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Mika vs Sasuke! A Testament to Skill

This might be my best battle scene yet... I am so proud of it, it really showcases Mika's skill and limits and that makes me proud.

I hope you love it.

Hinata felt... lighter, it was amazing what just a few weeks, did to someone when they were treated like a competent person. She loved her team, but they always treated her like she was breakable. Her family treated her like she was already broken. She felt better, better than she had in a long time, years really. She had no idea it was possible to feel so good...

What made it weird was that Mika hadn't even done a thing, just talked to her like a person and generally treated her like an equal. So did Ino, oddly enough and that meant the world to Hinata. She hadn't learned anything special, no unique jutsu or anything but sparring with Mika for several hours a day had created a more competent Hinata. Fighting someone that thought so far head, easily dancing away from her strikes, it just made it easier to learn and learn she did. Hinata knew she was better than before, markedly...

'How good would I be if he keeps helping me... training with me... maybe... maybe he will help me if I ask.'

Smiling, Hinata turned her attention back to Mika and Sasuke's fight, eager to watch him beat the Uchiha. She was looking forward to this, to just seeing Sasuke lose and Mika win. She had no real bones against Sasuke, but still... she had her favorite to root for.

"Forfiet, I saw you fight in Mist. I am stronger, I am faster, I have the Sharingan. What do you have?" Sasuke asked, calling out to Mika.

'Maybe in the Academy Sasuke, but I have trained with Mika for over a Month, he is easily Chunin level in speed, strength and taijutsu skill and it is not even his best skill... and that is to say nothing of his sword skills. He may be new to them but he is evolving at a high rate. He will be a master before a year has passed.'

Mika laughed, loudly. "Besides a smaller ego? The means to back up my cockiness. I know exactly how to beat you, your sensei even taught me as much." Mika made one handsign, and breathed a mass of Mist that covered the entire arena in seconds. Hinata activated her Byakugan to see through it, and what she saw made her smile.

Mika, dancing in and around the Mist, slicing and dicing Sasuke here and there. Within less than twenty seconds, she counted six cuts on Sasuke's body, all shallow but all painful. Two on his torso, one on the back of both hands, one on Sasuke's back and the last on his right upper arm. Most were no deeper than a paper cut, but all would impede Sasuke's ability to move or even cast jutsu.

And yet despite this Sasuke managed a powerful jutsu. "FIRE BALL JUTSU" The heat and force of the Jutsu blasted through the air with explosive energy, banishing the Mist showing Sasuke's damaged and bleeding body for all to see.

"Still think you can with, Uchiha?" Mika taunted.

Sasuke huffed, his eyes bleeding red. "Without the Mist to hide in, you cannot beat me." And then Sasuke moved at Blinding speeds, as fast as Lee with his weights.

And Mika still dodged his movements, flipping, ducking, twisting out of place. However, like Sasuke he had to use chakra to keep it up and unlike Sasuke he simply lacked the raw power to keep it up. Unlike with Neji, Mika had no means to take in more chakra at the moment. He would run low and then it would be all over...

'Please let Mika win this, he deserves it as much as Sasuke, he has worked so hard.'


Mika groaned, feeling his stamina and chakra waning. He would not last too much longer and he needed to win this... He had underestimated Sasuke's progress, he could feel the other boy's chakra levels, they were easily jonin level, it was insane. 'I am so screwed, I need to do something... anything, or I could fail this.' Yanking out his sword, Mika gathered his strength and shushined away, reaching the far edges of the arena where he hid by a tree, where he ran through a few handsigns. "Haze Illusion Jutsu!" Mika uttered and envisioned a clone of himself and before he knew it, there was a shimmering false version of himself. "Please work..." Mika prayed before hiding low in the foliage.

Sasuke was there in moments, kicking hard at the clone of Mika, before growling. "A clone, it isn't solid but I can't see through it?" Mika leaped up, using the last burst of chakra he had to overcome Sasuke and slash down hard against his back. "AHH!" Sasuke bellowed, before falling to his knees.

Mika quickly grabbed his shoulder and pulled hard, using his lack of chakra to turn his body into a sponge, draining Sasuke of a third of his massive chakra levels all at once, the natural leak of chakra from his exhaustion and overly quick pull ensured that he only absorbed a third of the chakra over all. It was enough to take Mika to a fourth of his natural levels, not nearly enough to safely transition into the next fight... unless it was Naruto, which would be a free for all.

A quick jab of Mika's hand, Mika knocked Sasuke out entirely then grabbed the boy by his shoulder and dragged him into the main part of the arena tossing him onto the ground. "I won." The crowd went wild and Mika stumbled back.

Hayate looked at him with amazement. " You good, kid?"

"Good enough..." And Mika's world spun around for just a moment, his body going into a slight shock from jumping in chakra levels. If he had managed to pull even more it might have damaged his chakra levels. 'I need to be careful...' Mika barely managed to turn to Hayate as they took Sasuke away. "I forfeit, I have no way to handle Gaara and I think I've earned a promotion." Slumping, Mika made his way to the stands, utterly exhausted.


Kakashi swore, not sure if he was angry or what he was feeling. 'How'd he beat Sasuke? Sasuke should have been miles above him, especially after training him in taijutsu like that?' He wanted to sigh loudly, groan and throw a fit. 'Sasuke is going to not be happy, this might push him even more to Orochimaru.'

"He barely won." Asuma said, leaning towards Kakashi mockingly. "So much for the great Uchiha clan."

"Mika is indeed a youthful Ninja." Gai said, pride in his voice. "Perhaps I could get him to spar with my teammates, that would be youthful."

"I will have to have him spar with my team, I know he is friends with Shino already and he likes Hinata, he might have some things to say to Kiba but I cannot help but see it being anything but good for my team."

Kakashi just nodded, slumping forward. "He did well, I will have to congratulate him."


"The boy has dominated this chunin exams, who are his parents?" Rasa asked Hiruzen.

"He has a civilian born Ninja, his parents were both civilians." Hiruzen replied, filled with pride. "He is almost entirely self taught and managed to overcome low chakra levels and lack of access to greater resources while in the academy."

Rasa nodded. "I would be quite proud of him."

"I am, deeply and without reservation."

"He would make a good ANBU member, if nothing else."

"He is also a healer, a class two Medic with mere months of training. I am quite impressed with him, very proud." And it was true, Hiruzen may have had reservations at times towards him, he still with all Mika had accomplished so much in such a small amount of time. The boy, like Sasuke, Shino and Neji, was overall easily a Chunin level Ninja learning towards high Chunin due to his unique skills and supportive talents. He would never be the most powerful Ninja, but with his chakra siphoning technique the kid would be outright terrifying. With the Hidden Mist jutsu, Mika would be as deadly as the Sanin... possible even as powerful as Itachi himself,...

And that was what the village needed in that moment.

He was not a young man anymore and with the Sanin aging, and only one loyal, they would need powerful people in the future if the village was to thrive.

'I will be making him ANBU for certain.' Leaning in, he turned to his guards. "If I forget, make sure the boy is offered a spot into ANBU by the month's end." He whispered.

The man before him almost gasped but nodded. "Yessir."

"Consider putting him into the fast path to Captian if you need to."

The man nodded. "Yessir."

Satisfied, Hiruzen moved his attention to the fights below. This was Naruto's fight and the one he had been looking forward to the most if he was being honest with himself. He could not wait to see it...

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was beyond fun, I loved this chapter so much. Mika actually struggled and that makes me proud.

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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