His adorable friend nodded before unleashing a monumental blast of chakra that shattered the illusion before they even walked into it, transforming what looked like a forest into a normal cliffside.

Idate turned to Mika and Naruto, stunned. "How did you?"

"We are both sensors, he has more chakra then kami and I was trained by Kurenai Yuhi a Master of Genjutsu. This was something she specifically taught me to see through, it is a trick of powerful genjutsu users, layering illusions I mean. Now, why run this way?"

The boy sighed. "The Winds are coming against the starting point and there is a current running from where I am going to the island."

"Ahh... let's get going. Naruto, leave a dozen clones in the area, if you catch any enemy ninja, slaughter them. Or if killing is still too much for you, capture them for interrogation. Either way, keep your senses open."

Naruto nodded and obeyed Mika's command and so they hurried towards wherever Idate was leading them... which ended up being a small fisherman's cabin. Within ten minutes they were on a new boat, sailing to their target.

After a few minutes, Idate turned to them. "Is... Is my brother, Ibiki... is he still alive?"

"And kicking ass." Mika said, making the boy breathe out...Mika then froze, sensing chakra approaching. Turning, he saw a boat of Ninja following them. There were two chakra's he could sense, strong and well controlled.

Naruto was looking at them too, frowning. "Wait they fought us during the chunin exams! Mika, can I beat them up?"

Mika smirked. " Send a dozen clones, then unleash hell Naruto."


Naruto did as Mika said, sending a dozen clones to the enemy ship. He dodged cross bolts easily, weaving around them as each clone launched onto the ship, a Rasengan in each hand. Without hesitating, he slammed them into their bodies, crushing ribs and forearms, leaving them coughing up blood. Naruto and his clones had them down in less than five seconds, too well trained to be beaten by these chumps... and yet he could not kill them.

Sighing, Naruto took out his prisoner scrolls, scrolls Mika taught him to carry, and quickly sealed away his enemies. "There, that is easier... I hate killing." Naruto shivered, hoping he never had to kill. "What is that... is that a summoning scroll? I think Mika will want his..." Grabbing the summoning scroll, Naruto's clones hurried back to their boat... but not before sinking the enemy boat with a few Rasengans!

"Good job, Naruto. The Leaf will enjoy interrogating them... now, let's focus on getting Idate to his target, shall we?"

Naruto enjoyed the stunned looks of his teammates, he was tired of them underestimating him and now he could show them what he could do... it felt nice.

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This was beyond fun!

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