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A few simple fights

Everyone makes all of the fights go the same way, I am changing that status quo on every level here since this is where Mika's presence can really make a change.

From his place, masquerading as an ANBU, Kabuto struggled to not celebrate his student's incredible success. 'You showed them, there is no way Lord Orochimaru will not take you in... now I just have to get you to understand that. The only problem is how?'

Eager, the young spy turned his attention to where Mika was approaching the other genin waiting to take their turns fighting the opposition. Kabuto pushed his chakra into his ear, making it possible to overhear them.

"How'd you do that?" Naruto Uzumaki asked, almost breathless.

Mika laughed. "With great skill and a lot of luck. If he went all out, I would have lost, he undervalued my abilities and screwed himself over." Mika groaned, leaning against the wall. " That trick is hard and he hits hard. It would have failed against Lee, really it was made for Neji and people like him. I need more stamina, fighting kike that is hard."

Naruto gaped at him. "Really, you only fought for a few minutes, it can't be that tiring?"

"Not all of us are made of stamina and chakra Naruto, some of us have to earn that stuff..." he turned and smiled at Shino. "I do believe it is your fight, with Shikamaru no doubt. Please, beat his lazy ass."

Shikamaru snorted and Shino nodded, a sly low smirk on his face. "I plan too,... using the gift you gave me, my friend. We must spar together, why? It has been almost two months since he trained together..."

Nodding Mika turned to the arena, just as Shino and Shikamaru walked out of the waiting area ready to fight each other.


Mika smiled, watching and knowing that Shino could and would demolish Shikamaru. Shino was probably the most intelligent person in their class, bar Shikamaru and Mika himself, he was skilled and dangerous in a fight and that was just in the academy, Mika had no idea what skills Shino had harnessed in the two months since graduation! He could not wait to see what he was capable of. He missed his old friend, to be honest.

Shino and Shikamaru both fell into stances, Shino moving his wrists together. The moment they were given the go, Shino slide his wrists together and in a puff of smoke his Chain Sickle appeared. Twirling it, the boy threw the chain at Shikamaru who threw himself to the side to dodge, a smart move as a small crater formed when the ball smashed against the ground.

"Your laziness irritates me, show me what you can do when you actually try." Shino declared, his voice in a rare high spike. The boy pulled the chain back to himself, twirling it more. "Let me show you what I can do, what you need to learn to be." In a flash of movement, Mika barely followed, Shino was by Shikamaru, lashing out his his sickle, making Shikamaru dodge by throwing himself back.

Shino threw his chain at Shikamaru wrapping around his leg and yanked it back, the Nara boy's head smacking against the ground. Bugs exploded from Shino wrapping around the Nara and sucking him dry in seconds, Mika could sense it.

Mika let out a long laugh. "Shino is awesome, my best friend for a reason. I don't tolerate weaklings."

Naruto turned to him, gaping. " What's that weapon?"

"Chain sickle, I bought it for Shino as a graduation present." Mika turned to Naruto, winking. "Show me something impressive, and I'll buy you something pretty too."

"Your weird."

"Only when I am happy, which is rare for me since I hate most things and most people." Mika shrugged. "In all seriousness, I wanna see what you can really do. Your facing Dosu, so show me what you can do."

Naruto nodded and threw himself over the side, ready to face Dosu... and probably lose if Mika was being honest with himself. Dosu's sound jutsu had tremendous range and Naruto had no means to protecting himself from sound based attacks nor the speed to overcome them. His loss was almost assured.

Shino slowly approached Mika from behind, putting hand on his shoulder. Mika felt the bugs crawling on him and to his shock, they were pumping him full of chakra. "I want to face you at full strength. What you lack in stamina, you will have in chakra."

Mika smiled warmly at Shino. "Your great, you know that? Oh and very impressive victory, you didn't linger and you defeated him."

Shino nodded. " This exam is for people like you anyway, people who need to prove themselves beyond their bloodline. I could easily get a promotion at any time due to them knowing my family skills. You lack that, so I wish for you to get the chance to shine when you can."

Mika kissed the boy's cheek softly, something that meant the world to Shino since people feared touching the weird bug boy. Even in the Academy before they knew of the Bugs. Mika never minded and often showered his friend in that affection, knowing it meant so much. He must have missed it.

"Wanna make bets on if Naruto will somehow win this one too? He beat Kiba through a fart last time, I wonder how he will pull victory from his ass this time?"

Shino actually chuckled. "Who knows, but I am sure he will find some way. Despite rarely training and putting no effort into being a ninja, he always gets by. He has rare good luck, that one."

"It's kind of annoying actually... but that is enough for now, let's watch."

They both turned to see Naruto charge Dosu, like a fool... and then Sasuke and Kakashi appeared in a swirl of leaves.

" We aren't late, are we?"

Mika's killer intent exploded into life, the urge to bury Kakashi in a deep grave far too strong to repress. Everyone around him and several people in the crowd, shivered and looked at him in confusion. Shino just sighed."It has been years since you lost control over your killer intent, this really bothers you this much?"

"No one else could get away with this crap... I hate it."

"I see... at least you will... what is the phrase, be able to beat Sasuke's ass?"

Mika's killer intent sharped at that. "I look forward to it..." He leaned over. " Proctor, is it our turn or what?"

Hayate, clearly annoyed, turned to him. "Let's finish Naruto's fight then you can beat the Uchiha's ass as you did Temari and Neji's."

Kakashi almost jumped. " He beat them both?"

"At the same time."

Kakashi didn't look so smug anymore and Mika thrived on that.

And so Naruto's fight restarted once more, Sasuke and Kakashi leaving the field.


"What'd I miss?" Kakashi asked his fellow Jonin as soon as he joined them.

"Mika, a mere civilian born Ninja, defeated the supposed bad ass Hyuuga Genius and the Kazekage's daughter. He made a technique that made him easily counter Neji's entire Gentle Fist. I would have a hard time counter him." Kurenai said, her tone proud. " I trained him you know, for the chunin exams, I wonder how he will use what I taught him."

"So do I..." Kakashi shuddered, Kurenai may be a a new Jonin but she had jonin skills for years. She was not someone to underestimate. "Pity nothing you could have taught him will help against the Sharingan."

Kurenai smirked deeply. "Pity that he has many other skills, the boy is practically a jack of all trades. He learned quite a bit over the last month, even things I did not teach him. How siphon chakra, a few minor ninjutsu it seems... nothing to impressive by themselves but working in tangent it makes him quite dangerous."

Asuma laughed. "I knew the boy would be something here..."

Gai nodded. " I cannot believe he beat Neji, his Youth is in fact so strong."


"Shino, if you beat Dosu, get me that arm. I want it." Mika said as he watched Dosu dispel a dozen clones with a single swipe of his arm. "And remind me to look into sound jutsu in general."

"I may keep that Device instead, it would go so well with my Beatles."

"Bastard...and look, Naruto won via clones. What a one-trick pony, at least it is my turn..."

Shino laughed. "Go beat that inbred Uchiha, he deserves a few kicks in his face."

Sasuke, who was next to them, looked at them in shock, clearly not seeing their point.

"I am aware... " And with that, Mika hoped down to the arena. "Come on Uchiha, let's get this over with. I want to beat your ass."

Sasuke just looked at him for a moment before smirking deeply. "Your funeral." And then he too hoped down.

Mika knew exactly how to beat the last Uchiha, all too easily...after all, Kakashi had taught him the trick personally.

No one in the Leaf, bar Kakashi, would really see it coming either... and if nothing else, this alone would give him his Chunin promotion.

Mika was damn sure of it... or at least, really hopeful...

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This was fun to write.

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