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Return home

The Moment Mika went past the gate, he turned to his fellow travelers and said" I need to report to the hospital, I will see you later" With that, Mika shot off toward the hospital to schedule his next shift. Immense relief Filled Mika's body, eager to be away from the others for a bit... he needed the chance to clear his head and do some manual labor...

Seeing the Hospital, Mika hoped off of the roofs and walked right into the building. He thoroughly enjoyed the looks of respect he got from the various medics in the hospital. His recent promotion and skills had allowed Mika to gained a rather nice reputation n the hospital. Even the higher ups spoke to him with respect and decency.

'And to think I am risking all of this for Kabuto... I am a sucker indeed.'

Walking straight to the back, he signed up for a few extra shifts for the remainder of that week. He couldn't do a full load as it was Thursday, but he could sign in for a few hours to keep himself busy.

Done with that, Mika left the room and headed to the one person in the hospital he wanted to see.

Rock Lee.

Mika would be the first person to admit he had a bit of a soft spot for Lee, at least a small one. There was something about Lee's drive and acceptance of his faults that Mika found endearing, despite Lee's tendency to yell about youth and act like a total fool. Mika honestly couldn't wait for Lee to hit his prime. It would be a rather amazing sight. Mika would have to spar with Lee when he reached that peak.

However for that to happen, Tsunade would need to heal him. The Damage was severe and the surgery could kill Lee if it went south. Still, Mika held out hope. Lee had a resilient body, he would be able to survive where most others would fail. Of that Mika was sure.


It took Mika only a minute to get to Lee's room, and from what he could sense Lee was alone. That was actually kind of a shock as he had half expected to sense Guy here. Though with the extra missions the jonin were being sent on, it wasn't a complete surprise.

" Mika, how are you?" Mika smiled at the boy's exuberance, despite that he was clearly faking a great deal of his happiness. Lee managed to infect even him with a splash of happiness.

" I'm well Lee, and I come bearing very good news. Lady Tsunade has come back to the Leaf and will be here shortly to give you a proper examination."

Lee practically beamed at Mika, his raw relief and Joy palpable. However this did not last as a wave of worry, fear and doubt hit him.

" Mika... as a medic... can you tell me what my chances will be... you know, to recover?"

Mika sighed, he hated questions like this. There was so many variables it was immensely difficult to respond to. Plus giving the wrong answer could crush Lee's hopes, so he had to be very careful.


Lee watched as clear annoyance crossed Mika's face. This didn't set him so much on edge as it should have. Mika wasn't like most people so it was far harder to read his reactions. That was something Lee figured out within a week of getting to know Mika. Still he was wary of Mika's response.

" Okay, the answer is a little complicated due to the particular nature of this surgery but here it is. First, there is a 50/50 shot with Tsunade performing it and only she could. Either she succeeds or you die."

A deep fear filled Lee, he had suspected something like that to be honest. But still, he didn't want it to be true.

" However there are a few factors that I was not putting into place" Lee's head shot up at Mika's words.

"Other factors, What do you mean?"

Mika straightened up and raised a hand " Well, there is the fact that you are in excellent shape so that slightly heightens the chances of survival. You are used to the stress of opening the gates, so your body is far more resilient than most people which gives you an edge."

Lee nodded, that made sense to him. He knew Mika was not one to lie to make someone feel better.

Mika spoke one last time " Then there is the fact that you have a very powerful will. The mind is a powerful tool Lee. Simply believing you will survive and be healed can actually have an effect on the outcome. If you think I am lying, then you should see a Hysterical pregnancy where a woman actually develops symptoms of pregnancy just by believing she is pregnant. It is a rather interesting Phenomenon, one that you can take advantage of."

Lee was stunned, he had never heard of anything like that. Maybe his chances weren't so bleak after all.

" What are the chances with all of that?"

His youthful friend shrugged " It is still a little fuzzy, I am only a novice healer, to be frank... but with all of that... there is a 53- 58 percent rate of survival. Of course, I will help Tsunade research other methods to further increase your chances."

Lee didn't care that he was injured, he leaped over and embraced Mika. Squeezing the boy with fervent energy.

"Thank you Mika, thank you"


Mika rolled his eyes, but hugged Lee right back. He did have a soft spot for Lee after all, even if he was only able to be around Lee for short periods of time. There was a hidden motive for his actions toward Lee at the moment, and that answer was right behind the door.

Tsunade and Might Guy.

They would help confirm his loyalty to the village, he hoped... and would make spying all the easier. Or so he hoped.

"If I do this Lee, you have to spar with me. I need the power boost, badly, especially my speed."

"YOSH! I will fill you with the Spring of my Youth!"


Tsunade smiled as she heard Mika's kind words. She had to admit that he was right, those factors could and would affect Lee's surgery. Mika had even given Lee a rather accurate measure of how much they could and would affect said surgery. It was Rather impressive to say the least.

Smiling, Tsunade walked into the room " He is right Rock Lee, those factors will play into your surgery. However, before any of that comes into play, I need to give you an exam."

The Boy looked at her and nodded " Very well, but can Mika be in the room with me. We may not be great friends or really have ever spoken beyond today... but I would feel more comfortable with him in the room."

Tsuande gave a soft smile " Yes, he may stay for the examination" She turned to Mika " I am his teacher, after all, he'll need all the experience he can get"

Mika merely raised his eyebrow at her. "Sounds great."

Tsunade then laughed. "Lee, we have to get you better, if only to work on Mika's speed. He owes me a spar and I want it to really showcase what he can do."


After working with Lee and Tsunade, Mika left the hospital and made his way to his apartment. As soon as he walked into his apartment, he made a single handsign, and tightly controlled his chakra. Then he uttered his jutsu name. "Shadow Clone Jutsu." And before he knew it, a clone of him appeared. It was weak and pale, he hadn't taken any chakra to make it, and so it was weak. It didn't need to be strong though, it just had to exist. "Read the sealing scroll Jiraiya gave us. We need more time to train, this technique will help cover at least a few hours of work in that field." Mika then tossed said scrolls of seals to his clone... just in time to turn and open his door, just as Hiashi Hyuuga raised a hand to knock on it. "How can I help you, Lord Hiashi?"

The man offered him a conflicted look, his white eyes moving to the clone. " You do not possess enough chakra to make a shadow clone, so how did you manage this?"

Mika smirked. " I have control rivaling your own, Lord Hyuuga. It was not hard to use enough chakra to make the clone without dividing my chakra... the clone is weak, so weak it cannot use a single jutsu but has enough chakra to last at least a few hours if it minimizes using it's energy. I figured it out during my trip with Naruto and Jiriaya. The jutsu only requires a set amount of chakra to use, anything else is supplementary, allowing the clone to wield your powers. I essentially made a version of myself that has no powers at all. Just the start up for the jutsu requires a full third of my reserves though... I think this was the original intention of the jutsu, in a way, since it was designed for spying and intelligence gathering. I am using it to train in sealing personally since I would have no time to do this other wise with my busy schedule."

"Clever... very clever."

"So what did you need."

Hiashi smiled, softly. "I would like to ask that you help Hinata with her training today. I would have sent a messenger but I think it was best to face you directly for this."

"I would be happy to help. I have nothing to do, having the day off... shall we go now?"

"That was my hope."

And with that, they were off, to the Hyuuga compound. Moving at a civilian pace, it took thirty minutes to reach the glorious Hyuuga compound. The compound was beautifully ornate and filled with a sense of propriety and order that few places in the Leaf had. Mika enjoyed it's presence and the soft power of the Hyuuga's he could sense within. Hiashi led Mika personally to a large training ground where Hinata and Neji were waiting, alongside a cute female Hyuuga with long brown hair. She had extremely potent chakra, as did Hinata and Neji, with impressive reserves of power for her age.

Walking to that girl, Mika smiled. "It is nice to meet you, Miss?"

"Hanabi... and it is nice to meet you too, Mika. You beat Neji, didn't you?"

"I did... it was a hard won victory, he is very good." She nodded, smiling softly. "So are you Neji's sister or Hinata? Your chakra is very similar to Neji's."



Hiashi approached. "I wanted them to take part in this training... though it goes against the standards of my clan, I am teaching Neji the Main families techniques alongside my daughters."

Mika smiled. "Good, Neji deserves it, he is rarely capable." Mika felt Neji smirk at that.

"That he does... as does my daughter. I admit, I doubted her abilities but her actions during the Invasion tells me that I may have overlooked something. I hope that you can show me how to bring out her true skill."

Mika bit his lips, nodding. "I only really treated her like a person, but maybe I can help. I mean with the shadow clones I got Naruto to Chunin level in a month... I guess I what I am saying is that I will try, but I am not outright sure how to help." Mika turned to Hinata and made some mental notes... of all he knew of the girl. One thing stood out. "Mainly the biggest issue is her confidence. If we can help with that, she will do exceptionally better...have you told her how proud of her you are?"

Hiashi sighed. " No... but I am." He turned to a stunned Hinata. "I have always been proud, I just... I did not express anything well after your Uncle died. That is my fault, Hinata. I fear I destroyed your self-confidence and for that, I am sorry, truly so."

"I..." Hinata turned away, unable to face her father. " I am... I understand that listing you brother had to be hard. You told Kurenai that you did not care if I lived or died."

"I have much to make up for..."

"You do." Hinata said, her tone low and soft and pained. "But I am willing to try... if you are, father."

"I am... which is why I brought Mika. I saw that he helped you, even unintentionally and hoped that he could help you more if he tried. I am unequipped to be a good teacher to you. I wanted to see if he could be better then I am."

Mika smiled, happy to hear this. "Great. Let's get started... Hinata, I think it's time we get you a secondary skill set. Something extra to separate you from your family and give you a sense of purpose. Maybe you can be a vet? I know that they are looking for candidates, and it would help your team massively since you would be a healer, tracker and be able to help Akamaru better." Mika smiled brighter. "Or you could be a regular healer, or a genjutsu user with Kurenai... really your options are varied. The idea is to take full advantage of your eyes and chakra control. That sense of identity will only help, trust me it did me wonders personally. I wouldn't have a tenth of my confidence if I hadn't started to volunteer at the hospital and saw my future.

As for your Hyuuga skills... why not alter the style, make it more personalized? Make it fit you better so you are less predictable. I only beat Neji for two reasons. He undervalued my abilities and I was able to predict how he would fight me since you and him have the exact same style. If you altered it, make it fit you more snugly, then you would be far more dangerous and far harder to fight period."

She smiled, turning to her father. " Can I, father?"

He nodded. "Yes..." Though it was clear he was uncomfortable with the idea.

Mika didn't care much though. With this he would get a new ally, more proof of loyalty and just make life far easier. "Let's go then, I think there are books in the library that we can use for reference. It's how I improved my offensive powers, though I have some ways to go if I want to reach beyond B rank." Mika stopped. " Hanabi, do you want to try as well? Same with you Neji?"

"Can we, father?" Hanabi asked.

Neji said nothing, but looked at Hiashi with hope. The man sighed and nodded. " Very well... but be careful, and do not reveal to much... not until I can safely convince the Elders of our clan of your progress."

"Wonderful. Let us depart. I cannot wait..." Mika threw Hanabi onto his shoulders, making her squeak then giggle. "So, Hanabi, tell me all about yourself. Like why are you so cute? Tell me your secrets and I'll buy you dinner after this!"

She giggled some more and like most small kids, started to spill her guts to him. It was fun to listen to.

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