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First Exam

I loved wiritng this, I took a little from the og story, fixing a lot... it was fun!

"By yourself, wow!" Kabuto could not help but feel impressed, his little protege was growing up so fast. "I almost can't believe it."

Mika laughed, a hallow sound. "I am glad you have such faith in me, I wish I had more of that kind of faith." he sighed, almost sad. "I am good for my age, I know this, but am I really ready to fight an entire mass of chunin hopefuls on my own? Including you for that matter?"

Kabuto smiled. "You just fought an entire genin squad of clan heirs and won. You have the skills."

"I hope so, I always doubted myself due to my chakra levels. Only now... now I have to get over that, facing an entire group of powerful wannabes. I hope I can really show what I can do, prove myself to be worthy enough to gain the promotion."

"I know you will!" Kabuto said, excited genuinely. " I cannot wait to watch you, you'll shine kid."

"I hope so... so, what are we working on today?"

"Chakra restoration, via pumping your chakra into someone. IE, chakra transfer. A bit advanced but I think you can handle it. We always need people with this skill during the chunin exams, a lot of people train themselves to exhaustion and need treatment. Let's get started." Kabuto, standing over a dummy, put his hands over it's chakra core. "Really, all you have to do is put a tiny portion of chakra into your hands and push in, testing the chakra of your patient and assess the energies and adjust until they match. When they do, push harder. There are seals to make this easier, but you're never going to be able to make them during field work, so you need to learn the hard way."

Mika nodded, put his hands over Kabuto's. " Outside of the obvious, what are the risks here?"

"Chakra depletion on your side, shock on your patients."

"Ahh, fun really."

"Yup, now, remember slow going is your goal."

He watched as Mika did as he said, slowly adjusting his chakra until finally there was a nice solid flow of blue energy going into the dummy. "Like that?"

"Very good... you just need to adjust your speed but you got it!"

Mika looked pleased and finally, the last layer of doubt seemed to leave his eyes.

Kabuto was happy about that, his protege was more than enough to manage this silly genin exam on his own. With proper training, he could have graduated within a year of the academy. The kid would show them all and Kabuto would get the credit with Orochimaru. All would be well.


The day of the Chunin Exam!

As He entered the Academy, Mika's newly minted class two medic badge weighed heavily on his chest. He had just been given the damn thing the day before, having passed the tests needed to become a class two medic. While it didn't mean much in terms of access to files and such, it did give him the means to start learning surgeries, poisons, and so many other things. Kabuto, the loyal friend he was, got Mika the chance to take the test early, and when he passed the man had been so excited for him. He agreed that win or lose, he would help him with his training during any time off they had. He would teach him tips and tricks that medics knew for combat and in the usage of healing. Mika was very excited for this to be frank.

However, there was a new fear. Being a medic, he was a rare valuable asset for his village. His death would be painful for the village and he was alone, which menat that he was now going to be a target for anyone wanting to get in a pot shot against the village. He would have to be extra careful from there on out.

Just as he was about to enter the stairway that would take him to the second floor, Mika started to stretch out his senses, molding his chakra to sense the chakra of the world around him... and thus froze in shock and a little fear.

"Is that a Jinchurriki like Naruto? Their chakra, it's all warped and... chaotic, I can hardly even explain it... what the hell, it's easily Kage level."

It made Mika want to face-palm and then scream. How the hell did an unstable Jinchuuriki get into the exams without the village spazing? It showed a very poor amount of security. The Sensory Bubble around the village should be screaming at the casters right at that moment, if a mere novice sensor like Mika was sensing it then they had to be freaking out. Why weren't they?

Taking a deep breath, Mika continued his way up, walking right past the pitiful illusion that a group of idiots were lingering by. 'It was the wrong floor people, how the hell did you not notice?' Walking past them all, he made his way to the proper room... only to cringer internally at the sight of so many hateful, crazed, determined eyes. Immediately, He went right for a corner and started to stretch his senses out in order to get a read for everyone. It would help determine who would be the biggest threat. Not that they weren't all threats, they were ninja after all, but some were far more dangerous. After a few minutes of measuring potential, he relaxed. From what he could tell, there were only a few high-powered targets. The main being the Sand Team, as it turned out that one was the team with the Jinchuuriki he had sensed earlier.

One was clearly a Wind User, what with that huge ass fan on her back. 'A clear long range fighter, she will be hard to go up against unless I work on my speed... Am I fast enough to overcome her? I hope so, if need be. Her chakra is strong, and there is a lot of it. She is easily beyond chunin level in chakra if nothing else.'

His eyes moved to the next one, wearing all black he had a bundle on his back. 'Maybe a puppet user? I don't know much about them, there was little in the academy on them... poisons and traps are an easy guess. I will need to be careful.'

The last was obviously the Jinchuuriki. From the massive circles around his eyes, the boy clearly hadn't slept in who knew how long. His chakra was insanely powerful, and there was massive amounts of it. 'His chakra is fluctuating, rising and falling constantly. Is anyone else noticing this?'

Outside of the Sand Team, Mika found two other sets of possible, easy to identity threats.

The First was Kabuto and his team. Mika had no idea what the boy's combat skills were, but he was smart and that meant he was a threat.

Then there was the Sound Team. There was no precident on them, no patterns to base his thought on them. What did they specialize on, sound based Genjutsu or something else? Who knew, that alone made them a real threat.

Either way, he knew that this was going to be a real shitshow.


'So that is Mika? He looks like a doll, but Kabuto swears he can be swayed to our side. A prodigy that excels in most fields, one that is almost entirely self taught. A rarity in a village that so values bloodlines. Perhaps the boy could be a potential host? I will have to test him in the Forest.' Orochimaru licked his lips, excitement and eagerness overcoming him. It had been so long since he found another potential host.


Mika wanted to Facepalm when Naruto burst into the room all full of swagger despite being not much of a threat. The boy was a true idiot if there ever was one. No, subtly at all. Only his status as a Jinchuuriki allowed him to be a possible threat, that and his annoying stamina. Then Ino and Sakura tossed themselves at Sasuke, squawking like chickens over the boy. It made him want to tear out their vocal cords, and ovaries to prevent them from spawning any more Fangirls.

'You can do better Ino, why are you being an embarrassment?' he remembered sparring with the girl, her potential was vast. Why was she wasting it being a fangirl?

Sighing, he turned his attention away from the idiots he graduated with, hoping to just get over with the test soon enough. Whatever it was.


"Give me whatever you have on Mika."

Kabuto looked up, stunned and confused why the Nara boy would want this information. "Why him?"

"Just do it."

" Very well." Pushing his chakra into the cards, he allowed his protege's card to appear full. "As you can see, he's had thirty D ranks from hospital work, two C ranks one with your team in fact. He is a level two medic, skilled with a tsuguri, has excellent stats all around excelling in taijutsu and ninjutsu. His genjutsu is unknown, but he has amazing chakra control given that he can use the Mystic Palm. He graduated second in your class, with his academic scores being as good as the Fourth Hokage's."

He saw Shikamaru cringe. "That's all you have on him? No personality traits, weaknesses?"

"It's almost as if you have it out for him?" Kabuto smirked, curious.

"He is an unrepentant murderer, with no compunction for violence." Shikamaru said, his tone cold and low.

To Kabuto's shock, Naruto Uzumaki nodded behind him. " He's right! He butchered a jonin level Hunter Ninja friend of Mine like it was nothing! He cut down a lot of thugs too!"

Kabuto sighed internally. 'They're upset that a ninja kills people. Lily livered, this entire generation.'


"I'll let your squad leaders know where to meet me, dismissed," Anko said, her words cold and callous in such a way that it left the entire room stinking of fear.

The First Exam had been a Joke, he hoped the second exam to be more of a challenge. The questions were not even ninja questions, mostly just advanced math and such. Still it was easy for him, even without the obvious "hidden" orders to cheat. While he hadn't needed the cheating part to pass, the test had showcased to him that he needed to bolster his information gathering skills. He simply had no means to cheat this time around, not covertly that is. He would have been screwed to be honest...

Then there was Ibiki's attempt at intimidation. It had made Mika want to laugh his ass off. People were this scared of the man's bold threats? Did they not know that only their Kage could ban them from taking the Chunin exams and that the exams weren't the only way you could advance? Apparently not it seemed. If they did then his threats would have never worked. The man did have a silky sort of speech that made him more... cold? Not quite scary but Mika knew he wasn't seeing the man in his full glory.

But the funniest and scariest thing for Mika was Naruto's little speech. Seriously how dumb could you be and retain as much of your functions as Naruto seemed to? It amazed Mika that Naruto could even tie his shoes. The boy seemed to believe that pure determination could get you anywhere. An idea that made little sense to Mika. Determination was great and all but if you did nothing to advance your power then it was worthless. And that was what Naruto did, nothing at all but run his mouth. The kid couldn't kill, wasn't willing to give it his all,... and as far as Mika, who all but lived in the library at times, Naruto never tried to better himself... his words were just that... words.

Mika hoped that one day the boy learned, otherwise he would be in for a miserable existence...

They all would be.


When all the chuunin were allowed to stand down and gather in the break room, the written examfinally over, the natural commentary on the various kids' progress and skill began. Who impressed whom and so on.

"I can't believe so many passed, even Leaf Ninja!"

"Are you really surprised? They're all future powerhouses."

"Yeah – there was the Uchiha, two Hyuuga, the Ino-Shika-Cho spawns, the Kazekage's children; they were bound to find ways around the rules."

"Still, it's weird. Normally, the numbers rarely go above thirty at this stage."

"Did Mika pass?" Ibiki asked, his commanding voice drawing the attention of the room. " The Lord Hokage wants to keep an eye on the boy, he is taking the exam alone this round. "

"Oi, Tsuzumi! He was in your row, wasn't He?" The other chunin scrambled for his clipboard to verify.

"Yeah, Mika, got him right here" Tsuzumi announced. "What did you want?"

Ibiki asked. "Did he pass and how many times did he cheat?"

"Uh, He got perfect marks... and none." Tsuzumi said, his own eyebrows rising. "He rarely even looked up from his paper."

"The kid's supposed to be a genius right? Highest Academic scores of his generation, on par with the Fourth Hokage and all that? Class Two Medic? Brains are supposed to be a need for medics."

Not a single person could hide how impressed they were. Not even Ibiki. This.. this was special.

"The kid passed without cheating, wonder if he knew the real purpose and didn't need to cheat or couldn't? I'll ask him another time, I admit I'm intrigued."

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was so much fun!

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