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Helping the Hyuugas

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"I cannot believe there are so many styles similar to the Gentle Fist, I never could have conceived of that idea." Neji said, slurping his ramen. Mika had taken them, after the library, to Ichiraku's ramen for a good meal. "Fourteen styles, fourteen other people have made styles akin to the Gentle Fist... it is amazing."

Mika laughed. "I am not shocked, the principle is simple enough. Hell, I made a style that is essentially the Gentle Fist in reverse, it's not hard. Hinata, did you see anything that stood out?"

Hinata nodded. "I think so... two actually... Roaring Cat and Dancing Lotus... The first uses flexibility which I have in spades, you commented on when we were sparring. The other mentioned it was vital to train in reflexive movements, and I think my reflexes are good too... actually Mika, you said they were."

"Your not wrong, when you fought at your best even Neji was harder to hit. Your defensive powers are incredible, your reflexes are incredibly sharp and your flexibility is unrivaled. You're the definition of graceful. If you can manifest that into your taijutsu instead of your family's more rigid style, then you would be unbeatable, untouchable. We also need to work on your speed I think... and strength."

She smiled. "I think working as a vet might be for the best. I know Hana Inuzukua and Tsume, the clan head. Her taijutsu is incredible, as is her strength. She would be an excellent teacher for me I think... her taijutsu uses strength and evasion, both of which you said are important for me. I like Hana, she is confident and beautiful and so powerful... even my father respects her, calling her a tribute to her clan. She is a master veterinarian, a powerful fighter, and a great tracker."

"Great! Perfect choice then." Mika turned to Neji. "What about you? Your taijutsu could use some pick me ups, something to take advantage of your speed. Your agility is insane and your not physically weak at all. I would still go through medical training if I were you, give you a back up skill in case your comrades were hurt... plus it would help you become Hokage. Your a candidate I would be all for."

Neji choked on his noodles. "What?"

"What what? You're smart, powerful, respected, and skilled. Flex out your style, learn some ninjutsu and boost your power which I know you can do... and boom Kage. I see you becoming S rank by your eighteenth birthday." Mika leaned in, and whispered the last part. "Kage's can do anything, including remove certain seals... I am learning seals you know."

Neji's eyes widened. "You would..."

"I hate slavery... don't you?" Then he pulled back. " Hanabi, what do you think, is he Hokage material or not?"

She blinked, turning to the boy. "Yes, everyone in the clan thinks so too."

Mika leaned back in towards Neji. " I can teach you the shadow clone jutsu, you can study seals in secret in your own time... as I am doing"

Neji looked ready to cry, bowing low to Mika for a moment before a wicked smile crossed his face. "I think that would be a great idea."

"Hanabi, what would you study, if given the chance?"

The girl frowned. "Can I learn that chakra siphoning technique you know? It seems interesting."

Mika smiled at the girl. "Sure, why not?" Mika refrained from laughing. 'So many allies, so much potential... I have to be careful here, this game I am playing.' Mika then froze, noticing a chakra lingering near them,... it was cold and subtle with incredible control...'Is someone watching us? They feel like Kiba, at least slightly...'


"What a fool you are Tsunade, making Mika an ANBU. He was allied with Kabuto, a known traitor. This is not the time to coddle the boy, to nuture his power. He must be investigated, to ensure he has not inherited his friend's treachery." Danzo almost growled at Tsunade, who looked at him bored.

"You keep on ranting, all I hear is blahblahblah." She leaned forward. "Mika has proven himself with a fantastic record, high skill, and effort. Kabuto never did that, he barely did anything pretending to be a weak genin the entire time. However, if it makes you feel better, part of the reason I am assigning Mika to ANBU is to keep him too busy to be a traitor and making sure that he is loyal. ANBU are trained to notice spies and traitors, if anyone is to pick this out in him it will be them and you know it. Then there is me, as his teacher I surely will see what he is. Do not worry so much, a man of your years cannot afford it."

Sighing, Danzo turned around. "You are remarkably annoying, Princess Tsunade."

"I could say the same for you, Danzo. Now go, I am rather busy and have so much to get done."

Danzo all but stomped away, as gracefully as he could with his bandages and fake injuries. When he finally made it to his ROOT bunker, he turned and faced his Ninja. " Report."

A girl came close. "The boy, Mika, has made allies with Neji, Hanabi, Hinata and Hiashi Hyuuga and is conspiring with Neji to remove the Clan seal. Hiashi is allowing the boy to train the others, to help them gain skill outside o the Hyuuga clan tradition due to the changes in his daughter."

Another came close, this time a Hyuuga boy. "The boy is having a clone train in sealing, based on the writing I surmise that it was written by Lord Jiraiya."

"What is he up to, getting the alliance of the Hyuuga?"

The girl spoke once more. "They did speak of Neji becoming the Hokage... it was the crutch of the conversation."

Danzo frowned. "Keep up monitoring the boy, both of you. Any changes, no matter how small, report. If he is a traitor... capture or kill him."


'Four hours... that is how long the clones last... that's good.' Mika smiled, feeling the chakra-infused knowledge smack into his brain as the clone dispelled, just as it was putting away the scrolls Jiraiya had given him. 'I rarely sleep beyond four hours a night, I could keep one reading while I sleep and that would give me the chance to bolster my skills even while I sleep... especially with a skill as cantankerous as Sealing...'

Excited, Mika continued to lead Hanabi and Neji and Hinata to a training field, eager to spar with them. He wanted to see what a month of training with and sparring with Naruto had done for his skills. Once they reached the field, Mika turned around. "No chakra usage, but I want to see what you are capable of Hanabi. Come at me."

The girl nodded, a serious look crossing her face before she charged him, swiping and kicking and poking. Nothing hit Mika, at all, he was too good at evasion for that, but she was very, very, very good for her age. "I would declare you Genin level already... holy crap kiddo." Mika grabbed her arm, twisting it lightly and kicking her away. She just used the motion to flip onto her feet and charge again. "You are very, very good... a touch rigid but good. That will change as you get older... you definitely need some ninjutsu though, earth style I am thinking. To sink into the earth and create obstacles to work around to take advantage of your agility."

"I can learn that?"

"Why not, your not limited to only Hyuuga techniques, so why not branch out. I think you could graduate now if you wanted to."

She beamed a smile at him. " Can you teach me?"

"Not yet, but I did pick up scrolls on that very technique while you Hyuuga were working in the Taijutsu section." Mika smirked, he had his reasons for this skill. He would learn ANBU taijutsu with ANBU, so he had to work on getting as many supplementary skills as he could get in case he had to defect, his spying revealed. "Your lucky you know, that I am not able to use Chakra scalpels yet. They are used in surgeries but we fought someone that could use them in battle. They nearly killed Lady Tsunade with them."

" Wow, really?"

"Yup, that trick is even harder than my chakra siphoning taijutsu trick... which still lacks a name. I am thinking Leech Fist but that's for another time. Hanabi, fight with your sister for a minute, I wanna show Neji something cool." The girl nodded and shot after Hinata, who showcased that she was actually very, very good at her family style despite being considered a failure. "Watch me... this is the handsign... and this the chakra usage. You don't need to split your chakra perfectly, just by this amount... use your eyes."

Neji, using his Byakguan, watched Mika carefully... " I think I can do that. Thank you, Mika."

"Come to my apartment at least twice a week, we can say we are just hanging out but I will be showing you sealing... and I mean it, go to be a medic. It will give you allies and help you learn things I think are needed to undo a seal like that."

"I will... thank you, no one has ever tried to help me before."

"Not everyone is in need of allies like me... and willing to take that risk. Now, let's go back to the girls, less we get caught."

And as Mika walked back to the girls, he sensed it again and knew he was being watched... but by whom and for what purpose...

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