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Training Naruto

Within a month, using the clone jutsu, Naruto could easily have gotten to Chunin level in terms of taijutsu.

"How are you so good?" Naruto asked after Mika, having spent two or hours practicing, finally got a hold of the Rasengan and mastered it to the point he needed no help. "It's not fair."

"Naruto, what you see is the results of literal years of hard training. I had to train for years to get my mediocre chakra levels... and even longer to get this level of control... I am not naturally athletic or good at anything, I am just really smart so I figure things out easily. I am determined, so I work hard. That is all." Mika sat down and closed his eyes, focusing on his breathing. "Now, if you'll be quiet and train in the control exercises I showed you, I will be meditating. Talk to me if you need help."

"Why mediate?"

"It increases chakra reserves, control and helps with focus and my sensory powers. All useful things really."

"Can I do that? Meditate I mean?"

Mika sighed. "Fine, get the real you over here while your clones train. I'll explain the process." He felt Naruto sit next to him, curiosity oozing from him. "Just focus, on your breathing and your chakra flow. Just letting it run through your body. Clear your thoughts while you do this. It's boring, but it helps. Don't focus on getting it perfect, or trying to hard. Just relax... you'll get it.

And so they sat, for what felt like twenty or so minutes, Mika simply breathing in the cool clean air and breathing out stress. He was impressed, he could sense that Naruto had not fallen asleep, but was in fact meditating well. Opening an eye, Mika noticed Naruto's energy was expanding in and out with his breathes, almost searching for something.

Realizing the pattern was familiar, Mika flared his chakra ever so slightly and Naruto recoiled. "Why?"

"You're a sensor Naruto, and a strong one at that. Ino taught me that pattern, all of us new Sensors do it, our chakra moving and out like that. How did you not know that?"

Naruto frowned. "Well, I can kind of feel warmth coming from you but when I told the academy instructors they said it was gas or something."

Mika wanted to kill Naruto's past instructors. "Naruto you are a sensor and with your chakra levels you could be sensing the entire village already... another thing i am going to be teaching you... in fact, fuck it. " Miak grabbed Naruto and ripped out a large chunk of chakra."How do you make Shadow clones? I am going to be teaching you as much as possible. Jiraiya should be working on your general skills not giving you one fancy technique. I am fixing this, now."

Naruto's eyes were wide. "Really? YATA!"

"Yeah Yeah, show me how this works." And So Naruto did and Mika replicated the technique as Naruto explained it. He stole enough chakra to make three clones and boy that exhausted him. He simply did not have strong enough chakra coils to handle taking in more chakra but still this was helpful. "I gotta get another clone technique, mud clones maybe? Or water clones? Sigh... anyway, Naruto, I want you to make as many clones as you can without exhausting yourself."

Before he could add a caveat, Naruto made a thousand clones... and Mika was horrified. "Okay... I can do this... split into four groups. Keep your other clones working on chakra control. Group one... your working on taijutsu. My clone here will show you how to expand your taijutsu, splitting you into offensive and defensive Katas for the Dancing Leaf taijutsu style. Group two, you will work with me clone here on breaking genjutsu. Group Three on Chakra control and group Four on sensory skills with the real me. The real Naruto will stick with the taijutsu clones and when they start popping I want you to practice your katas on the water to work on your chakra control and focus."

"YATTA!" They all said as one and Mika knew he was in for quite the ride.


Clone one, working with Naruto clones on Taijutsu, settled into a stance. "Split evenly in half. Then I want you to work on these movements, they are offensive Katas. The other half will work on the defensive. I will monitor, or attempt to monitor, both groups."

Within five minutes, the clones got started and actually did a good job. Adjustments would be made and then Mika clone one would kill the clone. The adjustments spread across the clones and they did far better. Within twenty minutes they had it down with reasonable enough skill that he banished the real Naruto to start his katas on the small creek behind them.

He had a feeling that by the weeks end, Naruto would be an outright beast in taijutsu when compared to before. Within a month, he would be easily as good as Neji, having almost the same level of experience. It would be scary, epic, and amazing all at once.


With Clone two, genjutsu would be cast over the entire group with the False surroundings Jutsu. Whenever a clone broke it, the Mika clone would absorb them as to bolster his own reserves. Within an hour, Naruto could detect the illusions and within two he could break it. Naruto, as it turned out, was actually not as hopeless as he seemed and Mika, for the first time realized how utterly screwed Naruto had been by those past teachers.


Clone Three had the best time, he loved chakra control exercises. " I will be teaching you three techniques, that should make your control close to masterful by the days end. Break into three even groups. The first will be sticking grass and leaves to their hands, simply put. Group two will be sticking their hands into the sand by this creek. Lastly, The rest will be using their chakra to stick water to their hands, making big bubbles. I would make you work on the water separation jutsu, but we do not have enough time to make mixtures. For now, stick with this."

Naruto's clones all but sprinted to the water, eager and excited to get started.

To his credit, Naruto's control was far better then even Mika knew. Naruto just had such massive reserves that it counterbalanced them. Still by the time dusk started, Naruto's clones could manage every one of the medical level exercises, passing on the knowledge bit by bit to the real Naruto. Mika had demonstrated these skills, and the Naruto clones did all they could to replicate it and pass on the skills.

Mika could not wait to test Naruto's fully developed powers by nightfall.


The Last Mika, the real Mika, trained Naruto's clones by having them meditate, all of them. That was it, just peaceful meditation and paying attention. He wanted Naruto to become extremely aware of his senses and the world around him. It was a simple skill but a vital one and so randomly Mika would kill a clone, allowing the other Naruto's to get more comfortable and made not fidgeting easier on them.

By the first hour, they could easily identify Mika's chakra and list it's strength and amount,... a very, very impressive skill boost.


By Dusk, Mika had all the clones dispel in small groups of five or more over the course of an hour. Naruto, the real one, would meditate while they did this to lessen the strain of the clones dispelling. Within an hour they were all gone and Naruto was dizzy, tired and sore. "Why does this make my head hurt so much?" Mika, also tired and worn from this unique experience, healed Naruto's headache as best he could.

"Must be a sacrifice of the higher scale training potential. Naruto, make a rasengan. You've seen me practice each step, so I want you to try doing it bare handed or with two hands. Your control has technically be trained for like a month now, and with all high level techniques. You should, in theory, have enough skill to do it... at least in it's base form."

Naruto nodded, excited. "I'll try..." And so he did... and within a moment, Naruto had a wobbly, swirling ball of energy in his hands, one that dispelled the moment Naruto saw it. "I did it!"

"You did... we just need to have a hundred clones working on it tomorrow, and you'll have it mastered by the nights end tomorrow. I still want you practice each step of it, to refine your skills but frankly Naruto,... you're going to be a lot more powerful now that you have a new training method. I wanna spar with you, so get ready. No mercy."

Mika would win, easily, but Naruto's taijutsu was far, far, far better... smoother, more integrated and Mika knew that if he worked on this for a month, even Sasuke would pale before Naruto. That would be satisfying but also infuriating...

But beyond that, Mika now had the means to create clones via Naruto's chakra and that meant extra training of his own. He could not wait to see how much better he became with this...

'I am so working on my taijutsu and chakra control since my clones are not powerful enough to waste on ninjutsu exercises. This is going to be fun and so worth it. He has no idea that he is repaying me, the brat will think he owes me and that is also a perk. Now I just need to make chakra control exercises to work around... anything to better myself... and to bolster my own reserves. I am thinking sticking with the Rasengan exercises should be fine for now, but later I will make or find new ones, even the silliest ones, and use them to make myself even better.'


'Brilliant.' Jiraiya muttered, watching Mika training Naruto. 'Only Naruto can train like this and that gives him a severe advantage. If it takes a month to find Tsunade, Naruto will be far, far more powerful... at least chunin level overall... and since his control is better, he might not need to use the Kyuubi's power to summon the larger toads. This is good... I guess I owe Mika sealing lessons after all...'

Smiling, Jiraiya felt a little worming of jealousy in his heart. Why hadn't he thought of that, or helped Naruto like that?

Of course that would mean accepting his failures, which Jiraiya was never very good at...


"Why weights?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto, you saw how fast Lee was with his weights and I use weights and you've seen my speed... with them and your healing factor, you should become even faster than Lee within maybe three months with fifty times his stamina. I will arrange for lessons with them, their taijutsu style would be perfect for you."

"YATTA, YOUR THE BEST MIKA!" Naruto said before throwing himself at Mika squeezing hard.

Mika just sighed, letting Naruto do it. There was no real point in fighting him off... besides, it was kind of nice really. To be recognized for good deeds that was.

"If you work really hard, Sasuke will be easily beaten by you Naruto, but remember to never overwork. Down time is important... now, let's get some shut eye. I am beat and frankly so are you. We will pick it up tomorrow and we'll work on a fifth skill... well sixth, since you'll have clones sparring with you... but one more skill. I want you to work on your academy jutsu, get your replacement to a high level so that you are never caught unawares in battle."

"Awesome, you're a great teacher, Mika!"

"I know."

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