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Evaluation of ability

Short chapter, but more of an anomaly than the norm. I just wanted to write two combat scenes, showcase Mika's abilities more than anything...

We have never seen Mika going full out, so we will see that there. Even he has no idea what he is capable of.

Iruka watched as Mika faced down against Team Ten, unafraid in any way. The others, Team Ten, looked sort of cocky, not at all nervous. Between them, Asuma raised a hand. " Ready... Fight!" Swiping his hand down. In an instant, before Team Ten could react, Mika ran through three handsigns, then breathed out a mass of Mist calling out. "Hidden Mist Jutsu!" The Mist gathered in a massive area, covering the entire clearing.

"Good move, take their sight and render them unable to fight back... but can you fight in this mist and if so, for how long?"

He saw nothing, even pushing chakra into his eyes, but Iruka heard grunts and the scream of one Ino Yamanaka before a surge of chakra ripped through the air and he heard Choji scream. "Expansion Jutsu, Human boulder!" Winds ripped through the air, pushing away the Mist until he saw the source. Choji dead center of the Mist, rotating round and round in a massive ball, banishing the mist by making his own maelstrom.

Ino was unconscious, entirely out cold, trapped on the ground with Mika holding a sword to Shikamaru's throat. Choji seemed to see this and turned, rushing at them with major speed. "Checkmate, Shikamaru." The boy said, before twisting his hand and slamming the pommel of his blade against Shikamaru's stunned temple. The boy collapsed like jelly, and Mika threw himself over Choji, dancing onto the nearest trees. "Come and get me, Choji, or do you wanna be knocked out too?"

"How?" Iruka asked, and he turned to face Asuma who was now beside him. "It was like he knew how they were going to fight before they did it."

"He did, he saw their formation during battle with some thugs. It's their main one thus far, and he was able to predict how they'd fight enough to overtake them in the fight, even through the mist. Information gathering, the most important part of battle." Asuma said, oddly proud of the boy. " He's teaching them a good lesson too, about flexibility. If they were more flexible, better able to adapt, then he would have a much harder time fighting."

Iruka nodded. " How is he going to beat Choji then? Even I would have a hard time with that jutsu of his?"

Asuma chuckled. "Not a clue, but he has his ways. Choji knows better than to fight Mika outright, his taijutsu is far too good for any mere genin."

Turning back to the fight, Iruka watched as Mika hopped from tree to tree as Choji tried to ram into him... and it was then that he realized the boy's strategy. " He's wearing him down, forcing Choji to maximize his power usage just to keep up, that Human Boulder Jutsu is meant for open combat, not for fighting in a forest with tons of trees needing knocked down. Clever."

"I told you, the boy's a genius in combat. I never realized he'd have this jutsu in his arsenal, pity it won't work against me. I'm a wind user."

"Pity indeed... I take it you're here to make sure he doesn't get an ego?"



"OW!" Choji's suddenly called out, drawing the two men's attention back to the fight, where Choji collapsed, having broken through about six trees, only to collapse and fall to the ground, shaken and out of chakra. Mika capitalized by appearing with a shushin and slamming his foot against Choji's face with enough force to send the boy flying into a tree, knocking him out easily.

Iruka sighed. "Well, I guess you are right, he is easily Chunin level... but how will he face against a Jonin of your caliber?"

"We'll just see." Asuma approached his team, and helped move their bodies out of the way. Ino woke up during the movement. "Ahh, your awake."

Ino groaned. "He beat us, didn't he?"

"Easily... but don't worry, he is going to face me next."

Ino cackled. "Kick his ass!"

Iruka watched as Mika appeared, carrying an unconscious Choji on his back. The boy's face was purple and swollen, he looked just this shy of death. He put him down against the tree Asuma put the others next to.

"Am I really to face you next?"

Asuma nodded, smirking. " Can't have you getting cocky, can I?"

The boy just sighed. " Don't kick my ass too hard."

"No promises."Once again, Mika walked to the opposite side of the field and waited for Asuma, who also fell into a loose stance. "FIGHT!" Asuma said and Mika charged with a Shushin, appearing at Asuma's face, slamming his sword down hard against Asuma's knives. The man easily held him back, but Iruka knew that was the point.

"Information gathering... Mika is testing you to see how screwed he is." Iruka chuckled a little, kind of eager to see how this would turn out.

Asuma pushed back, and Mika went flying. The man ran through a few handsigns. "Great Gale Jutsu!" The man called out, sending a blast of wind that sent Mika hurtling into a distant tree, slamming into it with a loud crunch... only for Mika to poof away, revealing a log, shattered in the back.

"Good boy. " Asuma called out, dodging a series of Kunai aimed at his body, plucking one from the air and throwing it at the others, causing one to explode. "No mercy, I like it. Choji could learn something from you."

Mika's laughter came from the trees, all of them, his voice distorted. "Thanks you, but I am outmatched. Any chance you'd just quit?"

"No chance, kid? Nice replacement though, that was nearly jonin level. I noticed it quickly enough, but still very good. Your control has to be quite good for that to work." A groan filled the world and Mika threw some more kunai before appearing just as they did, forcing Asuma to dodge to the side and opening him up to a jump kick from the boy. Asuma caught the kick with one hand, and threw the boy to the side, forcing the boy to flip onto his feet as he fell. Asuma finished the fight then, appearing behind the boy, trench knives at the boy's throat. "Good, but not good enough. Your definitely chunin level, but that is not good enough to beat me."

Mika just sighed. "So I noticed. Still, I put up a good fight, which is what matters I suppose."

"Why not mist technique?"

"Seemed wasted on you since you just saw me use it."

"Fair point, I'm a wind user too so it really would have been wasted."

Iruka sighed at this point, unable to make any more complaints. " I guess he could take the exams on his own. May the gods be with him."

The last thing Iruka heard before he left, was Mika telling Ino. "I guess you want those sword lessons now?"


Mika was shocked. 'I just beat an entire genin team... I did it.'

He wanted to cry, scream, jump for joy. He did it, he over came an entire genin team.

'I knew I was good, but to defeat an entire genin team... I cannot believe it.'

Asuma approached him, kneeling down, he handed Mika a piece of paper. "You've been hereby nominated to participate in the Chunin exams on your own."

Mika gaped. " Seriously?"

"Why do you think I had you sparring against my whole team, I needed to see if you were worthy of the chance. You are easily Low to Mid chunin level, a Solid Mid to High C rank Ninja. It would be a waste of time to leave you as a mere genin. Especially as a healer, mixing the two skill sets would really put you behind. No, to maximize your worth, as a medic and as a ninja we want you to become a chunin. Are you up for the chance?"

Mika nodded slowly. " It will be hard, but I'd like to think so."

"Good. Now, listen carefully to my instructions, because you have to follow them to the letter to participate."

Mika opened his ears and listened well, eager to start this next part of his path and finally prove to the world that you did not need a fancy bloodline to be amazing. All you needed was sheer effort, intelligence and determination. Something he had in spades. No one would stop him now...

Not even the many chunin candidate in the chunin exams.

Chapter end, tell me what you think in the reviews.

This was fun.

Love, your Ninja Overlord,


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