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My og story was great in this area, so I took inspiration but changed things to make it fit better...

Keep in mind Mika is actually really good with shushin and has been practicing it like crazy. He is not to be trifled with for his age.

For the next five days, Mika spent as much time as safely possible training, keeping his skills sharp. He meditated a lot, expanding his sensory powers as much as he could each day. He couldn't say he was actually increasing his range in just five days, but he was making progress in his own way. Despite hating down time, Mika reviewed the scroll he stole from the Ninja he killed, meditated or did other things to pass the time. He knew he needed to rest and monitor his strength, so he would not end up exhausted and over do it before the next part of the exam whatever that was.

He avoided Shino, even though Shino's team was third to reach the tower, wanting to see his friend's new skills on the battle field and not through training. It would be so much fun to see, once he actually got the chance

After the others finally returned, with Team Seven being dead last, they finally were all called to the Main Hall of the Tower. They were being spoonfed patriotism and all that by the Hokage, and so Mika tuned them out,... at least until his attention was drawn back by Kabuto's name being called. Hearing the excuse Kabuto gave Naruto, Mika frowned and extended his senses, and tasted that Kabuto's reserves were damn near full...

Looking back at the Hokage, Mika listened in to what they would be doing. They were going to break down the number of people to pass the test, preliminary exams to make sure that not too many of them reached the finals. He was down for that...

Mika raised his hand when he heard this question asked " Is there anyone that is willing to fight against two others?"

Hayate looked at him " Are you sure?" After Mika's nod he had Ibiki add that into the board's calculations which, after it was activated, selected Sasuke and Yoroi for the first Fight.

Everyone else went up to the board, readying themselves for the fights to come.

Mika was quite pleased with the opportunity he was being presented. He got a wonderful chance to not only scope out his competition further, but also to try and dissect the Sound Ninja's abilities... and even better, see what Sasuke was really capable of. He knew the other boy was the Rookie of the Year, but what did that translate into?

Sasuke Vs Yoroi

The entire fight was actually pretty sad. Once Sasuke was no longer permitted to use jutsu and was clearly at a disadvantage in taijutsu he should of fought with Weaponry or hit and run Taijutsu. Instead of thinking ahead the Uchiha folded and just assaulted Yoroi upright. He just attacked, assuming he had the advantage. A very Rookie mistake made worse by Sasuke's arrogance and pride. It really was only due Naruto's comments that allowed Sasuke to do anything.

Then there was Yoroi who made Mika want to stick his sword into something, preferably Yoroi. Seriously what was with the whole " I am going to tell you how my jutsu works" speech? Why give away such a clear advantage? Even his taijutsu was only so-so.

However in the entire fight, only one thing stood out...

"Is he taking chakra!" Mika gasped, his mind working in overdrive. "That technique could change everything for me, I could finally overcome my low chakra levels. I need it, be it through that boy or by reverse engineering it. It cannot be too different from the chakra transfer technique. I will have it, he's Kabuto teammate, maybe he can help me learn it."

So deeply absorbed in himself and his desires, Mika missed the look of fear that crossed Shikamaru's face at his expression and the look of dread on the Hokage's face.


Hiruzen hated that look, the one present on Mika's face. The boy's muttering had been clearly heard and it left Hiruzen paralyzed with the past. It just resembled Orochimaru's far too much, his drive, his lust for power, skill, prestige...it was the same look that stopped Hiruzen from listing the man as the Hokage. Unnerved, he vowed to keep a closer look on the boy in the days coming...

It would never do to end up with another Orochimaru, no matter how brilliant.


Zaku vs Shino

This fight also annoyed Mika. How the hell did none of the other genin notice the huge swarm of Insects that had to not only exit Shino at some point, but make their way behind Zaku? It was very sad he had to say and he was trying to be somewhat nice. Shino's plan however was both simple and brilliant. Plugging up the idiot's wind holes, when that was clearly his only skill, was very smart. Most ninja would never think of doing something like that.

That ability to plan ahead like that was why Mika actually respected Shino so much. He seemed to be the only one in his class that took his job as a Ninja seriously.

Mika looked to the Board to see who was next, and was rather pleased when he saw.

Misumi Vs Kankuro Vs Mika

Mika leaped down, right in between the other two. He took out his blade and waited. He already knew this fight wouldn't last very long, but he needed to eliminate the only real threat. However, he still had to restrict what he showed. He knew that if he showed too much he would be screwing himself out of the surprises that might save his life down the line.

Immediately, he stretched out his senses, and one thing stood out without fail. The package on Kankuro's back... was very much alive and the body pretending to be Kankuro was very much not.

" Start."

With that, Mika blurred away with a shushin, appearing right behind Kankuro, his blade piercing the bundle on Kankuro's back. Getting rid of the immediate threat. Seeing the blood coming from the bundle, Mika had to admit that it was a good idea. Hiding in the Bundle, when most would assume it was his puppet or a weapon. This getting rid of the inherent weakness of most puppet users. Still, against a sensor like him there was no safety in it, something he was grateful for.

"I'd advise you forfeit." Mika called out, twisting his blade until Kankuro screamed. Yanking it out, he slashed down, carving a nice path through the boy's back. "I might kill you otherwise."

The bundle and the puppet both collapsed. Hayate, the proctor, grabbed them and took to them to the medics approaching them at high speeds. Mika knew, from his own training, how long it would take to patch the boy up.

He heard and felt the fear from his classmates, the gasps from Shikamaru, the growl from Naruto, the shriek from Sakura... but he also heard the Wind Girl screaming Kankuro's name. Mika sighed, breathing in the fear for power he moved onto his next act. Turning to Misumi, he let lose the bloodlust in his veins. The boy recoiled, horrified.

Gathering his chakra for one powerful Shushin, Mika struck. Before anyone below Jonin level realized it, Mika had his hand on Misumi's face. Slamming the boy's head against the wall, knocking the boy out in an instant.

To his pleasure, Mika heard Hayate say. " The Winner of this Match: Mika"

Mika was satisfied with this match. He was quick, smart, and effective, never revealing the majority of his skills, yet still defeating both targets. Mostly with the Shushin, which he was getting really good with.

As he got up to the Stands Mika got a set of... interesting reactions. Naruto growled at him. "Why are you so violent?"

"Naruto!" Sakura said, her tone just as scared.

Mika sighed. "I had to make a point and hide my skills Naruto. I have many more abilities than just swordplay, but it was all I could show, I needed to be ruthless and efficient."

Asuma stepped forward. "Woah Kiddo." He put a hand on Naruto's still growling body. "You need to calm down, Mika was well within his rights to do that. You all signed the permission slip, allowing death even if he didn't kill Kakuro or Misumi."

"He stabbed someone!"

"Yes and Sasuke bashed someone into concrete, bone-breaking, organ rupturing concrete. It is part of your tests."

Naruto turned away, clearly disgusted, a look he seemed to unknowingly match with one Shikamaru... who looked at Mika with abject horror. Mika wondered the hell why?

Within minutes the stage was cleared of blood and other such stuff, and the board started to choose the next fight. And when it landed, Mika couldn't hold in his groan. This was going to take a while and would embarrass every serious kunoichi ever.

He hoped Ino learned from their training together.

Ino vs Sakura.

Mika's guess had been right, it was an embarrassment. However, there was one thing, one thing about the match that caused him to nearly lose control of his rage. He felt so... impotent! How could anyone be so... just ugh...

What got him so angry... Ino Yamanaka.

The girl had always showed incredible promise but threw it all away for Sasuke of all people. It was disgusting in ways he couldn't comprehend. That little rope trap of her was incredible, something that required incredible chakra control, especially when she used both that technique AND Her Mind Transfer Jutsu. That by itself was extremely difficult but to use it in tangent with something made in a moments notice? However it still made him want to kill something as it brought up one infuriating question.

WHY THE FUCK WOULD SHE WASTE SUCH POTENTIAL? It pissed him off so much... and so he vowed to do something about it.

He refused to have worthless comrades and damn it she would be his first target to fixing that issue.

The Board choosing the next set alerted him to look up. He groaned once again, this time as it was far too perfect of a match. One that could end only one way.

Ten-Ten VS Temari

Like he knew it would, The match ended in it's only possible way. Ten-ten got the shit kicked out of her. It was truly the perfect opponent for her, hopefully, he would use it to show her that she shouldn't rely on only one skill. Throwing weapons against a wind user? Like that made sense...

The sight of the next match up made Mika want to sigh. He knew how it would end once again. It was really sad how predictable the personalities of his classmates were. In this case it was laziness and brutal intellect.

Shikamaru vs Kin

Once again, Mika's prediction came true. Shikamaru knocked the girl out without having to do all that much. It annoyed Mika that Shikamaru still thought that his Laziness was acceptable in the shinobi profession. It would cause Missions to fail and comrades to die. If the boy didn't get a reality check soon, Mika would have to be that for him.

However, their was a rather interesting part of the match. While she had no real skills, Kin used a rather interesting piece of genjutsu. A sound based one that hid in plain sight, one that used a medium to lessen the burden of chakra control... Mika wanted it, needed to mix it into his mist. He could not wait to use genjutsu... maybe he could get some help from a local genjutsu master?

Looking up at the board, Mika just shook his head. This would be an annoying fight, however, there was something he wanted to analyze during the match. He wouldn't be able to use it yet, but it would serve him greatly in the future.

Naruto vs Kiba.

Mika wanted the Shadow Clone jutsu, plain and simple. It was so useful even in a dunces hands... in his own it would be utterly deadly. He could not wait for it to any solid clone jutsu, he would have to do some research it seemed. Anything to gain the use of clones. And as for Kiba, Mika had to admit that the Four Legs Jutsu was truly a wonder. Mika realized that it was slightly similar to The Lightning Cloak of the Raikage. In both cases the user gains drastically increased speed, strength and reflexes.

The next fight on the board made him moan rather loudly...

Hinata Hyuuga vs Neji Hyuuga

The fight was just an extremely one sided bitch-fest. One that made Mika lose any chance of respect he might have had for Neji... It showed that Neji held way to strong a grudge on Hinata for something far beyond her control, whatever that was, and had absolutely no self control. Then there as Hinata... Hinata was skilled, that was true. However she was definitely not a front-line fighter, she lacked the darkness for it, the willingness to go all out on another person.

Actually, he knew she couldn't be a medic either as she wouldn't be able to handle her patients dying. However, there was a great deal of potential there, however as she was it would never get out. She was far too gone for him to help.

Still, done with his own match, Mika leaped down to the stage and began healing Hinata. He was surprised at how much damage had been done to her heart, still he continued to heal her. He knew he couldn't completely fix her, however, he was able to patch her up well enough. He knew that with the right care she would be up and able to train in a few days of solid rest.

" I don't see why someone as skilled as you would waste your effort on a failure like her." Mika sighed.

" And I don't understand how a genius like you can't understand how the Main branch will react when they learn of this match. If they are as bad as some rumors I've heard about them... If anything it will allow them to feel even more justified in their usage of the Curse seal." Neji flinched at Mika's words, knowing Mika's words to be right.

Unfortunately, that thought was wiped out by Naruto's stupid little declaration about swearing on Hinata's blood to defeat Neji. Mika wanted to stab the boy right through his left eye. He believed that would be enough to kill the little tool. Though with Naruto's strange reality-defying luck, he would survive.

'The only good thing that came from this match was the realization that I need to learn the Gentle fist... it uses such precise chakra control, it would be great for me to use to increase my own control. To take advantage of my control.'

Once the medics took Hinata, Mika shot back to the Stands. Immediately he felt a warm body crush against his own. " Thank you." A woman's deep voice echoed in his ears.

He looked up and saw the beautiful leader of Hinata and Shino's team. "It was no problem, healing her was part of my duties as a medic."

She smiled, her face was utterly gorgeous. "Still, if you need anything, please feel free to ask."

"I might have to... what's your specialty?"


Mika smirked deeply. "Just what I have been looking for, guess you're going to be helping me finally break into that field."

She smirked back. "Guess I will have to be."

"Thank you, I say, why? Because you saved my teammate possibly weeks of recovery." Shino's voice drew Mika's attention, making him smile at his old friend. " Your skills are great, I wish I could learn the Mystic Palm, it seems so useful, you will have to visit my compound and demonstrate this skill for me."

Mika smiled. "Only if you show me how you can use your chain sickle? The one I bought you."

Turning back to the screen, He knew who was in the last match, and to be honest he pitied Lee. To have to fight against Gaara...Gaara, who turned out to be the Sand Jinchuuriki,... that would not be pleasant.

Lee vs Gaara

Mika was right, the match was not pleasant for Lee. What with Gaara's blood lust and ability to remotely control the sand. It was amazing that Lee even so much as survived that fight. Mika had to say he was more than impressed with Lee's skills. The gates were extremely hard to master, and for Lee being only Thirteen and able to open 5 with such ease was unfathomable. Lee was going places, that was for sure. He was going to be one hell of a front-line fighter in the Future.

However, with the level of damage on Lee's body, that future might not exist. So once again, Mika jumped down to the stage and began to heal Lee's body.

The level of damage was immense. A shattered arm and Leg, hundreds of torn muscles, pieces of bone in his spinal cord, damage to his heart and Brain from lack of oxygen. No mattered who healed this boy, he had lost at least ten years of his life. Minimum.

Mika was stunned when the boy still rose to fight. Now, this was dedication. The boy had worked so hard at Taijutsu, that it was ingrained into his muscle memory. This was Mika had a great deal of respect for Lee. He was the only person aside from Mika who was willing to not only accept his weaknesses but train to move past them and make a strength out of them. Mika hoped that Lee still had a future of a ninja, he wanted to see just how far Lee would go.

Looking up, Mika could see Guy watching him.

After Mika had stabilized Lee, The Medics took the boy away. Mika knew the diagnosis was Grim, but he hoped Lee recovered. He was far too entertaining to be allowed to die just yet.

The last match was pathetic.

Choji vs Dosu

And ended in one swipe from Dosu's melody arm. It was pathetic, absolutely pathetic. Choji had so much potential, but he had to be literally blackmailed into fighting and even then he lost easily. Still, Mika was interested at Dosu's weapon. It had a lot of potential for immense power. Sound waves could be just as dangerous as Oonki's Dust style if one could control the sound waves well enough.

Mika would have to look into that.

Once everyone calmed down, the winners were called to the front. There was a box filled with a bunch of papers with numbers on them in order to assign with their battles to start with.

Naruto and Neji

Sasuke and Gaara

Temari and Shikamru

Mika and Shino with Dosu fighting the winner of that match.

In all Mika was pleased with the set ups.

'I could beat Sasuke, I think,... and I could beat all of them except Gaara really. Neji would be extremely hard to fight, his speed and the power of his eyes... maybe I could get Hinata to train with me, sparring with me so I get understanding enough to beat her jackass of a cousin? If Kurenai is teaching me genjutsu, that would help me overcome several people from Dosu to... well Shikamaru even. Naruto would be easy and Temari would be tough... Shino won't be easy, with his bugs and whatever he's learned with his chain sickle... sigh... this is going to be fun. I'm just glad Lee is out of the fight, I would stand no chance against him.'

And now that he had a month to train, Mika had a few ideas of who to work with. Ideas that would mold him into the best fighter in this tournament... giving him an edge against them all but Gaara, whom he would happily forfeit against.

'Hinata for combat training, maybe get Ino in there for spars... just to mix things up. Kurenai for genjutsu and general sparring, even if Shino is on her team, she would be able to teach me since his bugs make him all but immune to Genjutsu. Yeah, that would make sense...so... what else? Maybe Kabuto, he swore to train with me win or lose? I could confront him on his faking his low chakra levels...hmm... soeaking off, I need to practice that mirage technique and that chakra siphoning technique. With those two at my disposal, I will be far more deadly... and finally can overcome my low chakra levels! If only in combat... yeah this will do nicely.'


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