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Rasengan, Mastery or not!

Naruto got the Rasengan in weeks, the Shadow clone jutsu in hours... someone with more skill in chakra control probably could get it faster.

Also, this chapter changes things up majorly... and gives a huge change for things in a great way. I think you'll love it.
I do keep one thing from the og chapter I loved, something that got me chewed out... sorry but I need to do it.

Mika woke up, his head splitting, with Naruto sitting right next to him worried...Sasuke Uchiha to his left on the bed next to him, Might Gai behind Naruto and Jiriaya next to him. Despite his confusion, Mika had one goal and immediately wrapped his small hand round Naruto's throat. Naruto flailed but Mika was physically far stronger then Naruto, even without chakra, and with it he could snap Naruto's neck before even Jiraiya moved to stop him. Pulling hard, Mika leeched Naruto's chakra.

"Why should I not kill you for your insolence! You were given one, ONE MISSION! TO LEAVE AND RUN AND YOU CAME BACK, THEY WERE AFTER YOU YOU DUMB ORANGE TRAFFIC CONE!" Mika bellowed, rage and killer intent oozing off of him in waves. Naruto was pale and so afraid he didn't stop Mika's choking hands.

"Enough, Mika." Gai said, and he was there, prying Mika's hand from Naruto's throat with odd gentleness. "You were hurt, please do an exam of yourself then Sasuke. He was hit with a powerful Jutsu."

The words were perfect, ever the medic Mika obeyed. Running through handsigns, Mika used the stolen chakra to examine himself. "I am bruised but will be fine." He stood and walked over to Sasuke, putting hand on his chakra core. Immeditaely Mika gasped. "What happened to him? His spiritual chakra is all out of wack, I can't even diagnose him past Genjutsu exposure and that is only due to the lessons I got from Kurenai! What hit him?"

Jiraiya sighed. "Itachi hit him with a genjutsu, a sharingan based Genjutsu. Kakashi was hit with the same one, he's barely conscious now."

"We need Tsunade, no other could heal this Jiraiya... he needs medical attention round the clock." Miak turned to the Sanin. "His muscles would atrophy without constant care. He needs help."

"Gai will take him."

"What happened? How did the other get past you?"

Jiraiyed sighed again. "Sasuke's interfered, I had to save him and it gave the other one, Kisame, a chance to escape. You held him off, you really have earned that B rank."

"I am a support Ninja, why I keep being forced into direct combat pisses me off."

Gai laughed. "You beat Neji, Sasuke, and Temari, to call you anything less than a full combat Ninja is a joke. You've earned your power kid, you are easily a chunin level Ninja." Gai put Sasuke on his back then. "I wish you well."

And then he blasted off, out of the Hotel they were in and off towards the village once more.

Mika turned and pulled Naruto close, the boy pale with utter terror. "As a Ninja I am pissed... but as a human...who very much enjoys living... " Mika kissed Naruto's forehead. "Thank you for coming back." Then pushed him aside. "Let's go, I have bruises to attend to and we have an old hag to get. Let's move."


After walking for three days, in which Mika managed not to give in to his impulses to carve out Jiraiya's kidneys due to the man's granting personality mixing so well with Naruto's, the group stopped at a Fair in which Naruto really wanted to enjoy. Mika couldn't judge Naruto for that, After all he of all people knew what it was like to crave the happiness denied to him as a child. Still, it was kind of annoying to listen to the boy begged. What Mika could judge however was Jiraiya, one of the wealthiest people on the planet due to his books and excellent service as a Ninja, stealing Naruto's money under the pretenses of saving Naruto from Overindulgence. Something that Mika knew was complete and utter bullshit, it was as clear as could be.

Mika snatched the wallet back in an instant. "Seriously, he is a kid! You're beyond rich, why steal from him? Come on Naruto, let's go enjoy this fair. Jiraiya is paying" Mika had Jiraiya's wallet in his hand, to the man's shock.

"Hey, that's my wallet!"

"Tough cookies, it's what you deserve for stealing from this kid. I may not like him, but you deserve it."

Mika spent the majority of that day following Naruto around, playing various games and even introducing Naruto to the wonders of Gambling. Naruto's incredible natural luck made him great at gambling, though he was not able to win against Mika unless the game was of chance. Then Naruto won every time, something Mika capitalized which allowed them to gain vast amounts of money. The boy may have been an idiot, but he did have some value at times.

Overall it was a rather enjoyable evening, though it left Mika tired. He couldn't remember the last time he had fun for the sake of fun...

Since they were done with the fair, Mika took Naruto to find Jiraiya. It wasn't hard to find that now inebriated man as his chakra was rather large.

Mika wasn't surprised in the slightest to find the man covered in prostitutes while drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Naruto was surprised of course, and rather angry, so he approached and began to yell at the man.

Desperately Filled with the desire to ruin Jiraiya's chance to get laid, Mika quickly approached the Prostitutes.

" Ladies, do you see that boy with the blond hair?" They all nodded " Well he is the charge of the older man who Just a few hours ago he went to steal the blonde's money which I had to actually stop on my own. I thought you would want to know about that man who you would have slept with."

Satisfied with his cock blocking efforts, Mika left the ladies who were all glaring at Jiraiya. In fact, he saw one of the women go to the owner and explain all of that to him, which made the man glare at Jiraiya as well.

Feeling a sudden accumulation of chakra, Mika turned to Jiraiya who was driving a ball of chakra into a man's stomach. It seemed to be griding the man's body, before throwing him across the street into a stand. The strangest part was that he spiraled into the stand.

"The fuck was that?" Mika asked. "Wait, was that the rasengan? The Fourth Hokage's legendary Jutsu?" Mika gaped turning to see a now smug Jiraiya.

"Oh, what, now you're impressed?"


" The jutsu I am about to teach you Naruto is called the Rasengan. It was created by the Fourth Hokage and as such is a Village treasure I expect you to respect." The Sanin gave Naruto a rather stern glare at that point.

" Now there are three steps to completing the Rasengan. The first step is Rotation, to master that you will need these." Jiraiya tossed Naruto a water balloon, then took one out himself and began to channel his chakra into it.

The balloon rippled, the popped and Mika observed it... curious, he flipped his hand over and started to mimic what he saw. " Rotation... control... and creation... doesn't seem too hard." Mika closed his eyes and let the image of the Rasengan appear to him. He reviewed the memory of Jiraiya just using it...and then he copied him. He pulled his chakra into his palm, and rotated it like with the water separation exercise. Before he knew it, something amazing happened.

Immediately a small rasengan appeared on Mika's hand. " Like this Jiraiya?" It was tiny, a third of the size of Jiraiya's previous Rasengan.

Naruto screamed at Mika " HOW'D YOU DO IT SO QUICKLY? AND WHY IS IT SO SMALL?"

Turning to Naruto Mika answered " I have far less chakra then either of you, so I have to use less chakra to be able to make the rasengan. As for how... well, I am a master at chakra control, Naruto. I am a medic, and that means my control is better than even Jiraiya's is and he's a Kage level ninja. The Rasengan looks like pure control, which it really is... so I figured it out."

Jiraiya walked over to Mika, and looked at his rasengan. "Improve your rotation and the power, otherwise it will backfire but other than that... good work, kid. Don't go teaching it to others though."

Mika smiled. " Why would I?"

Naruto huffed. "It's so not fair, why are you so good at everything."

"Hard work Naruto, being smart helps but I work my ass off... tell you what, I can prove it. I will get you to master the Rasengan in one week."

Jiraiya gaped. " Your serious?"

"Yup, if I do... you'll teach me the beginnings of sealing. You are said to be a master, right? I wanna learn."

The man held out a hand. "Deal."

"What are the steps for the jutsu, you mentioned the first step? I wanna master it more on my own too."

"First step is just popping the ballon... second is using it on a rubber ball to make the power. The last is to maintain the shape and flow of a water ballon without popping it. Can you do that?"

"I'll work on it... Naruto, make... fifty clones." Naruto gave him a weird look. " Just trust me, I will help you master it but first we need to up your control."

Jiraiya groaned. "Really?"

"What, Naruto needs more control to master it. His control is below average, and he has more chakra than you do. Upping his control first, via clones, will make this easier. Naruto, have ten clones do cartwheels up the tree, the rest will be sticking leaves to their bodies.. except one, I will be eating that clone's chakra. I need it if I am going to be practicing this jutsu. I used a fifth of my chakra just to make a weaker version of it."


'No wonder Sensei wanted him in Anbu, he may have more talent than I do... he figured out the Rasengan in moments. I get that he is a master at Chakra control but seriously... Naruto really might master this early if Mika has something to say about it.' The Toad Sanin then watched as Mika ate Naruto's clone, using the chakra to practice the steps of the Rasegan or rather the first step.

"Naruto, I'll make you a bet. Master the first step in less than ten tries and I will teach you better taijutsu."

Naruto, who hated Mika, jumped in unison with his clones. "You beat Neji and Sasuke, your Taijutsu has to be great. Okay, men, let's do this!" Naruto said to his clones.

Mika just laughed. "Naruto, do it in less then five tries and not only will I teach you taijutsu, but I will also buy you a weapon and get you started."

Naruto, ever the child, went wide eyed.


"Yup."And that was how Jiraiya Naruto would get better it in a week. Mika cracked the code, bribery was the key to Naruto's growth." Do you know why I am having you use clones?" Naruto shook his head. "The more the clones know, you know. You are cutting your training time by fifty times. Every ten minutes, or if any clones make progress, dispel them so your other clones will learn and you can stack your experience. By the nights end, you will have control at least twice as good as before, better than Sasuke's by far. If you get the chance to spar with me, I can make you skilled enough to fight Sasuke. Hell, if you really impress me, I will make you a whole regimen to make you stronger than Sasuke. I want to repay you for saving my ass, so let's really impress me here."

And now Jiraiya knew Naruto would end up so much stronger through Mika just by the end of their time finding Tsunade, whenever that would happen.


Mika disliked Naruto, but he was tired of people carrying the boy's weight. It was time he made him into a beast, Mika had never done much teaching but he was sure he could do it. Kakashi didn't seem that good of a teacher, so someone had to help Naruto less he remain a burden... and since he was a Jinchuuriki, there was an added stressor of getting the boy strong enough to not get captured.

The village would suffer if Naruto was caught, and so could the world. It was imperative that Naruto grow. Mika could not keep do his duty and protect Naruto all the time, Naruto needed to be better for all of their sakes... prevention was key here not a bandage approach like learning the Rasengan. Cool and flashy it was, the technique was useless without speed or skill, Naruto lacked both. Mika would change that...

And no one would question his loyalty again...

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was beyond fun. Mika learning the rasengan easily was the thing I kept, I needed to do it... sorry... just had to. It is pure control, it seemed perfect for Mika to master to showcase the benefits of good control even if his power is lacking.

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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