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Flight with Jiraiya

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"What is this?" Mika asked, the chunin vest in his hands. "I thought only the Hokage could appoint new Chunin?"

The council around Mika, clan heads and so on, nodded to him with Shibi Aburame standing. "Mika, you must understand that with the Hokage dead, we are given cetian powers that we might otherwise not have. This is one of them. Your performance has placed you in the bingo book, and it was extraordinary. Keeping you genin level would not make sense."

Sighing, Mika happily switched his vest for his chunin vest. " I am honored... but why now? Why not publically...?"

Shibi, sweet kind Shibi who knew Mika decently well through his son Shino, remained standing. "You'RE too clever to hide this from... but Kabuto betrayed the village, he was a spy for Orochimaru."

Mika's eyes widened. "When did he officially defect?"

"After the second exam, why?"

"He trained me for the Chunin exams, I wouldn't have mastered chakra siphoning as much as I have without him..." Mika looked at his feet. "I did not know, I would have said something, anything."

Shibi sighed. "Your loyal, I know that well enough. From what I gather, it was your influence that got my son to save many lives during the invasion. From his reports, he obeyed your orders and woke up many ninjas allowing for many lives to be saved. Plus, I know you got him to start practicing the Chain Sickle, which saved his life when he ran low on beetles and chakra. I thank you for that, you are always welcome in my compound."

Hizashi Hyuuga nodded. "Your influence helped Hinata, I have received two dozen thanks yous from Ninjas begging for her to be promoted. She killed, something I never believed her capable of... How?"

"I treated her like a person, without expectations. Can't say much more than then that as I am not sure how I helped. She is a good friend, I would be happy to train with her more if it brought out a better side of her."

Hizashi smiled, softly. "I will arrange for her to be placed under you, a good influence is needed and you worked exceptionally well together from what I hear."

"As did my Ino, she may have lost the Chunin exams but she played a vital role in saving many lives," Inoichi said, a proud look in his eyes.

Mika then smiled, proud. "Ino has so much potential it is scary, but she was obsessed with Sasuke. Challenging her helps her to overcome this and really grow. She will do well, she learned a blade even faster than I did."

Shibi nodded. " It is for this leadership that you were promoted. We are debating the others, but we will let you know. At the least, they will get a great recommendation."

"What about Kabuto, I assume you promote me to give me less reason to defect?" Mika asked, not at all seeing an issue with that despite the guilt on the council's faces. "What, it's a good plan. I am happy for it. I admit I am not the most loyal, but I am loyal to my friends. To Shino, to Ino, to Hinata... I am loyal to the Hosptial system I adore working in. I am loyal to my progress and my skills, which this village is allowing to be cultivated. Do not worry for me."

It was then that one of the Elders stood, Koharu he believed. "We will worry, however, we also have a mission for you. You will go with Jiraiya and Naruto Uzumaki to retrieve Tsunade Senju to become the Hokage. We want Jiriaya to keep an eye on you, frankly."

Mika scowled. "Am I that much of a threat?"

"Not really, but with your access to medical files and overall skill you could be a thorn we would be foolish to ignore. We did not take Kabuto seriously and look what happened there."

Gritting his teeth, Mika nodded. "I assume you have told the Hospital of my mission?" They nodded. "Thank you... when do I depart?'

"In an hour, go pack."

Bowing low, Mika turned on heel then stopped. "Can I see my bingo book entry? I am curious to what they know of me and who put me in."

Shibi tossed him a book. " Go to page sixty-four."

And so Mika did as he said.

Name- Mika


Appearance - Around Four Feet Tall with Dark Blue Eyes, Curly Brown Hair, and Very fair skin.

Threat Level - Low B Rank

Attributes- Very High Reflexes, Low to Moderate Chakra levels with massive control, Massive Intellectual and Adaptive capabilities.

Skills- B class Sensor, Class Two Medic, Skilled Kenjutsu user, Above average Taijutsu user specializing in evasion. Masterful usage of the Replacement. Capable of killing with the Hidden Mist Jutsu. Possesses an ability similar to the Gentle Fist

Weapons- Tsuguri and throwing weapons.

During the Invasion against Kohona, Mika was responsible for dozens of chunin and genin deaths.

Bounty : 350,000 in Sound Dead or Alive. Preferably alive.

" I guess I should be flattered," Mika said, stunned at the view of his abilities. Orochimaru led Sound, as they had all learned, so this meant it was fairly accurate. " I take it that this is partially why I am going with Jiriaya? Since they want me alive?"

Shibi nodded. "Precisely."

"Wonderful... well, I guess I will go get my stuff ready."


Meeting up at the gates, Mika saw Naruto and a tall White haired Man looking at him expectantly. "You must be Jiraiya, nice to meet you."

Jiraiya nodded, pleased to be recognized. "That would be me and you must be the most recent Leaf Chunin, congratulations kid. I saw videos of your fights, you did very well."

"I thought so too."

"Why is he here!" Naruto bellowed, making Mika sigh.

"Why do you dislike me?"

"You killed Haku, he was my friend."

Mika turned to Naruto fully, spiking his killing intent enough that Naruto fell on his ass in terror. "I killed an enemy Ninja, that is all. Get over it. As for why I am here, I am in the Bingo book and Orochimaru is likely to try and employ me. Jiriaya is here to protect me. I am also a chunin, a skilled medic and a hell of a lot more skilled then you are. I beast Sasuke, Neji and Temari, all extremely powerful Ninja for their age. I could do nothing but help, so shut your mouth and lets get going."

Jiraiya just sighed. "Your not very nice, are you?"

"Not to idiots I am not."

"Fair enough... let's get going."


"Jiraiya, I can feel... two chakra signatures nearby that stand out." Mika said after hours of walking with Jiraiya and Naruto. He was meditating while walking, stretching his senses out as much as he could, figuring he might as well get in some practice while they traveled. He had been resting on that front for three days as it was. "One is utterly massive, higher by far than your chakra levels. The other is strong, but not high but the flow is flawless, their control is... they feel like Sasuke." Mika suddenly said, his mind making the connection. "He feels just like Sasuke's chakra."

Jiraiya turned to Mika, eyes wide. " Itachi... we need to be careful, Naruto if you are separated from me, Mika is in charge as the ranking officer. Run, run, and do not get caught." Naruto looked ready to revel but Jiraiya spiked his chakra so high the boy paled and shut his mouth. "Do what I said, Genin!"

Naruto nodded, grumbling. "Why him?"

"He's a proven commander, more skilled than you by far, and is capable of an executive order. He is also your commanding officer, you will obey him."

Mika ignored the smugness he felt at that. "I won't abuse it Naruto, now let's focus on not fighting potentially two Kage level ninja, shall we?" And then, like that, they blasted off into the distance... only for Mika to groan and turn. "They're moving fast, they'll be here shortly."

"I understand." Jiraiya said, spiking his chakra. "We fight, or rather I will... Mika, get Naruto out of here."

"Yessir." With that, Mika put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and drained a chunk of his chakra, something Naruto didn't even notice "Let's move." The two of them blasted off, moving at blinding speeds. " Naruto suppress your chakra, we can't afford to be tracked through the power you are leaking."

"Sur what? What does that mean?"

Mika did not behead Naruto, but he was tempted. "Lower your chakra levels so you don't seem so powerful, so easy to track."

"Why didn't you just say that?"

"Just do it!"


Mika did not scream... or carve out Naruto's heart... but boy was he getting close. Realizing they were screwed, Mika turned to Naruto. "Make a dozen clones, make half henge into me than go in different directions." That Naruto understood and within moments there were a dozen clones of them both, moving throughout the woods. "Let's get into that town we saw, most Ninja refuse to risk battle where there are civilian casualties, too much bad press."

They moved towards that town, Mika keeping his senses open to Jiraiya who was several miles back. He was unable to sense much, too new a sensor, but he could tell that Jiraiya was still alive. Which is what mattered really.

Or so Mika would have said had it not been for the mass of water that suddenly crashed into them, slamming them both into trees, knocking Naruto out. Mika barely stood, his body bruised but he had managed to send chakra into his back to limit the damage. "The fuck was that?"

Then he saw it, felt it... a man, shark looking and buff, standing not far from them, oozing more chakra than even Naruto. "I have permission to cut off your legs, it would be unwise for you to run."

Which means that it was exactly what Mika did, grabbing Naruto and sprinting as fast as he could, draining Naruto's chakra for the added stamina. he made it maybe three hundred yards before a massive bandaged club swung at him from nowhere. He managed flip over it, easily, but he swore it had it's own chakra. Mika landed on a tree branch, where he threw Naruto hard into another tree. The boy woke up then, somehow.

"RUN! I will hold him off, your more important, go!"

Mika pulled out his blade and turned, meeting in an instant with the man from earlier, club vs tiny sword. Mika was losing bad, but held on pushing back. "What do you want?"

The man smirked, leaning in. "We want the brat in orange, the Fourth's Legacy, the jinchuuriki."

Mika's eyes went wide and he pushed back with enough chakra that the man actually stumbled back. Leaping up, Mika decked the man hard, then kicked him away. " Naruto will never be yours!" He vowed, not caring for Naruto but needing to keep up the loyal ninja act for the sense of safety.

"I heard you were a good combatant, your in the bingo book after all, but you are miles from fighting me!" The man swung hard, and though Mika blocked it with his blade he went flying back. He was sure his wrist was sprained from the effort. "Damn..." He limped back, terrified. He had never felt so helpless, not even with Asuma... this man was a beast, with just a swing of his sword he nearly killed Mika.

'I might really die here, is Naruto worth it?'

"UZUMAKI BARRAGE!" The answer came with Naruto, dozens of Naruto clones, all sliding in randomly to punch and kick the monster of a man before them. The man didn't move, just grunted and slaughtered the clones with a swing of his sword... a sword that ate the chakra of the clones, as he sensed not a single ounce of it in the air.

Mika was furious. "You idiot, they're after you, run! Flee, you have your orders!"

Naruto ignored Mika and exploded in a swirl of orange chakra... chakra that was ripped away with a single swipe of the man's sword.

"Thank you, my blade is quite hungry for chakra and you just gave her a buffet."

Mika groaned. "We are so screwed... Jiraiya get here now!" Mika ran hard, ignoring his pain, and flipped over the man's blade, his hands landing on the monster's shoulders, pulling hard on his chakra. He drained what should have been twice his own levels, but the man didn't even seem to notice. "Naruto clones! Hidden Mist Jutsu!" Mika screamed, desperately before silently running through a second set of handsigns, whispering. " Demonic illusion: False Surroundings." Layering the jutsu as much as he could, two layers weakly transitioned over each other.

Then, sensing Naruto, Mika grabbed the idiot and ran off... before the man broke his genjutsu and killed them.

They made it ten feet before the man called out. "Water Dragon Jutsu!" And Mika barely managed to toss Naruto away before dodging, the edge of the dragon still clipping him and sending him into a tree and into darkness.

The last thing he sensed before he passed out was Jiraiya's chakra appearing right next to him, the man's warm arms catching him as he fell.

Then he knew no more...

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