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Carrying flowers, elegantly displayed, Mika moved up the hospital to check upon his one time patient. Hinata Hyuuga was waiting in room Six B on the Med surge floor, free access to any visitors bar Neji Hyuuga. Mika was excited to see the girl, she had so much potential to help him and he could do the same for her. He would have to start a connection between them, they had never really spoken to each other as academy students. They barely knew each other really... so he would have to be careful.

Slowly, he found her room and walked in, flowers in a vase in his hand. "Hello, Hinata."

The girl, laying in a bouquet of pillows, turned to him smiling warmly, but with some shock. "Mika, I heard you helped me... thank you."

He smiled at her, warmly. "I did... this is not a social visit I am afraid Hinata, I will not bluff with you." He slowly approached her, placing his flowers on the side of her bed. Going through his handsigns, he summoned the Mystic Palm and waved it over her chest. " They healed you up nicely, If I hadn't helped you... you might not be alive. Even if you did live, you'd have a much longer recovery. It's amazing what quick care can do, is it not?"

She cringed. "... I owe you."

"Then make it up to me... spar with me, daily, so I can beat your cousin into the dirt. He and Gaara are the only real challenges I have, I need your and Kurenai's help... please, I beg you, help me."

She turned away. " I cannot betray my clan."

"A clan that includes Neji, who legit tried to take your life for no real reason?"

"He has his reasons..." and so Hinata wove the tale of her own kidnapping at the age of three, and the death of Neji's father. Mika slapped her head hard before she finished. "Why?" She squeaked out.

"Blaming a little girl for the actions of a jonin is shameful, you were a baby no one should blame you for anything. Ever." Mika oozed chakra, a thick film of it that made the girl recoil."

"He's right." They both jumped, turning to see Kurenai in the doorway. "Hinata, you are in no way to blame for this... I will be helping him to overcome his enemies, and so will you Hinata. Neji needs to pay for his actions, Mika has the means to make it reality."

Hinata sighed. " I cannot teach you the Gentle fist."

"I need to just spar with you, I'll figure out the rest. I am pretty good at that."

She sighed once more, then turned away. "Okay... Mika... since you healed me, I guess I cannot say no."

"I am not forcing you Hinata, this is your choice. Now... I saw your file, you're out of here tomorrow, so we can start then. I'll meet you at training field... eleven. I just reserved it for my personal usage for the entire month." He leaned in and kissed her temple, making Hinata squeak. " I'll see you tomorrow."

Kurenai stopped him. "Genjutsu only from me. I will teach you nothing that will beat Shino. I am still his teacher."

Mika nodded.

And with that, he rushed away, going to his next victim.


"Sure, I'm down!" Ino said, all but flying towards Mika. Her sword, the one he found for her, on her sheath. " I can't wait to learn to use this... I am so down for this."

Mika laughed. " I am learning or planning to learn my chakra element, buy some chakra paper and join me. I chose you so you can help me with my sensory powers, among other things. I really want you to get better, you're wasting so much potential."

She blushed." You think I have potential?"

"Leaps and bounds of it. That jutsu you used, to bind Sakura with your hair... that was brilliant Ino. You deserve to be recognized for that. Hell, you can pick up Genjutsu with me, since Kurenai is teaching me this. You can learn with me, and give yourself a leg up. You can be made into the real leader of your team, picking up the skills needed to make it less predictable."

She nodded, excited. "That and my blade will make me unbeatable, I will never lose to Sakura again!"

"No you won't... I'll see you at training field eleven round eight in the morning. Earlier if you wanna see how I warm up."

"Be there!" She said, excited and Mika laughed, excited to finally get started on this part of his future.


"We'll drop you to two days a week medical, that way you can keep a steady income while also working on your medical skills."

Mika smiled at his preceptor, excited. "Thank you... but where's Kabuto? Should he be teaching me?"

"Oh, he's busy..."

Mika was so excited, he never noticed the man's reticence and the fear that filled his face at the mention of Kabuto's name.


Ino huffed and puffed, the very next day she was utterly beaten by Mika's hard work. "How do... you ... keep up! You have so little chakra, how can you deal with this?" She huffed, falling knees deep into the water they were sparring on, she had lost each time by Mika's hand. Mika had the experience in kenjutsu and this easily beat Ino each time. "I can barely keep up."

"It's all in my control, I have spades of it really. I am a medic, I have been training in medical style chakra control for years. I am pretty good at it. I can get you some scrolls, get your control up. Training on the water will help, trust me."

She nodded, exhausted. "No wonder your so powerful..."

"The medical stuff helped more than most. Gave me excellent evasion and agility, observational skills and great chakra control."

"All useful things." They both turned to Kurenai, who was walking to the field with a weary Hinata. "Now, it is time to see how you manage with genjutsu and taijutsu."

Mika nodded. " I was thinking Ino and Hinata could do a warm up spar while you and I discussed Genjutsu for a bit. Then I'll spar her."

"Sounds fair... Hinata, go ahead and try your best." Hinata nodded and shakily walked over to Ino, who nodded with excitement.

Mika laughed and turned his attention to Kurenai. "So... where do we start?"

"I guess a base of what you already know for genjutsu, so I am not wasting my time repeating myself."

"I've read a dozen or so scrolls on the basis of genjutsu, complete with the warnings to never train in it on your own. Less you get trapped in your own mind. I know it affects part of the brain in charge of the way the brain processes it's senses. I know there are two types of genjutsu inately, the kind that makes internal noise and the type that makes external noise."

The woman nodded, proud. " I am glad you've read ahead, that's a good assessment though basic. I think we will start with the basics, the Hell's Viewing technique and move onto more advanced techniques like the Sly Mind technique or the False surroundings. I want you to learn and master at least three genjutsu by the months end and how to break out of illusions, which means I will be testing you to break to of them." She blinked her blue eyes at Mika and he pulsed out his chakra, shattering the illusion she had already placed him in. "Good, you noticed the illusion on me already. That was the False surroundings, a weaker version. What gave it away."

"Blue eyes, not red."

"Ah... good on you to notice."

Mika smiled, proud of himself. " I take it the illusions will be getting far harder?"

"More than you can imagine, but that is for another time... for now, let work on you spar with Hinata." They both turned over and saw Hinata and Ino huffing and puffing, Hinata having clearly lost her fight. Mika frowned.

"She's miles ahead of Ino in Taijutsu, how'd she lose?"

"She has no confidence... "

"Ah... bummer, we'll be changing that then."

Hinata walked over to Mika then, her head low. "Are you sure you still want to train with me?"

Mika lifted her chin with a finger. " More than you can know... so let's get started."

The girl smiled at him then, warm and sweet. She settled into her stance, ready. " Show me what you can do!" She said, her tone strong as he heard during her fight with Neji and he knew it was go time. It ended up being a stalemate. When she went full force, Hinata was far better at Taijutsu then Mika but his evasive skills gave him just enough of an edge to be able to dance around her movements. Their spar lasted about twenty minutes before Hinata beat him with a solid strike to his stomach, knocking the air from him. "I am so sorry!" Hinata almost cried.

Mika just laughed. " For what, beating me? Your taijutsu is miles ahead of my own. No feeling bad, just victory Hinata, your quite good it."

She blushed a deep red at that and Mika knew that she would be okay. He also knew he made a new ally in Hinata, one possibly in Kurenai and one definitely in Ino... all good for a days work.

"Hey Mika, can you show us how you did that speedy thingy you did to beat Kankuro?" Ino suddenly asked, drawing Mika's attention.

"The shushin? Sure... it's not very hard, I am just good at it. It's one of the few things that come easy to me outright. It requires great control to do it without smoke or leaves or whatever, so don't expect much at first."

Ino nodded, but even Hinata seemed excited for once, Mika realizing in that minute that there was more to these girls than he realized before. Maybe he cast judgment too early on them.

Only time would tell...


"Hell's viewing." Mika muttered on Ino, making the girl's eyes go wide before a screech crossed her lips... then she broke the genjutsu, as Kurenai had taught them, but the girl was in tears. "What did you see?"

"I saw my family, murdered before me... I knew it was fake though, Daddy's too tough to act so weak."

Mika nodded. " That was clever then... I am sorry it showed you that."

"It's fine... so, are you going to try that scroll you said you got from the Ninja you killed?"

Mika nodded. " First, let's all test our elements." Mika handed a chakra paper to Ino and a tired Hinata, who he learned had weak stamina like him. They all pushed their chakra into the paper and Mika was amazed at the results. Ino had Earth chakra, Hinata had Fire chakra... and Mika had Water and Fire chakra. His paper both burned and sogged up, leaving him gaping. "That was... different."

Kurenai laughed. "You have a dual element, that is usually a sign of complex emotional natures. Very nice, though it is clear your Water chakra is far stronger than your Fire element... anyway it is time I go. I only agreed to teach you Genjutsu. We can spead three hours a day on this, every day bar Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday as those last two are when you work at the Hospital. That way you get a real foundation. I wish you luck, Mika. Come along Hinata, you need more rest, You can work on your element tomorrow."

The girl nodded and left, but only after giving Mika and Ino a warm stuttering smile.

Ino sighed. "I promised my mother I'd help her with the shop after noon, so I have to go... it was fun training with you. I look forward to more tomorrow. I can't wait to see how you fight in the finals. Even if you lose against Sasuke." She stuck out her tongue, making Mika chuckle before she hurried away...

As she left, Mika settled into a meditative stance. " Time to work on my chakra pulses. I need to figure that chakra siphoning technique... It has to be a reverse of the chakra transfer technique... I can so do this."

"Yes, you can!" Mika almost jumped at Kabuto's voice and sudden chakra presence. He opened his eyes and saw the other boy, looking at him eagerly. "My teammate taught me that trick, I'll help you."

"Sounds great." And Mika, despite his desire to know why Kabuto forfeited needlessly, moved that thought aside eager to master this potentially vital technique,...

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