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Since Sasuke is the pinnacle of his class, I wanted to use him as a base to compare how advanced Mika is for reference. Some showing is vital, but I think seeing this will help keep me in line too.

Sasuke Vs Mika

Ninjutsu 2.5 vs 1.5 -

Taijutsu 2.5 vs 2.5- Mika is exceptionally good at evasion and defensive fighting as opposed to Sasuke's direct combat

Genjutsu 1.5 vs 3

Intelligence 2 vs 4

Strength 2 vs 1

Speed 3 vs 1.5

Stamina 2 vs 1

Hand seals 3 vs 3- This is not influenced by Genes so they can be equal here I think.

Total 18.5 vs 17.5

Sasuke is still the better fighter due to superior genetics, offensive style and the fireball jutsu, but Mika is more intelligent, educated, and evasive with far better control so this plays in his favor.

Sorry for the long intro but there is actually a story down here...

"Well that was easy," Mika muttered, having easily finished the graduation exam in record time. He was the first to finish... really all of it. It wasn't hard, in any way. A simple evaluation in hand to hand early in the morning, an academic test which he easily passed, and three simple genin level jutsu that he could do while sleeping since unlike his class he actually trained beyond the academy. "How anyone could fail that after seven years... sigh... people are worthless."

He stayed behind, waiting in the hall, waiting for Shino to finish with his test. Knowing his friend's skill, he would be the third out, after Sasuke... which turned out to be true! Ten minutes after Mika's test had finished, Sasuke came out looking peeved, marching away arrogantly, then Shino came next. They said nothing as they left the academy, moving towards town.

"You have been hiding skills from me, you were the first to finish your tests." Shino said after a few minutes. "Why is this?"

Smiling, Mika turned to the only friend his age he had. "I was trying to impress my Genin teacher, and to make sure I didn't graduate to early... and to be honest I needed to keep Kabuto happy. I told you how he wanted me to stay back until now, I figured I'd lose my edge with him if I graduated early. This way I could use him longer."

Shino nodded, not judging the idea of using another so openly. Shino was cool like that, he understood the way the world worked. He wasn't a weakling that relied solely on the idea that friendship was the absolute and that people didn't cultivate connections in part to get something out of it. He understood reality...

"How do you plan on celebrating your graduation?" Shino asked.

"Not really planning on celebrating at all, it was far too easy. I was thinking of treating it like any old day, maybe take advantage of the new access we have to the Library, see what I can pilfer there. I was leaning on genjutsu and a weapon to compensate for my small body and low chakra levels. You?"

Shino sighed. "My family, especially the married in members, will insist I celebrate with a party of some sorts. You are free to join us, if you'd like."

"I think I'll pass, Shino, not my style... but thank you." He stopped there, and reached into his bag, a satchel he kept on him at all times. From within, he pulled out a scroll. "I thought you might like this. I saved up my monthly income, bought you this and I have enough to by myself something. Thought it might keep you alive."

Frowning, Shino twisted the scroll open and released the seal with his chakra. Through a puff of smoke, he pulled out a shiny kusiraga and a scroll on how to use it. "Really?"

"You can't use major chakra-based attacks, I thought a weapon that gives you range would make you more potent. If you want me to take it back, I can always use the money?"

Shino huffed and returned it to the scroll. "Nonsense, as usual, your logic is flawless. I will use this and become more potent. Thank you for this gift. I will owe you one later it seems."

Mika laughed. "Maybe you just will... now, go off and enjoy your party."

Shino just glared at him before leaving, leaving Mika with a sense of amusement he carried with himself all the way to the Library.


"So much knowledge, and it's all mine... well not counting the restricted sections." He muttered as he walked down the treasured halls of the library. He found, within minutes, over sixty books or scrolls he wanted to read. He had to temper himself, not knowing how hard his genin sensei's training would be daily... so he would have to start with something small. "What are my weaknesses... well range for one." He looked down at his hands, sighing at his tiny frame. He was barely over four feet tall at present, with proportionally small limbs. "I need a weapon, but just what should I start with? I need a better taijutsu style, one that gives me more fire power... and I need jutsu. Things that could actually give me some offense. I will likely always be a defensive ninja, but to ignore my offense would be a fool's game.

So I guess that's settled... Weapons, taijtusu and ninjutsu in that order... or maybe Genjutsu? That would fit better with my power levels and experience with control... I could start with both? Find a base-level Ninjutus, like a Shushin perhaps? Or maybe scrolls on refining my academy jutsu to make them more potent, we did read that the Second Hokage turned the regular Clones into the Shadow Clone Jutsu so perhaps I could find my own inspiration there? This will be tough... Perhaps going with all of the above it a good start, but keep Weapons, Taijtusu and Medical jutsu as my priority since i have no idea how long Kabuto will allow me access to that scroll he gave me last night."

Satisfied with his thoughts, he quickly made a path into the Weapons sections and began his search. Within an hour, he found four scrolls that he would study... One on Tsuguri combat, one on Dancing Leaf Taijutsu style, One on the Shushin, and one on entry to Genjtusu practices.

The first scroll, on Tsuguri combat, was chosen for it's need for speed and reflex. A rarely used weapon, the blade was used more in the days of the First Hokage. It was a style of blade he would be hard-pressed to find and may need to be handcrafted but he was sure he saved enough money for it. The blade, thin and double-sided, was not meant for outright defense which would work as that required a significantly higher level of physical strength than he thought himself capable of. At least for the time being.

Next came the Dancing Leaf style, a generic style to be sure but a good stepping stone for himself to work with. It relied on speed and agility to hit an enemy with rapid fire lesser blows to wear them down, something that would fit well with his more evasive style... or so he hoped. There was a shockingly low level of available taijtusu styles free to the public to learn. He knew the academy taijutsu style of course, but it was too well known and generic to be of use against more advance enemies and well... he had to plan ahead.

Then there was the Shushin, he hadn't found anything on advancing the academy jutsu so he would have to do that on his own. Pity really... he was already so busy. Still, it would give him an edge against people his age and help while he bolstered his own currently available strength and speed.

Lastly, there was Entry Genjutsu practices. It contained no genjutsu, just the warning and basics understanding of genjutsu that one should manage to know before they started to practice. Like how to prevent your brain from being consumed by your own illusions, how to break out of an illusion and so on. It would be vital in his studies, and he vowed to master it entirely before he ever tried a single genjutsu, the warnings alone made even him shudder.

"Alright... that was productive... next stop, time to buy weights and... I guess a practice sword. I refuse to really use sword skills in battle until I know I can rely on them."


It was easy to get the practice sword, even though Tsuguri blades were rare, it was still just barely used enough to have practice dummy blades to practice with. It cost more though than he'd like, so after buying his weights and all he was pretty tapped out. Still, it was enough to get him started which was something. He was putting a lot on his plate, but that was okay. He knew from Kabuto how biased and bad the genin senseis were, so really he would likely be on his own like when he was in the academy...

He would have to take it slowly, one day at a time, tweaking his training schedule so he could still learn and refine everything and never lose touch of his basic skills. However, there was one thing he needed to start with, beyond it all...

The Mystic Palm Jutsu! An A Rank jutsu that started small, but healing small fish! He loathed to waste the food, so he vowed to eat whatever he failed to heal... or save it to be eaten later.

"Alright... let's see what I can do." he said to the fish before him. He closed his eyes, went through the handsigns, then put his hands down, pushing his chakra out. He saw the green glow and hoped he was doing it right. The fish flopped and flipped and freaked out...and then died, burned up from the inside. " Damn... that's hard." he panted. "Okay, less pressure... more control... I can do this."

He immediately tried again.


"I failed about three more times before I had to stop, my chakra levels too low. I really have insanely low reserves." Mika sighed, making Kabuto laugh.

"I learned when I was around five, and I had much more chakra than you do now... so yeah you do, but hey you're young and your power is growing daily. You're already four times more chakra intensive than you were just a few years ago. Be proud of that growth. Not many can claim it." Kabuto offered the boy a sly grin. "It's what happens when a civilian born Ninja starts out, your kids will likely have more power just from your more potent power and if you start their training young they'll be even stronger."

"Fair point..." Mika said as he started to clear a bed, popping the linens into a bin by the room. Then he wiped down the bed and all of the machines near it. "How long till I can join this place as more than a volunteer?"

Kabuto frowned. "Oh technically immediately, as long as you pass the second test."

Mika froze. " That what?"

"Oh, technically there is a second test, to the discretion of your teacher. It is randomly placed and done really... you never know what it will be."

"Great, now I have this to... at least now that I have graduated I can become a full time Medic if I fail this stupid test... right?"

Kabuto nodded. "Technically yes and since you've been volunteering it would be easy to get you placement."

"At least there is that... and I don't have to wait if I pass this test? How often would I train with here?"

"Oh at least twice a week mandatory, but a lot of Genin Senseis take the weekend off you could train with us while your likely clan or family teammates are off with their families. That way your not being left behind. Oh that reminds me, what are you working on personally?"

And so Mika told Kabuto what he was working on from the library, making the man nodded. "That is a lot, but I have faith in you. You'll be more a jack of all trades, but that is always better than a master of one. Just keep healing as your focus, you should have at least one mastery jack or not."

"Naturally... so this room is done, where to next?"

Kabuto smirked. "Oh to clean out bedpans of course, did you think today would be easy?"

"Not for a moment."

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was beyond fun, I missed Mika.

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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